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Bravolebrities Converge on Las Vegas! Wanna Know Why They Are There?

Vicki Rides the high roller overlooking Vegas!

Vicki Rides the high roller overlooking Vegas!

What happened in Vegas, almost stayed in Vegas. Most of it is still a mystery, but I do have some tea.  First of all, Kenya Moore was there with Kyle Richards, Vicki Gunvalson, Melissa Gorga  for an event at Caesar’s Place.  It appears that the housewives competed in several events with a high roller from the casino as a partner.  In one event, “runway walking” Kenya takes an unexpected bobble and makes it all seem like part of the performance. Her impressive recovery won that round for her team. See the video at end of post. But read on for lots of other Vegas tea! Continue reading


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Jill Zarin On Wife Swap!

Wifeswap Jenna

Oh dear God the lies have already started. Jill has a team of people who do everything for her. I am literally less than a minute in and had to pause. Jill has literally hired some sort of glam/minion squad to surround her for her intro as if she is some sort of celebrity who does events all day. She works in a fabric store and sells girdles to skinny people. Seriously?  She is changing places with Jenna Van Oy  who played Six on Blossom. Jenna was a child actress and Jill is a media whore. (Sidenote: Jill is the only Real Housewife of anywhere I’ve met and the topic of my very first blog here. Check out the archives) .

Jill is VERY proud that she was one of the ORIGINAL housewives of New York.  Most people watching this show have no idea who she is.  She talks about loving her dog more than her kid. She lives in the Hamptons! Oh wait. That is her summer house. She is very rich (they actually seem to do fine, but oh the uncouthness !!!) . She is now pretending she has a full staff. Look. I don’t know if this is true or not, but I know at least someone with way more money than Jill who lives in NYC and has a summer home somewhere way nicer than the Hamptons that is not nearly this pretentious.  An entire staff is not necessary for three adults. I think my friend has a maid, a doorman, a dog sitter,  and that is about it. Other staff as necessary for events. This is mediawhore bullshit from people with not nearly as much money as they think they have.

Her Hamptons home is GORGEOUS. Jill has a party there every weekend. They call it camp Zarin. Seriously? Do you really need people to come to your home every weekend to tell you how great it is?  I will never understand this outside need for validation. I’d LOVE to live in that house. But I would never have riff raff like the likes of you over every weekend to ooh and ahh.  I’d have the place surrounded by fucking snipers.  #SorryNotSorry Continue reading


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Jill Zarin and Luann de Lesseps Try Out for US Open?

Jill Zarin


Apparently, both Jill Zarin and Luann de Lesseps consider themselves world-class tennis players. They each both played in mixed doubles in the 2014 US Open National Playoffs USTA Eastern Sectional Qualifying Tournament last week. They were not partners. They both lost their game, because um, it’s the US OPEN??

But I really don’t care about any of that. Jill Zarin is unrecognizable. Has she had a ton of work done?

I haven’t even though about Jill Zarin in ages, and if I had run into her on the streets of NYC, I would not have recognized her. Go here for picture of Jill and LuAnn at the event. Warning LuAnn is not wearing any makeup.


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Ready For Some RHONY Tea?


I probably try harder than anyone on the planet to defend Aviva Drescher. I really want to support her. I can defend her phobias, and her awkward social interactions. There is a whole lot one can overlook when someone has overcome the loss of a limb. The thing I find indefensible about Aviva is her father. Of all the issues that Aviva has to overcome to win a little support from the Real Housewives of New York fans, her father, George Teichner is her greatest obstacle.

For the life of me, I don’t understand why this 77-year-old pervert is back on Bravo next season. I just don’t get it. But not only is he back, he seems to be front and center in Aviva’s storyline again.  It appears that this season, LuAnn de Lesseps throws a dignified luncheon at some fancypants NYC place and several of the housewives attend, including Aviva.  Also invited to the luncheon is, Nana Meriwether who claimed the title of Miss USA in 2012 when Olivia Culpo was crowned Miss Universe. Continue reading


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Jill Zarin Allegedly Secretly Taped Entire WWHL Interview;

Wendy Williams just said on her hot topics this morning that Jill Zarin secretly taped the entire interview with Andy Cohen in order to sell the tapes to gossip blogs. The gossip bloggers instead contacted Andy to tell him what was going on. I’ve done a search of the likely sources for this story and can’t find anything. Wendy almost never has an independent source. However, she is on good terms with Andy and they often appear on each others shows. Wendy says her source claims that there is no way Jill is returning to Bravo. If true this is an incredibly crazypants situation because Jill has been saying that she was concerned that Bravo was trying to set her up by pretaping the show. It’s the old double cross. Also if true, you would think someone would buy the tape and we will eventually have access to the unedited version. Continue reading


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Jill Zarin Proves She’s Still Delusional on Watch What Happens Live

I’m not sure I can blog this tonight after just blogging RHONY, but I’ll give it the good old college try. Andy starts with asking Jill what she has done to her face. She says she’s taking Omega-3 and Andy says, no really, what are you injecting into your face? And Jill tells him Pat Wexler. Andy says she looks great. Was that a promo for Pat Wexler that Andy just had to get in there before things get dirty?

Jill asks Andy why she was fired. Andy is all like Jesus, Jill. How many times do we have to talk about this? Andy said that the last reunion was so toxic they knew they could not bring everyone back because the relationships were not going to change. Hope springs eternal for a RHONJ shakeup.  Jill said it felt like a death. She felt like Andy was “her parents” (because that is not weird at all) and that he liked Bethenny better. She was also hurt that Andy likes Giggy better than Ginger. Those would be dogs, by the way.

Jill just said she has learned to let things go. I wait for the lightning to strike her but God apparently is not watching. Jill is doing the polar opposite of letting things go. She hasn’t stopped whining about it for a full year. Now she is asking Andy if now, looking back at the ratings he realizes he made a mistake in letting them go. Oh my Lord in heaven. Jill is clueless that she is one of the least liked housewives in Bravo history. Continue reading


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Is Jill Zarin Mean Tweeting Under a Ghost Account?

This is called phoning in a blog. I am not fully recovered from all the TV last night and the amount of wine required to watch it. So my friend TEB has kindly allowed me to post this blog entry written by her. It’s a timely piece full of accusations and deception about Jill Zarin, who will be on WWHL tonight. I have no independent knowledge of this situation. Please direct all your negative comments, legal threats, etc. to TEB. Don’t kill the messenger.  :)

By TEB2350  

I got a call on Friday that piqued my interest (and it seems many of yours, too!).  The person told me that Jill Zarin had some fake twitter accounts and to go check out @frostedyummies timeline.  I read through it and was immediately convinced it was indeed Jill Zarin who was tweeting those awful remarks (you should go take a look at their TL!  They write horrid stuff about Bethenny and the new NYC ladies Carole, Aviva and Heather).  It was then confirmed that it was Jill by an insider.

@FrostedYummies wrote things like “@Bethenny will you tell your wart faced daughter you destroyed a woman to succeed” and “@Bethenny SCAMMER FRAUD LIAR WHORE Even your mother says so.  Evil girl you owe @JillZarin apologies” Continue reading


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Jill Zarin Is Coming to WWHL

Almost a year ago, when I started this site, I wrote my third blog on a visit with Jill Zarin. There were a lot of things I left out of that blog. Like the fact that I had a panic attack in the girdle department, because apparently I had some traumatic experience with shapewear in my childhood, or more likely because I’m just, as some of you are beginning to notice, crazy as a bessybug. At the time I was neither a fan of Jill or one of the maniacal haters. Jill Zarin seething hate was all the rage, and I really didn’t want to feed into all that. So I sort of whitewashed what happened. Suffice it to say Jill was very phony and really not that interested in talking to me until I mentioned I had started a blog. I just didn’t find Jill interesting enough to write about. I have probably mentioned her less than a half a dozen times  here and do not follow her on twitter. Continue reading


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Are You Watching Bethenny Ever After ?

I don’t know why I feel the need to blog about Bethenny Frankel today, but I do. When I started blogging I was bemused at first and later a bit appalled at the level of …let’s call it hysteria, that surrounded Bethenny Frankel and Jill Zarin on the blogs. Both women have/had frothing at the mouth fans and frothing at the mouth haters with blogs catering to both camps. Fans and bloggers alike were/are not just spewing their hatred towards one or the other, but literally hunting them down in real life. It’s a level of insanity I try to avoid. That said, I’ve been watching Bethenny Ever After and I wanted to see what y’all think about the show. Maybe. I already feel like I may regret this blog. But here goes.

I kinda like the show. Bethenny is crazy. She knows that, and we know that. Jason has his own issues. I think initially he thought he could “fix” Bethenny. It is easier for men to try to fix their partner rather than look at their own issues.  Jason seems incredibly frustrated that they love each other and have buckets of money and no one is cheating, yet they aren’t happy. Bethenny feels exactly the same way. Jason seems to feel like Bethenny is blaming him for his inability to fix her. I don’t think Bethenny really feels that way at all. Bethenny knows she is crazy and has been since well before Jason arrived on the scene. I think Bethenny just wants Jason to accept the crazy. Jason wants to fix the crazy and feels like he failed as a man because he can’t. Jason is doing that thing that most men do at age 50 at age 40.  He’s having a mid-life crisis. That’s a cute term for a not so cute experience that men (and women) have when mortality hits home and they look back on life and have regrets and want a do-over.  Despite Jason’s successes he sees failure. Bethenny’s huge success only amplifies his issues.

Basically, this is a relationship where despite loving each other they unintentionally push each others buttons. Which is great for us and not so great for them.  I may be naive but I actually believe Bethenny and Jason. I believe the boat story despite some coast guard guy saying they were never in danger. I don’t think it was a life or death trauma, despite Bethenny’s over reaction. But I believe the TV therapist had a broken GPS and didn’t know how to get through the water without running aground. I think that while there are “scenes” where the producers tell them what they want them to talk about or where they want them to go,  that we see the real Bethenny.   I think we see the real Jason too. At least as real as you can be on a “reality show.”  I also don’t see more product placement on the show than any of the others. I guess I am pulling for Bethenny to get better, to get happier, to enjoy all the great things she has. Am I the only one?  The ratings for this show are not good. Am I the only one watching?


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Jill Zarin Squeezes Her Atlanta Fans

Jill Zarin made an appearance at the grand opening of the first Von Maur in the south today to hawk her Skweez Couture line.  So despite the fact that I hate leaving the house, I actually got up, did my hair, put on some makeup threw on some black jeans and a black cashmere v-neck topped it with a shiny silver jacket and sat my fat ass down on the  couch.
I mean really. Am I going to drive all the way to Alpharetta to hang around in the lingerie section of a department store talking to Jill Zarin and hoping that Sheree and Phaedra show up?  Why would I do that? Georgia football is getting ready to start.  I believe we are playing some high school team from Arizona or New Mexico or somewhere.
But I DID IT FOR YOU, all three of you, that read this site.  On my third blog here I did something to show you just how committed I am to getting you the latest gossip and goings on in Atlanta.  So basically, you all owe me.
Things started off well. At the door to Von Maur I am greeted with a long stem rose and a box of chocolates. No really, I was. And so was everyone else. So we were off to a good start. I headed upstairs to lingerie about 11:20 and Jill was scheduled from 12-2. There were a few people wandering around pretending to be interested in stuff but not many.  I browsed the Christmas department where I met Julie Ireland and got a signed inspirational card. (I don’t know either)
About twenty minutes until twelve some woman in a navy suit began lining people up.  I wandered over from the Christmas department and decided to fall in. There were five or six people in front of me and soon five or six behind. The lady in the suit was apparently the sales rep for Skweez.  She informed us that Jill would be happy to “fit us”.  The product is sized in tight skweez, tighter skweez and tightest skweez. Whatever that means. She also made sure we stayed one behind the other and did not turn to each other and chat so that the aisles would stay free.  Um, free for what? Did she see people I didn’t? Her time would have been much better spent in the mall with the families with strollers walking three and four abreast. But we smiled and complied like good little customers. Until we didn’t.
At long last Jill emerges in a ruffly short pink/fushia sleeveless dress and purple pumps. There are a couple long lens cameras there that I assume was AJC.  Though one lady behind me asked “Does she bring her own photographer with her?” It was a valid question, it is Jill.
Jill sat at a table next to an empty chair where one by one we sat down and received a hug and an air kiss. Then, if you were talking to her about SKweez she would lift the hem of her skirt and show you that she was in fact wearing the product.
You can see her black Skweez…Skweezes…um undergarments in this picture
About one fifteen I went back to the event to see if Sheree or Phaedra had shown. They had not.  As I was returning I realized I had no story. I needed to ask her some hard hitting question. But alas ,she was not at the table and the small crowd had dispersed. Apparently she was on break. Her assistant was there though talking to a woman about joining Jill’s Fan club. She was explaining that the site would keep her fans up-to-date on her whereabouts and …. I guess this is my big news… “The fan newsletter will be the first place fans can hear about Jill’s ‘upcoming project’ when we can talk about it.”   This could be the much rumored story about Jill and Patti Stanger getting together for some new show. Or maybe Jill will be the east coast matchmaker.  Who knows?
So Jill comes back out and I shoot a picture of the Skweez Couture bags (free with purchase of two Skweez items)
 and her purple Mu Mu suede heels
 and head back to the sweet, sweet safety of home.
Y’all are welcome.


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