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Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards Are Thrilled Brandi Glanville Got Fired

RHOBH Lisa Kyle no shit talking

A TMZ photog caught up with Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards leaving PUMP together yesterday. The whole video is funny  including the voice of the pap asking the questions.  The photog asked them whether Brandi quit (as she says) or got fired (as I told you back during upfronts) Lisa responds by asking the photog what Brandi says. He tells her she says she just decided to move on to other things.  Lisa and Kyle both laugh. Kyle says she was a pain in her ass. Lisa says, “That’s a crock of poo!” about Brandi’s explanation.

The two are at Lisa’s car and Lisa gets in and cracks the window so she can keep saying “crock of poo” in case it was missed the first three times. Meanwhile, Kyle is on the sidewalk trying to get in the passenger door begging Lisa to let her in. Continue reading


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Dick Van Patten Has Passed Away

Dick Van Patten

Photo: Twitter

Dick Van Patten has passed away at age 86 due to complications from diabetes. Eight is Enough was one of the first TV shows I remember watching as a kid.  He seemed like the perfect dad.

I think a lot of us fell in love with his son Vince Van Patten all over again when his wife Eileen Davidson joined the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  Vince peeking in the garage while the women were brawling was one of the highlights of the season.

Thoughts and prayers to the entire family.


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Brandi Glanville and Kim Richards Fired From RHOBH

RHOBH Brandi

Remember back when I said on June 3rd that Brandi not being invited to Bravo’s Upfronts was a sign she was not coming back to RHOBH ?

NEW UPDATE 6/3:Reports are leaking about Kim Richards not coming back to RHOBH. UM DUH! Kim is OFF THE RAILS and a huge financial liability for Bravo.  And you know who else is? Brandi Glanville.  Since Brandi was not at UPFRONTS, she is likely not being asked back at all or perhaps demoted.  I mean Sonja Morgan has had some public drunk moments as well, but I think the fact that Brandi is not wealthy and has no storyline at all, Lisa Vanderpump (Andy’s favorite show pony) can’t stand her, and her lack of invitation to the Upfronts makes it clear, Neither Kim nor Brandi will be back next season. ~ Me being right again..

Continue reading


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Kim Richards Gets Visit From Her Daughter in Rehab

Kim Richards  RHOBH

Whenever I say up until dawn it never fails that interesting things start to happen 20 minutes after I go to bed.

More than one of my west coast sources have been searching high and low for some sort of proof that Kim is in rehab and not down and out in Beverly Hills. Literally half an hour before I went to bed at 7:30 am or so, this popped into my email box.

Not only is Kim’s daughter Kimberly posting a photo of a visit with her mother on Instagram but Kim commented on the photo meaning she had use of her phone. Continue reading


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Brandi Glanville Loses Her Request to Have Joanna Krupa’s Lawsuit Dismissed

RHOBH Brandi 2

In case you missed it, Joanna Krupa has filed a defamation lawsuit against Brandi Glanville for comments Brandi made on Watch What Happens Live on November 11, 2013. Click here to see the hysterical letter Brandi received from Joanna’s lawyers.   I just can’t imagine suing someone for saying that you slept with someone who was married and that someone said that your lady garden didn’t smell like flowers and sunshine.

It’s almost two years later and the only time I hear about Joanna Krupa is when someone is covering this lawsuit. Or when Brandi brings it up. This would all be long forgotten if these two didn’t keep it in the news. Continue reading


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A Look Back At Kim Richards After Filming Her FIRST Season of RHOBH

This is from 2011.


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Kim Richard’s Attorney Pleads Not Guilty on Her Behalf At Hearing

Blah, blah, blah...

Blah, blah, blah…

Robert Shapiro sent an attorney to court on behalf of Kim Richards to enter a not guilty plea today on three misdemeanor charges of public intoxication, resisting arrest and battery of a peace officer. Her attorney stated that Kim is currently in a residential rehab facility following her drunken antics in Cabo.

Deputy District Attorney Leila Tahmassebia offered a plea deal offer for Richards that includes three years probation, 30 days of community service or 30 days county jail, 52 AA classes and payment of restitution to the victim.  Who exactly would she pay restitution to? The bar? How would they be out any damages?  That seems like an odd thing to include unless it is just boiler plate. Continue reading


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Who Does Brandi Think is The Craziest Person On RHOBH?

Brandi's Tweet denying facial work.

Brandi’s Tweet denying facial work.

On last Wednesday’s Straight Talk With Ross Matthews Podcast, he interviewed Brandi Glanville. This was about the time that certain sites suddenly started reporting that Kim Richards is not returning next season. Actually, this podcast might have been the reason that the rumors circulated at that time.  Because Ross did a word association game with Brandi including all of the housewives except Kim and Eileen.  Perhaps Ross just didn’t want to go to that dark place. On the other hand, Ross had already taped a podcast with Brandi earlier, but his is being broadcast first. So who knows when this was actually taped.

Brandi shared a charming story about walking to her car from Target and how she almost got run over by some bitch who was backing out of a space. Brandi said she slammed her hand down on the back of her car to let her know and a confrontation ensued. So Brandi stood there blocking her car with her cart. That shit may fly in California, but it will get you shot in my hood. Continue reading


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Monty Brinson Shares Some News on Kim Richards Says She is NOT Fired

RHOBH Monty Brooke

Monty Brinson spends a lot of time talking to his fans on Instagram. The following conversation occurred in the comments of a post made five days ago. I am not sure the exact day it was posted. I have serious doubts about the veracity of this comment. But I thought I would share it with you anyway.

DawnGoodFallow on Instagram asked Monty, “Praying you can talk Kim into going back to rehab 🙏🏻 she deserves to get well and if she will listen to anyone she will listen to you.”

Continue reading


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Brandi Glanville Serves Joanna Krupa At LA Restaurant !

Drunk Brandi

In the novel 1979 Sophie’s Choice, a mother is forced to a concentration camp and forced to decide which of her two children will be gassed to death immediately and which one will live to see another day. It’s an impossible decision. It is almost the way I feel about the feud between Brandi Glanville and Joanna Krupa.  I mean you know, if they told me I had to let one live and could not gas them both.

But the more I think about Joanna, she’d be the one I gassed. I actually like Brandi for a while. And she does have too cute boys. So I suppose, I should be LOL right now about he latest stunt at Craig’s, a Restaurant in WeHo.  Brandi was probably there with her Gaygent. And Joanna was there with Romain (*cough* her gusband *cough* allegedly *cough*) last Friday night.

According to TMZ, Brandi noticed Joanna across the restaurant. For those who missed it, Joanna is suing Brandi for saying her pussy stinks. No seriously. Apparently, we will soon have some sort of scratch and sniff regarding the odor of Joanna’s lady garden in court soon. Remember in the Casey Anthony trial when the prosecution wanted to bottle the smell of rotting dead babies and have the jury smell it? And I misremembering that? I don’t think they were allowed to do it. But somehow, Joanna is going to have to prove that her pussy doesn’t smell bad in order to prove that Brandi is lying.

How will they do that? Will they bring in some of the people who frequented the website she allegedly sold herself on?  Will she just splay herself on the rail of the jury box and the jurors will be forced to line up and take a whiff? I do not know. Continue reading


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Kim Richards and Monty Brinson Sued in New Dog Bite Case



A fourth person has joined the list of people who are suing Kim Richards over a dog attack by Kingsley. Kelly Crossley has filed documents with the court, obtained by that allege that on September 1, 2014 she visited Kim Richards house at the time of her visit Kim referred to Kingsley as “her dog”, however, after the attack, one of Kim’s lawyers sent a letter saying that the dog belonged to Monty Brinson.

The documents state that the plaintiffs were well aware the dog’s history of biting others unprovoked and that neither took any measures to keep the dog from biting again. She is suing for medical expenses including psychological expenses, general, specific and punitive damages. She is also suing for loss of income as well as future loss of income and seems to indicate she has been unable to work since the incident due to the severity of her injuries which the document refers to as “grave bodily injuries ” resulting in “great physical and nervous pain and suffering.”  The suit is also asking for damages related to permanent physical disfigurement. Continue reading


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Kim Richards is Wasted in Cabo, Sober Coach Quits!

Brooke planning the wedding in Cabo back in March with her mom and MIL.

Brooke planning the wedding in Cabo back in March with her mom and MIL.

Well, I guess it was all too good to be true. What looked like a perfectly lovely wedding to the reasonable people among us, was anything but, according to TMZ. Kim Richards was partying it up in Cabo the whole time!

Multiple sources tell TMZ , “Kim was clearly under the influence of something, although no one seems to know what. Our sources say whatever Kim took or drank, she did so in private, but when she interacted with people at the wedding she was “a mess.”

TMZ sources report  Kim was saying horribly nasty things to her daughter, Brooke, right after the wedding.  Kim was  allegedly cursing out members of the Wiederhorn family and was “belligerent.”  Brooke is officially DONE with her mother and is vowing never to speak to her again. Continue reading


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