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WWHL With Alexis Bellino And Wendi McLendon-Covey


I know this is late and I would normally skip it, but there was some interesting stuff said, so here is a quick recap of the highlights.  Much is made of the constant discussion of Jesus and Satan on RHOOC this year. Andy also clears up that Alexis sent the email and asked him to share it with Tamra. She said he could read it on the air if he wanted, but she wrote it for Tamra. Which begs the question, “Does Alexis have Tamra’s email?”  Alexis says that she ws not trying to judge. She immediately tweeted that she didn’t mean it to be judgemental. She just wanted Tamra to back up her baptism with her actions. Despite Tamra saying mean stuff  about  Alexis when cameras were rolling, she texted something nice to her during a break in filming.

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David Tutera’s CELEBRations: Alexis Bellino’s Vow Renewal

CELEBrations Alexis meltdown. I’m going to admit upfront, I’ve forgotten everything I ever knew about Alexis Bellino except that Tamra called her Jesus Jugs. Oh thank God David’s assistant whose name escapes me is filling us all in. It’s apparently their ten-year anniversary. It has to be done in a week. David also has his daughter’s first birthday party, Cielo. I hate that  name by the way. It makes me think of CeeLo. It looks pretty on paper, but doesn’t sound right.

Alexis pretends to be shocked that David Tutera is in her house, despite being wired with a mike and camera crew all over her house. Did Alexis always talk this much? Alexis has ten ideas that don’t go together. Jim and Alexis are already fighting. My head hurts already. I have a 90 minute RHONJ episode to recap in less than two hours. I may not have time for this much drama.

Alexis and David are arguing at Michael  Costello’s design studio.  Alexis asked for a red dress but now has decided she wants plum which is good because when she walks out in the plum dress it is full of pins and tailoring cloth and she had clearly already been fitted for the dress several times.  So no shocker, that will be her dress.  Yet the charade continues. I think they just like making Alexis look stupid in ugly dresses. Alexis picks a white dress that she wants in red. David leaves to go take care of his kid’s birthday party because this staged scene is ridiculous. Continue reading


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Lydia Stirling McLaughlin QUITS Real HouseWives of Orange County


This makes me so sad.  I think it may have something to do with how her mother was treated.  But according to USWeekly,  Lydia has quit RHOOC!  The rumor mill has it that Alexis and Gretchen were fired for lack of storyline. So, RHOOC will have a major shakeup.  Only Vicki, Tamra and Heather are still standing. Continue reading


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Please Welcome, Tamra and Eddie Judge!

Photo Credit: Bravo

Photo Credit: Bravo

Why is tonight’s episode showing up as episode 2 on my TV’s description thingy? I thought this was three and the last one. Let’s hope that is a mistake.  Anyhoo, we begin with seating charts and fake scripted crap about Eddie not wanting the other wives there. I mean it’s not like these two didn’t jello wrestly Gretchen and Slade to get the free wedding spin-off.

Are they seriously at a place called Pretty Kitty to get their chuckalina’s waxed? I can see the bride having that done, but is it necessary for the entire wedding party to march down the aisle with puffy chuckys straight from a Brazilian as well?  I have never been asked to wax my floors, so to speak, as part of my wedding party obligations. Though I suppose it’s probably less painful than some other parts of supporting a bridezilla. Thankfully, she has her best gay and some other dude to bear witness. Because, that happened. Continue reading


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Tamra’s OC Wedding

This is a Bravo PR pic but it doesn't look like her dress

This is a Bravo PR pic but it doesn’t look like her dress

I just watched the “first look” a few hours ago and now it’s time to watch the rest with y’all.  I just die when I see the St. Regis Monarch Beach. It’s so beautiful. I think I would have picked a better spot on the property, but I prefer a bit more of an intimate setting, being a hermit and all.

Now you know this woman does not have money for a $6K shoe. Surely they are being donated.  And what these posers don’t understand is really rich people don’t spend money this way unless they are also celebrities with people offering to sponsor them. Posers and wannabes by tons of Chanel bags and Loubs. People who got rich by earning their money are not wasteful with it. If I was OPRAH I would not $6K shoes. The hilarity of seeing these fools carrying purses that cost thousands of dollars as the stroll into bankruptcy court does not escape me. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Orange County Secrets Revealed

RHOOCreunioncastIt’s been yet another rainy weekend in ATL which makes me much more likely to nap, than blog. But the sun is on for now, so let’s see if the clip show of Real Housewives of Orange County had any good moments. I am not expecting much.

I have seen all of this on the reunion, so far. Have I already seen this show? Maybe a first look?  Lydia was a virgin when she got married. But do we need fifteen minutes of discussion about it?  Heather comes by the stick up her ass through DNA. Continue reading


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