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Shahs of Sunset Reunion Recap Part Two: Too Little, Too Late?

Shahs Reunion Part 1
We begin part two with a break so that MJ can stop crying about her crumbling friendship with Asa. Mercedeh is very offended that Asa thinks she is trash talking her business.  Mike tries to tell Mercedeh that she will regret the things she said to Asa. MJ is not hearing it. She says she is through with her.

We return to the set and Andy points out that Mike has some new hairbrained scheme every season. We get a package on Mike’s “shoe line.”  Andy points out that Kitson went bankrupt a few weeks after the shoe party. Mike claims he sold them 2,000 pairs of shoes. That seems like a ridiculous number of shoes for one store. If you go in any shoe store you’d be hard pressed to find more than a dozen pairs of the same shoe. Mike says you can buy his shoes on his website. However, someone linked me to the sight a week or so ago and there was nothing there but a not that says “Shoes coming soon!” If he has two thousand pairs of shoes what is he waiting for? Then Andy makes fun of Mike’s instagram. It really is ridiculous.

Asa on the other hand was offered a deal for he kaftans to be sold in selected Nordstorm stores for a trial run.  Her diamond water business has expanded and they provide the water for the restaurant in the Four Seasons Dubai. #Winning

Reza is going to do some sort of a play where he will be cross dressing as the Iranian Medea. Seriously?

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WWHL With Mercedeh Javid and Carole Radziwill

wwhl mj
Why is Carol on this episode? Adam is there as the bartender. I just can’t. It’s the mutual admiration society between Carole and MJ.  Andy starts right off making fun of Luann in a montage called, Gloating While Boating.  I cannot for the life of me understand why everyone is hating on Luann for being happy about her engagement to Tom. What the fuck is wrong with people? She is in love and happy! Does everyone have such a stick up their asses that they can’t be happy for her? Carole was uncharacteristically happy for Luann. FINALLY.

MJ goes in on Asa saying there is not a shred of truth to her accusations that she was not supportive of her businesses. Mercedeh say she will never get her friendship back and she has already “pandered for it” off camera. She says Asa got offended by an backhanded compliment from her mother on WWHL. MJ basically hates GG and Asa at this point. So sad.

Did Carole just say that Luann is famous for having sex in a restaurant bathroom? What is that about?

MJ has a bigger ring that is two carats now. Really? Do people define their relationship by the size of a ring? What is Tommy’s job other than Shahs? He seems like an average joe.

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Shahs of Sunset Reunion Part One: The Reza Show



Shahs cast season 5
I am totally confused about why the Shahs reunion is tonight. What are we missing for this to be on tonight? I slept an entire day away after staying up all night again. I really have to try to be awake during the day. I think I could sleep another ten hours right now, so I’m going to bang this out and go back to bed.

I love how this is the only series where they have champagne tons of food. So we start with all the food scenes from the season.

We all pretend that Shervin is straight. Suddenly, Shervin and GG are BFFs. Even though Shervin did not stick up for her.

Reza interrupts Andy’s little Shervin time to start going in on Golnesa right away. He is super pissed about the sex tape thing. The show can’t even discuss anyone else at all with Reza making it all about him and we are not even ten minutes in. Reza just screams at Golnesa and says she needs mental help. Her BFF, Shervin just sits there while Reza screams insults at Golnesa. I’m bored already. Let’s get to the part where Reza cries.

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WWHL With Dolores Catania and Reza Farahan



I had to take a break before blogging this episode. If it were not for Dolores I probably would have just deleted it from my VCR.  I cannot STAND Reza. I really can’t.  And Andy isn’t much better.  We all know that Dolores is on the show tonight just so that Frankie can be the bartender.  From the moment we all saw Frankie, we knew that Andy would be obsessed with him.  Frankie is not even old enough to vote, let alone drink.

Andy says Vida will be on the reunion and it is going to be “scorched earth.” He’s giddy at the demise of the mother daughter relationship.

I totally had no idea Sharknado was on. I am taping a rerun now but it’s over an hour in already I think. I will have to catch the first part on demand and then flip over so I can skip the commercials. It actually looked kind of good.

Dolores said she and Teresa had lunch the day before she went to prison and Teresa didn’t mention it. She said she felt like Teresa didn’t think it was really going to happen. Oh, but it did.

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Shahs of Sunset Finale: OMGG!

Shahs Cast

I’m so glad this season is over. I had never been as excited for a show as I was for Shahs when it first came out. Sadly, by season three the whole thing had become unbearable. These shows are always best when the cast is brand new. By season two they start all the fake storylines and in the case of this show in particular, they choose one person to shit on for the whole season. It’s not fun watching a pack of bullies attack one cast member all season long. This season was particularly bad because the guys were targeting a female who suffers from a chronic illness.

We start with MJ accepting her marriage proposal from Tommy. I really hope that Tommy makes her happy. I’ve always liked MJ.  I hope she will spend more time with Tommy and less with Reza and her mother. Speaking of Vida, she has a fit after the engagement. She is particularly bothered that Tommy is so handsy with MJ. It was a bit much, and she blames it on his drinking.  After the fondling session, Tommy approaches Vida.  Tommy is Shouhed wasted and sobs and shouts and splashes spittle all over Vida while drunkenly begging for acceptance. It so very unattractive. MJ wants to show Vida the ring and Vida asks if anyone has a magnifying glass. I feel so sorry for MJ.

I love the scenes with Asa and her mother checking out OK! Magazine. I have always received copies of anything of mine in a tabloid in the mail from the publisher. Perhaps there was no financial transaction involved for this piece ?  Anyway, watching Asa and her mother is such a sad contrast to MJ and Vida.  Asa entire family is very supportive of everything Asa does. Even the really out there stuff. Asa’s very lucky!

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Shahs of Sunset Recap: Mr. Shouhed’s Wild Ride

Shahs Asa


I cannot believe that Reza’s mother would agree to be on this show. Does she watch her son on this show? How is she not humiliated? Will Reza call his mother a bitch at this lunch like he does every other human on earth that he interacts with? She seems like a really great lady. Reza doesn’t think he is like his dad. But he is.

Asa, Adam and Reza are chilling in Palm Springs. Reza thinks Palm Springs is just like Iran in the 1970s.  Speaking of ridiculous, Asa …girl… you know I love you and I am all for wearing jewelry in unexpected ways, but I can’ with you and the whole necklace as a face mask thing.  We spend a ridiculous amount of time looking at a potential investment property for Reza and Adam.


MJ is spending a lot of time with Tommy to decide if they are ready for her to get inseminated. She definitely wants to get married first.

Reza and MJ go out for ice cream. Reza let’s MJ know he is very happily married but is uncomfortable with the word ‘husband’ and prefers ‘partner.” Then they move on to gossiping about Jessica and Mike.  Jessica has changed her phone number.

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