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Was Russell Armstrong Murdered?


According to a TMZ Exclusive,  Russell’s father Louie has been saying since Russell’s death in 2011 that it was not a suicide.  TMZ reports that Louie has filed court documents requesting the autopsy photos   of Russell be released to him so that an independent medical examiner can review the case.

The autopsy report (warning graphic details) makes a pretty clear case for suicide. Side note: Why are the tops of the pages of the document time stamped 2004?  So this whole situation is pretty sad.

The Armstrong family was publicly angry with Taylor at the time of Russell’s death and it seems as thought Taylor has cut the family out of her life and Kennedy’s.  Taylor’s new husband, John Bluher, recently adopted Kennedy. Continue reading

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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Secrets Revealed

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills 2014

Just when we though we could put this show to bed for the season, Bravo tacks on a “Secrets Revealed” episode. As we all know by now, there will be no secrets revealed. It’s just more reunion.

Kim says that she and Brandi “just click.” I am not sure she knows what that means. Those two have tried to kill each other since day one. We are treated to a scene where Kim is called in to help Brandi memorize her three lines for a Lifetime movie. Kim says that Brandi is no Meryl Streep. Brandi teaches Kim how to pole dance on the pole….in her bedroom.

Kyle has a clothing line coming out for HSN. Who doesn’t. She hired a coach to prepare her to sell the line. She suggests deodorant on her top lip. How much does she get paid for this nonsense? Continue reading


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Kandi Burruss and Taylor Armstrong Both Got Married Yesterday!

kandi and todd tucker

Photo Credit: Twitter

Kandi Burruss is now Kandi Tucker as she and Todd finally made it down the aisle yesterday at Le Fais do-do (that’s doh doh !), a special events facility in Atlanta. Quotes abound from Kandi about how happy she is to be married to her best friend. It seems that Mama Joyce was properly sedated and did not object to the event. Kandi’s daughter Riley, Phaedra Parks, and Mama Joyce’s BFF Carmon were all in the wedding.  The wedding party was dressed in floor length purple gowns. And of course the entire thing was filmed for Kandi’s wedding spinoff which is expected to be called Bridal Kandi.  Tweets from attendees declare the event was “like a fairy tale.” Sidenote: Somebody bought Porsha Stewart some GINORMOUS boobies. Continue reading


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Farrah Abraham “Wrote” An Erotic Triology About Her Porno

Farrah is a porn starLook, I’ve been ignoring the insanity that I just typed in the title for quite some time. I felt bad for Farrah on Couples Therapy. Especially since she did not actually receive any therapy. Farrah is broken and we should treat her like I treated Amanda Bynes and just not throw a spotlight on her issues.

But Goddamnit, Farrah. You really need to go somewhere and sit down and get yourself together. You need real therapy, from a therapist who has never practiced on a TV show. You need to just stop.  But you won’t. You were adamant that you didn’t do a porno. But you did. And now you are writing a trilogy of books about doing a porno. You know who would probably understand you? Apollo Nida. It’s really a pity he is going to prison because I think he might be your perfect match. Continue reading


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Couples Therapy Interview Round-Up With Wendy Williams and Bethenny

Taylor on Bethenny

Today we have two interviews with cast from this seasons Couple Therapy. First John Gosselin on Wendy Williams and then,  Taylor and John on Bethenny. This should be good.

John comes out without Liz. Oh. She’s sick. Wendy doesn’t seem to know enough about what is going on with Couples Therapy to ask the right questions. They are rambling on about living in the woods. They talk about Jon firing a weapon when the paparazzi  refused to leave his property. Lots of Kate stuff.  In the first segment we get nary a word about Couples Therapy which is what we need to tea on, Wendy. /sigh

John says he did Couples Therapy for the free therapy and for a chance for him and Liz to get away from everything have some time for themselves.  John reveals that Ghost Face Killah’s name is Dennis. Not a single question about Farrah or Taylor or why he was the last to arrive. Very disappointed in this interview. Bethenny on the other hand goes balls to the wall with Taylor and John. Click through for the tea. Continue reading


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Taylor Armstrong Responds To Couples Therapy Outburst Episode

Artwork by

Artwork by

Taylor Armstrong sent out two tweets last night about last night’s Couples Therapy episode and she was NOT pleased.  She was also full of excuses about her behavior. There were zero apologies.  First she says “they” promised her “no editing.”  Because THAT happens on reality shows.  Really? She thought they would just run raw footage of 2 weeks of shooting? Actually, she sent out THREE tweets.  The first one just said “GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.” She seems very angry with the show. Did she honestly believe this show would show her in a positive light? Is she THAT STUPID? Continue reading


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Taylor Armstrong Weighs In on Brandi’s Feud With Joanna

Taylor Armstrong is SCREAMING for relevancy and BEGGING to be on any reality show she can get. So she will be on the upcoming season of Couples Therapy with John Whatshisname with the likes of  the  other John Whatshisname from John and Kate Plus 8 and that one Teen Mom who makes butt sex porn. Only she will be appearing solo, because well, most guys don’t really want to openly date a butt sex porn chick.

Anyway, Check this out. It’s kind of awesome.


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Real Housewives Before Surgery

598849_10151901616087922_2098671249_nWow, check out this picture from People Magazine that Luann  posted on twitter today.  Only Sonja Morgan looks like she used to look.  Thoughts?


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Taylor Armstrong is Engaged

Artwork by

Artwork by

So Taylor Armstrong is officially engaged to her lawyer. Whatever. But I have a ton of questions. Is he divorced yet? But more importantly, this exclusive news was brought to us by E! Online. E! is part of NBCu just like Bravo. Taylor is no longer on RHOBH. So why did E! do this super exclusive extremely detailed story?  Does this mean after taking a season off she will be coming back as a RHOBH? Will there be a wedding spin-off (shudder). To me this would be like E! randomly doing a story on some other non-housewife engagement. It’s very odd. Click through to read the sappy story… Continue reading


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Alyce Laviolette Sought Emergency Medical Care Due to Social Media Attacks

jodidvIt seems that Alyce is not exactly living in a bubble when it comes to all of the attacks on her personally and professionally on social media. Edited: The author of this article, Michael Kiefer, originally published this piece in The Republic which was picked up by USA Today. I am changing the link to go to the original source. Tirades against Alyce have extended to phone calls to her office, and the offices of those who have her booked for speaking engagements. I’ve excerpted a couple of the more interesting points below, but the entire article is definitely worth a read and pause for thought. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills SECRETS REVEALED!

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills - Season 3What secrets could possibly be left for the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills to reveal? Do we even want to know?

Brandi’s Secrets:
1. Brandy says that her Oscars dress fit when she tried it on but she didn’t try it on the night before. When she got there it took four people to get her in it.
2. Brandi called child stars “a particular breed of hideous” in her book. Andy points out that Kim and Kyle were child stars. I laughed out loud. Brandi says she was talking about Leann but that some child stars have a certain brattiness as a result of getting what they want from an early age.
3. In Paris, Brandi showed the two men from Louis Vuitton her bra. I suppose technically it is a bra. It’s black and the cup is lattice work with more boob than lattice. We also learn that Brandi had very large, very dark areolas. I did not need to know that.
4. Brandi made out in the bathroom with the hot guy at the white party. He is still “in her life.” But they are not dating. Continue reading


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Kim’s Blog Where She Discusses “The Pillow”

RHOBHKIMIummmKim has a belated  blog post about the RHOBH reunion. It’s um… well. I am not even going to try to comment on it. I will leave that to you guys. I am including the two most interesting parts. First, she tries to defend the shit stained pillow. Speaking of the pillow, the original Kim’s pillow twitter got removed! And then, she has a lot to say to Yolanda. Yolanda, who actually made much more of an effort to befriend her in Paris than anyone else, seems to be the target of her wrath and the only one she is not still friendly with. Take a read and tell me what you think…

With regards to Brandi. . .Brandi baffles me.  I really don’t know why she jumped in on my conversation with Yolanda.  Yolanda and I were having a discussion that had absolutely nothing to do with her!  The next thing I know she’s talking about my pillow — which was really quite mean! When I asked Brandy why, she said she was protecting her friend!  Continue reading


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