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Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap Gators and Pussy Boys

RHONJ S6 CastLast week’s RHONJ episode was one of my favorites. I loved the girls in Florida. Everything was light up until the last few minutes. Today? The shit hits the fan.

The girls go to the alligator farm and Dina falls in love with a tailless alligator because she is obsessed with defective animals. The girls race in swamp boats and go looking at gators. The girls seem to be having a blast. But I’m a died in the wool gator hater and I don’t like gators of any species.

Time for another PR shot of future prisoner 983-0939 spending quality mother time with her daughter, Audriana  who is of course coloring pictures of mommy and Daddy. Juicy shows up to let us know that Chris Laurita wants to make up with Juicy over a bottle of wine. Teresa reads a text from Jacqueline and cries in her talking heads. Teresa is still skeptical about getting together with Jacqueline. She’s not over all the trash that Jac talked about Joe at the reunion. Joe helps Tre with her coloring. Seriously.

I am fast forwarding through the exploitation of Nicholas. Sorry.

Wait, is that Kevin Jonas who is the builder for the Wakile house? WTF? I think he actually does have a construction business but I didn’t think he was so hands on. I think Kevin built his huge home he lives in. Rosie arrives and explains that she is done with her fake Bravo girlfriend.  That chick or someone pretending to be her was shopping around a story about how she was roped in to pretending to be Rosie’s girlfriend. I’m not really interested enough to care. Continue reading

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Court Status Updates for Bravo Personalities

What was wrong with peach?

This is Phaedra’s house.

It’s time for a round-up of several cases involving Bravo personalities… We may even have a few more charges coming for some new ones! Um Yay?  This is really starting to bore me actually.

From Atlanta:

Yes, there was a trial date set for last week in Phaedra’s case against Angela Stanton.  And no it didn’t happen. As much as you and I would love for there to be a trial, that was never Phaedra’s intention. This is the second time a date has been set and the second time a flurry of motions have been exchanged by the attorneys on both sides.  Eventually, Phaedra will get tired of this game and a settlement will be reached. I have a feeling Phaedra will not like the settlement.

In other Phaedra news, she is busy whitewashing things. Literally. Phaedra’s peach house was completely repainted white (with gray trim) last week. She’s still working on getting the new gate installed. That project seems to have stalled. A white stucco(ish) house is not really a grand idea in Georgia. You may have heard of our red Georgia clay. It manages to find its way onto all sorts of things. Besides, I really liked the peach color.

Anyway, Phaedra is off on a two state book tour. Because, apparently, casual followers of the show still buy in to the whole “southern belle” routine. Her fans were never very bright to start with… Continue reading


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Another Giudice Property To Be Sold on Courthouse Steps

RHONJ Frank Giudice Home

If everything goes according to plan, next Thursday, Joe and Teresa will be getting sentenced for their fraud crimes in a New Jersey courtroom. That is enough to ruin someone’s week, but sadly for Joe he has another big problem to deal with next week. His mother, Filomena has lost her home. It will be sold on the courthouse steps next Tuesday for failure to pay taxes, as well as failing to pay water and sewer bills. That’s just one less place the girls can go to live if both parents are sent off to college.

There appears to be about $600,000 in liens and mortgage due on the property. That’s odd since the selling price was $380,000 in 2002.  Zillow estimates the property to be worth around $705,000. The house went on and off the market in 2012 and 2013 for $1.5 million and then $1.25 million with no interested buyers. Juicy’s brother needs to make home for his mama and four nieces I suppose.

Click through for the public notice. Thanks to whoever sent me this, I’m sorry that I already deleted the email and forgot who sent it. :) Continue reading


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Mini RHONJ Blog Round-up

RHONJ S6 CastIt’s slim pickings on the RHONJ Bravo Blogs this week. Dina explains that she felt she really needed to tell the twins the rumor, but when Teressa didn’t want to hear it, she decided not to. Kathy says she has not moved into her house yet. Tre’s blog was short and sweet saying only that she appreciates the support and is very busy getting ready for college life.  Dina says she does cook but since she doesn’t eat meat of gluten her options are limited. She made the kale salad with fruit. Click through for a few more snippets. There is even one from Jacqueline… Continue reading


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Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap: Time For the Fake Jacqueline Scenes

RHONJ S6 CastIf you recall, when reports of Jacqueline Laurita returning to RHONJ came out, I told you guys it absolutely didn’t happen on August 8th.  My source explained that filming had long been completed and the stories were false.  Then a month later, there she was on the Bravo Site previews and I was gob smacked as was my source. I was then informed that in post production it was decided that the new people were bombing and unlikable so they needed for find someone to bring back. Okay, I can see that, but Jacqueline? Do they really think she is a fan favorite? I guess Caroline turned them down. Anyway, Jac had come back to film a week or two before I reached out to my source, in July pretending it was winter time. I’m guessing we won’t see any outdoor scenes tonight. This is one of the more ridiculous things that Bravo has done.

Sidenote: It looks like the reunion will be filming at the end of the week, on Friday if I recall correctly. That’s less than a week before Teresa’s sentencing. Look for her to be heavily sedated.

On with the show…

The girls are all head off to Boca Raton. How is that just a two-hour flight? Why am I not going there? The ladies are flying down by themselves and have all the usual luggage struggles. I guess that Teresa and Joe were not allowed to leave the state. The ladies are glad that Amber isn’t coming. The ladies arrive at a beautiful home to relax and bask in the sun.

Cut to New Jersey where it is snowy and dreary. We are shown a house with a for sale sign advertising a property with a pool and a spa. Teresa and Gia are looking for a place to move. Teresa says she is no longer skeeved by looking at other people’s houses. She is not materialistic anymore, y’all. Her priorities have shifted. Ah, nothing like a pre-sentencing burst of morality and frugality. The house Teresa and Gia are looking at is still beyond their means. What happens when she goes to prison will someone move into the house to tend the girls for those two months or so? Is this simply so Teresa can say she has a rental where she can do her house arrest? There is no way anyone would give her a loan, except for maybe the cocktail weenie if he really is still employed in the mortgage industry. The house is nearly 9,00o square feet. He is talking to her about property taxes. There is no way Teresa can buy a house in New Jersey. I just don’t believe that is possible this is scripted shit. The list price is $1.4 million.

Oh Gawd. Here we go with the cancer story. We are about to miraculously find out that everything is fine and the shit stirrers will be able to go to Florida after all. It’s a scripted miracle! Continue reading


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Why is TeRESA Mad at Teresa and Amber?


I really don’t understand the RHONJ Bravo Blogs this week. The twins seem to be mad a Teresa and Amber. This seems off to me. They didn’t ask Victoria Gotti to tell them the crazy rumor about Rino and his mother- in-law. I had trouble understanding Nicole’s blog at all. I’m posting an excerpt from Teresa Aprea’s blog below.  As of now at least, Teresa and Amber are keeping the rumor fairly quiet. Teresa told Dina and Amber told Jim, but I don’t think that was necessarily wrong. Now when Jim just blurts it out on the trip in front of the whole group, that is outrageous.

Am I just looking at this wrong? Please explain to me the basis of Teresa bring mad at Teresa and Amber. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap: There Will Be Bloodwork

RHONJ S6 CastI’m not sure I can handle Jacqueline exploiting her kid and Amber’s cancer storyline ramping up all in one episode of the Real Housewives of New Jersey. UGH.

We start with the Giudice family waking up in the house that fraud built. Teresa is trying to keep things as normal as possible right up until she and Joe head off for college. Am I the only one that forgets that Gabriella even exists?  Teresa drives the kids to school in her PJs. Gia tells her mom she is proud of her for being strong throughout her trial.

I literally forgot I was supposed to be blogging during this scene with Dina. So boring.

Joe Gorga doesn’t seem to be having the easiest time dealing with his sister going to the big house.

Rino’s scene where he discusses his enlarged prostate and upcoming colonoscopy was made even more disturbing when he donned a pair of underpants with a cock sock which he twirled on national television.

Is this episode over yet? Continue reading


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Teresa and Joe Selling the House? That’s Funny!

RHONJ Sisters-in-Law Make Top Ten List

UPDATE: The shore house is on the market too. Looks like time for liquidation! Click here for shore house listing info.

Once again bizarre rumors are floating around on sites that should know better.  Let’s review the initial charges against the Giudices. Counts 2-6 are for bank fraud.  The Giudices took out millions of dollars mortgages on all of their properties. They all have minimal equity and are mortgaged well above the actual property.  In order for the Giudices to sell their current residence, they must get a price that covers all of the mortgages that currently exist on the property. Since those mortgages exceed the market value of the house, they would have to find an idiot of a buyer. Or they could accept a reasonable offer and pay off the remainder of the mortgage themselves. The Giudices are not exactly cash flush at the moment. They have restitution and IRS bills and lawyer bills that must be paid before anything else. There is no benefit to the Giudices selling the house rather than just walking away from it and letting the bank take it. There is nothing to stop them from listing the house for nearly $4 million if they want to but there is no buyer out there at that price. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap: Guilt Trip

RHONJ S6 CastFebruary 28th, Four Days Before the Plea Deal

Of course we begin with a scene with Teresa, mother of the year, cooking with her adorable kids while wearing an apron that says please don’t send the mother of these adorable children off to college!  Well, minus the apron part. Even Audrina is in on the act this time and she is like the invisible sister. Poor think is tasked with chopping onions and her eyes are all teary. Gia on the other hand looks to be on the verge of real tears and or a nervous breakdown sitting quietly at the kitchen table. Milania takes a bite of onion and acts like she is eating a jalapeno.  She’s a drama queen that one.

March 4, 2014 (and before and after according to me)

The plea deal happens. Joe watches what appears to be a new show with some random actress voicing over the program. Or the news people in New Jersey report hard news in the same voice as “news” about what Kim Kardashian had for breakfast. Amber learns about it on her cell phone via ROL. I’m telling you they are some strange bedfellows, Bravo and ROL. will be shown on an upcoming episode of Couples Therapy and I know a bit about how production and the websites work together or against each other. Amber cries while talking to Teresa. Teresa takes the call on speaker in front of Gia, age 13, who immediately laughs at Amber and her crying. I am waiting for her  to say this is almost as bad as that time I had cancer. Gia is laughing at her. Teresa says in her talking head maybe Amber was on her period OR THINKING BACK TO HER CANCER.  You can’t make this shit up. Continue reading


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Revisting The Giudice Bankruptcy Filing

Bagel head Tre

I still don’t get it.

Since April, a story has been run by a website or twenty with screaming headlines about the Giudices’ debts being wiped away for pennies. Recently, this absurd story has resurfaced with more loud headlines like, “GIUDICES SETTLE $13.5 MILLION DOLLAR BANKRUPTCY BY PAYING $15, 001.03!!!” This seems to have sent many of you into a frenzy! Oh the outrage! All that debt just wiped away!  How do people get away with these things?

I would be outraged too, if it were true. But Tamara, I hear you saying. That one site had official court documents! They have proof that this happened!  While it is true that the Chapter 7 Trustee’s Final Account and Distribution Report Certification That The Estate Has Been Fully Administered And Application To Be Discharged (TDR) form is floating around the Internet, what is NOT TRUE is the interpretation of the report.

It amazes me that websites owned by people who are licensed to practice law, seem unable or unwilling to read a simple bankruptcy trustee report. Continue reading


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Teresa and Joe Giudice Get Yet Another Sentencing Postponement


RHONJ Christmas tre joe

Oh for fucks sake. Really New Jersey?  The plea deal was finished months ago. There was already a two month postponement. How long does it take to get from plea deal to incarceration in the fucking Garden State?  This is just embarrassing. Teresa and Joe Giudice now have new sentencing date of October 2, 2014.  Don’t hold your breath on that being a firm date either.

According to (My comments in purple)

“Typically, sentencings get postponed so that everybody involved can be fully prepared,” said Henry E. Klingeman, Teresa Giudice’s attorney. “The court is waiting on information from all sides – the defense, the government and probation – so it’s been postponed by a couple of weeks.” Continue reading


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The Upcoming RHONJ Atlantic City Trip Was Scandalous !

RHONJ Amber and Melissa

Back in December I started hearing rumors about the RHONJ filming in an Atlantic City casino. I made my predictions for how things would go this season back in February, and so far everything seems to be going as I expected. The Atlantic City trip, and now it seems the Florida trip, were over the top with drama. Amber came back from the Atlantic City trip and posted on her Facebook that everyone made her cry.  The twins were ready to be done with the show. Continue reading


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