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This Week’s Tea on Sonja Morgan, LuAnn Delesseps, Lisa Rinna, Yolanda Foster and Kenya Moore

All The Tea From Andy Cohen's Book Party Last Night

This has been a super busy week at mainly because we have a #FelonByBravo on a book tour profiting from her crimes.  Please check out all of those interviews because if there is anything I hate to recap, it’s an interview.  On a regular #WWHL episode it takes longer to recap than an hour long show. It’s more transcribing than recapping. But I really wanted you to know exactly what she said. If you can only read one, make it this one. But really read them all.  Teresa refuses to admit she knowingly committed a crime. Don’t get me started.

While I was entrenched in all that, a lot of other stuff happened that I didn’t get to report. So it’s time to make up for lost time and hit the highlights of housewives news I didn’t get to this week.

Yolanda Foster and Lisa Rinna Had a Twitter War

As the show was getting ready to air Lisa Rinna tweeted, ” Who’s excited for #RHOBH tonight?  There’s something rotten in Denmark… I mean Holland. 🙊 #IAmJustCollateralDamage ”  And with that the gauntlet was tossed and Yolanda was miraculously able to reach it from her sick bed.

Lisa feels like she got the blame for Erika’s pigeon carrying. On every season of every housewives there is always a pigeon carrier. That is the designated person to go back and forth between two factions and fill them in on what they missed. This season it is Erika, but somehow Lisa is bearing the brunt of the fallout. She tweeted, ” Oh hello bus that I was just thrown under. Good to see you again. #IDidntBringItUp #HellNo #BeHonest #RHOBH”

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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: It’s My Party and I’ll be C**** if I Want To!

RHOBH Lisa Vanderpump Freeze

by Guest Contributor Ben C.

Cryotherapy sessions, throwing cheap handbag shade, out of town trips, and patting the puss is how Real Housewives of Beverly Hills got her groove back. Sure, there’s still a bit too much debate of Yolanda’s health happening, but the rest is what we all love to see. The women being silly, having fun (most of the time) and doing things we don’t all do in normal, everyday life (have lunch and complain about people.) It’s refreshing and feeling like a throwback. Everybody loves a good throwback.

Let’s get started, shall we?

Kyle and Lisa V meet Yolanda (and Daisy, Yolanda’s ‘helper’) for a group Cryotherapy session.

Yolanda claims Cryotherapy is one of the “fun things” she gets to do every week. Yolanda likens it to standing inside a box that’s below freezing, and coming out like a frozen popsicle. She thinks it’s funny the other ladies came in makeup, jewels and heels. Apparently, she claims the experience is about being “naked, raw & freezing to death together.” The Cryotherapy ‘nurse’ tells the ladies it’s -147 degrees celsius inside the chamber. The ladies change into bathrobes, and take turns standing inside the cylinder. Vanderpump bares all for the cameras, and throws her robe off before the door to the chamber is even shut. Of course, Lisa and Kyle scream and make a scene – while Yolanda “takes it like a woman” (her words) and enjoys not one, but two rounds.  Kyle compares it to skiing down a mountain in Aspen, stark naked, in a blizzard. She thinks she’s got frostbite on her ass.

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Kristen Doute Explains Why She Is Now Banned From PUMP!

Gif by RealityTVgifs

Gif by RealityTVgifs

On WWHL (was that really just last night?) Andy asked Kristen why she was thrown out of PUMP over the weekend.  and then let her wiggle out of the answer because he already knew!  I NEEDED TO KNOW, ANDREW! I WILL NOT BE IGNORED!

Well now we know.  NOW. WE. KNOW. Lisa Vanderpump hates AMERICA ! That is what happened. I am  channeling my inner Camille Grammer now, dammit. NOW . WE . SAID. IT!  Lisa Vanderpump has defiled  America’s  Fucking  Treasure  (SWIDT?), Kristen Doute.  Okay, maybe it was the  sweaty,  twatty-faced pipsqueak  busboy defiled her, let’s not dwell on that. Because, AS GOD IS MY WITNESS I shall NOT allow this travesty to stand! Oh NOE. Not TO DAY. No Siree Bob Johnson!

That little (what is the derogatory term for British people?) TWATWAFFLE (that’ll do though it might be more offensive to Belgians. Because, Waffles)  has chosen to side with the misogynistic, drunk. little ranting lovesick big girl’s blouse over America’s Treasure, Kristen. Please see below.

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Exclusive Breaking News: Fire Department Returns to PUMP! This Time for Possible OD

Pump od watermark


EXCLUSIVE: Just two days after a small kitchen fire brought the fire department to PUMP, the firemen have returned again.  My sources on the scene have informed that Fire and Rescue arrived just a short time ago. They are reporting that they heard someone inside of PUMP has apparently overdosed.

The above photo was taken moments ago by a spy just outside PUMP. It is unclear whether the person receiving aid is an employee or a customer.  No word yet on the condition of the apparent overdose victim.

Story developing… Updating as more information is received.


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Fire At PUMP! Fire Department Called To Lisa Vanderpump’s Newest Restaurant

Vanderpump Rules Lisa

There was a small kitchen fire at PUMP this morning and you would think it was a four alarm catastrophe with multiple deaths based on the photos.

Ever the one to capitalize on any situation,  Pinky apparently worked her TMZ magic to basically get free advertising for the joint out of the deal.

There are often small kitchen fires in restaurants, and very rarely do they need the assistance of two fire trucks and hot fire fighters dashing into the one story restaurant with a huge …. ladder. What on earth were they going to do with that big ladder in a kitchen? It really looked more like something from a movie set than an actual emergency. I was waiting for the firemen to strip to their undies and do a YMCA dance while grinding their junk at us. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: Who let the Orangutan out of her cage?

RHOBH 2 Kyle

By Guest Contributor Ben C.

Let me start out by saying, ERIKA JAYNE HAS A CHAPEL IN HER HOUSE. A chapel. Yes, you read that right. Miss Erika Jayne has enough time, space & money to build a chapel inside her own house. I bow down. Literally. Find a pew and anoint your head, because I’m feeling the spirit tonight! Let’s do this!

The episode begins with Lisa Vanderpump having Kyle over for tea. They’re planning a joint anniversary party (20 years for Kyle, 33 years for Lisa) and are going to check out the event space together. I’m always wondering how much security / greenery Lisa has surrounding the outside of her house. Her front doors (and seemingly the rest of the doors in the house) are completely glass from top to bottom, and additionally never seem to be locked. Kyle waltzes right in and finds Lisa in the kitchen. Lisa tells Kyle she’s angry no one gave her a heads up that Faye would be at the “barbecue” (Lisa says Kyle let the orangutan out of the cage!)

Vanderpump compares it to inviting “witchy-poo” (poor Carlton, she tried her hardest) to an event, and not telling Kyle about it. Kyle tells Lisa she would be taken aback at first, but then quickly move on. Which I’m sure Kyle would absolutely do…and afterwards proceed to whine to her other friends about it on camera. Lisa apparently has a really crude nickname for Faye she uses, but Kyle won’t allow her to say it on camera. Where’s Brandi Glanville when you need her? Continue reading


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