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Carole Radziwill Is Offended. Chronically Offended.

RHONY Carole


“Move on,” says the woman who still calls herself a Countess more than a half-decade after her marriage ended. If she was going for comedy, I’d laugh. Really, I would. We’d all laugh, but she isn’t.

Wow, someone is really fixated on the Countess thing. What difference does it make to you if she calls herself the Queen of England?

“Moving on” is a concept invented by Housewives. Housewives who behave so appallingly all they can do is say they are moving on, preferably in a place where everyone can hear them.

Really? You think the housewives invented moving on? The large majority of people in therapy are there because they can’t move on. The loss of a loved one,  childhood trauma, divorce, losing out on a big promotion, getting fired, whatever the issue is, the goal of therapy is to put a period to mark the end and move on.

To stay put and acknowledge that their actions have consequences and to accept responsibility is simply too painful for this particular brand of narcissist. And not only do they say they’ve moved on, they actually brag about it. They are proud of their ability to move on. “Look how evolved I am,” they seem to be saying, “I can simply move on without regrets.”

They should be proud. The ability to move on is a valuable life skill.
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Real Housewives of New York Recap: Finally, An Actual BBQ!

RHONY Bethenny BBQ
This week on RHONY we are back at the Hamptons where the new Bethenny is the type to throw herself a birthday party. It’s apparently a new Bravo requirement that every season of every franchise must attempt a “BBQ.” Who knows what this one will be like. Bethenny’s house at the Hamptons is so pretty. I have been having a lot of house envy lately. She has her outside bar just like LVP!

John has no memory of his argument with Bethenny or agreeing to apologize the night before.

Bethenny is having a real BBQ with a giant oil drum BBQ with rotating rows of grills inside. This looks amazing. Carole plans to keep a friendly distance from Luann. Ramona shows up with case of Corona’s instead of Pinot Grigio. This is officially a real BBQ!  There are Moscow Mules and spiked hot chocolate served in gorgeous copper mugs. This is probably the first housewives party I would want to go to! I’m in love with this whole thing.

John is making Bethenny super uncomfortable. He’s creeping around the edges of the party. Luann arrives with a hula hoop for  reasons that are unclear. There are two seating areas. Bethenny is in one, John  in the other. Luann joins the group with John to avoid Carole.  As people start to mill around Dorinda continues to be John to go apologize to Bethenny. After a drink are two, John hollers across the yard for Bethenny to “come here.” We go to commercial but I’d throw him out for that. He just needs to go. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of New York Recap: The Biggest Boob

RHONY season 8


We are back in the middle of Bethenny and Ramona being horrible excuses for human beings by publicly attacking Dorinda for her choice of boyfriend.  Since last week Bethenny has supposedly blocked DORINDA  on Twitter. This is beyond storyline.  Jules is out with Dorinda supporting her while she has a cigarette When Dorinda comes back in Bethenny apologizes and tells Dorinda she went too far. Then she tells Dorinda who she should be madder at. Then Bethenny has to coach Ramona through how to apologize.

While trying on bras Carole calls Jules a toothpick. Carole is way smaller than Jules.

Dorinda is pissed and doesn’t want to stay at Ramona’s in the Hamptons. Dorinda calls John and he answers the phone while she has it on speaker by saying, “How many bitches talked smack about me…”  He sounds trashed and Dorinda is calling him to come pick her up. John bursts into the party and accuses Bethenny of stealing the brand SkinnyCow.  She points out that Nestle bought that brand and it is a different brand that her brand, Skinny Girl.  She then says he’s a cow and she’s a girl. There is a difference there.  John is a gross drunken ass who is very confrontational with Bethenny who starts giving it back to him. Dorinda is terrified and she tells John to get out and she is done with him. Bethenny says, basically, and this is the problem we have with your boyfriend. Dorinda seems to be as drunk as he is. Dorinda says she will never be around him again. Bethenny ends up comforting drunk Dorinda. Dorinda is miserable. That was uncomfortable to watch.

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Real Housewives on New York Recap: “An Intimate Affair”



I really happy to have RHONY back, but already it seems we are going to carry the deadly serious nature of who we choose to like or dislike over from RHOBH to RHONY.  Jules (and her husband’s ) less than perfect parenting techniques are already under attack. We already prove once again we don’t want to see rich people doing rich people things by getting outraged that wealthy NYC women have nannies and housekeepers. John is going to become the butt of all the jokes on each episode. And tonight, Bethenny is going to throw a BBQ in the Hamptons. When has a housewife ever even known what a BBQ is? I can hardly wait to see what Bethenny things a BBQ is.


Jules was up cooking breakfast in the first scene. She seemed like a domestic goddess and then she says she doesn’t know how to make coffee and blows the entire farce.  Who the hell bathes kids in the morning. Why not do that before bed?


Bethenny is have a “tailgate chic” party at her house in the Hamptons to celebrate her birthday. Basically because she wants an excuse to use her fire pits. I can live with that rationale. Who doesn’t love a good fire pit?  Why would Dorinda and John stay at Ramona’s place when Dorinda has a place there too? Oh wait. Her house is in the Berkshires.  Bethenny is suspicious of Dorinda’s motivations for hard selling John. Carole shows up and I am still not sure where these ladies are. Wherever they are, Carole immediately starts talking about how Ramona never shuts up.  Bethenny says every time she invests in Ramona she gets burned. Dorinda says that Ramona has never burned her in 20 years. #Foreshadowing. Then we talk about Dorinda Nairing John’s back hair and I’m kind of nauseated.

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Real Housewives of New York Premiere Recap: Start Spreading The News

RHONY season 8


I am so excited for this season premiere. I am so excited about Tamara Tattles and all the success that you guys have given me. It’s been a very busy week for me not just all the stuff I have been posting but from a business standpoint, so many milestones have happened in April. I’m doing a bit of celebrating tonight so forgive me if this is a little wonky. I am sure all the idiots will be out in force about all the typos. Let me tell you to fuck off in advance. Thanks for al the retweets and Facebook shares y’all do every day. It really does help!

I already went through the first ten minutes here. So I shall sip my drink with both eyes on the TV for a change. Fun fact, Sonja Morgan favorite that post. Yet my sources tell me she is NOT a fan of Tamara Tattles.  I think she just liked that the title was a quote from her. OH OH OH and also Kristen somebody from Page Six who writes stories about RHONY from Sonja’s perspective also hates me. How cool is that!  Did I mention I’ve been celebrating? I tend to overshare when this happens. But hearing about the Sonja/Kristen connection reminded me of Phaedra’s little delusional friend who also writes for Page Six.   Before I started blogging and having great sources,  I used to think that Page Six and Wendy William and TMZ and some other places were like the gossip gospel. But Page Six especially. It’s weird being on the other side of the curtain.  Anyway, less celebrating and kiki-ing with you guys (had to hyphenate because … well just trust me). and more recapping.

I think the guy from central casting seated next to Ramona at the bar  is HOT!.  I’d like him to play the role of.. um. Let me hush.


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RHONY First Look & Taglines: “Well, Here We Go Again!”

RHONY Ramona
Ramona’s Tagline:  “Like a fine wine, I just get better with time.”
(Um , it’s gets better with age.)
Ramona is desperately seeking her next husband. And just like Bethenny, her marriage is not officially over.
We begin with Luann reading to Sonja about Ramona getting thrown out of a function in NYC on December 9, 2015. That means we will have Christmas in NYC! I love when that happens!
Here is the Page Six version of events:

A night on the town went haywire for some “Real Housewives” when Ramona Singer defended a drunken creep at a fancy party — and was then ejected with the guy.  Singer began the evening at Sushi Roxx with cast mates LuAnn de Lesseps and Sonja Morgan before hitting a party hosted by Dorinda Medley’s boyfriend John Mahdessian at his haute dry cleaner, Madame Paulette.

That’s when an overserved guest — described by a source as “an uninvited drunk who once dated LuAnn”  (well, that narrows it down!) — started “harassing” Morgan and Singer. Mahdessian jumped to the ladies’ defense at the packed party, but “Singer oddly asked the drunk to stay, with an ensuing screaming match,” sources said.

That’s when the dry cleaning magnate “had them both removed” in front of guests including Consuelo Vanderbilt Costin and Daniel Joory.  “People applauded, and Mahdessian declared, ‘I took out the grime!’” But Singer was then seen on the street, laughing.

Sonja’s response? “Well, here we go again!” Exactly, Sonja. And I’m actually looking forward to it.


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