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Here’s The Latest Tea on RHONY: There is Always a Peter!


There is a lot of drama going on in NYC and it all seems to revolve around a guy named Peter Guimaraes.  Just like the Peter we have in Atlanta, this Peter also desperately craves an apple of his own and also has several closed restaurants in his past. I believe we first met Peter when he was supposedly going into business with Ramona Singer.  They were in a bar called AOA Bar & Grill and the story goes that Ramona is a partner/investor in the restaurant. I know of at least two other restaurants of Peter’s who have gone belly up. Dolce a restaurant in Connecticut where Peter is from, and Bice New York, a high end Italian place in NYC. I think Bice may have still been open when Ramona jumped in.

Ramona was supposedly dating Peter as well as being his business partner. I understand that she is no longer involved with the restaurant or with Peter. Continue reading


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Confirmed! Julianne Wainstein Filming With RHONY; Plus All the Salary Negotiation Tea

Photo: Instagram

Photo: Instagram

Julianne Wainstein has been spotted filming with her friend Dorinda Medley and new cast mate Bethenny Frankel for Real Housewives of New York this week in NYC. That’s new RHONY Julianne with her back turned to us to face Bethenny Frankel while they are all pretending to have a bite to eat at Catch NYC.  Mostly what is important for us to know about Julianne is that her husband is rich, she close with Dorinda, Bethenny will probably love her, she is half-Japanese, sophisticated, and last I knew she was an event planner.

Julianne will be replacing Heather Thomson who has taken her ball and gone home after one of her major investors with a managerial role in Yummie has refused to allow the RHONY camera inside the business. Since that was Heather’s whole point in being on, she has left the show and is trying to oust the investor from the company. The guy was actually the one to give her the very first million dollar loan to start the company and has had a major hand it the success of the company. Heather is going to court to try to remove him from his managerial duties. I guess she doesn’t need him anymore. Continue reading


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As RHONY Filming begins, Bethenny Frankel Sues Tea Company for Trademark Infringement

Gif by reality TVgifs and T.Kyle on Tumblr

Gif by reality TVgifs and T.Kyle on Tumblr

The Real Housewives of New York have apparently begun filming again as Daily Mail has purchased photos of Bethenny and Carole filming in a bar tonight. Or have they? I could totally see Andy giving Bethenny and Carole their own single girls show. Bethenny is smart enough to know the housewives brand is stale and Bravo could certainly pay a lot more salary to her and Carole if the ensemble was cut to two people.  Two friends would be a lot more interesting to us at this point than five women bitching at each other. I’m going to need to send you here check out the photos because I certainly can’t afford to buy them and I want you to check out the one with just Bethenny and Carole in their little mirror image skinny jeans and leather jackets. They’re like two UES lipstick lesbians. There has always been some sort of sexual current between these two, but they really seem to be on a date in this photo. Right? Am I crazy?

Also, I heard that Brandi was throwing Kristen Takeman under the bus on her podcast last week my official TT podcast listening said that Brandi said according to Kristen one of her castmates from RHONY has coke on her face in every scene. For that reason, I was sort of obsessed with Carole’s nose. She does have fairly large nostrils that you could probably see farther into than you would like without even trying. But then again, the source is Brandi so she’s probably just projecting.

Then again, Carole seems high on something (more likely pot) in every picture on Daily Mail. According to Andy Cohen, Carole really knows her way around  joint, or something. There was an actual story on The Daily Dish today about how much Andy likes vaping hash oil. Anyway, I digress.   Continue reading


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Will LuAnn de Lesseps Girl Code Video Ever Be Released?

I thought Luann's #TBT with her dad was appropriated for this dated post.

    I thought Luann’s #TBT with her dad was appropriate for this dated post.


This is one of those storied that keeps getting pushed to the back burner an forgotten, but since I am doing some old post housecleaning, I thought I would throw this one up for you guys just for fun.

I really didn’t think the drama between Carole and Heather and Luann was really something any of them had time to think about in their real and presumably busy lives. I guess I was wrong. I checked their Twitter today and all their bitching and moaning with each other has been deleted. Carole’s  boytoy fell of his skateboard. Seriously, I am not making that up. These are the problems with dating boys with skateboards.

Anyway, my point, which sort of got lost as I fished around for new information is that it seems that after the reunion, Luann decided to scrap her newly completed Girl Code video  full of writhing young men in speedos. Could it be something Carole and Heather said?

Click through for a couple of interesting Page Six stories I never got around to sharing with you… Continue reading


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Real Housewives of New York 100th Episode Recap: Pigs Get Fat, Hogs Get Slaughtered

RHONY Kristen Drinking


I’m trying to take the day off today. I’m just a bit overwhelmed by everything and just want a day of hiding under the covers and having a pity party.  But I am going to make a few brief comments on this show and I promise to be back to my old self soon.

The casting tapes from 2007 are amazing to watch. Jill and Luann basically looks the same but everyone else looks different.

Jill refused to be interviewed for the show.

Lots of Alex and Simon bashing.

Bethenny looks gorgeous in her interviews.

Luann regales us with Countess stories. The others prefer regular Luann.

I sort of miss Kelly Bensimon. I love the I’m up here, you’re down there crap. This playback of Kelly putting down Bethenny is almost identical to the things Bethenny said to Ramona at the beginning of this season.

I’m not sure why I am even watching this.

Andy met Carole at a dinner part at Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelous’ house.

Bethenny got Aviva on the show.

Much discussion about the breakup of Jill and Bethenny.  Bethenny says she was really excited to host the Today show one time and when she arrived producers told her that Jill had called demanding to know why Bethenny was chosen over her. Jill would go out of her way to sabotage Bethenny’s  appearance. I imagine Jill is probably going nuts on Twitter but I think I have her blocked.

Bethenny talks about how Jill waited until they were on camera to really come for her and try to get the fans to hate her. Jill tried to take her down and it backfired.  Bethenny says of Jill, “Pigs get fat and hogs get slaughtered.”

Next Avivia’s leg toss. Carole is such a cunt satchel. Aviva admits the preplanned throwing the leg. Luann says that was her swan song. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of New York Reunion Part 3 Recap: Happy Ending?


It’s time for the final reunion episode of 2015. Once again, I find myself wondering if there is anything left to discuss. Based on the preview it looks like a lot more rehashing of the same old stuff they have run into the  ground all season.

Sonja is Delusional

Andy wants to talk more about Sonja’s “brand” is in fact not “very real.”  I just realized Sonja is wearing the same dress she did some of her talking heads in this season.  I am not a believer in once you wear something once to a big event you can’t wear it again.  BUT, if you have an international lifestyle brand (whatever that is) I would think you could find something to wear to the reunion from your vast collection if for no other reason than to see the merchandise. Oh wait, it is from her collection. Andy points out that she has a large collection on her website. Apparently, not large enough to wear something we have not already seen this season.

Somehow, Heather is being attacked by Sonja (and Bethenny who jumps into every single conversation) about not supporting her brand. Yet we saw Bethenny and Heather trying to ground Sonja in reality and give her direction all season. Now somehow that was wrong of Heather while right for Bethenny to do? Continue reading


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