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Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap: Judgment Day

Twitter: John Bathke

Twitter: John Bathke

And just like that, RHONJ comes to an abrupt stop after only 12 episodes. This of course means that everyone gets about half the check for a normal season. What remains to be seen is whether or not Teresa and Joe will film a few more post sentencing episodes to scrap together a few more bucks. I suppose time will tell.

We start the show at the courthouse. I really think that is cool looking court house. Love the blind justice statue. Paul Fishman announces that Joe Giudice received 41 months and Teresa got 15.

Then we flash back to six months earlier. Teresa and Melissa are hanging out at her house with all the kids. The kids are bouncing off the walls. Teresa is stressed.

Meanwhile, Dina and the twins are at “Abbey’s House” where the Project Ladybug event will be taking place. It’s ginormous. Is that an actual residence or an event hall? There are giant dogs there that make it seem like maybe Abbey lives there. Oh, it is her home and Dina is worried about the hoodlums coming. Victoria is NOT invited. Teressa is still expecting an apology from Teresa. She makes snide comments about the Giudice family falling apart.

You know what would be great? Another segment about Amber’s cancer. I can’t wait or recap this shit. Continue reading

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Joe Giudice Is a Fucking Moron in Court

Jailbird Juicy

You had one job today, Joe Giudice. Walk in, take the plea deal, thank the judge and go home.  This morning in New Jersey court Joe went in to basically get a free pass on his charges regarding presenting fraudulent paperwork to the DMV. As I explained her last month, it was blatantly obvious that his attorney had a plea deal in the works for Joe to accept a sentence of some then unknown length that would be shorter than his federal sentence of 41 years that would run concurrently with that sentence. In plain English that means they would count his federal time served as punishment for his state crime. The only effect it would have on Joe would be another conviction on his rap sheet.  But this morning, Joe refused to accept the plea and wanted to go to trial, because he is a moron. Then I am sure based on the advice of his attorney he reconsidered and court was recessed so his attorney could talk some sense into him. Continue reading


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Teresa Giudice: The Mystery of the Missing $200K Solved

WWHL Tre and Joe 2

Remember all the confusion over the $200,0000  Teresa was supposed to pay as part of her PLEA DEAL when she was on WWHL? Well, she finally paid it!  It will be important for you to  bear in mind this was a condition of her plea deal and not part of her sentencing as you read through this post. Because even local legitimate New Jersey news outlets are reporting this wrong.  First let’s talk about the news.

From NorthJersey,com:

“As part of their plea deal, Teresa had been told to pay the $200,000 either before or at sentencing. But one of her attorneys told the judge at the sentencing that he was waiting for the checks to clear. About $150,000 was secured through a contract advance of Teresa’s, while the remaining $50,000 was obtained from a friend as a loan, he said. Salas said she didn’t understand why the funds weren’t secured in advance, given that the couple had months to prepare. Eric Breslin, one of Teresa’s lawyers, said on Tuesday that the $200,000 demanded by the court was paid on Oct. 6. But he declined to provide details about the contract advance.”

Continue reading


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Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap: #SorryNotSorry

rhonj kathy and jac

We are starting with a fake scene filmed in June. This time Kathy and Jacqueline will not be eating salad, or lunch, no dear readers, this time we get to watch them eat…..wait for it….Kathy’s cannoli! Because watching Jac, who did not film the entire season eat random food items is still more interesting than the new cast members. Let’s watch. Because sadly there is not enough for me to fast forward through. I think that must be why they are starting off with it. Bastards. Richard’s crude sex talk is also considered more interesting than the new cast.

Melissa and Amber are at a bar together. Melissa tries to explain why production has paired these two for this scripted dialogue by pointing out in her talking head that she does not hold Amber responsible for “douche Jim.”  I think Jim may have been called a douchebag more than Juan Pablo from The Bachelor at this point. Is there a trophy he should try to retrieve? Melissa wants us all to see the Chanel bag that she is carrying. She props it on the bar and turns the sparkly logo toward the camera. Here’s the thing. Chanel is not seeking promotional fees from a real housewives show. So, this is either a fake (most likely) or it will be used as evidence in an upcoming bankruptcy filing. I am not into the whole handbag thing so I can’t make that assessment.  Anyway, I think I would rather go back to Richard Wakile making cannoli jokes. I am starting to agree with production. There is really nothing about this scene to move the scripted plot forward. Melissa and Amber are fake storyline friends again.

Nicole arrives at the cannoli joke fest with Bobby in tow. He will fit in great with Richard and Chris. Nicole’s talking head is about Bobby treated her badly in Boca Raton. And here we go with the autism crap. Jac feels the need to tell a woman that she has known for five minutes about her kid’s milestones and that “autism is a spectrum.” I was proud that Jac pronounced her words correctly. Oh, and she wants Nicole to know she has had five miscarriages. You know, the normal conversations that two women have within two seconds of meeting each other. Nicole counters with the whole, “Oh by the way, people say my twin sister’s husband fucked out mother but that’s totally not true.”  Then the group of women decide to call Victoria Gotti, “vagina” as any group of grown women would do.  Jac wonders if she is going to get murdered. Sadly, I doubt it.  Rich calls Teresa Giudice “Felonini.”  Kathy and Jac and Rosie all gang up on Teresa Giudice and tell Nicole not trust her because she is a horrible person. Perhaps she is, but they just made themselves look equally bad. Continue reading


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Teresa and Joe Giudice’s Supervised Release Conditions Explained

Photo: Bravo

Photo: Bravo

Oh for the love of Pete.  Pretty much everyone that follows me here or on Twitter knows I have spent the past few days whining about being sick. I have been trying to kill this crap with tons of soup and yogurt and marathons of Homeland.  During this time, I’ve been letting some things slide on the website. One of those things was some information I was sent about the conditions of Joe and Teresa’s  supervised release they will serve after they do their time. I figured I had some time to investigate that a bit further once my head stopped feeling like a watermelon.

This morning I woke up t the most ridiculous post on TMZ yet claiming that the judge told Tre and Joe they could no commingle their funds. What happened to their legal team?  They used to know how to read legal documents, but lately not so much. Someone there really thinks a judge can tell a married couple they can’t have joint bank accounts? Seriously, let’s see how long the phrase, “put a wall between the other’s finances” remains. What does that even mean?
Click through for the actual facts.

Continue reading


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Teresa and Joe Giudice Interview with Andy Cohen on WWHL Part 2

WWHL Tre and joe3

It’s time for part two of Andy’s interview with Teresa and Joe!

Andy starts right off by asking about their claims that RHONJ is little more than carefully crafted fiction. Teresa says there are editors and producers on the show. Andy asks if the table flip was scripted she says no. What about fighting with Joe and Melissa. She says she didn’t know they were even coming on the show. Andy points out she did not want them on the show. She manages to even deny that! What is it that chick on Below Deck says? “Deny, deny, deny. Lie until you die?” I think that must be on the Giudice family crest.  Tre says she didn’t like being portrayed as the villain on the show. Andy says that a lot of people think Tre was putting on a show this season to impress the judge. Tre says that is who she really is. She has grown. She is trying to be a better person. She’s learned from her mistakes.

Andy says some people think she should not be on the show do to her charges. She says she is a working mom. Everything she does she does for her daughters. Like bank fraud and lying, I suppose.  Joe says, “At this point, why get off?”

Andy asks about them blaming the show for their arrest. They say they take full responsibility. Andy says do you think you would have been arrested if you were not on the show? Tre refuses to answer the question. Continue reading


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Danielle Staub (who?) Makes Nice with Teresa Giudice on Access Hollywood Live

RHONJ Danielle

Um, the biggest news to me is that apparently NBCu has purchased Access Hollywood Live? Seriously?  I’m signed up to get daily emails from NBCu for all their daily press releases and this is the first one from Access Hollywood I’ve ever seen. Here’s a link to the Access Hollywood Live! (which I believe is digital)  recap of the video. I’ll translate Danielle’s comments in purple from here on out.

I wanted to be here with a message from my daughters and myself [to Teresa.] Your kids are really all that’s important right now. Don’t worry about what everybody else is thinking, don’t worry about social media, don’t worry about the press. Just live your life and know that whatever is behind you is done and you only have the future ahead of you. And this is not a lot of time that you’ll be away from them, but it’s going to be painful.”

OMG! This is so fucking awesome. I’ve been begging Andy to let me back on the show since he kicked my ass off, and now tabloids are calling me for comment! Thank GOD Caroline Manzo was on WWHL recently and Andy asked her opinion on the sentencing. She got a lot of props for taking the high road so I am going to follow her lead even though I could not be happier to see this bitch finally get what she deserves! Continue reading


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Watch What Happens Live with Teresa Giudice and Joe Giudice

WWHL Tre and Joe 2

UPDATE: Jaysus, Despite the breaking news from some other site after the interview aired… there reason that no one was drinking and “there was no drinking word” was because it was taped interview on a serious topic that was filmed during the DAYTIME and Tre and possibly Joe were medicated for stress.  There was no alcohol ban at the reunion. But is was also filmed early in THE DAYTIME.  And their bail would not be revoked if OTHER PEOPLE were violent. What the fuck is wrong with that site? How do I have sources and they have NOTHING? There was beer for football for the men whose call time was 1PM. SMH.  Also I’m hearing Tre had a later call time so the ladies could talk about the sentencing without her there.  Not my usual source, but it does make sense. This way there are less softball questions when Tre is actually on camera.

It’s time for the first interview of Teresa and Joe Giudice since they were sentenced last Thursday. Teresa is facing 15 months in federal prison and Joe will do 41 (one for each count of fraud!) when she gets out.  Will Andy asked why they lied about their assets on the bankruptcy filings? I doubt it.  Will he ask about the strange question Joe Giudice asked production when he first came on the show? I doubt it.

I love how Andy starts off camera by saying “after months of proclaiming their innocence” hmmm maybe he will go hard on them.  Then a clip of Teresa saying “I’ll make this right, whatever right means.” That seemed to be a bit of a frankenbite. Interesting the dirty editing begins…

Teresa says she feels “numb and it is like surreal.” Teresa knows what surreal means? Boy those are some sparkly diamond studs in her ears. Andy reads out all of their charges that the pled guilty to.  Andy asks their reaction to the sentences. Joe says it was devastating. Teresa says, “yeah, I’m still numb.” Joe says he feels like he got hit in the back of the neck with a bat. Andy asked Joe if he was surprised his sentence was on the high end? Joe says he thinks it was a little high, he didn’t think he would get that much.

Teresa looks horrible. She can barely form words. She seems heavily medicated. Andy says there was a lot of speculation that she would not serve at all. Teresa says she was so nervous yesterday. She was shaking, her nerves were pulling (makes sweeping motions toward her arms) at one point she could not open or close her hands. She really can’t talk. She says she had sleepless nights. She was “shock.” I was very unexpected. I don’t even know what to say.

Andy asked Teresa if she has been in denial. Teresa says she needs to read things before she signs them. She can’t trust people to tell her what things says. She needs to full read things. You know those things she testified to in bankruptcy court on the stand. Or she needs to find a contract lawyer that can help her. You know like the one that negotiated this interview into her Season 6 contract. Or the ones she used for her book deals. Or the ones she used for her Fabellini brand. Or the Miliana Hair Care stuff. She needs one of them to help her when she goes to the bank and says she is a real estate agent who makes $15,000 a month. She should have checked with a lawyer first because she doesn’t know that is wrong. She wants to get better at contracts. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap: Jim, Please Pack Your Knives and Go

RHONJ Amber florida

It’s time to tune in to RHONJ and find out how long Jim Marchese lasts in Florida before (hopefully) being thrown out in his pointy little head.

We’re back in Florida and everyone is drunk. Bobby confronts Jim over the rumor he is putting out that Bobby has another girlfriend. Jim says he say pictures of her in red lingerie. Bobby storms off again ranting that Jim is a lying sack of shit. He needs to stay with his woman or bring her up to their room with him. No man should leave their spouse around Jim Marchese. Amber is drunk and smoking and crying. Amber is having a full on drunken meltdown because Jim ruined everything. Teressssa says that Jim is a classic example of Napoleon complex.  The truth hurts so he starts attacking Rino saying the he tried to fuck Victoria Gotti, he slept with some rusty stripper… Teressa says,”Do you really think he fucked a stripper?” Jim says, “No, but I think he fucked your mom!” Awkward silence. Mouths drop. Joe Gorga tells Jim to go to bed. He minds him and giggles his way up the stairs.  Amber goes up after him and Jim starts mistranslating a latin quote to explain his behavior that quote is historically tied to….wait for it…..wait for it….Napoleon Bonaparte. You can’t make this shit up.

Joe and Teresa are going to NYC to have an overnight date night. Teresa threatens Milania with boarding school. She should follow through on that it would be great for Milania. Continue reading


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Teresa and Joe Interviewed for WWHL and Will Appear on Reunion Filming Sunday

WWHL Tre and Joe

Oh Bravo, You Never Fail to Disappoint.

Our favorite misogynist, Andy Cohen will deign to venture to New Jersey tomorrow to film the Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion. It is one of the most stressful days in the life of a RHO of Anywhere, so why not film it 72 hours after Teresa gets sentenced to a 15 months  in the penitentiary?

I love the above picture. Andy is practicing his “concerned” face.  Teresa is practicing he serious face. And Juicy is all laid back and just happy to be there.

But that is not all just over 24 hours after Teresa and Joe were sentenced to 15 and 41 months respectively in the pokey, Andrew had them in the clubhouse to interview them for Watch What Happens Live on Monday night. On his twitter he mentioned he interviewed them for several hours. It is hard to tell whether we will get an hour show or just a half hour based on the current setting on my cable guide. You would think this would get at least a full hour. Continue reading


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The Sentencing of Joe Giudice and Teresa Giudice

Twitter: John Bathke

Twitter: John Bathke

Yesterday, I did a live post of the Giudice Sentencing which you sort of had to be there and on top of things to be able to follow. Also it’s getting to the point where we need a fresh place to comment so I am going to do a chronological post summary of yesterday’s events now that I have time to sort this all out.

First, Tre and Joe rolled up to the courthouse in their giant white Mercedes SUV replete with bodyguards. Tre was in full face camera ready makeup with a couple extra heads of other peoples hair sewn in. Her hair was down so she could use the hide your face technique. Court began at 10 am and immediately it was obvious that the judge was pissed off. Reporters in the courtroom had many of the same issues as those of us outside the courtroom. When was a good time to sneak to the bathroom to tweet?  Thanks to ‘s @VickiHy we were able to get the gist of what was going on in the packed courtroom.

First we need to remember how exactly these criminal masterminds found themselves in this situation. They lied. The falsified W-2 forms to support their lies. They lie to dozens of banks to receive dozens of mortgages on their properties. If you missed it, the first 39 counts are outlined here.  For those who think it was all Joe, Teresa knew exactly what she was doing. She lied about being a real estate agent who make $15,000 a month. She lied about several other jobs. They spent all the money and then thought they would just file for bankruptcy once the fun was over. This was their biggest mistake. They went to bankruptcy court and lied some more. They lied about assets. They claimed they had no rental property and did not include the income, but checks were signed by Teresa and deposited into her Fabilicious account. They lied about many other things. The Feds eventually indicted them on 41 counts.  Because the stole millions of dollars and lied. Continue reading


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Teresa And Joe Giudice Sentencing…Judge is Pissed Giudices Lied Again!

Photo Twitter @TonyCaputo

Photo Twitter @TonyCaputo

UPDATE: Teresa doesn’t have to report until January 5th, 2015!  So we can expect another Christmas special…..UGH.

TERESA GETS 15 months!



UPDATE: Teresa addressing judge now, crying says, ” ‘I am more sorry than anyone will ever know.” We’re getting close! Teresa in tears tells judge she will. “make this right.”  My four daughters are my life! I don’t care about the TV show! Teresa reads a letter to court “I’m scared, I’m not going to deny it, I’m really scared.”“It’s time for me to wake up … my daughters are my life that’s what keeps me going. I’ve done so much crying my daughters are my life.”I don’t care about the TV how or materialistic things … we lost my father-in-law and that was the first grandparent we lost.Now I have even more to give. I will take this experience and continue to do the right thing.I know in my heart everything happens for a reason and I’ve found my reason. Tweets by Jack Barbosa @TheJackBarbosa                       VickiDish @VickiHy                         

Prosecutor asks the court for a 21 month sentence.

John Bathke@JohnBathkeLive Prosecutor on Teresa: “she thumbed her nose at the court…now she wants sympathy. It’s business as usual.”

UPDATE Judge Salas declined to downgrade Teresa’s plea deal sentencing range. She will be doing jail time. …waiting for exact sentence.

More from NJcom

 He also read a letter from Joe’s mother Filomena, who could not be in court due to health problems. “My son needs a slap on the wrist, not to be taken away from his family.”

Salas later responded: “It’s not a slap on your wrist you need, Mr. Giudice. Uh-uh. You need to understand the laws of this country and that they need to be respected.”

Earlier in the hearing, Salas grew visibly angry with the couple over what she called their “glaring” omissions and inconsistences in their required pre-sentencing financial disclosure statement, and that Feinstein couldn’t confirm whether his client had actually paid the $224,000 he owes in back taxes. She called it “a direct affront to the court.”

Just before delivering the sentence, which includes 12 months to run concurrently for failing to file his tax returns in 2004, Salas told Joe: “I am not sure you respect the court. I am not sure you respect our laws. And I am not sure you understand yet what you did.”

But she also said she took into account the dozens of letters written on his behalf that describe him as a loving and devoted husband and father in not giving him the full recommended sentence of 46 months.

“A sentence under the top end of the range would be appropriate,” she said, “but I have to give you credit for the live you have lived, at least to the people you have loved.”

UPDATE: Juicy’s attorney told the court that his attempts to exonerate Teresa is the mark of a real man. SIGH.  He also tried to blame the death of Joe’s dad for his problems. ??? He died afer the plea bargain was agreed to.

UPDATED: NJ.COM reporting Joe got 41 months, Teresa not sentenced yet. Juicy read this statement. “”I stand here humiliated before the court and my family and society,” he said. “I disgraced many people, including my wife and four daughters. I take full responsibility for my actions. I promise to be a better person.”

41 months in jail (3 1/2 years) $10,000 Fine for Joe Giudice of RHONJ Fame. Teresa to be sentenced this afternoon.  Sounds like they are going to take a lunch break. I’m hearing rumors of “staggered sentences” where one will go first then the other. 


At their sentencing today, the Giudice’s defense team argued that “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” does not show Joe Guidice for who he really is. They criticized the reality show for “editing situations to create fake drama” and said that they advised the couple to stop appearing on the show, but because the Giudices lacked an alternate source of income, they did not listen. In the end, the attorneys asked for leniency, saying a harsh sentence would cause “untold trauma on the children.”

However, prosecutors noted that in her pre-sentencing list of assets, Teresa Giudice failed to include several cars, ATVs and other items, claimed no jewelry and said her $3 million home is filled with just $25,000 worth of furniture. Meanwhile, Joe Giudice failed to file tax returns for the last several years, despite the requirement to do so in his plea agreement.

As a result, U.S. District Court Judge Esther Salas declined to be lenient with sentencing. “It feels,” she said, “like things have been hidden.”

“I do wish you luck,” Salas told Joe Giudice after she announced the sentence. “You have made some serious mistakes and you have to pay for them. But you have a lot to live for.”


Continue reading


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