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Amber Marchese is Crazy.

RHONJ  Amber Tre Valentines

I know all of you are dying for a place to talk about Jim Marchese’s bizarre twitter behavior because you all send me links! It’s just crazy. To me the interesting part is that so many well know twitter lunatics are there chatting with him like everything is perfectly normal. It’s insanity overload for me, so I avoid it all together. But feel free to keep me informed here.

And then there is Amber.  Her blog this week is wall to wall delusion. You should probably go read the whole thing because I left out a lot of interesting fact like the day the White House was burned to the ground.  Or this may be enough crazy for you. You decide. Continue reading

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Teresa and Nicole Responds to Victoria Gotti’s Comments

NIcole Just Tweeted She and Bobby are headed to Vegas!

NIcole Just Tweeted She and Bobby are headed to Vegas!

So, some mafia princess goes on national TV and says your husband once slept with your mother. How do you respond?  Would your response be louder if it were true or if it was not?  This week, Nicole and Teresa got their blogs up early. Both were a single page, way less than they usually are. There was no gratitude or shout outs to twitter friends. It was, pretty much the least they could do and still blog. Here is what they had to say. What they DIDN’T say may be more important. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of New Jersey: Roses Are Red, Dina is Blue

RHONJ S6 CastWith little to no explanation, Amber arrives at Melissa’s house with chicken soup of assorted food. Lots of hugs. Melissa’s aunt has died and Joe is very busy with work so she is struggling.  Amber was very sweet. She did have to point out that she had cancer just like Melissa’s mom. How long will this détente last?

Nicole and her mom talk about how they are going out to Vino’s restaurant with the family for Valentines Day. Nicole points out she has been with Bobby for a year. Nicole’s mother points out that he can go long stretches without seeing her. She fears that Bobby may be a confirmed bachelor. Nicole is ready to get married. it seems Bobby is not.

Next we are to believe that Joe took all the girls out for a date night while Teresa stays home and signs books. Melissia came over and they opened some Fabelini  made a fire and watched The Godfather. Teresa explains that it is her favorite movie and holds a lot of life lessons. I assume the main one would be that as long as you don’t get killed, crime pays very well.  Melissa and Teresa seem to have truly made up this time. Maybe. Continue reading


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Life’s a Beach for the Giudices

RHONJ Tre and Joe BeachThe Giudices head to the beach to enjoy one last month before their sentencing on September 23rd. They were also at the beach this time last year and things didn’t go so well.  Let’s hope the cops aren’t called this time.


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Manzo’d With Children Premieres October 5th !

Caroline Manzo

I’m so excited for Manzo’d With Children! Even if it is going to be scripted as hell with all the kids pretending to live in the house during filming, including Albie’s girlfriend. I don’t care. I need me some Caroline Manzo. And for the love of God I hope that the press release below will stop the madness about Jacqueline coming back to RHONJ and all the bullshit stories saying she is coming back to save the show. She was LET GO FOR A REASON. She’s boring. Her legal dramas are dragging out so it may take years for her to be a #FelonByBravo (allegedly) and if there is a God there will be no RHONJ by the time she’s wearing orange with the rest of them.

Anyway, here is the official press release… Continue reading


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Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap: Fambily Business

RHONJ Amber open mouth


Well this has certainly been a long dramatic week. So much turmoil in the world, in the US, and on the Internet. Let’s hope that this episode of RHONJ will be a little big less emotional. Can I just throw this out there about Amber’s hair before we get started? If she had chemo and lost all of her hair five years ago, there is no way that is her actual hair. Yet, for some reason she keeps insisting that it is. Wouldn’t it play into her cancer victim routine much better to just admit she has five pounds of extensions on her head? Does she really think she is fooling anyone?

Joe and Melissa go to the high-end car dealership because, promotional deal.  The storyline is even stupider than usual. They want to have the garbage truck custom painted. The garbage truck. It’s not pretty enough. The garbage truck. Seriously? Just when I am already pissed off by Melissa’s ridiculous environmental speech the high-end dealership that customizes GARBAGE TRUCKS points out that Melissa drives a Bentley which is hardly good for the environment and gets eight miles a gallon.  Did I mention the storyline is the Bentley dealer is going to paint their GARBAGE truck, because I can’t seem to stress the stupidity of this enough.  In fact we may have actually reached the nadir of stupidity. This scene may go down in history of the very moment the Real Housewives franchise jumped the shark forever. Right here. In this moment. Continue reading


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Why Can’t Anyone See That Amber Is Clearly The Victim ?


Amber’s RHONJ blog is up and she has shifted her attitude from anger to victim. She’s turning into the RHONJ version of Tamra Barney. That’s quite the feat this early in her first (and probably last) season. Her blog was super long and repetitive. She and Jim both attempt to use words they really don’t understand in ways that are almost but just not quite correct. Anyway, here is some much needed laughs given the depressing nature of all the news I have been reporting on…

Amber still blames Nicole for the chain of events and implies that she really is a homewrecker:

Nicole says she wanted an apology. Hmm, well, I would have loved a chance to apologize, however she acted like a lunatic right off the bat. Nicole wanted a scene, not an apology. She made sure everyone was there, which kind of makes you think she planned it all along. We are all human, we all make mistakes, but we cannot go around attacking every person that speaks about our mistakes. I could have told her who was telling me the rumor and we could have dealt with it together. The fact that Nicole escalated the situation like that is just disgusting to me. She could have talked to me. I would have heard her side of it, and she would have gotten an apology out of me for not coming to her first. Maybe she reacted that way because she had no intention of just dispelling a rumor. Maybe there is more to it, and the reaction was a distraction from the truth…apparently, it is working. Continue reading


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RHONJ Blog Round-up: Does Amber Deserve a Second Chance?

Why Did I Not Post About Last Night's RHONJ? Let Me Count the Reasons...

All of the RHONJ blogs are up except for Amber’s and Nicole’s and theirs will probably warrant their own blog. Most everyone agrees that Jim is an idiot but a few of the RHONJ are trying to give Amber the benefit of the doubt. For me the strangest blog is Dina’s. I’m going to need lots of feedback that. In fact I may need an entire interpretation. I can’t be sure about who she is talking about.

From Teresa’s Blog:

I did feel sorry for Amber because she was just in a physical fight and what her husband was saying wasn’t her fault. But I wanted to hear the rumors about what Jim said directly from him. So I asked him. And he lied. Right to my face. That is not what an honorable man does. Dina and I were giving him the benefit of a doubt, trying to be nice to him, and he got even madder and uglier with us. You don’t need to speak to women like that, you don’t need to speak to anyone like that.

Then we got to hear Jim’s little lawyer speech. There are no words. What professional talks like that? I know Amber tries to defend him saying he was protecting her and got dragged into all this, but that amazingness was all said in an interview with him, apart from the fight. No one tricked or forced him into saying those awful things. That was all him.

As I said though, I don’t blame Amber for her husband. Amber has always been very nice and gracious to me. I try and see people for who they are, not who they’re married to. Although her taste in facials does leave a lot to be desired! Bird poop, are you freaking kidding me? 

Continue reading


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Amber Marchese on WWHL: To Know Jim Is to Love Jim

WWHL Amber

Well, this WWHL should be good. Jim is the drinking word!  Right away David Arquette says the best part of the night was the whale vagina comment. Then Andy tries to get him to repeat the comment and they get it wrong. Because half the people who use the term douchebag don’t even know the literal meaning. Dina’s usage was so phenomenal I might even start to like her a little bit, ” Jim’s level of douchebaggery is so large it could clean a whale’s vagina.” Please don’t tell Caroline I am softening up  a bit on Dina for that.

Amber jumps in to say that Dina doesn’t know him well enough to make that comment. Amber says to know Jim is to love Jim. Newsflash Amber: Your husband’s reputation for douchebaggery preceded the show. A quick Google search draws unprecedented numbers of responses. A trillion lawsuits including an intriguing one where someone was suspected to have been murdered before a shady business meeting that Jim was supposed to be at, allegedly. Continue reading


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RHONJ Recap: Chicken Shits and Nightingale Droppings

I have bird shit on my stupid face.

I have bird shit on my stupid face.


We’ll we are back to the shit stirring house husbands of New Jersey. Jim has announced that he has passed the bar (hmm I wonder what state that was in, I can’t seem to find any record of it) but that the is not an attorney.  Then in the next breath he is screaming in Joe Gorga’s ear that he “prosecutes bank fraud cases” and “works for the same Attorney General’s office that is prosecuting Juicy Joe.”  Um, hey there Mr. I Passed the Bar.  Federal fraud cases are prosecuted by an AUSA .  Sidenote: Jim’s second twitter account in as many days was suspended again just minutes ago. What the hell is he doing to get suspended?  Is threatening to sue the entire Internet a banable offense on Twitter?  Pity if true because it was really funny. He was also suing Bobby for breach of contract for some nonsense that seemed to be Bravo related. He is also ranting against Bravo who I am assuming is who really is having his accounts suspended. This guy is a joke.

Currently, he has Joe Gorga up in his face outside of Bobby’s house. Let’s watch how this turns out for him. He’s already threatening to call the cops. I’m sure he will be threatening to sue him any second. Oh and on his first twitter account, Good Ole Christian Jim said suing people was like sport fucking to him.  Do they not run psych tests on any of these people? Continue reading


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Jacqueline Laurita is NOT Coming Back to RHONJ

Gif Credit: RealityTVgifs

Gif Credit: RealityTVgifs

I don’t know where TMZ got their information, but Jacqueline Laurita is not returning to RHONJ. The only thing Jacqueline  could “supercharge”‘ is perhaps a vibrator. Filming for this season has wrapped. Decisions for next season have not been finalized. The whole story is crap. I don’t know what else to say about it.


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Amber is Very Angry With Melissa and The Twins


UPDATE2: Jim has his own account now. He is sharing about himself. His hobbies appear to be suing people, and sport fucking.  Probably in that order. I don’t see him as particularly skillful in either activity. HER IS THE LINK TO HIS TWITTER PAGE.

UPDATE: Jim has taken time out from suing people and his um, businesses to tweet on Amber’s twitter today.  Jim says, ” This is Jim, when we signed on Joe had not been indicted for mortgage fraud,I didnt want it, supported my wife.” Um untrue. The Giudices were indicted in the summer of 2013 while last season was still filming. Contracts and pickup letters do not go out until after the reunion. Everyone in the free world, let alone NJ knew about the indictments well before this season began taping. Click the link to see more of his tweets and talk to me about them in comments.


Amber’s blog is up. It is three pages long. The first page is her discussing how mad she is at Melissa and the twins. Apparently, watching it all play out on TV only served to make her more angry. She’s very angry. The third page reminded us once again that she is really angry. Oddly, Amber and at least one of the twins thanks there supporters and mentions a (obviously different) twitter person. It seems kind of odd that their support system is twitter followers who didn’t know them from Adam two months ago. Did I mention that Amber is very angry?

Amber’s Blog: Bolding is mine.

So let’s cut this down to size, the twins thought it was better to ambush me at a party in front of people instead of calling me to sit down with me prior to ask me what I heard. They let it fester for a week and thought confronting me at a party was the way go. Ugh… I just can’t stand the stupidity! Nicole claims we were “such close friends,” yet this is how she handles it. Honestly, it’s like watching dumb and dumber. Furthermore, I calmly asked twice what the deal was and neither one of them could articulate an answer, they instead just kept on barking like little Chihuahuas. I had absolutely no clue what the deal was. Even Melissa was asking them why they were taking it to such negative place right off the bat, in addition to saying that I was calling her a ho! 

The little evil minions thought they were going to bully me in front of everyone. Well, I will not be bullied, I will always stand my ground, and as Jack says: ”You f—ed with wrong Marine!” They escalated the situation and I defended myself. But violence is not the answer, EVER. Nicole may have been upset, but she could have handled that with dignity and class. I will remind everyone that she’s over 45 years old and a mother! Simple math — that is less than only 5 years from 50! She should know better and be a better example to her children. 

I understand it looked ridiculous, but I am saying to everyone out there, don’t laugh at bullying. If you see someone getting bullied, it is never cool and there is nothing funny about it. Do something about it. Either go get help or stick up for whom is being attacked. I do thank Melissa for sticking up for me at the time, it makes me wonder if she truly she did not know how depraved the minions behave. Continue reading


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