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Are You Ready for Real Housewives of Orange County Reunion to End?

You might as well get the popcorn ready because the dramatic conclusion (ha!) of the Real Housewives of Orange County mercifully concludes TONIGHT, not on Monday in its regular time. This is great news for me since today is the first and it will get the blogging month off to a great start as we will only be outraged one last time about how brutal the other housewives are toward Vicki.  Nothing makes you guys comment as much as these miserable reunions.

In this clip, it is clear that Andy is totally #TeamShannon as he seems to think that Shannon using Vicki as a listening ear to hear about the gory details of David’s cheating (imagine if we heard about his double dipping on her birthday, the level of detail she endured) amounts to emotional support for Vicki. Continue reading


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WWHL With Alexis Bellino And Wendi McLendon-Covey


I know this is late and I would normally skip it, but there was some interesting stuff said, so here is a quick recap of the highlights.  Much is made of the constant discussion of Jesus and Satan on RHOOC this year. Andy also clears up that Alexis sent the email and asked him to share it with Tamra. She said he could read it on the air if he wanted, but she wrote it for Tamra. Which begs the question, “Does Alexis have Tamra’s email?”  Alexis says that she ws not trying to judge. She immediately tweeted that she didn’t mean it to be judgemental. She just wanted Tamra to back up her baptism with her actions. Despite Tamra saying mean stuff  about  Alexis when cameras were rolling, she texted something nice to her during a break in filming.

Continue reading


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Shannon Drags David To Do an Interview With ET About How She Doesn’t Want To Talk About His Affair

I haven’t looked to see if Shannon did a live feed last night. Well, hell, now I want to. Hold on.  Oh hell. Nothing for a whole day yesterday but I forgot about the Shannon and David Show after the reunion. I’m listening to it now. It’s a cacophony of stupid. They are both reading the comments from people out loud before they know what they saying and some are them are mean. They are both reading at the same time so neither  has any idea what the other is saying. Not five minutes went by before they started talking about Nicole. Shannon can’t understand  why she would go to the football game where she has season tickets with her husband.

Anyway, they did this interview for ET! Tonight which is all Shannon wants to do in life.  David can’t stop kissing Shannon’s ass is crazy scary,  I’m starting to think David is a submissive who is into humiliation.  David is thrilled that Heather kept going in on Vicki. He’s really into abusive women these days.

Anyway, back to the ET! Interview….. In the text of the story they quote Shannon as saying, ” During the football game confrontation, Shannon reportedly yelled at Nicole, “Wait until Monday. Wait until Monday. The press will be all over you again — you just wait.” Oh yeah, she’s over it all right. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Orange County Reunion Part 2 Recap:

Every version of this photo is stretched vertically. No good reunion photos exist.

Every version of this photo is stretched vertically. No good reunion photos exist.

I’m getting a late start because I have been working on a RHONY post all damn day and y’all probably won’t even find it that interesting. (Though I hope you do.)  I think I might be subconsciously procrastinating to avoid recapping this crap. I’m going to try be invested in this post. I doubt I will be swayed away from Vicki’s side at this point. These women are just way over invested in hurting Vicki.

We started with some gross enema crap, then moved on to Heather has a great big house. I was bored and started doing some back end work and forgot I was supposed to be recapping right up until the part where Heather says she has two frozen totsicles. AKA fertilized eggs that they are not going to use.  Andy immediately wants to buy them. They are Jewish totsicles and they have a doctor for a daddy. I have not doubt that Andy is serious as a heart attack.  I imagine good Jewish eggs are hard to find. I’m serious.

Right after the first break we return with Jim Edmonds on the couch sitting right new to his special friend Andrew. He looks very nervous. Andy makes a joke about how in all of his years as a Cardinals fan, he never expected to see him on a reunion couch. Well, he is an idiot then, because this is the second wife Jim has tried to get on RHOOC and he seemed hell bent to keep on marrying women until Andy found one he liked. What a different season we would have had if the original baseball player had not had an ill-timed drug relapse and Jim got called up from the bench with that shrew he married in the third round draft pick. Continue reading


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The Full One Hour Interview With Brooks Ayers on E!

I’ve been having trouble finding the time to watch this whole interview but it really is worth your time if you can. I started recapping a bit after the first 23 minutes because I watched that a few days ago. Below are some highlights.

Brooks is very calm and talks about how Tamra made it clear after the reunion last season that she was going to stick it to Vicki and make sure that she got the crap edit this season.

Brooks says that this has been hard on him. But mostly it was hard on his family and friends and his parents. Brooks has four kids ages  24, 21, 16 and 7.  He says the oldest two know that it is just a TV show and that they only show a tiny sliver of what is going ont.

Brooks was asked if he regretted being on this season. He said he tries not to have regrets. Brooks says that halfway through filming he became the support system for Vicki coping with the loss of her mother. He was glad he was there for that.

Brooks says he split from Vicki because of the show, and because of the internal family conflict with Brianna. He says that she judged him before they even met based on a blog written by his ex and refused to meet him for an entire year of them dating.  He says the first time he met Brianna was the night she eloped with Ryan.  He says he felt like she only met him to cushion the blow from her elopement. Continue reading


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Shannon Beador and David’s Mistress Nicole McMacklin Clash at Trojans Game

Shannon and David At USC Game 10/24/15

Shannon and David At USC Game 10/24/15

USC alum and avid Trojans fan, Shannon Beador, and her husband went to yet another football game yesterday where her beloved Trojans rolled over the Utes with a  42 to 24 win.  But it wasn’t all fun and games ant the La Coliseum when David’s former mistress, Nicole McMacklin and Shannon had a clash of their own. According to reports Nicole was “trying to get their attention” by walking right by them!  How dare she?   Rather than keep her seat, it seems that Shannon and Nicole somehow found themselves bumping into each other in the tunnel and they both apparently made a hot dog run or took a bathroom break at the same time. No word on where exactly David was at the time this occurred. I’d put my money on trying to hid under his very expensive alumni seat. Note how far away he is seated from Shannon.

According to US Weekly

“That’s when Shannon calmly said to Nicole, ‘You have a lot of nerve being here,’” the insider says, claiming that Nicole responded by putting her face “two inches from Shannon’s face” and screaming, “F—k you!”

“Shannon followed with an, ‘Are you kidding me?’ to which Nicole replied, ‘You’re sick and you’re crazy,’” the eyewitness continues, saying that Shannon responded with, “Why are you describing yourself to me?” Shannon then yelled up to the entire section where McMackin was seated, “NICOLE is the woman who had an affair with my husband!” the eyewitness recalls.

While the “anon sources” of some tabloids can be a bit suspect. I can totally see Shannon grasping for a comeback and coming up with essentially, “I know you are but what am I?”  Not to side with the homewrecker  or anything, but Shannon has proven in recent months not to be the fun, quirky, mildly unstable housewife that we loved in her first season. I’d say sick and crazy pretty much hits the nail on the head. I can literally see her standing up at the seats where she will be sitting for the foreseeable future ever season next to her invite guests  screaming at a crown of 93, 607 football fans Continue reading


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