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WWHL With Kyle Richards and Brad Goreski

WWHL Kyle and Brad


Tonight on WWHL we have a rather last-minute replacement of Elle MacPherson with Brad Goreski. I guess Elle got a better offer a couple of days ago?  Kyle looks great if a bit understandably nervous. Her hair is STUNNING.

Kyle wants to make a statement right off the bat that she had only set up a massage for the ladies and the hotel decided to go all out. That’s three or four times tonight she has apologized for that. Poor thing.

Next week, Brandi goes back to idiot mode and screams at Kyle that she doesn’t support her Kim ever and Brandi is the only one who is there for Kim. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: House of Cards

Why did you invite me to a wine tasting?

Why did you invite me to a wine tasting?

Tonight on RHOBH we are going to question Kim Richard’s sobriety! What a lovely storyline. Not. WTF is wrong with these people? But first, let’s take her to a wine tasting! On the two hour ride to the spa day, the ladies discuss their lady gardens in intimate detail. As a bunch of grown women are prone to do on road trips. I mean don’t you wonder about the personal grooming of your friends when on the way to the spa?

Vanderpump, Eileen and Brandi get massages in the same room. Brandi mentions herpes.  As grown women do when enjoying a spa day. Brandi’s second topic choice is anal.  Rinna, Kim and Kyle are in the other room. Rinna and Kyle are over Brandi but Kim is still defending her.

Yolanda is with Gigi in New York. She thrilled over Gigi’s Harper’s Bazaar spread. Bella shows up with headshots later.

Time to take the alcoholic with less than a year sober to the bar again!  The sommelier knows Kim is not drinking and prepared her a mango juice, and yet she asks her if she wants to smell the wine. Kim very quietly and discreetly leaves the event. But people go out to check on her and drag her back in.  On the ride home the women discuss their sexual fantasies of course. What else is their to talk about other than vaginas? Brandi’s sexual fantasy is about catching her man with another woman. So she can check that off her bucket list. In Brandi’s talking head, she says all the other ladies husbands are cheating. No dear. That was yours. And possibly Kyle’s. Go scratch. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: Live and Learn

RHobh Cast

I’m afraid this episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills  is going to be boring. I’m predicting most taking the kids to college stuff with Yolanda and Kyle. Perhaps I will be pleasantly surprised. I’m not holding my breath.

Lisa Vanderpump

We begin in Lisa’s bedroom where she is on the phone with Max who has dropped out of music school and is working at SUR.  Lisa is upset by Max’s lack of ambition. She and Ken have been giving him a living experience while requiring him to work full-time.

It’s Ken and Lisa’s 32nd anniversary.  Ken has filled the house with roses and Lisa makes her usual anniversary sex joke. Max drops by to speak with his parents. Max points out he has no proof of insurance or registration on his car. Max has no work ethic and Ken and Lisa can’t handle it. Ken is pissed with him and walks off.  Lisa and Ken are willing to teach him the restaurant business but he needs to be motivate. It seems he was joking  about his lack of insurance just to get under their skin.   Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: If That’s Not White Trash, I Don’t Know What Is

RHOBH Lisa Brandi Lunch

It’s time for another episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, which once again will include a lot of Brandi behaving badly.

Lisa Vanderpump

Lisa is going to go to lunch with Brandi and hear her out. Brandi thinks she has is owed an apology. For what? I don’t understand what Lisa did to her? Lisa says that Ken is very hurt by Brandi’s backstabbing. Brandi thinks she and Lisa have a similar personality. Lisa disagrees.

Lisa wants to know what Brandi wants an apology for. Brandi says “the Scheana stuff.”  Lisa apologizes for not giving Brandi a heads up that Scheana was going to be at some filming they did. Brandi apologized for repeating gossip that she heard. Brandi says I was an asshole to you but you started it. Lisa says she can’t be the friend that Brandi wants. They agree to be cordial. Lisa makes Brandi pay for lunch. Only they don’t ever have to pay for lunch.

Yolanda Foster

Bella has a photo shoot. But don’t worry, Yolanda punished her by taking her phone away for three weeks. She’s also buying her an apartment in NYC.  Bella is 17. Continue reading


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Lisa Vanderpump’s Blog For This Week Is Full of Shade


One of these is an actual llama, the other is a drama llama

One of these is an actual llama, the other is a drama llama

The Bravo webmaster finally got around to putting up some current blogs. I shall post and comment on them for you here. This week Lisa Vanderpump is making her feelings very clear about who is on her friend’s list and who is not. It seems to me the only person who is really on the list right now is Eileen Davidson. Lisa Rinna seems to be tolerated and the rest are on her shit list.  And for once she doesn’t hold back at all.  So let’s get to it.

On Brandi:

I decided to go to the party as I knew–and from seeing this footage of the group–that if I didn’t, I would be the topic of conversation, so arriving with a bottle of champagne stops it in its tracks.

Smart move.

Now the conversation with Brandi’s parents I thought was sweet–the way they were obviously aware that our relationship was no longer a positive one. Her mother, who I had invited to join us at dinner previously, a sweet woman, gently tried to explain how Brandi works, hurting feelings and then apologizing. It’s just unfortunate at this time. I am not interested. The friendship was not deep enough to weather that kind of storm. In regard to Brandi’s generous offer at my clothing event as she abused my beautiful olive tree, was supposed to shock, but no it was harmless. Words are just that. It didn’t offend me, but as usual, it was a classless example of somebody trying to garner attention.

Oh the shade of it all. “I’m not interested…the friendship wasn’t that deep in the first place. She’s a classless attention whore.” Continue reading


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Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards Discuss The Relationship Dynamics Within The Group

RHOBH Lisa Kyle no shit talking

The past two weeks have not brought us many Bravo blogs.  I guess even reality whores get the holidays off. But there are two RHOBH blogs that are a bit interesting. They are sort of from two weeks ago and or covering both weeks. It seems that Kyle is unhappy with some of the things she is seeing on the show now with regard to Lisa.  And Lisa has a whole lot to say about the rest of them and seems to not be terribly fond of Yolanda.

Kyle’s Point of View:

We see Lisa V. and Ken return from Lisa getting her star in Palm Springs and debating whether or not they should go to Brandi’s housewarming. I can understand their reservations after the drastic turn their friendship took.

Lisa V. and Ken discussed whether or not I had called to congratulate her on her star in Palm Springs. Considering I was never told about it nor invited, that didn’t really make sense. Lisa said last week that she didn’t invite or want any of us there. Yet we are supposed to know and congratulate her? I was actually in Spain during this time and didn’t return until the night before Brooke’s wedding. Moments like this are frustrating and hurtful, because Lisa V. and I are in a good place now. That’s what is difficult about going back six months in time. 

Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: Extending The Olive Branch

RHobh Cast

I’m not really looking forward to Brandi’s jaw dropping behavior on tonight’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and yet the time has come.

Brandi’s Housewarming  Party

Kyle is still open to Brandi and is going to her housewarming party. She and Lisa Rinna ride together. Brandi was not ready when the guests arrived. Yolanda is very sweet to Brandi’s dad who looks really healthy at this time. I was sad to hear his health is failing again. Brandi walks up to Yolanda as she is speaking to her father and tweaks her boob. Classy Much to Brandi’s surprise, Lisa and Ken have a change of heart and arrive at the party. Leeza Gibbons was a party guest.  Lisa Vanderpump says life is too short. She doesn’t want to keep the negativity going. But she’s clearly just doing it to try to keep the peace during filming. Lisa Vanderpump and her parents chat and Brandi feels ganged up on. Now she has another issue with Lisa. Adrienne Maloof shows up for some camera time with Jakob Busch. Is that relationship real?

Lisa Vanderpump is doing her annual charity clothing drive event for girls in foster care. Whoever gets those donations will be the best dressed girls in school for sure. I find it weird they always donate such dressy clothes.

Lisa Rinna

Lisa is booked on Access Hollywood Live as a co-host. They make her do the ice bucket challenge

Eileen Davidson

Eileen is taking paddle surfing lessons for her daily workout. That looks like a fun workout. The shore looks rocky though.

Kyle Richards

Kyle is teaching Portia how to make a sandwich and her oldest daughter, Alexia, how to do laundry. Kyle says Mauricio has never done laundry since Kyle has known him. Kyle is worried about her dwindling nest. Portia has a potty mouth.

Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: I’ve Had Enough Teenagers On This Show

RHobh Cast

I can already tell this one is going to be later than usual because it’s nuts here in real life. But the show must go on, God willing and the Internet holds out.

Why do people in LA wear winter caps in the summer? IDGI.

Lisa Rinna

Lisa’s mother had a stroke and her father has been ill and she and her sister had to put them in assisted living and sell the house. Lisa needs to get her belongings from the house because it has sold. Her daughters are typical teenaged girls who would much rather keep their plans to get their driver’s permit than go with her.  I look back at so many of these moments in my life now and wish I had been more compassionate toward my parents. But I get it, when you are that age, your brain is way more selfish.

Lisa and the girls go to Medford Oregon and immediately start mocking it.  One kid asks “Are a lot of people chub-chubs here?”  Lisa replies that “Fast food is king here.”  Or maybe they have just never been outside of Beverly Hills to see people who actually eat food without puking it right back up.  Then the girls find out that their mother went to church every Sunday. Brat 1 says, “You went to church? That explains a lot. You’re so weird.” Brat 2 says, “I feel bad for you. I gotta cut you some slack now that I know how you grew up.”  These two brats need a reality check. Continue reading


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RHOBH Bravo Blogs… It’s A Slow Week

Photo of Kyle in Spain.. Instagram

Photo of Kyle in Spain.. Instagram

So at the end of the week, I start to run out of interesting things to talk to you guys about and rely on the Bravo blogs for new talking points. This week is kind of a bust. Or maybe I’m just not in the right mood. There was nothing but nice things being said about Bella’s indiscretion, about Brooke’s wedding and Monty’s health. Kyle did mention the trip to Mallorca was cut short do to a sudden downturn in Monty’s health and everything was quickly moved up to insure his participation.  Everyone said nice things about Lisa’s star on the Palm Springs walk of fame. Lisa Rinna even said nice things about Kim and her daughter’s wedding. It was all very pleasant.

Yet in more than one blog they try to get us to brace ourselves for the drama to come. Well, I’m ready for it to come! So bring it on. Meanwhile, here are two tidbits worth mentioning from this weeks RHOBH Blogs. A sad one from Eileen, and a funny one from Kyle Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

RHobh CastHi, it’s me, Tamara.  I’ll be your blogger for the evening but I just had a heavy conversation and completely forgot to set up the technical crap for this blog. So apologies in advance for sucking. And newbies can not waste their time telling me how poorly written is. :) So I had an extra hour to drink and I’m really kind of off tonight. I’m afraid of my neighbors and now of my neighborhood.  I think it may be time for me to move and I can’t sell. So I may look into renting this place.


Anyway we are back to Yo dealing with Bella getting a DUI. Wow Yo is totally lying about what happened. Yo’s version is Bella had a glass of wine and decided to the gas station (WTF?) and go stopped. Um real version is Bella blew through a stop sign and almost hit A COP CAR. and blew a .14 nearly twice the legal limit for an ADULT. She was also driving on a suspended license.  Yolanda is full of shit.

Yo thanks David for being  a great step dad.


Eileen’s niece was her nanny for years. Eileen says when she tried to quit acting Vince was fine. Until he wasn’t so she went back to work on Y&R AND DOOL!

Eillen has always taken her kid to work at Y&R .  lots of love triange scenes. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

RHobh CastI am obsessed with losing badly at a new game I found called Just Words that you can play free on your laptop here. It’s Scrabble only you can’t put letters on both side of a word which makes it harder. And the dictionary they use is stupid but there is no penalty if you try a word that isn’t a real word. Anyway. Sorry, I did not preload for this episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills  so it will take longer than usual.

Kyle goes to meet Kim who is sick and so are all of her kids. But she has to go see her mother of the bride dress and stuff. She is terrified of getting sick before her vacation to Spain but if she doesn’t go Kim will not get paid for this episode so, she dashes in and out.

Brandi is doing a podcast these days. Is that a lucrative thing? I’m serious I don’t know. Anyway the podcast guy is wants to advertise more but since it is Brandi Unfiltered he wants to make it more “family friendly.”  Um, no. Don’t do that Brandi. You are not a family friendly person. I don’t mean that in a bad way. But if a podcast is anything like a blog, you don’t get viewers by trying to please everyone. Don’t ask me how I know this. Be your usual unfiltered trash mouthed self. I promise you will do much better as you than worrying about offending people. Because  offending people is half the fun. I would not change a thing. Of course she says she will filter herself for financial gain. Sigh.

Why is Mauricio says he is trying to be sure he has the “right passports?” Um… a) does he have a stash of “wrong passports” because you turn the old one in when you get a new one and (TWO)  Aren’t they rich people that travel all the time? I know right where my “right passport” is at all times in case the Zombie Apocalypse comes and I have to book somewhere. Continue reading


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East Coast Meets West Coast at Rockefeller Tree Lighting

Kyle Mauricio Melissa and Joe


Kyle Richards and Melissa Gorga and their spouses attended the NYC tree lighting this week and ended up spending some time together.  Noticeably absent were the RHONJ convicted felons. It was clear at the reunion that Teresa wanted nothing to do with her brother and sister-in-law.  Teresa refused to even look at Melissa and was snappy with Joe Gorga.  I don’t expect those siblings to be in the same family drawing for secret Santa this year. Kyle was in NYC to be on WWHL and to do a bit of Christmas shopping. Do we recognize any of the faces behind them?


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