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Has The Real Housewives of New Jersey Started Filming?


According the above report by Entertainment Tonight,  Bravo cameras were following Melissa Gorga as she sets about to open a boutique.  The story says they are not sure if she if filming for the upcoming three part special with Joe and the girls, but I’m pretty sure that is already in the can.  Also, Melissa opening a boutique is not a storyline for the Teresa is in Prison special.  It is a storyline for RHONJ though. It’s one of the last businesses left that Melissa has not already tried.

This actually makes sense. Last season, filming started during the holidays. The season premiere in July and had a million episodes ending in November.  If they start filming now, they can all sit around and gossip about Teresa being in prison, stop by and see Joe and the girls and then film the whole house arrest thing with Teresa around Christmastime. Continue reading


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Teresa Giudice Prison Update!

Joe Giudice recently spoke with the Daily Mail about Teresa’s life in prison. Apparently, he is doing some publicity for the three-part special on life without Teresa that premieres on Bravo October 11th.  Joe says life in prison is a lot like a “low budget spa” and complains that Tre leaves the family waiting in the visitation area while she gets her hair done.

I’m wondering who the off camera female voice is helping Joe find the right words at times and hoping that it isn’t Gia.

TMZ has apparently seen the screener and is making a big deal out of Teresa making a joke with Joe about phone sex. I doubt that will be more than a passing comment.  I find it amusing that every outlet reporting on the show says that we don’t see Teresa’s face and only hear her voice.  BECAUSE SHE IS IN PRISON.

Click through for an extended sneak peek of the show, and a the latests Tweet from Teresa, because apparently, Tweeting from prison is allowed at Danbury… Continue reading


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Joe Giudice Says Goodbye to Shore House and Hello To The Shore Cops!

Joe and Tre at the shore during happier times...

Joe and Tre at the shore during happier times…

Joe Giudice and the girls went to the shore house this weekend for one last time before it is auctioned by the bank school begins.  The house is scheduled to hit the auction block tomorrow, August 18th, according to the Ocean County Sheriff’s Office. So Joe decided to have one last hurrah in the form of a big party. It appears that all of the girls were with him.

And the cops were called!

There are numerous accounts of what happened early Saturday evening when the party was in full swing. Let’s look at the two most reliable sources, shall we? Continue reading


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Joe Giudice and the Girls Film Bravo Special

RHONJ Guilt trip gia

Well, we knew this was going to happen. Just in time for Bravo’s Sunday night problem, they have finally hammered out the details for a one hour special with Stay at Home Dad, Joe Giudice and his four daughters. Supposedly, there is something in the contract for the possibility of more shows. Um, Bravo. How stupid are you really?  The possibility of more shows? Like if it pulls in more ratings than reruns of Secrets & Wives? Seriously? MAKE ALL THE EPISODES YOU CAN! MAKE EPISODES TO AIR UNTIL THE JAILBIRD WIFE GETS OUT OF PRISON. Are you out of your mind? This is ratings gold. We will ALL tune in. I get thinking that Joe might suck at this. But really, no matter what he does, we will watch.

Filming began earlier this month. If they are smart they will get this up on Sunday nights ASAP. Continue reading


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Feds Come For Teresa Giudice’s Car, Furniture, Rental Income and Bravo Salary!


According to a new story by   Thomas Zambito | NJ Advance Media for and The Star-Ledger, the feds are finally seizing property from Teresa Giudice to pay off her debts to the government. Teresa needs to cough up about $414,000 in restitution to the government. After they get theirs then the other folks they stole from can get theirs. Uncle Sam always takes his piece of the pie first.

According to Zambito, Teresa has “agreed to let” the feds do this. ROFLMAO. The feds take whatever they want in these situations and you just bend over and let them have their way.

Imprisoned “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star Teresa Giudice has agreed to give the government the keys to her 2005 Maserati as well as a portion of her Bravo pay to satisfy the $414,588 debt she owes the federal government, court papers show.

Giudice will also let the government sell off the furnishings inside her Montville Township mansion and will hand over 50 percent of rental income for a home she and her husband Joe own in Lincoln Park, the court records show.

New Jersey federal prosecutors filed court papers Friday signed by Giudice, which give the government the right to the property and cash so they can recoup restitution ordered by U.S. District Court Judge Esther Salas at the couple’s October sentencing.

Continue reading


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Teresa and Joe Giudice’s Shore House to be Auctioned !

RHONJ Shore House

The banks are finally foreclosing on the Giudice’s properties.  On May 19th, their shore house will be auctioned off by the Ocean County Sheriff’s Office on the court house  steps. The bidding starts at just $100 according to Vicki Hyman of NJ.Com.  The Giudices bought the house in 2005, four years before the pair landed their reality TV gig on Real Housewives of New Jersey. At that time the took out a mortgage to pay for the $347,000 purchase.  They took out a second mortgage to renovate the property sometime thereafter. Then, in 2012 shortly after the renovations had been shown on the show, Hurricane Sandy hit. They then took out a third mortgage to restore the home after the water damage. When their finances were reviewed by the bankruptcy trustee they found that the equity in this home was miniscule.

The house itself is  1,300 square feet with  five bedrooms and two baths according to all the real estate sites that I wasted way too much time scouring. Because those stats make no sense. You can’t have five bedrooms in a 1,300 sqft  home. Unless they are all big enough for one twin bed. Continue reading


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