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RHOBH Bravo Blogs… It’s A Slow Week

Photo of Kyle in Spain.. Instagram

Photo of Kyle in Spain.. Instagram

So at the end of the week, I start to run out of interesting things to talk to you guys about and rely on the Bravo blogs for new talking points. This week is kind of a bust. Or maybe I’m just not in the right mood. There was nothing but nice things being said about Bella’s indiscretion, about Brooke’s wedding and Monty’s health. Kyle did mention the trip to Mallorca was cut short do to a sudden downturn in Monty’s health and everything was quickly moved up to insure his participation.  Everyone said nice things about Lisa’s star on the Palm Springs walk of fame. Lisa Rinna even said nice things about Kim and her daughter’s wedding. It was all very pleasant.

Yet in more than one blog they try to get us to brace ourselves for the drama to come. Well, I’m ready for it to come! So bring it on. Meanwhile, here are two tidbits worth mentioning from this weeks RHOBH Blogs. A sad one from Eileen, and a funny one from Kyle Continue reading

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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

RHobh CastHi, it’s me, Tamara.  I’ll be your blogger for the evening but I just had a heavy conversation and completely forgot to set up the technical crap for this blog. So apologies in advance for sucking. And newbies can not waste their time telling me how poorly written is. :) So I had an extra hour to drink and I’m really kind of off tonight. I’m afraid of my neighbors and now of my neighborhood.  I think it may be time for me to move and I can’t sell. So I may look into renting this place.


Anyway we are back to Yo dealing with Bella getting a DUI. Wow Yo is totally lying about what happened. Yo’s version is Bella had a glass of wine and decided to the gas station (WTF?) and go stopped. Um real version is Bella blew through a stop sign and almost hit A COP CAR. and blew a .14 nearly twice the legal limit for an ADULT. She was also driving on a suspended license.  Yolanda is full of shit.

Yo thanks David for being  a great step dad.


Eileen’s niece was her nanny for years. Eileen says when she tried to quit acting Vince was fine. Until he wasn’t so she went back to work on Y&R AND DOOL!

Eillen has always taken her kid to work at Y&R .  lots of love triange scenes. Continue reading


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Eileen Davidson Introduces Us To Her Family Dynamics

RHOBH Pay Attention to Me Episode 3 Eileen


I am so happy with the casting of the new girls this season. Though I hated to see Joyce go, and thought both she and Carlton deserved another season to settle in, these two just seem to fit. At least so far. This week, Eileen gives up some insight into her family life and what it’s like being married to Vincent Van Patten!

From Eileen’s Blog:

OMG! What am I wearing at our kids pool party?! It looks more like The Beverly Hillbillies than The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills! Those kids scramble my brains and my fashion choices! Speaking of which, those adorable girls are Jesse’s cousins, Sophie, Maddie, Veronica, and Audrey, and my niece Devon. We adore them and we see them as often as possible. And of course our Wheaten, Charlotte (from Dog Whisperer fame). Continue reading


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Yolanda Foster Shares Her Feelings on Bella’s DUI



(via twitter)

(via twitter)

I think we were all surprised to see that Bella Hadid’s DUI was included in the filming of RHOBH. I’m not really sure that was necessary. It seems that it will be Yolanda’s storyline for the next episode, where we see Yolanda and David discussing the situation on camera.

Here are Yolanda’s raw, heartfelt feelings on the entire ordeal. …

When my phone rang and I heard David’s voice, I knew in my gut something was really wrong. My adrenaline started rushing through my body, and the greatest panic attack of my life set in, like a train ran over my heart. “DUI……….”, “drinking and driving………….” OMG, what if she had hurt someone?! What if she had crashed and gotten killed?! My “what if” button went from zero to 10 in a split second, because my greatest fear is to lose any of my children in a car accident the way I lost my father when I was only seven years old.

All of a sudden this picturesque day on this gorgeous yacht just made me feel like a fish out of water. I have never experienced something like this, so I wasn’t ready to share this news with Kyle and her family until I could understand what was happening and understand it in my own head. I had to get off of the boat and walk and pace until my nerves could calm down. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

RHobh CastI am obsessed with losing badly at a new game I found called Just Words that you can play free on your laptop here. It’s Scrabble only you can’t put letters on both side of a word which makes it harder. And the dictionary they use is stupid but there is no penalty if you try a word that isn’t a real word. Anyway. Sorry, I did not preload for this episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills  so it will take longer than usual.

Kyle goes to meet Kim who is sick and so are all of her kids. But she has to go see her mother of the bride dress and stuff. She is terrified of getting sick before her vacation to Spain but if she doesn’t go Kim will not get paid for this episode so, she dashes in and out.

Brandi is doing a podcast these days. Is that a lucrative thing? I’m serious I don’t know. Anyway the podcast guy is wants to advertise more but since it is Brandi Unfiltered he wants to make it more “family friendly.”  Um, no. Don’t do that Brandi. You are not a family friendly person. I don’t mean that in a bad way. But if a podcast is anything like a blog, you don’t get viewers by trying to please everyone. Don’t ask me how I know this. Be your usual unfiltered trash mouthed self. I promise you will do much better as you than worrying about offending people. Because  offending people is half the fun. I would not change a thing. Of course she says she will filter herself for financial gain. Sigh.

Why is Mauricio says he is trying to be sure he has the “right passports?” Um… a) does he have a stash of “wrong passports” because you turn the old one in when you get a new one and (TWO)  Aren’t they rich people that travel all the time? I know right where my “right passport” is at all times in case the Zombie Apocalypse comes and I have to book somewhere. Continue reading


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East Coast Meets West Coast at Rockefeller Tree Lighting

Kyle Mauricio Melissa and Joe


Kyle Richards and Melissa Gorga and their spouses attended the NYC tree lighting this week and ended up spending some time together.  Noticeably absent were the RHONJ convicted felons. It was clear at the reunion that Teresa wanted nothing to do with her brother and sister-in-law.  Teresa refused to even look at Melissa and was snappy with Joe Gorga.  I don’t expect those siblings to be in the same family drawing for secret Santa this year. Kyle was in NYC to be on WWHL and to do a bit of Christmas shopping. Do we recognize any of the faces behind them?


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Brandi Glanville Is Just Like Princess Diana, If Princess Di Was Bad At Math

Drunk Brandi

Brandi Glanville’s blog is four pages long this week.  You know how I sometimes take two hours to write a RHOA blog because there is a lot of funny dialogue I need to recap? I don’t usually edit my recaps because I learned long ago you guys want them fast more than you want the grammatically correct with perfect spelling and no typos.  But on those long complicated ones, if you pay close attention, you will notice that the sentence structure and clarity sometimes gets worse toward the end. That a sure sign that I am sipping some vino throughout the process. I think this might explain Brandi’s blog this week.

She starts off being oddly complimentary for Brandi. She talks about how pretty Lisa Rinna is and how she loves that Lisa likes porn. She compliments Kim Richards and Yolanda Foster for their grace in dealing with major illnesses in their families. She throws a little shade Kyle’s direction by saying she will not say anything about how others choose to raise their children. She throws some strange shade at Eileen when she wonders why she would be on a reality show if she didn’t love the attention. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (Recap) Pay Attention to Me!

RHOBH Pay Attention to Me Episode 3 Eileen

Lisa Rinna

It’s her birthday! She is going to dinner at PUMP. Harry is late to dinner because he is flying in from Vancouver. Kyle tells the story about how she met Mauricio when she was engaged to another man. They met at a party and she turned her ring around so he would not notice. The then fiancé was a news reporter for CBS and was 24 years older than she was.

Lisa Rinna says when she met Harry he was married. She was working at an eyeglass store and he came in to pick up his glasses. He was married to Nicolette Sheridan but she had recently left him to run off with Michael Bolton. Twenty one years later she ran into Michael Bolton and thanked him for making it possible for her to be with Harry and have two beautiful daughters. Then Harry shows up looking hot as hell. He’s so dreamy. He also arrives with a GIANT Cartier bag with a ring box inside a big box. It’s a lovely simple gold double band ring.

Lisa Rinna meets Eileen Davidson for lunch. They talk about old times and working together 20 years ago on Days of Our Lives. Continue reading


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Lisa Vanderpump Shares Her Views on Vanderpump Rules

Lisa Pumo Rules Sur

Lisa Vanderpump’s Vlog on Vanderpump Rules this week is..amusing.

Hi. I’m Lisa Vanderpump and welcome to my video blog.

Why do you keep saying this? IDGI

I have a panic attack every time I go into the building site and see what I have to accomplish.

No. No you do not. You get overwhelmed at the thought of building a new business. That is not a panic attack. If you had ever had a panic attack you would not make such patently stupid statements about them.

Life is about overcoming your panic attacks, not running away from them. I really feel for Katie when I see this interaction between her and Schwartz, because it’s not just about the job. It’s about the fact that maybe he’s never going to grow up, and he’s never going to commit to anything. And I think this was really a moment of realization for her.

Come now, he seems pretty committed to Jax.  Speaking of Jax, why do you overlook all of his character flaws? Continue reading


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Will We See Don Johnson on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills This Season?

Don Johnson Home


Word on the curb is that we will be seeing Don Johnson on RHOBH this season. He has listed his property in Montecito with The Agency , Mauricios’s agency.  Um, Montecito is about 90 miles away from Beverly Hills. Mauricio is NOT the listing agent. Don Johnson just bought his place last year, but he needs a new place to have horses on the property. He didn’t know he needed a horse barn last year?  Maybe that sweet ranch property that Ellen DeGeneres flipped in Hidden Valley is back on the market. Or maybe he just wants to be on RHOBH?  We shall see if this listing makes the edit or hits the editing room floor.


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards is married to real estate mogul, Mauricio Umansky. His agency, called The Agency of Beverly Hills, has been selected to sell the estate of actor Don Johnson (Miami Vice, Nash Bridges). Johnson’s French country farmhouse in Montecito, California is listing for $14.9 million. Don’t worry, Johnson hasn’t gone bankrupt like Burt Reynolds. Johnson and his wife of 15 years, Kelley Phleger, bought the 11,229-square-foot estate in 2013 but the couple is “unable to house their horses on the three-acre estate, required them to board their horses off the property.” Continue reading


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When Brandi Glanville and Lisa Rinna Have Their Blow Up, Whose side will Yo and Kim Be On?


Everyone seems to have positive things to say about Lisa Rinna in their Bravo blogs this week. However, Brandi Glanville makes a point of letting us know her friendliness toward Lisa Rinna will be short lived. Brandi’s two remaining allies on the show, Yolanda and Kim seem to be taking opposite positions. Yolanda joins the chorus singing the praises of Lisa Rinna. Kim Richards is the only one without her hymnal open. Kim has not even mentioned her. May she has not met her yet.  I suppose Kim and Brandi will bond over their dislike for her this season.

And everyone seems to be forecasting stormy times ahead…

Yolanda says:

It just feels right this season. Like I mentioned before, Lisa R. and Eileen add an authentic and substantial new flavor to our group that will be exciting for you to see. The sooner the rest of us can move on from wasting more breath on beaten-to-death past issues, the better.

Lisa R. is a fascinating chameleon that has been able to keep reinventing herself to stay relevant in such a challenging profession, and I love that she is proud to do whatever it takes to keep on laughing her way to the bank. A woman after my own heart. Continue reading


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A Peek Into The Sudden New Friendship Between Brandi Glanville and Kim Richards

No fun to be sober

Gif by RealityTVGIFs a GIF blog by T. Kyle MacMahon on Tumblr

Is it just me or is Brandi and Kim sort of an awkward pairing? I’m pretty sure when you are sober, especially newly sober, hanging around with someone who drinks, a lot, is probably not a good idea. I wonder how many times Brandi and J.R. (the age appropriate one) will break up and make up this season. The fact that J.R. was filmed during the last episode assures us we will be seeing more of him. And Brandi’s blog foreshadows that eventuality…

Kim decides we should stalk J.R., because in her head, if I were to see him with the “other woman” then I will somehow get completely over him. It didn’t really make sense to me, but I was sure it would be an adventure. I honestly have never stalked anyone before, but I assumed we would be wearing black and trying to go unnoticed. I arrive at Kim’s house, and she is wearing a bright yellow shirt, white jeans, and tons of jewels and tells me she has costumes for us to put on. I’m game, because we always have fun together, though I’m not really sure that I want to see J.R. with the “other woman,” but at least I have Jake Ryan to keep my mind off the deceit and heart break. As I have always said, “If he cheats with you, he will cheat on you,” so I decide to try and put J.R. (the older one) in my past once and for all (or so I thought). Continue reading


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