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SkinnyGirl Versus Tipsy Girl A Tutorial

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See UPDATE after the page break.

I really have not found it necessary to explain this entire trademark war with you guys in intimate detail, but I keep seeing all sorts of definitive statements in comments that are completely untrue. So I am going to do all the way into the boring minutiae maybe so everyone will understand that I know what I am talking about, for the most part.

The Players

Bethenny Frankel owner of an LLC named SG Marks, LLC. SG Marks is a shell corp that Bethenny uses specifically for trademark applications, trademark infringements, trademark disputes… I could get even more Forest Gump about it, but you get the idea. This corporation has its own vigilant team of lawyers specifically to protect her brand from encroachers. So I could just end this blog right here with GAME OVER!  There has been more than one attempt by wayward fools to attempt to file trademarks for Skinny Girl (the one word or two thing is important in this post)  diet supplements and those attempts were abandoned by the applicant. Because, it’s simply not going to happen, I can assure you that Bethenny’s trademark lawyers are better than yours. Don’t waste your time. She has money and can play this game all day, every day and not be in the slightest bit aware it is happening, let alone bothered. You will lose. But let’s continue to spell it out in excruciating detail, shall we?

Peter Guimaraes  Real Housewives of New York hanger-on. It’s amazing to me the similarities this guy has with Peter Thomas on RHOA.  Both have a smattering of closed restaurants in their wake, both of them are thirstier than a lone, lost Berber child in the Sahara, both have questionable relationships with women shown on the show, and both claim to be incredibly successful in the restaurant and bar industry despite evidence to the contrary.  Oh and neither are very good at coherent verbal or written communication.  Peter’s latest enterprise is a bar called Tipsy Girl. I don’t think it is an accident that Bethenny is filming scenes at Tipsy Parson this season. It’s a subtle way to point out the lack of originality in the bar name Peter chose.  Perhaps. Allegedly in my opinion.  Peter filed for his trademarks personally, not under any business name.

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Sonja Morgan Waits At The Window Wearing The Face That She Keeps In a Jar by The Door




There are a lot of purple pen worthy blogs from the RHONY this week. I am trying to enjoy this beautiful weekend so I am not sure how many I will get to.  This day is flying by. But if I can only do one, it has to be Sonja’s!  It’s so delusional. Remember we discussed getting rid of either Sonja or Ramona because they were virtually interchangeable blondes who drink way to much and don’t have much more than that to offer that is based in reality?  It seems this is the season where the two figured out they need to separate and have their own identities. Ramona has decided to do this by fighting with Luann and Dorinda. She was on Twitter after the show aired in a huge Twitter fight with Dorinda who called her third strike on Ramona, only to stick up for Ramona when she got into it with Luann. It’s amazing how these fights always happened during the time the shows are airing, isn’t it? #Scripted

Sonja’s intern in charge of writing her blog needs to learn the art of brevity. It’s over 1500 words and that is with no introduction, it just sort of starts with a rant right away.

I did not have press at my birthday party. It wasn’t a business event. It wasn’t a charity or a typical Sonja In the City event with wall-to-wall professional cameras. I sent out no press invites. It was not a launch. It was just personal friends coming together to celebrate with Marco Maranghello and me. Thanks Ramona for not letting Bethenny know that.

Did I miss what this Marco the hairdresser guy has to do with the price of eggs at Grey Gardens?

Bethenny’s name is always enticing in the press, and I got dragged into a story because of the two brands having the word “girl” and being alcohol and some gossipy people stirring the pot. That’s why all the girls are buzzing about Tipsy vs Skinny, because there is always buzz around Bethenny. 

I already don’t know how to respond to these words. Is she blaming Bethenny for Page Six picking up the story?

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Real Housewives of New York Recap: Airing Your Dirty Laundry

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Maybe last season Dorinda, tonight you are right in the mix. Gif by T.Kyle at


Tonight’s RHONY episode is entitled, Airing Your Dirty Laundry. This means I will probably be peppering the post with Don Henley lyrics, because now the song is stuck in my head. People love it when you lose. They love dirty laundry.


Grey Gardens has been so misedited this season. Lunann’s living there, no she’s not, yes she is and now we have the moving in scene where we find out that she will be on the fifth floor. I cannot imagine her walking up and down five flights of stairs all day.  Sonja talks about taking the elevator up. I thought that was one of the first things to go.

Sonja tries to explain THE GREAT TIPSY GIRL INCIDENT OF 2015  to LuAnn. As soon as Sonja mentions Peter, Luann replies ‘You mean Ramona’s Peter?’ in such a way that she seems shocked, as if these three women have not been placing pass the peter for many seasons.  Isn’t her new guy also a recycled peter?  Luann tries to point out that Tipsy Girl is too close to Tipsy Girl.  Sonja pretends she had never thought of this.


Ramona meets Carole and Bethenny to update them on the party because neither of them attended.Of course all of this trademark stuff has hit the press.  But still, Ramona has to explain it to Bethenny even though it is all over Page Six.  Bethenny feels very betrayed. Ramona asks if Sonja knows what she is doing. In unison, Bethenny, Carole and me say, “Yes.”  Bethenny ends the conversation with “Don’t fuck with me.” Ut Oh.


Ramona meets Dorinda for breakfast.  Ramona orders a healthy egg white omelet but the second the food arrives she starts tearing in to Dorinda’s pumpkin waffle. Once again these two agree that they are solid friends and Ramona will stop mocking John.

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Maybe Bethenny Frankel Does Know It All!

RHOBH Bethenny


Bethenny shoots off her truth cannon in this week’s RHONY Blog.

Come on Sonja, it’s like you’re an actress now. “Bethenny didn’t RSVP, so I guess that means she’s coming.” Since when is that what that means? You know I’m not coming because Ramona told you, and because you know we haven’t spoken in months.

One of the reasons they were not talking was her agreement to with Peter to get paid for featuring the Tipsy Girl drink concept on the show.  I explained all of that here.  At that time I assumed that Peter had  trademarked his brand. He had not. Apparently, Bethenny filed for the trademark on the brand to keep him from using it. This was a quick and easy way for her to solve the problem.

And please stop deflecting onto Ramona your substance abuse issues. That’s just cowardly. Own your own stuff.

Suddenly, I am reminded of a blind item. Perhaps you should read it.

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Real Housewives of New York Recap: Tipsying Point

RHONY season 8


It’s time for another episode of RHONY and I am not sure I have slept since the last one.  I am trying to deal with backend problems on the site and I am going to pass out right after this recap. Forgive me if it doesn’t make any sense.


We see Sonja getting a placenta facial. The massage person gets a lot of promotional time in exchange for her free services to Sonja. Ramona is having some sort of get together. I swear my brains are mush and I can barely follow this.


Oh look, we are in the kitchen at Carole’s apartment. It’s like the writers totally forgot the “Carole got rid of her kitchen storyline.  Jules is there and we are definitely going to have to listen to eating disorder conversations. Oh wait, it is even worse than that. It’s  psychic party. Bethenny arrives with Skinnygirl product placement.

The psychic tells Jules she is going to do great things for women’s rights. For some reason I feel like I am going to throw up. Like seriously. Nothing to do with the show. We get the psychic reading and the whole coins and balloons stories.  We have heard all of this before. The psychic says that her dead husband says John is fine for now but he can’t give her the safety she needs.  (update: did throw up, feel better now).  The best part of this scene is Bethenny’s talking heads. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of New York Recap: Birthday Bashing

RHONY season 8



Bethenny is obsessed with Brynn. It’s cute. She’s pacing up to go on at trip with Brynn? I don’t think she is allowed to film per Jason’s orders.

Okay I am done recapping and this packing scene had absolutely nothing to do with anything at all this episode. I guess they just needed a Bethenny scene and stuck it in as filler. Did I miss something?


Carole and Dorinda out to lunch. Carole starts right in talking about Jules’ house.  And her body. Carole talks about who ate what.  Then she says the energy may have been off because of John. Dorinda did not like that one bit. She has decided to just not bring John around the girls. Good idea.

Jules arrives to lunch and Carole acts like she wasn’t just trash talking her. But we move on to Jules talking about how critical Bethenny was of her home.  Carole of course defends Bethenny. Jules says she is old money and Bethenny is new money. You know Jules, when you start a new job you need to check the lay of the land and find out who is tight with the higher ups. Then you steer clear of them and try not to trash talk them. Jules says she wants to sit down and chat with Bethenny. Oh Jules, I’m not sure you are up to that.

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