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Teresa Checks In Recap: The Finale Episode (Maybe)

RHONJ Teresa Checks In

Tonight, on Teresa Checks In,  the final episode will be a trip to visit Teresa in prison.  But first Gabriella is trying in vain to keep Milania in line. Juicy Joe is not much help basically just asking her what is wrong with her over and over. Milania thumbs her nose at both of them and hops on to her pricey pink ATV and zips away leaving Joe and Gabriella to clean up the mess she made by the pond. Joe manages to drop his phone in the pond. Gabriella who is furiously trying to fix everything and be both mother and wife, quickly informs Joe that he has to put it in rice. Joe spends forever trying to recover the phone. Eventually he puts on waders and tries to scoop the phone out with a net. This is of course poinless, and I’m not sure we actually saw the phone go in. So it’s possibly just storyline so that they can show Gia videoing everything going on and emailing it to her mother. Besides, all they would need to do is take some stolen funds from under the mattress and buy a new one. It’s clear their standard of living has not decreased at all.


Speaking of their standard of living, the Giudices and the Gorgas are headed “upstate” on vacation. They are apparently going to the Catskills where they went in the early seasons of RHONJ.  Juicy Joe’s dad used to go with them.

Teresa did not approve Melissa to visit.  Teresa’s odd attorney does a talking head about prison visitation. Continue reading


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Teresa Checks In: Mr Mom

RHONJ Joe baby girl

I really can’t with this show tonight. I’ve recently booked a vacation for Christmas and my room has no TV. Sometimes budget living can be just what you need. I’ve GOT to have some time off the laptop. I’ve seen the first look for this and I find it amusing that Melissa thinks Teresa’s email list is too full to include her. It’s not. She has unlimited emailing abilities. Andy Cohen is on her email list for fucks sake. Teresa hates Melissa. That’s all there is to it.

I have no interest in seeing the Joes work out together. Gabriella makes it clear that it is her, not Gia who is replacing Teresa. Gia is busy filming videos and hanging with her teenaged friends without supervision. Gia is smooth at placating Melissa. Milania loves a good latte.

Is this over yet? I’m sofa king bored.

Is Joe driving an unregistered motorcycle? Will he ever learn? Continue reading


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Did Joe and Melissa Gorga Have Any Role In Teresa’s Incarceration?



On last night’s WWHL, people on Twitter were outraged that Juicy Joe was trying to pin the blame for Teresa’s incarceration on Joe Gorga. A source familiar with the Giudice bankruptcy filing has sent me some interesting tea about the process.

A few years before Joe Giudice and Teresa filed for bankruptcy, Joe’s younger brother, Pete,  had a successful bankruptcy.  At the time, it was the biggest in his area.  His slate was successfully wiped clean.  My source believes  that  the Giudices may have seen the potential of wealth from Teresa’s celebrity status and wanted a clean slate too.

According to the bankruptcy lawyer that is being sued, the Giudices were given standard forms which they filled out.  The forms request tax documentation.   Joe and Teresa signed forms stating that the tax forms they submitted to the bankruptcy courts were correct. They were forged.  The standard procedure is for the bankruptcy court to check with the IRS. The IRS reported back with the information that they had not filed for ten years.  CLICK HERE to see all of the IRS documents and W2s they falsified. Teresa was unemployed at this time and gave a variety of false jobs with fake W2s to numerous banks. They did not just “sign the forms they were given” as Joe likes to say. They made up jobs they didn’t have and falsified W2s to show the jobs existed and then signed those forms and gave them to the banks.


The bankruptcy lawyer shared that officials  also asked how they acquired their bank loans.  The law in NJ is that applicants have to provide W2 forms. Which the falsified. Continue reading


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Watch What Happens Live With Joe Giudice and Joe Gorga

WWHL Joe Giudice Joe Gorga


Watch What Happens Live with Joe Giudice and Joe Gorga is starting at 9 pm which explains why my DVR schedule is so fried.  Why didn’t anyone tell Juicy (as I will refer to him for the rest of this post) to fix his shirt? Andy calls him Joe JEW DEE CHAY. Even though they have given up on that pronunciation and gone back to their original pronunciation.

Andy said he dreamt that Teresa was vice president of the United States.  He is finally on her email list so they have been emailing. She said she would be watching Joe on WWHL tonight from prison.  Juicy sends his love via the camera and says her brother wanted him to kiss him before the show. He told Joe to kiss his ass. They both laugh.

Andy brings up the pronunciation of Giudice and points out that even Teresa on her prison calls says it the original way again.

Joe Gorga really is hot. I’m just saying. Andy makes him play a game with body parts of either Tre or Melissa and guess where they are of his sister or his wife? He gets them all right.

Andy asks what the toughest event to get through without Tre has been. He says every day is tough. He has to keep the girls busy.  Juicy admits that the younger girls know Tre is in prison. Continue reading


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Teresa Checks In Part One

RHONJ Joe baby girl

When you were in college and had a big test the next day, did you ever stay up way too late the night before even though you know you needed your sleep?  It’s sort of a self-sabotaging behavior.  Well, that is what I did last night. I knew that this show and WWHL were going to be time consuming ventures so I binge watched TV shows until 8 a.m. Because,  idiot.

But I am excited for the show to start and see if we learn anything interesting. My guess is going to be no. No we will not.

We begin with a montage of pictures of Joe and Teresa after their sentencing. And then a quick switch to Audriana, Milania and Gabriella home alone with  Joe Giudice.  Milania is learning how to cook sausages.

The agenda on this day includes a memorial service to remember Joe’s father who past away a year ago, and Gia going to her 8th grade dance. Joe says that the memorial means that they should always be nice to everyone. Then Joe goes in on Gia for her pimples. Because, Joe.

In court, Joe asked if he could drive the girls to the end of the driveway to get to the bus. She said no. So he’s shown walking them to the gate. I think they are old enough to walk to the gate by themselves. Around here, if you live less than a mile from school, you get no bus stop and you have to walk.

Joe’s cousin Teresa has practically moved in to help out with Joe. Teresa has been in constant contact with cousin Teresa to tell her exactly what to do for the memorial at her house.  Joe says the Tre only gets 300 phone minutes a month but she has unlimited emails. He says she is doing yoga classes and spin classes in jail. This makes me think I could probably stand to do a year at camp cupcake. They are buying ten cakes from Costco. Joe gets emotional about missing his wife. Continue reading


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Has The Real Housewives of New Jersey Started Filming?


According the above report by Entertainment Tonight,  Bravo cameras were following Melissa Gorga as she sets about to open a boutique.  The story says they are not sure if she if filming for the upcoming three part special with Joe and the girls, but I’m pretty sure that is already in the can.  Also, Melissa opening a boutique is not a storyline for the Teresa is in Prison special.  It is a storyline for RHONJ though. It’s one of the last businesses left that Melissa has not already tried.

This actually makes sense. Last season, filming started during the holidays. The season premiere in July and had a million episodes ending in November.  If they start filming now, they can all sit around and gossip about Teresa being in prison, stop by and see Joe and the girls and then film the whole house arrest thing with Teresa around Christmastime. Continue reading


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