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A Tamara Tattles Reader Transcribes an LA News Report on Kim Richards



It seems like L.A. is not supporting Kim Richards either.

A reader sent this in as a transcript of a KTTV Fox 11 5 pm broadcast, today

click through to read! Continue reading


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Let’s Look At What TMZ Is Saying About Kim Richards


Okay, I am going to need to break this latest TMZ article about Kim Richards down. TMZ has the best sources on the Internet. But no sources are infallible, and in this case there are factually incorrect statements and some crazy opinions. That tends to happen when Brandi Glanville is your source.  So please allow me to get out my purple pen. All the quoted material comes form TMZ.  

“Kim Richards just broke from stress when she was arrested early Thursday at the swanky Beverly Hills Hotel. Sources very close to Kim as well as sources connected with “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” tell TMZ, she was unable to cope with some pretty terrible things going on in her life”

Kim was not sober when she was on RHOBH this season. Her lack of sobriety, sober coach,  recovery program, and denial she was struggling with her sobriety was her entire storyline.  There was no “break” at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

Sources very close to Kim and RHOBH would be Brandi. This is become even more evident later. Brandi is once again excusing Kim’s behavior. Continue reading


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Kim Richards Arrested for Drunk and Disorderly!

I am not struggling with my sobriety!

I am not struggling with my sobriety!

Kim Richards has been arrested and charged with trespass, resisting arrest, battery on a police officer and public drunk.  I am running later for a doctor’s appointment  so I am just going to throw up the E!  report I was just emailed.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star was arrested early Thursday morning at the Beverly Hills Hotel, E! News confirms.

According to officials, the Beverly Hills Police were called around 1:30 a.m. by security in response to a reported fight, where Richards was described as belligerent with slurred speech and wreaking of a strong odor of alcohol.

Per police, Richards was initially in the bathroom and refused to come out, but she was eventually brought to the Beverly Hills Police Station for booking. She is currently in the process of being released.  Continue reading


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Kim Richards Sued For Dog Bite Of Longtime Friend

Kim Richard's Twitter

Kim Richard’s Twitter

I received a present in my inbox today! I love presents. This present was all of the court documents related to Kim Richard’s former friend who was viciously attacked in March of 2014 by Kingsley. Her friend since childhood is suing Kim and Evolution Productions for negligence and fraud among other things and is seeking damages for several things including emotional and physical pain an suffering as well as court costs, attorneys fees and so forth.
Having read all the documents, I will say that the Evolution lawyers are really smart. It is actually one of the best written legal motions I have ever read. It should be used in textbooks in perpetuity. Sorry, I get excited by a well written motion.   Rozario’s lawyer looks like David next to the legal Goliath that is representing Evolution.  I have no idea if Evolutions motion to dismiss was granted, but it certainly should be. They have no legal standing in the case.
Let’s take a look at the specifics.

Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion Part 3 Recap

RHOBH Reunion Kim Brandi Rinna

Here we go. The final RHOBH Reunion episode. We start with all the discussion of vaginas and such. I just don’t know women who talk about vaginas all the time.

Andy goes straight to the texts from Lisa to Kim. One says ” Be very careful or I will fuck you up! You be nice to your sister! You believe her and stop telling lies! In that order. Thanks.”  The next one says, “You need to get wise. Brandi is not telling the truth. She is lying. I should have said that to you in that moment, but I didn’t want another Amsterdam to happen, and it would have.” A third says, “Your behavior and the way you treat people is not okay. You are nasty and you need to be stopped now.” As she is reading these, Rinna is giving Kim a look that could kill. Kim said she really got frightened. Oh please. A fifth grader could break Rinna in half like a twig.

Andy asks what made Rinna send the texts. Rinna says that she has an issue with people shushing her. And she wanted to get her feelings out. Her father used to shush her all the time. It’s one of her hot buttons. Kim says she thinks Lisa Rinna probably has record for violent crime. Andy finally sticks up for Rinna. FINALLY. Rinna is crying which is the perfect excuse for Eileen to flee the left couch for the right on. She also sticks up for Rinna. Rinna apologizes to Kim AGAIN. Oddly, after mocking Rinna for a full three minutes. Kim gets up and walks over to hug Rinna. We are already at full bore crazy. Continue reading


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Lisa Vanderpump Explains How Reality Shows Work…To Kim?

RHOBH Brandi Olive Branch

Time to take the purple pen to Lisa Vanderpump’s blog. Apologies if I am a bit harsher than you would like.

Aargh here we are again. As I sit here in the waiting room as my husband undergoes surgery for another hip replacement, I ponder and reflect on the truly important things in life, and what have I learnt over the last few years?

That when you marry a much older man you eventually spend a lot of time playing nursemaid?  That swans may look regal but they are mean as fuck and shit everywhere?  That when a waitress starts rumbling about sexual harassment you might want to have a plan in place to deal with such things as quickly and quietly as possible so you don’t end up losing the whole restaurant?

I know that participating in a reality show has been a learning curve for sure, how remaining stalwart in my resolve, to expose all aspects of my life and learn from the consequences…Even moments in our off-time–Kyle and I in the dressing room–are an accurate depiction of our relationship: laughter, good-natured banter that you would never in a million years dream would be aired.

Both of you seem so shocked to discover that a man was standing there with a big camera and another dude was holding a giant boom over your heads.  I get it, you didn’t think it would be that interesting. I think it was the whole LVP talks about diarrhea thing that interested production.  Continue reading


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Kyle Weighs In on Brandi and Kim’s Behavior At The Reunion

Photo of Kyle in Spain.. Instagram

Photo of Kyle in Spain.. Instagram


This week Kyle makes up for missing last week by giving us a double dose of RHOBH reunion reactions.

I’m so sorry about not writing my blog last week. My kids have been on spring break, and the last thing I wanted to do was think of the reunion and all of the emotions that I felt that day. I have been trying to put it behind me, but obviously it’s not easy to do when it’s played out all over again. I will do my best to combine last week and this week but not go on too much.

Seeing Yolanda so weak and vulnerable was so sad! She is always such a pillar of strength that all of us were taken aback to see her in such a fragile state. Continue reading


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Brandi’s Ghost Writer May Be Dumber Than Brandi…


Hello Bravoistas,

It’s a sunny day in Southern Cali, and I’m having fun hanging with my BFF Darrin. It’s our birthday shopping day, which is always fun.

You know who refers to L.A. as “Southern Cali?” Someone from New Orleans.  Apparently, when the boys are on spring break with Eddie and Leann, there is no need for an ode to the two little spawn for public relations purposes. Also, stop trying to make Bravoistas work.

Argh, the reunion. What is there to say? It was as fun for me to endure then as it was for me to relive a second time for you all. Ha, clearly I’m kidding! Watching it unfold as opposed to experiencing it only makes me wish I had a second chance to ignore those who didn’t deserve an answer. I’m combative by nature but tired of the game.

I see we have given up even the smallest attempt at writing in the voice of a drunken 40 something with the IQ of a parasitic nematode. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion Part 2 Recap: Winner, Lisa Rinna


We start this episode with Andy asking a stupid question. Raise your hand if you are shocked. I see no hands. He asks Eileen why such an awarding winning actress would do RHOBH. Um, Andy, you pay these hyenas way more than actual trained actors make. Which by the way is the whole OPPOSITE of the point of doing reality TV shows. They are supposed to work for peanuts.

They play a montage that is heavy on the fact that Eileen has an Emmy. Both Kim and Brandi are throwing up a little bit in their mouths. THIS is what jealousy looks like. A viewer ask, “You were a fan of Eileen before the show, what do you think of her without a script.” Brandi says, “I don’t really think of her.” You know except for every waking moment. Eileen was said she thought Brandi was funny when they first met and then the wine toss just put a kink in things. Eileen says that there were many ramifications about Brandi’s comments about her being a homewrecker. People started calling Vince’s ex-wife trying to get tabloid stories. She had to have unpleasant conversations with her children. Brandi seems incredulous that her behavior had ramifications for Eileen. Brandi says it was always already on the Internet. Eileen says that she is great friends with Vince’s ex-wife.  Eileen tells Brandi to shut the fuck up. They exchange several rounds of fuck yous! Eileen is on the verge of tears.  Brandi looks awful and not just on the exterior. Brandi goes in on LVP about being friends with Kyle. Lisa Rinna and Brandi are arguing at a decibel only dogs can hear. Rinna freaks out and says that Brandi needs to be shut down. Brandi says Rinna needs to change her Depends because she is so full of shit. This is too much to give you all the blow by blows but it is bang away on Brandi time and not in the way she is used to. Rinna says fuck you (that is two housewives to tell her that within five minutes.)  Brandi makes another Depends jab and Rinna responds with, “Where is your tampon endorsement!” I die. Continue reading


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Lisa Vanderpump Says Brandi Has an Idiotic Perception of Reality.

RHOBH Brandi Olive Branch

LVP doesn’t even bother to pretend she likes Brandi in this week’s Blog.

The reasoning behind the reunion is for all the feelings that have manifested over the past nine months to come to the surface, an emotional pregnancy born out of the complicated relationship between us women. Feelings that have simmered for many weeks as we witness what each have said then start rising to the top and sometimes boil over.

Jesus, LVP are you using a ghosty now too? “an emotional pregnancy born out of the complicated relationship between us women….”? It’s a reality blog, not Creative Writing 301.

This was not a demanding season for me. I almost had some sort of reprieve after last year, but I identified with the feelings of trepidation in some others as Andy introduces us. As always, a spark of honesty as I state sarcastically, “My favorite day of the year.”
This year I felt drastically different than last. I wasn’t of the mind to digest any of the nonsense that potentially would be spewed by some. I felt almost a certain vindication as I knew there were some whom had done an excellent job of exposing themselves.
I felt sympathy for Yolanda as I could see a genuine struggle with composure as Andy asked after her welfare. Life has been challenging of late for her, and I could see that clearly.

I can recall two RHOBH reunions where LVP had it really rough. It’s about time Brandi has her turn. Continue reading


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Brandi Thinks She is Smarter Than Kyle?



Hey, y’all sorry for the delay, I’ve been a bit under the weather the past few days. Most of it self-inflicted due to my terrible choices in diet and exercise lately and not taking my supplements. I am trying to get back on the good foot. I need a supplement that makes you want to exercise and take your supplements. Anyway, several of you are emailing me about Brandi’s blog this week so I shall whip out my trusty purple pen and take a look. It’s in the plan to recap Real Housewives of Melbourne tonight. But I am exhausted from a day in THE WORLD and if this coffee doesn’t kick in, the narcolepsy may win out. :)

First I snipped the weird “I am a great mother” crap from the beginning and the end of this blog. Kristine seems very fixated on making sure we all know that Brandi boys groceries for the boys. Seriously. As if this is a mother of the year move. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion Part 1 Recap: The Lyin’

Seriously? They are going to do blondes versus brunettes? Just ridiculous.

This is why elementary school teachers learn to line their kids up by height so school picture day will not look like this. How much did Andy pay for that ill fitting suit?

It’s kind of ironic that some of my favorite people are Brandiloons. It’s even more ironic that my oldest and dearest Brandiloon has a) Given up alcohol for Lent …and stuck with it unlike me and (2) Is claiming she is not going to watch the reunion. I would suggest that she, and all of my sweet, deluded Brandiloon friends avoid reading this recap as well. The Brandiloons seem to all have a deep Anglophile streak so perhaps something interesting is on BBC this evening.

Brandi’s face. It’s just. I can’t believe people pay to have that done. What a dorky opening. Then he starts right away with other peoples questions (He’ down with OPQ).  Kim is in Sharknado 3 (sounds like Kathy is calling in favors). Someone wants to know how the most Eileen has ever won on a sports bet. She says she has lost several thousand and won several thousand it all evens out. Good answer for the IRS.  BTW When I had a big win in Tunica they bring out the chips in dramatic fashion with guards and then you sign away your taxes and pay them right there. Brandi describes Kenya as very, very, smart, a little bit crazy and evil. Which is of course why Kenya is my spirit animal.  Another fun TT fact: Kenya tweeted me about buying furniture in Atlanta last weekend. I’m sure she has no idea that her haters think she pays me to say nice things about her. But that fanned the flames as I knew it would.  OTOH, DID I MENTION KENYA MOORE TWEETED ME! #Dead Continue reading


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