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RHONY TEA: Luann De Lesseps Nabs Magazine Cover; Entire Cast on Massive Press Tour To Save Ratings!

RHONY Luann Cover Luxury Living


Another thing I keep wanting to tell you guys about is the abysmal RHONY ratings this season. BravoPR on twitter keeps talking about “season highs” which is one thing when your ratings are in the gutter that you can spin, but they are also claiming MUCH HIGHER numbers than Bravo Whore reports.  I am 100% confident in Bravo Whore’s sources and rely on him for my ratings information exclusively. I would not do that if I thought he was just some random guy with no access to the numbers.

Further proof that Bravo Whore is accurate and BravoPR is not (allegedly, in my opinion) is the fact that most of the RHONY cast is on a massive press tour lately trying to drum up viewers.

Which brings us to Countess Luann, who according to her Instagram seems to be saying she was on The Tonight Show the other night and was at US Weekly giving sound bites about Jules Wainstien’s divorce.  And apparently on Jenny MaCarthy’s Podcast and at People all in the same day. It’s all very desperate.

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Real Housewives of New York Recap: Always a Bitch; Never the Bride!


Alright you guys I am going to make this the fastest recap ever because it is my favorite day of the year, Big Brother Premiere Night! And I care way more about that than whatever the fuck is about to fall out of Bethenny’s uterus tonight in the Home Goods Store.

Do you think Jules’ nanny quitting has anything to do with her husband? This just occurred to me.

I’m skipping Carole. It was the dog poop that made the final call.


Dorinda and Jules go shopping. I don’t even want to cove this trip to Mexico stuff now that I am thoroughly convinced it is not going to happen.  In fact, the whole premise of the trip to taste Tequila for her margarita line never made sense to me because she sold that line and though some say she still has input, I don’t believe it and if she does it is minimal and she is not being sent to taste tequila with housewives in Mexico as part of her duties. I believe that scene where she announced the trip was shot after she bled out and realized she couldn’t go. Then Bravo cancelled the trip to follow her bleeding uterus storyline.

Jules wants Sonja on the nonexistent  Mexico trip. Dorinda wants Luann on the nonexistent trip. Dorinda says that Ramona met Tom once for drinks and it was a one night stand.


Sonja makes up with Ramona out of the blue to tell her she is not drinking and she is working out. Ramona’s confessional is supposed to be supportive, but Ramona just sucks at supportive. Clearly, Sonja is trying to dash the alcoholic who can’t be invited to any filming storyline by refusing to drink on camera.  Sonja’s confessional points out that Ramona is the real drunk.

Apparently, Carole’s scene is about a dog wedding. I will not be recapping a dog wedding and a bloody uterus in the same episode. Apologies. Sonja plans to apologize to Bethenny at the fucking dog thing so I may have to watch that part.

Ramona, the apologizer is teaching Sonja how to apologize. She does have the most practice.

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Sonja’s Mission To Undermine Bethenny Frankel’s Brand Will Never Succeed

Photo Credit: Marshall Heyman Instagram

Photo Credit: Marshall Heyman Instagram

When I first started blogging I was an idiot. I knew that the tabloids in the grocery store aisles were made up bullshit 90% of the time.  But there were plenty of outlets that I blindly believed. They were actual journalists, weren’t they? I’ve since learned that even CNN and other major news media outlets need to be fact checked.

Today I was sent this piece from Page Six. I love Page Six. The Real Housewives of New York seem to live and breathe for a mention on Page Six.  Sonja Morgan wakes up to the New York Daily Post every morning! (<<< Blind Item Reveal!) Sonja also loves to call up Page Six almost as much as Luann De Lesseps does!  And apparently that happened last night. Because just before midnight the following story went up. I generally don’t purple pen other writers work. My purple pens of housewives blogs are because I find their blogs to be ridiculous. I have a different opinion than they do. But in this case, I have to purple pen Page Six because they have so very many facts wrong.  So here goes…

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Sonja Morgan & Jerry O’Connell on WWHL

WWHL Sonja Morgan
I thought about skipping this recap but I spent the morning getting a tooth I managed to shatter over the weekend extracted. So now I have something in common with Sonja. Though I will be getting a permanent implant not a fake canine tooth from Banjo’s veterinarian. I do have a sudden urge to go to Wal*Mart in my PJs and bedroom slippers though. Anyway, let’s see if I missed anything last night.

Andy asks Sonja about her relationship with Tom and reminds her that Luann said it was a one night stand. Sonja takes office and says, “With Sonja Morgan, it’s never just once!”  Which sounds weird to me. I guess that is a good thing?  But wouldn’t a normal person say something like, ” Tom and I dated on a few occasions.”  Of something less vagina focused? Sonja says they have known each other for ten years and they hook up frequently. He’s single, she’s single, he’s about to turn 50 has never been married or had any kids. She implies that they are good friends. So it is interesting that he never mentioned Luann.

I didn’t see Michael sending selfies and texting on the show last night because I was typing. That is kind of sad because this is a real divorce situation. Sonja says she was surprised by the news. I don’t think Sonja really filmed with Jules that much.

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Real Housewives of New York Recap: The Bethenny Show Has Moved To Bravo!

RHONY season 8

It’s time for RHONY, or as it is now known, “The Bethenny Show!”.  Apparently that show as not indeed cancelled but simply moved to Bravo. I can’t really say that I am a fan. But alas, here we go again.

We pick up three weeks after Ramona’s holiday party as the ladies took some time of to be annoying to their own families during the holiday season.


We meet Alex who is apparently Sonja’s social media intern. Sonja, who lies about things that she doesn’t need to lie about tells Luann that he has been with her for two years.  In reality, Sonja was advertising for a social media intern before the season even started. Maybe this one quit but he hasn’t been there for two years.  Now she claims that she has been wanting to make a line of Prosecco forever. Luann, who has been eviscerated a mere three weeks ago by Bethenny continues to stand on the side of reason and tell Sonja that this product is not a good idea and it really isn’t worth “being alienated from the girls”.  In other words, Bethenny has convinced the others not to film with Sonja until she drops the idea. This is the whole reason behind the back door machinations of her friends. She was told to drop it or lose her apple. #BlindItemRevealed Dorinda went along with freezing Sonja out.  Sonja claims she has quit drinking.

Luann tells Sonja that she is moving out because she has found her soulmate and they are probably getting married. Then she tells her it’s Tom.  Just like Ramona, Sonja has slept with Tom. Sonja is in disbelief.  Sonja says in her talking head that she just slept with Tom a few weeks ago and “she has been doing him forever.”  Something tells me this Tom guy has been rented for this storyline. I’m looking at you Luann.

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RHONY Bravo Blog Lowlights: Berkshires Edition

RHONY Dorinda

Dorinda Medley sort of sums up my feelings on posting today in her blog this week:

I want to begin by saying that I am so devastated by what happened in Orlando. I feel ridiculous even writing a blog in light of the Sunday we all just had. Even with the Tonys last night, it was a dismal day, and I’m writing this from Ptown, where the sadness is more palpable than I can describe. Words cannot ever really express how sad and horrified one feels when these things happen, but we have to do something about this already.

I go through the natural ups and downs of blogging. Mostly, it is the perfect job for me; however, it is an ongoing 24/7/365 job.  Incorporating the blog under Tamara Tattles Media, LLC has required all sorts of paperwork much of which requires me to get out of the house and print out and submit back to my attorney’s office , bankers, accountants,printers, etc. All of this I keep putting on the back burner. Then there was the moving to the new site which I find out each day that everyone hasn’t migrated to yet. Instead, I sit down day after day and recap a bunch of really shitty TV shows so we can all sit around talking about how much they all suck. It feels particularly meaningless to me today.  I am sure It will be fun again. Because you guys make it fun. But right now, I still overcome with grief.

Before I pull out the dastardly purple pen, I’d like to point out that my friend who has a home in Provincetown, or Ptown as it’s called, alerted me to Dorinda’s presence there this weekend. She was there to host  benefit for Provincetown Theater and Center for Coastal Studies. I am told it was a rousing success and the feedback I got from photos showed everyone having a good time and enjoying her company.

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