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WWHL: Caroline Manzo Says That Her Relationship With Dina Is Over and Done

Caroline Manzo


Andy has stopped posting pictures of the guests in time for bloggers to pull prior to air time. So now we get these fugly composites. One more irksome thing to add to the list about Andy. Wait, Sammy  from Jersey Shore is a bartending with some other girl and they both co-host Siggy’s relationship show? Oh. I see now. This explains why the extent of Siggy’s relationship advice is the old adage about marriage being like a car you have to keep filled with gas. It’s all starting to make sense now.

Well the stupid composite is huge and I am not worth my time to resize so I’m just going with a Caroline photo.  Of course Andy brings up the shade that Caroline threw at Teresa tonight.   Siggy covers her ears and makes a super annoying screeching sound after that. Andy basically has to tell her to stop.  Andy mentions that Amy Schumer paid Caroline a compliment in her new book.

The poll question tonight is whose side are you on, Teresa’s of Kathy and Rosie? Obviously, Caroline loves Kathy and Rosie and says they are good people and she hopes that Teresa will realize that sometimes people get upset and say things they don’t mean and she hopes Teresa grows up and mends fences.

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Manzo’d With Children Double Feature: A Family That Scares Together & A Class In Creativity


A Family That Scares Together

I am so excited that this show is back and even more so that it is an hour block. I  wonder if it will be airing with Don’t Be Tardy  when it hits its regular time slot? I hope so!   I hope that Caroline’s lump is nothing. I’d be really sad if it was anything serious.

It seems that the Manzo family is going to jail. Don’t worry, it’s just a haunted prison. Wait. Maybe we should worry, because it’s a haunted prison! Caroline now has a soap making business. The editing is really weird. While we are in the car on the way to prison, where they are giving each other prison names, they are interspersing catch up stories here and there.  Clearly no one on the editing team has ever recapped at TV show in their stupid little lives.  Chris enjoyed writing his children’s book so now he wants to tackle an even tougher market, middle grades kiddie lit.  Good luck with that Chris, no really I mean it.  I wish I had time to write something other than TV shows.  But hey, it pays the bills, mostly. So I shall live vicariously through you.  His writing mentors tell him he needs to have more life experience to write captivating descriptions. Actually, I’d say he needs to go on a writers retreat to write more captivating descriptions. Or maybe that’s just something on my bucket list and I’m projecting again.

Finally, we get to ghost prison. Holy crap. Are they really going to spend the night in there? I give them two hours tops. Over 1,220 prisons died over the 140 years this prison was open. Al Capone was at that prison. He had lots of extra’s like furniture and a rug. This opened the door for a question to Caroline in her confessional about whether or not celebrities getting celebrity treatment in jail.  She says she doesn’t know any celebrities that have been in jail. No real celebrities. Oh how I have missed Caroline! Continue reading


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WWHL With Three Manzos and One Scalia

WWHL Manzos and a Scalia

It’s time for WWHL with Caroline, Albie and Chris Manzo as well as Lauren Scalia who has a brand new search tag here at after tonight!

Immediately they start talking about Brooks and Caroline says, “First of all, if you fake cancer…” And Andy interrupts to point out that we don’t know that!  Oh he will get emails for that. I get them all the live long day from rabid, mostly illiterate morons, wanting to know why I am defending Brooks and he is such a horrible person.  I have no idea if Brooks has cancer or not. Therefore, I will not say that the man doesn’t. We’re watching a reality TV show where a psychic proclaimed he didn’t have it and then a bunch of grown women lost their minds. I’m sorry, I’m not joining that witch hunt. It’s not the least bit important to me. As far as I am concerned, if he says he has it, he has it. But there was some pretty damning evidence to support the witch hunt that came out for the first time on the reunion. Dear Lord, the show is over why are we STILL talking about this?

Anyway Caroline says that anyone who fakes cancer has something coming to them. And I agree. She feels sorry for Vicki for having to deal with it all and says Vicki is not that kind of person who would co-conspire. Continue reading


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Manzo’d With Children Finale: Lauren and Vito’s Wedding

Manzo'd Wedding 3


I am actually looking forward this Manzo’d With Children episode. Oh wait. It’s TWO HOURS and they are on WWHL tonight. I’ll have to wait on WWHL until tomorrow. Two hours is really pushing the fucking limits. I don’t think any housewife got a two hour wedding did they? Maybe Tamra, I think hers might have been in two parts. To go from half an hour a week to TWO HOURS is a lot. Caroline is clearly a great negotiator with Bravo.

After that recap of the Real Housewives of Orange County Reunion, I’m as brain dead as they are, so I’m going to be sparse with my comments and actually try to watch a little of the show while looking at the TV instead of the laptop.


Okay so this so far is two of the half hour shows. I’m not sure how the ratings were for this show but they couldn’t have been great because they are dumping out three of four weeks of show here in one night. I took an ice cream break while watching until we got to the day of the wedding.

That morning, Greggy Bennett starts popping the champagne. That’s just one more reason to love him. Lauren’s grandpa arrives holding his dress shirt in his hand, topless with suspenders on.  In other random news, filming is almost over so  Britanny will not longer be playing the role of Albie’s girlfriend. At least Chris doesn’t try that hard to convince us he likes girls. Continue reading


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Has The Real Housewives of New Jersey Started Filming?


According the above report by Entertainment Tonight,  Bravo cameras were following Melissa Gorga as she sets about to open a boutique.  The story says they are not sure if she if filming for the upcoming three part special with Joe and the girls, but I’m pretty sure that is already in the can.  Also, Melissa opening a boutique is not a storyline for the Teresa is in Prison special.  It is a storyline for RHONJ though. It’s one of the last businesses left that Melissa has not already tried.

This actually makes sense. Last season, filming started during the holidays. The season premiere in July and had a million episodes ending in November.  If they start filming now, they can all sit around and gossip about Teresa being in prison, stop by and see Joe and the girls and then film the whole house arrest thing with Teresa around Christmastime. Continue reading


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Teresa Giudice Greets Her Fans From Jail! And I Spill RHONJ Tea


RHONJ Milania funny Tre not

I suppose this is as good a time as any to tell you what I know about RHONJ and the upcoming season.  Everything is on hold for now. It looks like the twins and the other bitch are hoping to be asked back but that is unlikely.  Manzo’d With Children is still filming for their upcoming season. Melissa Gorga, Kathy Wakile and Jacqueline Laurita are all filming minor parts on that show hoping it seals the deal for them to be back on RHONJ. Before I tell you who will be back….

Here is what someone posted on Teresa’s Twitter today.

” Thank you everyone for all of the cards, letters, and kind words of support I love, love, love you all xo T!”  Sounds like someone got a pickup letter and her PR team is working her fans.

Moving on to what I have an exclusive source on. Continue reading


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