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Shannon Beador Talks Marriage and Her Friendship With Tamra

RHOOC Shannon Heather

This week in RHOOC Bravo Blogs, Shannon is really the only one with anything interesting to say. Shannon gives a very open and frank account of her feelings on Monday night’s episode of Real Housewives of Orange County ..I think. But there are a few confusing points. Here is what she has to say about her marital struggles:

“This is a tough episode for me to watch. I have been very open about the state of my marriage and how I want more. I want to be on the same team with David — partners in life. I do not think I am a victim and I do not intend to send that message. I am not blaming my husband for distancing himself from me. In fact, today, I take most of the responsibility it is happening. I thought if I complained enough, that something would finally click within David and he would “see the light” and make our relationship a big priority in his life. It really doesn’t make sense that this plan of action would ever get me what I want. You would think that I would have been smarter about things.

David wakes up at 4:30 am every morning so he goes to bed when the kids do, around 8:30 pm. I am a night owl so I usually stay up late at night (and watch my Bravo shows!). Watching the show has knocked sense into me about the clock I need to keep. I am glad that you get to see one of my “A-ha!” moments. It literally hit me in my interview that I need to change my clock as a first step to improving my marriage.”

Well, I’m not sure getting up at 4:30 a,m. is the answer.

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Real Housewives of Orange County Recap: Not A Good Day, La

RHOOC Not a good day la

It’s already time to return to the OC!  Time seems to be flying by. It seems like just last week we were ringing in the new year!  So what insignificant issue will the ladies fight about tonight? Will revisit #ChairGate or #BullGate or is it going to be all about Good Day LA?

Vicki and Heather are out at lunch and talking about Tamra’s tendency to stab her friends in the back. Heather’s feelings are hurt over Tamra. Vicki is coming clean about talking about Heather behind her back about Tamra. Vicki admits that she thinks Heather judges people for their bank accounts. Heather is shocked. Vicki seems to feel inferior around Heather. Vicki apologizes to Heather and a new alliance is formed. I was all very mature. Which was very odd.

Lizzie has been asked to judge the Miss Santa Monica USA pageant. Again, another nice light scene. This is scaring me. Lizzie has another scene later with her mother. I like Lizzie, but her scenes are boring. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Orange County Blogs Round-Up

RHOOC Hoedown


As I found myself wandering over the to RHOOC Bravo blogs, I wondered why I was even bothering. It was a really ridiculous episode full of boring arguments about nothing. All would have been avoided if Tamra would have just said, “Thank you Heather, it was so kind of you to think of Cut Fitness when you landed your talk show gig!”  End of episode. Perhaps we could have seen more candy making and Christmas decorations. Maybe they would have talked about and the great food. By the what, Shannon says he original caterer quit two days before the party and she was fortunate to get a great Chef to step in at the last minute.

Heather says in her blog that when she thought about it, she did say something to Tamra about “picking a lane” as in stop being my friend when you are with me, and not my friend when you are with Shannon. Which is quite similar to picking a side, but really who cares. If Tamra is Heather’s friend, she should be Heather’s friend regardless of the company Tamra was with. I think Heather just wanted to tell Tamra not to be two-faced and was trying to speak within the limited vocabulary of Tamra.   In the comments everyone is furious with Tamra and supportive of Heather.  In both of their comments, people are pointing out the numerous other people Tamra has done this to in previous seasons. Heather is no angel, but Tamra’s track record tells the real story. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Orange County Recap: Not So Silent Night

RHOOC Season 9 Cast

I totally forgot to do my set up with the first look tonight so this blog will probably take longer than usual. Tamra and Ryan go back to the doctor. The doctor tells Ryan he is in danger of having a heart attack and a stroke. Ryan says he has heart flutters. In a somewhat hilarious talking head, Tamra is crying and saying to Ryan, ” Stop injecting things into your body and putting yourself at risk. Just be happy with who you are!” Um, Tamra?

Heather is getting ready for an appearance on Good Day LA to promote her appearance on Hawaii Five-O. The show offers Heather the chance to guest host while someone is out on maternity leave.

It’s time for Shannon’s Christmas party. Despite having a huge house decorated to the 9s, they are having cocktails outdoors. Where was the coat check girl? I thought she had a coat check room, and everyone is carrying their furs around. Dinner is inside. Heather says she pitched Cut Fitness to Good Day LA and got them a segment. Tamra is still pissed that some other fitness center was on five months ago. Heather says that she was not in charge of booking talent, she was just guest hosting that day. Oh Tamra, just shut up and say thank you to Heather. Continue reading


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Real Real Housewives of Orange County Choke-lahoma Recap

RHOOC Oklahoma

It’s Christmas in the OC!  Shannon loves Christmas and is doing a photo shoot for her Christmas cards. Heather is doing her photo shoot for cards as well! These two are so alike that it causes problems. For reasons that remain unclear, Heather is doing her photos in front of a brick wall. Both Shannon and Heather are micromanaging.

Tamra is fighting aging, because she seems to think she can stop it. While discussing this with Ryan, because that is what mothers do, they chat with their adult sons about anti-aging treatments.  In this super staged scene, Ryan admits that he takes human growth hormone that he buys on the black market. Tamra takes her son to the anti-aging doctor. How is Ryan buying growth hormone, “at his gym.” He works at Cut Fitness but he has a gym membership elsewhere? Or the whole, “working at Cut Fitness thing is horse shit.

Vicki is in Oklahoma where the wind blows sweeping down the plains to help Brianna find a house. She is shocked that the Oklahoma is not just like Orange County. Is Briana having twins? She is looking for a four bedroom house. Vicki has to be Heimliched by Briana because she choked. I didn’t really notice because I was snoring through her scenes. Briana says it is time for her to make her own decisions with her mom’s approval, yet Vicki is there to pick out their house. Vicki and Ryan and Briana bicker all the way to see the houses for sale. How exactly does a Marine afford a $400,000 house? I don’t think they can. Next they look at a $323,000 house that is too close to the airport. Vicki hates everything about Oklahoma. Continue reading


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Bravo Real Estate Update!

Andy and Wacha Enjoy the Hamptoms

Andy and Wacha Enjoy the Hamptoms Photo: Twitter

I’ve got bits and pieces of real estate information I have been meaning to do something with for a while. I suppose the time has come. Let’s start with exclusive tea on Andy Cohen!

Andy Cohen

Andy Cohen seems very happy lately. Sure, Andy Cohen always seems happy but lately there have been a lot of interesting things going on in his life. He got a dog named Wacha and he sure is a proud parent. He’s going to the Hamptons. He is writing his next book; life is good.

Life is so good that Andy is moving on up in the real estate arena as well. Andy is in love with his  two-bedroom apartment in one of the Bing & Bing buildings in the West Village that he bought in 2003. He loves the neighborhood, and his apartment has great views.  So why would he move?  Well, he isn’t moving. What he is doing is buying an adjacent apartment and doubling the size of his current abode!  I guess those book deals are paying some major coin!  Congrats, Andy. This is the only real estate report of have with no shadiness involved. Click here for more info on Andy’s apartment! Continue reading


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RHOOC: The Plot Thickens on Mechanical Bull Gate!

RHOOC Bull Tamra

I finally read Tamra’s version of #BullGate and there is a lot of new information in there!  Before I comment, I need you to read this part of her blog:

My social media is going crazy with one question: “Did you know Heather told the guy to turn up the bull?” They answer to that question is NO. Eddie and I rode the bull many times during the party and had many “English”-speaking conversations with bull operator. He told us the best way to hold on and what not to do. I felt pretty comfortable on the bull after the fifth time I rode it so by the time the viewers saw me ride it I was thinking to myself, “I got this.” Continue reading


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The Real Housewives of Orange County Dish on Mechanical Bull Gate

RHOOC Bull Tamra

Yes, I know the whole “GATE” thing is played out, but I’m having trouble letting it go. Remember Stiletto Gate? That was awesome.  Over at the RHOOC blogs only Lizzie, Shannon and Heather have weighed in. It seems a lot of housewives just don’t even bother with their blogs these days.  There is nothing really interesting in the ones that did post except for Heather’s version of Mechanical Bull Gate, but we’ll get to that in a minute. One gate I am totally over is Chair Gate, both Shannon and Heather continue to repeat their versions of that and I just don’t care.  Lizzie’s blog was full of love and light for everyone and therefore not that interesting.

So let’s see what Shannon has to say about Mechanical Bull Gate:

First she talks about wishing things would have started off better with Heather and she was looking forward to getting to know a new family in the neighborhood. She plays the victim card a bit. She defends her fine party manners and ends with this:

I have been back and forth on whether I should comment on the end of the episode because it had nothing to do with me. I am, however, an honest and opinionated person and when I believe expressing my view is justified, I will do so. That being said, we all heard Heather tell the mechanical bull operator to turn up the speed when Tamra hopped on the bull. Terry then asked Heather if she had it turned up and she confirmed it. Why was Heather bewildered when Tamra injured her arm? She said to “fire” the operator for increasing the speed. Fire him for doing what she told him to do? Here we go again…

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Oh Tamra! You Really Need to Get it Together!

Tamra Judge RHOOC


When last we paid attention to the sad and bitter custody battle between Tamra Judge and Simon Barney, Tamra was making a public appeal to us through her Bravo blog. She wanted to let us know how much being a mother means to her. She told us how sorry she was that this was playing out on social media and how her 15 year old daughter had shut down all of her accounts do avoid cyber bullying. Tamra’s primary focus is on being a mother to her children.

As parents we are NOT perfect and we make mistakes, but family is everything. I had to hide my tears daily to protect Sidney from this getting out and being made public. Fifteen is a very hard age and I knew if this went public it would be SO hard on her. But now that all this info has been released we have to deal with the public pain as well. I have been called some pretty harsh names in the press like “Monster Mom” and my daughter has had to deal with some mean comments on her social media — she decided it was best to shut it down. We continue to work on our relationship with the help of a therapist, and some days things seem good and others, she pulls away.

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Real Housewives of Orange County Recap: I Could Chair Less.

RHOOC Season 9 Cast

We start with Shannon and Vicki going to Shannon’s whackadoodle “energy doctor” for some acupuncture. I have never seen anyone get acupuncture on TV who even admitted they could feel anything when the needles were inserted. I was also unaware anal probing was part of the procedure. Plus, did he plug the needles into some sort of electric doo hickey? After all that Vicki did a talking head saying it was great! Also, why would Shannon act like $100 is a lot for a visit? I’m sure her therapist is three times that!

Meanwhile, Heather is planning a ground breaking party for her new home. It’s fittingly, perhaps, going to be a Hoe Down.  She planning a huge tented even with barrels and hay bales and a mechanical bull. Remember last year when we all thought Heather was the biggest bitch ever for not allowing Terry to have onion rings at her dinner party? Well message received. This time she is planning an entire onion ring station. That would be fabulous.

Vicki, Shannon and Tamra go to get their nails done. Of course the script is for Tamra to talk about Heather. Shannon is getting sucked into the vortex that these two harpies create. Tamra also tries to lay the foundation gossiping about Lizzie by comparing her to Gretchen and Alexis. Continue reading


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Mailbag: Tidbits of Tea…And Random Thoughts

AHS COVEN MYrtle gifOkay. There are a few things that I am being asked a lot this week and another thing I wanted to address with you guys and this is the best way for me to do it. I’ll start with the questions.

The most frequent one I get is, “Why is so and so reporting that Porsha is coming back to RHOA? I thought you said she was fired?”

My source who I trust told me that Porsha was sent home from the reunion and would not be returning to Bravo. I still believe that to be the case. I do have some additional information, but I am holding on to that a bit longer. Here is why you are hearing many rumors now, that are all just that, rumors. If this is your first season of reading blogs about the franchise, this is how it works. Sometimes I assume you have information that it is in my head that you can’t be expected to know. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Orange County Recap: Pretty Ugly

RHOOC Season 9 Cast


Here we are back in the OC with the Real Housewives of Orange County. Can someone explain why Tamra is saying she wants another baby if her tubes are tied? Does to want to reverse that procedure? Or is this the usual older woman with a fake baby storyline like Luann and Kenya?

David surprises Shannon with an overnight date to the St. Regis. It is there first trip away since they got married. It’s a vacation 15 minutes from home. I predict they don’t make the 24 hour mark. I love Bloody Marys. I love white robes. I love crispy white sheets. But one of these things does not go with the other two.

Later at dinner, David wants Shannon to get a boob lift. Why is this dinner conversation? Why don’t any of these couples know how to make small talk and whisper sweet nothings at dinner? Makeup stories about other couples in the restaurant. Have conversations that put you on the same side of an issue. Be affectionate. Don’t have conversations about major surgeries or problems in the relationship.

David had someone come in and sprinkle some rose petals on the room. Shannon wanted to be drunker before they went to bed. These two are awkward together. Continue reading


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