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Real Housewives of Orange County Discussion Thread

RHOOC Cast  Season 10

I spent the last three hours watching The Bachelorette finale with one eye and the Big Brother live feeds. Recapping RHOOC was not even on my radar. My reaction to this season of The Bachelorette is Canada is not as nice to us as I thought. The repeat is on now and I’m not sure I will be able to contribute much to this show, but I wanted you guys to have a place to chat.

It’s always weird to me to watch a show after someone who filmed has died. I guess Meghan is going to be stuck with the kid who is a senior in High School for five minutes until she flies the coop.  This is an interesting situation. Housewives husbands and minor children do not get paid. But adult children do. Haley is not the child of a housewife.  I wonder if she is getting a check for this?  Because the thought is the mother will spread the money to her children, but Meghan has no money other than Bravo and Hayley is not her kid.  Since  Andy is in love with all things Cardinals, I’d bet this kid is being paid to be on camera with Meghan. It’s probably not a great idea to give a young woman whose mother just passed a lot of discretionary money. I am just saying. Continue reading


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David Tutera’s CELEBRations: Alexis Bellino’s Vow Renewal

CELEBrations Alexis meltdown. I’m going to admit upfront, I’ve forgotten everything I ever knew about Alexis Bellino except that Tamra called her Jesus Jugs. Oh thank God David’s assistant whose name escapes me is filling us all in. It’s apparently their ten-year anniversary. It has to be done in a week. David also has his daughter’s first birthday party, Cielo. I hate that  name by the way. It makes me think of CeeLo. It looks pretty on paper, but doesn’t sound right.

Alexis pretends to be shocked that David Tutera is in her house, despite being wired with a mike and camera crew all over her house. Did Alexis always talk this much? Alexis has ten ideas that don’t go together. Jim and Alexis are already fighting. My head hurts already. I have a 90 minute RHONJ episode to recap in less than two hours. I may not have time for this much drama.

Alexis and David are arguing at Michael  Costello’s design studio.  Alexis asked for a red dress but now has decided she wants plum which is good because when she walks out in the plum dress it is full of pins and tailoring cloth and she had clearly already been fitted for the dress several times.  So no shocker, that will be her dress.  Yet the charade continues. I think they just like making Alexis look stupid in ugly dresses. Alexis picks a white dress that she wants in red. David leaves to go take care of his kid’s birthday party because this staged scene is ridiculous. Continue reading


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Please Welcome, Tamra and Eddie Judge!

Photo Credit: Bravo

Photo Credit: Bravo

Why is tonight’s episode showing up as episode 2 on my TV’s description thingy? I thought this was three and the last one. Let’s hope that is a mistake.  Anyhoo, we begin with seating charts and fake scripted crap about Eddie not wanting the other wives there. I mean it’s not like these two didn’t jello wrestly Gretchen and Slade to get the free wedding spin-off.

Are they seriously at a place called Pretty Kitty to get their chuckalina’s waxed? I can see the bride having that done, but is it necessary for the entire wedding party to march down the aisle with puffy chuckys straight from a Brazilian as well?  I have never been asked to wax my floors, so to speak, as part of my wedding party obligations. Though I suppose it’s probably less painful than some other parts of supporting a bridezilla. Thankfully, she has her best gay and some other dude to bear witness. Because, that happened. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Orange County Reunion Part 3


With rumors swirling that even after all the Brooks drama, Vicki is still seeing him, we get to see Vicki take another blow or three regarding the Brooks issue. Why on earth Brianna would humiliate her mother publicly rather than delivering the blows more softly and in private is beyond me.

Does Heather’s story about someone just deciding they must have her house ring true for y’all? I mean I’m sure it happens on rare occasions… but it just seems sort of random.  OMG! She is really defending the onion ring incident? Yes, Heather, the man should have had his onion rings. In a question about Heather emasculating Terry, Heather’s answer is …wait for it…emasculating. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Orange County Reunion Pt. I

RHOOCcast2Better late than never?

It’s time for the Real Housewives of Orange County Reunion Part One, otherwise known as Rehashing of The Same Old Arguments One More Time. I don’t get why Vicki is still not divorced from Don. I know these things take time but in California, don’t they just divide everything down the middle and that is that? Oh, Vicki doesn’t want to have to pay spousal support.

Gretchen and Heather both have stank faces as the Mexico drama reel plays. Gretchen’s dress, is making me claustrophobic. I could not handle a dress that wraps around my throat. Now they are literally showing clips from past reunions as they bring up the same old rumors about Gretchen cheating on Jeff. Lydia is somehow moderating the reunion. Oh great, Tamra has whipped out a file of photos of Gretchen making out with her side piece.  We get it. She cheated. Move on.

Heather and Lydia get into it about the magazine cover. Lydia says Heather is just not well-known enough for the cover. Lydia did have a lengthy spread in the issue and that still irks Heather. Heather apparently blasted Lydia in her blog and Lydia is still pissed even though Heather apologized. These two still hate each other.

Lauri is on the couch! This should be good. Hmmm, I thought the grandbaby was in foster care? Yet here are photos of Josh and the baby. Lauri says everyone is just hunky dory. Odd. When Andy asks about Josh’s issues with addiction, Lauri says it is a process and he still as hope. That doesn’t sound like he is in the recovery stage. I really wish I knew where this foster care story originated from. I can’t see anyone just making that up, yet I have searched and found no credible source for the rumor. By credible source I do not mean someone saying it on a blog. I mean there must be a court record somewhere. Continue reading


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RHOOC Finale Recap: What the Heck is Ryan’s Deal?

RHOOCallYAY! It is a RHOOC mandatory party! Who will go sleep with the fishes penguins? The topic is of course how much everyone hates Gretchen (and Slade.) There are actual people at this party. Where did they come from?  Ryan is cavorting with the enemy talking trash about  Vicki to Gretchen and Slade. He is sure to point out that Brooks is a douchebag. Gretchen confronts Heather about Malibu Country Gate 2013. Heather is very condescending to Gretchen about the whole thing. Heather has an acting career, and Gretchen is a wannabe. Gretchen apologizes for hurting Heather’s feelings by being disengaged at the Hot in Cleveland shoot and that is not good enough for Heather. What is wrong with Heather this season?  Why is she such a follower of the pack when everyone decides the season target is Gretchen?

Tamra apologizes to Jim Bellino! This is a sure sign of the apocalypse! Jim and Alexis both cry! I am speechless! Continue reading


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