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Clarification on Post Regarding Joe Giudice’s Potential Deportation



Sometimes it seems to me like everyone in the world reads, and that’s a good thing. In a recent post about the potential for Joe Giudice’s likelihood of deportation, I wrote:

During the appeal process with ICE, Scott-Jones served another 15 months in prison. His appeals were not met with success and it seemed unlikely he would be allowed to stay in the country.

I recently received an email from Mr. Scott-Jones’ immigration attorney, Keren Sohahong  who wanted me to point out that she did win her appeal on Scott-Jones case and the judge agreed to issue Mr. Scott-Jones a green card. The reason he was not released at that time was not because she lost the case, as I suggested, but because ICE threatened to appeal the decision.

Ms Sohahong explained it to me as follows:

In Mr. Scott-Jones’ case after we successfully appealed the July 2014 decision, the case went back to the Immigration Court, where we won at the re-trial.  ICE then had 30 days to decide whether to appeal the decision.  The ICE attorney on the case stated adamantly that she would appeal the decision, so Mr. Scott-Jones remained detained.  On the day the appeal was due, ICE suddenly decided not to submit an appeal, and he was released (since we had won the case at the re-trial). Because we were expecting ICE to appeal, I had been prepping myself, Adrian and his family about the months-long challenge ahead of us, so we were all surprised by the sudden reversal in ICE’s decision to forego their appeal.  Adrian’s now with his lovely wife and stepson in Florida, and is recovering physically and emotionally. #All’sWellThatEndsWell


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Joe and Teresa Giudice Foreclosed on Again!

The rental property

The rental property


It’s a new year and a new foreclosure for Felons By Bravo, Teresa and Joe Giudice!  Last year, their “shore house” was up for auction after being foreclosed on.  The auction is just a legal formality because just like the shore house, the Giudice’s owe more than the likely  sale price of their house.  The Giudices paid  $170,000 or so for the house, yet according to Vicki Hyman  of, the couple owes $212,521.20 to their lender and Zillow estimates the market value at $245,536 ( I don’t think Zillow has seen the kitchen or the interior at all)” since the house is not available for inspection, no one is going to buy this pig in a poke. Hyman reports, “The auction will take place at 2 p.m. in the Freeholder’s Public Meeting Room, 5th Floor, Records and Administration Building, Court Street, Morristown, although these sales are often postponed. As is typically the case with foreclosures in New Jersey, the minimum bid is $100.”

For MORE Foreclosure By Bravo News, Click Here!

The Giudices, who have decided to blame their bankruptcy attorney for their felonious acts, have likely been blacklisted by top notch attorneys.  Their current attorney and fellow fame whore, tells Hyman, (please sit down and swallow any liquids before reading furthere)  ” “They are eliminating excess and focusing on doing more with less.”  It seems  like that is what the kids in NJ are calling suffering the consequences of lying to multiple banks to get multiple mortgages beyond the value of your houses these days. It’s like that time that Teresa went to Federal Prison to have a quiet place to work on her book without the distraction of four kids and a husband.

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Deportation Seems Very Likely For Joe Giudice, Will He Flee To Italy Soon?


Yesterday, Forbes magazine published a very interesting story about the upcoming prison sentence of Joe Giudice.  When Joe was first charged, I really never believed he would be deported to Italy after serving his 41 month sentence at Fort Dix FCI. After some more research and particularly after reading this story, I am starting to realize it is a very real possibility and perhaps even more likely than not.

Guest contributor to Forbes and white collar crime expert, Walter Pavlo , tells a fascinating tale about similar case involving Adrian Scott-Jones, a British man with the same legal status in the US as Joe, that serves as a cautionary tale for Joe Giudice.  I have been a bit more generous in my quoting of Mr. Pavlo’s  column than I usually am due to our need to comprehend the technical legal aspects of the situation, but I strongly encourage you to read the entire article. It’s very enlightening.

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Andy Cohen’s Thoughts on RHONJ And Criminal Behavior

RHONJ teresa table flip gif

This is old news that I just discovered going through my draft folder  It is, if I recall correctly some quotes from an Ask Andy episode where Andy was asked about something Jim Marchese was mouthing off about.  I started to post on Halloween and apparently got distracted by candy or something.

I just thought I would throw it up for comment rather than delete it completely.

“First of all, he wasn’t involved in the original show. He characterizes it as ‘tongue and cheek fun, a guilty pleasure,’ but it was pretty intense from the get-go,” Andy said. “Teresa [Giudice] flipped a table in the finale of the first season, so if he calls that ‘tongue and cheek fun [and] a guilty pleasure,’ that’s fine. I don’t think it was that fun for Danielle Staub, actually. I got pushed like a rag doll in the Season 2 reunion, that didn’t seem like ‘tongue and cheek fun.'” Continue reading


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Happy Felon By Bravo Prison Release Day! Teresa Guidice Is Coming Home!

Photo: Bravo Will we have another RHONJ Christmas?

Photo: Bravo  Will we have another RHONJ Christmas? Yes!

Just in time for Christmas, Bravo’s favorite felon is returning to her McMansion in Montville, New Jersey today. Joe has been spotted hanging the Christmas decorations on the house wearing a back brace in preparation for the grand event.

But that is not all Joe has been doing. The Daily Mail has exclusive photos of what they say is Joe DRIVING his truck off the property.  Clearly, this is a violation of his state probation concerning his numerous driving violations.  Joe’s only real punishment was loss of his driving privileges as his  jail sentence is running concurrently with his prison term.

So where on earth did Joe decide to drive on a day when paparazzi was already gathering at the end of his driveway?  Apparently, he drove to the  Lexus dealership to buy  Teresa a new  seven  passenger  Lexus  SUV.  Looks like they still have 60K to burn IN  CASH because neither  Joe nor Theresa are allowed to take out loans as a condition of both of their plea agreements. Continue reading


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Apollo Nida Moved From Kentucky’s FMC Lexington to New Jersey’s FCI Fort Dix

RHOA Mexi-Loco


From the things I keep meaning to tell you department, Apollo Nida has been moved from Kentucky’s FMC Lexington to New Jersey’s FCI Fort Dix. And yes, Fort Dix is where Joe Giudice will be headed in March.  Small world, huh?

Remember when I told you about the RDAP Apollo was admitted to?  The federal system has a program called the 500-Hour Residential Drug Abuse Program.  If you ever find yourself heading to federal prison, first hire Tom Bever, then you need to immediately  begin doing drugs or at least tell the court you have a drug problem.  Because if you can get a coveted spot in this program (a judge has to grant your admission, which means you need to know about it before you get to jail and do what it takes to get yourself in it), you can earn up to 18 months off your sentence. PLUS! You get to do your last six months in a half-way house.  So that is two less years in the actual prison. Since Bever got Apollo in the program, he could potentially be released in FIVE YEARS and TWO MONTHS!  And six of those months would be in a halfway house.

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