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Shahs of Sunset’s Asa Soltan Premiers Her Diamond Water Plus a Cup of Persian Tea

shahsdiamond water partyI have had to take a looooooooong break from the Shahs after the rampant Season Twoitis of last season. I just can’t take all the meanness toward MJ. I am hoping that Bravo decides to go away from that in season three. Andy Cohen loves Reza though so I am doubtful that anyone has spoken to him about being more likable in season 3.

Filming has been ongoing for season three for quite a while. We will be suffering through a 30th  birthday party for Lilly “lil bit” Ghalichi  which involves numerous “glam squads” and no less than five dress changes. le sigh. Continue reading


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Shahs of Sunset Lost Footage Should Not Have Been Found

ShahsRezaMJtalkAnother thing I refused to watch last night was Shah’s of Sunset “Lost Footage.” I tweeted Bravo that I wish they had lost all the footage from season two permanently. But today, I figure if I can get through Kenya Moore singing I can get through this. I predict more footage to make MJ look bad. Let’s see…We start with Lilly shopping and Reza following her around fawning all over her. Then on to MJ’s dating. She has a lot of things on her list. A lot. Like more than me. A lot. MJ and GG have a discussion about MJ’s possible autism. They are not even as educated on the subject as Jacqueline Laurita. MJ is an airhead. Not autistic. MJ forgets what she is talking about. I can relate.

There is was too much Lily in this episode. So now it is a scene from Villa Rica. This is not a lost scene. This is a scene we wish we had not seen the first time. Reza is telling the story about how he had sex with MJ. Asa says MJ arrived in a cloud of Chardonnay.

Funny lost scene where MJ’s dog ate the prosciutto off the platter and no one noticed. Stupid lost scene with Mike and Reza comparing gay sex to hetero sex. This is a waste of film. Lilly takes Asa for a cellulite treatment. Asa and her family attempt to run a food truck. Asa’s mother complains the whole time and criticizing everyone who is actually working. Continue reading


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Shahs of Sunset Reunion Recap Thank God That’s Over

Shahs of Sunset - Season 2Well, it’s time for round two of bash MJ on the Shahs of Sunset Reunion. Mike is still working with Reza in residential real estate it seems. Asa is happy that she sold out the El Rey and had to turn people to away. Asa explains her diamond water and MJ points out that it is sort of out there. Lilly chimes in to start with the MJ bashing. Asa asks MJ how much money she made in real estate last year. Andy asks GG what she thinks about diamond water and she said she doesn’t think about it. Asa talks about the fact she has supported her parents since her early twenties. Asa works very hard. Lilly just keeps chiming in and trying to get into the arguments. Asa is laughing at GG’s extension business.

Reza is taking turns glaring at MJ and rolling his eyes toward Asa and Lilly. Reza swears that MJ has only sold one condo all year. Reza is making bizarre snoring noises. It’s just ridiculous. Time for relationship talk. Andy brings up GG’s engagement. GG says that Omid was young and out partying it up so they took it back a step. Andy says to GG that Omid didn’t seem that into you on the show. Andy is not going easy on GG and MJ. Andy says that he was “digitizing her under the table at the restaurant.” Really Andy? GG says that he didn’t go any further than her thigh. Mike says she should not make a mockery of a thing like marriage. He says that Omid (who he now calls “his boy’ by the way) has been out all over town with other women while they were engaged. They didn’t spend New Years together. Andy asks if she got a ring and she said yes. Mike said it came out of a Crackerjack box. Asa is laughing. Reza says it is a fake ring. Asa says GG made up a fake engagement for publicity. Lilly says that she knows someone who hooked up with Omid the night she announced her engagement. Asa says that she is still together with Jermaine and hopes they get married. I’ll spare you the discussion of Reza’s relationship with armpits. MJ says that she and Drizzy are back trying to rekindle their relationship after some time apart. Reza starts laughing like a hyena and says people are tweeting him pictures of Drizzy at gay clubs. He says it’s a fake boyfriend and that MJ got “double stuffed” by two Jewish cousins. Even Mike steps in to say that is below the belt. Continue reading


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Shahs Reunion Recap: Bang Away on MJ, Bang Away All Day, Who They Gonna Bang on When MJ Goes Away?

The left side...

The left side…

It’s time for the first Shah’s of Sunset reunion. I am going to this already disappointed with Reza and I imagine it will get worse. Andy asks GG why she referred to herself as “the Rosa Parks of reality TV.” GG once again claims she was misunderstood and was talking about the backlash that they got from the Persian community last season. The questions are just too stupid to recap so far.

We are going to start with Lilly. Seven minutes in and I am bored. Has Asa even been on camera yet? Lilly says she doesn’t gloat or brag. Lightning did not strike. Lilly uses her ex’s black Amex but she doesn’t need a man to take care of her because she owns her own businesses. Did that make sense to y’all? Also, how does some lawyer from Texas have a black Amex to begin with? I doubt his practice pulls in that kind of money. Lily seems to think that MJ is saying that Ali supports her so she has brought in documents to prove that she is rich. Her business made $72k in January. Um, okay. So after expenses…what is left? Oh Lord, now she is showing Andy her bills of sale for the cars she drove on the show. Andy points out that they are in Ali’s name. Essentially, Lilly came convince us that she has money, while at the same time being the first to take a swing at the MJ pinata. That’s classy. Andy says the Rolls Royce was $280K and Lilly says that she doesn’t need to brag about that. Andy rolls his eyes and says, “You Continue reading


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Shahs of Sunset Season Finale

ShahsAsabeadnecklaceFINALLY, I have some time to watch last weeks Shahs. I am dying to see Asa’s performance! I just needed the time to fully enjoy the episode, so here goes! We are back at Reza’s “peace summit.” GG apologizes to Asa for the way she reacted to her anger. Asa rejects the apology and off GG goes to GGland. Asa says the word ‘wack’ eleventy billion times and leaves the house. GG is still very defensive and Mike and Reza try to teach her how to apologize.

MJ and her mother go shopping as per her therapist instructions so that her mom can practice not being critical. She literally doesn’t make it past the point where MJ parks the car. MJ’s mom suggests wearing clothes that are not so tight. I finally agree with her about something. Although she lost me when she suggested chiffon.

Shahs of Sunset Episode Three and a Halftime Report

Young Asa in Berlin

Asa’s rehearsal is having some problems. She’s very nervous. All I really focused on was her bangles. Meanwhile, Mike goes to his parents to get their blessing on Jessica. Reza has a date with Adam and manages to make comments about white people. Again. Adam is talking marriage and Reza is not that into Adam. Perhaps it’s yet another stunt casting. Zipping through yet ANOTHER Lilly scene that is her getting hair and makeup.

Love MJ and Drizzy. So hope this is a real relationship and she is happy. I am so glad that Asa is getting so much screen time. She has gotten the main storyline in the finale on both seasons.

OMG! It’s Anita! Who is now listed as “GG’s friend!” No explanation of why she is not “Reza’s friend” anymore and is now BFF’s with her sworn enemy from last season. Oh, reality TV. But whatevs. I love Anita! Oh here comes the acknowledgement that last year they hated each other. GG says in her talking head that she feels isolated and hopes things will improve with the others. There is still a bit of her defensiveness and failure to see her role in the situation, but I think she is trying.

Asa does great at Persian Palooza! I really wish I would have gone to see her performance in person. And they lived happily ever after….

Okay, NOW I am going to prepare for the reunion. I can’t say I am looking forward to tonight. I expect it to be an hour of Reza hurling insults at MJ.


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Mercedeh Rocks a Bikini on TMZ and Everyone But Reza Gets It.

0204-sahs-of-sunset-5TMZ seems suddenly very aware of MJ of Shahs of Sunset.  They just love to catch her in a bikini.  Who could possibly be trying to get mean publicity on MJ in advance of the upcoming reunion?  Could it be her former BFF ?  I hear Reza and  Lilly pounded her relentlessly  during the reunion.  It’s sort of sad that a fat kid like Reza would resort to this just because he looks like an asshole now on national TV. Continue reading


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Watch What Happens Live With Asa and Jeff Lewis

WWHLFinally I am getting to see Watch What Happens Live with two of my favorite Bravolebs, Asa Rahmati Soltan and Jeff Lewis. I hope Asa brought Jeff some diamond water because he needs it! First topic of discussion is Phaedra’s workout outfit. Jeff says it’s not appropriate. One of my knuckleheads, Stephen, made a comment today that she looked like a giant avocado and now that is all I see when I look at her. Up next, Kenya’s swimsuit. I don’t get the butt pads. I mean I don’t really get the whole thing, but I really don’t get the butt pads. Is she trying to say Kenya pads her bootie? I don’t see how that would be necessary. Asa is rocking the gold tonight. Continue reading


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Shahs Recap: Sort of…

Shahs of Sunset - Season 2To be quite honest, I really don’t want to watch Shahs of Sunset anymore. I was lucky enough to befriend Asa, MJ and Reza before the show even started because I was the first blog to become obsessed with them. During season two, I am supposed to pick sides (and to a degree I have) and Reza has blocked me on twitter. Things are ugly and out of control on season two and I don’t like it. I can barely stand to watch tonight.

I’m already pissed. Suddenly Reza and Asa are friends. WHY? Because they were our two favorites last season. We should all forget that Reza was a little bitch to her last year.  Also, I think I will just call Reza the faggot this season. I mean it as a term of endearment! How can no one see that! GAWD! It’s just like how he calls women bitches and hoes (including his own grandmother). Because who doesn’t think it is funny to call your elderly grandmother a bitch!  So the fag goes to meet with Asa (see! It’s Soo funny! if you are in middle school)  and she pretends to like him… Reza gives Asa a citrine for her show.  I am pretty sure that her show is the finale. Is it time already? Continue reading


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Shahs of Sunset Recap: Oh My Heck, They Went to Great Neck!

ShahsAsabeadnecklaceIt’s time for another episode of Shahs of Sunset. Reza has invited the gang to New York for Rosh Hashannah. What could possibly go wrong with this plan? Meanwhile Asa is on a diamond shopping trip looking for a very special large diamond to make her water with. It’s yet another scene where she tells a professional business person this and they try to keep a straight face. The jeweler’s response was. “Oh yeah. Interesting.”  Once in the back room to view the loose stones, our jeweler has to maintain his composure while Asa uses her love energy to select the perfect stone. Bless his heart. I imagine there were no dramatic sound effects in the room at the time so imagine this happening in relative silence. It reminds me of when you suddenly needed to crack up in the middle of church as a kid.

Now for the slowest walk ever with MJ and GG and some their dogs. GG is annoyed because MJ called her from the trip she was kicked off of to complain about the trip she got kicked off of. MJ is now confronting GG about her behavior. What is the point of this scene? MJ is now blaming GG for her losing her “friends” Asa and Reza.

ASAPHEONIXMARKAsa apparently buys a diamond (though we didn’t see that part) and heads over to the bottling plant with her magic carpet. Aladdin Asa conducts a um love ceremony on her magic carpet before giving the water tank a big ole hug. And just like that, diamond water is born.

Reza, MJ, Mike and Asa arrive in NYC for the holiday and they become lost looking for the Louis Vuitton store. At least we learn the Farsi word for clusterfuck. Later Reza has lunch with his father. It’s a cryfest. What is the Farsi word for that? Basically if you read through all the subtitles and tears, the storyline is about Reza making up with his Grandmother the next day at dinner. This is the grandmother he has called every name in the world in the previous season, but now, the season two storyline seems to be for Reza to do an about-face on every relationship he has ever had. Crew arrives with two huge floral arrangements and half a dozen huge bakery boxes. Reza goes into the kitchen and grandma greets him quite kindly. She only speaks Farsi so we are forced to believe that this year she is nice and last year she was awful.  Reza wonders if they switched grandmas between episodes, um, I mean visits. The food looks amazing. MJ is behaving very well. Where is all of this hanging all over Reza’s grandmother stuff that he was bitching about on Jay Behar?

Sorry this recap is so dry. I am distracted by other things this weekend and frankly, these shows tonight just didn’t hold my attention.  On the plus side, there was only one Lilly scene which was not important enough to recap. :)











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Shahs of Sunset Recap: It’s a Party All the Time. Unless You are Lilly

Shahs of Sunset Finale: It's the Men's Turn to Behave BadlyShahs of Sunset picks back up at the dinner party from hell in Mexico. Reza and MJ are sitting outside talking and Asa comes out and MJ goes off on her and tells her to go fuck herself. MJ is pissed that Asa called her a pill popper. MJ said she took an Ambien on plane but that doesn’t make her a pill taker!  MJ walks off presumably back to her hotel room.

An hour later Reza is in the hot tub with Asa and Lilly, this season’s three musketeers. Reza says that MJ texted him and that she and Sammy were going to the club. Mike is allegedly passed out in the bed. Asa says she feels bad for calling MJ a pill popper.  Reza says he wish it could have been a private conversation with just him and MJ and Asa. Lilly chimes in to say that MJ took an Ambien at the airport and Lilly pointed out it was a two hour flight. Lilly says MJ said she took it “just for fun.” Asa says she feels really bad and starts listening reasons why, like her crazy mother and Reza laughs.

MJ is in the club with Sammy her true friend. I suppose she has forgotten about how things go when she parties with Sammy. MJ misses Reza and tweets him from the club. In her tweets she mentions that Asa is dead to her now.

Meanwhile we return to the domestic craziness that is GG. Her mother wants to make her breakfast but GG says no. GG who just last episode had a big temper tantrum with her sister saying she was going to do it all by herself. Her sister wanted to help but GG was not having it. Now that GG is seeing all the work involved she is bitching about having no help. GG arrives to the venue to discover none of the crew is there. So she calls her mommy. Continue reading


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Shahs of Sunset Do Joy Behar

Shahs of Sunset - Season 2So Joy Behar has a show on Current (for like the next five minutes because Al Jazeera just bought the network) and Reza, MJ, Asa, Mike and GG were on for half an hour on Tuesday night. I just got finished watching it and it was the best interview with pretty much anyone I’ve ever seen. Joy needs her own show on a major network. This is not the Joy who follows the Barbara Walter’s edict on The View. This is Joy, the person who asks the questions people want to ask not the question from the interviewees PR agent’s list of acceptable questions. And she lets her guests just keep talking themselves into places they should not go. Let me try to recap.

Reza and MJ are sitting closest to Joy and they take over most of the interview. Lilly is thankfully absent. Joy begins by asking how they were cast. I have heard many versions of this story. I could have sworn the original version was that the producers called Sammy. If fact, here’s a link to my original post about Sammy where he relates the producers calling him. So, how did you (Sammy) end up on “Shahs of Sunset”? “One of the first people I came to meet was [Producer] Jesse [Leed]. His girlfriend [Marisa Weber] and I have been friends for 15 years. About 2.5 years ago they came up with this idea. I was the first person [that they called]. We shared a lot of fun nights together in the few years we’ve known each other before he decided to do this show. He was just always on me to do something. I said, “Okay, let’s do it.” That makes it odd that Sammy was the one knocked down to “Friend of the Shahs” status for season two, no? Especially since I heard from more than one reliable source during season two filming that “Sammy is no filming season two.” Continue reading


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NBC TCA Winter Tour

Photos From Asa Soltan's Tumblr

Photos From Asa Soltan’s Tumblr

It’s time for the Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour. A smaller version of the summer tour, that announces the much anticipated fall line-up, the winter tour… well the winter tour announces the new shows for the winter slots. This year the talk is about the return of Smash. Mostly because no one really liked it the first time but NBC is going to give it another go anyway. Apparently Smash viewers are educated and wealthy which explains why we didn’t like it. :)  Other shows debuting this winter include season 16 of American Idol (it actually may be season 61, I’ve lost count, Naomi Campbell’s new version of Americas Next Top Model which is called, The Face, and a new reality show for olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte that focuses on his preparation of the 2016 Olympics.

Best I can determine, the only Bravolebrites that we watch that attended were Asa, Reza and Lilly. Click through for photos. Continue reading


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