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Brandi Glanville’s New Show Is Couples Therapy For Single People

RHOBH Brandi


Brandi Glanville’s new show is the latest incarnation from Irwin Entertainment! I love Irwin Entertainment!  I’m currently an episode behind on their Couples Therapy show and watched every season of Celebrity Rehab.  It appears that Celebrity Rehab is no longer filming so this is the closest that Brandi Glanville and this gang can get.  The new  show Famously Single  “explores and analyzes the compelling world of celebrity romance. Through eight, hour-long episodes, viewers get exclusive access to the rich, (BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA) famous, and seemingly lovelorn. Bringing their romances from tabloid headlines to life, eight single celebrities will reveal the truth behind their breakups, public divorces and bad relationships, ( As if we needed to hear about how Eddie cheated with LeAnn some more…) and then with the help of a team of experts, (You are going to need  Dr. Drew for this) attempt to identify, and solve their relationship concerns (falling down drunk, exposed vagina,  Tampon strings, physically carried out of gay clubs,  violent drunken attacks on other women,  blackouts,  homelessness, public displays of stupidity to name just a few) once and for all.  (good luck with that) Hear directly from the source and find out why these celebs have it all  (We’re going to need a GYN for this part) … but can’t seem to find love.”

Just like Couples Therapy and  Celebrity Rehab the eight love-challenged celebrities move into a loft in downtown Los Angeles where relationship therapist Dr. Darcy Sterling, along with other experts (hopefully shrinks, addiction counselors, and medical doctors who deal with STDs)  will help these stars come to terms with the cold hard truths behind their questionable romantic history. Through a series of exercises, one-on-one sessions and real dates, viewers will get a voyeuristic bird’s eye view of the stars’ emotional journeys as they learn how to find love. The celebs will be paired up for most exercises resulting in the perfect balance of conflict and chemistry as they challenge each other through their relationship-rehab. Continue reading


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In Other Brandi Glanville is a Twatwaffle News…

No fun to be sober

Gif by RealityTVGIFs a GIF blog by T. Kyle MacMahon

So TMZ has a photo of Brandi, Kim Richards and Yolanda filming in Beverly Hills Park over the weekend.  I can’t afford the picture so click here to have a peek. While TMZ promotes the story as Kim Richards filming again for  RHOBH. They seem to have buried the real lead.

The shirt that Brandi Glanville chose to wear to film with KIM RICHARDS who has a tenuous grasp if any on her sobriety reads, “It’s not fun to be sober” and likely will be for sale in her t-shirt shop very soon. Continue reading


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I Get It, You’re Furious Over Brandi’s Nipple Drama At A Charity Event

Twitter photo of Brandi at a Charity event.

Twitter photo of Brandi at a Charity event.

A lot of you are asking if I heard about this. Yes, yes I did. For those of you who managed to miss this story until now, I offer my sincere apologies. Brandi somehow managed to be unable elude the swarms of paparazzi recently while standing out on the street in one of the paparazzi hot beds in Beverly Hills. She seemed fake offended by the TMZ person interviewing her pointing out that she was standing on a street corner in little more than a set of black, heart shaped pasties.

And this was before we realized that the heavy war paint and fuck me pumps were not part of her new working outfit. It was understandable that people would make the assumption she was working the streets after being fired from RHOBH.

She got the usual barrage of tweets asking her how much she is charging these days and so forth. This seemed to perplex and upset her as she was simply trying to support worth cause.  Click through for her explanation of her attire and why everyone should lighten up. Continue reading


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Brandi Glanville is Great With Children!

brandi signs a kid's cast (2)


She was recently back near her parents house at a restaurant opening or and envelope opening or something when a kid with a cast waited in line to see her. Look what she wrote!  See? Great with kids, teaching them not to cuss! Just think of all the kids he shared the message with at school the next day! She’s the gift that keeps on giving!


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Brandi Glanville Riles Up Twitter Followers Again

Drunk Brandi

Raising kids in this day and age has got to be a very daunting task. Deciding when to get detailed about the birds and the bees is a major decision, especially for a woman who is the primary caregiver of two young boys.  Such is the quandary Brandi Glanville finds herself in as her son Mason prepared for his first date. Mason is 12 which places him in middle school, most likely in the seventh grade.

I don’t pretend to have the answers for how a parent should approach this, but I do wonder if 12 is a bit young for actual dating.  Brandi seems okay with whatever the actual plan is, perhaps it’s a group of kids going out together? Or two kids meeting up at sporting event.  He plan for the occasion was to give Mason a written homework assignment. Click through for the questionnaire. Continue reading


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Joanna Krupa Must Prove Her Vagina Does Not Smell Bad in Court!

Drunk Brandi

I love a good court case. And when two abject idiots are in court duking it out, it almost makes me want to shove Banjo in a crate and fly out to La La Land to watch this go down live.  It does however pain me to be on Brandi Glanville’s side about ANYTHING, but in this case I must.

Joanna Krupa is dumber than a box of hair. I get she wants to make Brandi squirm and make pay huge attorney bills for saying that Joanna’s “pussy smells like fish.”  But in doing all that, she is keeping herself in the news. Whether or not Joanna’s lady garden smells like sunshine and roses or rotting fish is not the issue here. Joanna just seems to be trying to stay on the tabloids no matter how stupid she looks in the process.

Dragging someone to court over typical housewives taunting is a waste of the court’s time and everyone’s money.  Brandi has hired a new attorney, or found one who will work pro bono for the sheer joy of being a part of this case, and said attorney has a lot of questions for Joanna with regard to her allegedly malodorous lady garden. Continue reading


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