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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: Season One Uncensored

Kyle Real Housewives of Beverly hills Are you fucking kidding me?


Okay what fresh hell is this Bravo? Are we really going to have a show about Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season One? It appears we are. I’m in. But this had better be good.

Well, we begin straight off with Kim’s alcoholism.  On the last day of filming, they were at a huge birthday party for Taylor and Kim was wasted. Apparently, someone from production let Kyle know. Because, it’s apparently Kyle’s job to keep him reasonably sober. Kim stormed off the set drunk and went out to the limo to drink. Kyle went after her and that is when the infamous limo scene went down. Kyle says she just lost it.

Andy didn’t want to do Beverly Hills because they were already doing Orange County. Andy thought they would be too much alike.  It all started with Kyle. Kim’s audition tape is all about how Kyle doesn’t think she is good enough. Kim looks 20 years younger. So sad.

Lisa has a signed contract for Giggy. Apparently, this is a real deal. And such a clever way for her to be paid more than the other ladies. Or avoid taxes perhaps. I’m just saying. Lisa also wanted to go by “Pinky” on the show instead of Lisa. The producers told her that Pinky Vanderpump sounded like a bad porn star name and didn’t allow it.

Camille said that she didn’t think Kelsey would want her on the show.  Kelsey called production and made sure that RHOBH hired Camille to keep her out of his affair. Continue reading


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Monty Brinson Hospitalized Due To Failing Health

Instagram photo from July 5th

Instagram photo from July 5th

Monty Brinson is known not just for his unwavering support of Kim Richards, but also for seeing the bright side of things even when a positive attitude doesn’t seem realistic to most of us.  In addition to his constant words of kindness and support, he also has a large following of regulars on his website.  While they are there to support Monty,  most of the time, it seems that Monty is supporting them just as much. His instagrams often indicate that he is heavily medicated, but regardless of his dosage, his positive messages are always encouraging to others.

For those reasons, his recent posts have been a bit disarming.  Never one to admit that he anything other than doing well and completely happy and grateful, some reality has slipped into his last two Instagrams this week.  He admits that he has had some major complications that required him to be hospitalized. He says that Kim and his other former wife, Terrilynn are with him. And also that Yolanda and David Foster have come for a visit.

None of this sounds particularly encouraging. Click through for the texts of his two most recent posts. Continue reading


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Kim Richards Sentenced in Target Shoplifting Case

RHOBH KIm's Booking Photo



Now on to Kim Richards and her  sentencing.  TMZ’s report does not make any sense.  They are reporting essentially that her Target sentence today is basically going run concurrent with her sentence for the Beverly Hills Hotel incident.  But wait.  Her is what she was sentenced with previously.

Since Kim rejected the deal due to the community labor requirement, the judge ruled siding with the prosecution’s offer.Kim was charged with four misdemeanor charges of trespass, resisting arrest, battery on a police officer and public drunk.  The judge sentenced Kim to never to return to the Beverly Hills Hotel or within a hundred yards of the hotel, serve three  years probation, attend fifty-two alcoholics anonymous meetings within one year, and complete THIRTY  days of community labor. The judge was clearly saying that the thirty days of labor was important so that she would actually have some consequences.



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Kim Richards Is Not Homeless Anymore!

RHOOC Hilton House Monty


Kim Richards was supposedly homeless during a period of time when she refused to go back to rehab. At that point it seemed like she was cut off pretty much entirely from her family.  Today, TMZ reports that Kim has moved into a small but swanky one bedroom condo in Westwood.  TMZ  seems to think she is renting, but a quick looks at one bedroom condo prices in that area show that there are condos available well under $500K and one for 55K that is only available at that price for someone who currently owns property in the building.  It would not surprise me if Kathy Hilton just bought a small condo for Kim for as long as she needs it. It never hurts to have a condo where you can stick a visiting friend and is certainly easier than worrying about dealing with landlords. Kim had a struggle with her last landlord and would have a difficult time even renting something on her own at this point with no job and no references from her previous landlord. Continue reading


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It’s Time to Check In With Kim Richards and Monty Brinson

Kim's bedside table posted by Monty Brinson on Instagram

                       Kim’s bedside table posted by Monty Brinson on Instagram

Someone emailed me the following this week….

Kim Richards on Instagram: “Happy Birthday to my Dad…the most AMAZING Man I’ve EVER known ❤💫🎈 Who I love with all my heart & soul.. and am so grateful 🙏🏻to have had a father like you that I am so proud to say…….., “That’s My Dad!!!❤️ where ever you are…. I love you❤️and Wish you a Magical Day!!!! 💫🙌🏻⭐️💫Continue reading


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Kim Richards Reunites With Kyle and Two of Her Kids for Her Birthday!

RHOBH KIm Kyle Birthday

            kylerichards18 Right here, right now @kimrichards11 it’s your birthday sister!!! ️

Kim Richards reunited with her sister Kyle for a late night dinner at Ocean Prime last night. Two of her four kids were in attendance as well.  Amazingly, TMZ just happened to be there to film Kyle and Kim leaving arm in arm and getting into the same vehicle. Both Kyle and Kim spoke to the photog. Both were all smiles and Kyle answered questions about Kim’s community labor sentence by saying “she’s got this.”   Kim seemed to be clinging to Kyle, possibly due to the foot injury. The photo did not get a shot of their feet.

UPDATE: The sisters went to PUMP after dinner and that is where the above photo was taken.  Lisa Vanderpump tweeted ” @LisaVanderpump 9/20/15, 9:50 AM A beautiful night at Pump celebrating @KimRichards11 birthday…love to see these two together.”  It’s almost like Lisa wanted to make sure everyone knew they came to PUMP as well.  Not exactly looking for privacy are they? Continue reading


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