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The Real Housewives of New Jersey: Namastay Away From Me!

(Photo by: Tommy Garcia/Bravo)

(Photo by: Tommy Garcia/Bravo)

Today is Teresa and Joe’s 17th wedding anniversary and Teresa’s Instagram has at least two arrangements “sent by Joe” amongst the photo of her mother in a fur and a gold watch and Gabriella’s 12th birthday party.

But on this episode, Melissa and Joe stop by the house that crime built with tons of Chinese food to feed the family. They have not gotten an email yet from Joe because he’s only been gone a day. Milania is on the largest ATV in the stable and going buck wild full speed all over the property.

Dolores is having a housewarming party and they all have concerns about Jacqueline and Teresa being at the same event. It’s just a day or so after Joe went to prison for being a criminal charged with 41 felonies.  I checked to see if this was the finale, because Jaqueline refused to tape the final all cast meeting.  The finale is next week and the title is And Then There Were Four.  I can’t remember if Jac showed up for the reunion or if she officially quit.

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Real Housewives of New Jersey: Joe Goes To Fat Camp



It’s four days before we ship Joe off to fat camp never to be seen again, and he and Teresa are taking the girls to a bakery to make their own cupcakes. Why?  I’m sure Milania could teach Teresa how to make cupcakes at home in their own kitchen. Teresa lies her usual lies in confessional when she tells us that it was Joe’s idea to go make cupcakes with the girls at some bakery who paid for the promotional time.  Gia still has a lot of resentment toward Joe. She’s old enough and smart enough to know what her parents did, and she seems to put the blame squarely on her father.

Jac and Ashlee go shopping for baby stuff. Jac is beyond thrilled with the grandbaby. Grandma and mom are posting tons of cute photos on Instagram. Ashlee wants to do a natural birth. Jac is sad that she can’t share all of this with Teresa.

We get another “Siggy has a dysfunctional family” scene.  Later she meets up with Dolores to talk about the situation. I have no idea what was said. I was busy trying to understand the wine glasses situation. Two women, 7 straws with the paper still on, in a wine glass. You don’t use straws with a wine glass. The water was also in a red wine glass. Later the family went to a holocaust memorial.  I had paused enough to fast forward right through that. I’m trying to avoid as many heavy topics as possible. That’s why I’m watching this stupidity.

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Real Housewives of New Jersey: Picking Sides

Today I was sent a bunch of court documents regarding Dolores’s husband Frank. I’m too groggy to read it all but apparently he was in some trouble as a real estate lawyer. And some previous criminal charges that had no jail time involved.  I am going to speed through this recap because I want to watch the debates live and I also am in the middle of a narcoleptic period again.

Dolores is still trying to talk Siggy off the ledge. Siggy is worried that Jac is mad at her. This entire first scene with the granite being installed is edited between at least two filming shoots. Note the disappearing electronic thingy under the cabinet by Dolores. It’s not there at the end of the scene. Clearly, they had to go back and make them say different things.

Siggy and Delores head over to Jac’s to find out if she is mad at them. She’s not. Jac says she is done with Melissa and Teresa. Siggy makes everything about her. Siggy thinks she should not go to the fashion show. Fashion shows?  It seems like the new girls are going to be on team Jac. Except for Dolores maybe. I think she will be neutral.

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Teresa Giudice on Dr. Oz: Zero Acknowledgment of Wrongdoing



This is hysterical already. Dr. Oz literally introduces Teresa as “inmate number 65703-050 !” I can’t stop laughing long enough to type.  He literally doesn’t know how to pronounce her last name. To be fair, neither does she, but he is not even choosing from any of the iterations she has previously  used. The only way this could get better is if he uses the word criminal, and she threatens to rage on his ass! 

He goes through an entire montage of her criminal charges and her sentencing. I love how he says she spent her time wisely in jail and includes “cleaning up her diet” as an example of something normal criminals can do in prison.

Whoever dresses Teresa has a hysterical sense of humor. First they sent her on to WWHL with Andy Cohen in an orange jumpsuit. Today they have her on Dr. Oz in black and white stripes. A throwback to earlier prison wear.

She has the new face that I was talking about on WWHL the other night. It’s really hard to explain. I know she rushed to a dermatologist right after getting out, but this doesn’t look like surgery to me, it looks more like she’s aged ten years in two years. Also, her makeup is horrible.  Her under eye cream is orange and really noticeable.

She tells Dr. Oz it feels like she never left because she has four daughters and she “just got put right back in the worldwind.”

He asks her what prison was like and she says, “Well the place was really dirty, moldy, the bathrooms were disgusting.” She is going to go through this whole interview never saying the word prison.

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Watch What Happen Live With Teresa Giudice



It’s time for Watch Who Lies Live.  I was not up for another half an hour the criminal last night, but I finally got a good amount of sleep after once again staying up until dawn, and I’m having so coffee and ready to do this.  Theresa has a very different face on sitting second chair with Andy. I’m not sure how to explain it and Andy has stopped posting selfies before the show so I’ll pause and see if I can find one for you now.  The photos always look so different from the TV.  Teresa’s foot soldiers, Robyn and Christina, the bartenders. They look much different from their housewives looks on TV as well.

Mindy loved the episode. So did Andy. Andy shares his favorite scenes with Mindy. He enjoyed Joe talking about his erection and Dolores talking about how Melissa and Teresa just put on their drag and showed up like nothing happened the next morning. Teresa doesn’t seem super happy with anything. Andy brings up that a lot of former housewives were tweeting. Teresa says, “Yeah, they all came out tonight.”  One of them called Teresa “a living nightmare owned and operated” by Andy. Teresa just pretends that she likes the comment.

Andy is going through a bunch of scenes quickly asking what Mindy and Teresa think. Right away Teresa basically says that Jacqueline was a stripper. This was a rumor going around with Teresa and Jac were on the same team that Teresa denied but now she’s down with the story.

Andy asks if Siggy was making things all about her. Teresa said she thought it as “cute.” Mindy says she thought it was “a lot.”  Teresa said she never someone cry so much.

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Real Housewives of New Jersey: The Other C Word



This is the RHONJ episode is where things all go insane in Vermont. This is when the incident where Robyn and Christina lose their housewife position. I think it was technically Robyn’s housewife slot at the time. Things with Robyn get so “violent,” at least it was reported that way, that the lesbian couple that Bravo was so excited about was summarily dumped from the show and erased from nearly every scene. And they had filmed a lot. This is the official wording of the episode listing, “The group is divided on the second day in Vermont. Jacqueline is consoled in the wake of her dustup with Robyn. Then, Jacqueline loses her cool with Teresa and Melissa, And Dolores and Siggy at last reach their breaking point. ” Which makes it sound like they are not going to show us anything close to what happened.

Wasn’t last week the episode where I could not make heads or tails of what happened?  I’ve got some bad news for you then, I am less mentally clear tonight than I was last week. I’m starting to wonder if I will ever be clear-headed again. But here we go. It’s the end of a long day where it seems most people went skiing and Joe hurt his back in a fall. Everyone is exhausted. Dolores has her talk with Melissa about Robyn. I think a lot of things have been cut out already because it’s the end of the day after the night that Jac and Robyn had what we saw as a minor dustup. Dolores says that because Teresa is on probation, they don’t need any physical fights and  Robyn is threatening to beat up Jacqueline. Melissa does a talking head that was clearly taped much later in the season after things get much worse where she claims that Jac is obsessed with being Teresa’s bestie and has basically been stalkerish. To me this makes Melissa look like some high school girl who is competing with some other girl for the BFF slot next to the head cheerleader. All of the women on this show are so childish.

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