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It’s Real Housewives of Orange County Reunion Day; Let The Bloodbath Begin

Since the photo was from last year's RHOOC Reunion, Here is what Tamra wore en route to reunion this year.

Since the other photo was from last year’s RHOOC Reunion, Here is what Tamra wore en route to reunion this year. #FixItJesus

First of all, where is Meghan in this photo? She flew back from Vietnam and Cambodia and says she fainted on the flight home.  But, she did tweet an hour ago that the was ready headed to the reunion. Shouldn’t she already be there in hair and makeup?  God I hope she is late, that really pisses Andy off, and I really want him to be pissy with her. But he won’t because he is love where her husband whose sexual orientation has often been discussed.

I have started at least three posts this week about the Brooks and Vicki drama and just deleted them. One particular website that sorta rhymes with “My Gaydar Works Fine” has been pumping out a string of completely made up stories that Vicki and Tamra have been calling them out on all week. While I appreciate the confirmation that the site’s information is fabricated, I wish they would not keep giving that site free publicity.

In the meantime, Vicki’s Instagram and Twitter line are full of hateful comments, not just about the Brooks situation but about her looks, and her parenting skills and just about everything you can imagine. Brooks’ social media accounts are even worse calling him every thing in the book about things not related to cancer or the show.  Just so much vile behavior. I was thinking today when I was writing the story about Andy Cohen and Tori Spelling that this nastiness on social media and websites is very emotionally draining to read and write about all day long.  I really try to keep the comments here a very toned down version of all the crap that is posted everywhere.  I wish we could attack BEHAVIOR rather than people or their looks. I am often accused of not posting differing opinions, and that is true.  I do not want to propagate “opinions” where people want to accuse people of faking illness. I do not understand why that is even a thing. He’s a newsflash, I delete a lot of comments about Meghan that I think take it too far. There are people who want to make comments with threats against, Meghan, or Vicki, or Brooks or Shannon that are just not going to be posted here. Continue reading


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Watch What Happens Live With Annabelle Neilson and Heather Dubrow

WWHL Heather and Annabelle


It’s time for fancypants Heather to meet posh Annabelle on Watch What Happens Live. This should be an interesting bit even if you tards did spoil most of for me in other comments. Please don’t do that. If I haven’t recapped it, I haven’t seen it. Don’t be a spoiler!  It’s rare for a housewife to be bumped to second chair for any other Bravo show.

Why am I not surprised that Andy has Clay behind the bar. If there is a hot guy out there he will drag them to NYC. Shocking to see he is with Audrey behind the bar and not Shelli. Clay says that he and Shelli are still together and that they are working it out to see if they have they connection they had inside the house, outside of the house and we’ll see where it goes. Andy says, “It seems like you don’t.”  Why must you be so shady, Andy? Andy completely ignores Audrey.

Heather says she was sent the screen grab of Brooks “mockuments” as she calls the medical records seen on the show. Seems she is going straight to cunty without any sort of buildup tonight. Brooks is the drinking word. Which means they are going to rail on him all night. Ugh. I’m really not up for another half hour of that. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Orange County Recap: Broken Records

RHOC heather fun gif

Okay so around 2 pm today went dead for about an hour. It was horrifying. This is something that never happens when you stay in the shallow end of the pool. That was tens of thousands of views that never happened and I already need to get my numbers up to keep my head above water in the deep end of the pool so be sure to check out some other posts.

That said, I am so over the Brooks bashing storyline. BTW he finally commented on the drama here.  I’d love to just move on to Ladies of London but here we go.


Shannon and David go on a date. Shannon can’t eat anything good anymore. Shannon is trying to justify dumping Vicki. Or Vicki is dumping Shannon, I don’t know.


Tamra still thinks that if she gets baptized it should be an event. I was baptized in the Mediterranean Sea. My church members were there. It was not a party. Then again, I was like seven and I mostly did it because my friend Marvellla wanted me to. I loved Marvella and her mother used to let me sleep over and would let me go to Brownies without wearing a slip under my uniform. She claimed that slips were archaic. My mother was at least 10 years older than Marvellas mom. I think Marvella has a big time jewelry line now. Though I am not 100% sure that is my Marvella.

Anyway, her pastor says it will be “really cool” if she gets baptized. Tamra admits she is not smart enough to read the Bible.  Specifically “thou shalt not” confuses her. Kidding not. Now she is confused that her son is a fuck up.

Tamra is helping her grown man move into the house. Apparently they are both unemployed. And on the verge of divorce. Who saw that coming? Again, fast forwarding.


Vicki and Brooks go to see …. a doctor? A Club Detox person? I don’t know who he is? This guy is a Club Detox person. The dude who doesn’t seem to be a doctor has his medical records which are shown. It’s some whackadoodle therapy. I’m all for trying anything when you have a fatal illness, and I’ve supported Brooks all along, but this guy and that paperwork is not impressing me.

Vicki and Brooks brings Tamra over to show her his latest PET Scan.  This shows that Brooks has three tumors in his abdomen. Wait, what? Is this not a blood disease? IDGI. Vicki shows the dumbest person in the world his results. Tamra is confused and so am I. I still would not tell people my friend’s husband didn’t have cancer if he said he did. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Orange County: Suspicious Minds

RHOOC Vicki Brooks Meghan Jim Cancer


It’s time to beat the dead horses some more on Real Housewives of Orange County. Does Brooks have cancer? When will Jim divorce his current model of wife?  Is Meghan still a cunt? What’s going on with Shannon and Vicki? Oh, boy. I can hardly wait to rejoin this Aries party, already in progress.

Tamra and Vicki are fighting about Brooks. Vicki is ready to just leave with Brooks. I don’t blame her. Tamra says that Brooks accused her of being a shit stirrer who spreads rumors! WOW! I’d sure Brooks for that Tamra. Oh wait, your whole storyline every fucking season is to talk shit and spread rumors. You have been doing it all night at this party. Then you accuse Brooks of lying every time he opens HIS mouth.  That’s rich.

Heather pulls Vicki aside and tells her that everyone has talked about Brooks diagnosis. Heather tells Vicki that Brooks new doctor is her cellulite doctor. Vicki tries to explain that the treatment he is getting from that doctor is nutritional. He is trying to build his body back up to a healthy place before he tries chemo again. Heather says that she is worried that Brooks is being duped. Meanwhile, Terry is drilling down on Brooks about his drinking. Heather is now demanding to see lab results as well. What kind of friends are these people.  I’ve never asked any of the people I know who have fought cancer to show their lab results. That is such an obscene request of anyone to make.

Vicki and Brooks leave. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Orange County Recap: Fire Signs

RHOOC Fire signs

Here we go again with Real Housewives of Orange County and the Brooks drama. I am so over this.


Meghan and Heather meet for dinner to talk about Haley throwing a huge party  when all the parental units were out of town.  While she should face consequences, when your mother has terminal cancer, I tend to give more of a break to teens throwing a rager. Police came so it must have been a great party.  Meghan is shit talking Leanne’s parenting because she didn’t follow through with her punishments.

Shannon arrives late. Shannon suddenly seems just fine with Meghan. Is there is something we don’t know about her relationship with Meghan?  I am unhappy with Shannon getting along with Meghan.  Shannon is having a party to celebrate all of the Aries. Brooks is supposed to come but he really doesn’t want to be around Meghan.

WOAH! Wait a fucking minute. Meghan has called Brooks doctor and pretended to have cancer to find out if he treats cancer patients???? This cunt satchel is psychotic. Who does this shit for face time on a TV show? Meghan says his doctor doesn’t treat cancer patients. Heather and Shannon both say that Shannon hooked him up with a great oncologist.  Apparently, Brooks said he got two flat tires on the way to her doctor and could not keep the appointment. Shannon is on there darkside now saying, “the truth will come out.”  I hate this show.


Apparently her mother, Sandy,  has moved in and Tamra is setting her up with men. Tamra and Ryan are going to shadow her as she meets her first date. Tamra is very conservative when it comes to her mother’s look. Sandy is kind of adorable.

At the date,  Ryan likes the date. Tamra doesn’t. I think he is a very attractive older gentleman.  Tamra tells Ryan that he needs to pay back the money she gave him. Ryan is like “Eddie is not my dad.”  Ryan has been a problem child his whole life. Ryan is not sure he wants to get married because both of his parents have been married multiple times. He feels like he went too fast.  Now he is stuck with a woman with three kids from a previous relationship and a new baby. Tamra suggests premarital counseling and suggests church. AS IF Ryan has ever been exposed to religion in his life. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Orange County: A Storm is Coming

Photo: @GoRyanGo on Twitter

Photo: @GoRyanGo on Twitter

It’s time for more Real Housewives of Orange County! This season is starting to feel long to me. I hope we can have an upbeat episode. But I’m not optimistic.

Meghan is an idiot who does not know how to cook boxed minute rice. Who buys that shit in the first place? I’m not even going to recap the shit coming from her mouth.

Heather and Shannon meet to day drink and talk about the sex party from last week. Neither of them are being particularly supportive of Vicki because she pointed out that Meghan’s marriage is shitastic. It’s odd to me that Shannon is suddenly, supposedly the next day being supportive of Meghan to a certain extent. Does she not remember #CharityGate2015? And now she is BFFs with Heather? Is this the twilight episode? Continue reading


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