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RHONY TEA: Luann De Lesseps Nabs Magazine Cover; Entire Cast on Massive Press Tour To Save Ratings!

RHONY Luann Cover Luxury Living


Another thing I keep wanting to tell you guys about is the abysmal RHONY ratings this season. BravoPR on twitter keeps talking about “season highs” which is one thing when your ratings are in the gutter that you can spin, but they are also claiming MUCH HIGHER numbers than Bravo Whore reports.  I am 100% confident in Bravo Whore’s sources and rely on him for my ratings information exclusively. I would not do that if I thought he was just some random guy with no access to the numbers.

Further proof that Bravo Whore is accurate and BravoPR is not (allegedly, in my opinion) is the fact that most of the RHONY cast is on a massive press tour lately trying to drum up viewers.

Which brings us to Countess Luann, who according to her Instagram seems to be saying she was on The Tonight Show the other night and was at US Weekly giving sound bites about Jules Wainstien’s divorce.  And apparently on Jenny MaCarthy’s Podcast and at People all in the same day. It’s all very desperate.

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Is Bethenny Engaged or Not? And More Bethenny Tea!


One of the reasons I started doing blinds is that sometimes I get a little bit of information and it’s not enough to make a whole post about, but it is a very interesting tidbit. The most annoying thing about the blinds from my standpoint is that all you guys care about is “figuring it out” and have little to know reaction about the actual tea!

Anyway, I have two interesting things to say about Bethenny Frankel that I have been trying to figure out what to do with. The both are related to images she has posted.

In the photo above, the implication seems to be that bad things happen to people who dare to disparage her brand. It seemed like a threat to me since most of those women are no longer on the show. Is that Sonja or Ramona on the top left?

It seems like that particular collage was selected for her office to remind her of all the meddling bitches she has removed from her path along the way. This probably went up when Luann was demoted. She is currently refusing to film with Sonja. I doubt we will ever see them on the same scene until the reunion.  Actually, I hope not. That would make for good TV. Though Sonja will probably just cry as Bethenny verbally attacks her for hours.

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Real Housewives of New York Recap: Always a Bitch; Never the Bride!


Alright you guys I am going to make this the fastest recap ever because it is my favorite day of the year, Big Brother Premiere Night! And I care way more about that than whatever the fuck is about to fall out of Bethenny’s uterus tonight in the Home Goods Store.

Do you think Jules’ nanny quitting has anything to do with her husband? This just occurred to me.

I’m skipping Carole. It was the dog poop that made the final call.


Dorinda and Jules go shopping. I don’t even want to cove this trip to Mexico stuff now that I am thoroughly convinced it is not going to happen.  In fact, the whole premise of the trip to taste Tequila for her margarita line never made sense to me because she sold that line and though some say she still has input, I don’t believe it and if she does it is minimal and she is not being sent to taste tequila with housewives in Mexico as part of her duties. I believe that scene where she announced the trip was shot after she bled out and realized she couldn’t go. Then Bravo cancelled the trip to follow her bleeding uterus storyline.

Jules wants Sonja on the nonexistent  Mexico trip. Dorinda wants Luann on the nonexistent trip. Dorinda says that Ramona met Tom once for drinks and it was a one night stand.


Sonja makes up with Ramona out of the blue to tell her she is not drinking and she is working out. Ramona’s confessional is supposed to be supportive, but Ramona just sucks at supportive. Clearly, Sonja is trying to dash the alcoholic who can’t be invited to any filming storyline by refusing to drink on camera.  Sonja’s confessional points out that Ramona is the real drunk.

Apparently, Carole’s scene is about a dog wedding. I will not be recapping a dog wedding and a bloody uterus in the same episode. Apologies. Sonja plans to apologize to Bethenny at the fucking dog thing so I may have to watch that part.

Ramona, the apologizer is teaching Sonja how to apologize. She does have the most practice.

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Bethenny Frankel on GMA: Confirms My Theories on The End of the Season

RHONY Bethenny
I taped GMA this morning to cover Bethenny’s appearance and the first few minutes were terrifying. Apparently, seven states are burning to the ground, some idiot was arrested for a bomb plot in NYC,  and we are all going to die of global warming this week (aka it’s summer) and a few other scary murderous stories.  But what they have been promoting continuously is the Bethenny interview. It is scary to me that Bethenny Frankel having female troubles is the big reason that people keep watching all morning. And believe me, these folks understand their ratings and a housewife, brings the rating. ON A MORNING NEWS SHOW. It’s terrifying how dumbed down we all are.

So on to Bethenny’s reproductive organs…

It’s an exclusive y’all!  Oh, shocker. It’s fibroids. Wait! Did we know that Bethenny had a miscarriage “a couple years ago”????  Whose baby was that? Now she seems to be saying that the reason she was such a bitch on this season is because of her fibroids. I may actually give her a pass on that. Anytime your female plumbing isn’t working at an optimal level, you really do have no patience for anything.

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Sonja’s Mission To Undermine Bethenny Frankel’s Brand Will Never Succeed

Photo Credit: Marshall Heyman Instagram

Photo Credit: Marshall Heyman Instagram

When I first started blogging I was an idiot. I knew that the tabloids in the grocery store aisles were made up bullshit 90% of the time.  But there were plenty of outlets that I blindly believed. They were actual journalists, weren’t they? I’ve since learned that even CNN and other major news media outlets need to be fact checked.

Today I was sent this piece from Page Six. I love Page Six. The Real Housewives of New York seem to live and breathe for a mention on Page Six.  Sonja Morgan wakes up to the New York Daily Post every morning! (<<< Blind Item Reveal!) Sonja also loves to call up Page Six almost as much as Luann De Lesseps does!  And apparently that happened last night. Because just before midnight the following story went up. I generally don’t purple pen other writers work. My purple pens of housewives blogs are because I find their blogs to be ridiculous. I have a different opinion than they do. But in this case, I have to purple pen Page Six because they have so very many facts wrong.  So here goes…

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Bethenny Frankel Doesn’t Care If You Hate Her, She’s Very Happy

RHONY Bethenny
After reading Bethenny’s blog this week, I started trying to remember when we had seen Bethenny Frankel laughing or happy. I think back to her spinoff with Jason, and even there she was utterly miserable and angry.  She was angry at the wedding, she was angry on her birthdays, she was angry at the beach with Jason. I don’t ever recall her laughing. The only times I recall Bethenny laughing was when she was laughing at someone. It’s a haughty laugh. That was what I was thinking about reading her blog below.  That is my memory. Let me know if you remember things differently.

Let’s look a Bethenny’s blog this week, almost everyone is fair game.

I laughed from the minute Sonja said “my Tom” through the conversation with Ramona about #braceletgate.

What exactly was so funny? I think most normal people would feel badly for Luann being treated that way by her “friends” when she tells them she was in love and planning to get married again. I don’t think Luann was acting when she was visibly hurt by them. I’ve heard a bit more about this story and I am starting to think Luann and Tom are a real thing.

It was two, not one, bracelets by the way.

How the hell do you know this? Ramona said one, but you have more information? Are you drilling down for information on Tom and his relationships? And what difference does this correction make?

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