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Are You Ready for RHOBH? Check Out This Season’s Taglines !

THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS -- Season:6 -- Pictured: (l-r) Erika Girardi, Eileen Davidson, Kyle Richards, Yolanda H. Foster, Lisa Rinna, Lisa Vanderpump, Kathryn Edwards -- (Photo by: Michael Larsen/Andrew Eccles/Bravo)

THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS — Season:6 — Pictured: (l-r) Erika Girardi, Eileen Davidson, Kyle Richards, Yolanda H. Foster, Lisa Rinna, Lisa Vanderpump, Kathryn Edwards — (Photo by: Michael Larsen/Andrew Eccles/Bravo)

“My lips were made for talking, and that’s just what they’ll do.” ~ Lisa Rinna

“I may be an actress, but that doesn’t mean I’ll stick to your script.” ~ Eileen Davidson

“I’m passionate about dogs, just not crazy about bitches!” ~Lisa Vanderpump

“In Beverly Hills you can be anything, but it’s most important to be yourself.” ~ Kyle Richards

“I’m an enigma wrapped in a riddle… and cash!” ~Erika Jayne

“Fake friends believe in rumors, real friends believe in you.” ~ Yolanda Foster

Looks like Yolanda is going to come out swinging…. click through for more spoilers…

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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: Season One Uncensored

Kyle Real Housewives of Beverly hills Are you fucking kidding me?


Okay what fresh hell is this Bravo? Are we really going to have a show about Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season One? It appears we are. I’m in. But this had better be good.

Well, we begin straight off with Kim’s alcoholism.  On the last day of filming, they were at a huge birthday party for Taylor and Kim was wasted. Apparently, someone from production let Kyle know. Because, it’s apparently Kyle’s job to keep him reasonably sober. Kim stormed off the set drunk and went out to the limo to drink. Kyle went after her and that is when the infamous limo scene went down. Kyle says she just lost it.

Andy didn’t want to do Beverly Hills because they were already doing Orange County. Andy thought they would be too much alike.  It all started with Kyle. Kim’s audition tape is all about how Kyle doesn’t think she is good enough. Kim looks 20 years younger. So sad.

Lisa has a signed contract for Giggy. Apparently, this is a real deal. And such a clever way for her to be paid more than the other ladies. Or avoid taxes perhaps. I’m just saying. Lisa also wanted to go by “Pinky” on the show instead of Lisa. The producers told her that Pinky Vanderpump sounded like a bad porn star name and didn’t allow it.

Camille said that she didn’t think Kelsey would want her on the show.  Kelsey called production and made sure that RHOBH hired Camille to keep her out of his affair. Continue reading


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Lisa Vanderpump and Ken Todd Sue Their Former Attorney over Villa Blanca Case

RHOBH Ken and Lisa

We see a lot of employee drama and inappropriate behavior on Vanderpump Rules which is filmed primarily at SUR and occasionally at the Vanderpump’s other restaurants PUMP and Villa Blanca.  But there is a lot of real drama we don’t see, especially when it comes to Villa Blanca.


I followed a case over the course of two years where a woman named  Karina Bustillos sued Villa Blanca claiming sexual harassment in the workplace. I was pretty much the only site reporting on this case as I had a source inside the court room that kept me up to date. After the court ruled in favor of Bustillos, Lisa Vanderpump went on Twitter and TMZ claiming victory.  That must be a housewife disorder. a particular housewife that I wound up in court with seemed to think she won as well. It’s odd to watch people blatantly lying about a provable fact. Some idiot even tweeted my reporting on the story to Lisa pointing out she was lying which resulted in her blocking me on Twitter. Thanks, asshole. But I digress. Continue reading


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Best Time Ever With Kyle Richards, Lisa Vanderpump, Kenya Moore, Cynthia Bailey and Bethenny Frankel

A housewives fan in the audience of Neil Patrick Harris’ new variety show Best Time Ever  was recently pranked by housewives from three franchises.  And of course the ubiquitous Andy Cohen was there to laugh at the ladies.

Check out the clip above with Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards. And then click through for a hilarious scene with Kenya and Cynthia followed by the fan unwittingly going off on Bethenny Frankel! Continue reading


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Oh HAIL NOE. Nene On a RHOBH Set?


Nene With RHOBH in Malibu 10/3/15

Nene With RHOBH in Malibu 10/3/15

Nene has taken her ripped jeans to Malibu where she went to dinner with the RHOBH last night. Is that Lisa Rinna in the background being interviewed by a cameraman or am I just looking to hard.  Kyle posted the above picture on her Instagram.  It seems she has wormed her way into a scene on the show.  Did no one tell her the dress code?

It’s sad that I have seen Nobu Malibu on the RHOBH so much that I actually recognize the furniture. So do you think Nene just decided to show up there for dinner and crash the party? Or was she invited by Kyle? Do they even allow jeans in Nobu? Let alone ripped up jeans.

Click through for the photo Nene posted on Twitter.



Oh Happy Days! When that weight has been lifted after years of people tearing you down #gettingbacktome

On this fine Sunday there is a crowd of Bible thumpers telling her that God loves her best and this is  a fabulous gift from God.  What is exactly?  Dinner at Nobu?  I don’t get Nene fans. I really don’t.  I really hope they keep her in Beverly Hills.

Do you think she will be shown on RHOBH?


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Lisa Vanderpump Gets Two Miniature Horses From Ken For Her Birthday

RHOBH Lisa Pump Surprise


According to TMZ, Lisa Vanderpump has added two mini horses to her pet menagerie.  Ken apparently had them flown in on a private jet.  Horses on a plane! Do people even do that?  I assume that Arabians got here by boat and are bred here.  Anyway, we will see the whole thing on RHOBH next season.

TMZ says that Lisa is wants the horses to be therapy horses in hospitals. I thought that sounded ridiculous, how can you have a horse in a hospital? But then I thought about it, and they do allow dogs and other pets in  as therapy. So I looked it up and found this site which shows photos of mini-horses in hospitals working with kids. So cute!

Apparently the mini-horses come in the house too! But another thing I don’t get is how TMZ says they will be staying in the yard. Is her yard even fenced? Did they build a stable? I have so many questions. Continue reading


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