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Here’s Another TT Question!

Will you guys be watching the Whitney Houston movie on Lifetime? It’s Angela Bassett’s directorial debut. I will most definitely be watching. After the Aaliyah movie that everyone but me HATED, I’m not sure how this will be received. When the family refuses to allow the artist’s music to be used that is not usually a good sign. I was unfamiliar with Aaliyah, well I mean I knew of her music but I was not a devoted fan privy to all the details so I as able to just watch it unaware of all the liberties taken. Continue reading


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Bobbi Kristina’s Brotherhusband Arrested for DUI

Rumors that Bobbi Kristina Quit For Better or Worse Are False.

Whitney Houston’s daughter Bobbi Christina has been doing a fairly decent job of staying off the radar lately. Until about 11:30 this morning.  Her brotherhusband, Nick Gordon was driving down Holcomb Bridge Road, a major artery in Roswell, this morning and  attempted to change lanes but ran into the curb flipping his black BMW SUV completely over and into a fire hydrant. Ouch that had to hurt.

But apparently he was wearing his seat belt and also intoxicated to that help him from sustaining any injuries. Gordon was charged with failure to maintain his lane (heh), driving on a suspended license,  and DUI.  He’s sitting over in the Roswell Detention Center at the moment if you want to drop by and say hello. Continue reading


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Bobbi Kristina Brown Is Engaged to (Not Exactly Her Brother) Nick Gordon

HoustonsPremiereIn the wee hours of the morning, Krissi Brown took to her Facebook page to announce her engagement. I suppose this is considered the “official” announcement as opposed to all the other times it has been mentioned in between announcements that they are “just friends.” In fact, I believe she announced her engagement on the reality show The Houstons. That Lifetime reality show aired scenes that showed the volatile nature of the relationship and had many people concerned with Krissi’s underage drinking and marijuana use.  You can read about the events since her mother’s untimely death here. Click through to read Krissi’s announcement, which begs the question, what is Krissi’s highest level of education attained? Continue reading


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Bobbi Kristina Evicted From Her Apartment

bobbi-kristina-nick-gordon-atlIt seems like eviction notices are in season in the Atlanta area. is reporting that Bobbi Kristina and her boyfriend Nick Gordon have been evicted from their Alpharetta apartment. The couple has been accused of being nightmare neighbors by several other occupants of the complex. Also animal control had to be called because they apparently left their dog out on the hot balcony all day when the moved out.  They also left a nasty note for their downstairs neighbors who made numerous noise complaints during their time in the apartment.  See note below… Continue reading


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Cissy Houston on The View

cissyhoustonbookLess than three months after Whitney Houston died last year on February 11th, her brother, mother, daughter and sister-in-law were filming a reality TV show and interviewing with Oprah Winfrey.  I remember being surprised that Cissy Houston would agree to do a reality show before the official autopsy results had even come back. But now here we are a week later and despite protests from Krissi, Cissy has written a tell all book about her deceased daughter and is on a book tour one year to the day after her death. It sure doesn’t take people long to start picking at the corpse does it?

Cissy says she is getting through her grief by writing a book  because it is God’s will and there is nothing else she can do. It seems to have been decided that Sheri and Whoopi take this interview, and let’s just say Sheri is in a bit over her head. Whoopi finally asks, “What made you write the book?”  Cissy says that everyone was writing a book so that was what made her want to do it. Wait everyone was writing a book within weeks of her death? Maybe so,  but they weren’t her grieving mother, Miss Cissy. She wanted everyone to know that Whitney was nothing like people thought she was, she was a great person. She had a few little faults like everyone else. Continue reading


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TamaraTattles Year in Review (February)

Aretha Franklin Makes a Statement Regarding Whitney Houston's FuneralThere were several interesting posts in February which seemed to revolve around death (Russell Armstrong, Whitney Houston) and arrest records (Marlo Hampton, Chris Brown). Russell’s ex-girlfriend gave up the true tea on Taylor as she was being bombarded on twitter and in the press. We were watching Real Housewives of Atlanta and Real Housewives of Orange County. I was preparing for the Shahs of Sunset by interviewing Asa Soltan Rahmati. We had our first glimpse at her fabulous house on Venice beach. Also two Real Housewives of Miami were sued. Again, there are some formatting issues because these posts were made on Blogger, but if you were not reading Tamaratattles in February, there is good tea here that is still interesting today. Click through for all the drama. Continue reading


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Nick Gordon Arrest Raw Footage

Check out this Channel 2 Action News raw footage of Nick Gordon being arrested for reckless driving. The music was blaring from the car so loudly the police car dashcam picks it up. The song? Whitney Houston’s I’ll Always Love You. Continue reading


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Nick Gordon Seems Unfazed by Arrest

Photo Credit: Mike Petchenik Channel 2 Action News (WSB)

Mike Petchenik had a great story on Channel 2 Action News tonight about the arrest of Nick Gordon.  Mike was able to catch up with Nick at his apartment today for an interview. In the interview Nick was just as smiley as he was in his mugshot when he said, “No worries, everything is good… just having a couple of rough patches.”  I suppose the “couple of rough patches”  were Krissi smashing up her car just before noon yesterday and  his arrest a few hours later for reckless driving in a completely separate incident. Continue reading


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Was Nick Gordon Arrested? Sources Say Yes

Photo Credit: Mike Petchenik Channel 2 Action News (WSB)

Update 2: Nick’s car is home without any damage it was picked up by a friend. Krissi’s car is obviously not there. Nick is home and probably will be unless someone drives him somewhere.  Nick is already RTing “no one knows the whole story” RTs. Channel 2 WSB will have a piece on the entire situation tonight. One assumes Krissi is still there also, Nick and his car are at the apartments where both live together based on what I saw in the pictures.  I had previous thought they were a condo, but it is an apartment according to folks on the scene.

Update: Yep he was booked on a reckless driving charge. Police report says Nick was driving 82mph in a 35 zone He seems to be in a very good mood for someone being arrested. The picture above was taken during booking (mugshot).

Continue reading


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Stay in Your Lane Bobbi Kristina! Krissi in Another Crash

Have y’all been watching The Houstons? I’m a few episodes behind, maybe I should go catch up now. The last I saw Krissi was carted off to the hospital for a hangover dehydration.  Anyway, once again she has managed to wreck her Camaro. This is her third car accident since September. I’m not sure I even bothered blogging the last one where she hit her brother boyfriend’s car while trying to park. This morning Krissi drove her car off an embankment outside her apartment near North Pointe Mall. She’s fine, the car had damage but not much. Supposedly, she was not impaired when she wrecked she was ticketed for failure to maintain her lane. Soon her name will be Bobbi Kristina “Krash” Brown with all of these accidents.

Speaking of the brother boyfriend, Nick Gordon, supposedly the engagement is off and Krissi has been (drunk) tweeting about being all alone and trusting no one. Nick has also crashed a Camaro recently. The brother boyfriend tweeted they are not engaged or romantically involved, just close like they have already been. Oh young love, it’s often a train wreck. Or a um…a car accident.


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Was That Really Whitney Houston’s Grave on Last Night’s Show?

I was trying to wimp out of being the one to say this in the other post, but it’s driving me crazy so I’m just going to put it out there. I felt like that was a staged grave visit. I don’t mean just the whole “hey let’s go visit the grave on Mother’s Day with full camera’s in tow”, I’m saying I am not convinced that was the actual grave. Continue reading


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The Houstons on Lifetime

Sometimes I blog to share some tea or throw some shade and other times I blog just to say, WTF? This blog is one of those times where I am dying to know what you guys thought about a show. Last night, I watched the premiere episodes of The Houstons on Lifetime. I wasn’t planning on blogging it or recapping it because sometimes you just want to watch TV, ya know? The show was so unsettling, I just want to see what you guys thought of it. Continue reading


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