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Yolanda Hadid Officially Admits She Is Not Returning To RHOBH!

RHOBH Yolanda
It’s official!  Yolanda Foster will not be returning to RHOBH!  As I first excluscively reported here, there has been confirmation by my sources that Kyle Richards, Lisa Vanderpump, Lisa Rinna and Erika Girardi will all be back full time, Eileen Davidson is at least temporarily a part-time housewife and Kathryn and Yolanda are officially out.

Today, Yolanda has officially announced that she will be leaving the show. I don’t think she had a choice in that situation. Lisa Vanderpump has won the war.   Congrats and Thanks to #TeamPinky

Fingers crossed for Shiva to take her place!

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Yolanda’s Book Deal Is Signed And Ready to Go

Yolanda's Book Cover

St. Martin’s Press


Remember when St. Martin’s Press had some semblance of credibility? Not so much anymore. Yolanda has signed a book deal with them to regale us with her stories of her “invisible disability.”  This scam gets more lucrative by the day. Where the hell did she get that puppy from? Is it just randomly photoshopped in?

I can’t with this woman.

I presume this will be filed in the FICTION aisles.

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Yolanda Hadid Is Back In Tahiti! She Looks “Cured” To Me!

RHOBH Yolanda


Yolanda Hadid is back in Tahiti for the second time in three months. I was thinking what a long, tiring journey that trip would be even ensconced in first class.  It’s about 15 hours from Atlanta.  Then I realized she’s already on the pacific and could simply go the other way around the world. For her, it’s just an eight and a half hour commercial flight, probably shorter on a private plane.

Is it just me or does this look like someone celebrating a financial settlement after a miraculous brain regeneration and recovery from invisible disease? She says on Instagram that she is , ” ❤Looking into a happy & healthy future, never looking back…”  So um, YAY! She is healed! ?

Oh and Bella and Anwar seem to be breezing through their modeling schedules as well. It’s a miracle, y’all!


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Real Housewives Court Roundup For This Week!

WWHL with Kim Richards


Kim Richards was supposed to have a hearing in the Van Nuys court house today to explain her lack of compliance with her probation on the Target case. The word is, that as of last month Kim had not made enough, or perhaps any progress regarding her community service/labor or her AA meetings.  I think she may have had another date on Wednesday in Beverly Hills.

Apparently, asking someone to go to The Valley (GASP!) to hang out in the courthouse at 8:30 am and give a detailed report is akin to Chinese water torture or something. I was unsuccessful in my efforts and it doesn’t seem as though TMZ sent anyone either.  I’ve been waiting all day to hear something. In fact it was the main motivation to open the laptop today.

I am starting to doubt that she showed up. If I had to make a guess, I say one of her lawyers showed up to file for an extension.  Or maybe something happened and no one cares. A few years ago when a housewife was in court, any post about it drew a lot of views.  The last report on Kim’s court issue got mediocre attention here. It’s so common place for a housewife to be in legal trouble these days, we barely report it.

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RHOBH Casting Tea: I Guess I Can’t Hold It Any Longer….

RHOBH Reunion rinna 2

This is a Tamara Tattles Exclusive  blah blah blah asshole will steal it anyway and a link is all I ask….

Look, I am TRYING to just take a day off and get wasted.  There is only so much negativity regarding the women on these shows I can bear. Sometimes I need a time out

That said, I was given information on who is coming back on RHOBH a few days ago. And so of course today the fired folks are starting to leak information  People pick the worst time to leak stuff.

Here is what I know for sure. Kyle, LVP, Lisa Rinna and Erika Jayne have all been asked back. All have accepted their contracts.


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Mohammed and His Fiancée, Shiva Safai Have Dinner at Pump

RHOBH  Lisa LVP and Moh


Yolanda Hadid is not going to be happy about Mohammed’s choice of dining establishments Sunday night. Mohammed and fiancée, Shiva Safai stepped out for an evening spent at Pump with their pal Lisa Vanderpump. Shiva looks lovely with her new darker hair. In fact she looks a lot like Bella!

It doesn’t seem that Mohammed is in any hurry to rush down the aisle again.  Shiva has done a great job at keeping her age off the internet. How old is Shiva Safai?  She was born in Iran and raised in Norway so that keeps the secret!  She moved to LA at age 19. She has been engaged to Mohammed since 2014.

I love the fact that LVP has literally inserted herself between the couple While it is informative to us that Lisa and Mohammed are still fast friends, there could be a lot more information in this photo. Continue reading


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