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RHOOC: The Plot Thickens on Mechanical Bull Gate!

RHOOC Bull Tamra

I finally read Tamra’s version of #BullGate and there is a lot of new information in there!  Before I comment, I need you to read this part of her blog:

My social media is going crazy with one question: “Did you know Heather told the guy to turn up the bull?” They answer to that question is NO. Eddie and I rode the bull many times during the party and had many “English”-speaking conversations with bull operator. He told us the best way to hold on and what not to do. I felt pretty comfortable on the bull after the fifth time I rode it so by the time the viewers saw me ride it I was thinking to myself, “I got this.” Continue reading

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The Real Housewives of Orange County Dish on Mechanical Bull Gate

RHOOC Bull Tamra

Yes, I know the whole “GATE” thing is played out, but I’m having trouble letting it go. Remember Stiletto Gate? That was awesome.  Over at the RHOOC blogs only Lizzie, Shannon and Heather have weighed in. It seems a lot of housewives just don’t even bother with their blogs these days.  There is nothing really interesting in the ones that did post except for Heather’s version of Mechanical Bull Gate, but we’ll get to that in a minute. One gate I am totally over is Chair Gate, both Shannon and Heather continue to repeat their versions of that and I just don’t care.  Lizzie’s blog was full of love and light for everyone and therefore not that interesting.

So let’s see what Shannon has to say about Mechanical Bull Gate:

First she talks about wishing things would have started off better with Heather and she was looking forward to getting to know a new family in the neighborhood. She plays the victim card a bit. She defends her fine party manners and ends with this:

I have been back and forth on whether I should comment on the end of the episode because it had nothing to do with me. I am, however, an honest and opinionated person and when I believe expressing my view is justified, I will do so. That being said, we all heard Heather tell the mechanical bull operator to turn up the speed when Tamra hopped on the bull. Terry then asked Heather if she had it turned up and she confirmed it. Why was Heather bewildered when Tamra injured her arm? She said to “fire” the operator for increasing the speed. Fire him for doing what she told him to do? Here we go again…

Continue reading


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Oh Tamra! You Really Need to Get it Together!

Tamra Judge RHOOC


When last we paid attention to the sad and bitter custody battle between Tamra Judge and Simon Barney, Tamra was making a public appeal to us through her Bravo blog. She wanted to let us know how much being a mother means to her. She told us how sorry she was that this was playing out on social media and how her 15 year old daughter had shut down all of her accounts do avoid cyber bullying. Tamra’s primary focus is on being a mother to her children.

As parents we are NOT perfect and we make mistakes, but family is everything. I had to hide my tears daily to protect Sidney from this getting out and being made public. Fifteen is a very hard age and I knew if this went public it would be SO hard on her. But now that all this info has been released we have to deal with the public pain as well. I have been called some pretty harsh names in the press like “Monster Mom” and my daughter has had to deal with some mean comments on her social media — she decided it was best to shut it down. We continue to work on our relationship with the help of a therapist, and some days things seem good and others, she pulls away.

Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Orange County Recap: I Could Chair Less.

RHOOC Season 9 Cast

We start with Shannon and Vicki going to Shannon’s whackadoodle “energy doctor” for some acupuncture. I have never seen anyone get acupuncture on TV who even admitted they could feel anything when the needles were inserted. I was also unaware anal probing was part of the procedure. Plus, did he plug the needles into some sort of electric doo hickey? After all that Vicki did a talking head saying it was great! Also, why would Shannon act like $100 is a lot for a visit? I’m sure her therapist is three times that!

Meanwhile, Heather is planning a ground breaking party for her new home. It’s fittingly, perhaps, going to be a Hoe Down.  She planning a huge tented even with barrels and hay bales and a mechanical bull. Remember last year when we all thought Heather was the biggest bitch ever for not allowing Terry to have onion rings at her dinner party? Well message received. This time she is planning an entire onion ring station. That would be fabulous.

Vicki, Shannon and Tamra go to get their nails done. Of course the script is for Tamra to talk about Heather. Shannon is getting sucked into the vortex that these two harpies create. Tamra also tries to lay the foundation gossiping about Lizzie by comparing her to Gretchen and Alexis. Continue reading


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Mailbag: Tidbits of Tea…And Random Thoughts

AHS COVEN MYrtle gifOkay. There are a few things that I am being asked a lot this week and another thing I wanted to address with you guys and this is the best way for me to do it. I’ll start with the questions.

The most frequent one I get is, “Why is so and so reporting that Porsha is coming back to RHOA? I thought you said she was fired?”

My source who I trust told me that Porsha was sent home from the reunion and would not be returning to Bravo. I still believe that to be the case. I do have some additional information, but I am holding on to that a bit longer. Here is why you are hearing many rumors now, that are all just that, rumors. If this is your first season of reading blogs about the franchise, this is how it works. Sometimes I assume you have information that it is in my head that you can’t be expected to know. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Orange County Recap: Pretty Ugly

RHOOC Season 9 Cast


Here we are back in the OC with the Real Housewives of Orange County. Can someone explain why Tamra is saying she wants another baby if her tubes are tied? Does to want to reverse that procedure? Or is this the usual older woman with a fake baby storyline like Luann and Kenya?

David surprises Shannon with an overnight date to the St. Regis. It is there first trip away since they got married. It’s a vacation 15 minutes from home. I predict they don’t make the 24 hour mark. I love Bloody Marys. I love white robes. I love crispy white sheets. But one of these things does not go with the other two.

Later at dinner, David wants Shannon to get a boob lift. Why is this dinner conversation? Why don’t any of these couples know how to make small talk and whisper sweet nothings at dinner? Makeup stories about other couples in the restaurant. Have conversations that put you on the same side of an issue. Be affectionate. Don’t have conversations about major surgeries or problems in the relationship.

David had someone come in and sprinkle some rose petals on the room. Shannon wanted to be drunker before they went to bed. These two are awkward together. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Orange County Blog Roundup


Over on the Bravo Blogs for Real Housewives of Orange County, there is already some back and forth between Heather and Shannon. Last week Shannon claimed in her blog that that she didn’t know the spooky party at Tamra’s was a costume party. She also claims that Heather abandoned her and did not introduce when they first walked in. Heather counters this week by saying that it was not a costume party and that she knew Tamra was going to wear goth make-up so due to her blemish issues she added the third eye. She said she texted the whole third eye situation to Shannon. She says that she didn’t ditch Shannon and Shannon just jumped right in the party and started chatting up the other girls. She did say that she should have made the introductions right away instead of waiting.

So, let the drama begin. Clearly Shannon is going to jump into the Vicki and Tamra plot to throw Heather from the train.  Here is what Heather has to say about the most recent episode. By the way, both Shannon and Heather seem frustrated by the editing and lack of back story for some of their behaviors.

Dinner at Shannon’s house was very awkward, for many reasons, but supremely delicious! Shannon is an exceptional cook. What you didn’t see was that Tamra was not being very nice to me from the moment she arrived at the party. She turned her back to me in group conversations, made a few snide remarks and then just walked away. I also felt that Tamra and Vicki were cutting me off every time I tried to speak that evening. This made me especially sensitive and annoyed when Vicki was doing the same thing to Shannon during dinner. Not only is Shannon our hostess, but we are getting to know her, let her speak. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Orange County Recap: Heather Makes Me Feel Bad

RHOOC Season 9 Cast

I am trying to get in the recapping mood, but I’m pretty stressed about the weather again tonight. Hopefully this episode will be a fun distraction.  We are back at the dinner party and one minute in and Tamra is already calling Heather “fancy.”  Um hello, Tamra, this show is supposed to be about rich fancy people who live in Orange County. Did you not get the memo? That is why we all tuned in in the first place. Don’t hate Heather for being smarter than you and richer than you, it’s not a good look!

The table talk is actually appropriate for dinner. The pros and cons of working with your spouse. However, things quickly go downhill when Heather tells the table to let Shannon speak. Vicki was interrupting her and immediately asked Heather if she was talking to her and denies interrupting her and then says, “Don’t say that to me ever!” Good grief, Vicki. Let someone else speak. When Heather attempts to share, Vicki and Tamra immediately interrupt and she never finishes the story.

Shannon has a basketball court. Pretty much everyone except Heather plays with the boys. This means Heather will be trashed for not participating. The maid is oddly vacuuming the stairs with company using them. Perhaps due to the broken glass. Tamra and Shannon do huge shots. Tamra lays on the kitchen counter. Shannon loves this. Heather overhears Tamra trash talking her. Heather decides to approach Eddie to tell him that Tamra is claiming that he wants a kid and that if they had a baby it would not be gone 50% of the time. This is stepping over the line, Heather. Continue reading


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Tamra Judge Talks About Her Custody Issues

RHOOCTamgetthefuckoutA week or so ago, a story about Tamra Judge and the custody of her minor children hit the tabloids and also ended up on HLN with Nancy Grace weighing in on her ex-husband’s allegations of neglect.  Simon has filed court documents seeking full primary custody of their kids and in his filing he lists numerous examples of neglect. For the most part, commenters sided with Simon.  We saw a bit of his evidence on the Internet that included texts between Sidney and Tamra seemed…inappropriate.

Tamra has opted to use her Bravo blog to throw some gas on the fire share her side of the story. Continue reading


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Real Housewives Of Orange County Recap: Meet & Potatoes


We return at the exact point we left off last week because apparently knowing every little detail of Vicki’s relationship with Brooks is everyone’s business. Vicki tells Tamra and Heather that Brooks is part of her happiness and that she loves him. Vicki says they did not talk for two months and they both went to counseling separately and are back together.

Vikki wants to live with Brooks now that she is “one week divorced.” That is sort of sad. Tamra and Vikki are determined to get Heather to act like a lunatic and get drunk but she has an early flight tomorrow to get back to her kids. Oh and she also has decorum, a word the other two should probably look up.

Speaking of words people need to look up, Shannon needs to look up the word ‘cotillion’. It is not a class for children that teaches  etiquette and dance. A cotillion is a formal ball most often for the presentation of debutantes into polite society, or a military formal dance. I suppose the etiquette classes that young girls take have a cotillion component, but I’ve just never heard the word used the way Shannon does. Continue reading


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Simon Barney Accuses Tamra Judge of Child Neglect


Photo Credit: Bravo

I just got one of those “turn on your TV!” calls and Tamra Judge is being discussed on Nancy Grace because Simon has filed for custody of all three kids citing child neglect. According to HLN, court documents include charges that Tamra does not provide proper hygiene (dirty underwear, not showered,  hair not washed, bugs in hair, stinks) , food (no nutritious meals, no food in the house) or medical care.  Simon found his young daughter’s hair matted and full of bugs. One of their son’s had a broken bone and was not taken to the doctor, Nancy Grace claims.  Nancy also says the little girl was ill and not taken to the doctor. Continue reading


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WWHL With Vicki Gunvalson…

AndyAs we approach hour 14 of this blog shift, I realize that Vicki is on WWHL tonight. Earlier I realized that if I give you the recap a couple days before the show airs, you all forget to go and chat about the show there. Lesson learned. :)

So I am not going to blow-by-blow this show (probably, you know how I usually say that and do it anyway) but apparently when Andy hugged Vicki tonight on first sight, he asked for a better hug, so she gave him one which left a lip print on his jacket. Someone says they have remove it before the show is over so for now that is the big “event”.  I shall now continue to watch for other things of equal or better interest value.

OMG. When I watched the show, I didn’t think Vicki’s cut from surfing was that bad, but she STILL has a scar? Is this a joke? Andy didn’t want to see it but Vicki removed the Band-aids. This has to be a joke the Hawaii trip was the last week in OCTOBER 2013! But they are not acknowledging it to be a joke. How stupid does Bravo think we are? Don’t answer that. Continue reading


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