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Ain’t Nobody Getting No Divorce Y’all ….YET.

So a couple nights ago I was up all night and the Peter Thomas video came out. I just looked for a link to give you and it looks like it was taken down. But you can see it in the video above. Everyone was making a big ass deal out of it and I really didn’t think it was a huge deal. I asked my late night Twitter BFF what he thought and he said it wasn’t anything. I was relieved not to have to post about it.

I should have know better. I am getting all of these crazy questions. Is Cynthia going to divorce Peter? No. Is she pissed? Yes. But if you watch the above video, she is mostly pissed that it was videoed. People are so quick to find problems in other people’s marriage. Peter is a chauvinist! Cynthia has no backbone! Just because people have a relationship that does not fit into what you think it should be doesn’t mean it should not be allowed to exist. Peter is a bit of a chauvinist. Rumors of his cheating are everywhere. Including HERE. Continue reading


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Shahs of Sunset Reunion Part 2 Recap: More Attacks on Mike and Jessica

Shahs Reunion wide shot

It’s time for the last half of Shahs of Sunset Reunion. If you missed the first part you can get caught up here!

We pick up with Reza’s walk out where he goes outside because he is over heated. He is ready to be done. It almost sounds like they are forcing him to be mean to Mike, who her refers to as “the poor guy on the hotseat.” He says next you are going to bring Jessica out and we have to go through it all again! Let’s finish it! Indeed, Reza. Let’s finish it.

Oh we are going to talk about MJ and Charlie. I wonder if they will mention he was full of shit and dating someone else the whole time. MJ says she is not with Charlie anymore. He lied about his business (he doesn’t have one) and he cheated with a lot of different girls (again my sources say he had a serious girlfriend at the time who knew he was faking for the show.) GG is pissed at Charlie for taking advantage of MJ. Asa seems to be having a strange response. Possibly because MJ is not exactly telling the truth.

GG talks about Danny. Oh she is already seeing someone else and still sleeping with Danny. She’s a maneater.

Jessica is still texting the fuck out of Mike while he is on set.

Dumb Asisfa and Bobby stuff. Asifa is very dramatic. Bobby and Asifa are mostly broken up. Bobby thinks it is all Asifa’s fault. Tons of rehashing. Andy basically tries to force them to break up today. Asifa still hasn’t moved out. Everyone encourages her to move out. Continue reading


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Asifa Mirza Had the Most Interesting Shahs of Sunset Blog This Week


Pretty much all the Shahs blog this week are of the Q & A variety and for the most part everyone kept it short and sweet. Except for Asifa. And she came for MJ. Do you think this was warranted? How were you feeling going into your first reunion?
Asifa Mirza: I was feeling very anxious and a little jittery. So much happened all season long and there was a tremendous amount of pent up anger on so many different ends. It was like a volcano waiting to erupt. I can confidently say it was an intense feeling for all, kind of like being on the Titanic right after hitting the iceberg. Who would feel comfortable walking onto a sinking boat?

Welcome to reality TV. Were you surprised MJ called you toxic?
AM: No, not at all. All season long I gave her the benefit of the doubt, notwithstanding the fact that I was warned by many (including close friends of hers) of her dubious, equivocal, deceitful, and dishonest ways. MJ is able to strategically manipulate others into believing she is an honest, altruistic person with your best interest at heart. I was most certainly fooled. She is the master of saying sweet nothings to your face and then bashing you behind you back, most times for unwarranted reasons.

I’m surprised at all the attacks on MJ. She is very sweet toward me. We interacted before the first episode of Shahs even aired. We still chat a bit on Twitter. I really didn’t believe that the conflicts with MJ and others were serious because MJ is so… flighty may not be exactly the right word, but as close as I can get. I really don’t believe there is genuine vitriol in MJ. But I suppose I could be wrong. Continue reading


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Shahs of Sunset Reunion Recap: Everyone Screams At Mike. A Lot.

Shahs Reunion wide shot

First of all, I LOVE that the Shahs get to drink alcohol and eat at their reunions. If I was a bravoleb from another show I would be pissed as hell about that. Andy’s favorite, RHOBH, Lisa Vanderpump can’t even get a cup of tea on the break! How do they get away with this? My god this looks fabulous. Mike slept with GG’s sister the day he got engaged?  I knew that some other women were supposed to come forward (“after the 9th episode) I just figured they opted to cut all that out. But now on the reunion Mike gets blindsided about sleeping with GG’s sister they day he proposed to Jessica? Reza walks off in a hissyfit? I cannot wait for all of this!

GG says she is most excited to see Mike and Jessica because “things are going to get fucked up!”  MJ tells Reza that Asa would not say hi to her. I don’t believe that.  Asa looks amazing (and tiny!!!) in sweats in her dressing room. She is also stunning in her gown!

Reza shaved his mustache in the trailer before the show. Andy starts with lots of old photos of the gang. Andy shows old photos GG and Mike trying to elicit some old feelings but it doesn’t work.  Reza was HOT back in the day. Reza has lost almost 30 pounds. GG loves her new boobs. MJ had a breast lift. I can’t really tell.  Everyone is denying butt implants.  Asa and MJ get into it over MJ mocking Asa’s weight on the show (seasons ago, they are reaching for conflict between these two). They argue about the whole bachelor party situation. I am not interested in the fighting between MJ and Asa.  Asa says  MJ can be very two-faced. Asifa said the same. Continue reading


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Shahs Of Sunset Finale Recap: Reza Chases Pussy In Thailand

Shahs Reza Expectations

Well, we are back in Paradise and everyone is miserable. Reza is off his diet and Jefferson has arrived. Why don’t Reza and Jefferson just get married. Bobby and Asifa left and returned to LA. The arrival of Jefferson and the departure of Asifa has completely turned the mood around.  GG and MJ and some dude pretended to be Muslim so that Reza could remind us of his Anti-Islamic feelings. If you recall in Turkey he spent half the trip mocking the Muslims and the veil. Because, asshole.  They tolerate Scientology in Beverly Hills, a fake religion where they all believe they are from another planet, and you can’t show respect for a religion that has been around thousands of years? Isn’t half of his family Muslim? I’m ignoring GG’s talking head.

Reza gets a suit made in Thailand. Mike is getting a suit and a tuxedo made in Beverly Hills. Reza says he is missing Adam. Mike tells his brother he is missing Reza. Mike says he is going to invite Reza to his wedding.

The gang goes for a fish pedicure. I want to get one of those. I could feed them for days. MJ brings up the obligatory fake storyline between Asa and her. Then it is off to boxing. Reza does not know how to behave anywhere. It’s so embarrassing. Then they are off to seek out the “lady boys” aka transsexuals. Reza is thrilled and gets up to work the poll with the strippers. Reza horn-dogged his depression away. Continue reading


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Shah of Sunset Recap: Aw, Phucket

Shahs Asa Reza


Finally, could it be we are going to get rid of this ridiculous storyline between Mike and GG?  I had heard that by now there would be multiple girls coming forward on the show. I guess that information was not accurate? We shall see. But for now, GG and Mike have agreed to luncheon.  Mike arrives dressed as Justin Beiber. This is not explained. Mike wants to know why if something made her uncomfortable why didn’t she just come to him. He has no memory of what happened. He says he was on pills and booze. Mike says that he is sorry for anything she says happened. GG finally gets the wording of the apology she wants. She says she thinks Mike really does know what he did. Oh wait, now GG doesn’t like the wording of the apology. GG says she is fine with parting ways with Mike. In Mike’s talking head, he says, “So what if I did try to have sex with her? So what? Let’s move on!”  But those are heavily lead by production and not to be taken seriously.

We are sticking to the stupid storyline that Asa and MJ are feuding. I believe that to be completely contrived by production. I can’t stand watching these people pack. They are just ridiculous. Asifa wants to take advantage of the paid for wedding and get married in Thailand. This causes a fight before they can even get out the door. The fighting continues on the plane.  I have no desire to take any flights over 9 hours. I just can’t imagine it. Apparently Bobby and Asifa fought the whole way. Continue reading


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Shahs of Sunset Recap: Bubbles of Fertility

Shahs of Sunset - Season 4

For some ungodly reason this show was 76 minutes long last night, which fucked up the schedule for everything on Bravo all night, causing me not to be abled to recap in real time. Good Job, Bravo.

We start with Reza at his flip property. Reza says since Asa did her pop priestess thing on the house, all his problems are gone and everything is working perfectly. Why isn’t Asa mad at Reza for not inviting her to his perverted bachelor party?

Reza goes with MJ to a fertility doctor.  MJ lies to the doctor about age despite going to high school with the doctor. I think it would be weird have a GYN you went to high school with. Even weirder is the fact that Reza is in the room during the exam. He’s actually on the business end of the situation while she was getting wanded.  The doctor says her ovaries are full of fertility bubbles and she is good to go. Now she just has to try to get laid. Oh and wait on the blood test results.

Asa has completely redone her parents house. It’s really pretty. Her parents love it. Continue reading


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Shahs of Sunset Recap: A Tale of Two Parties

Shahs of Sunset Bravo

Reza and Adam

We begin tonight’s Shahs of Sunset with Reza and Adam getting a marriage license. How do destination weddings work? I thought you had to file in the country where you get married. How will an LA wedding license work in Thailand? Are they going to legally marry at the courthouse before or after the trip?  I wonder how the applications would be now that gay marriage is relatively new and government paperwork takes so long to catch up. Adam asks Reza if he is the bride or the groom. Then he asks if he wants to take Reza’s name he has to do it now?  Reza is freaking out and sucking on an inhaler.  Adam is talking about having kids. Reza is threatening to bolt.


MJ and Asa are at an exercise class. Asa wants to get in shape for bikinis in Thailand and MJ wants an opportunity to dress up like Olivia Newton John in public which of course would be incomplete without wearing support hose. Asa is having a serious conversation about the joint bachelor party they are supposed to be planning. But MJ is more concerned with her outfit. She could care less about this party because she is planning a sleazeball party for Reza and not telling Asa about. This season MJ and Asa were clearly told to fight over Reza. MJ is being a good little production soldier while Asa is just responding in kind because it’s her job.  Asa is planning a safari chic party with strippers with animal tails. Her party is at a vineyard/animal safari. Because those are clearly everywhere in California. Continue reading


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Shahs of Sunset Recap: A First Date and A Funeral

Shahs of Sunset - Season 4


I wish I had friends that buy champagne and lay out great spreads with fresh cut flowers for me to drop by to discuss bad dinner parties from the night before. This time it is Reza hosting Asa to discuss Jessica.  I’m team Asa, always.  MJ arrives and everyone agrees that Mike is guilty. Okay, fine.  But really?  They have been pushing this “dramatic” storyline for so long take I was expecting a rape arrest or a sex tape or both. Not some high school story about “he tried to come on to me.” Hell, guys try to come on to girls everyday. Even me and I am the poster child for “Letting Yourself Go.” It is what guys do. As a wise woman once said, “I can get dick on the way to my mailbox.”  But please discuss this amongst the three of you and pick a side. Reza has decided not to invite Mike to the wedding. I assume this means that Jessica didn’t want to go to Thailand.

GG and MJ are off to talk to a taxidermist about her dead dog. This cannot be real. There are 100s of dead stuffed animals in his little business. GG asks if they were all alive before. The cat is terrifying. They explain to MJ that they really just skin the dog and throw the guts away and wrap the fur around a base. I am going to zip through this now.  Banjo does not need to hear this. He is already made because we are out of wet dog food.

Mike and Jessica go out to dinner. Jessica informs Mike of their two year timeline. Married by December, pregnant by June.  Then the topic moves on to dinner with the others.  Jessica is not open to discussing it. Continue reading


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Shah of Sunset Recap: Can’t Fake The Funk

Shahs of Sunset Bravo

I am trying to tear myself away from the live coverage of the Baltimore riots to watch and recap this. We can discuss the Baltimore riots here.   I really need to get at least the Shahs of Sunset recap up,  but I am going to wait on Southern Charm and WWHL when I am not so preoccupied. This may take a bit longer than usual as I may have to peek at the news. Please post your news comments in the Daily Tea thread for today rather than here.


Reza and Adam are talking about Reza’s wedding diet. Reza has lost 10 pounds in two weeks. Reza and Adam agree on getting married in Thailand. Because who doesn’t want a paid for wedding by Bravo in Thailand. Reza is not sure he wants to invite Mike and Jessica to the wedding. Reza does not like Jessica. Mike is having a reconciliation dinner, which may or may not include GG. Because dinners are always a calm happy event on Bravo shows. Continue reading


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Shahs of Sunset Recap: An Inconclusive Truth

Shahs GG lie detector

Welp! Nothing like putting a spoiler right in the title. That’s genius right there, Ryan Seacrest Productions. If you have missed any Shahs of Sunset episodes, you can get caught up here.


MJ, Reza and Asa get together to eat and talk about a wedding diet. Asa says she doesn’t diet. Reza wants to lose weight before the wedding. MJ and Asa are not particularly on board. Asifa calls to invite everyone to a Bollywood party. MJ takes a dig at Asa’s weight.

Asifa and Bobby

Are these two full-time cast members? Are we really interested in watching them wash a dog? I wish I had a shower like that to wash Banjo in.

Asifa’s family is practicing Muslim. I believe it must be Ramadan. At any rate her family members are over to break their fast. Asifa does not practice religion at all.

Continue reading


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Shahs of Sunset Recap: Crunch v. Munch

Shahs mike and jessica engaged.

Mike and Jessica

We start tonight’s episode of Shahs of Sunset with the happy couple, Mike and Jessica going to a Brazilian restaurant with Shervin.  There,  Jessica happily shows off her engagement ring. It seems she has managed to stop crying long enough to sit at a table and watch other people eat.

Shervin and Mike are talking about the blowup with GG. Mike says he is waiting for things to blow over. He has been friends with the others for to long not to try to mend it. Shervin says your decision is your decision. Whatever that means  But, Jessica pipes up with, “mend it? No.”  It seems in true Mike fashion they just ignore Jessica’s comment.

This meal seems like Mike and Shervin are on a date and Jessica is the annoying little sister who for some reason showed up uninvited.  Shervin and Mike have a stupid eating contest. Continue reading


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