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Should Bethenny Frankel Do Another Season of RHONY?

I was not excited to see Bethenny return. Her first few episodes didn’t impress me. It was clear she had something in her contract about leaving events whenever she felt like it and passing on the out of town trips she was not down for. Which is odd, because she spends an hell of a lot of time in Miami these days.

That said, she had a nice finish at the end and once she stopped sobbing, she was the voice of reason that was sorely needed around Sonja and Ramona. I’m not even mad at her treatment of Kristen anymore after the last episode of the reunion. Here is what she had to say in her Bravo Blog after the reunion shows aired….

The last of this thriller ride is over.

Ramona took a pretty good beating last time, so it was understandable that she passed out. NOT. You cannot write this sh–. They threw the mold away with Singer, and I love it. To give you an idea of what the reunion environment is like, it would be like sitting in the middle of Grand Central Station on a weekday. To say the least, there is a lot going on. LOL. My goal in life is to sleep on command, so obviously I’m jealous.

I can sleep on command, Bethenny. I can sleep in the middle of typing a post for the website. I would happily trade for all the energy you have, no matter how you get it. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of New York Reunion Part 3 Recap: Happy Ending?


It’s time for the final reunion episode of 2015. Once again, I find myself wondering if there is anything left to discuss. Based on the preview it looks like a lot more rehashing of the same old stuff they have run into the  ground all season.

Sonja is Delusional

Andy wants to talk more about Sonja’s “brand” is in fact not “very real.”  I just realized Sonja is wearing the same dress she did some of her talking heads in this season.  I am not a believer in once you wear something once to a big event you can’t wear it again.  BUT, if you have an international lifestyle brand (whatever that is) I would think you could find something to wear to the reunion from your vast collection if for no other reason than to see the merchandise. Oh wait, it is from her collection. Andy points out that she has a large collection on her website. Apparently, not large enough to wear something we have not already seen this season.

Somehow, Heather is being attacked by Sonja (and Bethenny who jumps into every single conversation) about not supporting her brand. Yet we saw Bethenny and Heather trying to ground Sonja in reality and give her direction all season. Now somehow that was wrong of Heather while right for Bethenny to do? Continue reading


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Real Housewives of New York Reunion Part 2 Recap: Ramona Tells All

The sparkly couch.

                                                             The sparkly couch.

I had no idea this was coming on at 8 pm tonight. In fact I just saw it recording and stopped it because I thought it was a social edition of last week. I was busy watching  The Donald Trump Show which is currently airing on every news channel on cable.  It’s mesmerizing.  The news channels are handing Trump this election.  Anyway, on to the show.

I am over the Carole and Adam argument. Carole says this was never a problem with Luann. Luann admits she didn’t mention it. Let it go people!

Finally, on to Dorinda. Andy LOVES Dorinda. Dorinda doesn’t work she inherited her husband’s business which she sold when he died. Hannah doesn’t watch the show and isn’t thrilled that social media talks about her.  Dorinda says Hannah is more reserved like her father and not really into the how show thing. Bethenny keeps jumping in to answer for Dorinda.  THAT’S interesting.  People bring up John’s less attractive points, he wants his business on the show (Bethenny of all people brought that up), he is a bit “handsy”, and the bottom line is Dorinda is happy with him and everyone needs to shut the fuck up.  Kristen’s big moment on the reunion thus far as that a drunk date of one of the housewives got a bit handsy with her. Is she twelve?  Every woman on earth know how to deal with these situations. Dorinda is like, so did you call 911? Continue reading


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Reports Indicate Josh Taekman Husband of RHONY’s Kristen Taekman Was Active Member of Ashley Madison!

RHONY Kristen Drinking

UPDATE: Josh has issued a lame apology as if spending all that money on the site was just a lark.  “I signed up for the site foolishly and ignorantly with a group of friends and I deeply apologize for any embarrassment or pain I have brought to my wife and family. We both look forward to moving past this and getting on with our lives.” 

Ut Oh! The Daily Mail is reporting that Josh Taekman was uncovered as an active paying member of cheating website Ashley Madison.  The site that encourages married people to hook up and have affairs was hacked recently and over 30 million potential cheaters using the site were outed on public searchable databases published online.

The energy supplement entrepreneur who has two children with his model wife of ten years, Kristen, 38, logged on and had 62 paid transactions, and spent thousands on the cheaters’ site.

Ashley Madison is accessible for free but users must buy credits to send messages: $49 gets 100 credits while $250 earns 1,000 credits and a money-back ‘affair guarantee’ if you don’t have an affair within three months.

Continue reading


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Sonja Morgan Says Her Life is Fabulous

RHONY Sonja Shitfaced

Here is what Sonja says in her RHONY blog this week.

Sue me if I know how to have a good time! I’ve partied with the best of them, and those days I spoke of with Dorinda in the privacy of our hotel suite just don’t exist anymore.

Correct, they do not exist anymore.  You seem to have really embellished them and glorified them.  I get it. It was the 80s, everyone was partying and having fun.  But it’s 2015 now and it’s time to live in the present.  You need to figure how you are going to pay for that shiny new $3.3 million dollar mortgage on the townhouse you had to take out to pay off the bankruptcy mess. You know longer have homes in France or Colorado and if you lose your RHONY gig you are in a world of hurt. Rumor has it that the bankruptcy could not be closed out until you got your Bravo check to sign over.  How are you going to afford your magical priestesses and acupuncturists and facialists and veterinarian dental work if you are not on RHONY?

After I apologized to Carole I could tell she is still very sensitive about her family. This is why I usually steer clear of the subject around her. I have mentioned to her before that I knew some of her in-laws and some of her friends as people do when connecting. I would never want to offend her.

Offending people is pretty much the whole point of a reunion. Continue reading


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Carole Says Talking To Luann Is Like Trying To Reason With a Toddler

RHONY Carole

Frankly, this Adam kid was pretty much Carole and Luann’s entire storyline this season. Sure Carole picked up some ashes and Luann made some scrambled eggs, but these two butting into each others’ sex lives was pretty much their entire story arc.  Carole is dating the help!  Luann is screwing married dudes from the bar! I truly believe that Carole and Heather of all people did not give a crap about the naked guy in the next room. It was all just a reason to try and catch Luann in the bed with someone.  When that didn’t work, suddenly the house manager was telling on Luann to Kristen, as good house managers do.  There seemed to be a big retaliatory plot against Luann for constantly pointing out he vast age difference between Carole and Luann.

Despite my “WHO CARES?” attitude about who consenting adults choose to sleep with, I thought I would purple pen Carole this week. Heather’s entire blog was about what she wore, and Luann’s was about her fugly dress and scrambled eggs and other things I can’t even remember. Oh and there was some sucking up to Bethenny involved. Anyway, on to Carole. What upset you most about the confrontation with Luann at the reunion?

CR: Nothing really upset me, because Luann threw away any chance at a real friendship long ago. That said…it is difficult to have an intelligent conversation with her, because she has no ability to self-reflect, and much of what I said seemed to go over her head. Although, yikes! I did not mince my words!

I kind of have to giggle at the way Carole throws shade. While I would just go the easy route and say Luann is a moron, she just points out the difficulty of having an intelligent conversation with her. I really should take a page from Carole’s book and be less direct, I generally don’t have the patience and just scream, “Get away from me you stupid cow! I hate you!” It’s much easier than expecting self-reflection from the other party. That said, Carole could have asked herself why this issue that she finds trivial seems to have upset Luann so much. So, pot, kettle. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of New York Reunion Recap: Part 1

We begin with great news. Heather has agreed to retire the word “holla!” from her vocabulary. Carole is already rolling her eyes at Luann.  Apparently, Dorinda got a call from Hillary Clinton’s campaign office or something saying that Hillary is a fan? I’m not really sure as my DVR hiccupped at that particular moment in time.

We begin with the return of Bethenny this season. We get a crying montage. And a dancing montage. And a get off my jock, I’m bored with this montage.  Bethenny is still not divorced. Bethenny says that of all of the drama she has had in her life this is by far the worst. Carole says that she has been there at the court appointed times for phone calls with Brynn and that Jason would not pick up the phone.  Bethenny implies that Jason is fame hungry.  Bethenny stays by her homeless comment. I personally don’t think it was official.

Heather claims that LuAnn was not happy about Bethenny’s return and intended to “bring her down.” Carole and Heather say that Luann made a toast saying just that at a luncheon.  Luann says they are lying and she doesn’t remember it. Luann’s dress is hideous.  Heather appears to be wearing a green silk bathrobe with an exposed black bra. Perhaps her dress was lost?  I love Bethenny’s white top with black sequined pants.   Continue reading


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OMG! This RHONY Reunion Video is Every.THANG.



Stop whatever you are doing. You must see this RHONY reunion parody by KCS Cougar on Youtube.  It’s perfection!

Click through to watch! Continue reading


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Bravo Teases RHONY Three Part Reunion

RHONY Heather and the Countess

Here is the official Bravo public relations release for the upcoming reunion. Is it just me or does it sound not that interesting?

The defining, three-part New York City reunion begins Tuesday, August 18 at 9PM, with some conflicting accounts of how the ladies reacted to the return of Bethenny. Fortunately, as they take a look back at her outbursts from the season, Bethenny is able to reflect on how she handled herself with the new women this season. As the ladies remember their Atlantic City adventures, tensions resurface as Heather is unforgiving about being left in Sonja’s foyer.  However, it’s Sonja who is on high defense as the women once again take issue with her partying ways.  Then, from boyfriends to girl codes, the royal rumble continues between Luann and Carole.

Continue reading


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WWHL With Bethenny on Finale Night

WWHL Bethenny Finale


Bethenny needs to fire her stylist.

Bethenny is supposed to give five minutes of therapy to whoever flashes on the screen.

Luann: When you say “be cool” is that a menopausal thing? Are you going through the change? (Heh at 44 Bethenny will find out how “uncool” this comment is very soon. What was that reap what you sow comment again?)

Tamra: So you’ve now found Jesus, but how come you haven’t been able to find your right cup size?

Kelly Bensimon: So I’m wondering when you told me that you’re up here and I’m down there, was that really you projecting? (Did that make sense to anyone?)

Ramona: So this whole toddler stage you are going through? When are we ever going to get to the adult stage?

Kenya: All these props and these fans and these blowhorns and things…so do you not get enough props? Is that what is happening? Continue reading


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Will This Be The Next Real Housewife of New York?

RHONY Bethnyy I don't know you

In today’s, “you’re not going to believe this”  tea, Naughty but Nice Rob, one of the most knowledgeable bloggers about the RHONY says that a charming woman named Lora Drasner as been sought after by Bravo for several seasons and finally seems ready to seriously consider the gig for season 8 of RHONY.

I’m surprised that Bravo needs to even add any more people even if both Heather and Kristen leave next season as expected.

Lora  certainly does not need the money. But clearly she loves attention and would like her 15 minutes.  You are not going to believe the tea that Rob is serving up about this one. Continue reading


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WWHL With Sonja Morgan

WWHL With Sonja Morgan and Jessica

Okay, I just went over to Andy’s Twitter to swipe the picture from tonight’s WWHL  and I was shocked to see no Sonja Morgan. I don’t know either of these two ladies, so I can move on to the BB live feeds for a few and go to bed early since I’ve been up since around 3 a.m. Oh wait. Is that one on the left Sonja? Dear God, she is literally unrecognizable she’s had so much work done.  That tacky tuxedo? Now THAT I think I have seen on her site.

Andy says that Sonja is trending on Twitter. I blinked and must have missed that. Sonja does not look good on TV.  Now I don’t think she has had any work done. My next random speculation is that she may have lost weight and has been drinking a lot. Bitch! I’ve gained weight and have been drinking a lot.

Sonja Questions:

Who do you want to say, “I told you so” to? She doesn’t answer. She just rambles on about making her kid proud.

Where is the headquarters? 1400 Broadway. Continue reading


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