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Jules Wainstein Isn’t The Only Person Trying To Get Money Owed By Micheal Wainstein

RHONY Jules pensive


I Imagine, Jules Wainstein has one thing to say to Jonathan Sheffer, “The line forms behind me.”

Sheffer is a famous composer who has written scores for films like Heat and  Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles. He’s actually quite an interesting guy. Check out this article on him in New York Social Diary from 2008.

According to multiple reports,  in August,2015, Sheffer decided to move to the Apthorp on W. 79th Street, where Jules owns an apartment, after selling his Greenwich Village townhouse for $18 million.

Sheffer had newborn twins at the time so he inquired about any small apartments in the building that might be suitable to house his nanny. The property manager suggest he get in touch with Michael Wainstein. So despite the fact that Michael had no interest in the property that was owned by Jules (and I think perhaps her sister(s) as well) prior to her marriage, he offers to rent it to Sheffer for $4,000 a month. That’s either a hell of a good deal or the place is really tiny or both.  Sheffer paid Michael $20,700 for rent, brokers fees and deposits. Sheffer also claims he spent $6,000 repairing the kitchen.   Continue reading


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Michael Wainstein Fails To Pay First Support Payment To Jules


RHONY Jules pensive

Remember last month when the judge awarded Jules Wainstein $10,000 a month in spousal and child support and he poor mouthed the judge and said he didn’t have any money to support his children?  Well, guess what? He’s not paying.

Jules was supposed to receive her first check on September 30th, a full three months after he filed for divorce.  She received nothing.  Today, TMZ reported that Jules is going back to the judge to ask him to find Michael in contempt. I don’t know how that works up there in NYC where the news that Jules was getting $10,000 a month was met with gasps and hand wringing over how she is possibly going to survive on $120,000 a year, but down here in the real world, judges send folks to the pokey for not following their court orders.

From the sounds of things is he not contributing to the marital home at all, nor is he paying the kids pricey tuition at The Come Whenever You Want To School For Jewish Boys. Jules has called 911 multiple times on Michael. Read about that here and here.

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WWHL With Vicki Gunvalson and Sonja Morgan

I never go around to recapping WWHL with Vicki Gunvalson and Sonja Morgan the other night and I’m not really in the mood to do a long recap of it now but I really want to watch something on the DVR that is not related to politics. Both ladies look fantastic and attribute their glow to the holistic doctor they both use. Sonja has a new face entirely and could pass for Camille Grammer at this point. Whatever she has had done was very well done.

Andy shows a photo of Vicki out with Luann and Rey. Vicki says Rey was all over her and Luann was adamant that Vicki lay off her man. Vicki says she has no idea who he is and she was not interested at all. She says Luann ended up leaving with Paul Nassif that night.  I don’t know why Sonja is sitting there not mentioning that it was actually HER that left with Paul that night. This was back in May of 2015 when they still did the combined upfronts and the cast from all the seasons would go.

Sonja gave the tea on Luann’s shower. Sonja got the dates mixed up and was at the spa getting a pedicure so she just dashed over to the shower with her feet wrapped in Saran wrap. Jill Zarin was there and got along with everyone. Dorinda was there and Sonja is not speaking to her. Sonja says Dorinda is duplicitous and lied about everything and is a total fake. Sonja maintains that everyone knows that Dorinda does drugs.

Someone texts Vicki to let her know it was in fact Sonja who left with Paul. It was all over the tabloids when it happened.

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Bethenny Frankel Lists Tribeca Loft With Top Realtor Fredrik Eklund For Almost $7 Million



It feels like a real estate them today on Tamara Tattles.  Let’s move for now to NYC where Bethenny has listed her Tribeca Apartment with Fredrik Eklund. This is the apartment filled with all the bad juju between Bethenny and Jason during what will go down in history books as the worst divorce ever in American history if Bethenny has her pen on the future history books of America.

Of course she chose to list the property with our own, Fredrik Eklund. Fredrik posts, “Thank you for trusting me to sell your apartment, Bethenny. 😁 I just listed 195 Hudson Street in TriBeCa at $6,950,000! A gorgeous, newly renovated 3,600 sq ft corner 4-bedroom loft with private parking, so bright and beautiful.”

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Tipsy Girl Bar Hits Another Roadblock

RHONY Bethenny Sonja
This will be the second time I have reluctantly purple penned a Page Six Story. Every time they attempt to explain the Tipsy Girl story, they get it wrong and I am left to present the facts.  I get that they are obsessed with Bethenny Frankel lately, but she gives us all plenty of material to club her over the head with without just making shit up. I miss the olden days when I was either too naive to know that Page Six made up a lot of stuff or they actually checked the facts before posting. From here on out, this Page Six story will be in italics and my facts will be in purple pen.

The Tipsy Girl has stumbled once again. We’re told that “Real Housewife” Sonja Morgan has failed to get a liquor license for her planned West Eighth Street restaurant called Tipsy Girl — and now she and her investors are staring down the barrel of a million-dollar loss of the money they put into renovating the West Village spot, if they can’t find a fast fix.

Once more with even more feeling. Sonja Morgan has not applied for or be rejected for any sort of licenses, trademarks or construction permits related to the bar, Tipsy Girl.  I understand that Sonja is probably calling these stories in claiming that this is her business, but it is not. Sonja also thinks she owns a Nigerian soccer team, a luxury lifestyle brand, and that the plumbing in her townhouse actually works.  It is delusions such as these that continue to insure her a spot on the RHONY. She doesn’t HAVE investors. She HAD a gig publicizing this latest venture of  Peter Guimaraes  on RHONY. Her decision to accept that gig has put her paycheck at Bravo in jeopardy. Allegedly. In my opinion.

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#RHONY Sunday Tea: Why Did Bethenny Lose Her Radio Show?


RHONY Bethenny angry
I have so many things piling up in my inbox that I really don’t feeling like reporting, but they keep on sitting in my inbox screaming, “Post about this!” So I am going to try to knock out as many as I can today.


Several of you reported to me nearly two months ago that something was going on with Bethenny’s radio show. I don’t really know how Sirius even works, but more than one person told me that Bethenny’s show stopped showing up on their listings out of the blue.  Among the throngs of folks that Bethenny has pissed off lately is Page Six.  In August Page Six was the first to report that Bethenny had a meltdown at the Coldplay concert in the Hamptons that was sponsored by Sirius.  I don’t think that is the link for that.  Bascially, Bethenny was at a very exclusive concert when some women were standing in front of her blocking her view. Allegedly, according to Page Six she threw a drink on the women and caused a RHONY sort of scene. This happened just a couple days before her radio show disappeared. Both Bethenny and Sirius now claim it was a limited run series and her behavior in the Hamptons had nothing to do with the show going off the air for good. According to my commenters who wrote me there was no, “Gee this was a lot of fun thanks for listening!” ending to the series.  It just stopped airing.

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