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Yolanda Foster Claims Two of Her Children Also Suffer From Chronic Lyme Disease

Yo and Anwar, he's a model now too!

                              Yo and Anwar, he’s a model now too!

Last night I read about Yolanda Foster claiming two of her children, Bella and Anwar were diagnosed with chronic Lyme disease at the same time she was in 2012. Clearly, this is not a logical statement for many reasons. I was glad to see her saying chronic Lyme disease though. I’ve explained to you guys in the past that Yolanda doesn’t have Lyme disease.  She’s least out the chronic parts a few times on social media and that just leads to people thinking that Lyme and chronic Lyme are the same thing. They are not. Lyme disease is contracted through a tick bite. Typically, a bite by an infected tick will leave a bullseye type rash behind. If you notice it, a quick treatment with the correct antibiotics can effectively treat the disease. Lyme disease is transmitted from ticks to humans and cannot be passed between humans.

Yolanda and now her two children claim to have been diagnosed with “chronic Lyme disease.” This is a condition that most medical professionals  do not  acknowledge as a true diagnosis “it’s a controversial use of the term applied to patients with nonspecific symptoms, such as fatigue, who show no objective evidence they have been infected with Lyme disease in the past, since the standard diagnostic tests for infection are negative”.[1][7]” In other words, they’ve never been bitten by a tick at all. Continue reading


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RHOBH Fly to NYC for a Uniting For a Lyme Free World Gala To Honor Yolanda Foster

That's Erika behind Kyle and Kathryn across from Yolanda.

                That’s Erika behind Kyle and Kathryn across from Yolanda.

Yolanda Foster jumped on her private jet with Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Housewives Kyle Richards and newbies  Erika Jayne and Kathryn Edwards on Wednesday to fly to NYC for the inaugural  Uniting for a Lyme Free World Gala in NYC on October 8th. Yolanda will be honored along with Carlos Brito, President and CEO of Anheuser-Busch InBev, Ally Hilfiger, author and designer, and Thalia, pop star, songwriter and actress for their work to find a cure. All four have (or had?) Lyme disease.

Tommy Hilfiger, is chairing the event to raise awareness and educate the public about Lyme disease.  His daughter, Ally, 30, is one of the honorees.  David Foster is an event chair for the occasion along with, Tommy Mottola  (Thalia’s husband)  Casablanca Records; Brian J. Brille, Crown Sterling LLC; Sabine Chalmers, Anheuser-Busch InBev;  Peter Harf, JAB Holding Company; and Donna Karan, DKNY. Continue reading


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Oh HAIL NOE. Nene On a RHOBH Set?


Nene With RHOBH in Malibu 10/3/15

Nene With RHOBH in Malibu 10/3/15

Nene has taken her ripped jeans to Malibu where she went to dinner with the RHOBH last night. Is that Lisa Rinna in the background being interviewed by a cameraman or am I just looking to hard.  Kyle posted the above picture on her Instagram.  It seems she has wormed her way into a scene on the show.  Did no one tell her the dress code?

It’s sad that I have seen Nobu Malibu on the RHOBH so much that I actually recognize the furniture. So do you think Nene just decided to show up there for dinner and crash the party? Or was she invited by Kyle? Do they even allow jeans in Nobu? Let alone ripped up jeans.

Click through for the photo Nene posted on Twitter.



Oh Happy Days! When that weight has been lifted after years of people tearing you down #gettingbacktome

On this fine Sunday there is a crowd of Bible thumpers telling her that God loves her best and this is  a fabulous gift from God.  What is exactly?  Dinner at Nobu?  I don’t get Nene fans. I really don’t.  I really hope they keep her in Beverly Hills.

Do you think she will be shown on RHOBH?


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Kim Richards Reunites With Kyle and Two of Her Kids for Her Birthday!

RHOBH KIm Kyle Birthday

            kylerichards18 Right here, right now @kimrichards11 it’s your birthday sister!!! ️

Kim Richards reunited with her sister Kyle for a late night dinner at Ocean Prime last night. Two of her four kids were in attendance as well.  Amazingly, TMZ just happened to be there to film Kyle and Kim leaving arm in arm and getting into the same vehicle. Both Kyle and Kim spoke to the photog. Both were all smiles and Kyle answered questions about Kim’s community labor sentence by saying “she’s got this.”   Kim seemed to be clinging to Kyle, possibly due to the foot injury. The photo did not get a shot of their feet.

UPDATE: The sisters went to PUMP after dinner and that is where the above photo was taken.  Lisa Vanderpump tweeted ” @LisaVanderpump 9/20/15, 9:50 AM A beautiful night at Pump celebrating @KimRichards11 birthday…love to see these two together.”  It’s almost like Lisa wanted to make sure everyone knew they came to PUMP as well.  Not exactly looking for privacy are they? Continue reading


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Judge Sentences Kim Richards in Beverly Hills Hotel Case



Update see end of post.

Today was the final day for Kim Richards attorney and the prosecuting attorney to agree on a plea deal. Since Kim rejected the deal due to the community labor requirement, the judge ruled today siding with the prosecution’s offer.

Kim was charged with  four misdemeanor charges of trespass, resisting arrest, battery on a police officer and public drunk.  The judge sentenced Kim to never to return to the Beverly Hills Hotel or within a hundred yards of the hotel, serve three  years probation, attend fifty-two alcoholics anonymous meetings within one year, and complete THIRTY  days of community labor.

The judge was clearly saying that the thirty days of labor was important so that she would actually have some consequences. Continue reading


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Kim Richards Is Not Doing As Well As We’d Hoped


Today is the final day for Kim Richards to work out her plea deal agreement in the Beverly Hills Hotel case.  So far, neither that case nor her Target shoplifting case has been resolved.  The hitch in the plea deal for the first case has to do with some sort of foot injury Kim Richards has that her attorney says would make community labor impossible.

However,  today on  TMZ, they are reporting that Kim has been frequenting a smoke shop in Sherman Hills regularly asking to purchase Xanax.  The report claims that she said she was told by a family member that she could get a Xanax hookup there. She mentioned her foot injury as the reason she needed the Xanax. Continue reading


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