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Real Housewives of New York Recap: Conch Blocked

RHONY Bethany

YAY! We are back in the Turks and Caicos. Let’s hope this episode is as good as the last one! We are back where we left off with Ramona being a cunt satchel and deciding she wants everyone to go out for lunch after Bethenny has made lunch at the house for them. So very tacky. Bethenny is rightly pissed. Bethenny’s salad looks amazing. I wish I had someone to make me amazing salads every day.  Ramona somehow has decided that Bethenny is pissed because Ramona stole a dress. Ramona does her apologizer thing and everyone enjoys a lovely lunch.

Ramona is writing a book about how she got to where she is. Um, divorced and unstable? I’d go with that.  Bethenny suggests “Work in Progress.”  Heather says there are probably tons of books with that name. This pisses off Heather and says that Bethenny is a “know-it-all.”  But in this case, Bethenny is correct. Bethenny and Heather argue. Carole says that if you are 58 and your life is still a work in progress, that’s a problem. I disagree. I think we are all works in progress.  This know it all fight is going to go on forever.

Or not. Heather and Bethenny seem to make up by pulling the back of each others bikini bottoms down to bare their asses. Whatever works, girls. BTW, great asses on both of them. This ends in both of them mooning the other girls. Everybody is happy. Time to paddle board.

Heather apologizes to Sonja for participating in the alcoholic storyline. She loves Sonja and she is sorry. Heather promises never to bring it up again. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of New York Recap: Sonja Island

RHONY Bethany

Heather’s flat belly is awesome.

Ramona and Bethenny sit down to talk about Sonja’s drinking. Things devolve into a conversation about how lonely they all are and how scary the unknown is. Ramona breaks down over Mario. Bethenny who is not a hugger, is already hugging and crying.  Ramona goes on and on about how Mario is a part of her and she wants to fix him so bad. The both cry and hug some more.  I thought it odd that Bethenny said she related to the feeling of loss Ramona was having. She never seemed to attach to Jason.

Sonja and Dorinda have a loud discussion inside while the other girls are doing yoga. Sonja is reenacting Bethenny screaming at her. Sonja is totally disrupting yoga and the girls all get up from yoga to go hear what Sonja is screaming about.  So much for yoga.

Ramona tells Sonja that Bethenny called her an alcoholic. Ramona just AGREED with Bethenny five minutes ago.  Bethenny walks up the conversation escalates. Bethenny tells Sonja that she gets drunk and tries to screw everybody else’s man. Ramona defends Sonja to Bethenny and backpedals like crazy to avoid any involvement in the Sonja intervention. Luann shows up with breakfast for everyone to eat on the beach.  Ramona takes hers into the house. Leaving Bethenny and Luann getting screamed at by Sonja. Luann takes Bethenny side and says that Sonja tends to “fall asleep” at the end of the night and need to be put to bed. Sonja doesn’t deny this, in fact she says, “so what” and continues screaming at everyone as Heather approaches. Oh Heather, this is an OG problem you need to stay on the porch and sip mimosas, I’m sure you can hear them from there. Continue reading


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Here is the Tea on How Sonja Morgan Lost $7 Million


Recently, I was sent this really interesting interview by The Business of Film (TBOF) with Richard Rionda Del Castro (RRDC), Chairman of LA based Hannibal Pictures and his wife  Patricia Rionda Del Castro (PRDC). This is the production company that Sonja Morgan frauded who won their suit against her with a judgment of over $7 million.

You will want to read the whole article if you have the time but these are the most interesting excerpts.

RRDC: In 2005 Hannibal controlled a project in which a very big name actor had a strong interest in the leading role. While we were finalizing the acting contract, the actor gave us a short window to go into production because of other film commitments. We began presales and had procured a commitment letter from our regular production lender. During the same period, our lawyer at the time introduced us to his new client who was now in the business and representing to have $250million in cash to invest into film production. They were starting with a slate of 5 pictures and were looking for high profile pictures to finance and co- produce. They took an ad in Variety at AFM in 2005 announcing their intentions, and in January 2006 they signed an agreement with my company, in which they agreed and committed to finance 100% of the film. At that time, they were fully aware that if we agreed to their financing terms, we would be solely relying on them to completely finance the film, and they repeatedly assured us that would not be an issue. This person was Sonja Tremont Morgan, a New York socialite. The production company was Sonja Productions. Her company took an advertisement in the trades, and she used her husband’s name John Adams Morgan, the great-great grandson of J.P. Morgan, and a direct descendant of U.S. President John Adams, who was the Vice President in charge of Financing for the company. Sonja Morgan and her director were representing to everyone they had the cash sitting at a bank in Beverly Hills ready to fund as soon as they had chosen their projects. Continue reading


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WWHL With Sonja Morgan & Luann de Lesseps Singing Live!

WWHL with Luann and Sonja


I can’t possibly skip recapping this trainwreck. I have to stay plugged in for another 30 minutes. They had Luann stand up for this photo and I thought for sure it was to so the absurdity of Luann’s skirt length, but I have a feeling it was because they are trying not to show Luann’s twat. Tonight it is Sonja’s turn to be Luann’s “snatch guard.” Who knew that would happen.

Andy brings up Ramona’s rudeness to the help and the yellow bikini. Andy plays a montage of Ramona apologizing. She really does do it a lot. Andy asks the ladies if Ramona got a boob job. The girls won’t answer so that means yes. I rarely even notice women’s boobs unless they are hanging out.

They play a clip of Bethenny’s intervening with Sonja. Andy asked her why she wasn’t listening to Bethenny. Sonja says last year they said she was all over the place with her business and going to lose her house.  Now she has a huge line of luxury blah, blah, blah and she is still in her house. Both of those statements are debatable. Check here for the latest on her house.  She puts just as much weight in their opinions this year.  Sonja denied several times that she has issues with alcohol.

Amy Phillips does a great imitation of Sonja. Luann says she are Carole are “cordial” when they run into each other. Which means they are not speaking. Luann will be singing the song on a float in the NYC gay pride parade on Sunday!  So regal. So classy. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of New York: Room Motherfuckers

RHONY  Everybody

It’s time to begin the main trip of the season for Real Housewives of New York as they all head off to Turks and Caicos ! Seven women, one house, one scary island.

But first we have to get through Luann’s fashion launch. I am not a fan of the line. What is it with housewives and uncovered shoulders?  Bethenny and Kristen resume their argument and seem to put it behind them. For now. Sonja seems to be coming for Kristen too. Mostly because the cameras were on Kristen and Bethenny.

WOW! Andy Cohen has a Snapple commercial. That was random. The commercial is cute though. Get those dollars, Andrew.

Carole is filming everything. That would be annoying. Aren’t there enough camera’s anyway?

The fight for rooms begins. It’s not like there is a bad room in the house.  Ramona and Sonja agree to share a room but they disagree on which one. Both are keeping the other ladies out of the room they are in. Of course Ramona wins. She always manages to get the best room. Bethenny goes in on Ramona for being a bitch about the room. Everyone is pissed at Ramona already. Even Sonja because the room Ramona forced on her doesn’t have a bathtub and Sonja can’t do showers. Seriously? I’d just want my own room and I could care less which one it is. Ramona has someone, perhaps he is a butler?,unpack for her. I can’t even imagine treating people the way Ramona does. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of New York Episode Discussion Forum

RHONY Ramona face

EDITED TO ADD: OOPS I AM SO UNPLUGGED I’VE FORGOTTEN MY SCHEDULE. IT’S RHOOC I won’t be recapping tonight. Hang on and I’ll put up a post for that show. THEN back to unplugged.

Hey guys, I am going to remain mostly unplugged again tonight and will not be recapping the RHONY  RHOOC live at 9. I may or may not feel like doing it at 11:30 in time for the morning crew tomorrow. Until then… you guys have a place to comment here. Meanwhile, let’s look back at last week’s episode through the bleary eyes of Ramona. Bethenny is a very strong woman. The things she has been going through have been very hard on her emotionally. At times Bethenny cries at a drop of the hat due to all the stress she’s under. I know the feeling as finalizing my divorce has been taking a toll on me emotionally. This is the reason I haven’t written a blog in a while. I appreciate everyone’s continued support and understanding. It means so much to me. I actually hadn’t noticed your absence. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of New York Recap: An Hour of Infomercials

RHONY cast


The ladies are going to a cupcake party decorating party at a cupcake store. This is Bethenny’s idea. the Skinnygirl  versus Ramona’s Pinot starts right away. This is apparently a promotion for the cupcake store, and the women’s booze and yet another opportunity to discuss their vaginas and what they do with them publicly on national television.  Then Sonja says she is about to pay off her $7 million dollar judgment and another couple million in attorneys fees. Um, didn’t she just declare bankruptcy over the judgements? That is not really “paying them off.” So she invites everyone to Turks and Caicos.

Sidenote: Every woman who lives in NYC and is on TV has been pushing the HELL out of Turks and Caicos lately. Kelly Ripa can’t mention it enough on her show, this show, it seems like it is the new Phillipines of travel destination promotion desperation.  WTF is going on there for this major push to be necessary? Red Tide? Oil Spill? High murder rate? It’s all a bit much.


Luann meets up with Kristen for a shoe store promotion. Since they are already on a reality show during this commercial, Kristen tells Luann about#PopOfColorGate.  Luann sticks up for Bethenny. Kristen’s storyline is “why doesn’t Bethenny love me?”


The next commercial is for Balzeen. A restaurant/bar. During this promotional activity Carole tells Bethenny she had as sex dream about her. Carole says she had the dream about Bethenny because she needs to loosen up.  Carole tells Bethenny she did rat her out to Kristen. In her talking head, Bethenny tries to backpedal about what she said about Kristen.  Bethenny is fine with Carole blabbing to Kristen about what she said. I see a sixty-nine session in the future for these two. I wish I didn’t, because MY EYES. Two anorexic New York bitches just don’t do it for me. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of New York Recap: Pop of Color

RHONY cast

We are back at the birthday party for Dorinda where Heather and Bethenny have both burst into tears after an argument. And just as suddenly as the tears came Bethenny has suddenly decided she wants to give Heather a hug. So they hug it out. Do you think Bethenny realized she was looking like a bitch? Are is she hormonal like some of us?  What the hell are those weird green statues on the shelf in the dining room? They are creepy and wonderful all at once! Bethenny tells us in her talking head how much pressure she is under.

I forgot how drunk everyone was. Sake was not a good idea for this crowd. Luann stands up and walks over to John and gives him some sort of condescending speech about how she likes him, sort of.  Apparently, that was supposed to be a toast. Not to be outdone, Ramona gives a toast. Then Bethenny gives a toast to the party saying when Sonja is the sanest person in the room, we’ve had a good party. Bethenny is still doing sake shoots. She says to Sonja, she doesn’t think she is a good dinner party guest.

They separate into two camps one for Heather and one for Bethenny. Clearly, the hug didn’t last long. They are all drunk. I doubt Bethenny will remember this in the morning.


Back in NYC, Ramona goes to pick up Avery for winter break. They literally ran toward each other and hugged. It was so sweet. Avery has a paper to turn in by tonight. They start semi arguing in the car. That hug didn’t last long either. I love seeing New York decorated for Christmas. I’m glad they are back to cold weather filming in NYC.

Ramona tries to talk to Avery about Mario “trying to reconcile with her.” Avery wants no part of the conversation. Avery says she should do whatever makes her happy. She is a grown up, she can handle kit. Avery seems a bit teary in the conversation. Avery has grown into a wise and lovely young lady. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of New York Recap: Birthday Bitches in the Berks

RHONY  Everybody

I’m sort of half sick with some chills and fever nonsense and my Internet access is sort of half functional AGAIN. So I am starting this about 40 minutes late.  I will probably just check out Secrets and Wives or whatever Bravo is calling the Real Housewives of Long Island tomorrow. Anyway, let’s see if this works. It takes like 45 minutes for the introduction of all 247 housewives on this show.


Dorinda has invited everyone to her house in the Berkshires for her birthday. Luanna and Ramona arrive in the same car (dear God how long is that trip?) Ramona brings flowers and a case of nice red wine. Oh wait, it’s her Pinot Grigio.  I am at a loss for words over the purple velvet sofas. I am sure they are expensive and lovely and look very comfortable,  but they just seem to say “In the late 1070s several pornos were filmed on these sofas” to me.  Just me?

Carole, Heather and Kristen arrive together sans promotional products. The house is HUGE. Everyone hass their own room Dorinda’s master has a fireplace. The house is really beautiful.  Ramona has invited her “business partner” in “her sports bar” to the Berkshires? Or just the dinner?

Carole decides to name the house Blue Stone Manor. Which of course immediately makes me think of the poor, belittled dry cleaner. Just me?

Ramona talks to Kristen about the fight between Luanna and Ramona at the caviar dinner. Kristen agrees that John is “a little flirty.” Ramona walks in on them talking about it. Because they are bad mouthing her man while invited guest to her home! Kristen admits that she thinks John is too touchy feely. Dorinda says that she was embarrassed that Kristen would grind on John in front of everyone including her husband. Dorinda and Kristen argue about whose fault it is. Kristen says this is something she should be discussing with John. Then Heather walks in and Dorinda rehashes it all over again. Dorinda cries because she is a widow at 50. Kristen cries and now everyone feels bad. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of New York Recap: The Cavi-Art of War

RHONY cast


It’s time for the Real Housewives of New York. Unfortunately, my power has been out off and on all day due to bad weather. The power and the cable came back on fairly quickly, but the Internet has been out for several hours. My landline appears to be the issue as it is all part of Charter. Without the phone, there is no Internet. Since I have no cell phone, I have no way to call and be sure there is nothing I can do on my end to fix the problem. Anyhoo. At least I have TV. And good ole Wordpad.

Since hour three with no Google, I’ve probably gone to look up fifty things. I really want to know how things went for Jason Rezaian. I’d like to believe out current administration did someone about the situation. But I have no real hope of that. Meanwhile, I’m in Madagascar with Anthony Bourdain, which would not be a bad place to be, but he brought some pansy liberal, and worst of all as far as Tony is concerned VEGETARIAN , director with him. I think Anthony is enjoying him even less than I am. I wrote that before he called him a “Debbie Downer” on camera. He is the reason mere mortals can’t go on Parts Unknown with Anthony.

It’s time for RHONY and I am officially still without phone or Internet with more storms planned every day for the next ten days except Saturday and Sunday. Tonight’s episode is callled The Cavi-Art of War.


Ramona is sick but going out to lunch with Dorinda anyway. I’m sure Dorinda is thrilled by her spewing germs everywhere. Ramona claims that Mario wants her back. I do not believe this. This is just a little stab at the new fool he is with. The dry cleaner storyline is about to be a thing. UGH. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of New York Recap: Family Matters

RHONY cast

Argh I was busy chatting in email with a couple of people. And did not have time to set up this post so I will be a little late in posting, probably. Apparently, it is still Ramona’s birthday. Still. I guess she wanted presents from people who were not in Atlantic City.  She has a Turtle Time cake. And THANK GOD FOR BETHENNY for squashing the stupid trend of call women MAMA. I HATE THAT. I am no anybody’s Mama. It’s ridiculous and must be stopped.  Bethenny hates the upper east side luncheon birthday party. I can totally appreciate that. Carole and Bethenny discuss Sonja’s psychopharmacologist.  Which is a head shrinker that writes scripts.  Much like most psychiatrists. The are actual doctors who treat mental disorders with medications. Not vitamins.  Meanwhile, Sonja is talking about meditation and abundance candles with some whackadoo.

I do not want to think about Dorinda swinging.

Bethenny is hysterical tonight. Sonja is talking about her swami priestess whackadoo.  It’s hysterical. Bethenny moves on to play therapist with Ramona. Then in the next scene Bethenny goes to therapy with her TV doctor. I really wish Bethenny could reconcile with Jason. But that  is never going to happen and Bethenny feels betrayed  Side note: I saw a video recently of Bethenny and Jason trying to co-parent on Bryn’s fourth birthday. I could not find it on Youtube. But Bryn was having a major meltdown when Jason had to pass her off to Bethenny and was screaming I want to stay with Daddy! Over and over as paparazzi filmed. It must be heartbreaking. There were dozens of paps there. Bethenny is concerned about trusting her judgment. She has recently broken up with (in real time) with her rebound relationship and is already seeing someone else. Bethenny is wanting to meet up with her stepfather John, because she wants Bryn to have some family on here side.  Also, I have to break up with my therapist this week. I really can’t afford her anymore with my unaffordable Obama care. Plus, I think I’ve heard all of her things multiple times, it’s getting repetitive at this point. Clearly, I don’t listen. And I have you guys to tell my troubles too. I’m pretty much an open book. More advice is not going to help. I have to do some work on myself. Plus, I will see here again here and there. I’m too poor to be crazy. Continue reading


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Sonja’s Blog Is a Full Novel of Delusion and Incoherence

GIF from RealtyTvGifs


I think that Sonja has surpassed Jacqueline what’s her face in the longest blog ever contest. There is more delusion, incoherence, and contradiction in the post than I have seen. And I tried to snip out as much as possible. Sonja’s words are in black, and I’m using the purple pen.

First and foremost, I need to address the situation that occurred at my home at the beginning of the episode. What really happened was that I was taking a call from my sister from Nashville who was just telling me she was not be able to come to watch my daughter, because her best friend had just passed away.

So your teenaged daughter who last I heard was in boarding school was going to be babysat by your sister who was in Nashville talking on the phone to you rather than at least on a plane to NYC if not already there?  None of your 47 interns can be trusted to look after Quincy?  Her alleged $300,000 a year in child support won’t cover a lady sitter? She has no school friends she could spent the night with? Seriously? Continue reading


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