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Teresa Giudice Greets Her Fans From Jail! And I Spill RHONJ Tea


RHONJ Milania funny Tre not

I suppose this is as good a time as any to tell you what I know about RHONJ and the upcoming season.  Everything is on hold for now. It looks like the twins and the other bitch are hoping to be asked back but that is unlikely.  Manzo’d With Children is still filming for their upcoming season. Melissa Gorga, Kathy Wakile and Jacqueline Laurita are all filming minor parts on that show hoping it seals the deal for them to be back on RHONJ. Before I tell you who will be back….

Here is what someone posted on Teresa’s Twitter today.

” Thank you everyone for all of the cards, letters, and kind words of support I love, love, love you all xo T!”  Sounds like someone got a pickup letter and her PR team is working her fans.

Moving on to what I have an exclusive source on. Continue reading


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WWHL With Caroline Manzo: AKA RHONJ Part 1.5

WWHL CarolineFirst of all, who is this chick and why is she in Caroline’s chair? I hate the new “rule” (that is very flexible) about first time visitors sitting in the first chair. And yes, I know who she is, she needs to move out of that chair.

Andy brings up Gia’s girl group and they talk about whether it is in appropriate. Michelle doesn’t want to say and Caroline says it’s right at the cusp. We’ve been talking about it here A LOT with weave pulling and trash talking amongst ourselves.  Again, the fact that the argument is about whether or not it is in appropriate means it is in appropriate. But that is so two days ago.  Ain’t nobody got time for that right now, Andrew. It’s only a thirty minute show. Let’s get to the reunion!

Andy is basically making Caroline respond to the reunion as if she was on it. Caroline’s response is “awesome thanks!” He says Tre said some weird stuff tonight. He rolls a clip of Tre saying doesn’t miss Jac and also claiming in six season she has never hit anyone below the belt. Caroline says of course she hit below the belt. We all hit below the belt. Just admit that you hit below the belt. We saw it, there is no denying what we see. Sidenote: Michelle has no idea what is going on and for the rest of the show Caroline and Andy will probably talk over her as if she is not even there which is why, if she has to be there at all, she should not be in the first chair. No offense to Michelle but it’s not a good night for her to get any attention. This was a booking blunder. Continue reading


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Manzo’s With Children Catch Up Post!

Manzod with children

It’s time to check back in with the Manzos. I’m going to zip through the last two episodes I have missed in a quick post. On the first episode, we see Albert!  Caroline is bitching about doing the boys laundry and Albert points out she doesn’t need to be doing it. This reminds me of when I would be at college, or even beyond those years out working and I would drive home with a trunk full of laundry. I was bringing it because I didn’t have a washer and dryer (Fun fact: I still don’t have a washer and dryer) and I could get it all knocked out in the luxury of home without sitting in a laundromat all day. Mother would moan and groan at the site of it, and then I was forbidden from doing my own laundry. It was a scene that would play out over and over. I’d try to do my laundry but she would have none of it. All the while complaining about doing my laundry at my age. I think it’s just what moms do.

Anyway, those unemployed shiftless Manzo boys are opening up their second restaurant in this episode. Their newest location is at a race track. If these two would stop running restaurants and making bank on TV shows, they would have time to get a damn job like the rest of us. But alas, they are too busy meeting with contractors to build the new site. They are unhappy that the new site at the track is so small. Allegedly. It’s supposed to be small it’s a racetrack stand, people.  And a beer truck. Continue reading


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WWHL With Caroline Manzo

WWHL with Caroline

I’m hoping this was taped after Teresa’s sentencing. I hate how this “Live” show is never live. I haven’t watched SNL since the 1980s and so I have no idea who the other guest is. Or the bartender so let’s pretend like they aren’t there.

Andy asks Caroline what she thought of the boys calling her the red angry bird. Caroline says she’s really not that familiar with Angry Birds. Andy tells her she does sort of look like the red bird. Caroline pretends to be hurt. Andy says it’s a compliment. Then Andy brought up a frankenbite from tonights RHONJ where Dina says she is “the Caroline of the trip.” I don’t believe Dina said that for a minute. I think they could have pulled that bite from her previous seasons. Caroline says she’s not sure if she mean she was boring or a bitch, but she is happy with Caroline.

Oh I know who that chick from SNL is not that they played a montage. Continue reading


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Manzo’d With Children Recap

Manzod with children

Yay! It’s time for Manzo’d With Children which I am really hoping will be fun and cute like Don’t Be Tardy!  All the kids have move back in for the show, I mean for various reasons. Greggy Bennett calls to say he is home to visit family and wants to see them. Greggy is Lauren’s bridesman. He is going to go wedding dress shopping with Lauren and Glamor Magazine. Lauren looks great by the way.

Jac is wearing the same shirt in this scene with Lauren that she wore in her talking heads on RHONJ tonight. Lauren has a sweating problem and wants to do underarm botox to deal with it. Caroline is worried that Lauren is getting bit too into cosmetic issues she’s had the lap band surgery and a breast reduction, and now she wants botox? I think Lauren is just fine and Caroline worries too much.

Greggy!!!! Jesus he has put on 20 pounds of muscle since we last saw him. Vito wants to get married in white and Lauren is not having it.

Caroline and Jac go with Lauren to get botox. There will about twenty injections per pit. I can’t believe we are watching this. I think this is a Bravo first.

Lauren goes to try on wedding dresses. She brings Caroline, Jacqueline, Greggy and some other people from the wedding party. Caroline cries at the first dress. Lauren looks gorgeous. That was a cute episode. And now there is another one!

Continue reading


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Manzo’d With Children Premieres October 5th !

Caroline Manzo

I’m so excited for Manzo’d With Children! Even if it is going to be scripted as hell with all the kids pretending to live in the house during filming, including Albie’s girlfriend. I don’t care. I need me some Caroline Manzo. And for the love of God I hope that the press release below will stop the madness about Jacqueline coming back to RHONJ and all the bullshit stories saying she is coming back to save the show. She was LET GO FOR A REASON. She’s boring. Her legal dramas are dragging out so it may take years for her to be a #FelonByBravo (allegedly) and if there is a God there will be no RHONJ by the time she’s wearing orange with the rest of them.

Anyway, here is the official press release… Continue reading


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Bravo Announces Two New Scripted Shows and Several New Unscripted Shows for 2014

New Show 2014 2015

Bravo announced a full slate of new scripted and “unscripted” shows for 2014 today.  Although some of the “unscripted” shows sound like repackaged versions of other shows where a bunch of women “attempt to balance their personal and professional lives, ” others sound new and exciting. There is a dating show that films and airs in the same week, a fantastic sounding travel show, and a show set in London!  The two scripted shows both seem to have potential, however, is it me or do they just introduce these scripted series and we never see them air?

Click through for the entire list of new and returning shows.  Let me know if you Phaedra Parks name in there anywhere…:) Also absent? Real Housewives of Miami. Continue reading


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Reza Farahan Reviews Housewives Books (Without Reading Them)

Andy Cohen Likes Books

You know who else likes books? Hitler! Um, I mean Andy Cohen.

You know what OK Magazine thought would be a fun idea? Getting someone who has not read a book since middle school and even then only read the Cliff’s Notes to do some book reviews!  Well, it kind of make sense when the books are “written” by Bravolebrities who have never read a book either (let alone actually written the ones he is discussing.)  So just for shits and giggles, let’s see what Reza has to say about three books he has never read by people who didn’t actually write them.

Reza likes the cover of Phaedra’s book.  He loves things that are red and pink because he is gay. (His words not mine.) And he thinks the full page photo of Phaedra on the back is cute and he wants to give her a hug. But when you open the book. Wait? He opens a book?  Are we witnessing a first here on OK Magazine Video?  Rene says $23 is rather steep for a book. And it is for this book. However, it does make it clear that Reza has never purchased a book in his life. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap: PLEASE LET THIS BE ALL

rhonjyourmomisabitchOnce again we start with the Giudice girls. Andy asks Tre which of her girls she thinks is most like her. Kathy says Milania. Teresa says that Kathy remembers her being like Milania as a kid but she doesn’t remember her childhood. Teresa’s parents also say that Milania acts just like Tre when she was a kid.  Andy asks what the funniest thing she has done lately is.  Teresa says she has been twerking a lot. Teresa has not had the sex talk with Gia because she has not started her period yet.  Jac says something about giving her a hand mirror so she can see what she is working with and Andy gets rattled and moves on. Are you concerned with Gia growning up to fast? Makeup, etc. Teresa basically says she caved.  They show a cute Christmas scene with Tre, Juicy and all the girls decorating for Christmas. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of New Jersey Unseen Footage: No Mother Of The Year Awards Were Given

Gif Credit: T. Kyle RealityTVGifs Who the hell would take these four girls to raise?

Gif Credit: T. Kyle RealityTVGifs
Who the hell would take these four girls to raise?

Well hell, I wasn’t expecting to have to do this again tonight. Imagine my dismay as I am watching Dancing With The Stars wondering who all these “stars” are (the only two I recognized were Amber Riley and Snooki) when suddenly my TV flips the channel to RHONJ!

At least they are starting with some unseen footage of Milania. This might be worth watching if it were all Milania. Milania is hitting the other kids at school and Teresa misses the point. This is terrible parenting. Why am I not surprised?

Speaking of horrific parenting, Joe and Melissa are talking about sex in front of Antonia. Meanwhile Joey can’t add 30+30+11. Melissa says Joe doesn’t know the tens place from the ones place. Melissa had to redo Joe’s homework. Perhaps they should have let Antonia do it. Continue reading


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Caroline Manzo Leaves RHONJ On Her Own Terms


Sigh. Despite all you poopy heads with no taste, I will not waiver from my love for Caroline Manzo. She is one of the few housewives who really tried to stay true to herself and not play a role for the camera. She was always looking for ways to get her kids on the show to give them opportunities.  That is what good mothers do when opportunity comes knocking. They share the spotlight with their kids.  Y’all be just as ugly as you wanna be, but I am truly going to miss Caroline.

Here is her farewell blog,

Here we are, at the end of the Housewives Road. It was quite a season, wasn’t it?  I hope you all enjoyed it.

I think I’m going to make this short and sweet, because to put all my thoughts into a single blog would take forever and quite possibly turn the blog into a novel, so here goes: I have made the decision to leave The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion Pt 2: Alls Well That Ends.

IRHONJbagelheadt’s Round Two at The Venetian. For some reason I thought we already did this. Right off the bat it is all giggles  and  a humorous name calling reel.

Oh Lord, someone asks Teresa about the meaning of a sociopath and she says she was unaware they were in school today.

Someone is pissed that Caroline laughed when her boys talked about fat girls being blow jobs queens.  Well, we are! Is that a bad thing? Jesus, lighten up Francis.  I’m sure there is a point to sleeping with botoxed anorexics as well, though nothing is coming to me at the moment. Continue reading


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