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Jill Zarin Has Already Booked Her Trip For Luann’s Wedding

I got an email this morning from the folks over at Andys Girls about their recent podcast with Jill Zarin.  I really tried to find the time to get over there and listen, but the #BB18 livefeeds have my full attention today.  Click the  link and let me know all the tea in comments.
Here are some quotes from the podcast, and I have to do a little bit of purple pen.
On being invited to Luann de Lesseps’ wedding (10:33)

“I’ll be at LuAnn’s wedding…I got my save the date. They have to get married because it’s a non-refundable three day extravaganza at the hotel, and I will be really mad if I’m going to be there by myself, so she’s definitely getting married.”
Clearly, the wedding must happen as to not inconvenience Jill Zarin.

On LuAnn’s fiancé Tom D’Agostino Jr. (10:54)
“I really like her fiancé. Love Tom. Love him, love him, love him, love him, love him. She really got lucky….He’s not a fraud. He’s totally the real deal.”
On reality TV making her a monster, and leaving to protect her marriage to Bobby Zarin (16:20)
“The reason I left was because Bobby and I realized that I was not becoming the person I wanted to be or should be, and I needed to leave. It was like I was becoming a monster. It was terrible. My whole life was consumed by story lines and plot lines, and what I should do, and who I should be talking to, and plotting with. And it was just terrible. It was just unhealthy.”
Yay!  Jill Zarin is now a better person! Oh and she didn’t get fired, she quit to work on herself! 

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WWHL With Jill Zarin and Rebecca Romijn

WWHL Jill Zarin

Andy Cohen does himself no favors by changing the time of his show every other day. Especially on #TGIT! But I’ve put off HTGAWM because I desperately need a new and interesting post tonight and I’m counting on Jill Zarin to be ridiculous. Didn’t she just get in a car accident?

First of all, Jill looks AHH-MAZING. Seriously, this is the best I’ve ever seen her and she is really beautiful tonight. Andy of course starts by playing all the trash that Bethenny talked about her on the 100th episode of RHONY version of WWHL.

Jill says that she feels really bad that Bethenny feels the was she does about her. She did not have any intentions of doing anything to sabotage Bethenny. It hurts that Bethenny still seems angry. Jill says she misses Bethenny and wants to rekindle the friendship. Jesus, Jill, I am not missing out on HTGAWM for you to take the damn high road. Get in the mud! Continue reading


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Jill Zarin Injured in Car Crash En Route to Promoting New Movie


The makers of one of the the most ridiculous movies of all time Sharknado, had a new comedic horror movie premiering on the SyFy channel tomorrow night at 9 p.m. called Night of the Wild.  Here is the PR on the movie, “When a large meteor crashes into a quiet town, pet dogs become mysteriously aggressive – attacking and killing the residents. Teenager Roslyn and her old but faithful dog Shep are out camping when the attacks hit. Now separated by the chaos in town and blocked roads, Roslyn and the other members of her family must find each other by fighting back against the blood-thirsty hounds before the dogs take over the whole town and escape becomes impossible. Starring Tristin Mays, Kelly Rutherford, Rob Morrow, Jill Zarin.”

Not interested? What if I told you Jill gets her face eaten off by purse dogs in the movie? Continue reading


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Real Housewives of New York 100th Episode Recap: Pigs Get Fat, Hogs Get Slaughtered

RHONY Kristen Drinking


I’m trying to take the day off today. I’m just a bit overwhelmed by everything and just want a day of hiding under the covers and having a pity party.  But I am going to make a few brief comments on this show and I promise to be back to my old self soon.

The casting tapes from 2007 are amazing to watch. Jill and Luann basically looks the same but everyone else looks different.

Jill refused to be interviewed for the show.

Lots of Alex and Simon bashing.

Bethenny looks gorgeous in her interviews.

Luann regales us with Countess stories. The others prefer regular Luann.

I sort of miss Kelly Bensimon. I love the I’m up here, you’re down there crap. This playback of Kelly putting down Bethenny is almost identical to the things Bethenny said to Ramona at the beginning of this season.

I’m not sure why I am even watching this.

Andy met Carole at a dinner part at Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelous’ house.

Bethenny got Aviva on the show.

Much discussion about the breakup of Jill and Bethenny.  Bethenny says she was really excited to host the Today show one time and when she arrived producers told her that Jill had called demanding to know why Bethenny was chosen over her. Jill would go out of her way to sabotage Bethenny’s  appearance. I imagine Jill is probably going nuts on Twitter but I think I have her blocked.

Bethenny talks about how Jill waited until they were on camera to really come for her and try to get the fans to hate her. Jill tried to take her down and it backfired.  Bethenny says of Jill, “Pigs get fat and hogs get slaughtered.”

Next Avivia’s leg toss. Carole is such a cunt satchel. Aviva admits the preplanned throwing the leg. Luann says that was her swan song. Continue reading


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Bravolebrities Converge on Las Vegas! Wanna Know Why They Are There?

Vicki Rides the high roller overlooking Vegas!

Vicki Rides the high roller overlooking Vegas!

What happened in Vegas, almost stayed in Vegas. Most of it is still a mystery, but I do have some tea.  First of all, Kenya Moore was there with Kyle Richards, Vicki Gunvalson, Melissa Gorga  for an event at Caesar’s Place.  It appears that the housewives competed in several events with a high roller from the casino as a partner.  In one event, “runway walking” Kenya takes an unexpected bobble and makes it all seem like part of the performance. Her impressive recovery won that round for her team. See the video at end of post. But read on for lots of other Vegas tea! Continue reading


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Jill Zarin On Wife Swap!

Wifeswap Jenna

Oh dear God the lies have already started. Jill has a team of people who do everything for her. I am literally less than a minute in and had to pause. Jill has literally hired some sort of glam/minion squad to surround her for her intro as if she is some sort of celebrity who does events all day. She works in a fabric store and sells girdles to skinny people. Seriously?  She is changing places with Jenna Van Oy  who played Six on Blossom. Jenna was a child actress and Jill is a media whore. (Sidenote: Jill is the only Real Housewife of anywhere I’ve met and the topic of my very first blog here. Check out the archives) .

Jill is VERY proud that she was one of the ORIGINAL housewives of New York.  Most people watching this show have no idea who she is.  She talks about loving her dog more than her kid. She lives in the Hamptons! Oh wait. That is her summer house. She is very rich (they actually seem to do fine, but oh the uncouthness !!!) . She is now pretending she has a full staff. Look. I don’t know if this is true or not, but I know at least someone with way more money than Jill who lives in NYC and has a summer home somewhere way nicer than the Hamptons that is not nearly this pretentious.  An entire staff is not necessary for three adults. I think my friend has a maid, a doorman, a dog sitter,  and that is about it. Other staff as necessary for events. This is mediawhore bullshit from people with not nearly as much money as they think they have.

Her Hamptons home is GORGEOUS. Jill has a party there every weekend. They call it camp Zarin. Seriously? Do you really need people to come to your home every weekend to tell you how great it is?  I will never understand this outside need for validation. I’d LOVE to live in that house. But I would never have riff raff like the likes of you over every weekend to ooh and ahh.  I’d have the place surrounded by fucking snipers.  #SorryNotSorry Continue reading


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