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This Just In Photos of Kim Richards Driving Back and Forth To Those Hospitals

These Cabo hospitals have great swimming pools!

These Cabo hospitals have great swimming pools!


This week in Kathrine’s blog we heard of poor Kim Richards’ tireless crusades carting her family members back and forth to hospitals far and wide while applying cool towels to their sweaty brows. This is why Kim is not on social media Katherine says. Continue reading


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Lisa Vanderpump Rules on Brandi’s Behavior This Season

Lisa I don't want to hear it

Gif: Realtytvgifs

Here is LVP’s missive to us for the week…

Well, it’s the final leg of this exhausting race. The sun sets on the Hills of Beverly…

And there we have it. So this season I felt was a little more illustrative of exactly who these complex characters are…Some weathered the storm with a modicum of regretful actions and others offered up a complete view into the depths of their inner being.

True. I shall generously put you in the both with those who weathered the storm with a modicum of regretful actions. You sure didn’t make the mistake of offering up a complete view into the depths of your inner being. It’s not really hard to come off looking decent on a real housewives franchise. Generally, the ladies will topple of their own pedestals.

Angry accusations, shrouded with deflection, were the actions of some incompetent of dealing with truths that should be confronted.

Maybe they are waiting to see if Jen can get Dr. Drew and  Celebrity Rehab back on the air?

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WWHL With Kyle Richards and Jerry O’Connell

WWHL Kyle and Jerry


Jerry O’Connell is such a good person to be on with a housewife. He is almost as into all this nonsense as Jeff Lewis. Before we even get started Andy is catching us up on some Tweets. Camille tweeted that nothing happened with her and the skeevy pseudo prince. She is also friends with the morally corrupt Faye Resnick now. Oh Camille. Really?

The night before on WWHL with Brandi, Brandi said that she ran into Kyle at Sephora and Kyle ran out of the store. Kyle says that Brandi is a lying liar who lies from her liar hole. Kyle says Brandi is the one who ran out and Kyle was there 20 minutes after she left.

Andy loves to replay the fight scenes from housewives shows. He shows Kyle running out of the restaurant in Amsterdam. She says she yanked off her mike and ran out because shit was getting crazy and she didn’t want to stick around to find out what happens next. Then he plays a clip from the reunion of Kim saying that if Kyle and Kim decide to work on their relationship they will need to do it in a therapist’s office, but as far as she is concerned she is just fine with not speaking to Kyle and leaving things the way they are. Kyle told Andy before the reunion that it was her hope that she and Kim would make up, but that didn’t happen.  Kyle says that there was no resolution for anyone at the reunion in any of the situations. Continue reading


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Best Brandi Glanville Video EVER.

You guys are not allowed to view this unless you follow ChayEday on Twitter here And  subscribe to her Youtube  Here

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Kyle Finally Sets Some Boundaries With Kim


Photo of Kyle in Spain.. Instagram

I just can’t get away from the fucking swans.

Kyle has a lot to say this week in her blog:

So, our last night in Amsterdam! We spent our last night at dinner, laughing and enjoying ourselves like we should have been all along. Meanwhile, Brandi was on a “date” with Max’s friend. It all seemed creepy and strange, but I suppose Brandi would say (even though we’re four years apart in age) that I’m just a “Menopause Mama.” To each his own.

The more people keep saying that Brandi was fucking “Max’s friend” the more unlikely the scenario seems to me. It would have been more believable if it were someone connected to Yolanda. What are the chances of running into one of Max’s friends in Holland?

We returned back to Los Angeles, and I have never been so happy to get off that plane and run for the hills. Literally.

Back in LA, we see Brandi meet up with Yolanda and inform her that her dad has been ill. I can imagine how upsetting that is. Also, being jet lagged and emotionally drained doesn’t help. While Yolanda gets her IV drip and Brandi gets her facial, Brandi seems to not get what all the women are upset with her about. What Brandi didn’t see or hear is that we ALL told Lisa R. that it was wrong to throw the glass. Terrible. But the difference is Lisa R. immediately says that she knows she was wrong. Another difference is Lisa R. ( while wrong) felt she was provoked. Brandi’s attacks seem to come out of the blue, making it impossible to trust her or be comfortable around her.

Yes, Brandi thinks she is being funny when she attacks people. Lisa R knows she lost control. Big difference. Continue reading


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WWHL With Adrienne, Taylor and Camille

WWHL Three hasbeens

Andy thinks the Dutch boy is hot. He also thinks that Brandi’s slap was playful. He probably should not rely to heavily on his thinking.

Andy brings up the drama about the Palm Springs house. Because, why not. Andy says that Adrienne is such a sensitive caring person  Andy says the sisters had not spoken in four months until the reunion. That’s because Kingsley mauled Kyle’s kid and put her in the hospital!  What is wrong with Andrew tonight?

Taylor claims to be very close with Kyle and so she is very upset with Kim. Camille says that Brandi should not be in between the two sisters. Continue reading


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Are We Ready For This RHOBH Reunion?

Seriously? They are going to do blondes versus brunettes? Just ridiculous.

Seriously? They are going to do blondes versus brunettes? Just ridiculous.

Is this the oddest seating arrangement ever? Since when is LVP not sitting to Andy’s right in the first position?  How did Eileen get stuck on the loser side?

Super emotional. It was dramatic. There was an eleventh hour smoking gun that was revealed. It was amazing!  Interesting to mention that the notes on Andy’s performance was that he laughed so much and they had to cut a lot of him laughing out of the show.

Eileen’s dress is awful, as is Brandi’s both for the same reason, the strapless top doesn’t fit them properly and Brandi looks like she is wearing shapewear without the dress on top. Lisa Rinna easily wins best dressed with Kyle and Kim also looking lovely. I wish LVP would stop with the pinky, purple lace table cloth things. They make her look matronly.

Click through for a recap….
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Brandi Glanville Seems Stuck in 2009

RHOBH Brandi Slaps Lisa

Banjo was up all night with some sort of tummy issue or something I thought I might have to take him in, then the asshole with the leaf  blower showed up a couple houses over shortly after 8 am, and I felt the need to guzzle a ton of beer and have a meltdown last night (I feel much better now. Sometimes you just need to let it all hang out).  So a midday nap went long and somehow this day has sped by me.  However, I was informed that my  purple pen was needed because Brandi’s blog is chock full of crazy. Again.  I think I am sort of immune to these blogs. It is clear that she isn’t writing them anymore, and that just makes the stupidity even more stupid.

Nonetheless, I can do this while binge watching season one of Married at First Sight, so let’s do this!

First of all the usual discussion about how much time she is spending with her boys was blathered on about. I am not sure anyone believes that. I do believe that she just now discovered that letting her boys be on the Internet unsupervised was poor thinking on her part. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: Choppy Edits

RHOBH Amsterdam

Cheers, motherfuckers!  I am officially done with Lent with regard to the drinking. Please pray for the rest of us as we soldier on here.  I think I made it 28 days, lost nary an ounce of weight,  saw now improvement in my disposition and so fuck it. I was in full-blown self-pity mode so I figure a few beers will bring me to a much more preferable I don’t give a shit mode.  So off we go.

We are back in Amsterdam. It really does look lovely. Speaking of lovely, I for whatever reason have been looking at lots of old picture of Kyle Richards lately. She has always been super stunning. Also while I am off topic, several tattle tales sent me stories today about Gigi Hadid having a serious coke habit, ALLEGEDLY.  I have been out of sorts all day and have not looked into it. I certainly hope it is not true but many of you claim to have seen some convincing video.

Moving on…

So apparently, Brandi fucks one of Lisa Vanderpump’s son Max’ school friends  the night before. I say, good for her. YOLO and shit. Get it while the getting is good, etc. Brandi is buying flowers  for Lisa Vanderpump to make up for slapping her. Brandi says it was a joke. See? Once again, Brandi doesn’t get that JOKES ARE FUNNY. Slapping is not funny. Brandi tries to give Lisa some flowers but she rejects them. Brandi seems to be pissy that Lisa will not accept her apology for her “joke.”  Lisa Vanderpump is laying into Yolanda about taking it easy on Brandi. Lisa says, “she’s your asshole, she’s not mine.”  Why is Yo pretending to wear clogs? Those thing are brutal. Continue reading


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Kyle Richards on The Real: Brandi Is Out to Get Me!


The Real airs in Atlanta after Wendy Williams and lots of times I am busy working on blog stuff and forget to start watching something decent on the DVR.  Today was one of those days. Kyle Richards is on the show today, and I am going to see if she says anything other than “things are not good with my sister right now.”  I like Kyle more than most of you guys, and yet I continue to stuggle to find a logical explanation for her current media tour to let us all know that she and Kim are estranged.  I guess this crapfest is filmed on the west coast and their lack of guests meshes well with Kyle’s desire to be on TV as much as humanly possible.

First of all, Kyle is not in her usual hippie chick, which I love and I think would have been appropriate for this show. For some reason she is dressed like a middle school principle in an LBD and oversized Pepto Bismal flavored suit jacket. Why?  Okay I just now saw it from the front and it looks fine but the first view I had was hitting pause with one hand while typing with the other to stop the show until I could get to it to recap.

Moving on to the stupid wheel thing on this ridiculous program. He question is what is the last lie she told. She says she lied to Maurico about being on Instagram. :) Continue reading


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What Is Kyle Up To Now?


RHOBH Kyle and Kim Tag Team

One of my best/worst features is that I am always trying to determine the motivation behind people’s behavior. Why is he suddenly being nice?  Why is she chatting up my co-workers? Why did they arrive late?  Why did he pick up the tab?

This natural curiosity is even more peaked by blogs and tabloids. Why are they running that bullshit story?  Why don’t they ever mention their husband?

For quite some time last season, I wondered how Lisa Vanderpump managed to keep her lawsuit problems off of TMZ and when they were briefly mentioned she was always quoted pretending she had been victorious in court.  How much did that cost her? Because if I am being sent the info, I know that TMZ is getting it. Continue reading


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Eileen And Lisa Rinna Explain Lisa’s Behavior…

Gif Credit: T.Kyle

Gif Credit: T.Kyle

I had a whole sort of off topic rant planned for today about some previously unmentioned stories in Celebrity News this week, but I am overcome by a wave a lethargy today and if I can get this blog and then one other talking point up, I am going to have to take a nap.

Perhaps I will get to it Sunday morning. We shall see.

Anyway, this week it seems that neither Lisa R or Eileen really want to discuss Amsterdam any further. My favorite part of Lisa’s blog is her explanation for professing her love for Kim Richards during the stupid sham compliments thing. Lisa says, “So, as luck would have it, when I go to Amsterdam and feed my inner gangster a little space cake, he becomes my inner Dalai Lama, which was quite obviously the case when we were on the boat speaking one another’s praises. In that particular moment, I felt empathetic towards a fragile Kim Richards sitting in front of me, and I just felt those were the words she needed to hear at that time.”  Essentially, she says she was high. LOL. I can see needing some space cake for that cruise. Especially after the last encounter. Continue reading


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