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WWHL With Heather Thomson

WWHL with Heather Thompson

This should be interesting since Bethenny is so insufferable toward Heather and Andy and Bethenny are such great BFFs.  Heather’s legs are ERRYTHING.  It’s hard to tell by the photo, but they really are perfection.

Andy Briefly brings up Dorinda’s faux pas. I found that to be very shady editing toward Dorinda and a sign that production doesn’t care for her. I’m sure there were a million other choices for that :40 mark snippet.

Andy goes straight into the “pussy hair” comment and Bethenny’s rude behavior. Heather says that Bethenny sort of flips a switch ( a bitch switch?) at a moment’s notice and you are not prepared for it. Andy asks about  Boutique the meat market for older folks ( I really want to go there next time I am in NYC) and talks about all the hooking up going on. It looks like the Johnny’s Hideaway of NYC!  Andy says that Sonja’s cub from that night will be on many upcoming episodes. They sort of date for a while. Heather says that Luann’s guy kind of sticks around too. You go ladies!  It’s the season of the cougar apparently.

A bunch of housewives tweet in after a game where the guests had to say how much they would pay for certain items involving other housewives. One was LuAnn’s leopard coat. Heather said she was offered it for free and did not take it. I was pretty sure we saw that happen at the tag sale last episode but Luann tweeted that she did not offer Heather that coat. That is a lie #HollaThatFromThe Rooftops!  Heather says that she and Luann are in the middle of a big issue that we are going to have to tune in to see. Heather says she offered it to Carole and she didn’t take it and she offered Heather two chairs which she never saw so we can Holla that too! OOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHH Heather and Luann are so on the outs right now.

At the end of the show, Luann tweets again to say she did not offer to give the coat to Carole or to Heather, she gives her valuables away to charity.  Um, YOU WERE HAVING A PEDESTRIAN GARAGE SALE IN THE FUCKING HAMPTONS, LUANN!  Heather says, “Yes you did! And that is why you are having an Estate Sale, but that’s alright!”

Carole tweeted about how hot Heather looks so it seems they come out of the season okay despite Bethenny.

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Real Housewives of New York Recap: Battle of the Brunches

RHONY cast

The ladies are all still in the Hamptons and have been invited to dueling brunches. Ramona is having one and so is Bethenny.  It’s the battle of the OG housewives of New York.  Ramona says she is holding a brunch in honor of her friend Dorinda.  Everyone decides to try to do both. But Carole wants to skip them both and go for a boat ride with the hot young personal chef of Ramona’s.

Luann shares that Ramona borrowed an Herve Leger dress from Bethenny and never returned it. This is part of Bethenny’s problem with Ramona. This is apparently not the first time Ramona has absconded with a dress. Carole says, “That got she would never fit into one of mine!” That is both some cunty shade and ridiculous. If Ramona can fit in Bethenny’s dress she could surely fit into Carole’s dress.  Are Carole and Bethenny both aboard the anorexia train?  The ladies mock Carole’s toe hair.

The ladies begin at Bethenny’s house. Bethenny’s  house is AMAZING! Especially for a homeless person. Carole points out she has been to Oscar gifting suites with less product than she saw in Bethenny’s house. It is Skinnygirl everything on display everywhere.  One of the issues the girls had with Bethenny this season was being forced to go to a shit ton of promotional events for Bethenny and she was never there for their events.  Continue reading


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Real Housewives of New York Recap

RHONY cast

There is so much to recap tonight so I am not going to go into excruciating detail because I am already behind and I know y’all like these recaps up as soon as possible. I think we should drink every time Bethenny whines about her life or cries. Cheers!


It’s raining and NYC and Bethenny is whining about it. DRINK! Bethenny is whining about her living situation. DRINK! Bethenny is whining about being tired. DRINK!

Carole and Heather

Carole and Heather ride together to the Hamptons.  Carole says she has become good friends with Luann. The girls talk about Ramona’s divorce and how well she is doing. Heather is still not thrilled with Sonja. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of New York Premiere Recap: Eight Is More Than Enough

RHONY cast


We begin with Bethenny arriving at The Essex House for a free room in exchange for promotion. She has her dog Cookie, and her new assistant Leslie in tow. She will be staying in the Presidential Suite, because she is worth hundreds of millions of dollars, allegedly.  Bethenny explains that Jason is still living in her old apartment.  That does seem kind of shitty for Jason to do as Bethenny designed every inch of the apartment. But it is what it is. So Bethenny is staying in hotels. I thought she was renting another apartment. Why isn’t she there? Oh she is renovating the other apartment.

Bethenny talks about her failed talk show and how unhappy she was as a talk show host. Essentially, she expected to be in control of the show, and she was not the ultimate decision maker and she couldn’t take that. I hope in her therapy they are discussing the commonalities between this experience and her marriage.


We check in with Kristen and her family which she says is getting better. From where I am sitting. It still looks pretty hectic.

Kristen, Luann, Heather and Carole get together for drinks. Heather awkwardly kisses Luann on the lips when she greets her. Awkward. Carole openly admits she is on a diet that involves nothing but vodka, cucumbers and butter.  Good for her. Luann is having all the girls to her new house in the Hamptons. She is apparently downsizing. Luann and Sonja are still not on good terms, but she invited her anyway. Sonja as apparently been drinking too much and making a spectacle of herself in public.  Which  is way worse than drinking too much and making a spectacle of yourself on the Internet. Am I right? Continue reading


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Real Housewives of New York Season 7 Trailer

So um this came out like the day after my big spiel about how we are too smart to keep watching this shit.  And it looked pretty good.  But it is a lot of crying over men and bitch fights. And sleeping with strange men on a trip to Turks and Cacaos (that part looks fun). So um, we have to watch because Bethenny is back. Right? Strictly for research purposes. Not because we are addicted to this shit. Continue reading


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Bethenny Frankel on The View: Having a Relationship on TV Was A Little Bit Gnarly

The VIew

We’ve been talking about Bethenny Frankel returning to RHONY, and we all have our opinions. Not nearly as many as we have about Jason Hoppy (y’all are a bunch of assholes, btw) which we argue about here. Today, Bethenny appeared on The View. Let that sit with you for a minute. You wanted your own talk show, you got one, and it didn’t work out. Now you find yourself going on a talk show with a track record of a million years to pimp your brand again. Bethenny has never seemed particularly happy except in the first few weeks of her talk show, and I imagine this is an emotional nadir for her.

While we wait for Bethenny, I’d like to point out a couple of things. I happened to watch The View yesterday. I’ve been trying to remember to watch to see what this new incarnation of the show is like and yesterday they had a Elizabeth Warren, a far left democrat who many in her party want to see fight Hillary Clinton for the democratic nomination in 2016 on.  Warren is very outspoken and has a huge following and very pro-women’s rights and such. It’s great that The View had her on. However, she was there to campaign for three female democratic candidates, one in New Hampshire, one in Kentucky and one in Georgia.  Here, in Georgia we have very tight races across the board coming up. I don’t affiliate with either party. Currently, I am leaning toward the democratic challenger for governor and the republican candidate for Senate, but I’m not completely sold on anyone. The candidate she advocated based on her ads that are all over my TV are all basically saying various versions of “Vote For Me I Have a Vagina! David Perdue Hates Vaginas!” So I was curious what this esteemed politician would say about her platform.  So she talked about the woman from Kentucky. I believe her platform is minimum wage laws. And said something about the NH woman. And I waited patiently for a reason to vote for Michelle Nunn and the woman said David Perdue owned companies that outsourced labor to China. Um, okay. Most companies do that. I wish they didn’t. But what about Michelle Nunn can you tell me anything about her?  Warren basically said she was a fine woman. So today the new version of Elisabeth Hasselbeck was allowed to mention the opposing candidates. Which I think you legally have to do. So that was good. Continue reading


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Bethenny Frankel Rumors…?

bethenny and RamonaAndy Cohen is busting his buttons over his kitchen table talk deal with Bethenney Frankel this past summer. Clearly, he made it worth her while to come back and try to save the half-dead RHONY.  But RHONY has been filming for awhile and there have been no sightings of her filming.

What’s the problem?

Apparently, it’s Jason Hoppy. I’m hearing the real reason that Andy and Bethenny cooked up this little deal and kept it a secret was Bethenny’s divorce. It seems that 50/50 custody has finally been agreed to. we were in the homestretch and everyone was moving forward. Things are more amicable. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of New York City Recap: They’re Back and Bitchier Than Ever!

Cast of Real Housewives of New York Season 6

I’m a couple of minutes late to the party because apparently my DVR didn’t realize it needed to start recording this tonight. I already have Dance Moms and Dangerous Grounds at this time, so things were a bit hectic for a minute. Um, Sonja has more men coming than going. That ladies and gentleman is the first Ramonaism of the season.

All the girls are hating on Aviva in the first five minutes at two locations. Is this really necessary? Why can’t there ever be a group of women who don’t all team up and choose a victim. Apparently, one of the men that Sonja has errrrr, coming is Aviva’s ex husband Harry.  Actually half the cast has taken a ride on ole Harry, but let’s try not to think about that.

Heather is throwing herself a birthday party and it’s an all in event by Bravo. Sonja’s date is not Harry but some 20 something kid. You go Sonja. Sonja’s hairdo is um, fascinating. It’s a updo that probably started out alright until she and her boy had sex doggie style and rubbed the top of her head on the back seat of the limo repeatedly. I mean, they didn’t show that part of course, but based on the hair, that is what I imagine happened. Sonja’s boytoy has a wandering eye toward Kristen.  She looked really hot at the party; however, I don’t think she is pretty in her talking heads and other shots. Kind of like Alicia on Mob Wives, you know how sometimes she is really pretty and other times not? It’s a weird thing.

Aviva is arriving after a long day stressed and late. Sonja and Ramona are already poisoning the new girl against Aviva. Sonja appears to have tried to fix her updo but managed to make it look worse. It’s distracting me. Carole looks horrible. Her face/skin looks horrible and her hair isn’t really done at all. I wonder what is going on there? She looked fine at the shoot for her book. Continue reading


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Ready For Some RHONY Tea?


I probably try harder than anyone on the planet to defend Aviva Drescher. I really want to support her. I can defend her phobias, and her awkward social interactions. There is a whole lot one can overlook when someone has overcome the loss of a limb. The thing I find indefensible about Aviva is her father. Of all the issues that Aviva has to overcome to win a little support from the Real Housewives of New York fans, her father, George Teichner is her greatest obstacle.

For the life of me, I don’t understand why this 77-year-old pervert is back on Bravo next season. I just don’t get it. But not only is he back, he seems to be front and center in Aviva’s storyline again.  It appears that this season, LuAnn de Lesseps throws a dignified luncheon at some fancypants NYC place and several of the housewives attend, including Aviva.  Also invited to the luncheon is, Nana Meriwether who claimed the title of Miss USA in 2012 when Olivia Culpo was crowned Miss Universe. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of New York Sneak Peek

Cast of Real Housewives of New York Season 6

Well Lo and Behold! It’s a thirty minute sneak peek of the Real Housewives of New York City! Let’s see what the upcoming season looks like! Oh no she didn’t! Aviva‘s tagline is, “When people tell me I’m fake, I know they’re just pulling my leg.” I die! By the way, if you are new here, nice to meet you, I am Aviva’s only fan. Try to be kind to her. Fine, I said try. I get it. I will like her all by myself. Speaking of taglines, Carole‘s is, “If you are going to talk about me behind my back, at least check out my great ass!”  Heather‘s is, “A true New Yorker never backs down, and I’m no exception. Holla!”  OMFG.  I hate the new girl, Kristen, already because she is friends with Brandi. But her tagline cemented my hatred for her even more, “I may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but I’m pretty!” I already think she is just a tool, and  the other girls are prettier than she is.  Ramona‘s tagline is, “Get the Pinot ready, because it’s Turtle Time!” And finally, Sonja‘s tagline, “Sometimes Sonja has to go commando. What can I say?” Um, my Lord Sonja’s tagline is bad. Did everyone else’s mind go to yeast infection? No? Um, me neither.

Apparently, Andy is going to narrate the sneak peek with the vital information we need to know. He starts with Sonja, “For Sonja, last season was a scintillating roller coaster ride of sex and struggle. Somehow Sonja always lands on her feet. Here’s a taste of what to expect from Sonja.” Then we get scenes of Sonja with a new haircut (according to her, looks like the same haircut to me but what do I know?) and a string of new boyfriends most under the age of 30. Apparently, Kenya’s House of Boyfriends For Hire has opened a branch in Manhattan. Some of them are hot, and if she’s tapping that, then good for her!  Sonja says this “This chassey still has some fire!” Does she mean chassis or am I learning a new word? Continue reading


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Bravo Releases a PR on RHONY With Some Tea


NEW YORK – January 8, 2014 – They’re back! Ready or not, here they come… Bravo Media announces the premiere of season six of “The Real Housewives of New York City” on Tuesday, March 11 at 9pm ET/PT. Back this season are Aviva Drescher, Sonja Morgan, Carole Radziwill, Ramona Singer, and Heather Thomson, who are joined by model and businesswoman Kristen Taekman as they navigate their hectic lifestyles of jam-packed social calendars, careers, relationships, children and the hustle and bustle of city living. Also returning in a recurring role this season is Countess LuAnn de Lesseps.

To whet fans’ appetites for the uptown/downtown drama, Bravo will be airing a 30-minute extended sneak peek at the new season on Monday, February 24 at 9pm ET/PT. Meet the new housewife…  Kristen Taekman has been a working model since the age of 14, gracing the cover of magazines, walking the runways of Europe and the US, and serving as the face of many high profile commercial campaigns. In addition to modeling full-time, her keen business sense led her to launch her own successful line of high-end greeting card boxes called 2nd Street Press in 2009.

What the fuck are greeting card boxes? Continue reading


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Random Thoughts on Housewives

RHONYramonabidetI admit it. I’ve gotten lazy during this whole Jodi Arias Trial. All I really had to do was put up a daily update and sit back and wait for folks to show up and discuss it to death in the comments. I suspect that a lot of my sources are busy with the trial too because there hasn’t been that much housewives stuff reported to me. To carry on with my lazy reporting, I’m going to do a hodge-podge of housewives updates here. Hopefully, my housewives fans are still out there and haven’t completely given up on me!  Click through for the tea on RHONY, RHONJ, RHOM and RHOA. Continue reading


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