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Cissy Houston on The View

cissyhoustonbookLess than three months after Whitney Houston died last year on February 11th, her brother, mother, daughter and sister-in-law were filming a reality TV show and interviewing with Oprah Winfrey.  I remember being surprised that Cissy Houston would agree to do a reality show before the official autopsy results had even come back. But now here we are a week later and despite protests from Krissi, Cissy has written a tell all book about her deceased daughter and is on a book tour one year to the day after her death. It sure doesn’t take people long to start picking at the corpse does it?

Cissy says she is getting through her grief by writing a book  because it is God’s will and there is nothing else she can do. It seems to have been decided that Sheri and Whoopi take this interview, and let’s just say Sheri is in a bit over her head. Whoopi finally asks, “What made you write the book?”  Cissy says that everyone was writing a book so that was what made her want to do it. Wait everyone was writing a book within weeks of her death? Maybe so,  but they weren’t her grieving mother, Miss Cissy. She wanted everyone to know that Whitney was nothing like people thought she was, she was a great person. She had a few little faults like everyone else. Continue reading


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TamaraTattles Year in Review (February)

Aretha Franklin Makes a Statement Regarding Whitney Houston's FuneralThere were several interesting posts in February which seemed to revolve around death (Russell Armstrong, Whitney Houston) and arrest records (Marlo Hampton, Chris Brown). Russell’s ex-girlfriend gave up the true tea on Taylor as she was being bombarded on twitter and in the press. We were watching Real Housewives of Atlanta and Real Housewives of Orange County. I was preparing for the Shahs of Sunset by interviewing Asa Soltan Rahmati. We had our first glimpse at her fabulous house on Venice beach. Also two Real Housewives of Miami were sued. Again, there are some formatting issues because these posts were made on Blogger, but if you were not reading Tamaratattles in February, there is good tea here that is still interesting today. Click through for all the drama. Continue reading


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Engaged Couple Bobbi Kristina and Nick Gordon Are Good Samaritans

Whitney Houston’s daughter Krisi and Nick Gordon were in a strip mall parking lot in Roswell yesterday when they came upon a young man in distress. The two joined half a dozen people who were administering aid to the man who was apparently unconscious.  No info is available on what was wrong with the guy or his current condition. On Friday a rep for the Houston’s Lifetime reality show gave a statement refuting rumors that Krisi and Nick are engaged.  The rep suggested we will see it all play out on the reality series including a surprise ending involving Krisi’s relationship with her father.

Are you going to watch?


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What’s Wrong With This Picture? Bobby Brown

Um….. thoughts?


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Bobby Brown Says Bobbi Kristina is Doing Just Fine

Finally getting around to watching the Bobby Brown interviews. I really want to be supportive of Bobby but a lot of what he says flies in the face of what we have seen. Things like Bobbi making out with her play brother, and reports of her having a drug problem, and her not speaking to him. He basically says the two are besties who talk all the time and she is just fine. Thoughts?


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What’s Wrong With This Picture? Sad Version


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Oprah Interviews Bobbi Kristina Tonight on OWN; Bobbi Kristina Wants to Change Her Name

Tonight at 9 p.m. Oprah hopes to attract some new viewers to OWN with her interview with Bobbi Kristina Brown, Gary Houston (Whitney’s brother) and his wife Patricia. This interview has received the most publicity of anything on OWN since the network began. Unfortunately, it is up against some really stiff competition against Desperate Housewives on ABC , The Good Wife on CBS, Celebrity Apprentice on NBC, Family Guy on Fox and Bravo’s most successful show, The Real Housewives of Atlanta all airing at the same time. It will be interesting to see how the ratings pan out for tonight.

In the interview, Patricia, who was also Whitney’s manager talks about the substance abuse, and Whitney’s love life saying Whitney was “looking for love in all the wrong places.” Patricia also doesn’t have anything negative to say about Bobby Brown and says that blaming Bobby for introducing Whitney to drugs would not be an accurate assessment of that situation. Patricia also shares her side of what happened on at the pre-grammy party that she attended with Whitney two days before her death. Patricia says she went with Whitney because she was worried. we’ll have to tune in to hear what she says happened at the party to get her all worked up.

In other related news today TMZ is reporting that Bobbi Kristina Brown, who goes by Krissi, wants to officially change her name to Kristina Houston. TMZ’s source says Krissi has wanted the name change since the divorce to avoid the association with her father, but Whitney refused to allow it. Krissi was 14 at the time of the divorce.


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Bobbi Kristina to Give Interview

Oprah Winfrey’s OWN channel has certainly not risen to the level of success that she expected. We may have all tuned in to the final episode and felt a bit wistful that it was the end of an era, but we didn’t really go dashing off to OWN to maintain a connection with her.  Mostly because Oprah wasn’t really on camera much for the first year. I tried to catch an occasional behind the scenes show about the last season of The Oprah Winfrey Show, but other than that, there was not much there to watch. Her life classes were more pompous than enlightening and the boring reality shows were always on against more established and interesting shows on other channels.

Now Oprah has a new show she hopes will boost the network ratings. In January, Oprah premiered, Oprah’s Next Chapter. It’s probably a great show, but it’s on on Sunday nights on a network everyone forgets to check.  Tomorrow night’s episode is a pajama party with Paula Deen at her house in Savannah. A quick look at her website lets you know that most of the shows have been in the can for weeks. 

Oprah is inserting a new show into the lineup on March 11th when she will be interviewing Bobbi Kristina, Whitney Houston’s brother, Gary and his wife Patricia.  According to the press release, “Bobbi Kristina shares personal memories of her mom and how she would like the iconic superstar to be remembered. The family also addresses the rumours and speculation surrounding Houston’s death.”It will be interesting to see if Oprah addresses the rumors of Bobbi’s own drug use, the Bobby Brown Funeral debacle,and  Aretha Franklin’s lack of attendance.  Before the show airs OWN will re-air Remembering Whitney: The Oprah Interview, which includes her 2009 interview along with her personal memories.  It seems to me like this entire interview was probably filmed just a day or two after the burial for it to be fully edited to air in a week. It will be interesting to see what is included in the show…if we can remember to watch.

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The Houston Family Lawyer Gives a Version of the Events A Whitney’s Service

Whitney Houston’s former attorney now representing the Houston family attorney, Mark G. Trigg, called in to the Frank and Wanda Show on Atlanta’s V-103 to give an interview regarding the events of the funeral. Trigg began by clearing up the misconception that the family ever intended to have a large public gathering. That was false information in the media. When the public expressed such desire to have access to the service the family made the decision to allow one camera into the service.

When asked to explain what happened with Bobby Brown at the service, Trigg stated, “It is important to the family that this issue not continue to be a distraction; something that takes away from the beauty of the service. Something that takes away from everything that happened that was positive on Saturday.”

Trigg explained that there were pre-arrangements made between Whitney’s family and Bobby Brown regarding the invitations, seating, and approaching Bobbie Kristina. Trigg personally spoke with Bobby Brown’s attorney, Chris Brown, and worked out the details of the arrangements. At no time did the family tell Bobby he was not invited nor that he was not allowed to sit with the family. Bobby, his brother Tommy, and Bobby’s three adult children, La’Princia, Landon and Robert Jr. were all invited to the service.  There were three rows reserved for the family. Only Bobby was invited to sit in the first three rows. His children were supposed to sit “a few rows behind” with their uncle. Click through for Trigg’s version of exactly what went down at the service. Continue reading


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Whitney Houston Laid to Rest Beside Her Father

Whitney Houston’s Casket

After a long day of grieving and celebrating the lost life of Whitney Houston, she was finally laid to rest today in Fairview Cemetery in Westfield, NJ. Whitney was buried beside her father,  John Russell Houston, who died in 2003 at the age of 82 after a long battle with diabetes and heart disease.  The service was limited to immediate family only. There was a brief viewing for immediate family before the service. The casket arrived in a gold colored hearse and was followed by two gold stretch limousines carrying immediate family. There were five or six other cars in the family processional.

Two people with major impact on Whitney’s life, Aretha Franklin and Bobby Brown were unable to attend the service yesterday. Aretha declined to attend citing health issues (She is 69). Bobby Brown and his girlfriend and children were briefly in attendance after being admitted and seated by security. However, after seating them in the first row, it appears that some of Whitney’s family took exception and asked the party to move to other seating. Apparently, they were asked to move again after relocating and eventually left feeling unwelcome. Attempts by Bobby Brown to approach Bobbi Kristina were blocked by security. Both Aretha and Bobby Brown performed concerts last evening. Bobby performed a New Edition concert as part of a pre-scheduled tour. Aretha also performed at Radio City Music Hall. Both singers dedicated a portion of their performance to Whitney.


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