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Famously Single Recap: “Life Is Not Fair!”

Famously Single

Yesterday was a very busy (and record breaking) day on  and last night as I was trying to wind down I happened to notice an old post from 2012  trending. Apparently, there was a late night insurgence of people Googling the phrase, “I Hate Audrey O’Day” so let me type it again to attract more like minded individuals.  And that is why recapping this episode suddenly surged in priority to ASAP, which is now.  Unfortunately, I was out renewing my car tags and getting emissions tests and going into a gas station swarming with cops most of the day followed by sibling phone catchups. So I’m here now, and I’m on it!

Oh this will be good. I had forgotten that we left off with the lab rats about to be confronted by under cover dating coaches who witnessed their crappy behavior in the club the night before. You must read about that!  This should be gooood.

The hot guy that Aubrey blew off mid-conversation was kind to her but told her that common courtesy requires some sort of “good bye” or “it was nice to meet you.” Aubrey finds this to be unnecessary.

Willis actually asked the female dating coach to join him in the bathroom of the club for sex within seconds of talking to her.

Calum seems to have charmed the dating coach when the cameras were off but as soon as the cameras were on he immediately said, ” I don’t have to explain anything to you!” and walked off. Normally, I would think the guys would turn ON the charm for the cameras. But this makes me think he has a girlfriend and doesn’t want to get caught picking someone up in a bar.

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Brandi Glanville’s New Show, Famously Single, Premieres

Famously Single
Yikes! I had to endure two full minutes of Botched before this show started and now I’m not sure I will see the end of the show. I’m not really sure that I want to watch this show. I find Aubrey O’Day  to be even more hateable  than Brandi. I feel bad that Pauly D hooks up with her and is still seeing her. Although Brandi and Calum seem to have some sort of a thing going on, they live on separate continents so it’s not that serious.  But they do text a lot.

The new shrink is Dr. Darcy Sterling. She dresses a lot like Brandi, I’m just pointing that out already. She greets Brandi first. Brandi says she got a divorce because her husband like a variety of pussy an not just one. She says she is still single because she sabotages relationships when the guy gives any indication of cheating. Who knew I had something in common with Brandi? Except for me, it’s not just cheating.  It’s lying and betrayal of any sort.

Next is Jessica White.  I have no idea who she is but I always think it is funny when black people have the last name “White” and when white people have the last name “Black.” She’s a “supermodel.” I also feel like supermodels must be just gagging on their geritol at this young crop of women who all claim to be supermodels.  She seems like a starfucker.

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WWHL With Brandi Glanville and Shervin Roohparvar

WWHL Brandi calum

Andy began with a solemn speech about the murders of the LGBT members and friends in Orlando. He was a bit teary eyed but on with the show we must go.  It’s just so heartbreaking.

Shervin won’t admit that Mike cheated ?!  What the hell is wrong with him? There are women coming out of the woodwork with tales of his cheating. And hotel employees.

Brandi accuses Shervin of being gay. Then says she was joking.

Calum Best is the bartender.

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RHOBH Reunion Part 3 Recap: Apologies Not Included

RHOBH reunion looks
I am once again very behind because I thought this was coming on at 9 p.m.  Did they move it for Below Deck Mediterranean?  I can’t wait for the new Below Deck. But first we have to get through this.

We begin with LVP’s dramatic revelation of being in an abusive relationship. Andy thinks it is odd that she didn’t share this information when others were talking about abusive relationships.  Odd indeed. Kathryn says that LVP has been very vulnerable with her a couple of times. Eileen says that LVP has a lot more compassion for dogs than she does for people. Andy is not ride or die for LVP in this episode, that is for sure. Andy keeps asking LVP if she has a hard time apologizing.

Erika goes after Kathryn for her backstabbing ways. Oh wait, first we have to debate if it’s okay to use certain words. #WordPolice  Erika points out that Kathryn called LVP a “harmless old lady.” Kathryn denies it. Erika reads Kathryn for filth.

Yolanda talks about all of LVPs manipulations. A viewer wants to know why Tom calling her an alligator didn’t bother her but everyone saying she is a spider in her web. Kathryn says she has never heard LVP say a bad word about anything. Was that before or after she got hearing aids? Because everyone else’s jaw dropped at this ludicrous form of sucking up. Can we people move on? EVERYONE with a brain knows that LVP is the biggest manipulator of them all and quite quick to make nasty comments about others. The only reason why we are having another bash LVP reunion is because on occasion certain casts feel the need to point it out for those random watchers who are slow on the uptake.

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Here Is How The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Works: An Abridged History

Taylor Armstrong Joins the Girls from RHOBH in Vegas

It occurred to me yesterday as I spent five and a half hours getting a haircut and some highlights (I look fabulous but Jesus Christ on a cracker, how do these housewives abide sitting for hours with a chair while people fuck with their hair and makeup?) it occurred to me that a lot of commenters here have either not watched RHOBH from the beginning, or see every season in isolation from the previous ones.  Others just pick their pony ( or mini-horse or swan) whenever they began watching and defend that person to the death. I do not understand this viewing method as it is just not how life works in general with a group of women, and it certainly isn’t things evolve on reality shows.  In any group of women, in a sorority, in the junior league, in an office setting,  friendships change and develop and are influenced by the introduction of new members and the departure of old ones. On reality TV people come in one way on their first season and can be a completely different person on their second season. Kenya Moore came in batshit crazy and then toned it down for season two. Thus I hated her season one and have enjoyed her more and Moore as the season’s progress.  Camille Grammar season one was not the same Camille Grammar we had in season two. Those are extreme examples, but in general you never see the season one personality of anyone by the second season. The longer people are on, the more they understand the game.


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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: Lymes In The Sand


RHOBH Erika Table


Tonight, we have to suffer through Yolanda’s ridiculous Lifetime Achievement Award for Suffering In Silence On Her Journey To The Center Of The Lyme.  We start with Yolanda telling a makeup artist that she has not worn makeup in 11 months, no three years. Does she not know how ridiculous this sounds?  And Erika poses for random photos for her makeup artist on a table.

Later, Yolanda gets her award and Kyle cries and feels bad for doubting her.  It was a rather moving event.  But one has to member that there is a difference between Lyme Disease and CHRONIC Lyme Disease.  And have you noticed that Yolanda no longer refers to her illness as Chronic Lyme anymore, now it’s Neurological Lyme Disease.   I’d love to have compassion for Yolanda, but every day it’s something more illogical. Lately it has been “severe brain inflammation!”

Back in Beverly Hills, LVP explains that she had to bail on the Lyme Drama because she needed to fly to London to get her passport renewed. Which reminds me, I need to do the same. But not in London.  She also gives Max a brand new Jeep for all of his hard work at PUMP.

The ladies do their usual insane packing scenes with their husbands.  Or Gay Glam Squad. Much ado is being made about Dubai being in middle eastern country and they may all be locked up abroad. Ridiculous. Erika has a “look book” and is bringing her Gay Glam Squad without telling the other ladies. She is just going to fly them over separately. Continue reading


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