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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: Season One Uncensored

Kyle Real Housewives of Beverly hills Are you fucking kidding me?


Okay what fresh hell is this Bravo? Are we really going to have a show about Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season One? It appears we are. I’m in. But this had better be good.

Well, we begin straight off with Kim’s alcoholism.  On the last day of filming, they were at a huge birthday party for Taylor and Kim was wasted. Apparently, someone from production let Kyle know. Because, it’s apparently Kyle’s job to keep him reasonably sober. Kim stormed off the set drunk and went out to the limo to drink. Kyle went after her and that is when the infamous limo scene went down. Kyle says she just lost it.

Andy didn’t want to do Beverly Hills because they were already doing Orange County. Andy thought they would be too much alike.  It all started with Kyle. Kim’s audition tape is all about how Kyle doesn’t think she is good enough. Kim looks 20 years younger. So sad.

Lisa has a signed contract for Giggy. Apparently, this is a real deal. And such a clever way for her to be paid more than the other ladies. Or avoid taxes perhaps. I’m just saying. Lisa also wanted to go by “Pinky” on the show instead of Lisa. The producers told her that Pinky Vanderpump sounded like a bad porn star name and didn’t allow it.

Camille said that she didn’t think Kelsey would want her on the show.  Kelsey called production and made sure that RHOBH hired Camille to keep her out of his affair. Continue reading


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Here is Some Weekend Tea on RHOA, RHOBH, & RHONY

Is it me or is Gregg looking a bit beleaguered by his Japanese wife routine these days?

Is it me or is Gregg looking a bit beleaguered by his Japanese wife routine these days?


There is lots going on in the real housewives world and I wish I felt like giving it my full attention.  I’ll try to give you as much as I know and I hope this helps.

Let’s start with the RHOA.  Nene Leakes is in NYC doing way too much press for Chicago. Seriously, I think she is doing the most to keep people away from the show.  Porsha Williams is also in NYC doing press somewhere??? for RHOA.

Cynthia is doing some west coast press in LA and spent the day with Sonja Morgan and Kyle Richards who all appeared on ….. remember that show, I think it might just be online… with the Asian guy who used to work for Vogue and another girl? Anyway, Cynthia, Kyle and Sonja were both on it.

Nene posted a photo today of her and Cynthia “in the big apple.” The only problem with that is Cynthia is in LA.  The other problem with that is a bunch of people are asking me why Nene and Cynthia are sitting together in NYC both in black with Nene in a veil? Continue reading


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In Other Brandi Glanville is a Twatwaffle News…

No fun to be sober

Gif by RealityTVGIFs a GIF blog by T. Kyle MacMahon

So TMZ has a photo of Brandi, Kim Richards and Yolanda filming in Beverly Hills Park over the weekend.  I can’t afford the picture so click here to have a peek. While TMZ promotes the story as Kim Richards filming again for  RHOBH. They seem to have buried the real lead.

The shirt that Brandi Glanville chose to wear to film with KIM RICHARDS who has a tenuous grasp if any on her sobriety reads, “It’s not fun to be sober” and likely will be for sale in her t-shirt shop very soon. Continue reading


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Lisa Vanderpump and Ken Todd Sue Their Former Attorney over Villa Blanca Case

RHOBH Ken and Lisa

We see a lot of employee drama and inappropriate behavior on Vanderpump Rules which is filmed primarily at SUR and occasionally at the Vanderpump’s other restaurants PUMP and Villa Blanca.  But there is a lot of real drama we don’t see, especially when it comes to Villa Blanca.


I followed a case over the course of two years where a woman named  Karina Bustillos sued Villa Blanca claiming sexual harassment in the workplace. I was pretty much the only site reporting on this case as I had a source inside the court room that kept me up to date. After the court ruled in favor of Bustillos, Lisa Vanderpump went on Twitter and TMZ claiming victory.  That must be a housewife disorder. a particular housewife that I wound up in court with seemed to think she won as well. It’s odd to watch people blatantly lying about a provable fact. Some idiot even tweeted my reporting on the story to Lisa pointing out she was lying which resulted in her blocking me on Twitter. Thanks, asshole. But I digress. Continue reading


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David and Yolanda Foster Bid Farewell To The Refrigerator, Oh and The Malibu House

I miss you already pretty veggie fridge...

I miss you already pretty veggie fridge…

If I was Jewish, I’d be verklempt  If gentiles are allowed to be verklempt then that’s what I am. The Fosters are moving out of the Malibu house.  I just spent way more time than I have to spend flipping through Yolanda’s Instagram back past Christmas of last year. I have found no evidence that the house has sold but apparently Yolanda has found something she likes in Beverly Hills.  What about what I LIKE, Yolanda.  Did you even think about my feelings???

Yolanda has posted that they are  moving out of the Malibu house saying, ” Beautiful ending to a beautiful chapter of our life…… Colorful memories of Love, Life and Family will live within our hearts forever…… #SaluteToMalibuMagic #ByeByeHomeSweetHome #OverAndOut”  I think I am more upset about this than they are. I can’t imagine voluntarily leaving that place. I don’t understand. Make me understand this, Yolanda!  I get that she is very ill and can’t manage the house anymore but she is rich as hell. Hire a damn house manager!  Don’t just leave that fridge and that closet that is twices as big as my house. Don’t go!!!!  Please, wait!  Just talk to me!  We can work this out! I’ll do better! I promise to be good! I’ll do anything you want!  /LOUD SOBS  /FALLS TO KNEES  WAIT! WAIT! WAIT /RUNS AFTER MOVING TRUCK DOWN THE LONG STEEP DRIVEWAY.  NOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Continue reading


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Kim Richards Is Not Homeless Anymore!

RHOOC Hilton House Monty


Kim Richards was supposedly homeless during a period of time when she refused to go back to rehab. At that point it seemed like she was cut off pretty much entirely from her family.  Today, TMZ reports that Kim has moved into a small but swanky one bedroom condo in Westwood.  TMZ  seems to think she is renting, but a quick looks at one bedroom condo prices in that area show that there are condos available well under $500K and one for 55K that is only available at that price for someone who currently owns property in the building.  It would not surprise me if Kathy Hilton just bought a small condo for Kim for as long as she needs it. It never hurts to have a condo where you can stick a visiting friend and is certainly easier than worrying about dealing with landlords. Kim had a struggle with her last landlord and would have a difficult time even renting something on her own at this point with no job and no references from her previous landlord. Continue reading


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