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Purple Pen of the RHOOC Blogs This Week

Mean Girls.

Mean Girls.

I can’t believe I am even going to discuss the horrendous episode of RHOOC again. But I was dying to see how the women would spin their horrendous behavior.  Interestingly, neither Heather nor Vicki have a put up a blog at all. Shannon is the one with the most to say.

Here are the low-lights…


But what is most distressing about Kelly’s blog is her statement that Tamra hit her. Tamra did no such thing. She pushed Kelly and quickly walked away.

She shoved Kelly and slapped a phone out of the producers hand who was trying to film. That’s two attacks. 

I was a bit shocked with Kelly’s reaction to Heather opening a champagne bottle and bringing Fireball.  We all have a history with Fireball. Kelly didn’t drink at our picnic and neither did I.

Heather has never taken a sip of fireball in her life. Nor has she ever carried a flask of liquor to any filming ever. It was a set up. And it failed. 

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Real Housewives of Orange County: I Just Want To Go Home!



I seem to have blacked out on last week’s episode. I probably should have gone back to read it again to refresh my memory because we are starting with Heather, dressed and ready to roll calling Vicki who is still in bed. Apparently, the night before, Shannon and Vicki went out drinking alone together and they are friends again. In fact, when they made up, Shannon wanted to French kiss Vicki who even in her drunkeness was able to let her know that was a bit much. Vicki seems to think things are all patched up between Shannon and her. Oh, okay this was after Vicki was humping the river dancers. I remember now.

Meghan and Kelly are going to Greystones to search for Meghan’s relatives while the other four ladies go to milk cows. They will do this by accosting people who walk by looking for some O’Tooles.  Because Meghan doesn’t understand hyperbole. These two randomly bothering people is going over about as well as those guys that try to pass out glossy cards advertising prostitutes in Vegas.  I actually took a couple of those on my first trip. #FreeSouvenirs

The other women were supposedly not told they would be milking cows and Tamra in particular was not happy about it. Not surprisingly, Vicki is the first one to step on a cow patty which causes an instant freak out and causes her to hug the cute Irish farmer. The farmer asks them all to “tug out” or something similar. Which apparently means put some gear on.  Heather says, “that sounds like something boys do.” You know how I mix up names a lot? I know you must be thinking I did it again, but that was really Heather, Miss Prim and Proper.

You can see that hazmat type gear above. This should have been the first warning for the ladies. The farmer says that the cows could pee or defecate so the suit is for their protection. Only one person completed the task, I think it was Heather. Heather also talked about how the milking machines were “not sexy in the S & M way” and it was more like “fifty shades of cow.”  Why is Heather so sexual this episode?

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Kill All Cancer Website Shut Down, Vicki Falsely Claims She Did It



For my own mental health, I am trying to avoid a lot of the heavier topics that I might normally cover on Tamara Tattles. However, I still receive emails asking me about topics like the #KillAllCancer website being shut down. So here is what I know based on court filings.

Based on the documents I’ve read on-line, this all started with a guy named Jay Jordan.  Jay’s father died a few years ago of multiple myeloma, a cancer formed by malignant plasma cells in bone marrow.  At that time, Jay and his uncle Jeff Jordan, brother of the deceased cancer victim wanted to do something to raise funds for cancer research.  Just like many of us who have lost someone to cancer, or survived a cancer diagnosis, or have someone we love currently battling cancer do, Jay wanted to KILL ALL CANCER just the same way the #CancerSucks hashtag is often used, Jay began promoting the hashtag #KillAllCancer on the Internet. Jay wanted to start a movement similar to LIVESTRONG. At some point, Vicki had conversations with Jay about his charitable acts.

Still with me?

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RHOOC: What Do You Meant TONIGHT Things Get Ugly?


Tamra’s Instagram

There are two types of people who read my recaps on TamaraTattles.  One group is folks who have never read my commenting rules and think that I am interested in their critique of my spelling and punctuation. The va st majority of you though are always a bit impressed with how fast I get them up. The way that I am able to do that is to spend as much time as I can preparing for “the race.”   With all websites that cover current events, there is a bit of a race to get things up first. When it comes to serious issues like a death or a legal matter or who is going to be the new housewife next season, I take my time and worry about being right. But when it comes to recaps, I quickly discovered that being first is far more important than having the most clever, well-written recap out there.  You guys want to talk about the show the second it is over. So I am constantly racing the clock to get it up there as soon as I can.

So today, I have been getting my photos ready for tonight. I have a friend on Twitter who spontaneously started DMing me official photos for each of the Bravo shows and that helps a lot. When I have time I start looking for other photos to use as well.  The past couple of days, the RHOOC have been posting photos of the cow milking scenes. So today I have been deciding which ones to include.

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WWHL With Vicki Gunvalson and Sonja Morgan

I never go around to recapping WWHL with Vicki Gunvalson and Sonja Morgan the other night and I’m not really in the mood to do a long recap of it now but I really want to watch something on the DVR that is not related to politics. Both ladies look fantastic and attribute their glow to the holistic doctor they both use. Sonja has a new face entirely and could pass for Camille Grammer at this point. Whatever she has had done was very well done.

Andy shows a photo of Vicki out with Luann and Rey. Vicki says Rey was all over her and Luann was adamant that Vicki lay off her man. Vicki says she has no idea who he is and she was not interested at all. She says Luann ended up leaving with Paul Nassif that night.  I don’t know why Sonja is sitting there not mentioning that it was actually HER that left with Paul that night. This was back in May of 2015 when they still did the combined upfronts and the cast from all the seasons would go.

Sonja gave the tea on Luann’s shower. Sonja got the dates mixed up and was at the spa getting a pedicure so she just dashed over to the shower with her feet wrapped in Saran wrap. Jill Zarin was there and got along with everyone. Dorinda was there and Sonja is not speaking to her. Sonja says Dorinda is duplicitous and lied about everything and is a total fake. Sonja maintains that everyone knows that Dorinda does drugs.

Someone texts Vicki to let her know it was in fact Sonja who left with Paul. It was all over the tabloids when it happened.

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Real Housewives of Orange County: Shamrocks and Shockwaves



If nothing else, tonight we are supposed to finally make it to Ireland where “Meghan can explore her ancestry” or whatever. In case you missed it, I finally posted about what Vicki’s big secret about Shannon is.  While I do think it will come out, it will not happened tonight. Tonight we will have big dramatic scenes where Kelly comes hard for Tamra saying, “No wonder your kid wants nothing to do with you!” which is a very low blow. But we knew she would be like this from our first video footage of her.  At that time, the word was she would be coming in as Heather’s BFF which was odd and Heather denounced her in footage from that same post. This may explain why she was brought in as Vicki’s friend and not Meghan’s as Meghan also distanced herself from her.  At any rate. Tamra is going to have her usual international meltdown for us tonight.  And if there is a confrontation between Vicki and Shannon after a long night of Irish Pub Crawling, it will be next week that Vicki reveals her intel on Shannon.  I think when that happens Vicki will end up looking worse than Shannon.

I cannot bear to recap these packing scenes. As a world traveler, I. Just. Can’t. It’s ridiculous. Brianna of course calls her mother out again. Because she never misses an opportunity to besmirch her mother. Tamra has not been drinking for a long time (with the occasional sake slip up) and is supposed to stay sober on her trip for her competition. So when she breaks her sobriety big time, shit is going to go really wrong.  Back to things you should not wear on a plane, heels are the top of the list.  You need to wear nice flats that can actually leave the plane with you if you have to deplane quickly and do not contribute to deep vein thrombosis. Ask Nene Leakes about that if you don’t believe me. Mehan has just started to get morning sickness. This should be interesting. For promotional reasons, the ladies are flying Ethiopian Air lines. I did not even know Ethiopia had an airline.  I did once almost board a flight to Dubai or some Middle Eastern place I had always wanted to go to as a result of a last minute gate change in Romania.  I still sort of wish I had just boarded the flight. Ah they got first class. I would fly Ethiopian Air too if I got their first class treatment.

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