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Was Jax Taylor in NYC Last Winter At The Skinny Girl Party?

RHONY Jax at Skinny Girl Party

Someone name Jessica Johnson posted this picture on her Twitter Line  that appears to show Jax arriving at Bethenny’s Skinny Girl party. IS that really Jax? Um why was he there?

What does it all meeeeeaaaaaaannnn?

Thanks to my TT spy for sending me this.


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WWHL With Ramona Singer & Michael Rapaport

WWHL Ramona


I really don’t want another half hour  of Ramona Singer tonight but Andy Cohen has a different idea.

Ramona’s eyes are like tiny little slits. It looks like she has had more work done. Michael is a huge housewives fan. He gets to ask Andy questions for thirty seconds. Which husband from the east coast would he do. Apollo Nida. What housewife confrontation at a reunion scared you the most? Teresa and Danielle season two, when Teresa pushed him into his seat. Michael says, “Really? More than Kenya?” Yes Michael, more than Kenya. Andy doesn’t really care for Kenya. Plus the THOT wasn’t attacking him. Andy seemed not to care for the follow up question and just said, “that was scary too,”

Andy has a three bachelors behind the bar for her to play a dating game with. Instead of waiting for the game, Ramona says, “I like the one on the far left!”  I’ll take the one on the far right if he is left over. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of New York Recap: London Calling

RHONY Carole

We begin tonight’s episode with Dorinda and Heather checking in to some sort of ginormous penthouse. Wait, that room was just for Carole? It’s like a whole apartment. Where is Dorinda staying? Carole goes by herself to pick up the ashes from the church. Carole is ridiculously nervous and saying silly things to the priest. As she is nervously chattering they show photos from her wedding day.  Her husband had cancer when they married, but they both expected him to beat it. He finally gives her the urn, which is larger than expected. Carole takes it back to the hotel room and lays on her bed and cries.

Later, Dorinda and Carole meet up in Carole’s room. Where is Dorinda staying? In the maid’s quarters?  They have the hotel send up tea and sandwiches and have a chat about their husbands.

The next day the ladies do a bit of shopping and the chat about Luann. Apparently the Countess has reappeared and no one is happy about it. After shopping, Dorinda is having a private cocktail party at an upscale bar. Carole invited some of her old friends from London as well. Dorinda’s friends are all very dignified. Carole’s guy friends were all in black leather. Dorinda’s friends brought up memories of her late husband. The cocktail party was more of a wake.  I’m going to need someone to explain Carole’s ensemble to me.

Continue reading


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WWHL With Melissa Gorga And Luann de Lesseps

WWHL Luann and Melissa

They showed some pictures of Lauren Manzo’s wedding which looked lovely. Melissa was there and said everyone looked amazing.  Andy asked why Caroline wore white to the wedding. Lauren asked her mom to wear white. The other housewives at the wedding were Jaqueline, Kathy and Dina.  Dina was at the church but not at the reception. Who go the drunkest of the housewives. Melissa say she a Rosie drank their fair share. Joe Gorga wore plaid pants.

Andy showed a montage comparing season one Countess with this season’s Luann. Night and day.

Melissa says Tre is doing as well as can be expected. She’s really strong and good at keeping it positive when she is on the phone with the girls. The girls play with her kids a lot. She has requested to visit Tre but she has not been approved yet. She thinks it is a prison redtape issue and not coming from Tre. Andy says she thinks it is Tre and Melissa says something like she was trying to be diplomatic.  Joe has been to see her. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of New York Recap: Awfully Charitable


Are you sure you are not biased?

Are you sure you are not biased?

For some reason I thought it was Wednesday and I was busy running errands and going to the grocery store and basically wearing myself out. After some chicken wings and blue cheese dressing and a few glasses of sweet tea, I feel revitalized! Just in time to recap tonight’s Real Housewives of New York. The good news is, we’re going to London! The bad news is, it’s another death story. Speaking of death storylines, I TRIED to watch #RHOOC today, after zipping through all the Meghan scenes, the psychic scenes, the cancer arguments, and such I was left with Shannon working out and a bowling alley scene which managed to include a dead mama scene and a cancer treatment argument. No Bueno. Hopefully this will be better.

We start out at Bethenny’s new apartment that is still under construction. It looks fabulous and it isn’t even finished yet. Carole stops by for a scene to rehash the last episode. The fixtures are beautiful, especially the crystal chandelier in Brynn’s room.  I did notice a shortage of windows.  Carole tells Bethenny that Luann made a fool of herself at the bedazzling party after Bethenny left. Bethenny sticks up for Luann and suggests that Carole’s recount may be a bit biased. Bethenny thinks that the naked man was a bit much but that Carole and Heather over reacted. Carole has invited Dorinda to London with her, but is a bit concerned now do to Dorinda’s crazy erupting lately. Continue reading


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Check Out The RHONY Bedazzled Jeans Auction!

RHONY Kristen Yummi auction

The jeans the housewives bedazzled on the last episode are up for auction here!  So many interesting things to see. For example, ” Denim + Diamonds was a benefit for the international children’s charity Smile Train, hosted by model and cast member of The Real Housewives of New York City, Kristen Taekman.  As seen on TV, prior to the event each of The Real Housewives of New York City cast members decorated a pair of jeans which were on display that evening. 100% of proceeds from this auction support Smile Train. ”  Am I the only one that got the impression that it was HEATHER that was sponsoring the charity event?  I may have just assumed it was Heather since the jeans are all Yummie Tummie but apparently that was just Heather getting her infomercial in. Continue reading


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Is Heather Thomson Leaving RHONY?

I’m getting this question a lot today. And, um, I dunno. I do know that US magazine is reporting through “sources” that she is done with the show and feels that it is too negative and she wants to spend more time working on her business and with her family.

I also know that pick-up letters are going out or have already gone out to RHONY housewives. It’s the right time for people to be asked back or not.

I also know that Heather doesn’t really need the money.

I also know that Heather LOVES the attention.

I also know that Heather got a bad edit last season and is probably butthurt. Continue reading


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WWHL With Carole Radziwill and Heather Thompson


WWHL Carol heather

We start off already with Dorinda’s tweets about Heather. She tweeted this during the show, ” Dorinda Medley ‏@DorindaMedley 1 hour ago Bottom line: whoever goes on vacation with @iamHeatherT has to bring great earphones, be celibate & sign a release form #RHONY @BravoWWHL” That’s not too serious.  Heather’s response was apparently bleeped. Carole says that Dorinda is strange to say that. What’s a release form?

What is Heather wearing. I don’t get it. It looks like she is sitting there in a very pretty silk bathrobe.

I am already bored. They are just playing a bunch of clips from the show. I feel like I am watching a rerun of  a show I didn’t care for that much the first time. Heather says that Dorinda is really mean on twitter and that she is different on screen than when she is off.

The poll question is, “Did Heather and Carole break the girl code?” Of course they did. Andy asked if Heather overreacted.  She says no.  Heather and Carole bring up the married man Luann slept with. The two guys are Scottish and Andy wants to track them down. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of New York Recap

RHONY Luann Uncool

This recap may be a bit slow in getting done. If you haven’t noticed, I’ve kinda jumped on jumped on the crazy train again. But hey, I had a good bout of sanity there for awhile, and I have no doubt it will return in due time. Nobody panic it will all work itself out, it always does. But if this recap is weirder that usual, that is why.

Enough about my crazy, let’s watch these crazy New York bitches. I’m already a little more sympathetic toward Dorinda who seems to be on her own crazy train.  I, of all people should be a little less judgey when it comes to the crazy ones. Heather continues throwing shade with hashtags. Do people really do that in real life? I mean people older than 13?

Ramona and Heather get into a fight over who gets to “comfort” Dorinda.  Heather literally backs drunk Dorinda into the corner of the bathroom while screaming at Ramona to get the fuck out of the bathroom. Eventually, Heather and Dorinda hug it out. These New York bitches are to be commended on how quickly they make up with each other. It never sticks, but at least they try. Heather and Ramona continue to bicker. Heather and Carole decide to call it a night.  The other ladies stay out.

The next morning, Heather, who sleeps naked, which she is fine with, but she is not as fine with some random dude sleeping naked in Bethenny’s bed. I mean really, who doesn’t like to see a naked man in the morning? Lighten up Heather. Heather and Carole interrogate Dorinda about a the mystery man. They get nowhere with that, so the go to wake up Sonja and Ramona, the two likely suspects who blame the man on Luann. Ramona is dead to the world, so Heather starts scream and opening the curtains yell at Ramona to get up. In her talking head, the apologizer apologizes for “punting it to Luann.”

Next the bitches go to wake up Luann. I swear if I was woken up after a long night of partying by these two banshees, someone would get hurt.  Luann finally gets up and confronts Heather, “What’s the big deal. We brought some guys back here, we had a good time, what’s the big deal?”  Heather was afraid of the naked man. Seriously? She must have been so much fun on spring break. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of New York Recap: Conch Blocked

RHONY Bethany

YAY! We are back in the Turks and Caicos. Let’s hope this episode is as good as the last one! We are back where we left off with Ramona being a cunt satchel and deciding she wants everyone to go out for lunch after Bethenny has made lunch at the house for them. So very tacky. Bethenny is rightly pissed. Bethenny’s salad looks amazing. I wish I had someone to make me amazing salads every day.  Ramona somehow has decided that Bethenny is pissed because Ramona stole a dress. Ramona does her apologizer thing and everyone enjoys a lovely lunch.

Ramona is writing a book about how she got to where she is. Um, divorced and unstable? I’d go with that.  Bethenny suggests “Work in Progress.”  Heather says there are probably tons of books with that name. This pisses off Heather and says that Bethenny is a “know-it-all.”  But in this case, Bethenny is correct. Bethenny and Heather argue. Carole says that if you are 58 and your life is still a work in progress, that’s a problem. I disagree. I think we are all works in progress.  This know it all fight is going to go on forever.

Or not. Heather and Bethenny seem to make up by pulling the back of each others bikini bottoms down to bare their asses. Whatever works, girls. BTW, great asses on both of them. This ends in both of them mooning the other girls. Everybody is happy. Time to paddle board.

Heather apologizes to Sonja for participating in the alcoholic storyline. She loves Sonja and she is sorry. Heather promises never to bring it up again. Continue reading


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Dorinda Thinks Heather is Harsh and Condescending

RHONY Dorinda

Dorinda is back with her novella of a blog, and I am back with my purple pen.

Dorinda’s Blog:

Oh boy…our first night in Turks and Caicos…Seriously, I can write a book about these four days in the islands with these girls. Thanks goodness, the evening ended on a fairly wonderful note. And by wonderful, I mean everyone managed to get into bed with both eyes still in their heads and no broken nails.

That is sort of the standard definition of a pretty good night on a housewives trip.

As you saw, Bethenny and Ramona had a heart-to-heart and though it was a little Girl Interrupted meets Terms Of Endearment. It was pretty amazing.

Perfect description.

Both Bethenny and Ramona are so different in so many ways, but they get each other. They accept each other’s pros and cons and understand where the cons come from. Does that make sense? I think it comes through in that moment. They’ve had their history, but at the end of the day, they have a significant amount of common ground between them. I think they find comfort in that. I know that’s how my friendship with Ramona is—it truly is comforting for me, too. They’re both going through some pretty heavy stuff, and it’s nice to see the true support they provide for one another. This made ME cry, and I wasn’t even there. I’ve said this a thousand times for nearly 50 years…friendship and support is what we ALL need.

They are both pretty much the same flavor of crazy. And I believe that flavor to be Adderall. Allegedly. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of New York Recap: Sonja Island

RHONY Bethany

Heather’s flat belly is awesome.

Ramona and Bethenny sit down to talk about Sonja’s drinking. Things devolve into a conversation about how lonely they all are and how scary the unknown is. Ramona breaks down over Mario. Bethenny who is not a hugger, is already hugging and crying.  Ramona goes on and on about how Mario is a part of her and she wants to fix him so bad. The both cry and hug some more.  I thought it odd that Bethenny said she related to the feeling of loss Ramona was having. She never seemed to attach to Jason.

Sonja and Dorinda have a loud discussion inside while the other girls are doing yoga. Sonja is reenacting Bethenny screaming at her. Sonja is totally disrupting yoga and the girls all get up from yoga to go hear what Sonja is screaming about.  So much for yoga.

Ramona tells Sonja that Bethenny called her an alcoholic. Ramona just AGREED with Bethenny five minutes ago.  Bethenny walks up the conversation escalates. Bethenny tells Sonja that she gets drunk and tries to screw everybody else’s man. Ramona defends Sonja to Bethenny and backpedals like crazy to avoid any involvement in the Sonja intervention. Luann shows up with breakfast for everyone to eat on the beach.  Ramona takes hers into the house. Leaving Bethenny and Luann getting screamed at by Sonja. Luann takes Bethenny side and says that Sonja tends to “fall asleep” at the end of the night and need to be put to bed. Sonja doesn’t deny this, in fact she says, “so what” and continues screaming at everyone as Heather approaches. Oh Heather, this is an OG problem you need to stay on the porch and sip mimosas, I’m sure you can hear them from there. Continue reading


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