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Shannon Beador Makes Lots of Drunken Videos, This Time Tamra Joins Her

We're BFFs  now

We’re BFFs now

Shannon Beador needs to learn not to video every single one of her drunken moments and publish them to the Internet. Shannon says in  THIS ONE  that she and Tamra are on the way back from doing Heather Dubrow’s first PodCast , Heather’s World, in L.A. that will premiere on November third after the final reunion episode.  Tamra literally passes out on camera and Shannon continues to talk to her anyway. Shannon is so drunk she can’t read the incoming questions. She keeps waking Tamra up hoping she will read the screen for her. Shannon says don’t get too excited for the second episode because they are just teasing everything for the third part of the reunion. She says that on the podcast they all agree on what they saw and heard and it’s not good.  Shannon is slurring her words and chewing with her mouth open while saying she is not drunk. Tamra keeps trying to get Shannon to stop talking and let her sleep because she has to work out at 5 am to work out.  I’m not familiar with Jack in the Box Breakfast Jack  but I presume since the woman who won’t eat anything that is not organic is going to town on one they must be organic and gluten free and blessed by monks and shit, right? Continue reading


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It’s Brooks Versus Tamra and Tamra Versus Brooks In the Media AGAIN



E! News has an interview with Brooks Ayers that they have been releasing in dribs and drabs all week. In part Brooks says that Tamra never seemed to doubt that he had cancer until Meghan started making it an issue and it became a storyline.  Tamra gave an exclusive interview, excerpted below, where she denies changing her mind about the authenticity of the CT scan report to go along with the rest of the coven.

Tamra gave her  response to The Real Mr. Housewife “To say that I changed my mind about the scan for a ‘story line’ is absolutely false. There was no big conspiracy or ‘fake story line’ as Brooks is claiming. All the ladies noticed that Brooks and Vicki’s stories about his cancer were not adding up! It absolutely became a topic of conversation especially after Scott Cruz (the fake psychic giving his one and only psychic reading after being a physical trainer or some other fake job on previous seasons) told us he felt it was all wishy washy and didn’t see it.’”

Tamra goes on to tell The Real Mr. Housewife that when she took the news of the CT results back to the coven, medical expert number one, Shannon Beador immediately ruled that “no doctor would accept an illegible report.” How did Shannon know that the words ran together if she didn’t see the scan? Tamra was too illiterate to even notice when she looked at the report.  Future Oncologist of America coven representative, Meghan Edmonds announced that the doctor Brooks uses doesn’t treat cancer or do CT scans.  Which is odd because she didn’t even see the report herself.  Tamra says Vicki and Brooks stories were not adding up. But this crack team of investigators stories makes sense to someone? Continue reading


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Alexis Bellino Apologizes To Tamra Judge. Sort of. Not Really.



Alexis Bellino has apologized to Tamra Judge for coming across as judgmental in her email to Tamra (Via Andy) on the reunion. (SEE ABOVE VIDEO)   She posted the following to her Instagram.

“I can see how my email might have come came across judgmental last night on RHOC, and I’m sorry about that, that was not my heart. @tamrajudge I’m sorry for sounding judgmental. Andy did not read this part of my email, ‘I truly hope Tamra has found the Lord because He will be the most invaluable precious thing she will ever have in life.’ THAT is my heart. God is a God of miracles, so I was hopeful and praying He would call the person who criticized me the most for my faith to His Kingdom one day. I was not trying to judge Tamra, I just wanted to make sure this was all coming from a good place, so please do not judge me. The Bible is clear that we are to hold each other accountable as sisters in Christ. I am imperfect and human, but I am steadfast in my faith and the Lord laid this conviction on my heart.”

It seems the art of an apology has been lost. The entire comment appears to be in reaction to others judging her judgmental behavior.  Then she denies being judgmental herself, blames Andy Cohen, declares her our virtue in forgiving the person who criticized her, and then demands that people stop judging her.  She then ends the whole thing by saying that the Bible says that Christians must hold each other accountable. Is that how apologies are supposed to go these days? Continue reading


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WWHL With Lauri Peterson, Jeana Keough and Lynne Curtain

WWHL Laurie, Lynn and Geana

It’s a trip down memory lane on WWHL tonight with Lauri Peterson, Jeana Keough and Lynne Curtain. I am not quite sure why we are doing this. All three ladies look great. They all seem to be sort of pro Tamra.

I don’t remember who half of these old housewives are.  They play the scene where Tamra says that her daughter said that she ruined her dad’s life. I didn’t notice the first time but the camera cut straight to Shannon. I could see her daughters telling her the same thing at some point.

Jeana says she believes Brooks has cancer. Lauri says she doesn’t trust Brooks so she doesn’t believe anything he says. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Orange County Reunion Part One

RHOOC Baptism crew

From the looks of the reunion press releases, not much is going to happen this episode and the whole cancer drama won’t come to a head until the third part of the reunion. So what the hell will they talk about tonight?

Well, here we go. Andy says they got an unprecedented number of questions from the fans. Tamra says that Ryan and Sarah still live in the house in OC. I’m going to need Meghan to verify that because I’m pretty sure they are splitsville.

We are starting with Meghan’s “parenting skills.” We are starting the bash Vicki plan early by making it seem like parents of adopted children do have the same bond that parents who have genetic children. She never said that. She said that Meghan is a step-mom who needs to stay in her lane. This is a ridiculous line of discussion.  Then Meghan gets dogpiled for saying mean things about Jim’s first wife. Both Shannon and Heather tell her that is unacceptable behavior.

Did the girls all get their dresses at Kohl’s? They are all very plain jane and cheap looking. Continue reading


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Tamra Judge is Done With Vicki Gunvalson!

Since the photo was from last year's RHOOC Reunion, Here is what Tamra wore en route to reunion this year.

Since the photo was from last year’s RHOOC Reunion, Here is what Tamra wore en route to reunion this year.

This week’s Bravo Blogs with the exception of Lizzie’s are all attacks on Vicki. And out latest Jesus Freak’s blog is not exception. He long was incredibly long this week so I have spared you all the baptism stuff about how she is a better person now and get straight to the part where she calls her BBF a liar and a bad friend. The friendship contract has been ripped up. Somehow I find this to be good news for Vicki.

From Tamra’s Bravo Blog…

When Rhonda brought up David’s affair that was a LOW BLOW. Clearly she heard it from Vicki and knew it would get Shannon upset. All season we listen to Vicki claiming that Shannon was NOT a good friend, which none of us could understand. Shannon was the LAST one to think that Brooks was lying and never really said anything more than “why didn’t he go to my doctor?” and “why didn’t they show her his scan?” Which are normal questions…right?  No. No those are not normal questions. They are meddling questions that Vicki does not have to answer. Also, Shannon didn’t just ask to questions. She relentlessly went on and on about Brooks’ cancer treatment even after Vicki begged to please give it a rest. That is not a good friend.

Vicki claims that she is most hurt by Shannon because she was closest to Shannon. Hmmm, so why did Vicki choose me to look at Brooks’ scan? Oh that’s right because…”Tamra is closest to me” (her words), which one is it Vicki? This may be the most ridiculous comment Tamra has ever made.

I’m starting to think that Vicki just says what’s good at the moment. So many contradictions! Kind of like you do? Continue reading


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