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#RHONY Reunion Tea And The Fate Of Carole’s Cookbook/Relationship

RHONY Bethenny


A TamaraTattles commenter has sent me the following recap of party of Bethenny’s radio show this week. I am not sure how or if she wants to be identifed. I’ll let her out herself in comments if she wants to. Meanwhile, I pulled out my purple pen to respond to all the tea! 

I only listened for maybe 45 minutes in the car (wasting gas) during her two-hour show.  It was broadcast from the Hamptons. Carole was on in the beginning of the show, not really saying much except agreeing with Bethenny and still complaining about Lu’s opinions and lies on Carole and Adam. (Yawn).  Carole was sitting there during the whole show.

Let’s think for a moment about how Luann handles the RHONY meddling in her relationship compared to how Carole deals with Luann’s comments about her May-December romance with her niece’s former boyfriend that she met in her home.  First of all, Carole’s relationship impacted Luann’s family. Luann’s relationship with Tom had zero impact on Carole’s world.  Carole won’t shut up about Luann trash talking her for picking up her niece’s boyfriend in her own house. Luann on the other  hand says that she while she hoped her “friends” would be happy for her, their attempts to sabotage her relationship with Tom are falling on deaf ears. They are happy, and traveling the world and preparing to get married while the bitter Bettys try to bring her down. If Carole was happy with Adam, she’d just ignore Luann who has not mentioned a word about her relationship with Adam this season.

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Real Housewives of New York Recap: Jealous Bitches on a Boat

rhony luann


On tonight’s RHONY Bethenny will join in with Sonja and Ramona on the plans to derail Luann’s engagement. Because no one stand for Luann to be happy. And well, there is this reason as well.   Spoiler alert! Luann and Tom are still going strong. They have been doing a lot of globe trotting this summer as well as boating on the Hudson regularly. They just returned from a week long river cruise through Switzerland, Austria and Hungary.  They also stayed at the Four Seasons in Vienna. Sorry bitches, Luann is winning. Which Carol will we see tonight?

Bethenny fucks up yet another trip. Since Bethenny can’t go to Hawaii, they are going to Palm Beach, Florida. Dorinda thinks Miami is two hours away from NYC. That seemed wrong to me so I Googled and it is just a little bit over three. That still doesn’t make much sense since it is a two hour flight from Atlanta. I obsess about weird stuff. I also HATE the Miami airport.  Click the link for my horror story.

Tom has a house is Palm Beach and Luann plans to stay with him in Palm Beach. The girls are not happy with that plan. It is a girls trip. Jules parents live in Boca Raton. Because, Jewish.  She is going a day early to visit her parents.

Ramona is mad at Luann for a story in the press that said she was friends with benefits with Tom. How is that her fault?

Bethenny has get together with Dorinda, Ramona and Carole to update them on her vagina.  Then of course they bash Luann for being happy. Bethenny is going to skip Luann’s yacht party in Palm Beach and go straight to Miami. What would these women talk about if Luann hadn’t gotten engaged? More uterus talk by Bethenny?

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RHONY Bravo Blogs: Luann & Ramona

RHONY Carole


I am unsure what happened to the beginning of the blog. WordPress seams to have eaten most of the first paragraph. I am feeling quite unwell, and this is the best I can do to fix it at the moment. Sorry for the mess.

There was some discussion about the tone of Carole’s blogs all season. She was literally offended by everything.   She came for Jules as well.  And also Dorinda,   Carole Comes for Dorinda. As I went to pull that link, I noticed a trend. At first her target was Luann. She said  reasoning with Luann is like trying to reason with a toddler.  I have probably purple penned Carole more than anyone else on RHONY this season because she has been bitter and anger and mean on every episode and each blog has been meaner than the last.

Then last night we got this nice, happy, civilized well mannered Carole.  Was it because Bethenny excused herself because she is too rich to enjoy gambling and was barely in any of the scenes this week?  I think the only reason they didn’t leave the entire casino trip on the cutting room floor is because  they needed a scene with Bethenny to put on the show. When Bethenny is not in the scene,  Carole reverts back to the easy going Carole we all liked in season one. So I was dying to see how she would explain her radical personality change in this episode. So far nothing is up. I’ll keep checking.

The only two blogs that are up this week so far are Jules, who just recounts the events of the episode. She mentioned the potty trainer and understands the crap she is getting for it, but it worked and was money well spent from her point of view. She also hinted that she enjoys laughter and humor.

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Real Housewives of New York Recap: Countess Bride

RHONY Luann and Tom

Photo: Luann’s IG

How many times is Ramona contractually obligated to point out that “she” got everyone suites? We get it. The hotel is paying for the promotion. Enough. Of course Carole and Bethenny plan to sleep together. They immediately start talking about the others. Carole offers up Dorinda as a pot stirrer and Bethenny jumps right on board. Bethenny is going to torture Sonja less than usual on this trip.

Dorinda shares that she used to be a step aerobics instructor. So Bethenny needs to one up Dorinda and do a yoga move, a headstand no less on the restaurant floor. I can’t believe they are taping at a black jack table. I thought that was illegal. Does that mean they are not actually betting in this scene? Bethenny announces she is too rich to gamble and goes to bed.

That was the most noneventful housewives trip ever. I suppose it is because the Mexico trip was cancelled and this was the replacement and they didn’t have time to script any fights.


Carole’s agent says he likes the cookbook idea but he is concerned because it is a long term project. In other words, he doesn’t think the relationship will still be around when the book launches. Neither one of them seem to think the relationship will be still going on in a year. I suppose that depends on if Carole is still a housewife that can promote Adam.

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Carole Radizwill Comes For Dorinda In Her Bravo Blog

RHOA carole
At this point, I can barely remember the time I used to like Carole. I tried to cut her some slack for a long time. Lord knows the bitch is hungry. Who knows how her personality would change if she actually left food in her body long enough to nourish her and her brain. She would probably be able to focus on her writing and finish her book if her publisher has not just written her off already.

It’s amusing that Bethenny says that eating disorders are about constant lying. She should know. I’ve never seen Jules posting Instagram photos proudly proclaiming she wears the same sized pajamas as her four year old. Perhaps it has nothing to do with Bethenny’s mother and Really, the fact of the matter is that Jules openness about her eating disorder makes Bethenny and Carole’s lies more obvious.  At any rate, Carole is all kinds of butt hurt this week. Let’s watch her be a mean girl while playing the victim at the same time.

Here’s her Bravo Blog she ironically entitled “If You Can’t Stand the Heat, Get Out Of The Kitchen”

As Nietzsche once wrote… “She who stirs the sh–, should lick the spoon.”

I think a real Nietzsche quote (and not an Internet meme)  is more in order for Jules.  How about, “The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself.”  Jules owned herself and finally stood up for herself against Bethenny.  The discussion was between Bethenny and Jules about how Bethenny makes Jules feel. You are not Bethenny. Living up her anus doesn’t make you a part of her. It just makes you a shitty person. This did not involve you.

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Real Housewives of New York: All Bets Are Off

RHONY  Luann Dorinda


It’s time for another episode of RHONY and I’m in no mood for all the shouting. I already whined about my Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day,  so I will try to keep my whining to a minimum. In case you missed it, Luann’s fiancé, Tom spoke out on his relationship with Sonja and Ramona. I don’t know why y’all are so confused. Sonja lies and exaggerates everything she says. Maybe I will point this out to you in this recap. We begin where we left off where Bethenny brings up that Tom has dated Sonja and Ramona and Sonja just wants us to know that she has slept with him. Because this is what grown women do at dinner. Particularly if Dorinda is the hostess. It’s pure mayhem. Look how red Luann’s chest is as she stops to tell Dorinda and Jules she is leaving. (Photo above) I literally thought she had a red blouse on for a moment.

Everyone begins to talk about Luann and Bethenny talks about the Countess Luann who was rich and thought she was better than everyone. You know when she acted like Bethenny acts now. Ramona has a sudden glimpse of conscience and texts Luann that she is sorry. Because Ramona is constantly apologizing for her behavior. Bethenny practically screams at her that she is not paying attention to her soliloquy about how Luann behaved eight years ago which has zero relevance to how this group of bitches is all behaving in the present. Now that’s entitlement!  AND THEN!!!!  We cut to a confessional of Bethenny’s where she say Ramona has diarrhea of the mouth.  I can’t with Bethenny this season.

More lies from Sonja. Because she realizes no one knew anything about this relationship she claims with Tom, she starts letting us know that she kept it a secret. Sonja was on Cocktails with Khloe going through her list of sexual conquests talking about how she screwed some guy on the lawn while occupants of the building all watched. That’s Sonja being discreet. She lied about everything else on that show, so who knows what is ever true with her. But she is certainly not discreet. Remember her drunken meltdown on the streets of NYC?

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