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Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap: There Will Be Bloodwork

RHONJ S6 CastI’m not sure I can handle Jacqueline exploiting her kid and Amber’s cancer storyline ramping up all in one episode of the Real Housewives of New Jersey. UGH.

We start with the Giudice family waking up in the house that fraud built. Teresa is trying to keep things as normal as possible right up until she and Joe head off for college. Am I the only one that forgets that Gabriella even exists?  Teresa drives the kids to school in her PJs. Gia tells her mom she is proud of her for being strong throughout her trial.

I literally forgot I was supposed to be blogging during this scene with Dina. So boring.

Joe Gorga doesn’t seem to be having the easiest time dealing with his sister going to the big house.

Rino’s scene where he discusses his enlarged prostate and upcoming colonoscopy was made even more disturbing when he donned a pair of underpants with a cock sock which he twirled on national television.

Is this episode over yet? Continue reading

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Welcome To Amber’s Mind…

RHONJ Amber open mouth

There were not many Bravo blogs from the Real Housewives of New Jersey this week. Teresa just thanked everyone for their support. Melissa laughed about Amber’s phone call.  And Dina warned us that Scary Island pales in comparison to what we are about to witness in Florida. The twins didn’t put up anything. at all. And then, there is Amber. Amber is about to play the cancer card AGAIN to explain away her ridiculous phone call to Teresa.

OK, OK, OK, on to my most annoying scene to date — my total meltdown when I called Teresa! OH MY Lord! I seriously was annoying to watch, I cannot imagine what you all were thinking. I remember that day, and I can assure you, I was having a very rough and emotional day. I cannot share exactly what was going on yet, but I was going through a very difficult time. I think it just all hit me at once, and I was displacing my fears and anxieties onto Teresa. Not that I do not care for her or her family, I truly do. That was absolutely not insincere; I was emotional for personal reasons and just could not deal. I do wish though that Gia, a 13 year old child, could have been asked to leave the room as her mother talked to both me and Melissa. I guess we have very different parenting styles. In my opinion, Gia should not hear adult conversations. Regardless what you think of my breakdown, I certainly do not give a crap about what she was wearing to court, I am thinking only of her children. Honestly, I wish I was not so empathetic to other sometimes; I take on other people’s heartaches all of the time, and it greatly affects me. 

Clearly, she is implying that her cancer scare that happens on an upcoming episode was the reason for her meltdown. It also really chapped her hide to see Gia laughing at her. Gia is a teenager living in the house with two people preparing for jail. She’s well aware of what is going on. Amber’s thought that Gia should be banished from the kitchen is ridiculous. She was part of the scene. Continue reading


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Teresa and Joe Selling the House? That’s Funny!

RHONJ Sisters-in-Law Make Top Ten List

UPDATE: The shore house is on the market too. Looks like time for liquidation! Click here for shore house listing info.

Once again bizarre rumors are floating around on sites that should know better.  Let’s review the initial charges against the Giudices. Counts 2-6 are for bank fraud.  The Giudices took out millions of dollars mortgages on all of their properties. They all have minimal equity and are mortgaged well above the actual property.  In order for the Giudices to sell their current residence, they must get a price that covers all of the mortgages that currently exist on the property. Since those mortgages exceed the market value of the house, they would have to find an idiot of a buyer. Or they could accept a reasonable offer and pay off the remainder of the mortgage themselves. The Giudices are not exactly cash flush at the moment. They have restitution and IRS bills and lawyer bills that must be paid before anything else. There is no benefit to the Giudices selling the house rather than just walking away from it and letting the bank take it. There is nothing to stop them from listing the house for nearly $4 million if they want to but there is no buyer out there at that price. Continue reading


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WWHL With Rosie Pierri, Kathy Wakile and Jaime Primak Sullivan

WWHL  Kathy Rosie Jamie

Andy went to Joan Rivers funeral today and it’s his first night back at WWHL so he is not that upbeat tonight. We start with clips from tonight’s show where Teresa makes the vasectomy comment about someone with breast cancer and Vino thinks that judges wear wigs like in the days of George Washington and they are called mullets. Jaime says that can’t be real (Teresa’s stupidity) and Andy assures her that it is in fact real.

Andy goes on to make fun of Amber’s crying abilities. He has a montage of people yelling into their cellphones and making it look like Amber is on the other end with a reason to cry. Jill Zarin and Vicki Gunvalson are included.

The reason I haven’t been blogging Jersey Belle is that somehow I missed the first few episodes and I don’t even know when it airs. I did catch an episode recently where she was trying to adopt a black child by approaching pregnant black women in NoLa  and asking if they were going to keep their babies. She eventually found one she can have but she had not gotten clearance from her husband yet. It actually seems like pretty good show. And Jaime is smart to take black babies from their mothers here in this country and avoiding the expense of doing it Malawi like Madonna does.  Jaime just indicated that there is something in the works regarding a baby but she won’t say what. I am sure all will be revealed ON THE SHOW. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap: Guilt Trip

RHONJ S6 CastFebruary 28th, Four Days Before the Plea Deal

Of course we begin with a scene with Teresa, mother of the year, cooking with her adorable kids while wearing an apron that says please don’t send the mother of these adorable children off to college!  Well, minus the apron part. Even Audrina is in on the act this time and she is like the invisible sister. Poor think is tasked with chopping onions and her eyes are all teary. Gia on the other hand looks to be on the verge of real tears and or a nervous breakdown sitting quietly at the kitchen table. Milania takes a bite of onion and acts like she is eating a jalapeno.  She’s a drama queen that one.

March 4, 2014 (and before and after according to me)

The plea deal happens. Joe watches what appears to be a new show with some random actress voicing over the program. Or the news people in New Jersey report hard news in the same voice as “news” about what Kim Kardashian had for breakfast. Amber learns about it on her cell phone via ROL. I’m telling you they are some strange bedfellows, Bravo and ROL. will be shown on an upcoming episode of Couples Therapy and I know a bit about how production and the websites work together or against each other. Amber cries while talking to Teresa. Teresa takes the call on speaker in front of Gia, age 13, who immediately laughs at Amber and her crying. I am waiting for her  to say this is almost as bad as that time I had cancer. Gia is laughing at her. Teresa says in her talking head maybe Amber was on her period OR THINKING BACK TO HER CANCER.  You can’t make this shit up. Continue reading


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Revisting The Giudice Bankruptcy Filing

Bagel head Tre

I still don’t get it.

Since April, a story has been run by a website or twenty with screaming headlines about the Giudices’ debts being wiped away for pennies. Recently, this absurd story has resurfaced with more loud headlines like, “GIUDICES SETTLE $13.5 MILLION DOLLAR BANKRUPTCY BY PAYING $15, 001.03!!!” This seems to have sent many of you into a frenzy! Oh the outrage! All that debt just wiped away!  How do people get away with these things?

I would be outraged too, if it were true. But Tamara, I hear you saying. That one site had official court documents! They have proof that this happened!  While it is true that the Chapter 7 Trustee’s Final Account and Distribution Report Certification That The Estate Has Been Fully Administered And Application To Be Discharged (TDR) form is floating around the Internet, what is NOT TRUE is the interpretation of the report.

It amazes me that websites owned by people who are licensed to practice law, seem unable or unwilling to read a simple bankruptcy trustee report. Continue reading


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Teresa and Joe Giudice Get Yet Another Sentencing Postponement


RHONJ Christmas tre joe

Oh for fucks sake. Really New Jersey?  The plea deal was finished months ago. There was already a two month postponement. How long does it take to get from plea deal to incarceration in the fucking Garden State?  This is just embarrassing. Teresa and Joe Giudice now have new sentencing date of October 2, 2014.  Don’t hold your breath on that being a firm date either.

According to (My comments in purple)

“Typically, sentencings get postponed so that everybody involved can be fully prepared,” said Henry E. Klingeman, Teresa Giudice’s attorney. “The court is waiting on information from all sides – the defense, the government and probation – so it’s been postponed by a couple of weeks.” Continue reading


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The Upcoming RHONJ Atlantic City Trip Was Scandalous !

RHONJ Amber and Melissa

Back in December I started hearing rumors about the RHONJ filming in an Atlantic City casino. I made my predictions for how things would go this season back in February, and so far everything seems to be going as I expected. The Atlantic City trip, and now it seems the Florida trip, were over the top with drama. Amber came back from the Atlantic City trip and posted on her Facebook that everyone made her cry.  The twins were ready to be done with the show. Continue reading


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Joe Gorga Wins Right to Evict Kai Patterson From Montville Home

WWHL with Melissa and Joe Gorga

Despite the fact that Kai Patterson just commented in the comments of this post, “I am very happy with the outcome of the case. I no longer have to make any payments towards the purchase of the property. The only way I will make those payments, is if Mr. Gorga makes the repairs to my satisfactory (sic).”  The reality is that Patterson lost his case and has moved one step closer to the end of a lengthy eviction process.

Today a judge in Morristown will issue a judgment of possession to Joe Gorga which will allow him to officially evict Patterson in the upcoming days. This judge ruled strictly under leasing laws. Joe will have to return to court to sue for moneys owed with regard to the sale. However, since Joe no longer wants to go through with the sale after losing confidence in Patterson’s ability to pay, I imagine he will just evict the tenant and move into the house himself. Continue reading


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A Real Housewife of New Jersey Wanders Into Politcal Fundraiser

More on the shore than meets the eye?

More on the shore than meets the eye?

There is a joke here somewhere. Teresa Giudice who is awaiting her federal sentencing this month wandered into a fundraising event for a  New Jersey politician. Sigh. This is was in my in box this morning but things just kept happening so now it is Thursday officially on the east coast and….. well I had no time to  investigate.

I did read all the local news hounds comments at the paper who reported it. But still. Juicy is headed to the big house for sure, and quite frankly, Tre should be too. So how is she out, off the Bravo camera showing up at this guy’s campaign function?

I have a whole post coming on how another couple in a similar situation is handling things. Why is Tre out with a girlfriend at a political function?  And why is she at the beach without the kids? Continue reading


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What the Heck Have We Done to Deserve Jacqueline Laurita Coming Back?



UPDATE:  I just got word from an exclusive source that Jacqueline and Kathy were asked to shoot some footage IN JULY while wearing WINTER CLOTHES. WTF is so crucial at the very end of editing that they needed those two to come do reshoots for? What possible reason could there be to get something in that could only be delivered by these two?  I can’t think of anything these two would say or do that the couldn’t get one of the other TV desperate cast mates to do? Anyone have any idea? I sought out a source for this mindboggling answer. If I hear back I will let you know.

I hate being wrong. But being wrong about this is just unbearable. Remember when I promised you that Jac would not be back?  There were all of these incredible stories floating around that Jac had been brought back to jazz up the season because it was boring and only she could save the show. TMZ was using the would “supercharge.”  Since when is Jac Laurita, the wallpaper of RHONJ even mildly entertaining.  Sure enough, Bravo is running a clip and there is Jac sitting there as if she never left in a damn talking head talking about Teresa!

I can’t. Continue reading


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Joe Gorga and His Tenant Kai Patterson Duked it Out in Court Tuesday


Kai Patterson continued to fight an eviction proceeding Tuesday which would toss him out of Joe Gorga’s Montville home. Despite Patterson’s claims that the home is infested with beavers, he seems to intend on squatting despite multiple complaints about habitability of the home.  Because, $20,000 a month for a home with beavers in the walls and plumbing issues in East Egypt, New Jersey is a great deal! And one dude living with an elderly (step?) father really need a shit ton of square footage and a motorcourt.

If you have been following the story, Joe and Kai have been going at each other in court and Kai has sent numerous emails documenting all of the issues. It’s been pretty hysterical. The court proceeding have been confounded by the lease to purchase aspect of the potential sale. It seems the judge can’t decide to try the case under lease law or property sale law. But on Tuesday, we seem to be back to square one and focused on law regarding tenant/landlord law. Continue reading


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