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Real Housewives of Orange County Finale: All Apologies…



Wow, Eddie’s acting is improving. See that Hollywood? He is the next Neil Patrick Harris! He can play a believable straight man even though we all know.. that acting is hard.  Tamra’s talking head victim, really? I can’t. Can I just zip through to the end when everything happens? OMG Tamra did fly home by herself, according to her, which no one can believe and there is no evidence of.

Shannon has decided to start going to bed with her husband and it has been a great thing for their relationship. Shannon’s husband David is pretty hot. And rich. He tells Shannon  he will apologize to Heather and Terry.

Heather is conspiring with Tamra against Shannon on the phone.  Tamra is a cunt satchel and Heather just undid everything I started to like about her again in Bali in one bitchy phone conversation.

I really don’t understand guys obsessing over their inch hair. Men with practically shaved heads will obsess. Men with nearly two inches will spend three hours making the bed head look appear just right.   Continue reading

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EXCLUSIVE: Are Vicki Gunvalson and Brooks Ayers Having a Secret Tryst in Atlanta?

rhoocbrooksvickiBrooks Ayers is gracing the ATL with his presence this weekend! He is in town to visit his oldest son. Brooks was spotted by spies last night at Johnny’s Hideaway!  Those of you in the Atlanta area know that is the perfect place for Brooks. It’s sort of a meat market for the, uh, older set.

Our spy approached Brooks and struck up a bit of conversation. She pointed out that Brooks obviously gets a bad rap on the show. Brooks replied, “It gets better next season.” Now how would he know that?  I can see assuming that Vicki will return next season if indeed there is one. But it seems an interesting response to me. Does he mean to imply that their relationship may move to another level? You know Vicki does tend to need a man living with her at the very least to fill her love tank. And they have talked about it.  Or is Brooks just blowing hot air. We all know he says all kinds of things after a few drinks. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Orange County Recap: Everyone is Over Tamra

RHOOC Shannon monkey


Shannon is done with Tamra, but holds out hope for a friendship with Heather:

I am not happy that I haven’t had time alone with Tamra. Her bike ride ran long and she was even late for the Balinese dancers. I did my best to initiate a conversation one-on-one with her at the dinner table, but, of course, that didn’t work. Tamra was upset that Lizzie told me things that were said behind my back and questions why Lizzie told me. Tamra never denies saying any of those cruel statements. She doesn’t apologize for them. And I never got an explanation before she stormed away from the table. Clearly I never will. Time to move on and know that Tamra is not my friend. Friends don’t talk behind each other’s backs like that.

It is interesting that I have had some fun moments with Heather on this Bali trip. I thought it would be a nice gesture to pull Heather aside on our last night to thank her for including me on the trip. Heather also extended an olive branch by apologizing for talking about my email to her group of friends. Maybe the tides will turn. . . Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Orange County Recap: Eat, Pray, Run.

RHOOC Shannon monkey

And I am going to need someone to tell me who won the pressure challenge on Masterchef. Because without fail something happens on Mondays during Masterchef and I have two shows that tape at 9 and I miss the ending. Please tell me it was Lesley. Thanks.

Love the lobby furniture of this Bali resort. Currently Vicki, Tamra and Heather are sitting there allegedly waiting for the other girls. Tamra is wearing her sunglasses inside. Heather asked her why she is mad at her and she says because she never made fun of Lizzie’s dress. Seriously. Why is #BirthdayGate still a thing? Most women over 25 don’t even want to acknowledge their birthdays.  Heather is dumbfounded because she said it privately to Tamra and Vicki and not in front of Lizzie. Tamra is accusing Heather of being a shit-stirrer. I am constantly amazed at how often Tamra accuses other people of things that she does ALL OF THE TIME!  Tamra is apparently hungover and more bitchy that usual so this whole hiking with monkeys thing should go well.

Shannon, Lizzie and Pam are all dressed appropriately for the outing while Heather is sticking to her chic black and white elegance wardrobe and the Vicki and Tamra are dressed for a shopping trip. Apparently, half the girls were told to dress for a hike and the other half were told to dress for a visit to a temple. Oh production, you scoundrels you. They are all hoping they don’t have to see any poverty, because poor people are so depressing and poorly dressed.

First, they arrive at a temple where they are immediately given beautiful batik fabrics to cover their asses. Vicki and Tamra proceed to denigrate the entire experience by just being themselves. I honestly can’t grasp how Tamra can’t see the beauty she was surrounded by. It’s kind of heartbreaking to think of someone going through life like that. Continue reading


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Tamara Judge Says She Left Bali a Changed Woman


RHOOC vicki-tamra

Y’all know I was really hoping that the trip to Bali would have a positive effect on a few of the Real Housewives of Orange County. Tamra Judge ways that Bali changed her. Well, it seems the change was not for the better and she is simply even more of a mean spirited person than ever. Who knew that was even possible? Oh Well,  at least tomorrow we get to see her implode.

Let’s read her Bravo blog and please notice that everything she says negatively about Lizzie really applies to her. It’s a textbook study in projection.

From Tamra’s Blog:

#BirthdayGate Will Never Die

I am starting to see that Lizzie is very self-centered and if things don’t go her way then she’s out for blood. My God, she hears Vicki say “I don’t believe I have to hang out with dumb and dumber” and she is OK with that, just as long as she showed up to celebrate her birthday? I on the other hand have a sick child and I am the devil for not showing up? Shannon called at the same time to tell her they would not make it, but that is OK? I am starting to think this girl just has it out for me. But after hearing her comments this season “that she didn’t want to be a mom raising kids is suburbia” and that “If Christian didn’t provide her with a better birthday party next year she was going to leave him,” I am starting to think that family is not a high priority to her.

I was not going to allow Lizzie to lie and say that I did not text her or communicate with her. I am getting tired of being blamed for everything this season! I thought it was important to refresh her memory and have Vicki read the text messages from that night. I clearly communicated with her! The picture that Vicki sent to me her dress was pulled up to her waist and it looked like she had lingerie on, so my natural reaction was “Lizzie you forgot your pants!” It was not me making fun of her at all! She responded “vagina.” She told me she loved me and thanked me. I AM SO CONFUSED, WHAT IS THIS GIRLS PROBLEM?

I did get mad when Heather said I made fun of Lizzie’s dress. I never said “Lizzie your dress is ugly.” Again I said “What are you wearing?”  How is that making fun of her dress? Plus I said it to her! I still do not understand what Heather got out of saying that to me? Was she just trying to start drama all over again? Continue reading


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WWHL With Shannon Beador

WWHL Shannon

Sorry I am so late with this, things have been super busy, but I am dying to see Shannon Beador on WWHL! And get your take on it.

Um, Okay. Shannon has had work done, yes? She looks good.  Andy asks about her new hair cut and she seems to still be getting used to her new edgier look. Andy immediately makes reference to Tamra comparing Bali to Tijuana.  Shannon sort of sticks up for her saying that she was expecting the Bali from vacation sites and such and unfortunately Bali is a third world country. She says they drove around quite a bit and saw a lot of poverty. I hate the misuse of the outdated term third world country although I am sometimes guilty of it myself.  It is a cold war era political term that has nothing to do with poverty.  I digress, sorry. I was glad to hear they did a lot of driving around. Maybe something sunk in.

Moving on, Shannon is not in the top seat. I hate Andy’s new seating chart rules. Elizabeth Moss is asked to play Marry, Shag, Kill with Eddie, Brooks and Slade. She kills Brooks immediately and marries Eddie. I’m sorry, but I would have to kill Slade. I might even marry Brooks because I’m not sure anal sex with Eddie pretending I’m Tom would be very fulfilling no matter how hot he is. That’s a tough one, what would you do? Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Orange County Blogs: Shannon and Lizzie…

RHOOC Shannon

So far this week, the only OC housewives to put up a blog are Shannon and Lizzie. Shannon seems like she really enjoyed her time with Vicki on the trip. I’m glad so far she is enjoying the trip and staying out of most of the conflicts. Lizzie on the other hand is absolutely furious with Tamra, both in real time and on the episode. Her blog was super long and sort of repetitive. But if you make it all the way to the end, there is a game for us to play!

Shannon’s blog highlights:

I never thought I would ever travel 25 hours to get to any destination! Life is full of surprises — welcome to Bali!

I always have a great time with Vicki, and the time flew by with my travel partner! When she and I saw the kayak on our first day at the beach, there was no question that we would take it out. We came across a small, unoccupied boat and I dared Vicki to climb onboard. Of course, she took the dare! As she was stepping into the boat, she lost her balance and we tipped over. My hat was drenched, the cocktails were spilled, and we couldn’t seem to climb back into the kayak. What you didn’t see was a local man swam up and helped us after 20 minutes of struggling! What a crazy fun morning!

That night, dinner was a little boring.  I was actually considering trying to push Vicki in the water to spice things up! I excused myself to use the restroom and scout out the water and when I returned, there was a lot of yelling going on between Lizzie and Tamra. For once, it was not something about me!

I told Vicki and Tamra that I would go up to their room and meet them when they left. As I was getting ready to go, Lizzie and Danielle apologized to me. I was a bit taken aback, but they said that they had misjudged me largely based on statements made by Tamra. I was floored when Lizzie told me Tamra had told everyone on the trip about the “confidential” email. After her apology, the last thing I thought she would do was betray me with others. I don’t understand why Tamra is saying such damaging and false statements about my character, and I want to get down to the bottom of it. 

Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Orange County Recap: Bali Hoes!

RHOOC Bali montage

Heather is running through the plane while people are trying to sleep being a rude asshole on a commercial flight. I thought she was supposed to be the well-mannered one. I would have expected it from Tamra or Vicki, but come on Heather. Act like you have been on a plane before.

Oh there this the Vicki we have all forgotten about getting in the driver’s seat of the van to turn on the air conditioning and blowing the horn and Woo Hooing. I am starting to remember how painful it is to watch these stupid housewives, from any franchise travel internationally. I would so love it if Vicki was arrested. Or any of them. They all really need a few lessons in travel. This is why I sew Canadian flags on bags when I travel overseas.  I an Canookian. I live in a hoose in Toronto., um y’all.

And five minutes out of the airport, the girls are whiney and insulting to the country. Don’t worry Tamra dear, you will only have to suffer through the native peons for a short while and soon you will be behind a gated wall and it will seem just like Orange County again. If there is a St. Regis in Bali, I am sure you will be there on your free international vacation in business class. Try to bear up a few more moments and just close your eyes to avoid seeing the world.

Wow, St. Regis this is not. This place is amazing!

I swear I am going to have to fast forward. Vicki and Tamra neither one know what a mousse is.  That said, I am not sure the poor waiter does either because  it’s on a stick. My guess is it’s a chicken ballotine  stuffed with prawn mousse.  Heavy sigh. Whatever it was they refuse to eat it. My blood pressure is seriously shooting through the roof. If you want to torture me until I kill stuff, make me watch a loop of American idiots vacationing in foreign countries looking for the McDonald’s. I’m literally doing my deep breathing techniques and we aren’t even to the main course.  All I can think of is I hope gratuity is included.

Shannon is disappointed that the kayak does not come with a drink holder. My god that pool is to die for, and I am not  even a pool person. I want Lizzie’s sun glasses.  Vicki and Shannon seemed to actually enjoy the kayak right despite themselves. Continue reading


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Tamra Judge Apologizes to Lizzie Rovsek Over Facebook Debacle

This is Lizzie's response to Tamra's apology.

This is Lizzie’s response to Tamra’s apology.

Tamra Judge Has apologized to Lizzie  RumorFix’s Real Mr. Housewife for posting Lizzie’s cell phone number on her Facebook page. Tamra’s actions appear to have lead to Lizzie wanting to leave the Real Housewives of Orange County.  Tamara told Real Mr. Housewife exclusively, “I feel horrible and very sorry that it happened. I even tried to call her immediately to let her know. It was never my intention to expose Lizzie’s phone number and it was deleted in seconds after I realized her number was attached. I had deleted Lizzie number after the reunion. Therefore her previous text messages came up by her phone number. I was so upset at her tweets and leaked stories about me I wanted to prove she knew I was asked to wait. It is normal for us to wait in order to capture our true response on camera. When things happen off camera it’s hard to explain to audience what happened. I am truly sorry.” Continue reading


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Lizzie Rovsek Is Ready For RHOOC To Be Over

RHOOC Lizzie

Lizzie Rovsek seems to really regret signing up for Real Housewives of Orange County. After Tamra Judge publicizing her phone number on her Facebook, Lizzie had to get a new phone number. Below are three  Facebook comments from Lizzie from the time of the incident (thanks Courtney!) And here is what she had to say today, “It’s important to stand up for what’s right. Everyone has a limit with how much they can or will put up with. We are all human. Amidst the hundreds of calls & texts flooding my phone yesterday, the silver lining was how sweet, supportive & kind all the messages were. My family is my life and anything directed towards my children or my family is way below the belt. Today I will continue to cultivate kindness, love my friends & family, and continue to stand up for what is right. Wishing everyone an awesome day #meanpeoplesuck

I’m thinking Bravo is none to thrilled with Tamra. Filming is over and the evil bitch crap cannot be for the show. So what is Tamra’s excuse now? Click through for the FB page comments. Continue reading


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Mail Bag: Is Tamra Fired?

This picture does not give an accurate account of what Tamra's face looks like.

This picture does not give an accurate account of what Tamra’s face looks like.

The emails are flooding in about a story just published on another website about Tamra getting fired. Everyone is asking me if it is true. So, I thought I would type my response here and just link everyone. Bravo sends out their pick up letters after the reunion episodes air. In these letters, the wives are either offered a contract for the upcoming season, or thanked for their services and given best wishes for future endeavors.  The reunion has not aired yet, ergo, pickup letters have not been sent. No one know yet who is coming back.  Bravos decisions have not been made. So my answer is, “I don’t know.”

HOWEVER, the fact that they include a scene of Tamra Judge screaming at everyone, including production about never seeing her again is tantamount to her quitting. While I am sure once she sobered up, she made up with production and worked out her contract, that would not sit well with Bravo. You sign up to be mocked and humiliated until the filming season closes. So strike one. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Orange County Blog Round UP!

RHOOC Tamra Lizzie

The RHOOC blogs are up. Lizzie’s blog was basically a recap with nothing particularly enlightening. She’s in a good place with Vicki now, and very leery of Tamra. Here are the highlights about the dynamics between the ladies as of now.  Both Heather and Tamra are still refusing to accept responsibility for their behavior and deflect blame to others. Shannon seems to be continuously willing to try and move on. Heather and Tamra are somehow blaming Vicki for al of their troubles. Lizzie is still assessing from the sidelines but it appears she may pounce in Bali.

Shannon’s Blog

I have a true friend in Vicki Gunvalson. She understands me and is willing to go above and beyond to defend me. I truly appreciate that she sticks up for me again in her conversation with Tamra. I am not misplacing any emotions about my marriage onto her — I am justifiably upset with her for not being truthful again and again.

I can’t stand to argue, so when I am asked to Bali I am willing to try to once again move forward. I have been incredibly hurt, but am open to see if Tamra, Heather, and I can move past things. I have never been away on a girls’ trip, so it will be quite an adventure for me. Stay tuned next week as we go to Bali!

Continue reading


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