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Teresa Giudice’s First Interview After Prison Release on GMA

RHONJ Teresa on GMA


At the beginning of GMA this morning at 7 a.m. (the things I do for y’all) Teresa was there live. I checked and she is wearing a different outfit than the one she wore for the taped interview we discussed here yesterday.  TMZ ran one of their weird stories about how Amy Robach somehow beat out George Stephanopoulos and Robin Roberts in some sort of journalist brawl to get Teresa. In reality George wouldn’t interview Teresa if it was the only way for him to keep his anchor chair. And Robin would get out of it any way she could. ABC has no qualms about paying felons to talk about their crimes, but their morning anchors will not be doing the dirty work.

We begin with some specifics about Teresa’s crimes. They mention 39 counts on her indictment, but in actuality, it was bumped up to 41. They point out that she committed fraud over dozens of bank and the IRA  to obtain over five million dollars.  She points out that she pled guilty to multiple crimes.

Cut to Robach asking Teresa, IN HER HOME FILLED WITH EXPENSIVE FURNITURE,  if she knew she was committing a crime. First of all what kind of dumb question is that?  Teresa’s dumb answer was “No, I didn’t know I was committing a crime, the government saw it differently, I got sentenced, I got served time…”

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Teresa Giudice STILL Does Not Admit To Her Crimes


Teresa is on her book tour, attempting to sell her new book on prison life to Tre-huggers.  In her book, Turning the Tables

Teresa tells GMA in her first sit down interview, which airs tomorrow morning, “We’re not in  foreclosure any longer, thank you, God…and our restitution’s paid off.  So that’s it! We’re in…thank God .. in good shape.”  Well good for them. Who cares about all the other people they fucked over and how they are doing?  Teresa is financially solvent and that is all that matters. Thanks Bravo. #FelonsByBravo It seems that being on TV while committing crimes makes life a lot easier. Especially when you only have to pay off less than half a million to make good on stealing millions.

Here is a reminder of the four charges out of 41 she pled guilty to in her plea deal.

Count One: Conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud.  Maximum Sentence 20 years/ $250K Fine
Count 15 : Bankruptcy Fraud- Concealment Maximum Sentence 5 years./ $250K Fine
Count 23 : Bankruptcy  Fraud- False Oaths  Maximum Sentence 5 years./ $250K Fine
Count 36: Failure to make a Tax Return  Maximum Sentence 5 years./ $250K Fine Continue reading


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Teresa Giudice’s Prison Tell All To Be Released February 9th

RHONJ Teresa Felon Book

Teresa Giudice’s house arrest ends on February 5th and there do not seem to have been any violations after narrowly escaping being late getting home from filming a night scene for RHONJ. Just four days later, Teresa will be on a book tour for her new book about prison life.

We have just found out that Teresa’s prison name was “Hollywood.”  We also discover that there is lots of lesbian sex in prison. Who knew?

We find out fascinating details like Teresa worked out a lot in prison and that she learned to read. Well, The New York Daily  News article says she read a lot of books. I assume that is not a skill he possessed before prison. Teresa discovered that work of literary genius, The Secret which inspired who to make a vision board. My favorite part of the article is this, “Among her vapid wishes for the future: Earning $40 million to “take care of my girls and help needy children,” making her own yoga DVD and a Florida beachhouse.” And the part where they say that the People writer who did the ghostwriting, ” perfectly captures Teresa’s oft-whiny voice.”

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Clarification on Post Regarding Joe Giudice’s Potential Deportation



Sometimes it seems to me like everyone in the world reads, and that’s a good thing. In a recent post about the potential for Joe Giudice’s likelihood of deportation, I wrote:

During the appeal process with ICE, Scott-Jones served another 15 months in prison. His appeals were not met with success and it seemed unlikely he would be allowed to stay in the country.

I recently received an email from Mr. Scott-Jones’ immigration attorney, Keren Sohahong  who wanted me to point out that she did win her appeal on Scott-Jones case and the judge agreed to issue Mr. Scott-Jones a green card. The reason he was not released at that time was not because she lost the case, as I suggested, but because ICE threatened to appeal the decision.

Ms Sohahong explained it to me as follows:

In Mr. Scott-Jones’ case after we successfully appealed the July 2014 decision, the case went back to the Immigration Court, where we won at the re-trial.  ICE then had 30 days to decide whether to appeal the decision.  The ICE attorney on the case stated adamantly that she would appeal the decision, so Mr. Scott-Jones remained detained.  On the day the appeal was due, ICE suddenly decided not to submit an appeal, and he was released (since we had won the case at the re-trial). Because we were expecting ICE to appeal, I had been prepping myself, Adrian and his family about the months-long challenge ahead of us, so we were all surprised by the sudden reversal in ICE’s decision to forego their appeal.  Adrian’s now with his lovely wife and stepson in Florida, and is recovering physically and emotionally. #All’sWellThatEndsWell


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Joe and Teresa Giudice Foreclosed on Again!

The rental property

The rental property


It’s a new year and a new foreclosure for Felons By Bravo, Teresa and Joe Giudice!  Last year, their “shore house” was up for auction after being foreclosed on.  The auction is just a legal formality because just like the shore house, the Giudice’s owe more than the likely  sale price of their house.  The Giudices paid  $170,000 or so for the house, yet according to Vicki Hyman  of, the couple owes $212,521.20 to their lender and Zillow estimates the market value at $245,536 ( I don’t think Zillow has seen the kitchen or the interior at all)” since the house is not available for inspection, no one is going to buy this pig in a poke. Hyman reports, “The auction will take place at 2 p.m. in the Freeholder’s Public Meeting Room, 5th Floor, Records and Administration Building, Court Street, Morristown, although these sales are often postponed. As is typically the case with foreclosures in New Jersey, the minimum bid is $100.”

For MORE Foreclosure By Bravo News, Click Here!

The Giudices, who have decided to blame their bankruptcy attorney for their felonious acts, have likely been blacklisted by top notch attorneys.  Their current attorney and fellow fame whore, tells Hyman, (please sit down and swallow any liquids before reading furthere)  ” “They are eliminating excess and focusing on doing more with less.”  It seems  like that is what the kids in NJ are calling suffering the consequences of lying to multiple banks to get multiple mortgages beyond the value of your houses these days. It’s like that time that Teresa went to Federal Prison to have a quiet place to work on her book without the distraction of four kids and a husband.

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Deportation Seems Very Likely For Joe Giudice, Will He Flee To Italy Soon?


Yesterday, Forbes magazine published a very interesting story about the upcoming prison sentence of Joe Giudice.  When Joe was first charged, I really never believed he would be deported to Italy after serving his 41 month sentence at Fort Dix FCI. After some more research and particularly after reading this story, I am starting to realize it is a very real possibility and perhaps even more likely than not.

Guest contributor to Forbes and white collar crime expert, Walter Pavlo , tells a fascinating tale about similar case involving Adrian Scott-Jones, a British man with the same legal status in the US as Joe, that serves as a cautionary tale for Joe Giudice.  I have been a bit more generous in my quoting of Mr. Pavlo’s  column than I usually am due to our need to comprehend the technical legal aspects of the situation, but I strongly encourage you to read the entire article. It’s very enlightening.

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