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RHOBH Reunion Part 3 Recap: Apologies Not Included

RHOBH reunion looks
I am once again very behind because I thought this was coming on at 9 p.m.  Did they move it for Below Deck Mediterranean?  I can’t wait for the new Below Deck. But first we have to get through this.

We begin with LVP’s dramatic revelation of being in an abusive relationship. Andy thinks it is odd that she didn’t share this information when others were talking about abusive relationships.  Odd indeed. Kathryn says that LVP has been very vulnerable with her a couple of times. Eileen says that LVP has a lot more compassion for dogs than she does for people. Andy is not ride or die for LVP in this episode, that is for sure. Andy keeps asking LVP if she has a hard time apologizing.

Erika goes after Kathryn for her backstabbing ways. Oh wait, first we have to debate if it’s okay to use certain words. #WordPolice  Erika points out that Kathryn called LVP a “harmless old lady.” Kathryn denies it. Erika reads Kathryn for filth.

Yolanda talks about all of LVPs manipulations. A viewer wants to know why Tom calling her an alligator didn’t bother her but everyone saying she is a spider in her web. Kathryn says she has never heard LVP say a bad word about anything. Was that before or after she got hearing aids? Because everyone else’s jaw dropped at this ludicrous form of sucking up. Can we people move on? EVERYONE with a brain knows that LVP is the biggest manipulator of them all and quite quick to make nasty comments about others. The only reason why we are having another bash LVP reunion is because on occasion certain casts feel the need to point it out for those random watchers who are slow on the uptake.

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Here Is How The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Works: An Abridged History

Taylor Armstrong Joins the Girls from RHOBH in Vegas

It occurred to me yesterday as I spent five and a half hours getting a haircut and some highlights (I look fabulous but Jesus Christ on a cracker, how do these housewives abide sitting for hours with a chair while people fuck with their hair and makeup?) it occurred to me that a lot of commenters here have either not watched RHOBH from the beginning, or see every season in isolation from the previous ones.  Others just pick their pony ( or mini-horse or swan) whenever they began watching and defend that person to the death. I do not understand this viewing method as it is just not how life works in general with a group of women, and it certainly isn’t things evolve on reality shows.  In any group of women, in a sorority, in the junior league, in an office setting,  friendships change and develop and are influenced by the introduction of new members and the departure of old ones. On reality TV people come in one way on their first season and can be a completely different person on their second season. Kenya Moore came in batshit crazy and then toned it down for season two. Thus I hated her season one and have enjoyed her more and Moore as the season’s progress.  Camille Grammar season one was not the same Camille Grammar we had in season two. Those are extreme examples, but in general you never see the season one personality of anyone by the second season. The longer people are on, the more they understand the game.


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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: Lymes In The Sand


RHOBH Erika Table


Tonight, we have to suffer through Yolanda’s ridiculous Lifetime Achievement Award for Suffering In Silence On Her Journey To The Center Of The Lyme.  We start with Yolanda telling a makeup artist that she has not worn makeup in 11 months, no three years. Does she not know how ridiculous this sounds?  And Erika poses for random photos for her makeup artist on a table.

Later, Yolanda gets her award and Kyle cries and feels bad for doubting her.  It was a rather moving event.  But one has to member that there is a difference between Lyme Disease and CHRONIC Lyme Disease.  And have you noticed that Yolanda no longer refers to her illness as Chronic Lyme anymore, now it’s Neurological Lyme Disease.   I’d love to have compassion for Yolanda, but every day it’s something more illogical. Lately it has been “severe brain inflammation!”

Back in Beverly Hills, LVP explains that she had to bail on the Lyme Drama because she needed to fly to London to get her passport renewed. Which reminds me, I need to do the same. But not in London.  She also gives Max a brand new Jeep for all of his hard work at PUMP.

The ladies do their usual insane packing scenes with their husbands.  Or Gay Glam Squad. Much ado is being made about Dubai being in middle eastern country and they may all be locked up abroad. Ridiculous. Erika has a “look book” and is bringing her Gay Glam Squad without telling the other ladies. She is just going to fly them over separately. Continue reading


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Brandi Glanville Has Dean Sheremet On Her Podcast To Reminisce About Divorce

RHOBH Brandi 2
Brandi has Leann Rimes’s ex-husband, Dean Sheremet,  on her podcast this week and for some reason, Entertainment Tonight is previewing on their show. It seems, Brandi has a gotten herself a great publicist. Brandi also knows to continuous go back to the well off “Leann stole my husband” gossip to cash in on those ratings. She knows that all of Leann’s fans will tune in to her podcast for ammo to blast her with later. So of course Brandi begins by saying how much it bothers her when people say that someone stole her husband because the husband has to be willing to go, and Dean says that looking back seven years later, he understands that he probably irritated Leann a little bit. He acknowledges his role in the breakup of his marriage. He says that two people are responsible for the demise of a marriage. Brandi doesn’t jump in to agree. And honestly, if the husband is out cheating the entire marriage as Eddie was, then it’s hard to blame the wife. Even if it is Brandi.

Brandi’s publicist has also been working overtime this week making sure she gets papped at pre Grammy parties and the like. It would not surprise me if Brandi ended up back on RHOBH at some point.  I know she pops in with Kim Richards this season, but I’m not sure that Bravo is really done exploiting either of their drinking problems.

In the podcast, Dean and Brandi reminisce about being in Canada when Eddie and Leann were filming together and the time when they knew their marriages were over. It’s the story about when they were all playing pool that we’ve heard how many times before? And yet, I transcribed part of it for the Redcoats and the Aussies who are often video challenged here.  Because I’m known for my international diplomacy. And because I’m hoping to return some of their citizens to them, and this builds goodwill. :)

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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: It’s My Party and I’ll be C**** if I Want To!

RHOBH Lisa Vanderpump Freeze

by Guest Contributor Ben C.

Cryotherapy sessions, throwing cheap handbag shade, out of town trips, and patting the puss is how Real Housewives of Beverly Hills got her groove back. Sure, there’s still a bit too much debate of Yolanda’s health happening, but the rest is what we all love to see. The women being silly, having fun (most of the time) and doing things we don’t all do in normal, everyday life (have lunch and complain about people.) It’s refreshing and feeling like a throwback. Everybody loves a good throwback.

Let’s get started, shall we?

Kyle and Lisa V meet Yolanda (and Daisy, Yolanda’s ‘helper’) for a group Cryotherapy session.

Yolanda claims Cryotherapy is one of the “fun things” she gets to do every week. Yolanda likens it to standing inside a box that’s below freezing, and coming out like a frozen popsicle. She thinks it’s funny the other ladies came in makeup, jewels and heels. Apparently, she claims the experience is about being “naked, raw & freezing to death together.” The Cryotherapy ‘nurse’ tells the ladies it’s -147 degrees celsius inside the chamber. The ladies change into bathrobes, and take turns standing inside the cylinder. Vanderpump bares all for the cameras, and throws her robe off before the door to the chamber is even shut. Of course, Lisa and Kyle scream and make a scene – while Yolanda “takes it like a woman” (her words) and enjoys not one, but two rounds.  Kyle compares it to skiing down a mountain in Aspen, stark naked, in a blizzard. She thinks she’s got frostbite on her ass.

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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: Pony Shows and Marital Woes

RHOBH Lisa horse


By Ben C

HELLO BEVERLY HILLS! It’s time for my ladies from up the street and around the corner! Was it me or did this episode drag on for hours? I may be in the minority, but I’d like to see less filler & more wine throwing #JusticeForBrandi

We open with Miniature-Horse-Gate round 2. Lisa V. has a friend, Hank, who brings not one ,but TWO mini-horses in the trunk of a damn oversized SUV. Basically the equivalent of two barn animals rolling up to your house in an Uber car. Apparently, they were “calmer on the plane in a pair” – I’m currently picturing two mini-horses living the good life, sipping champagne on a private jet. Lisa V. is completely over the moon. Seems much more like a present she is receiving, rather than giving someone. Who the hell is taking care of these horses? Where are these horses living? Somebody Google ‘can mini-horses sleep in bed with you’ and get back to me.

The two mini-horses walk right over the bridge into the house and start to explore the living room. In her talking head, Lisa explains the horses have the right to be in the house just as much as any person does! Oh, Lisa. #LisasArc Continue reading


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