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Jessica Parido Officially Files For Divorce From Mike Shouhed

shahs jessica parido


I have had very regular updates on the issues between Jessica Parido and Mike Shouhed since well before they got married last March.  Back in the summer of 2014 things reached a fever pitch when it came to sources about Mike’s rampant cheating. At that point, I gave up all hope that the situation would resolve itself and released the information in a blind item here.  Mike’s cheating was made a part of the storyline last season. I was told by numerous insiders with access to filming that one or more of these women was coming on the show to confront Mike in front of Jessica. I believe I was told this after the fact. I believe that in some way, production was trying to stop the wedding. And then at some point, the other women were edited out of the season. I think GG was tasked with starting the conversation by bringing up whatever happened between them in Istanbul or wherever two season ago.  I think if production had not prompted GG she would have written the entire incident off as two drunken people who knew each other well becoming a bit inappropriate. I do not think anything earthshattering happened with GG and Mike in the grand scheme of things. I’m not saying GG lied, I do think Mike came on to her. What I am saying is that, GG knows, that is just Mike.  And then allegedly Mike hooked up again with GG’s sister, an old flame right around the time he proposed to Jessica.

I don’t think GG’s intent was to help Jessica see the light. The light could not have been any more blinding at that point. Jessica marched right down that VERY EXPENSIVE AISLE knowing full well she was marrying a cheater. But I think her conversion to Judaism  for her brought a sense of  morality to the relationship, a show of extreme dedication, that she hoped would somehow fix Mike. And obviously that did not work. I did have reason to believe she would not go through with it.  I contacted people right up until the night before the wedding asking if they were really sure the wedding would happen.  Jessica knew full well what she was marrying when she did it. Why would she do that? Continue reading


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Shahs of Sunset Go to Belize And Other Season 5 Tea

Shahs in Belize


Here is the key to the photo above Clockwise from Reza: Reza, Shervin, GG, MJ’s date?. MJ, Maybe Adam? (he is BFF with Asa this season), and Mike.

The Shahs of Sunset are filming  Season 5’s finale  in Belize right now and I actually have a spy down there. I know! I can’t believe it either. She is trying to get more of the  scoop for us!  They have been there since at least Thursday.  The photo above is from Guava Limb Cafe in Cayo, Belize.  We know that Mike, Reza, Asa, MJ, Shervin and GG are all there (MJ is a blond now, GG has super black hair). I guessing that the guy to the right of Asa is Adam.


In addition to the Guava Limb Café, the gang has been enjoying the Mayan Ruins and clubbing at Thirsty Thursday which is a local bar. Continue reading


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Amid Renewed Rumors of Divorce, Mike Shouhed Deletes His Instagram

Mike on his birthday 10/12/15 with Mercedes and "New Mike"

Mike on his birthday 10/12/15 with Mercedes and “New Mike”


It’s online been a few days  since we made this post at about Mike Shouhed and Jessica Parido latest split.  An according to a few TamaraTattles’s spies, it clear that this split is the final one.  We were surprised when the wedding went forward on March 29th of this year. I remember constantly double checking with sources that the wedding was even going to happen in the wake of numerous allegations from women who claimed that Mike Shouhed had solicited them on social media to join him in a pyramid scheme he was involved in. The girls alleged that they were more than just an account under him on the pyramid, but also a notch on his bedpost.  Those allegations came out in July of 2014 after more than one woman emailed me her particular allegations, this was also after Mike and Jessica were engaged.

And yet, Jessica went through with the wedding, perhaps hoping that actually making a vow before God and everybody in the religious ceremony she converted to Judaism for would make a difference.  By June, Jessica was defending her marriage on social media against claims that Mike had acquired an STD and they were getting a divorce. Jessica said neither claim was true. Continue reading


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Have Mike and Jessica Shouhed Split Up?

Shahs Jessica 2

Despite Mike jumping out of an airplane to propose to Jessica, and the springtime wedding, by all appearances Mike and Jessica Shouhed appear to have split up.  I’ve been getting emails about this for quite some time. There was always more trouble than paradise for this couple.  Despite numerous rumors of Mike Shouhed cheating on her, Jessica was not going to be denied her fancy wedding. So on March 29th of this year she dragged her man down the aisle in an over the top ceremony sporting a giant diamond. Well, actually, by that time the diamond was not so giant, but is was still quite large.


It’s been just over six months since the big day, but the honeymoon appears to have ended in just a few weeks. Rumors of arguing between the couple never really stopped. They went on a long summer vacation to Greece and then there were no more pictures of them together posted to either of their Instagrams. Continue reading


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Ain’t Nobody Getting No Divorce Y’all ….YET.

So a couple nights ago I was up all night and the Peter Thomas video came out. I just looked for a link to give you and it looks like it was taken down. But you can see it in the video above. Everyone was making a big ass deal out of it and I really didn’t think it was a huge deal. I asked my late night Twitter BFF what he thought and he said it wasn’t anything. I was relieved not to have to post about it.

I should have know better. I am getting all of these crazy questions. Is Cynthia going to divorce Peter? No. Is she pissed? Yes. But if you watch the above video, she is mostly pissed that it was videoed. People are so quick to find problems in other people’s marriage. Peter is a chauvinist! Cynthia has no backbone! Just because people have a relationship that does not fit into what you think it should be doesn’t mean it should not be allowed to exist. Peter is a bit of a chauvinist. Rumors of his cheating are everywhere. Including HERE. Continue reading


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Shahs of Sunset Reunion Part 2 Recap: More Attacks on Mike and Jessica

Shahs Reunion wide shot

It’s time for the last half of Shahs of Sunset Reunion. If you missed the first part you can get caught up here!

We pick up with Reza’s walk out where he goes outside because he is over heated. He is ready to be done. It almost sounds like they are forcing him to be mean to Mike, who her refers to as “the poor guy on the hotseat.” He says next you are going to bring Jessica out and we have to go through it all again! Let’s finish it! Indeed, Reza. Let’s finish it.

Oh we are going to talk about MJ and Charlie. I wonder if they will mention he was full of shit and dating someone else the whole time. MJ says she is not with Charlie anymore. He lied about his business (he doesn’t have one) and he cheated with a lot of different girls (again my sources say he had a serious girlfriend at the time who knew he was faking for the show.) GG is pissed at Charlie for taking advantage of MJ. Asa seems to be having a strange response. Possibly because MJ is not exactly telling the truth.

GG talks about Danny. Oh she is already seeing someone else and still sleeping with Danny. She’s a maneater.

Jessica is still texting the fuck out of Mike while he is on set.

Dumb Asisfa and Bobby stuff. Asifa is very dramatic. Bobby and Asifa are mostly broken up. Bobby thinks it is all Asifa’s fault. Tons of rehashing. Andy basically tries to force them to break up today. Asifa still hasn’t moved out. Everyone encourages her to move out. Continue reading


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