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Real Housewives of Orange County Recap: Sex, Lies and Leeches

Why doesn't anyone like me? Do I look evil?

Why doesn’t anyone like me? Do I look evil?


It’s time to head back to Orange County and  pick up where we left off with Vicki and Meghan having it out over Meghan’s insistence in participating in Brooks treatment plan while all the while insinuating he doesn’t really have cancer because of some fakeass psychic scene on a TV show.  I already have a headache. I am not sure how much screeching I can take tonight.

Lizzie and Shannon both step in to try to explain to Meghan that Vicki has asked her repeated to stop talking about Brooks because it is none of her business. She needs to stop talking. Heather half heartedly tries to stick up for the little cunt satchel by saying she just cares about Brooks. Vicki points out quickly that Meghan doesn’t know Brooks she met him twice. Meghan starts talking like a four year old and says she cares about everyone with cancer. You know, when she isn’t spreading gossip saying they don’t have cancer at all, or when she is screaming at the cancer patients caregiver saying she knows more about how to treat her man who his own doctors. Outside of off those sorts of things she just loves cancer patients.

I want to poke Meghan’s  eyes out with rusty little knives while she tries to defend herself in her talking head saying that Vicki is deflecting and trying to make her look like the bad person. You are the bad person, Meghan. You are a vile little twat that won’t but out of grown folks business because you want camera time no matter how much of a shit person you look like doing it.

Heather goes on saying that people concerned because they wanted to do chemo on Brooks every day (OMG!!! that sounds like that alone would kill him) and he is not doing it.  Tamra keeps whining over and over “that’s scary to meeeeee!” Because Brooks’ cancer treatment should be all about Tamra. Continue reading


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Lizzie Thinks Meghan Is an Attention Whore (Is that One Descriptor Too Many?)

RHOOC Lizzie


My understanding is that Lizzie was not willing to be full time this season. I don’t have a very solid source on that, but that is what floated through the grapevine last year, all the way to Atlanta. So as much as I want her to be full-time, she is a busy career woman and agreeing to just take a free trip and attend a few parties makes a lot of sense. Still, I’d love for her to replace the little bitch who showed up this season. Sadly, Andy Cohen’s love for the Cardinals and production’s desire for a villain instead of an actual role model means that is unlikely.

Here’s what Lizzie had to say about the last episode in her Bravo Blog.

Happy Monday!! I hope everyone had a great weekend! It’s back to school time so I hope everyone is adjusting to their new schedules. I know most of my mommy friends are looking forward to a little “me” time as their little ones get back to school. I made a decision over the summer to give Preston a bonus year and enroll him in the TK program instead of sending him off to Kindergarten. He just turned five in July and I didn’t want him to be the youngest boy in class. It’s a very personal decision, but I’m confident I made the right one. So my waterworks (tears) will be held off one more year.  

As an educator, I’d have to say that this decision depends on the kid and how much personal attention they get at home. If someone has been reading to Preston, teaching him letters and colors and making sure he had some play dates to develop his social skills, and he is potty trained. I’d say put him in kindergarten. But it really is specific to each kid, and Lizzie knows when her kid is ready. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Orange County Recap: Meghan Edmonds is A Horrible Excuse for a Human


              The way I feel about blogging about some subjects.

I will probably regret recapping this. I deliberately skipped last week’s episode. I just can’t with all the fools that think Brooks is faking cancer. It’s just ridiculous. But I shall forge ahead tonight in the hopes that the comments will not require constant moderation. The word cancer sends post directly to moderation on this site ever since the last nasty incident here.  Please try to be respectful those with cancer whatever your opinions are on treatments and diets and the whole nine yards I’m begging you.

Sarah, Ryan, Tamra and the baby, Ava stop by to visit Vicki at her house. It seems that Vicki has offered her gorgeous backyard for the setting of the wedding. Tamra brings up that she wants to get baptized. Vicki brings up the incident with Shannon at dinner. On Vicki’s blog she says that Tamra and the rest of them were interrogating Brooks about his treatment at the gym. This of course was Tamra’s reason for inviting him, under the guise of a birthday celebration. Tamra explains what happens and Vicki at first believes they have prayed the cancer away. Then she realizes that Meghan is saying that Brooks doesn’t have cancer. Vicki chooses to opt out of the NASCAR event.

NASCAR is Meghan’s event through her husband. Jim keeps telling everyone he is “Jim Edmonds” and no one seems to recognize him.  They get to go for a super fast lap around the track. I would not enjoy this even. Though I did go to some kind of a loud race once where you had to wear ear protection and you could literally feel the car noise in your body. It was fun, I had VIP passes and there were lots of hot guys there.  My sister was fucking one of the drivers at the time.  Well during that time. Not while he was racing. Continue reading


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Guess Who Crashed the WWHL After Party Last Week?

BRavo Group NYC


Remember when Vicki was on WWHL with Jeff Lewis and Tamra was in the audience?  I remember when Vicki was asked about Nene she gave a positive response that seemed sort of strained to me. Now I know why.

When WWHL guests are put up in NYC the often stay at the Gansevoort in the meatpacking district. For some reason, Nene stopped through NYC on her way back from her clothing line show being aired in Canada. So when the gang all went out before (and perhaps after) the show, Nene showed up for a bit!

The black guy in the middle is a former model who lives in NYC. He seems to spend a lot of time taking instagram photos (MsVictoriaHilton2) at all the celebrity hotspots.  His Instagram is full of shots with celebrities that seem very fanboy. I could be wrong. Maybe all y’all know who he is.  To me he looks like a coat tail rider.

Continue reading


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Vicki Gunvalson And Brooks Ayers Spilt Again!

RHOOC Vicki and Brooks Miami

For the remainder of this season of Real Housewives of Orange County we will see all sorts of relationship problems between Vicki and her friends and family regarding her relationship with Brooks. She will fight tirelessly for the relationship despite everyone trying to give unsolicited advice in a very difficult time.

Their relationship continued on despite all the outside interference throughout the summer. Just two or three weeks ago, Vicki won a trip for four to Miami through her insurance work. The trip to Miami was a work reward for top insurance agents.  She was able to take three people with her. She took Brooks, Her brother Billy and Rhonda. Continue reading


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WWHL With Vicki Gunvalson and Jeff Lewis

WWHL with VIcki and Jeff

This should be good, but I wish Shannon was on with Jeff since they are friends in real life and share similar crazies. There is no way I will be able to recap all the funny stuff these two say, so I’ll just give you the highlights.

Tamra is in the audience. I guess Vicki and Tamra are close again. Brianna is the bartender. I wonder how much Vicki had to pay for that to happen.

I am so behind on Flipping Out. I swear Big Brother takes over all of my viewing. People send me videos and I’m like ” I can’t watch videos! Must watch BB feeds!” In fact, they are running in the background right now.

Wow. Andy just stepped in it big time and asked how her mom is doing. Um, she’s still dead, Andy. Whoa.  He meant how is the family doing since her mother passed away. Vicki says her house just sold and so the estate is finally settled. It’s been a big void and harder than she ever imagined. Jeff breaks the awkwardness by saying we should whoop it up in her honor. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Orange County Recap: Girl Code

RHOOC Cast  Season 10

Wait! This episode is called Girl Code? Will they play Luann’s stupid song as background music? My sleep schedule seems to include a fit a narcolepsy  that overlaps with prime time one way or another these days. So I am off to a late start tonight.

We begin back in paradise where the party is over and the hangovers have arrived. Heather tries to force the partiers to get up and go scuba diving. I predict that will not happen. Only Heather, Meghan, Lizzie and Tamra are able to rally for the scuba excursion. Of course the ladies aren’t certified scuba divers but that doesn’t matter since they aren’t really scuba diving, they are basically standing on the sandy bottom with a giant heavy metal helmet full of air on their heads. They are basically feeding the fish. It looks claustrophobic.  Tamra agrees and doesn’t want to do it.

Vicki and Shannon finally make it out on the beach to enjoy the view and a hair of the dog. Vicki and Shannon talk about …..wait for it…David’s affair.  He was having the affair for the entire they filmed last season. The other woman befriended Shannon and used to talk to her about Shannon’s marital issues. Shannon keeps talking about how she is only sharing the details with Vicki. And you know, a few million of us. Continue reading


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