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Jules Wainstein’s Husband Frolicking About Town With Mistress

RHONY Jules pensive

Daily Mail has exclusive photos of Michael Weinstein and his lover, Elyse Bensusan, gallivanting around NYC buying items for their love nest. He could not shack up with her because she is still married as well. Isn’t that special? Go read the story.  For some reason DM is all over this story. It has done by far the most reporting. I know they pay for articles and photos, but who is selling them? They have talked to Elyse’s family as well as Jules family.

Basically what I see is that Michael has a type. The thing is, he is trading Jules in for an older, less attractive version of her. Why? Is it worse when the woman is less attractive than you? Or is more attractive worse?

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RHONY Bravo Blogs: Luann & Ramona

RHONY Carole


I am unsure what happened to the beginning of the blog. WordPress seams to have eaten most of the first paragraph. I am feeling quite unwell, and this is the best I can do to fix it at the moment. Sorry for the mess.

There was some discussion about the tone of Carole’s blogs all season. She was literally offended by everything.   She came for Jules as well.  And also Dorinda,   Carole Comes for Dorinda. As I went to pull that link, I noticed a trend. At first her target was Luann. She said  reasoning with Luann is like trying to reason with a toddler.  I have probably purple penned Carole more than anyone else on RHONY this season because she has been bitter and anger and mean on every episode and each blog has been meaner than the last.

Then last night we got this nice, happy, civilized well mannered Carole.  Was it because Bethenny excused herself because she is too rich to enjoy gambling and was barely in any of the scenes this week?  I think the only reason they didn’t leave the entire casino trip on the cutting room floor is because  they needed a scene with Bethenny to put on the show. When Bethenny is not in the scene,  Carole reverts back to the easy going Carole we all liked in season one. So I was dying to see how she would explain her radical personality change in this episode. So far nothing is up. I’ll keep checking.

The only two blogs that are up this week so far are Jules, who just recounts the events of the episode. She mentioned the potty trainer and understands the crap she is getting for it, but it worked and was money well spent from her point of view. She also hinted that she enjoys laughter and humor.

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Real Housewives of New York Recap: Countess Bride

RHONY Luann and Tom

Photo: Luann’s IG

How many times is Ramona contractually obligated to point out that “she” got everyone suites? We get it. The hotel is paying for the promotion. Enough. Of course Carole and Bethenny plan to sleep together. They immediately start talking about the others. Carole offers up Dorinda as a pot stirrer and Bethenny jumps right on board. Bethenny is going to torture Sonja less than usual on this trip.

Dorinda shares that she used to be a step aerobics instructor. So Bethenny needs to one up Dorinda and do a yoga move, a headstand no less on the restaurant floor. I can’t believe they are taping at a black jack table. I thought that was illegal. Does that mean they are not actually betting in this scene? Bethenny announces she is too rich to gamble and goes to bed.

That was the most noneventful housewives trip ever. I suppose it is because the Mexico trip was cancelled and this was the replacement and they didn’t have time to script any fights.


Carole’s agent says he likes the cookbook idea but he is concerned because it is a long term project. In other words, he doesn’t think the relationship will still be around when the book launches. Neither one of them seem to think the relationship will be still going on in a year. I suppose that depends on if Carole is still a housewife that can promote Adam.

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The Judge Has Signed Off On Bethenny Frankel’s Divorce

RHONY bethenny new hair

Everything Bethenny Frankel experiences is the worst scenario ever, from fibroids, to childhood issues and her divorce, Bethenny has the worst possible situation. The nearly four year battle has come to an end and the divorce has been finalized.

It was very much a war of the roses when Jason and Bethenny both refused to leave the apartment that Bethenny designed while married to Jason.  I envision tape on the floors marking their territory kinds of crazy going on in that apartment. While most of the terms of the divorce are not being disclosed to the public, it is clear that the apartment is going to be sold. Jason finally moved out at the end of June.  She immediately went in and began staging the apartment for sale making it clear that an agreement had been reached by the couple.  The judge signed off on the agreement today.

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Carole Radizwill Comes For Dorinda In Her Bravo Blog

RHOA carole
At this point, I can barely remember the time I used to like Carole. I tried to cut her some slack for a long time. Lord knows the bitch is hungry. Who knows how her personality would change if she actually left food in her body long enough to nourish her and her brain. She would probably be able to focus on her writing and finish her book if her publisher has not just written her off already.

It’s amusing that Bethenny says that eating disorders are about constant lying. She should know. I’ve never seen Jules posting Instagram photos proudly proclaiming she wears the same sized pajamas as her four year old. Perhaps it has nothing to do with Bethenny’s mother and Really, the fact of the matter is that Jules openness about her eating disorder makes Bethenny and Carole’s lies more obvious.  At any rate, Carole is all kinds of butt hurt this week. Let’s watch her be a mean girl while playing the victim at the same time.

Here’s her Bravo Blog she ironically entitled “If You Can’t Stand the Heat, Get Out Of The Kitchen”

As Nietzsche once wrote… “She who stirs the sh–, should lick the spoon.”

I think a real Nietzsche quote (and not an Internet meme)  is more in order for Jules.  How about, “The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself.”  Jules owned herself and finally stood up for herself against Bethenny.  The discussion was between Bethenny and Jules about how Bethenny makes Jules feel. You are not Bethenny. Living up her anus doesn’t make you a part of her. It just makes you a shitty person. This did not involve you.

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Jules Says We Are On Planet Bethenny This Week

RHONY Jules pensive

I am amused by Jules Bravo blog this week.  I actually said about this week’s episode, “What planet does Bethenny live on?”  I just don’t understand how she justifies being so cruel to Jules who has done nothing but try to ingratiate herself to her all season.  Let’s take a look at her thoughts on this episode.

Since coming into this group, I’ve often asked myself, “Why is there always yelling and screaming? Why is someone always storming out of the room in tears? Why is someone always being mocked, insulted, judged or left out? WHAT PLANET ARE WE ON?!” And then it hit me like a meteor: We are on planet Bethenny. Unlike on planet Earth where friendships are formed and shaped through mutual support and encouragement, on planet Bethenny (which is circled 24/7 by a moon named Carole) it is acceptable for friends to disparage one another behind their backs, to judge, berate and abandon one another on an almost constant basis.

I have to say, whoever is writing these did a great job this week. I love the whole description of Carole being the moon that circles Planet Bethenny. So apt. I can’t believe that Carole sat right there and said that friends trash talk friends behind their back. That should open the eyes of any friends she has.

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