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Joe and Teresa Giudice Prepare to Lose House and Cars

Joe and Tre RHONJ

Is it me or are we in hot water?

Yesterday, I tried to sort out some false rumors floating around. I generally do not address them at all but so many of you were asking it was just easier to make a post or two.  I covered the RHOA rumors here and the RHONJ rumors here.  I was amazed that TMZ would run such a factually incorrect story and was curious as to what this “document from the bankruptcy judge” was really about. Today I know. Continue reading

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Addressing a Crazy Rumor About Teresa and Joe Giudice

Teresa Giudice laughing gif

Gifs from RealityTVGIF

This is actually part two of a two-part series addressing all the weird stories about the Real Housewives over the past day or two. This final (I hope) one will clear up the latest RHONJ rumor about Teresa and Joe.

Rumor Three: Joe and Teresa Giudice will get a clean slate from the bankruptcy judge — they paid $7,500 to creditors and in the process they’ll erase more than $13 MILLION in debts!!! (started at TMZ and picked up by In Touch) Continue reading


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The Terms of the Giudice Plea Deals In Plain English: Part Two, Juicy Joe

Jailbird Juicy

You gots a pretty mouf, Juicy…

Here is the basic (or complicated depending how you choose to look at it) breakdown of Juicy Joe’s Plea deal.  Remember what I tell you, despite the nimrods in comments who like to argue with me, the charges that JOE pleads to are very important with regard to his potential deportation.  The immigration court system is a whole nuther bailiwick. Despite the wailing and whining of some, the immigration system is very backlogged and dysfunctional, particularly under the current administration. We use the Mexipult  to fire some Mexicans back over the border, only to have them return time and time again, but deporting someone over the pond is costly and a pain in the ass. This is why our immigration courts focus mostly on drug offenses and those who are a “danger to the community.” But hey, it is Fat Tuesday and I am here writing about some Real Housewives going to prison while drinking on an empty stomach, so if you want to argue with me, I should be available to insult your intelligence in comments in a couple hours.

Meanwhile, let’s start by looking at what Giuseppe plead guilty to. Hmm, I am already confused by the count numbers which don’t seem to match up to the ones I used for the explanation of Teresa’s charges. Nonetheless here is what Joe pled guilty to.

Count One: CONSPIRACY to commit mail and wire fraud Max  20 Years /$250K fine
Count Fifteen: Concealment of Assets. Max Five Years /$250K fine
Count Twenty-Two: False Oaths Max Five Years /$250K fine
Count Thirty-Six: False Declarations Max Five Years/$250K fine
Count Thirty-Seven: Failure to File Income Tax  Max One Year/$25K fine Continue reading


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The Terms of the Giudice Plea Deals In Plain English: Part One, Teresa

Teresa Celeb ApprenticeI fully admit to wearing down at this point from reading news reports and legal documents today. However, here are the terms and conditions of Teresa’s Plea Deal. I will work on Joe’s next.

Teresa has agreed to pay $200,000 back to the IRS prior to her sentencing date of July 8, 2014 as partial satisfaction of her debt.  She is also required to refile all of her taxes from 2000 through 2011 with all necessary documentation. She is required to make necessary payments for all affected tax years prior to her sentencing date. In the event she is unable to make such payments in full, she must set up a mutually agreed upon plan with the IRS. There is much discussion for forfeiture of assets related to the crimes, which would be her properties, as far as I can determine.

Oddly, her individual plea also includes a clause that states if SHE is not a US citizen, her plea deal COULD make her subject to immigration proceedings which MAY cause her to be deportable. (I haven’t read Joe’s plea yet, it may just be that put that in there for both of them as sort of a legal boilerplate sort of thing.)

The FEDS agree to drop charges 2-14 16-21 and 26-35. Tre pled guilty to Count 1, Count  15,  Count 23 and Count 36 for a total of four counts.

Count One: Conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud.  Maximum Sentence 20 years/ $250K Fine
Count 15 : Bankruptcy Fraud- Concealment Maximum Sentence 5 years./ $250K Fine
Count 23 : Bankruptcy  Fraud- False Oaths  Maximum Sentence 5 years./ $250K Fine
Count 36: Failure to make a Tax Return  Maximum Sentence 5 years./ $250K Fine Continue reading


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Teresa and Joe Giudice Enter Guilty Pleas To Federal Fraud Charges

Bagel head Tre

No Bagel Head For Tre Today. :(

NEW UPDATE: Joe Giudice’s attorneys claim that Joe never knew he was not a US Citizen because he came here as a baby. This is interesting for so many reasons. Didn’t Juicy go to Italy when the RHONJ took that trip?  He would need a passport for that.  So many interesting things about this possible deportation thing do not add up. In my extensive research reading legal sites that represent people being threatened with deportation, one thing I read was if you don’t already have a green card, but are here legally,  in some situations it can be a benefit.  It had something to do with going through the green card application process after the fact. If Joe has been here since he was a baby,  I think that would help his deportation chances.  This whole “I thought I was a citizen” thing is weird to me.

The other thing I just saw on HLN is they listed the charges they pled to as  CONSPIRACY to commit fraud, etc, etc, which I don’t think are considered aggravated felonies by the immigration folks. That sounds to me like his attorneys setting him up to potentially avoid deportation. Then again, there was the alleged statement from the judge warning him he could face deportation….I should probably stop worrying about it because he either will or won’t be deported in five years or so, and by then none of us will even remember these people.

UPDATE: Teresa Giudice has made a statement through her attorney today as follows:

“Today, I took responsibility for a series of mistakes I made several years ago. I have said throughout that I respect the legal process and thus I intend to address the Court directly at sentencing. I will describe the choices I made, continue to take responsibility for my decisions, and express my remorse to Judge Salas and the public. I am heartbroken that this is affecting my family—especially my four young daughters, who mean more to me than anything in the world. Beyond this, I do not intend to speak specifically about the case outside of court, at the recommendation of my attorney and out of deference to the Government and our legal system.”

Joe’s attorney continues his silence as of this update.

The couple will both receive their sentencing on July 8th.  Teresa’s lawyer has allegedly reserved the right to ask for a sentence below the mandatory minimums based on her “minimal involvement” and her role as a mother. I have not seen her attorney actually speak to that claim anywhere. Also, one source (I have no idea which at this point) said that the Judge stated that based on Joe’s plea he will, “Likely be deported…” This seems logical since the charges he pled guilty to, “fraud” is considered an aggravated felony under the laws of immigration courts. That said, the immigration court would solely determine whether Joe would considered for deportation after his term is served.

In a fashion note, I previously stated that Tre was in black, however her coat was actually purple with a gray suit underneath. Also, sadly, Teresa did not wear the traditional bagel on her head today, as is common courtroom styling for housewives in the courtroom.

Joe and Teresa pled guilty

Joe and Teresa enter court March 4, 2014

Teresa and Joe Giudice both pled guilty this morning to  nine counts including bankruptcy fraud, conspiracy to commit mail fraud and wire fraud, and failing to pay taxes. Under federal guidelines, Joe Giudice faces a potential sentence of 37 to 46 months and Teresa Giudice could get 21 to 27 months according to the first AP reports.

The pair both appeared very solemn both wearing black from head to toe. They stood during the entire hearing and each remained silent throughout other than to quietly reply, “Yes, Your Honor” while each of the charges were read.

I am still trying to figure out exactly what the plea agreement entails and exactly what nine charges each of them pled to individually. As I previously reported, the exact charges that Joe pleaded guilty to, and the exact particulars of the plea deal will determine whether or not Joe faces deportment in addition to his prison time. If the prosecutors and Joe’s defense attorney reached a deal where the charges will not be classified as an aggravated felony on his record, Joe could avoid deportation assuming he has green card that is valid. The terms of the plea deal are crucial in relation to Joe remaining a legal immigrant. Continue reading


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Breaking News! Giudices To Take a Plea Deal

Bravo Teresa and Joe

Why are there so many pictures of us in court! It’s Caroline! She is the mean one!

I have been saying since this entire Giudice Fraud Indictment Case came to light, that these people are idiots if they don’t take a plea deal. I know they are clearly idiots, but they both have decent attorneys who surely have been telling them the same thing I have been screaming since day one. Yet the tireless motions continue to fly back and forth between the Giudice attorneys and the Feds. They were caught dead to rights. They have no choice but to beg for a plea deal.

Today, is citing a source that says they pair will plead out on TUESDAY!  That was a quick turn around. Here is what is reporting: Continue reading


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All the Tea on Real Housewives of New Jersey Season Six

The Real Housewives of New Jersey have been filming season six for some time now and with filming comes tons of rumors. Now that I have a moment,  I thought I would take a moment to catch you up on all the gossip. Or maybe just some of it. Let’s start with the big question. Will we see Teresa and Joe Giudice dealing with their impending trials? Um, is Andy Cohen Jewish?  Of course we will. While for some reason the recent Nightline interview seemed to indicate that it would not be addressed on the upcoming season of RHONJ, Andy has assured us it will be front and center. Teresa reports that her castmates have been very kind in not bringing up the subject, but my sources say that is not true. The new girl, Amber does confront Tre about her legal woes. You can expect scenes with Teresa and Dina where Teresa shares her concerns.

Are Teresa and Melissa getting along? My understanding is they have an uneasy truce at the moment. It’s not all sunshine and rainbows but they are presenting a united front. Melissa has few allies and needs Teresa this season. However, Dina’s friendship with Teresa does not extend to Melissa. Teresa is quick to defend Melissa with the others so far. She is bigger than ever on the family thing this season. Continue reading


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What is Wrong With Teresa Giudice’s Face?

Teresa Giudice  recently appeared on Nightline to give an exclusive interview about her upcoming legal drama. While we don’t learn anything new or tea worthy per se, I just can’t stop looking at her face. It’s not just the overdone concealer in a color that is too light for her complexion, to me her face seems unrecognizable. Most of y’all know I have a terrible time recognizing faces anyway, so I am posting the video for your feedback. Has she had work done? Is that what you do when you think you are headed to federal prison? Get your face done while you can?  Also, is it just me or is she wearing a wig? I know she has plenty of real hair but often during stressful times you start losing hair by the handfuls.  Is that a wig? Pieces?

UPDATED: You can check out Tre with no makeup in 2012 here for a baseline. Continue reading


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Dunce Caps Are Back in Style in New Jersey!

Bc3ioZVIcAAdXOXJust when we thought that dunce caps were obsolete… Who better to bring them back into fashion than Teresa and Joe Giudice?


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The Lawyers For the RHONJ Folk, Give Interesting Interviews!

Teresa Gives FANTASTIC Bagel Head!

Teresa Gives FANTASTIC Bagel Head!

Two staff writers for have a very interesting piece on the behind the scenes world of Joe and Teresa Giudice’s  attorneys.  Also in their piece they talk about the attorney who handles contract negotiations for Joe and Melissa Gorga, and Kathy Wakile and Rosie.

Joe and Tre’s lawyers have reviewed hours and hours and hours of raw footage from the show that the Feds subpoenaed from Bravo.  #IndicitmentsByBravo 

It really is an interesting piece of reporting. I highly recommend you go read the whole piece.  Click through for an exerpt. Continue reading


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Joe Giudice in Court Today in New Jersey


Juicy Joe Giudice was back in court today. It seems he has so many cases and his defense attorney does too that scheduling everything is problematic.  We did find out that his federal trial will be in April.  I am not sure if Teresa’s trial will happen at the same time or not. They are being tried separately with separate lawyers, but it would seem likely the Feds will probably just do it all at once.

As for his state case regarding his frauding the state out of a driver’s license using false documents belonging to his brother, there is more of a scheduling issue.  His lawyer for both trials has another client with a murder case which is currently in the jury selection process. So they will have a pretrial hearing  in early January to determine when that trial date can be set. Continue reading


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Joe Giudice in More Trouble with the Motor Vehicles Department!


Seriously, why is this fool still driving. Shouldn’t the Crisis Manger they hired be trying to keep him off the road?

From The Montville Patch:

“Guidice was operating a Maserati on Hook Mountain Road and was observed with no inspection sticker. Mr. Guidice was directed to the inspection unit and issued two summonses by Montville Police,” said Montville Police Capt. Rudy Appelmann. “The summonses were for failure to inspect and expired insurance card.” Continue reading


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