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Watch What Happens Lives With Cynthia Bailey and Melissa Gorga

WWHL Cynthia MelissaI do not get the sudden trend of wearing winter white. While winter white has always had its place, simply wearing white in winter is not winter white. Also when it is a rainy slushy mess outside, it’s not the time for winter white.  Nevertheless, both Cynthia Bailey and Melissa Gorga wore white in some sort of attempt to rush spring 2015.

The fanboy  bartender dissed Nene Leakes for not greeting her fans outside the door after Cinderella. Then Andy shows a still of the Bride of Frankenstein wig Nene wears next week. He asks for Cynthia’s thoughts. She says, “Bye, Wig.” Indeed, Cynthia, indeed.

Andy mentions Sheree on Millionaire Matchmaker and he plays a clip of her most obnoxious moments. Andy snickers and says he loves Sheree so much. I was totally expecting him to tsk and call her “sweetie.”

Andy asks Cynthia why she told Phaedra about the Mr. Chocolate thing. Cynthia said if the roles were reversed she would want Phaedra to give her the information. She was not intending to be accusatory, she was just providing information.

Andy asks about burning the friend contract. Cynthia laughs and says that was a bit dramatic. Continue reading


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How Is Teresa Holding Up in Danbury Prison?


Earlier I ran to the Publix to pick up a few items. Mostly, I went to get some corn meal for my garden soil. So naturally, I totally forgot the damn cornmeal. Fortunately I did remember to pick up TP which was the other pressing issue and some special treat dog food for the mutt. In the checkout line I saw this cover.  I swear these tabloids get more and more ridiculous. Are we supposed to think that is Teresa in prison? This is almost as bad as the Bruce Jenner cover on In Touch.

I didn’t have much time to peep at the story but a glancing look showed that they had clearly read Orange is The New Black. When Piper arrived at Danbury lots of ladies made sure to set her up with some essentials to hold her over until her first commissary.  She had people lined up to meet her when she arrived and is settling in well.  She is getting tons of fan mail and that could actually cause her some drama.

The bottom line is she works all day. Most everyone starts out in the kitchen. It’s one of the lowest jobs there.  There are lots of other jobs where you can get off the prison grounds during the day and those are the jobs people really want. Also, in reality, despite the rumors to the contrary, Teresa is not whipping up Skinny Italian recipes for her fellow felons.  She scrubbing pots and mopping floors making whatever is on the preset menu. Still, I have a feeling she likes the kitchen job more than most would. Continue reading


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Gia Giudice Posts Haunting Song, “Just 13″

Well this is rather heartbreaking. Check out Gia’s new (heavily autotuned) song Just 13. She talks about people tweeting about her mother’s prison sentence like it’s a joke. It’s very haunting and sad, but totally worth a watch. Is that clip at the end on the day her mother left for the big house?

Gia turned 14 officially on January 8th. But the Sunday before Teresa left for prison, the family went to Mass together in the morning and later in the day Teresa threw a fiesta for Gia and all of her friends Continue reading


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Teresa Giudice’s Last Glam Video Before Prison

Um, I’m just going to let you guys discuss this one.


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Teresa Giudice’s New Attorney Is Interesting…

RHONJ Tre face

I watched the GMA interview with Teresa’s newest lawyer James Leonard today. There wasn’t anything particularly interesting or new to report. The drive took about 90 minutes. They we an hour early for the check-in time. Teresa ate at a diner along the way. Joe was very somber. Then at the very end, the interviewer asked Leonard “if there is any chance of her getting out early.”  His response was, “that will ultimately  be up to Judge Salas and/or  the Bureau of Prisons, that sentence could potentially be altered down the road.” Um, I pretty sure once you AGREE TO A PLEA DEAL that you don’t get to go back and ask for a better one after surrendering at the prison.  I can only assume that he was talking about “good time” which is customary for all federal prison terms that would have her serving only 80% of her time.

I wasn’t going to even bother to post about this interview at all, but I became curious about the new attorney when I saw him on TV.  He has a VERY interesting bio that you really must click through to read.  The fact that he has been on RHONJ three times is the least interesting part of the whole timeline. Trust me.

Continue reading


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Teresa Giudice Self-Surrenders At FCI Danbury

Teresa Celeb Apprentice

Teresa begins 15 months of self examination

Following in the footsteps of Martha Stewart, Teresa Giudice opted for a pre-dawn 3 a.m. self-surrender at Federal Correctional Institution Danbury this morning to avoid paparazzi .  I’m a bit shocked she actually was assigned to Danbury as that prison is transitioning to a male prison and the warden went to great lengths to avoid having to take Martha Stewart ten years ago when she did her time.

According to Vicki Hyman of , “left her Montville Township mansion shortly after midnight in the back seat of a black SUV driven by her lawyer, James J. Leonard Jr. She surrendered just before 3 a.m., seven hours ahead of her scheduled intake, at the minimum-security prison camp that once housed Lauryn Hill and Leona Helmsley, who both served time for tax evasion. ‘She was ready,’ Leonard said in a statement to NJ Advance Media. “Teresa is a very strong woman, she won’t have any problems in there.’ The early surrender was negotiated with prison officials during a series of phone calls on New Year’s Eve. ‘When we arrived at Danbury, everyone we encountered was extremely courteous and respectful,’ he said. ” Continue reading


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Can We Talk About This Picture?

rhonj tre gia

Gia posted this photo on Twitter writning, “happy New Years with my best friend @Teresa_Giudice ”  I think we need to address some things. If we over look this is taken just a few days before prison, and we pretend we don’t see what Tre is wearing, we can focus on the room.  Where are they? It’s like a cross between a funeral home and a doctor’s waiting area. Can y’all please explain this to me?


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Teresa Giudice’s 2015 Resolutions

Well we might as well start the New Year Off with Teresa Giudice’s ridiculous New Year’s Resolutions. Do I need to remind you that she is going to jail in four days where she will spend the rest of 2015 and then some? Or that you eat what you get in prison when you are told?  Because her first resolution is to “stop eating bad carbs. And, well… it just gets weirder from there.

What are your New Years Eve resolutions? I think as of this moment, mine should be “Spring for the expensive champagne.”  I’m just saying…


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Gia Giudice’s Group, 3KT, Has New Video and New Concert!

This one is actually kind of cute. The girls will be giving a free concert at some sort of gaming place tomorrow night in NJ. But fans can buy VIP tickets for $60 that gets them a meet and greet with the girls and ten bucks in game tokens.

And yes I know this is not that “new” of a video. It took me a while to get desperate enough to post about it.


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Giudice Christmas Photo!

GIudice Christmas

Gia just posted this on Twitter. Is that really Joe? Or is it his brother?


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Everybody Calm Down, Nobody Stole The Giudice Christmas


I hate reporting on things that did not happen but y’all read some crazy stuff and then expect me to explain to you why it was bullshit. Let me just remind you about something called “Just because you read something on the Internet doesn’t make it true.”   I try to avoid blog wars as much as possible. So when you send me a link asking about the veracity of a site, I generally respond with “I’m sorry, I do not read/am not familiar with that site.”  That should be a big enough hint.

But apparently, it is not. But there were plenty of issues with the story you should have been able to side eye on your own. The FEDS do not send “two probation officers, two interns and two local cops” to conduct a federal raid. In fact a “RAID” is something that occurs before the charges are even filed.  What the Giudicies could be facing is a seizure of assets. Which will likely occur. It will not occur when a couple of interns drop buy to climb through trap doors in a closet ceiling. It will occur when some US Marshalls arrive.  Not a half a band of merry men all named Marco from the probation office of Podunk county New Jersey. Continue reading


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How to Make an Ice Cream Sangwich

WTF is yogurt Ice Cream.? TeeCee?


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