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Vicki Gunvalson Whooping It Up In the OC With Old and New Friends!

RHOOC Vicki Kelly lizzie Gretchen


Vicki seems to be really taken with the new RHOOC, Kelly.  She’s been hanging out with her for the past two nights in a row! I’m pretty sure there were no cameras involved other than their selfies! Tonight, Vicki and Kelly headed out to Fashion Island tonight for a girls night out with Lizzie, Gretchen and another friend, Allison.

From the looks of their Instagrams they are have a hell of a time. I have heard about Gretchen’s new face lately and it looks like money well spent to me! Am I the only one who thinks that this would be a great cast for next season’s RHOOC? No Shannon,  Heather, or Meghan!

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Alexis Bellino Apologizes To Tamra Judge. Sort of. Not Really.



Alexis Bellino has apologized to Tamra Judge for coming across as judgmental in her email to Tamra (Via Andy) on the reunion. (SEE ABOVE VIDEO)   She posted the following to her Instagram.

“I can see how my email might have come came across judgmental last night on RHOC, and I’m sorry about that, that was not my heart. @tamrajudge I’m sorry for sounding judgmental. Andy did not read this part of my email, ‘I truly hope Tamra has found the Lord because He will be the most invaluable precious thing she will ever have in life.’ THAT is my heart. God is a God of miracles, so I was hopeful and praying He would call the person who criticized me the most for my faith to His Kingdom one day. I was not trying to judge Tamra, I just wanted to make sure this was all coming from a good place, so please do not judge me. The Bible is clear that we are to hold each other accountable as sisters in Christ. I am imperfect and human, but I am steadfast in my faith and the Lord laid this conviction on my heart.”

It seems the art of an apology has been lost. The entire comment appears to be in reaction to others judging her judgmental behavior.  Then she denies being judgmental herself, blames Andy Cohen, declares her our virtue in forgiving the person who criticized her, and then demands that people stop judging her.  She then ends the whole thing by saying that the Bible says that Christians must hold each other accountable. Is that how apologies are supposed to go these days? Continue reading


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Vicki Gunvalson Reveals A Lot On Latest Periscope

RHOBH Vicki Club Detox


Vicki Gunvalson headed off to Bacara Resort in Santa Barbara with two other ladies right after filming the reunion for a couple of days to destress  and detox.  Of course nothing says taking your mind off the reunion like doing a long periscope about the reunion from the spa where you are decompressing. Oh, and advertising for your newest venture, Club Detox.

For those who are unaware, Periscope is an app owned by Twitter that allows people to do a live feed on the Internet of whatever they may be doing at the time, and people can send them questions to answer. Apparently, it is fascinating. I wouldn’t know. I don’t even use the stupid cell phone I got. It is just to protect me from bears when I am hiking. I do not really go hiking, but if I do, I have a phone I can call 911 on. Maybe. If I can figure out how to get to the phone dialing page. People seem to get very angry with me for not having a phone. Or they assume I can’t afford a phone and want to take up a collection. The fact of the matter is, anything I want to do online, I do on my laptop. If I need to call someone, I can use a thing called a phone. It’s for calling people.  You can also use your laptop to view periscopes but not if Internet Explorer is your browser. This doesn’t stop people from repeatedly sending me links to so and so’s periscope instead of just giving me the pertinent details in full, comprehensible sentences.  I’ve received a lot of emails about Vicki’s periscope yesterday, and two of them even actually told me what she said.  So I’m going to go over the major points of what I’ve learned. Continue reading


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Meet Sonja Morgan’s Newest Boy Toy

Sonja does have a thing for Pirates in her booty...

Sonja does have a thing for Pirates in her booty…

If you watched WWHL with Shannon Beador and Gretchen Rossi the other night then you know that Sonja Morgan showed up and Andy Cohen ribbed her for showing up with a 22 year old.  He was not shown and so we had no idea who the new boytoy was until today.

According to Page Six,  his name is Tommy Maksanty and he’s a model. Or a landscaper from West Virginia who wants to break into modeling.  He showed up just before New York Fashion Week where he walked in multiple shows and has apparently been shacking up with Sonja in her townhouse for about to weeks.

“Morgan and Maksanty met at a party for her Social Life magazine cover with Dr. Christopher Calapai. She’s been taking him to gay bars around town and the pair has been spotted at the Rainbow Room, seeing Lady Gaga’s bandleader Brian Newman, where Tommy didn’t have a blazer — as mandated by the dress code — and was forced to borrow one from a waitress,” the Page Six article states. Continue reading


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Watch What Happens Live With Shannon Beador and Gretchen Rossi

As many selfies as people take, when will they learn to turn the camera sideway for group shots?

Sorry to for the delay. I am still working with ad reps to bring you even more ads (sorry) and the spam folder keeps randomly filling up again and I am trying to get content up and dealing with a family crisis that may end up pulling me away for the day or longer. We shall see. I am going to try to get this up while I am waiting for a response from the ad folks. Bless their hearts. I know they are just as frustrated with me. Anyway.

Side note: As rich as Shannon is, it pains me that she doesn’t seem to be a jewelry person. I’d love to see what she is into but basically it doesn’t seem to appeal to her.

It sounds like production tested Gretchen to come back for at least an appearance this season because Shannon lets the cat out of the bag that Gretchen was at her charity event at the beginning of the season.  The bartender is a RHOBH producer there to plug a book. I say give her a chair, I’d love to ask her some questions!

Andy asks the most offensive questions. When introducing his guest, Gretchen, first compliments her on her hair, and then asks her what percentage of it is actually hers?  Who does that?

So they show a clip of next week. Tamra is telling Shannon and Meghan that she met with Brooks and Vicki and he showed her his most recent PET/CT scan.  Then we see a talking head of Meghan saying she called the place Brooks had the scan and they stopped doing them in 2008. Then we see a clip of Shannon going, “oh wow.”  The editing is ridiculous. How does Meghan know where Brooks got his scan? She didn’t see the report Tamra did. Why is no one asking about this? Continue reading


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WWHL With Gretchen and Slade

WWHL Gretchen and SLade

Say what you will about these two but they look fabulous on this episode of WWHL.  Gretchen’s dress is stunning and it is part of Lily formerly of Shahs of Sunset’s line.  Also while Gretchen and Slade are slimey and not that popular, they are not nearly as hateable as the Marcheses.

They play a montage of Tamra insulting Gretchen. Gretchen says that Tamra has lost all credibility with everyone including the viewers because she is the most lying, manipulating, conniving, narcissistic sociopath. She says she is a sociopath because she seems to have not concept that her behavior is wrong. She says all Tamra does is blame other people.


Why aren’t you married yet, what’s the hold up? There is not hold up, they are getting married on May 23.

Was the engagement an attempt to stay on OC Housewives? No, who would even do that? Continue reading


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