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RHOBH Reunion Part 2 Recap: So Many Feels!

RHOBH reunion yo


Once again, I have blocked this hot mess of a season out of my mind. With three franchises of housewives going, we all seem to be suffering from housewives fatigue. The RHOBH however are not fatigued at all. LVP has taken time away from her pet cause of regulating the dietary habits of a small Chinese village to get into it with Eileen on Twitter. Eileen told LVP to get a conscience after LVP suggested Eileen get a life. It was all very “Fix that body! Fix that face!”  Since the last episode I have blocked an estimated five hundred LVPlunatics who gleeful drilled me down to discover that my commenters paid for my lawyer in the Sheree Whitfield lawsuit and the fact that I think it is poetic justice when someone who lives off of millions acquired by knowingly selling snake oil to cancer patients then gets cancer and needs appropriate treatment. Shocking secrets all.

So let us gird our loins and prepare for LVP to cry and play the victim role and Andy Cohen to drag an alcoholic back on stage and interrogate her about “her lowest point.”  That question to Kim can’t help but make me wonder what Andy Cohen’s lowest point was? I’d say the way he is treating Yolanda and Kim on this reunion has to be a major part of his moral abyss.

We begin with Yolanda storming off the set in tears. Daisy is in the makeup room to dry Yolanda’s tears. Erika goes back to the couches to fight for Yolanda’s honor. Yolanda comes back out. Andy asks Yolanda who she believes. Yolanda says she has a history of manipulating people to make a good storyline and it’s possible that LVP said that. Rinna walks off yelling at LVP to “own it!”  Eileen chimes in.

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Here Is How The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Works: An Abridged History

Taylor Armstrong Joins the Girls from RHOBH in Vegas

It occurred to me yesterday as I spent five and a half hours getting a haircut and some highlights (I look fabulous but Jesus Christ on a cracker, how do these housewives abide sitting for hours with a chair while people fuck with their hair and makeup?) it occurred to me that a lot of commenters here have either not watched RHOBH from the beginning, or see every season in isolation from the previous ones.  Others just pick their pony ( or mini-horse or swan) whenever they began watching and defend that person to the death. I do not understand this viewing method as it is just not how life works in general with a group of women, and it certainly isn’t things evolve on reality shows.  In any group of women, in a sorority, in the junior league, in an office setting,  friendships change and develop and are influenced by the introduction of new members and the departure of old ones. On reality TV people come in one way on their first season and can be a completely different person on their second season. Kenya Moore came in batshit crazy and then toned it down for season two. Thus I hated her season one and have enjoyed her more and Moore as the season’s progress.  Camille Grammar season one was not the same Camille Grammar we had in season two. Those are extreme examples, but in general you never see the season one personality of anyone by the second season. The longer people are on, the more they understand the game.


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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: Dubai Daze

RHOBH Dubai Atlantis group
Last week’s episode of RHOBH was probably my all time favorite with all of the ladies except the one with Chronic Lymenopause hanging out in luxury suites at the Atlantis Hotel on The Palm in Dubai.  When else would we ever get to see the inside of a 40,000 dollar a night 10,000 plus square foot hotel suite with views of the Persian Gulf?  I can’t wait to see more. I’d be happy never leaving the hotel, frankly but tonight the ladies go racing across the sand dunes in a giant jeep,  roam a local market and have dinner in the desert while enjoying an after dinner smoke from a shisha pipe.

We start this episode at a sea lion center. What, what? Why? Oh! It is part of the hotel. The ladies will be reviewing three activities at the hotel. It must suck to have to partake of five star services on TV in exchange for your five plus star suites.

Kyle and Pinky are swimming with the sea lions. Pinky adored the sea lions.

Kathryn and Rinna are going to the spa. The start at a gorgeous tub filled with bubbles and roses. I am not sharing a tub with a cast mate, and perhaps not even a long term boyfriend. Not enough rose petals in the world. But it would be great by myself!  These two decide not to talk like they are supposed to during their pampering. I don’t blame them.

Eileen and Erika are going to the aquarium. Erika likes Rinna and these two talk about her strong reaction to the photos of Yolanda and the two former housewives. What I have since found out is that everyone agreed not to film with Brandi or Kim and that was the real reason that Rinna was pissed. But the viewers don’t know this and it can’t be mentioned on the show.  Erika is so stunning.

Later Rinna and Eileen meet up in very similar caftans. Eileen tells Rinna that the word “enraged” is still bothering Rinna.  Eileen says that she needs to let Rinna know she doesn’t agree with all of the things Rinna said at the beach. Really? Can we not just find a good schwarma and falafel place?  Eileen seems to be trying to get Rinna to bring up all of her feelings to the entire group. Rinna says that she told Eileen how she really felt because she trusts her, and now Eileen seems to be wanting her to share with the entire group.  She doesn’t get why. I do. Eileen needs to stir the pot and have some memorable scenes before the season ends. She needs to give production a few strong moments to ensure her return. If that means dragging her good friend Rinna with her? Oh well. Et tu, Eileen? Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: Gearing Up For Dubai!

RHOBH 2 Yolanda

Tonight is going to be a night of weirdness.


Did you know that Yolanda has a daughter named Gigi who is a model? Well, she called right at her call time so that Yolanda could remind us all on the air.  Yolanda then calls David to ask for help writing her speech for her Lyme Award.  He basically tells her to use the one she used two years ago. She insists that he help her because she used to have much better cognitive abilities but now she has to “think of things 100 times.” Again, Yolanda, welcome to menopause where you get up and walk into a room and have no recollection of why you got up or what you wanted. It’s happening to everyone during this brief stupid time in our lives. It’s not neurological Lyme. It’s THE CHANGE.  And it’s not for pussies. I also noted that she had to tell David she loved him twice to get a half hearted response.

I fast forwarded through Kathryn’s ear doctor scene. Because I don’t care.

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Lisa Vanderpump Attempts to Placate Mohamed And Mend Friendship

When the door was opened...

When the door was opened…

It seems a lot of you didn’t really see what I saw in the Instagram message from Mohamed.  Mohamed was clearly pissed that Lisa had outed his private conversation on national TV.  It was clear when Lisa said it, she knew she should not have. It as clear by Mohamed’s first Instagram comment he was not speaking to her. He’s pissed. He tried to cover their conversation by saying that he told her the kids were “fine” and she must have misinterpreted things.  There is no way he wants Yolanda to know he doesn’t believe her or that he knows that the kids don’t have Lyme disease. Now that it is out there, if the kids did have Lyme, Mohamed would have said, as Yolanda stated, both Anwar and Bella have Lyme disease. Beyond that, their illness is not up for debate on the show. Yolanda and I have treatment plans in place and both kids are doing well. That is, they are fine.

But that is not what he did. He could not play along with Yolanda’s delusions, and he could not admit he had shared his thoughts with “one of his best friends” who just blabbed it to the world. So he rode the fence with the “fine” story.

Today, LVP’s blog is up, but it sure seems like she wrote it last night. There are quite a few typos and errors and homophone word substitution errors in her short little blog. And that is not typical of Lisa’s blogs  And she also validates Mohamed’s “fine” story. Continue reading


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Let’s Talk About Yolanda’s Bravo Blog (s)…

RHOBH Season 4 Yolanda

RHOBH Scene for Season 4


Before I plunge into this, here is a  blind item that CDAN posted today. I’ve heard rumors that the lucative site was recently sold, but not sure about that. So take the blinds with a grain of salt.

“Arguably the second most famous person in this celebrity/reality family told a couple of people at a gathering that no one in her family has a disease which had been claimed most of the family suffers from.”

On to Yolanda’s blog. As usual, I’ll be writing my thoughts with my purple pen. EDIT: As I began this post, I began looking for things in Yolanda’s old posts. I have included quotes from her posts which I read today from the beginning that I thought might interest you. So this will be a very long post. Go grab a snack and your favorite beverage and settle in.

Tonight’s show was disheartening. Still, I am the subject of conversation amongst “friends.” Looks like I got out of dodge right on time at that barbecue. The only thing I saw grilling was gossip…I have nothing to prove and know that my journey is public due to the job I’ve chosen as a Housewife, but I can’t accept something so delicate as my children’s health being talked about in such a way. I know I’m not the only mother who would speak to this… It’s one thing when your integrity is doubted, spoken of behind your back, but it strikes another cord when it’s your children.

Yolanda, mijn life, you are the one that proudly proclaimed two of your children had Lyme disease as part as your very public quest to “DO IT FOR THE POOR CHILDREN WHO ARE SUFFERING!”  You are the one that announced on TV that you and two of your children comprise three of a total of 61 cases of Lyme contracted in 2012. You are the ones making ludicrous claims that your kids where infected by horseflies,  while living on a very well manicured “ranch. ” It seems you hoped we would not know that horseflies to not carry lyme disease. Continue reading


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