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The Real Housewives Of Orange County Trailer Is Out!



The RHOOC trailer is up as I predicted. The RHONJ one should be along in a day or two. And once again the ability to host the trailer has been made difficult by the people at bravo. No other network in television makes it DIFFICULT to advertise their programing.

The girls go to Ireland to drink and milk cows this season. I thought I posted about that but it looks like I did not. Tamra’s storyline this season will be mostly about her body building in preparation for her competition. I believe that competition is in a few days. For some reason the date was moved. Body builders eat very little while training for a competition. I am not looking forward to a hangry Tamra.

There will be an unfortunate number of costumed events this season. In one fiasco, Terry looks like John Travota  in a white suit and Heather may or may not be on roller skates.  Skates are not, she takes a pretty hard fall on her ass. Other stupid costumes include body suits with nipple clamps and fake pubic hair (classy) and at least one body suit with a fake penis (seriously?). At one of these costumed events, David gets up in Vicki’s face shaking his finger and calling her a “fucking scumbag.”  Perhaps this is where the issues between Shannon & David toward Vicki come to a head. I heard that it gets bad.

Heather Dubrow is also seen screaming at Vicki while jabbing her index finger in the air towards Vicki screaming at her to apologize for her shit!  Tamra and Vicki’s crap daughter talk about Vicki behind her back on national TV again and discuss Vicki “stalking” Brooks presumably on the Internet.

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Meet New Orange County Housewife, Kelly Meza-Dodd, Well At Least She WAS A Housewife

Kelly Meza- Dodd and her poor husband,

Kelly Meza- Dodd and her poor husband,

It seems the Real Housewives of Orange County has been really TRYING to cast the worst women in the world lately on RHOOC.  Just as I had almost erased all traces of Meghan King Edmonds from my  memory, along comes Kelly Meza-Dodd to replace her.  I have only seen the video below of her and already….Lord knows I never believed I would say this, I’d take Meghan back over this idiot.

I have a feeling based on her racist comments she is about to lose her orange. Thankfully, the season has just recently started shooting and she should be easy to edit out.

I had been hearing rumors that the new girl was someone with a troubled marriage and it is not difficult to see the problem.  And if the falling down drunk part was not obvious enough, she begins screaming that she is married and but has an MBA…. Married But Available. How cute is that? #JesusTakeTheWheel

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Exclusive Real Housewives of Orange County Tea: Filming Drama

Beador Manor


First of all this information is coming from a new source so it remains to be seen how accurate it is. I am going to share it with you anyway since it seems to make a lot of sense to me.

Both Heather Dubrow and Shannon Beador live in the same neighborhood in Newport Beach, aptly named (at least for Shannon) Crystal Cove.  Both the Dubrow’s old home, and the new mausoleum they are building  are in Crystal Cove.

Apparently, much like the folks in Phaedra Parks neighborhood, and the Chateau Sheree neighborhood,  the residents of the community are unhappy with the Real housewives filming.  So my sources are telling me that the homeowners association (HOA) got together and effective January 1, 2016 “big production” filming is no longer allowed in Crystal Cove.

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It’s Official Brooks Ayers Faked Cancer (Again)



After months of uncertainty, it has finally been proven to my satisfaction that Brooks faked cancer. And we have E! News to thank for it. Amusingly, they are a part of NBC Universal and have managed to make Andy’s complete interview with Brooks on November 12th, irrelevant. And I must say, Brooks did not have his lies down with Andy like he did with E! News. If you look at Brooks hour long interview with E! he is quite believable and has an answer for everything. His main tell there was saying, “Thank you for asking” after the interviewer would ask him a hard question.

If Brooks had not falsified documents to bring in to E! he might have been able to leave things with people giving him the benefit of the doubt.  Lord knows we here at did everything we could to give him the benefit of the doubt. The very idea of faking cancer on a TV show where there is so much scrutiny is absurd to me. What is there to gain? Now he is facing the disgrace of a nation! Continue reading


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Heather Dubrow’s Podcast With Tamra and Shannon, Painstakingly Recapped

RHOC heather fun gif


By Shay

Heather Dubrow’s first show! She introduces herself and says her guests will be Tamra Judge and Shannon Beador from The Real Housewives of Orange County and promises “We will find out once and for all if Brooks has cancer and whether or not the girls have banded together to ice Vicki out next season.”

She then introduces her assistant, Natalie, who handles everything in Heather and Terry Dubrow’s World: Botched, New Botched, this podcast, skincare line, this podcast, their new book, and feeds the leeches when there are no customers. I might have added the last part.

Show will be about health, wellness, beauty, gossip, travel –she’s finally answering all our questions about packing!! Tweet or Instagram at #dearheather

Tamra and Shannon are in traffic and since it’s live she has to fill time by talking about herself via The Autobiography of Heather Dubrow. Super snoozers about her “acting career” which included her time acting on Divorce Court. (Which *mind blown* I cannot believe that it’s not real! Who are all those people divorcing over $345?? Apparently, actors.) Heather couldn’t get an acting job, so she’s pretending how she was an in-demand singer (at Disneyland), a wedding singer, and in the house band for…. The Nanny for 4 years. So, she was on the set of the Nanny everyday and instead of getting a job acting, she is trying to hype up her singing and “stand-up comedy career.” Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Orange County Reunion Part 3: What a Shit Show

RHOOC Vicki and Briana Reunion


It’s time for the Real Housewives of Orange County Reunion to come to a disgusting end. My only question is how low will Brianna go in all of this.  The very first thing we hear is Brianna talking about Brooks and Tamra interrupting her to coach her on her details saying, “He talking about beating you and showing you his penis!” Because Tamra lives to stir the pot even when it is already at full boil. Next we get a montage of the psychic saying he doesn’t see cancer, and the harpies making wild accusations, an shoddy detective work by Meghan.

Tamra tells a story from last season when Heather was filming an episode of Hawaii 5-0  and they girls all went with her to Hawaii. She says that while they were their Vicki told her Brooks was worried he had cancer. She called him on the way home to see what the doctor said and he would not talk to her until she was alone. At that point he told her it was not cancer. Tamra says that Brooks plays the cancer card a lot to get sympathy.

Vicki directly says that she believes that Brooks has cancer. Tamra says that her very first year on the show, Vicki called and told her that someone she was very close with had pancreatic cancer (actually, Brianna interrupted to say it was pancreatic cancer) and was dying. She said she felt like she should leave Donn to be with him.  WOW. This is news and Vicki is not denying any of it.

Just before the play Brooks interview, she says, “It’s so disgusting, the whole thing.” But it’s unclear what exactly she is referring to.

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