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Is It Time For a Kim Richards Update?

RHOBH Reunion Kim 2


TMZ is now reporting that a judge (probably the one that handled the Beverly Hills case) has issued a bench warrant for Kim Richards. “9:40 AM PST — The bench warrant has now been signed by a judge. Bail was set at $26,000.” A bench warrant is an arrest warrant  issued by a judge, usually for failure to appear in court.  It could also be issued for failure to provide evidence of complying with the court’s order. 

Usually with a bench warrant, cops are not sent to your door to arrest you (though I suppose the judge could ask for that if he was pissed off enough about the situation) and you can just come in and pay your bail and a new court date is set.  The situation with the two cases and the two judges and two plea deals that seem to be allowed to be completed concurrently make this whole mess very confusing.  The judge in the Target case should have given a sentence separate from the first one. Now we have one judge saying community labor and the other saying community service. Either way, I don’t think she has does much of anything to comply with either court.

Story developing…..

It’s really NOT time for a Kim Richards update, but you will see a lot of them today because tonight is the season finale of  The Mother Daughter Experiment and certain large tabloid sites always seem to have a post about nothing to coincide with certain TV shows. It’s almost like they are paid to do so.  UPDATE:  It appears that Kim’s dramatic hospitalization on the finale may not air. It’s not on the Lifetime schedule for tonight and there is nothing on the site about when it will air. To me this is the most important part of this post!

Today’s big story is essentially “Kim could get arrested if she doesn’t complete the terms of her plea deal.” Well, of course she could.  But they are not going to show up at her Westwood apartment with an arrest warrant.  She already has a hearing set on June 1, 2016 to show she has been compliant with the terms of her probation as stated in her plea deal. Which it certainly does not seem like she has been compliant at all.

For more stories on Kim Richards, CLICK HERE!

As we saw on the reunion she is “keeping her recovery private” which is pretty much the opposite of any AA guidelines I have ever seen. She also still blames Lisa Rinna and Eileen Davidson for her situation rather than being remorseful and apologizing to them for her destructive behavior that concerned and disturbed them. She also didn’t show any remorse for all she has put Kyle and her family though.

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RHOBH Reunion Part 2 Recap: So Many Feels!

RHOBH reunion yo


Once again, I have blocked this hot mess of a season out of my mind. With three franchises of housewives going, we all seem to be suffering from housewives fatigue. The RHOBH however are not fatigued at all. LVP has taken time away from her pet cause of regulating the dietary habits of a small Chinese village to get into it with Eileen on Twitter. Eileen told LVP to get a conscience after LVP suggested Eileen get a life. It was all very “Fix that body! Fix that face!”  Since the last episode I have blocked an estimated five hundred LVPlunatics who gleeful drilled me down to discover that my commenters paid for my lawyer in the Sheree Whitfield lawsuit and the fact that I think it is poetic justice when someone who lives off of millions acquired by knowingly selling snake oil to cancer patients then gets cancer and needs appropriate treatment. Shocking secrets all.

So let us gird our loins and prepare for LVP to cry and play the victim role and Andy Cohen to drag an alcoholic back on stage and interrogate her about “her lowest point.”  That question to Kim can’t help but make me wonder what Andy Cohen’s lowest point was? I’d say the way he is treating Yolanda and Kim on this reunion has to be a major part of his moral abyss.

We begin with Yolanda storming off the set in tears. Daisy is in the makeup room to dry Yolanda’s tears. Erika goes back to the couches to fight for Yolanda’s honor. Yolanda comes back out. Andy asks Yolanda who she believes. Yolanda says she has a history of manipulating people to make a good storyline and it’s possible that LVP said that. Rinna walks off yelling at LVP to “own it!”  Eileen chimes in.

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The Mother Daughter Experiment Got Even Worse This Week

Mother Daughter Kim Richards


I believe that I have adequately expressed each week what a huge trainwreck this show is.  It’s so bad I’ve wondered if they would even air all eight shows. It’s basically just pairs of mothers and daughters where pretty much one of each pair gets drunk (or secretly high) and brawls all night long after a fake therapy session. I have become accustomed to this pattern only being interrupted by the fake crying sounds of Courtney Stodden. If this was an actual therapeutic environment, someone would have taken the alcohol away from Heidi and Natalie long ago.  Someone would have stopped Natalie from sending the sane young woman in the house into a full blown panic attack.

But it is not a therapeutic environment. It’s a modern day side show of freaks and geeks thrown together to maximize and glorify disgusting behavior.  This week, the much anticipated reuniting of Dourtney happens.  You may remember this delightful May December marriage from Couples Therapy when they were vilified and ganged up on by everyone else in the house. At that time, Courtney was underage and could not stay in the house do to child filming laws in California. She was also fresh off of cheating on Doug on live feeds of Big Brother UK. Other than the season with Taylor Armstrong and the pea green towel meltdown, it was the best season ever. Couples Therapy does trainwreck much better than this show.

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Eileen Davidson Tries Once More With Feeling To Explain RHOBH Dynamics to You

RHOBH Reunion Eileen 2


First of all, I have a lot of respect for Eileen for even writing a blog this week.  So far she and Kathryn (I have not read) are the only two blogs posted since the reunion.  For me, I tend to base my opinion on a situation where one person says something was said and the person accused of saying it denies it on a couple of things.  In the case of Lisa Rinna we have someone whose mouth gets her in trouble because she says exactly what she’s thinking. Last season she told the truth about Kim Richards. Kim Richards was high as a kite and quite aggressive and agitated on a  long van ride with Lisa Rinna last season.  I would most likely have asked the van to be pulled over, gotten out and called an Uber to take me home.  Being trapped in a confined space with someone who is on drugs is a very scary thing. Rinna was very honest about what went down and much less dramatic about it than I would have been.  While most people simply muttered about Kim’s “situation” Rinna called it what it was, someone with an active addiction problem. She told the truth.

This season, we have Yolanda with her constantly changing illnesses and co-infections. She claims everything from brain swelling to two foot parasites to explain her bizarre behavior. She talked about the batshit crazy in the room. She never said Yolanda was not sick. She never said Yolanda had Munchausen syndrome. She basically said, “Something ain’t right with Yolanda.” For most people with a fully functioning brain, this is once again stating the obvious and telling the truth.  I don’t think she went far enough with the Munchausen conversation. I think she should have listed the symptoms

  • Dramatic but inconsistent medical history
  • Unclear symptoms that are not controllable and that become more severe or change once treatment has begun
  • Predictable relapses following improvement in the condition
  • Extensive knowledge of hospitals and/or medical terminology, as well as the textbook descriptions of illnesses
  • Presence of multiple surgical scars
  • Appearance of new or additional symptoms following negative test results
  • Presence of symptoms only when the patient is with others or being observed
  • Willingness or eagerness to have medical tests, operations, or other procedures
  • History of seeking treatment at numerous hospitals, clinics, and doctors offices, possibly even in different cities
  • Reluctance by the patient to allow doctors to meet with or talk to family, friends, or prior doctors
  • Problems with identity and self-esteem


I’m not a doctor, but I have observed the vast majority of those symptoms on this season of RHOBH.  So for people to now be acting like Rinna is spreading nasty gossip is unreasonable. For me, It’s not a character flaw to tell the truth. It’s not a character flaw to feel badly for the telling of that truth to have negatively impacted others. It also not a character flaw to be pissed of that a person or people who were thinking and saying the exact same things would deny their involvement.

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The Mother Daughter Experiment Recap: Kim and Natalie Fight

WWHL with Kim Richards


I normally begin this show’s recapping by calling it the worst thing on television, but lately Shahs of Sunset is really trying to take the crown. I try not to recap all the madness here and mainly watch to see what crazy thing Kim does.  It’s clear she is very codependent with Kimberly. Kimberly was at Cochella over the weekend with all her older kids and Paris and Kimberly and a few of her other nieces. I didn’t see Kim there, just her daughter Kimberly.

It’s week six in the house and everyone thinks they are getting better except Courtney and Krista. I really see absolutely no change for anyone. Josie got the cover of Harper’s Bazaar. It’s a one day shoot on the last day of filming this show. Her mother, the abject idiot, wants her to keep her commitment to this trainwreck of a show.

Group Therapy

There will be two sessions, one for the mothers and one for the daughters. This is going to be great for Kimberly. It will be like a vacation day. Kim breaks out in a fake tearless cry about Kimberly being her other half and she didn’t want to let her go off to college.

While off with the girls Kimberly says that she walked in the house straight from losing  her virginity on a weekend trip and her mom could tell before she even got in the door. Kim wanted to hear all about it. OMG.  Can you imagine?

Kimberly in her group says that her need to take care of Kim does cause her to miss out on things.

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Here Is How The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Works: An Abridged History

Taylor Armstrong Joins the Girls from RHOBH in Vegas

It occurred to me yesterday as I spent five and a half hours getting a haircut and some highlights (I look fabulous but Jesus Christ on a cracker, how do these housewives abide sitting for hours with a chair while people fuck with their hair and makeup?) it occurred to me that a lot of commenters here have either not watched RHOBH from the beginning, or see every season in isolation from the previous ones.  Others just pick their pony ( or mini-horse or swan) whenever they began watching and defend that person to the death. I do not understand this viewing method as it is just not how life works in general with a group of women, and it certainly isn’t things evolve on reality shows.  In any group of women, in a sorority, in the junior league, in an office setting,  friendships change and develop and are influenced by the introduction of new members and the departure of old ones. On reality TV people come in one way on their first season and can be a completely different person on their second season. Kenya Moore came in batshit crazy and then toned it down for season two. Thus I hated her season one and have enjoyed her more and Moore as the season’s progress.  Camille Grammar season one was not the same Camille Grammar we had in season two. Those are extreme examples, but in general you never see the season one personality of anyone by the second season. The longer people are on, the more they understand the game.


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