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Shannon Beador on WWHL: Watching Paint Dry Would Be More Interesting

WWHL Shannon Beador


I literally feeling like my brain is decaying. I’m serious. My brain feels heavy in my skull, I’m having trouble keeping my eyes open and my eyes are blurry. I think between the heat and all the serious decisions I’ve had to make lately, I have fried and possibly pickled my brain. But I shall try to recap this nonsense as best I can.

Heather can sing? Apparently so. She sang the national anthem at the Angels game recently.

Right away Andy plays the clip of Vicki calling Brooks. I don’t get the big mystery here. She is being ostracized by the group for a situation he is ultimately responsible for, and she loved him even though he was horrible to her. She left a party feeling alone, and she drunk dialed.  Am I the only one who has ever drunk dialed the last person on earth I’d ever want to see sober? I guarantee you before Vicki even open her eyes the next day her first thought was “Please tell me I didn’t really call him.”

Next week Shannon and Kelly get together to work things out argue some more. Shannon denies setting Kelly up with the two bitches at her party. She claims one of the women was instrumental in “helping Heather and her with their HOA.”  The problem they had with their HOA was that everyone hates them for filming in the neighborhood.  It could not be anymore obvious that those two were there to attack Kelly.


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Real Housewives of Orange County Recap: Boogie Fights

RHOOC Cast Season 11
It’s time for another episode of RHOOC and my new laptop just finished updating to all sorts of things I have no idea how to use.  So this may take a bit longer than usual.  Like now, I am trying to do a search in my search box and all I get is a blue circle. Sigh. This laptop was too expensive not to be the fastest thing on the planet. It’s possible things are still updating in the background.

Forgive me for sticking  to the big issues tonight, and I appreciate y’all filling in all of the stuff I don’t spell out here that was of interest to you.  Heather is pissed that Terry has to be out of town on Mother’s Day. She is actually pissed that he is working so much he basically never sees the kids. Which is bullshit. She knew what she was getting into when she married a plastic surgeon in Orange County.  The work apparently never ends.

Jim could not be any more disinterested in Meghan’s IVF.

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Perhaps Vicki’s Bravo Blog Can Clear Up Some Misconceptions



I get it. You guys hate Vicki. I’m not sure why I don’t. You have valid reasons for feeling the way you do. She doesn’t own her mistakes and rarely admits she lied. She’s a flawed person. Her tagline this season is something like “Before you judge me, you better be perfect.” I’m certainly not and I can identify with her flaws. I judge lots of other housewives harshly for probably a lot less.  We all like who we like and dislike who we chose based our own life experiences.

That said, I was disturbed at all the accusations about Vicki in this weeks RHOOC comments. It’s obvious to me that Briana is very sick and the doctors don’t know what is going on. Vicki’s daughter who she loves very much was seriously ill, half way across the country with two young boys and a husband who was unable to provide much help. I don’t understand all the scrutiny surrounding her bringing her kid home.

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Real Housewives of Orange County Recap: Frozen Assets

RHOOC beach Meghan, Shannon, Heather, Tamra


Is it me or are there too many Real Housewives shows airing at once? I need a break. At least I am not sick of this one yet, but it is only episode four.

As the sun is setting on the beach, everyone heads inside to have some shots. Am I the only one who avoids shots at all cost since I hit thirty? But Kelly not only has a bar on every floor, she has a bartender out on the balcony overlooking the ocean. I am not a fan of modern homes but I could totally get used to living in this one. Kelly even has a bar in her room sized closet.

Vicki randomly decides to hug Shannon and tell her she misses her and that they will talk afterward.  That Vicki is a bold one. She tells Shannon she is sorry several times and she sits down to chat with Shannon. She says you were right and I was wrong and I just want to put this behind us. Vicki says that she never lied. Brooks lied to her. Shannon is not buying it. Vicki just wants to move on. Shannon is not having it. Vicki leaves early crying all the way home.

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Real Housewives of Orange County Recap: Lies In The Air, Sand In My Hair

RHOOC Cast Season 11


I’m late for this RHOOC recap because I just did a rather personal blog  where I relived a bad experience. I realized I had never told anyone that story before. I feel like I am writing my fucking memoirs here lately. WTF with all my oversharing? Am I dying?

Anyway, let’s check in with the ladies who live glamorous lives in Orange County an try to feel bad about their made up hangnail of the week. I can tell you know I am not in the mood.  Is it okay if I just make it more of a discussion thread? KTHX.


I admire Tamra for her commitment to health. However, she is not doing this for herself. She is doing it to have some sort of control over her surroundings.


Heather wants you to know she is very rich. I do not care. She’s  shallow and boring. No amount of money can buy you into being a good person.  I get this is her storyline bullshit, but I doubt it is far from the truth of who she is.

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Kelly Dodd is Vicki’s Ride or Die Chick #RHOC Blog Roundup

RHOOC Yacht Vicki Kelly


I am intrigued with Kelly Dodd. I don’t think I have her exactly figured out yet. I do like that she opted to befriend Vicki. It would have been much easier to ride along with the pack of witches and she took the harder route. I was suspicious that this was set up by production, and I still believe it was, but she still hangs out a lot with Vicki now that filming is over.

So once again, I’ve chosen her blog to purple pen. Then I decided to go ahead and review a few bits of the others.

This week’s episode was a challenge for our family to watch. While I enjoyed getting to know Vicki over lunch and building my relationship with Tamra and Shannon at Meghan’s demolition, I’m sad that my deep respect and love for Michael didn’t come through.

In retrospect, I probably tried too hard to relate to Tamra’s struggles in the wake of her divorce to Simon and as a result I painted Michael in the wrong light. Michael is a brilliant man, a wonderful father and a loving, compassionate husband.

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