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Simon Barney Accuses Tamra Judge of Child Neglect


Photo Credit: Bravo

I just got one of those “turn on your TV!” calls and Tamra Judge is being discussed on Nancy Grace because Simon has filed for custody of all three kids citing child neglect. According to HLN, court documents include charges that Tamra does not provide proper hygiene (dirty underwear, not showered,  hair not washed, bugs in hair, stinks) , food (no nutritious meals, no food in the house) or medical care.  Simon found his young daughter’s hair matted and full of bugs. One of their son’s had a broken bone and was not taken to the doctor, Nancy Grace claims.  Nancy also says the little girl was ill and not taken to the doctor. Continue reading

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WWHL With Vicki Gunvalson…

AndyAs we approach hour 14 of this blog shift, I realize that Vicki is on WWHL tonight. Earlier I realized that if I give you the recap a couple days before the show airs, you all forget to go and chat about the show there. Lesson learned. :)

So I am not going to blow-by-blow this show (probably, you know how I usually say that and do it anyway) but apparently when Andy hugged Vicki tonight on first sight, he asked for a better hug, so she gave him one which left a lip print on his jacket. Someone says they have remove it before the show is over so for now that is the big “event”.  I shall now continue to watch for other things of equal or better interest value.

OMG. When I watched the show, I didn’t think Vicki’s cut from surfing was that bad, but she STILL has a scar? Is this a joke? Andy didn’t want to see it but Vicki removed the Band-aids. This has to be a joke the Hawaii trip was the last week in OCTOBER 2013! But they are not acknowledging it to be a joke. How stupid does Bravo think we are? Don’t answer that. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Orange County Season 9 Premiere


I’ve been avoiding doing this post for quite some time. The screener has been mixed in with the gobbledygook that is my office desk (*cough* coffee table *cough*)waiting for me to have a laptop that I can watch the screener on while typing on another. The time has come and there is still this inexplicable resistance. But the time has come to pop the CD in and get on with Season Nine (9!!!!) of the original show that got us all addicted to this mess in the first place.

Vicki, Tamra and Heather are the sole survivors from last season. They will be joined by Shannon Beador, who Bravo PR describes as “quirky” which is nice speak for “batshit crazy” and “the opinionated former beauty queen,” Lizzie Rovsek. There is also a new FOTH, Danielle Gregario who we won’t see until episode three.

Hmm…they are not showing us the new taglines in the screener. Wonder why not? Heather and Terry are building their new house while living like mere mortals on a cul-de-sac of all places! Terry is the biggest divo in the world and simply can’t bear living like commoners. Shannon is introduced to Heather first when Heather goes to look at her home for building ideas. Shannon has three girls, including a set of twins. Shannon did not feel her twins were bonding so she had a DNA test done, to prove they were HERS! I’m not sure Heather and Shannon will get along. Shannon is out there. But I do agree with her cell phone stance. Continue reading


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Lydia Stirling McLaughlin QUITS Real HouseWives of Orange County


This makes me so sad.  I think it may have something to do with how her mother was treated.  But according to USWeekly,  Lydia has quit RHOOC!  The rumor mill has it that Alexis and Gretchen were fired for lack of storyline. So, RHOOC will have a major shakeup.  Only Vicki, Tamra and Heather are still standing. Continue reading


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RHOOC Laura Waring-Peterson’s Son Charged With Felony Grand Theft Auto

This unsourced pic is floating around the internet that supposedly depicts Lauri's before and after surgery pics

This unsourced pic is floating around the internet that supposedly depicts Lauri’s before and after surgery pics

Remember when Laura Waring-Peterson was sitting on the reunion sofa with Andy showing pictures of Josh and the baby?  She all but admitted he was still doing drugs and yet somehow explained the whole thing without mention both parents have drug issues and CPS has taken the baby, allegedly?  Well, today Josh Waring was just charged with felony grand theft auto.  Continue reading


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Real Housewives Before Surgery

598849_10151901616087922_2098671249_nWow, check out this picture from People Magazine that Luann  posted on twitter today.  Only Sonja Morgan looks like she used to look.  Thoughts?


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Please Welcome, Tamra and Eddie Judge!

Photo Credit: Bravo

Photo Credit: Bravo

Why is tonight’s episode showing up as episode 2 on my TV’s description thingy? I thought this was three and the last one. Let’s hope that is a mistake.  Anyhoo, we begin with seating charts and fake scripted crap about Eddie not wanting the other wives there. I mean it’s not like these two didn’t jello wrestly Gretchen and Slade to get the free wedding spin-off.

Are they seriously at a place called Pretty Kitty to get their chuckalina’s waxed? I can see the bride having that done, but is it necessary for the entire wedding party to march down the aisle with puffy chuckys straight from a Brazilian as well?  I have never been asked to wax my floors, so to speak, as part of my wedding party obligations. Though I suppose it’s probably less painful than some other parts of supporting a bridezilla. Thankfully, she has her best gay and some other dude to bear witness. Because, that happened. Continue reading


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Tamra’s OC Wedding: A Quiz (You Don’t Have to Watch To Play!)


Tonight, I am not writing a recap. I am giving you all a pop quiz. So put on your thinking caps and get ready to answer some tough questions. Actually, it’s just two. You can do it. There is a key at the bottom. Continue reading


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Tamra’s OC Wedding

This is a Bravo PR pic but it doesn't look like her dress

This is a Bravo PR pic but it doesn’t look like her dress

I just watched the “first look” a few hours ago and now it’s time to watch the rest with y’all.  I just die when I see the St. Regis Monarch Beach. It’s so beautiful. I think I would have picked a better spot on the property, but I prefer a bit more of an intimate setting, being a hermit and all.

Now you know this woman does not have money for a $6K shoe. Surely they are being donated.  And what these posers don’t understand is really rich people don’t spend money this way unless they are also celebrities with people offering to sponsor them. Posers and wannabes by tons of Chanel bags and Loubs. People who got rich by earning their money are not wasteful with it. If I was OPRAH I would not $6K shoes. The hilarity of seeing these fools carrying purses that cost thousands of dollars as the stroll into bankruptcy court does not escape me. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Orange County Secrets Revealed

RHOOCreunioncastIt’s been yet another rainy weekend in ATL which makes me much more likely to nap, than blog. But the sun is on for now, so let’s see if the clip show of Real Housewives of Orange County had any good moments. I am not expecting much.

I have seen all of this on the reunion, so far. Have I already seen this show? Maybe a first look?  Lydia was a virgin when she got married. But do we need fifteen minutes of discussion about it?  Heather comes by the stick up her ass through DNA. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Orange County Reunion Part 3


With rumors swirling that even after all the Brooks drama, Vicki is still seeing him, we get to see Vicki take another blow or three regarding the Brooks issue. Why on earth Brianna would humiliate her mother publicly rather than delivering the blows more softly and in private is beyond me.

Does Heather’s story about someone just deciding they must have her house ring true for y’all? I mean I’m sure it happens on rare occasions… but it just seems sort of random.  OMG! She is really defending the onion ring incident? Yes, Heather, the man should have had his onion rings. In a question about Heather emasculating Terry, Heather’s answer is …wait for it…emasculating. Continue reading


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What the Hell is Going On in Orange County? Brooks Is Hiring a Hitman?

rhoocbrooksvickiI am half asleep because I have my days and nights backwards. I hopped on to sort through my email really fast and there were a couple from people from CDAN talking about Brooks taking out a hit man to kill Vicki’s business party. Brooks is taking Williamson, the partner in the Vodka fiasco, into civil court saying that Williamson has gone public with allegations that Brooks is trying to plot to murder Williamson and his wife by hiring a hitman. Brooks is suing for damages and emotional distress.

Also, Vicki believed Williamson at first and told Brooks to hit the bricks for the millionth time, but then as usual she got back together with him. Since Vicki seems to be sticking up for Brooks over her own business partner, Williamson is going to refile his original fraud charges against Vicki that he previous dropped. Continue reading


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