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Bethenny Frankel Admits She is Returning to RHONY


Bethenny Frankel is a media whore. I really don’t think there is anything wrong with that. There are a lot of people who want to be in the entertainment industry. I used to dabble in it in my late teens and early twenties. I couldn’t handle all of the waiting around and pancake makeup. It was fun to experience but certainly not something I would have considered as a career. If I were forced to be in the industry, I’d want to be a casting director. Mostly because bad casting can really irritate me. But Bethenny has been trying to get and stay in front of cameras for decades. And even now that she is a mother, and very rich, she can’t seem to shake the bug.

So Bethenny Frankel is returning to RHONY.

“I’m genuinely excited, with a side of slightly nervous, for my return to The Real Housewives of New York City,” she said in a statement. “Bravo has always been the place on television where I have the freedom to be unfiltered, honest and inappropriate, with an audience who has been with me from the beginning. I can’t wait to see what this next chapter brings for all of us. Watch what happens!”

Andy Cohen is also thrilled with her return. “Bethenny is one of the most popular Housewives in the history of the franchise, and I couldn’t be more excited she is coming home to Bravo!,” he says.

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Jill Zarin and Luann de Lesseps Try Out for US Open?

Jill Zarin


Apparently, both Jill Zarin and Luann de Lesseps consider themselves world-class tennis players. They each both played in mixed doubles in the 2014 US Open National Playoffs USTA Eastern Sectional Qualifying Tournament last week. They were not partners. They both lost their game, because um, it’s the US OPEN??

But I really don’t care about any of that. Jill Zarin is unrecognizable. Has she had a ton of work done?

I haven’t even though about Jill Zarin in ages, and if I had run into her on the streets of NYC, I would not have recognized her. Go here for picture of Jill and LuAnn at the event. Warning LuAnn is not wearing any makeup.


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Sonja Morgan Has Vacated Her Townhome

sonja's townhouse

Sonja Morgan’s E. 63rd St. is desperately in need of Fredrik Eklund. Here is a quick primer on Sonja pre-RHONY, Sonja was a little go getter with aspirations who put herself through college and did some modeling and ended up living in NYC working at an Italian restaurant where she met her future husband who is somehow related to JP Morgan the steel guy. I forget all the particulars but he was an older gent with serious old NYC money and Sonja married him. But despite anchoring the relationship with a kid, the marriage failed and they were separated in 2006 and divorced in 2008.

In the divorce, Sonja got the 4,500ish square feet place with  5 bedrooms and 5.5 bathrooms with plumbing issues that bought in the late 1990s for around $9million. Shortly after the divorce she began trying to sell. I think she started around $12million, then $9 million. Then she tried to declare bankruptcy because back toward the end of the marriage she formed a company and named it Sonja Entertainment (or something similar) and promised some Hollywood types that she would get financing for a John Travolta movie to the tune of $7million or so.  But the courts refused to let her off the hook. Continue reading


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WWHL With Bethenny Frankel and Ramona Singer

bethenny and RamonaWell this should be good!  Please understand I am not discussing RHONY here this season, so I won’t be including certain parts and neither will your comments. That said, Andy is busting at the seams with happiness.  He wastes no time kissing Bethenny’s ass!  Ramona shares that Bethenny sends really nice floral arrangements to her guests.

Obvi, Bethenny gets first chair, as it should be.

Apparently Sonja needs 35 people to help her function. The interns live in her house!  The poll question is who do you miss the most of the dearly departed housewives?  Bethenny calls Andy a shit stirrer. Then Andy plays a Turtle Time! video. #goodtimes  The bartender is a zoo guy with a baby sloth named Mo short for Molasses. How adorbs!

Andy asks Ramona about her marital issues. She says she is taking it day by day and then asks Andy about his ring. This has been an issue since last summer when we though he might be engaged to recently booted DWTS cast member, Sean Avery.  Andy says he just bought it for himself. I don’t believe it, it’s a wedding band on his gay ring finger. Nice one, Ramoner!

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About Real Housewives of New York: I’m Out

avivaSo I just locked comments on the last RHONY recap. I am done. I am not TMZ or Radar Online, I’m just a fat chick sitting on my couch trying to deal with a hormonal storm that likes to take over my brain from time to time.  For me, reality TV back when is was reality TV was about getting to be a fly on the wall of other people my age(ish) with The Real World.  I loved the concept of having a camera on the lives of others. It was interesting. It was a learning experience.

I think I am having my Perez Hilton moment. I never really read there but even I knew he was famous for drawing penises on pictures and saying shitty things about people. I’m not Perez Hilton, and that is something I can put in my gratitude journal. Continue reading

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Real Housewives of New York City Recap: They’re Back and Bitchier Than Ever!

Cast of Real Housewives of New York Season 6

I’m a couple of minutes late to the party because apparently my DVR didn’t realize it needed to start recording this tonight. I already have Dance Moms and Dangerous Grounds at this time, so things were a bit hectic for a minute. Um, Sonja has more men coming than going. That ladies and gentleman is the first Ramonaism of the season.

All the girls are hating on Aviva in the first five minutes at two locations. Is this really necessary? Why can’t there ever be a group of women who don’t all team up and choose a victim. Apparently, one of the men that Sonja has errrrr, coming is Aviva’s ex husband Harry.  Actually half the cast has taken a ride on ole Harry, but let’s try not to think about that.

Heather is throwing herself a birthday party and it’s an all in event by Bravo. Sonja’s date is not Harry but some 20 something kid. You go Sonja. Sonja’s hairdo is um, fascinating. It’s a updo that probably started out alright until she and her boy had sex doggie style and rubbed the top of her head on the back seat of the limo repeatedly. I mean, they didn’t show that part of course, but based on the hair, that is what I imagine happened. Sonja’s boytoy has a wandering eye toward Kristen.  She looked really hot at the party; however, I don’t think she is pretty in her talking heads and other shots. Kind of like Alicia on Mob Wives, you know how sometimes she is really pretty and other times not? It’s a weird thing.

Aviva is arriving after a long day stressed and late. Sonja and Ramona are already poisoning the new girl against Aviva. Sonja appears to have tried to fix her updo but managed to make it look worse. It’s distracting me. Carole looks horrible. Her face/skin looks horrible and her hair isn’t really done at all. I wonder what is going on there? She looked fine at the shoot for her book. Continue reading


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Ramona Singer on Bethenny

Ramona on BethennySo what is Ramona on? Seriously, she comes out all hyper active and smiling and knocking shit over and talking a mile a minute. I’ll have what she is having please. I’m still working up to getting in the shower.  Anyway, Ramona seems way more excited to see Bethenny than Bethenny is to see Ramona. Ramona says that she is the voice of reason this year on RHONY and that is something that we will all have to see to believe.

Bethenny says she always thought Ramona was the biggest asset to the show because she is half nuts. Ramona says she is not nuts, she is fun. And I roll my eyes as grown folks want to waste time over word choices.

Ramona says that even though she and Luann have never really hit it off, Luann will be seen as more likeable this season. As for Aviva, Ramona says she hates Bethenny for getting Aviva involved with the show. Aviva and Ramona make up on the first episode as Ramona tries to be more of a peacemaker, but things get pretty terrible with Aviva as the show goes on. #LegRollsAcrossFloorInPublic Continue reading


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Ready For Some RHONY Tea?


I probably try harder than anyone on the planet to defend Aviva Drescher. I really want to support her. I can defend her phobias, and her awkward social interactions. There is a whole lot one can overlook when someone has overcome the loss of a limb. The thing I find indefensible about Aviva is her father. Of all the issues that Aviva has to overcome to win a little support from the Real Housewives of New York fans, her father, George Teichner is her greatest obstacle.

For the life of me, I don’t understand why this 77-year-old pervert is back on Bravo next season. I just don’t get it. But not only is he back, he seems to be front and center in Aviva’s storyline again.  It appears that this season, LuAnn de Lesseps throws a dignified luncheon at some fancypants NYC place and several of the housewives attend, including Aviva.  Also invited to the luncheon is, Nana Meriwether who claimed the title of Miss USA in 2012 when Olivia Culpo was crowned Miss Universe. Continue reading


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Carole Radziwill on WLNY’s The Couch Discusses Her New Book and RHONY Season 6

Carole Radziwill appeared on her local CBS affiliate WLNY to promote her new book, The Widow’s Guide to Sex &  Dating. This fictional account of a young woman who suddenly becomes widowed, seems to pull a lot from her own life experiences as a young woman. Unlike the usual, “housewives books” Radziwill was an accomplished author before appearing on the Real Housewives of New York.  Oddly, her success as an author is front and center as a dramatic storyline on season six of The Real Housewives of New York.

Radziwill generally tries to distance herself from the over the top drama that is the focal point of all the housewives franchises; however, according to Radziwill, Aviva Drescher says some “insulting and nasty” things to her that she just cannot let go.  The word on the streets of NYC is that Aviva accuses Radziwill of using a ghost writer.  Aviva herself has capitalized on her RHONY exposure by writing a memoir of her own entitled Leggy Blonde in which she details her own young life. One wonders if the whole ghost writer accusation comes from her own knowledge of the subject. It is clear that many women on the Real Housewives franchises have never read a book, let alone penned one. Ghost writers from New Jersey to Beverly Hills  are quietly bemused that their work has landed atop a New York Times Best Seller List along the way. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of New York Sneak Peek

Cast of Real Housewives of New York Season 6

Well Lo and Behold! It’s a thirty minute sneak peek of the Real Housewives of New York City! Let’s see what the upcoming season looks like! Oh no she didn’t! Aviva‘s tagline is, “When people tell me I’m fake, I know they’re just pulling my leg.” I die! By the way, if you are new here, nice to meet you, I am Aviva’s only fan. Try to be kind to her. Fine, I said try. I get it. I will like her all by myself. Speaking of taglines, Carole‘s is, “If you are going to talk about me behind my back, at least check out my great ass!”  Heather‘s is, “A true New Yorker never backs down, and I’m no exception. Holla!”  OMFG.  I hate the new girl, Kristen, already because she is friends with Brandi. But her tagline cemented my hatred for her even more, “I may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but I’m pretty!” I already think she is just a tool, and  the other girls are prettier than she is.  Ramona‘s tagline is, “Get the Pinot ready, because it’s Turtle Time!” And finally, Sonja‘s tagline, “Sometimes Sonja has to go commando. What can I say?” Um, my Lord Sonja’s tagline is bad. Did everyone else’s mind go to yeast infection? No? Um, me neither.

Apparently, Andy is going to narrate the sneak peek with the vital information we need to know. He starts with Sonja, “For Sonja, last season was a scintillating roller coaster ride of sex and struggle. Somehow Sonja always lands on her feet. Here’s a taste of what to expect from Sonja.” Then we get scenes of Sonja with a new haircut (according to her, looks like the same haircut to me but what do I know?) and a string of new boyfriends most under the age of 30. Apparently, Kenya’s House of Boyfriends For Hire has opened a branch in Manhattan. Some of them are hot, and if she’s tapping that, then good for her!  Sonja says this “This chassey still has some fire!” Does she mean chassis or am I learning a new word? Continue reading


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UPDATED: Cops Called to Ramona and Mario Singer’s Hampton’s Home

Ramon and Mario RHONY

UPDATED: The New York Post is now reporting that Ramona filed for divorce on Tuesday. Ramona has confirmed the divorce on twitter with the usual “privacy during this difficult time….blah, blah, blah…for the children..blah..”   Sources for Tamaratattles tell us that Ramona has locked herself in her bedroom with a case of Pinot Grigio.  Okay, we’re guessing on that last part. Condolences, or whatever, Ramona.

Ramona and Mario Singer have been on the rocks for ages and Ramona has stopped trying to deny it every time she leaves the house.  Mario has been suspected of fooling around behind Ramona’s back for quite some time now. But last fall, he was seen in the Hamptons canoodling with one particular young socialite on a regular basis. Since that time Mario has been staying at their house in the Hamptons and Ramona has been staying in the apartment in NYC filming housewives. Things were strained but civil.

Until last Friday. Page Six is reporting that Ramona decided to head to the Hamptons for the weekend and arrived to find Mario and the newer, younger replacement chick already there. Continue reading


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Nene Leakes and Sonja Morgan Go to Dinner, Hilarity Ensues

rhonysonjawhitetrashNene Leakes has been in NYC for quite some time now. Last night she went to dinner with Sonja Morgan. For Sonja at least, it appears to have been a liquid dinner. Nothing new there. But a TMZ photog got Sonja to talk to the cameras for quite a bit and the footage is hysterical.

She says she had a talk with Nene. The photog asks how that went and Sonja says, “It went very well. Nene is very… practical. I love Nene. Nene is a very practical girl. I loved her husband and I loved her girlfriend. She’s a good girl.”

The photog asks if Brandi is in the doghouse now.  Sonja says, “Brandi? No, no, Brandi I like Brandi. I don’t like what people did to Brandi … ’cause Brandi is straight up …  straight … smart.” But wait, there’s more! Continue reading


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