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Villa Blanca Is Up For Sale !

Villa Blanca for Sale

On the heels of numerous controversies  and tons of Beverly Hills gossip,  Villa Blanca has gone on the market according to Effie Magazine!   According to Effie Staff, “Villa Blanca had begun to show signs of wear and tear; the peeling paint, damaged furniture and less than efficient staff left some B. H. socialites scowling and wondering…”  It’s a quiet pocket listing (um, oopsy) with no advertised price but it is definitely on the market!

The announcement of the sale comes less than a month after a judge ruled that not just Villa Blanca, but Lisa Vanderpump and Ken Todd as individuals were liable for punitive damages to former waitress Karina Bustillos  in the amount of $100,000 and her attorney’s fees that could be in the high six figures given the length of the legal battle. Continue reading

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Scheana Marie From Vanderpump Rules Gets Married.


Bravolebrities turned out to celebrate Scheana Marie’s marriage to longtime boyfriend Mike Shay, yesterday. Gretchen Rossi, Joyce Giraud and Golnesa Gharachedaghi arrived dressed to impress.  But Slade needs a haircut and a shave.  And yes, you can expect to see it on Vanderpump Rules. Continue reading


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Exclusive! Are Bravolebrities Good Tippers? Some Are, Some Aren’t !

Vicki Rides the high roller overlooking Vegas!

Vicki Rides the high roller overlooking Vegas!

It seems my story about the housewives in Las Vegas last weekend spawned a few people from the service industry in Vegas to give me some updates on housewives and their tipping habits.  The report on Shannon and David is from last weekend. The report on Patti Stanger and Brandi Glanville was from a few weeks ago. Most of the others occurred last year. Enjoy!

Shannon and David Beador

Very friendly toward waitstaff and all who approached her for photos. This source says she was approached a lot. She was a bit kooky and David was keeping an eye on her drinking. Shannon and David were affectionate and left a nice tip. They were there with Heather McDonald who has a reputation for being a bitch and not tipping.Ditto, Heather’s friend Chelsea Handler also a non tipper who was at the same venue previously. And received comps.

Gretchen and Slade

Last summer, on a day Gretchen Rossi got some bad news, she and Slade and a posse were in Vegas. They were comped in the club but also did not choose to tip.   Continue reading


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RHOBH Filming Continues With New Allies

Photo: Twitter

Photo: Twitter

From the looks of things, Kyle Richards will be getting a lot of screen time on the next season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. While things still appear frosty between Lisa Vanderpump and Brandi Glanville, as well as between Lisa Vanderpump and Yolanda Foster,  Kyle Richards appears to have made up with Lisa and will be the go between next season. Continue reading


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More Bad Legal News For Lisa Vanderpump and Ken Todd

Lisa I don't want to hear it

Gif: Realtytvgifs

The hits keep coming for Lisa Vanderpump and Ken Todd. I’m almost starting to buy Lisa’s “puzzlement” over the recent verdict in the Bustillos case. She seems to be focused on the sexual assault claim and unaware that she has been found liable for wrongful termination, hostile work environment, and I believe gender discrimination.  It seems that Ken and Lisa have very limited understanding of the law. I’m not just talking about court room procedure, I’m also talking about all the LLCs they have. It seems they simply hire lawyers to handle such matters and hope for the best. This plan relies heavily on hiring great lawyers, and I’m not so sure they have.

Where to start? I suppose with a brief explanation of the Alter Ego Doctrine. First of all, rich folks like Lisa and Ken tend to create corporations in order to separate liability between their personal and their business finances. This is done primarily to protect personal assets when a business is sued in civil court.  In California, even limited liability corporations (LLCs) can be challenged by the alter ego doctrine. Basically, what this means is that the plaintiff can say that the corporation is only a corporation for the purpose of protecting assets and has no other function. In other words, in this case, the corporation is just Ken and Lisa using another name (an alter ego.)  If they are found to be acting as an alter ego, then Ken and Lisa can be held personally liable for damages.  Are you with me so far?

Most of the time, the alter ego doctrine does not apply. The whole point of incorporation is to insulate against liability and the large majority of the time, that intended result holds up in court. There are some legal things that have to be done, basic corporate formalities must be followed, finance records must be kept, there must be a manager to oversee the corporate affairs, monies cannot be commingled with the personal finances of the members of the corporation. You need a good lawyer and a good accountant. Continue reading


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Lisa Vanderpump Finally Stops Pretending She Might Not Return To RHOBH


Gif Credit: RealityTV gifs.

Every fucking season Lisa Vanderpump spends weeks on end toying with her fans acting as if she might not come back to RHOBH. Every.Fucking.Season. But she always does. So tonight, she finally told the truth to her clamoring fans. So um, Yippee? Pandora dutifully retweeted.

Lisa Vanderpump ‏@LisaVanderpump 3m

Well ok…Five has always been my lucky number, so we will see. Let the games begin.

I guess she needs the money to pay  her court judgments for wrongful termination and the host of other allegations. Allegedly. So you can all rejoice, Vanderpump fans. She’s back. My guess is she’s been filming for a while, and tonight’s scenes were public so she had to come clean. Continue reading


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Villa Blanca Hit With Large Punitive Damages in Bustillos Case


GIF BY RealityTVGIFs a blog by T. Kyle MacMahon The best source for Real Housewives GIFs

As first reported last week, Lisa Vanderpump’s tweet about truth and justice prevailing in her two year court battle with a former waitress who filed hostile work environment and other charges against the restaurant in civil court, was completely misleading.  Today, a jury awarded punitive damages that were based on the evidence presented in court that Ken Todd destroyed the taped surveillance of the alleged abuse by assistant manager Michael Govia. Lawyers for Villa Blanca seem to alternately claim no abuse occurred and/or that this was an isolated incident. However, has discovered at least one other case of wrongful termination by Villa Blanca that was quietly settled out of court.

Click through for the testimony from today’s proceedings. Continue reading


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Update on Bustillos v Villa Blanca

Lisa Vanderpump RHOBH PR

I’m really not in the right headspace to work on a post about a court case, so I’m just going to give a brief rundown of what my source told me what went on in the courtroom. My source was in court to support Bustillos. The source feels as though Bustillos was grossly mistreated by Ken and Michael Govia.  The main reason that Govia was not held liable is that the he was accused of battery, which was allegedly shown on surveillance video. According to a video deposition of Andrew Morrison, then general manager at Villa Blanca, Ken made sure the video disappeared after the lawsuit was filed. Therefore, the testimony came down to a he said, she said situation and the jury felt that the battery was not proven. However, the testimony from Morrison did convince them that Villa Blanca was liable for harassment (hostile work environment), discrimination based on gender, unsafe work environment and wrongful termination.

It also appears from his testimony that Bustillos was given two days off with pay after the incident while Morrison tried to work with Ken to solve the problem. Morrison testified that Ken (and Pandora!) not only refused to pay her the $300 for the two days (Just like they would not pay the injured dishwasher for his recovery time.) but they were unwilling to work her schedule out so she could be on the schedule only when Morrison was the supervisor. To me it just seems like a series of bad decisions were made by Ken. Continue reading


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Backstory On Villa Blanca Lawsuits: Velasco v. Blanca LLC

RHOBH Ken and Lisa

While I’m waiting for documents from the current case against Michael Govia, Kenn Todd, Lisa Vanderpump, and Blanca LLC, let’s review a previous case that didn’t get much media attention back in 2012. In that case, a Villa Blanca dishwasher  named Ricardo Velasco sued Blanca LLC, Ken Todd and Lisa Vanderpump for breach of faith of covenant of good faith and fair dealing, disability discrimination, failure to provide reasonable accommodation, failure to engage in good faith interactive practices (specifically by acting with malice and oppression), wrongful termination, retaliation, willful failure to pay wages, and violation of business and professions code. For those counting, that’s a total of eight causes of action. His attorney asked for general, specific and punitive damages, attorney fees, his job back, and other restitution.

Eventually, I believe Ken Todd and Lisa Vanderpump were dropped from the list of defendants because Villa Blanca is capable of paying the damages under some California “alter ego” law. Continue reading


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Bad News for Lisa Vanderpump and Villa Blanca

Lisa Pumo Rules SurDespite Lisa Vanderpump tweeting out claims of victory in the court proceedings brought against them by a former Villa Blanca waitress,

Lisa Vanderpump@LisaVanderpump 45m

Victory! It was principal,manager of vb vindicated by the jury unanimously on all charges,been a tough ten days at trial. #truthprevailed

The tweet is EXTREMELY misleading.  While the jury did exonerate the assistant manager, Michael  Govia, of liability, they found that Villa Blanca acted with malice against Karina Bustillos in the aftermath of the incident. She was awarded $6,250 in actual damages and this decision means that the trial moves on to a second phase where punitive damages will be assessed. I’m not really sure how the person who was alleged to have committed the act could be found not liable when the restaurant was. But here is the explanation by BHCourier:

(CNS) – A Los Angeles jury today awarded $6,250 to a server who alleged she was sexually harassed by an assistant manager during the time she worked at a Beverly Hills restaurant owned by “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Lisa Vanderpump and her husband.

The panel exonerated the assistant manager, Michael Govia, while finding the Villa Blanca restaurant liable. The jury also found the restaurant acted with malice, a decision that allowed Karina Bustillos’ attorneys to proceed with an attempt to win punitive damages. Continue reading


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Ken Todd in Beverly Hills Courtroom To Defend Villa Blanca’s Employee Practices

Lisa Vanderpump Still Not Signed to RHOBH Season 3

It’s really getting hard for me to keep up with all of the legal battles involving Real Housewives participants. Somehow this week’s case against, Ken, Lisa and Michael Govia, the assistant manager at Villa Blanca, just slipped my mind. Here is what you missed.

Back in August of 2012, a waitress named Karina Bustillos claimed she was sexually harassed by Michael on numerous occasions during her employment at Villa Blanca. Specifically, she states he told her to close her eyes, she did and when she opened them his tongue was sticking out of his mouth very close to her face. He also grabbed her by her wrists on more than one occasion. He called her a bitch and a cunt after she said something to management.  And that is pretty  much her whole case. She would like $5 million, please and thank you. Continue reading


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Lisa Vanderpump Interview With Giuliana Rancic

RHOBHLisaCOverLisa, of course, begins by feeding her swans, Hanky and Panky and talking about Giggy. She immediately points out that contrary to Brandi Glanville’s ugly tweets, Giggy is no on Xanax.  She says that when she signed up for the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, she wanted to leave with the same level of integrity that she began with. Lisa says if she ever finds herself in a bitchfest on Twitter then that is the time she needs to leave the show.

Lisa has her sangria tastefully displayed for product promotion. Lisa doesn’t know the drinking game, quarters. Lisa said that her parents were not particularly emotionally available. She had a typical British standoffish upbringing. Lisa went to a performing arts school for high school. She did over 100 commercials in London. She did some acting and on one of her shows she gave a very young Naomi Campbell a bath!  This is some really cute footage! She left school at age 16 or 17 and began working full-time. She was in the ABC video for Poison Arrow!   Continue reading


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