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Shahs of Sunset Recap: Belize It or Not!

Golnesa enjoying the Mayan Ruins in Belize

Golnesa enjoying the Mayan Ruins in Belize

We begin tonight with the set up scenes for the trip to Belize. Reza is somehow making this his, trip. I get that production decides who is “planning the trip” because someone has to pretend to do it, but Reza isn’t playing along very well other than to use it as an excuse to get into the scandal that is Mike and Jessica’s impending divorce.  He calls Mike to invite him to Belize as he is waiting for Jessica to meet him for dinner so he can get all into Mike’s business invite her in person. Mike is NOT happy that they are meeting because he knows she will tell Reza all about his cheating.

Jessica of course tells Reza that Mike cheated on her and takes no responsibility for it. Jessica admits that she has heard the rumors for five years and she chose to believe Mike.  But now she is married and it is still happening and she has seen it with her own eyes. Reza is still hopeful that they will mend their marriage. He is going to tell Mike they had a great time at dinner and not mention the conversation about his cheating. Jessica agrees.

MJ goes to meet with GG to get her lashes done, but not before she talks trash about GG on the phone. They show a flashback of the doctors visit that MJ went to with GG and the doctor lists several options of treatment one of which is, at least I the technical sense “Chemo.” I can’t really pay attention to the scene because I know that the comments of this post will now be yet another flood of detailed description of RA treatments and how chemo is an option and blah, blah, blah nobody cares. The point is that GG has RA, she has had it since season one, it’s getting worse and all her “friends” care about is if she if “exaggerating” her illness.  Frankly, if you doctor lists a chemo as one treatment for what you have, whether that is the option he uses or not, it would be very frightening. But these fools don’t care. They want to make sure that they limit their compassion to some amount that they feel is sufficient and not a drop more. So they are going to harass someone dealing with a VISIBLE chronic illness, because they feel she is trying to get more compassion (or as they call it, attention) than here situation warrants.

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Shahs of Sunset Recap: Lights! Camera! Kaftans!

Shahs Cast
I’m going to struggle through this recap tonight, but my heart is not really in it. I am trying to take a break from the horrible news today. I’m not sure this show is going to be much of a respite, but here goes.


Mike and Reza do an infomercial for a male focused nail salon. They discuss his bomb of a comedy routine that was basically just his usual misogynistic, racist way of being.  But soon, we begin the whole GG is faking her RA conversation. I don’t think Reza understands that plenty of people take oral chemo and still go out and have a few drinks and enjoy a normal life. That said, I have noticed that GG has been sober most of the time since the campground intervention. They show old footage of drunk GG.

Mike says that he and Jessica had a great night of sex. Reza is thrilled with his manicure which inspires him to want to “finger somebody.” And with that comment Mike learns more about Reza’s sex life than he ever wanted.


MJ and Tommy go to a relationship counselor. Basically, MJ is turning in to her mother. She is at least beginning to realize that.

Later MJ calls Asa and says that there are issues with MJ and Tommy and she thinks maybe they are not compatible.  MJ says she might go stay somewhere else for a while. Later, MJ confides in a neighbor that Tommy has called it quits and moved out.

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Shahs of Sunset Recap: The Bitch Ain’t Funny

Shahs cast season 5
It’s time for me to get on this Shahs of Sunset recap. I played hooky last night and had a party of one watching Miss USA and just had a blast. Then I was awake all night again. I should point out that Twitter is very quiet after 3 am. Apparently the rest of the world has jobs that don’t let them sleep in as long as they want on a rainy Monday morning. So I basically have been talking to myself on Twitter for the past two nights/mornings.

We pick up in the CGIed cement cell where a wedding has just taken place and both grooms dash off for their honeymoon. Mike Shouhed is shitfaced. Jefferson and the other guests around the table seem irritated. And the group breaks up to leave.

Mike commandeers the limo to drunk dial Jessica while everyone else is standing on the curb tired and ready to leave. MJ is drunk. Actually everyone is drunk.  Where is Asa? She seems to have disappeared into thin air. Also, there was a long limo in the beginning of the scene and then suddenly they are squished in the back of an SUV . This is some really bad editing.  MJ and Tommy and GG are all in the back of a small vehicle and MJ is having drunken arguments with everyone. Tommy tries to shut her up and she tries to get out of the moving vehicle. Continue reading


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Shahs of Sunset: I Don’t , I Do!

Shahs reunion Mike and MJ

It’s time for Shahs of Sunset and it is going to be more Rezacentric than usual. I’ve noticed fewer and fewer comments on this show lately.  Are y’all still out there? I don’t think I can quit this one. I was too committed to it at the time I started this blog. I interviewed most of the cast (I was new and didn’t realize what a bad idea it was getting to know the Bravo crowd) and did tons of research and spoiling and I feel like this one I have to ride out. So get on the ride with me people!


Reza stops over to see Mike and give him some groceries and basically check up on him. Reza lectures Mike about staying out of the clubs and trying to work on his marriage. Mike really did try eventually to win Jessica back. But it was too late, she was already with some guy charged with rape, who is nicer to her than Mike was.

Later, Mike meets Jessica in a restaurant to talk over some still drinks. Mike tries to remind her of the good times. Jessica says that Mike is obsessed with money and thinks that “providing for her” means buying her stuff.  In her talking head, she says they had “underlying trust issues” before the marriage. That’s as close as we will probably get to any mention of Mike’s cheating. After much awkward silence, Jessica leaves.

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Shahs of Sunset Recap: A Cat-astrophic Night!

Shahs Cast

The new week of recapping begins again with a new episode of Shahs of Sunset!


GG is going to be the Yolanda of this season of Shahs. We are starting the miracle treatments this episode. We begin with GG and Reza in a salt water pool at a local spa. While these two soak in each others funk (the thought of being in a bath with Reza skeeves me out!) GG informs us that the next step in her journey to find a cure is chemo. Oh joy!!


Shervin is apparently a full cast member with his own scenes this season. His mom is in town and cooking for him, and his not exactly at date, GG.  Shervin has the best house out of all of them. I wonder what his real job is. Shervin’s mom wants him to get married. He is ready for that but he doesn’t have any one in mind. He needs to start dating different types of women.

Shervin goes on a date with a blond named Annalise. She’s an Italian from Australia. Shervin can’t stop mocking her accent and making jokes about Australia. She’s not interested.

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WWHL With Mercedeh Javid and Vida Javid

WWHL With MJ and Vida

Look Andy, I really need this to be a good episode of WWHL to make up for the weekend that never happened because my server stopped, well, serving.  So let’s do this!   We begin with Andy Cohen being unable pronounce two out of the three guests names. And he can only pronounce Mercedeh’s name because she pretends like it is Mercedes so she just doesn’t have to correct people.

Vida is asked for some advice for the rest of the cast. She is so good at it, I have to transcribe it for you.

Golnesa: Stop being a victim!

Mike: He’s a confused dreamer.

Asa:  Stop using the show for her personal benefit. If she wants to make money do it on her own time. Tell that to Bethenny Frankel, Vida.

Reza:  Stop saying “bitch” and acting superior. (Some translation was needed here)

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