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Exclusive: Jessica Parido Forges Ahead With Plans to Marry Mike Shouhed Tomorrow

Shahs mike and jessica engaged.

This is exclusively sourced. Please attribute quotes according and provide a link to this page. Thanks!

I keep waiting to do this story because part of me wants Jessica Parido come to her senses. It seems that if she ever does come to her senses she is going to do it much too late. It’s already too late for her face. The poor girl who used to be a natural beauty is now just another plastic-faced girl in Beverly Hills. Another sad story. Another fake relationship. What could possibly be going on with this girl where she would change everything about herself, her face, her religious beliefs, he morals to be with a man who is superficial even by Los Angeles standards. A man who describes his engagement by noting that it involved a four carat diamond ring and her saying she was going to be his wife so “it worked out perfectly.” A plan well executed. The superficial groom and Jessica were in Australia a couple months ago where Mike’s comments included a comment that there are no ugly people in Australia and that Jessica can’t keep her hands off of him. Clearly, Mike is not closer to having any sort of personal insight and growth that most global travelers experience in new cultures than he was in Turkey where the call to prayer transmitting from the mosque had quiet the opposite reaction on Mike as most travelers regardless of religion. Tomorrow, Jessica Parido will become Jessica Shouhed assuming everything goes according to the plan.

Last July, I began to get a number of tips and contacts with very detailed information on Mike Shouhed cheating with women that he met on social media. There were specific hotels mentioned. Hotel staff confirmations. Text messages. It all appeared to be very legit. This was problematic. Shahs of Sunset was one of the first shows I was really excited about when I began this blog. I learned a big lesson by interviewing them prior to the show airing and finding them all charming. It’s best not to get too close to your subject. Especially if they are on a reality TV show you are covering. Because they change (Reza) and it becomes difficult to point out the bad behavior when you like the people doing the bad behavior. And they are all bound to do something that needs calling out. But this wasn’t the same as one of your favorite housewives changing and becoming someone who airs their tampon string in public and becomes violent and generally unlikable in public. This was someone allegedly having numerous sexual encounters with women who are not his fiancé.  I did not want to be this messenger. I sat on it for a while and I put out some feelers to sources in production. The show was expected to air last October until a post production editing staff decided to strike for health benefits which would ultimately push the show to its new 2015 airdate. It was made clear to me that Mike’s indiscretions would be a major storyline. It would be public. Everyone was about to know. Continue reading


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Watch What Happens Live With Mike Shouhed and Brandi Glanville

WWHL Mike and Brandi

I don’t understand why Brandi is there. They could have had someone from Southern Charm.  Or anyone else on the planet for that matter. Oh Andy says it’s because the RHOBH finale is tomorrow. Andy asks Brandi if she has ever met Mike. She replies that Mike just tried to have sex with her in the back. Mike says, “Believe me, you and Golnesa would say yes.”  Frankly, I’m surprised Brandi has not already offered. But we are only 30 seconds in. Brandi says she watched all the Shah’s shows on the plane over.

Andy asks her about the mask she Tweeted herself wearing on the plane and she acted like she did not want to discuss it because she was not being paid. #SMH She seems to think she is Oprah Winfrey or someone.  So I googled and it’s an “illumask” a $30 product from Ulta Beauty Supply that is a light therapy treatment for acne and acne scars. When Andy asks if it does something to your skin, she says, “Yes, it’s for helping you sleep!”  Oh Brandi. You have never been a good liar.

Brandi has new hair. It’s longer and less hay like. During the first game Brandi points out that she thinks Kenya and Apollo worked together on that whole storyline about them trying to get with each other. She bases this on the fact that Apollo is just too dumb.  Well, she’s right about that part at least.

Andy is being nice to Brandi. #cuts

Andy plays a clip from the reunion where he says to Brandi, ” Sometimes you are playing and you just take it a step too far.”  Brandi responds with “No, that’s bullshit. I’ve taken enough abuse since I have been here, I’m not taking it from you too.”  Andy says that Brandi was really pissed at him over that comment.  Um, really? That was your super mean girl move with Brandi, Andrew? That has been said by pretty much every sane person who watches the show for several seasons now.  Oh God.  Brandi says  she leaves the reunion feeling vindicated. I am starting to want to cut. I’ve never been a cutter before, but this seems like a good time to start because YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!  This is like when my ex tells me he is going to get counseling for his anger problems toward all the multitudes of women in his life (including a wife, btw) and he swears the therapist told him he was too selfless and needed to be more concerned with his own happiness and should try and find a new girl friend (to add to the list?). One can only hope that both Brandi and the ex are equally delusional about what happened at the reunion, and individual therapy respectively. Continue reading


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Shahs of Sunset Recap: The Secret Is Out (About Adam?)

Shahs Season 4


Based on the title I am going to assume that Mike gets confronted about his drunken encounter with GG in Turkey. While I suppose that is necessary for the good of the group working through things, it would seem that there is a much larger situation going on with Mike that occurs frequently in LA during the time this was being filmed.


Reza and GG go to a really cute interior design place. It has a lot of really funky stuff. I need to find someplace like this in Atlanta. I am having the hardest time finding a new couch I want. I am seriously considered having the one I have now fixed somehow. all it really needs is to put some new stuffing in the side my fat ass sits on every day and the leather to be cleaned.  Reza has decided that GG is his little sister for this season. How convenient.


All of Mike’s real estate things in the past have been bullshit. I assume this is too. If it is not that is even more embarrassing.


These scenes of MJ cooking and being happy in her new relationship make me sad. We have already found out that Charlie was full of shit and fucking other people at the same time.

Reza is and Asa drop by to discuss Adam’s 30th birthday. Seriously? He’s only 30? I know in gay years that is ancient, but still. The story line this year is for MJ and Asa to fight over who is better friends with Reza. This is a ridiculous storyline. MJ certainly puts up with more of Reza’s shit and has been friends with him the longest.  Asa doesn’t care. She likes everyone fine but she is so not a vie for the gay best friend’s attention type. She’s no very convincing about pretending to in her talking heads either. WHY CAN’T THE RELATIONSHIP DYNAMICS JUST BE WHAT THEY ARE WITH THESE PEOPLE? With the except of the new one, they all know each other. They are Iranian. They don’t need any help having passionate relationships amongst themselves. Continue reading


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Shahs of Sunset Recap: The Staycation from Hell

Shahs of Sunset Season 4

Shahs of Sunset Season 4

We pick up with Jessica gone and everyone throwing on a swim suit and getting in the pool and getting drunk. I hope those cups are plastic. Everything is going along great. With Jessica gone, Mike is a whole new person, or perhaps the old Mike, once Jessica was sent home.

Reza is having worse hair issues than Nene Leakes this season. It’s really bad.

I love that they have a bartender and a cook. Asifa doesn’t like Iranian food. Asa doesn’t like chicken liver. I LOVE chicken liver. I also love Iranian/Middle Eastern food. Mike tells his arch-enemy Bobby and Asifa and Shervin  about his proposal plan. That should go well.

MJ and Jefferson talk about the competing bachelor parties. They are in charge of Reza’s MJ wants to get Reza laid.

Asifa manages to insult the other Bobby, not her Bobby and when he smarts off back to her Asifa and her Bobby start acting like assholes. Asifa’s Bobby is going to get his ass beat. Asifa started all the shit and now Bobby is somehow racist because he referred to Asifa as some Indian girl. WTF? Reza and Asa are on the wrong side of this argument. I predict they will realize what cunt buckets Asifa and Bobby are as filming goes on. They seem to always pick the wrong pony early on in the season. Asifa is such a little whiner. Continue reading


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Shahs of Sunset Recap: What Happened in Turkey?

Shahs of Sunset Bravo

Mike and Jessica

Well it seems they are wasting no time in dealing with the Mike situation. It seems like it will begin with GG’s allegations but these are just the tip of the rumor iceberg.  It’s seems Mike’s reputation took a beating during this filming.

I am not even trying to be cute when I say I do not recognize this Jessica. Nothing about her  is familiar to me, not her face, not her voice, not her new bitchy ‘tude with the cussing. None of it. Where is holy Jessica who is becoming Jewish to please her man and who is docile and obedient? Was all of last season a dream sequence?

Mike thinks that everyone in the group is obsessed with his penis. This is because Mike himself thinks his penis is the center of the universe.

Jessica completes her final  step to becoming a Jew by baptizing herself in the ocean. How is this achieved by Jewish converts in the desert?  Jessica was very emotional and Mike came out at the end running toward her with beautiful flowers. It was rather sweet, actually. Continue reading


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Shahs of Sunset Season Premiere: I am Gay Ghandi!

Shahs of Sunset Season 4

Shahs of Sunset Season 4

I just realized how much I’ve missed this show.  I hate that the production strike delayed things so long because this season is supposed to be super good and filled with drama!  Perhaps the wait will give the presumed bride to be a bit of time to reconsider her decision?  I mean take a page from Reza and his fiancé  who are not in a hurry to marry.

Reza and Asa are going gold shopping. I am not sure where this store is, but I want to find it. Reza is buying a Rolex and he will get a better deal than what they are saying on air for promotional consideration (there is more of that on this show than any other) still. I am surprised those watches are only $35K.

Anyway, this is all to say that Asa parents are moving in with her while she has their house renovated. And Reza’s man’s parents are coming to town or something. Sorry. I was distracted by the gold.


Mike drops by his parents with chocolates and champagne shows them the engagement ring he bought for Jessica. Continue reading


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Shah’s Of Sunset FINALLY Has a New Release Date!

Shahs Season 4

I am so excited to finally see Shahs of Sunset back on the Bravo Schedule. You may recall that Shahs was supposed to return back in October.  Unfortunately, the post-production editors at Ryan Seacrest Productions went out on strike trying to get benefits and like health insurance and sick days like their non-reality counterparts receive. I don’t know if they were finally successful or if Bravo just hired different editors but the show is now set to premiere March 2nd at 9 pm. I cannot wait. I have so much tea on this show and it’s going to be the best season ever.

First, here is the official Bravo Press release on the show:

This season finds much of the cast in love with success abounding, but when a scandalous accusation shakes the crew, their lifelong friendships may be changed forever.  As the group navigates the most tumultuous year of their lives, it is on a trip to Thailand where they start to understand that their real wealth is each other. Continue reading


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The Shahs Return With a New Girl And A New Drama (Blind Item Revealed)

Shahs of Sunset Season 4

Shahs of Sunset Season 4

NEW YORK – September 9, 2014 – Bravo Media gears up for #SHAHctober when “Shahs of Sunset” returns with season four on Monday, October 13 at 9pm ET/PT.  This season finds much of the cast in love with success abounding, but when a scandalous accusation shakes the crew, their lifelong friendships may be changed forever.  As the group navigates the most tumultuous year of their lives, it is on a trip to Thailand where they start to understand that their real wealth is each other.

Reza is newly engaged and planning a wedding with fiancé Adam, but with the impending nuptials he starts to wonder if he is ready for a lifelong commitment.  Asa is helping to fund a home renovation for her parents, but as she struggles to deal with them temporarily moving in, she finds solace in a new art project that reaches oppressed women everywhere.  Mike is getting over his fears of commitment and as his girlfriend, Jessica, completes her conversion to Judaism, he prepares to take the plunge and finally propose.  Perpetually single, MJ, may have found Mr. Right with new boyfriend, Charlie, but as she braces him to meet her super protective group of friends and worse yet, her mom Vida, questions about her own ability to start a family arise.  GG is taking a break from men after she split with her boyfriend two days before they were supposed to move in together.  She starts spending more time with her friend of ten years, spitfire Asifa, but it is only a temporary distraction before she gets back into the man game.   Continue reading


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Scheana Marie From Vanderpump Rules Gets Married.


Bravolebrities turned out to celebrate Scheana Marie’s marriage to longtime boyfriend Mike Shay, yesterday. Gretchen Rossi, Joyce Giraud and Golnesa Gharachedaghi arrived dressed to impress.  But Slade needs a haircut and a shave.  And yes, you can expect to see it on Vanderpump Rules. Continue reading


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Lilly Ghalichi Showered With Diamonds and a Rolls Royce!

Lily shahs (2)Lily Ghalichi had been back in the rags lately. She recently  became engaged to Dhar Mann after a very brief courtship. I thought perhaps she had rented a boyfriend to try to stay on Shahs. However, Dhar Mann is a legit extremely wealthy entrepreneur who has own several extremely successful businesses including a huge medical marijuana company called WeGrow. He sold that business last year and now runs some sort of Jet Set company that has something to do with a fleet of luxury vehicles. Oh, he’s also a felon. He was convicted of five felony counts of fraud according to Wikipedia and was given five years of probation and ordered to pay restitution. #FelonsByBravo  Whatever. He’s HOT. Continue reading


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Bravo Announces Two New Scripted Shows and Several New Unscripted Shows for 2014

New Show 2014 2015

Bravo announced a full slate of new scripted and “unscripted” shows for 2014 today.  Although some of the “unscripted” shows sound like repackaged versions of other shows where a bunch of women “attempt to balance their personal and professional lives, ” others sound new and exciting. There is a dating show that films and airs in the same week, a fantastic sounding travel show, and a show set in London!  The two scripted shows both seem to have potential, however, is it me or do they just introduce these scripted series and we never see them air?

Click through for the entire list of new and returning shows.  Let me know if you Phaedra Parks name in there anywhere…:) Also absent? Real Housewives of Miami. Continue reading


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Shahs of Sunset Reunion Part 2 Recap: Fears and Tears

Shahs of Sunset Season 3 2014 Final EpisodeAs much as I like these ridiculous Bravo shows, they always seem to just drag on forever.  For the first time in the history of Bravo, the Shahs finale seemed like a nice happy ending. All of the storylines were wrapped up. Everyone pretended to kiss and make up. That should have been the end.

But, no.  We are still driving the hilariously stupid gold them into the ground with a reunion at a dinner table. Let’s see if some dumps a plate of tahdig on anyone in this episode.

Andy asks Reza what the hell he was thinking screaming the word faggot at people in a gay club. He says that the guy was talking about Iran like it was Club Med. Um, flashback to 80’s resorts with rampant STDs. Plus the guy was not doing that at all. He talked about missing his family and not being able to see them. Now MJ is joining in to defend Reza and both are saying that FOB is perfectly fine. As far as I am concerned it is perfectly fine if your intent is to insult someone, it’s as good an insult as any. What is not perfectly fine is the two of them acting as if it is a term of endearment. They are both delusional. Just say, “I didn’t like the guy, I called him an FOB,  and it’s really not that big of a deal!” But no. That can never happen. Reza and MJ both just seem to try to look like assholes. Reza seems to get it after the tenth question that he needs to apologize and shut up. Continue reading


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