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RHONY TEA: Luann De Lesseps Nabs Magazine Cover; Entire Cast on Massive Press Tour To Save Ratings!

RHONY Luann Cover Luxury Living


Another thing I keep wanting to tell you guys about is the abysmal RHONY ratings this season. BravoPR on twitter keeps talking about “season highs” which is one thing when your ratings are in the gutter that you can spin, but they are also claiming MUCH HIGHER numbers than Bravo Whore reports.  I am 100% confident in Bravo Whore’s sources and rely on him for my ratings information exclusively. I would not do that if I thought he was just some random guy with no access to the numbers.

Further proof that Bravo Whore is accurate and BravoPR is not (allegedly, in my opinion) is the fact that most of the RHONY cast is on a massive press tour lately trying to drum up viewers.

Which brings us to Countess Luann, who according to her Instagram seems to be saying she was on The Tonight Show the other night and was at US Weekly giving sound bites about Jules Wainstien’s divorce.  And apparently on Jenny MaCarthy’s Podcast and at People all in the same day. It’s all very desperate.

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Real Housewives of New York Recap: Always a Bitch; Never the Bride!


Alright you guys I am going to make this the fastest recap ever because it is my favorite day of the year, Big Brother Premiere Night! And I care way more about that than whatever the fuck is about to fall out of Bethenny’s uterus tonight in the Home Goods Store.

Do you think Jules’ nanny quitting has anything to do with her husband? This just occurred to me.

I’m skipping Carole. It was the dog poop that made the final call.


Dorinda and Jules go shopping. I don’t even want to cove this trip to Mexico stuff now that I am thoroughly convinced it is not going to happen.  In fact, the whole premise of the trip to taste Tequila for her margarita line never made sense to me because she sold that line and though some say she still has input, I don’t believe it and if she does it is minimal and she is not being sent to taste tequila with housewives in Mexico as part of her duties. I believe that scene where she announced the trip was shot after she bled out and realized she couldn’t go. Then Bravo cancelled the trip to follow her bleeding uterus storyline.

Jules wants Sonja on the nonexistent  Mexico trip. Dorinda wants Luann on the nonexistent trip. Dorinda says that Ramona met Tom once for drinks and it was a one night stand.


Sonja makes up with Ramona out of the blue to tell her she is not drinking and she is working out. Ramona’s confessional is supposed to be supportive, but Ramona just sucks at supportive. Clearly, Sonja is trying to dash the alcoholic who can’t be invited to any filming storyline by refusing to drink on camera.  Sonja’s confessional points out that Ramona is the real drunk.

Apparently, Carole’s scene is about a dog wedding. I will not be recapping a dog wedding and a bloody uterus in the same episode. Apologies. Sonja plans to apologize to Bethenny at the fucking dog thing so I may have to watch that part.

Ramona, the apologizer is teaching Sonja how to apologize. She does have the most practice.

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Bethenny Frankel Doesn’t Care If You Hate Her, She’s Very Happy

RHONY Bethenny
After reading Bethenny’s blog this week, I started trying to remember when we had seen Bethenny Frankel laughing or happy. I think back to her spinoff with Jason, and even there she was utterly miserable and angry.  She was angry at the wedding, she was angry on her birthdays, she was angry at the beach with Jason. I don’t ever recall her laughing. The only times I recall Bethenny laughing was when she was laughing at someone. It’s a haughty laugh. That was what I was thinking about reading her blog below.  That is my memory. Let me know if you remember things differently.

Let’s look a Bethenny’s blog this week, almost everyone is fair game.

I laughed from the minute Sonja said “my Tom” through the conversation with Ramona about #braceletgate.

What exactly was so funny? I think most normal people would feel badly for Luann being treated that way by her “friends” when she tells them she was in love and planning to get married again. I don’t think Luann was acting when she was visibly hurt by them. I’ve heard a bit more about this story and I am starting to think Luann and Tom are a real thing.

It was two, not one, bracelets by the way.

How the hell do you know this? Ramona said one, but you have more information? Are you drilling down for information on Tom and his relationships? And what difference does this correction make?

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RHONY Bravo Blog Lowlights: Berkshires Edition

RHONY Dorinda

Dorinda Medley sort of sums up my feelings on posting today in her blog this week:

I want to begin by saying that I am so devastated by what happened in Orlando. I feel ridiculous even writing a blog in light of the Sunday we all just had. Even with the Tonys last night, it was a dismal day, and I’m writing this from Ptown, where the sadness is more palpable than I can describe. Words cannot ever really express how sad and horrified one feels when these things happen, but we have to do something about this already.

I go through the natural ups and downs of blogging. Mostly, it is the perfect job for me; however, it is an ongoing 24/7/365 job.  Incorporating the blog under Tamara Tattles Media, LLC has required all sorts of paperwork much of which requires me to get out of the house and print out and submit back to my attorney’s office , bankers, accountants,printers, etc. All of this I keep putting on the back burner. Then there was the moving to the new site which I find out each day that everyone hasn’t migrated to yet. Instead, I sit down day after day and recap a bunch of really shitty TV shows so we can all sit around talking about how much they all suck. It feels particularly meaningless to me today.  I am sure It will be fun again. Because you guys make it fun. But right now, I still overcome with grief.

Before I pull out the dastardly purple pen, I’d like to point out that my friend who has a home in Provincetown, or Ptown as it’s called, alerted me to Dorinda’s presence there this weekend. She was there to host  benefit for Provincetown Theater and Center for Coastal Studies. I am told it was a rousing success and the feedback I got from photos showed everyone having a good time and enjoying her company.

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Ramona Singer is Desperately Seeking Bethenny’s Approval

RHONY Bethenny and Ramona
Let’s imagine you are at a party at someone’s home with some people you are acquainted with but not particularly close to, when one woman goes on an angry, vicious tirade against another dinner guest. Everyone seems to act as if this is perfectly normal behavior. What would you do?  Well, if you are Ramona Singer you eat some popcorn and watch. And you would do this from the warm confines of the anus of the out of control woman on a vicious, personal tirade. Then in your blog, months later after time to reflect on the situation, you would explain why the person deserved every bit of the abuse that was slung her way and pile some of your own abuse on top.

Let’s look at Ramona’s blog from this week. Because it is delusional and not much more than a written tirade of allegations toward Luann.

When Luann asked for an example of how we don’t trust her around our men, I gave her one. Luanne had to switch and bait and talk about me in Turks and Caicos conversing with the owner. If he wanted to speak with the other girls, he could have but was completely engaged conversing with me for two hours.

Although that sentence makes no sense at all, the scene you are talking about in the Turks & Caicos, Bethenny led the charge to get Luann and Heather to go talk to the bar owner.  This was after, as you point out, you had been out of the scene completely hitting on him for two hours. At this time, you had not even filed for divorce. You should not have even been vying for the man’s attention. You have a daughter.

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Real Housewives of New York Recap: Unhappy Holidays

RHONY season 8

Gentle readers, is has been an excruciatingly long day for me. I awoke to an unsolicited email from some sort of Kenya Moore imposter/”very, very good friend” who has a shitload of incredibly false information they wanted me to post. Plus, my new handy, dandy little copyright infringement app was going off as some kid that calls himself “Justin Diego” was stealing my work despite the unwieldly and unfortunate right click block I had to put on this site.   That was TWO legal issues in one day. Before I even got to watch my Wendy Williams. Which was a hole nuther talk show to be sure when Marc Anthony fell ill and mangled not one but two talk shows.

And then there was Yolanda, whose brain trauma has suddenly been lifted to the point where she can now not only read and write but has written a book for  “the little people” (not midgets, the poors) so they might also be able to show up in Tahiti twice in 2016 with full muscle tone and a lust exhuberance for life after being bedridden and unable to read or write for the past four years due to her Munchausen by Proxy. Triply insulting is that the claim is that St. Martin’s Press, imprint of some of my favorite authors has agreed to publish her. Something I refuse to believe. I mean the feet, the puppy, the title, this has to be a prank, right? It’s just too far into her delusions and she is out of the country and unable to deny it.

Anyway. My job requires that I speak on this episode of RHONY though my head is pounding like it only did when I stayed up all night studying for finals because  I have been in constant contact with IG and FB and my business lawyer and my potential IP lawyer and my friend with IP lawyers in Miami and… some chick I thought might do the little male born Disney princess a favor and warn him that if I have to come for him it will be a scorched earth thing with all of his Instagrams, and Facebooks, and websites, and ad farms coming to a crashing end. Alas, my Iranian friend was of little help. So prepare for some really good court stories. Not sure if we will be in California or Florida courts by my trial watchers know those are two of the best possible choices for good times. Continue reading


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