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WWHL With Vicki Gunvalson and Jeff Lewis

WWHL with VIcki and Jeff

This should be good, but I wish Shannon was on with Jeff since they are friends in real life and share similar crazies. There is no way I will be able to recap all the funny stuff these two say, so I’ll just give you the highlights.

Tamra is in the audience. I guess Vicki and Tamra are close again. Brianna is the bartender. I wonder how much Vicki had to pay for that to happen.

I am so behind on Flipping Out. I swear Big Brother takes over all of my viewing. People send me videos and I’m like ” I can’t watch videos! Must watch BB feeds!” In fact, they are running in the background right now.

Wow. Andy just stepped in it big time and asked how her mom is doing. Um, she’s still dead, Andy. Whoa.  He meant how is the family doing since her mother passed away. Vicki says her house just sold and so the estate is finally settled. It’s been a big void and harder than she ever imagined. Jeff breaks the awkwardness by saying we should whoop it up in her honor. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Orange County Recap: Girl Code

RHOOC Cast  Season 10

Wait! This episode is called Girl Code? Will they play Luann’s stupid song as background music? My sleep schedule seems to include a fit a narcolepsy  that overlaps with prime time one way or another these days. So I am off to a late start tonight.

We begin back in paradise where the party is over and the hangovers have arrived. Heather tries to force the partiers to get up and go scuba diving. I predict that will not happen. Only Heather, Meghan, Lizzie and Tamra are able to rally for the scuba excursion. Of course the ladies aren’t certified scuba divers but that doesn’t matter since they aren’t really scuba diving, they are basically standing on the sandy bottom with a giant heavy metal helmet full of air on their heads. They are basically feeding the fish. It looks claustrophobic.  Tamra agrees and doesn’t want to do it.

Vicki and Shannon finally make it out on the beach to enjoy the view and a hair of the dog. Vicki and Shannon talk about …..wait for it…David’s affair.  He was having the affair for the entire they filmed last season. The other woman befriended Shannon and used to talk to her about Shannon’s marital issues. Shannon keeps talking about how she is only sharing the details with Vicki. And you know, a few million of us. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Orange County Recap: Swimming With Sharks

Why doesn't anyone like me?

Why doesn’t anyone like me?

I feel like it has been ten years since I watched this show. I had forgotten all about the wives trip to Tahiti! Tonight we are in for a skinny dip by Tamra, some voluntary swimming with the sharks, and some (well deserved) mean girl gossip about Meghan. Shall we?

As soon as they play the recap from last week, I realize why I had blocked that episode out. Meghan’s stupid bandana. I thought Heather liked her, why didn’t she tell her how ridiculous she looked?  The girls are on a giant slow moving ferry and Vicki gets immediately seasick. Shannon still has SARS or whatever she caught on the plane. Things are off to a great start. But a few minutes later, everyone is up for champagne and a good lei.  Another Tahitian greeting appears to be the flip flopping weiner dance. Tamra really enjoyed that.

The hotel is stuning. The bungalows are over the water with amazing views. Shannon is complaining about all the fattening treats laid out in her room. I am sure she will find a way to blame David for them being there. Continue reading


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WWHL With Meghan Edmonds

WWHL with Meghan Edmonds

Okay, I saw that Meghan was dying her hair pink, but…really? WTF? Is she trying to relive her high school years? And I don’t have any idea who the other guest is, but she is first chair? ROFLMAO.  I totally forgot this was happening tonight and I spent three hours watching The Bachelorette and drinking so, be prepared for a really fucked up recap. You know, as if the others are normal…

Andy’s intro is about Wham, Bam, Thank You Man and both guests are married to baseball girls.  Andy is already making fun of Meghan’s pink hair. The bartender is from Quiet Riot and friends with the Dubrows.

Andy then mentions that Leann has died, less than a week ago. And yet the little gold digger is still there.

Next a cunt montage ending with the “classy as fuck” comment.

Meghan plays a word association game about the other housewives:

Vicki: Manipulative (probably the longest word she knows!)
Tamra: Loyal (BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA sorry. Excuse me)
Shannon: Kind hearted (WTF? Please tell me Shannon does not make up with this trashbox)
Heather: Ummmm Motherly? ( that is shade according to Meghan. Interesting)
Andy stops the game. Interesting. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Orange County Discussion Thread

RHOOC Cast  Season 10

I spent the last three hours watching The Bachelorette finale with one eye and the Big Brother live feeds. Recapping RHOOC was not even on my radar. My reaction to this season of The Bachelorette is Canada is not as nice to us as I thought. The repeat is on now and I’m not sure I will be able to contribute much to this show, but I wanted you guys to have a place to chat.

It’s always weird to me to watch a show after someone who filmed has died. I guess Meghan is going to be stuck with the kid who is a senior in High School for five minutes until she flies the coop.  This is an interesting situation. Housewives husbands and minor children do not get paid. But adult children do. Haley is not the child of a housewife.  I wonder if she is getting a check for this?  Because the thought is the mother will spread the money to her children, but Meghan has no money other than Bravo and Hayley is not her kid.  Since  Andy is in love with all things Cardinals, I’d bet this kid is being paid to be on camera with Meghan. It’s probably not a great idea to give a young woman whose mother just passed a lot of discretionary money. I am just saying. Continue reading


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Haley Edmonds Mother, Leann Edmonds Horton, Has Passed Away

RHOOC Hailey's mom

From Hayley’s Instagram this morning…

hayleyedmonds15Fuck Cancer

Continue reading


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