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Real Housewives of Orange County: Muddy Waters

RHOOC Cast Season 11
It’s past time for the RHOOC  episode.  Due to an emergency at Tamara Tattles Headquarters yesterday, I was unavailable. You can read all about that in my day long meltdowns at the end of comments here.  We have comedy in the initial post and doom and despair in the comments.  Now on to the show!


Shannon is moving and worried about rat poop and feng shui. I had my eyes on the TV and my ears were working but I tuned out completely. I assume I didn’t miss much other than Shannon hates the rental. I had a really cool dream last night and I keep thinking about it. Sorry. I’ll try to focus.

For some reason we need a montage of memories in the house. Mostly about the affair of course. Later, David and Shannon go to dinner. David looks pained in every scene. David tries to make it clear that he is not supporting her mother’s outburst. Shannon has a smug smile when David tells her that he told his mother she had to respect Shannon or she could not be around the family.  Shannon orders ribs and then complains because they are messy.


Eddie takes Tamra out for dinner. I am not sure what kind of place they are at, but Tamra breaks her training diet for sake. So I’m thinking it’s going to be one of those bait shops folks in California like so much. But then they start eating hot peppers.  Just crunchy hot peppers. Weird. And then the sashimi comes. Which, as I understand it is bait that they sort of cook but not really. I could be wrong. Or maybe all of California is wrong.

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Real Housewives of Orange County: Shockingly, Grandma Donna Doesn’t Like Mommy



Tamra is still trying to train for her competition, but she postponed it. Wait, is this a bogus competition? Because the entire competition was moved back four weeks, for some mysterious reason.  Sigh. Even so, wouldn’t they have just announced that the competition was postponed for four weeks and how fortunate that is for her?


We start with another scene with Briana trash talking her mother on national TV.  She never misses an opportunity to make light of her mother’s serious accident and suggest to us that she is exaggerating to get attention. She was airlifted away from an accident. But rather than have the reactions others are having, life is short, be grateful.  She is minimizing her mother’s injuries.

For all of you haters out there, please note that Vicki is not wearing her neck brace in public when she goes out to dinner with the family even though it’s clear she is still having neck issues.  It’s Brianna’s birthday so of course he injured mother must journey out and celebrate it. This dinner seems like just a montage of being mean to Vicki.

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Real Housewives of Orange County: Ubering in a Paper Hospital Gown

RHOOC Cast Season 11
It’s time to check back in with the ladies of the OC. I really meant to purple pen some of their blogs this week but we’ve been slammed here at and I honestly haven’t had a minute to do it.  I wanted to address Vicki’s account of leaving the hospital, but perhaps she will recount it for us tonight and I can address it then.

Meanwhile, just before the show started, I posted this story about some debacle at PUMP last night involving Kelly and probably Vicki (though she was not named in the incident report the manager posted) sounds like someone had a little too much fun again and has pissed off the Vanderpump. OOOPS.  Kelly follows me because I am a Vicki/Kelly friend blog (except for lots of you assholes) so I hope she doesn’t go all in on me. She has lashed out at fellow bloggers recently, but for now I think I’m still in the good category. Probably. Maybe. Perhaps you should hold a fucking prayer chain or something just in case. :) Who knew rich people fought over their dinner checks?  Rich folks. They’re just like us y’all. Except they can afford to get drunk on those $20 weak drinks at PUMP.


Tamra was released from the hospital in about three hours. They must have really good hospitals there.  I think I’d still be waiting at mine today for the accident six months ago.  She seems really sore and stiff.  Tamra isn’t up for a three hour car ride so she heads back to camp to rest. Maybe Heather will let her lay down in her fancypants bus.  Tamra had a lot of guilt after the accident.   Eddie seems like he was such a good husband through it all.

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Kelly Dodd Has A Drunken Hissy Fit At Pump!



I was informed that someone who was identified as a blogger from a site I never heard of has gathered an army of trolls that harrassed Collin to the point he deleted his Internet account.  I can’t find an actual blog for this person, though it appears there might have been one previously. When I went to Twitter, I found that I had previously blocked this person who appears to be a Kelly fan and has a large number of followers who apparently have a lot of time on their hands .

Oh, Kelly Dodd, I hated you the moment I first saw your tirade on TMZ here.  But then, when the show started,  I liked the way you messed with Shannon and defended Vicki.  I was willing to give you a pass for the whole TMZ thing.  It was your first season, you were out with the girls, it was probably an intimidating experience, and perhaps you got drunk to soothe the nerves and just went way too far. A lot of us have gone too far after getting way too drunk. It’s the reason I don’t drink tequila. Or Southern Comfort. It happens.

Then there was the awful 70s party. I gave you a pass for that too. I still believe that Mrs. Roper set you up. However, the drinking was all you and was once again overboard.

But this seems to be a common practice for you. Especially when you are in a restaurant that serves liquor. Your behavior at Meghan’s insemination party was awful. But once Heather made it all about her and decided she was an official sushi bar bouncer, I forgot all about you because I was mesmerized by Heather’s drunken behavior. One way for people to ignore your drunken antics is for someone else’s drunken antics to upstage yours.


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Real Housewives of Orange Country: Shock and Roll

After a fairly uneventful weekend with regard to exciting things to post about, today has been perhaps my busiest day ever. I have been on my laptop nonstop since 9 am and only just stopped to get something to eat. This is not conducive to my mental health and I’m in some sort of angry rage.  So of course RHOOC is going to show the big episode I’ve been waiting for and then slap an episode of RHONJ right behind it. #FixItJesus Please be sure to check out the posts from today as they are all chock full of really good tea. I’d usually be grateful for one story like this a day. So I shouldn’t complain about my blessings. I’m just a bit stiff from sitting this long.

Let’s get this show on the road. It’s Eddie’s birthday and everyone is going to Glamis. Well except for Meghan. Tamra is pissed that Meghan isn’t going because she is pregnant.  Tamra says people run marathons when they are pregnant. I don’t blame Meghan a bit and if she were my friend, I would do everything I could to keep her from going. Especially because it is an IVF pregnancy with half of the only viable eggs inside her. Tamra’s reaction was kind of shitty.  Then Shannon backs out. Didn’t I see her going on a trip with her emasculated husband and her offspring that weekend? If not there, where the hell were they going? Is she actually turning down a filming opportunity?

Someone needs to explain to Kelly that people should and do judge each other every day and that is not something reserved solely for Jesus. In fact Jesus was the only human never to judge anyone. Its GOD that is the asshole judgey one. Jesus is the nice one.

Meghan goes to get a blood test. Jimmy actually goes with her. The test is to confirm her pregnancy. Spoiler alert. She’s pregnant. Meghan is already worried about having to raise the baby alone. On Instagram over the weekend she posted pictures of herself with Jimmy enjoying a boat ride on a lake. I think she was somewhere cool in the northwest. I forget where and I’m too tired to look. How is Meghan so cute this season. I kind of ….like her.

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Real Housewives of Orange County: A Desert Birthday & A Beach Honeymoon

rhooc vicki

Tonight on RHOOC we will have dueling vacations. First, Shannon and David are going on a second honeymoon to Cabo.  Meanwhile, Tamra, Kelly and Vicki are going to La Quinta for a birthday celebration.

Merv Griffin’s Estate in La Quinta

Vicki’s birthday celebration in Palm Desert is at Merv Griffin’s estate. It’s really super nice. I let my passport expire and have been getting itchy to go somewhere and have been thinking that Palm Springs might be nice around November. I of course read way to much Conde Nast Traveler and am always planning trips I don’t take.

I missed how they got there but it must have been a party bus because Tamra is screaming at the top of her lungs while having the most mundane conversations.  None of these women seem to know who Merv Griffin is. I’d mock them but I only know that he produced a lot of game shows.

Meghan and Jim are going to the desert for something. Meghan is invited to Vicki’s party so she is going to try to do both. Heather it seems it taking a mental health break from filming with the ladies. So we had to suffer through a date night with Terry. The storyline was Terry works so much he is missing his kids childhood.

Briana brought the boys. She is going to make a lot of money this season. She appears to be an FOH with an appearance on every episode. I bet that was part of Vicki’s negotiations. Briana and Tamra manage to get locked out of the house.

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