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Bethenny Frankel Got a New Haircut, Do You like it?

RHONY bethenny new hair


I kind of love it and so do 67% of WWHL viewers… thoughts? She is going for that rocker look.  But um, I kinda feel bad for the chick that took the photo. (that could be me)


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Dorinda Sheds Some Light on The Other Ladies, But How Much Do We Know About Her?

RHONY Dorinda
The good news is this: Never a dull moment! For example, Ramona is great about having the never-ending birthday that never ends (redundancy intended). In reality, her birthday is November 18, but the celebrations start shortly after Halloween and continue throughout the month of November, Thanksgiving be damned. It’s like Ramona Heritage Month. Our next stop on the birthday train was at Fishtail with ALL of her friends. And I mean ALL of them. These girls run the Upper East Side with an iron fist. They basically buy out every season at Bergdorf’s before it makes it to the floor. They’re a fun crowd—colorful characters—and Bethenny was right: It’s like the Cantina’s greatest hits from Star Wars. Of course, they’re all jockeying to be Princess Leia, though c’mon, Ramona’s the birthday girl. We know she’s the princess in our midst. After all, it is November…

It seems like Dorinda is still friendly with Ramona.

I don’t typically run with these girls, but over the years of living in this ‘hood and being one of those “ladies who lunch,” I guess I can comfortably say I’ve claimed my seat at the table, so to speak. Seeing Heather, Carole, and Bethenny there was like spotting animals that wandered into the wrong habitat. Not really their “downtown diva” scene, but the effort is all that matters. Carole, babe, I know you’re coming back up “here,” but I think that hat needs to stay downtown. “Hobo chic” doesn’t really play well north of 57th Street.

Oh, the shade of it all! Continue reading


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Real Housewives of New York Recap: Family Matters

RHONY cast

Argh I was busy chatting in email with a couple of people. And did not have time to set up this post so I will be a little late in posting, probably. Apparently, it is still Ramona’s birthday. Still. I guess she wanted presents from people who were not in Atlantic City.  She has a Turtle Time cake. And THANK GOD FOR BETHENNY for squashing the stupid trend of call women MAMA. I HATE THAT. I am no anybody’s Mama. It’s ridiculous and must be stopped.  Bethenny hates the upper east side luncheon birthday party. I can totally appreciate that. Carole and Bethenny discuss Sonja’s psychopharmacologist.  Which is a head shrinker that writes scripts.  Much like most psychiatrists. The are actual doctors who treat mental disorders with medications. Not vitamins.  Meanwhile, Sonja is talking about meditation and abundance candles with some whackadoo.

I do not want to think about Dorinda swinging.

Bethenny is hysterical tonight. Sonja is talking about her swami priestess whackadoo.  It’s hysterical. Bethenny moves on to play therapist with Ramona. Then in the next scene Bethenny goes to therapy with her TV doctor. I really wish Bethenny could reconcile with Jason. But that  is never going to happen and Bethenny feels betrayed  Side note: I saw a video recently of Bethenny and Jason trying to co-parent on Bryn’s fourth birthday. I could not find it on Youtube. But Bryn was having a major meltdown when Jason had to pass her off to Bethenny and was screaming I want to stay with Daddy! Over and over as paparazzi filmed. It must be heartbreaking. There were dozens of paps there. Bethenny is concerned about trusting her judgment. She has recently broken up with (in real time) with her rebound relationship and is already seeing someone else. Bethenny is wanting to meet up with her stepfather John, because she wants Bryn to have some family on here side.  Also, I have to break up with my therapist this week. I really can’t afford her anymore with my unaffordable Obama care. Plus, I think I’ve heard all of her things multiple times, it’s getting repetitive at this point. Clearly, I don’t listen. And I have you guys to tell my troubles too. I’m pretty much an open book. More advice is not going to help. I have to do some work on myself. Plus, I will see here again here and there. I’m too poor to be crazy. Continue reading


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Heather Explains The Storyline for This Week



I totally understand running late. I’m usually not the best at being on time, and there never seems to be enough hours for all the things I try to jam into my day. I get it. I don’t like to pick on people about things like this, either. We were all given a time to meet at Sonja’s–10am. She wasn’t ready, and Bethenny was going to be late, too. The kind and hospitable thing to do at this point would have been to invite your guests into your home to wait, not leave them standing in the cold rain for over an hour. What happened to common courtesy and manners?

The call time was 10? Didn’t they finally pull out just before noon? So that’s a lot of time standing on the street.

I was literally shocked when one of Sonja’s many interns told me “Lady Morgan isn’t receiving guests.” The same “Lady Morgan” who has allowed me to make sure she is able to get home safely is now forcing us to wait in her unheated vestibule. This was insane to me. I also found it very hard to believe Sonja was clueless about the car situation. She was the one who arranged all the details for this trip. Just invite us in, offer me a glass of water, and I would have been happy to wait it out for hours.

Foyer mystery solved. Sonja doesn’t know the difference between a foyer and a vestibule. We should have known.  Of course Sonja knew the car would be delayed.  Sonja was probably just following her script. After all there were cameras in her townhouse. Continue reading


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Dorinda Medley is Displeased With How The Other Women Treat Sonja

RHONY Dorinda

It’s time for Dorinda’s Blog to meet the purple pen.

Opinion, opinions, opinions…Opinions everywhere and no solutions!

So the trip to Atlantic City started out with a deluge–and I’m not just talking about the weather. Once we got to Sonja’s townhouse, we were told to wait in the foyer. In Lady Morgan’s foyer. Quite a nice foyer, but nonetheless, a foyer. (Is it foyER or is it foyEYH? It really depends on who you ask, really.) I was fine waiting, to tell you the truth. With this much entertainment around you, how could I not?

I do not understand the foyer discussions. A foyer in a building is generally a public area at the entrance of a building.  If they were in a common area, why would Sonja be talking about spilt tea on mahogany tables?  A foyer in a residence is the entrance way into the home. It’s the first room or hallway one enters where one might leave their wet umbrella or hang a hat before moving freely into the rest of the house. If they were confine into  a space surrounded by locked doors, as they seemed to have been,  they were in the foyer of the building. None of the furniture would have belonged to Sonja. Am I missing something here? Also they seem to have chosen standing out in the rain, rather than the foyer they were supposedly offered. Continue reading


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Sonja’s Blog Is a Full Novel of Delusion and Incoherence

GIF from RealtyTvGifs


I think that Sonja has surpassed Jacqueline what’s her face in the longest blog ever contest. There is more delusion, incoherence, and contradiction in the post than I have seen. And I tried to snip out as much as possible. Sonja’s words are in black, and I’m using the purple pen.

First and foremost, I need to address the situation that occurred at my home at the beginning of the episode. What really happened was that I was taking a call from my sister from Nashville who was just telling me she was not be able to come to watch my daughter, because her best friend had just passed away.

So your teenaged daughter who last I heard was in boarding school was going to be babysat by your sister who was in Nashville talking on the phone to you rather than at least on a plane to NYC if not already there?  None of your 47 interns can be trusted to look after Quincy?  Her alleged $300,000 a year in child support won’t cover a lady sitter? She has no school friends she could spent the night with? Seriously? Continue reading


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Luann de Lesseps Continues To Throw Shade at Carole Raziwill on WWHL

WWWL Luann


This week seems to have flown by and there are so many things sitting around in my inbox for me to remember to post about. One is this episode of WWHL with the Countess. Luann looks FANTASTIC in a plum colored dress. Her hair and a makeup are flawless. No statement necklace, but some flashy earrings. She’s very well put together. The photo above does not begin to do her justice.

Luann says Sonja loves her and she loves Sonja. Andy  brings up Luann’s tweets about Carole.  Luann posted that Adam and the niece were still together and planning a trip together when Carole started screwing him. Luanne backpedals and basically says that Adam attended the niece’s birthday celebration in September.  Carole’s position is that the niece and Adam broke up a year ago and still remain friends.  Andy reads another tweet where Henry or whoever her ghost tweeter is says that Carole is a “basic newcomer” among other things. Andy points out that the use of the word “basic” in the  hipster sort of way does sound like Luann. Luann ignores the subtle accusation and says she was on a rage that night because Carole has caused so much friction for her and her family because the niece is so upset. Luann says she went a bit overboard and really just wants to move on.  I bet she does and Lord knows her niece wishes she had just shut up about it rather than lying and saying that the niece was all upset over it. Even if she is, Luann is putting her nieces heartbreak on a fucking reality TV show. Not classy or cool, Luann. Continue reading


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Bethenny Discusses Gambling While Rich, And Some Other Stuff

RHONY bethenny

Bethenny Frankel, meet my purple pen. Purple pen meet Bethenny.

From Bethenny’s Bravo Blog:

When put in context, I suppose I understand how Heather was so pissed to have to stand outside. Evidently, she has carried Sonja into her bed after a crazy night on many occasions.In fairness to Sonja, she probably doesn’t remember those nights, so she might not see the connection. I could go on about this for days, but then you’d fall asleep. You decide if you think it’s a big deal. Maybe she was banging an intern and needed privacy. Who cares really?

Yes, it is a big deal. When people are coming to your house, to meet you for a trip that you invited them to, you should not only greet them pleasantly at the door in person, but perhaps have a mini brunch prepared in your toasted oven on hand.

BUT I was overwhelmed when I got in that limo. It hadn’t cracked noon, and we were mainlining Skinnygirl Cocktails like it was our job. Oh wait; it is my job.

What is this Skinny Girl Cocktail you mention? I can’t say I’ve ever heard of it. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of New York Recap: Double Down on Delusion

RHONY  Everybody

This has been a long damn day despite getting up shortly after noon. Before I was even awake the whole Kenya drama started which filled the moderated comments with Nenetards and a mob of morons that like Porsha.  I threw up a quick post and went to seating people in the window licking section. At the same time, Nancy starts spouting off about how gay couples should not be allowed to marry because Reza Farahan is a cuntbag. Not the best timing for a homophobic post. I haven’t eaten all day and I am irritable and exhausted. Then just before I was trying to set up for this, there is some story about Claudia getting escorted out of a mall in Auburn Alabama.  So I am telling you now, not to expect much from this blog. Also apologies for unreturned emails, thanks for all the links, and apologies for not getting the Ru Paul Drag Race post up today, that is a very tedious and time consuming task and it was just not possible today.  I’ll do my best to do it tomorrow.

Tonight the ladies are going to take their drinking and bickering on the road to Atlantic City. Whoo Hoo!  It’s time for the ladies to leave and Heather, Kristen and Dorinda go to pick up Sonja in the rain and one of her interns tells them they will have to wait outside because Sonja is packing does not wan to be disturbed. This is TOTALLY storyline because in any other situation they would leave and let Sonja get her own ride there.  Somehow Luann and Carole managed to get excused from the trip. Sonja’s talking head says her excuse is that her sister was supposed to watch her kid but her best friend died so she can’t. Isn’t Sonja’s kid like 45? Continue reading


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Real Housewives of New York Recap: Mind Your Own Business

I have already lost interest in this season. Bethenny is such a shrew.  Dorinda is vile. Carole is reliving her adolescence. I’m having a hard time finding someone to like this season. I will say I hated Ramona and Sonja together but can tolerate them much better separately. Maybe Sonja will be my girl this season. Basically, Bethenny sums it up above. None of this is interesting to me.

Bethenny and Sonja meet for lunch.  I’m not sure why. Bethenny is apparently assessing Sonja’s mental health. Sonja is not passing. Sonja is giving her delusional spiel about her “businesses.”  The two discuss being divorced and having the need to get pounded and shitfaced. Sonja says she doesn’t swallow unless they have a black card. My personal advice is don’t swallow once they are on medication. Because I read that somewhere in a book. Allegedly.


Luann and Dorinda go for a pedicure. Dorinda is so vile with her man I have no interest in her at all anymore. Luann told Dorinda about John being out in the clubs without her. Dorinda says that Bethenny is harsh. She should know.  Dorinda is having a party and Bethenny is not coming because it’s not a Skinny Girl event. Hannah is annoying too. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of New York Recap: The Art of Being a Cougar

RHONY cast


It’s time for the Real Housewives of New York again. I feel like the last episode was yesterday. Time flies.  I’d suggest drinking every time Bethenny cries if you don’t have plans tomorrow but unfortunately for me I must venture into THE WORLD tomorrow for a bit and need to be clear headed.


We open with a scene with Carole and Heather on the highline. I had plans to go walk that highline last summer but they did not pan out due to a variety of things, aka a clusterfuck of issues. I am dying to see it as I don’t think it was there last time I was in NYC.  My yankee NYC friends act like it is overrated but it looks amazing.  Heather is having a dinner. Those always go so well.  Carole is fucking the boy chef from Luann’s Hamptons house.  Carole says that she went to a club with him and ate a random gummy bear, started tripping and they had to leave. Carole puked all over both of them on the pedicab home. Carole seems proud of this. The kid is 29. Carole says that she has not told Luann because he used to date Luann’s niece. #Cougar

Carole goes on a ping pong date with her boytoy. Carole is clearly trying to relive her high school years. Dude is not even that cute.

Continue reading


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WWHL With Heather Thomson

WWHL with Heather Thompson

This should be interesting since Bethenny is so insufferable toward Heather and Andy and Bethenny are such great BFFs.  Heather’s legs are ERRYTHING.  It’s hard to tell by the photo, but they really are perfection.

Andy Briefly brings up Dorinda’s faux pas. I found that to be very shady editing toward Dorinda and a sign that production doesn’t care for her. I’m sure there were a million other choices for that :40 mark snippet.

Andy goes straight into the “pussy hair” comment and Bethenny’s rude behavior. Heather says that Bethenny sort of flips a switch ( a bitch switch?) at a moment’s notice and you are not prepared for it. Andy asks about  Boutique the meat market for older folks ( I really want to go there next time I am in NYC) and talks about all the hooking up going on. It looks like the Johnny’s Hideaway of NYC!  Andy says that Sonja’s cub from that night will be on many upcoming episodes. They sort of date for a while. Heather says that Luann’s guy kind of sticks around too. You go ladies!  It’s the season of the cougar apparently.

A bunch of housewives tweet in after a game where the guests had to say how much they would pay for certain items involving other housewives. One was LuAnn’s leopard coat. Heather said she was offered it for free and did not take it. I was pretty sure we saw that happen at the tag sale last episode but Luann tweeted that she did not offer Heather that coat. That is a lie #HollaThatFromThe Rooftops!  Heather says that she and Luann are in the middle of a big issue that we are going to have to tune in to see. Heather says she offered it to Carole and she didn’t take it and she offered Heather two chairs which she never saw so we can Holla that too! OOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHH Heather and Luann are so on the outs right now.

At the end of the show, Luann tweets again to say she did not offer to give the coat to Carole or to Heather, she gives her valuables away to charity.  Um, YOU WERE HAVING A PEDESTRIAN GARAGE SALE IN THE FUCKING HAMPTONS, LUANN!  Heather says, “Yes you did! And that is why you are having an Estate Sale, but that’s alright!”

Carole tweeted about how hot Heather looks so it seems they come out of the season okay despite Bethenny.

Continue reading


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