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Oscars 2015 Discussion: Who Has The Best Gown? Who Will Win?

Ryan Seacrest Oscars 2015 Twitter

Ryan Seacrest Oscars 2015 Twitter

Urethra asked for an Oscars post to chat about fashion and the show tonight. There is no Real Housewives of Atlanta tonight so you might as well join us. The red carpet has already begun on E! and the celebrities are trickling on to the carpet! I didn’t think the show would start until six.

I’m making foie gras stuffed quail with grilled peached and tomatoes (and a couple teeny tators sshh not supposed to be in there)  for my Oscars dinner.  Newsflash: I don’t know how to make quail. I’ve never even eaten quail but everything smells really good!

I better get back in the kitchen!  Hopefully UF will be here soon to host the Tamara Tattles red carpet! I’ll be back ASAP! I will add some pictures if I get the chance.! Tell me what you think of the fashions!



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American Idol Returns *Yawn*

AIJudgesMy homeboy and American Idol winner, Phillip Phillips has gone triple platinum with Home. Yet he says that song is way too pop for him and not his cup of tea. We’re off on a new season of American Idol. I am mainly watching to see what Nicki Minaj does with Mariah Carey. This will be random thoughts more than recap. Let’s get started! Continue reading


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Shahs of Sunset Production Sued for Use of Term “Persian Barbie”

Stolen from TMZ, Payback is a bitch.

Stolen from TMZ, Payback is a bitch.

This fake blond chick is suing a division of Ryan Seacrest Productions for referring to the Lilly, the newest member of the Shahs of Sunset cast, as a “Persian Barbie” claiming that even though she did not copyright the moniker she has been using it for years. It’s nothing more than a cry for attention. Nothing will come of this and TMZ should not even have run the story. Clearly they want to give this idiot some press. I still think they should call Lilly the Persian Courtney Stodden, but hey, that’s just me.



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Did American Idol Shoot Itself in the Foot Last Night?

American Idol is really going all out trying to get me to watch this season. I remember back when the show first started and some guys from a board I used to post out started Born from a group of people (*cough*) who enjoy spoiling reality shows in general and Survivor in particular, the board was created for the sole purpose of screwing with American Idol.  Perhaps their biggest accomplishment was keeping Sanjaya around for so long.  Some people believe this site was responsible for Idol’s format change to add a judges save component to override the tomfoolery when necessary. You know, just in case a whole bunch of people keep voting for the Sanjayalike contestants like this year’s  Jermaine and Heejun. Heejun was clearly on the show for the comedy aspect making jokes about P.Diddy Puffy Daddy Sean Jean being drunk at the mentor session. And hey, clearly there is nothing funny about  P.Diddy Puffy Daddy Sean Jean. The judges didn’t seem particularly fond of Heejun.

Anyway…VFTW is back at it this season and is pretty gleeful that they managed to get Jessica Sanchez in the bottom three (allegedly). Idol hasn’t had a really successful winner since Carrie Underwood in season five and they are tired of letting America get it wrong. Which brings us to last night.  Two big production things occurred behind the scenes this week. First of all, it’s VERY clear that Idol wants Jessica Sanchez to win this year. She’s pretty and young and has a good voice. She’s marketable to the teen/young adult market. But how to make that happen? Keeping reading for the production manipulations…

Well, first of all, the judges have got to use their save or the season won’t end on the right date. And what better way to freak everyone out than to use it on their favorite claiming she was voted off. But they didn’t stop there. They ACTUALLY CALLED HARVEY LEVIN AT TMZ and told him that they were going to have a judges save so that everyone would tune in to watch. Was this really a good idea? There are were people who still believed that the judges don’t know who is going home each week. Now that cat is out of the bag. From the moment the show opened and Ryan asked Randy if he was nervous about the elimination we knew what was coming. Later, Stephen Tyler blurts out that the judges will definitely use their save before the at risk contestant was even identified. Bless his heart.

And use it they did. Jessica Sanchez was clearly mortified when, before she got three notes out of her song, all three judges bumrushed the stage. J-Lo begins repeatedly screaming at her to go sit down and Randy lectures the audience to VOTE FOR THE BEST!  Jessica was horrified and poor Holly, who should have gone home last night, was praying for the floor to open up and swallow her. It was a ridiculous blunder that exposed the whole show as a fraud. It makes me wonder if, despite every talk show discussing Idol this morning in a windfall of free advertising, the whole thing backfired. Instead of maintaining the usual facade, which would have caused kids all over the country to vote more religiously for Jessica, they were straight up told that Jessica, Joshua and Elise were the ones they should be voting for. Is this going to cause a backlash against those contestants and leave us with Atlanta local Phillip in the finals with Colton? Probably. Way to go, Idol.


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Ryan Seacrest Talks to Matt Lauer on Today Show About Taking Over His Job

Wow,Matt Lauer interviewed Ryan Seacrest this morning on the Today Show in a very odd situation. Ryan has been trying to land a morning hosting job for quite some time. It was rumored that he wanted to take over for Regis Philbin.  Ryan was in talks to replace Matt Lauer as the host of the Today Show at the end of last year. Rumors that Lauer was leaving the Today Show began last April and it wasn’t until recently that Lauer agreed to a 30 million dollar contract to stay. The moment Ryan heard that Lauer might leave he was in NYC angling for the slot. That started the rumors that he was ready to leave his American Idol gig and relocate to NYC. Now that Lauer is staying, Seacrest is coming on the NBC team for the Olympic coverage in London this summer during Primetime.  In other words, Seacrest is setting himself to slide right into Lauer’s job when he leaves.  In the interview Lauer says that he and Ryan are “friendly” and have gone to dinner to discuss this; however, neither one of them looked very comfortable in this interview. AWKWARD.  Seacrest said he is still working some things out with his American Idol contract, but he is expecting to return next season.

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Andy Cohen Talks Abour Car Accident and Reza Farahan

Andy Cohen gives details of his car accident to Ryan Seacrest this morning. He also shares his new love affairs with Austin, Texas and Reza Farahan.

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