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Lisa Rinna Calls It Like She Sees It

RHOBH Lisa Rinna


The RHOBH blogs are not particularly interesting this week. Brandi, author of two books about her drinking, seems to be offended that Lisa Rinna thinks she has a drinking problem. She thinks that Lisa should have brought that to her attention privately. I wonder what it is like to live in Brandi’s world.

Lisa Rinna’s blog is spot on this week. She really has a good grasp on the situation and understands the dynamics between the players. It surely didn’t take her long to understand the craziness that is RHOBH and understand who is worth her time and who is not. I love that she is not excusing Kim or Brandi for the blatant disrespect at Eileen’s party.  Do you agree with Lisa’s point of view? Continue reading


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Kim Richard’s Explains Her Hospital Stay

KIm in the hospital in August 2014

KIm in the hospital in August 2014

First of all, apologies for all of the moderated comments. I am working with someone from WordPress to resolve the problem while still insulating us from those we would rather not comment with. It’s been a process. I appreciate you being patient. Also, yesterday and today I had real world events to deal with (nothing major) that required me to be away from the site for awhile. I promise to put your comments through as soon as possible. Sometimes, I have to leave them in there until the “happiness engineer” can take a look at what is happening.  I promise I am working on it, and it is a high priority for me.

Now on to this post. Kim Richards is once again blogging about her hospital stay. I am curious what you guys think about the excerpt below. I am particularly interested in those of you with a medical background. Have a read and please sign off in comments. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: It’s Just A Scratch

RHOBH Just a Scratch

We begin with the physical altercation between Brandi and Kyle in which a perfectly good piece of pizza was thrown to the ground. Kim recognizes the severity of the issue when she asks what happened to her slice and Brandi nonchalantly admits to throwing it on the ground. Kyle and Kim have a discussion in high pitched crying voices that makes zero sense. The two new girls creep around trying to listen outside the line of fire.  Brandi, realizing that she is not on camera once again tries to insert herself into a conversation between the two sisters. Lisa tries to get Brandi away from them and Kim’s cheese slides even further off her cracker. She is now accusing Lisa of saying something to Kyle about the car ride from hell.

Brandi grabs Kyle by the wrists and yells at her. I would have punched her right then and there. BAM! Right in the kisser. Brandi continues to scream at Kyle saying she does nothing for her sister and is never there for her. Vince is hilariously peeping through the garage door window. Brandi gives talking heads where she says Kyle is a worthless sister. Brandi whines about a scratch on her arm. She says it is swelling and she is going to kill Kyle. Eileen says, “How about a little Neosporin? Get a grip!”  I love Eileen.

Lisa rides home with Kyle who is still crying. Kim seems to want to leave with Kyle but Brandi is literally holding her back and telling her Kyle is a bad person. What a fucking loser Brandi is.

The two addicts leave together. Brandi tells Kim she is not making sense. Lisa tells Kyle that Brandi needs rehab. Kim has no idea where she is or what just happened. It’s all very sad.

Eileen and Vince drink some wine after everyone left. Eileen has sisters and she has been in fights with her sisters before but not as grown ass women. Vince is flabbergasted. Continue reading


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Kim RIchards Guest Stars On Revenge, As a Coke Head Socialite


I used to be really into Revenge and even recapped it here from time to time but I’ve grown bored with it. I still tape it and sort of half watch it. It’s just sort of jumped the shark for me.  I don’t have any idea why Nolan is getting married and really am not following the storylines much anymore. But I though I would do a quick post on Kim’s appearance. Click below for the interesting tea on her character on the episode. All 14 words. Continue reading


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Lisa Rinna Explains Why She Seemed Quick To Ask Kim If She Was On Something



I love Lisa Rinna and I was surprised to see that she was so quick to assume that Kim was high on the car ride to the poker party. In retrospect, I thought perhaps things were edited even though it looked like Lisa was still getting in the car. I thought about Phaedra’s neighbors who said that it took hours for production to film Phaedra getting in the van at her house when they went on the trip to Savannah. On TV, it seemed to us like all the ladies drove on their own to Nene’s neighborhood to catch the van. But the neighbors say that the van picked up everyone at their homes.  So there is a lot of crazy editing.

Lisa explains that on the way  to the poker game, Kim asked to use the restroom at her house before they went on to the party. That is interesting to me because at the last poker party, Kim was going into the bathroom a lot to use and Brandi called her out on it.  Click through to read Lisa’s explanation…. Continue reading


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Kyle Is On To Brandi’s Master Plan


I’ve never understood all vitriol y’all spew toward Kyle Richards. Sometimes I think you are just looking for something to hate with her. Of all the housewives she seems the most normal to me. She has normal problems, a normal job, a normal family and the usual drama with her girlfriends.  I don’t think anyone has ever come on the show and been iced out by Kyle. She doesn’t get drunk in every scene. She not a huge backstabber.  Sure she makes some poor choices regarding which castmates to trust and her loyalties shift with the seasons, just like ours do. I just don’t see all the reasons to hate Kyle  that some of you do.  On the housewives scale, Kyle is pretty middle of the road.  This is not an offer to debate her character in comments.  It’s just me saying, I don’t get it.

Here are Kyle’s thoughts on Brandi:

Almost from the moment we started playing poker, things were extremely uncomfortable. I could see Kim was “off” but wasn’t quite sure how to handle the situation. One thing that was very clear to me in watching this is that Brandi is not my friend. Never has been. I have tried to give her the benefit of the doubt but always kept her at arms’ length. To see her pretending to be friends with me in the car ride to Eileen’s and then turning on me made things abundantly clear to me. Brandi can’t be a friend to anyone. Including my sister.

Brandi clearly has been driving a wedge between my sister and me, which seems to have been her master plan from the beginning. Continue reading


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Brandi Glanville Is A Lying Liar Who Lies Out Of Her Lying Hole



No fun to be sober

Gif by RealityTVGIFs a GIF blog by T. Kyle MacMahon |

I try to save the Bravo blogs posts  for late in the week or early in the weekend, when the news cycle tends to slow so we will still have something to talk about. But this week, y’all just can’t seem to wait. So now that I have posted Kim’s blog, I can’t wait to post Brandi’s.  Thanks to those of you oldbies that have been here long enough to know that the blog posts will come and we will talk about all of them.

That said, Brandi is a cunt. Brandi is a purposeful cunt who chooses to be a cunt to people who have done absolutely nothing to her. Brandi thinks showing her cuntiness on camera is the only way to stay on the show. She’s probably right. She’s a worthless piece of whiny crap who belittles everyone she has ever had a relationship with until they leave her. I pity her children.

She’s also on of the biggest liars in the world, and she really sucks at it. Her lies aren’t cute. Her jokes aren’t funny. And she is dumb as a box of rocks. Continue reading


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Kim Richards Explains Herself…

Kim Richard's Twitter

Kim Richard’s Twitter

We have a rare as hen’s teeth blog from Kim Richards this week, and it’s a doozy.  In the excerpt below, Kim admits to taking Monty’s meds, seems pissy with Kyle, and claims she is in the hospital for “injuries from being sick.”  How do you get injuries from being sick? Kim does not think she relapsed, she just made a “careless decision.”  I’m not going to say much more until I hear what y’all have to say. So hurry up and click through and share your thoughts.  Okay, I can’t wait. Please notice that literally she can’t even spell sobriety. Continue reading


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WWHL With Kyle Richards and Brad Goreski

WWHL Kyle and Brad


Tonight on WWHL we have a rather last-minute replacement of Elle MacPherson with Brad Goreski. I guess Elle got a better offer a couple of days ago?  Kyle looks great if a bit understandably nervous. Her hair is STUNNING.

Kyle wants to make a statement right off the bat that she had only set up a massage for the ladies and the hotel decided to go all out. That’s three or four times tonight she has apologized for that. Poor thing.

Next week, Brandi goes back to idiot mode and screams at Kyle that she doesn’t support her Kim ever and Brandi is the only one who is there for Kim. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: House of Cards

Why did you invite me to a wine tasting?

Why did you invite me to a wine tasting?

Tonight on RHOBH we are going to question Kim Richard’s sobriety! What a lovely storyline. Not. WTF is wrong with these people? But first, let’s take her to a wine tasting! On the two hour ride to the spa day, the ladies discuss their lady gardens in intimate detail. As a bunch of grown women are prone to do on road trips. I mean don’t you wonder about the personal grooming of your friends when on the way to the spa?

Vanderpump, Eileen and Brandi get massages in the same room. Brandi mentions herpes.  As grown women do when enjoying a spa day. Brandi’s second topic choice is anal.  Rinna, Kim and Kyle are in the other room. Rinna and Kyle are over Brandi but Kim is still defending her.

Yolanda is with Gigi in New York. She thrilled over Gigi’s Harper’s Bazaar spread. Bella shows up with headshots later.

Time to take the alcoholic with less than a year sober to the bar again!  The sommelier knows Kim is not drinking and prepared her a mango juice, and yet she asks her if she wants to smell the wine. Kim very quietly and discreetly leaves the event. But people go out to check on her and drag her back in.  On the ride home the women discuss their sexual fantasies of course. What else is their to talk about other than vaginas? Brandi’s sexual fantasy is about catching her man with another woman. So she can check that off her bucket list. In Brandi’s talking head, she says all the other ladies husbands are cheating. No dear. That was yours. And possibly Kyle’s. Go scratch. Continue reading


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Yolanda Struggles with Serious Chronic Lyme Relapse.


Update: This link to a Daily Beast Article supports what I have been saying all along. Chronic Lyme Disease (not to be confused with Lyme Disease) is not a real diagnosis. This DOES NOT MEAN Yolanda is not sick. It just means no one knows what she has. Like so many women her age I know.  We need to stop making up new labels ever few years, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia (the drug companies actually run ads now saying “this really is a disease” it’s not)  and now Chronic Lyme is all the same thing, Something the medical profession is not bothering to research, diagnose or cure.

I feel so badly for Yolanda Foster who continues to struggle with major health issues. I still contend that she has not yet been properly diagnosed.  I am also shocked that someone who took such great care of her health has fallen this gravely ill. It’s very sad all the way around.  Yolanda was on WWHL last month when she was beginning to relapse and ended up in the hospital shortly after.  I hope they figure out her real issues soon. This sounds dreadful.

Here is her health update:

I would like to apologize for my lousy participation in the blogging department at the moment. Although writing is usually my favorite thing to do, I unfortunately have lost the ability to do so in an intelligent matter at this time. Most of you know I have been battling Lyme disease for the past three years. I wasted the first year trying to get diagnosed and spent the next two trying to find a cure. I have gone from the conventional long-term antibiotics to about every holistic protocol there is to offer. Unfortunatly, I was only able to get to about a 60% recovery until I relapsed in early December and have not been able to find my way back. Continue reading


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Andy Discusses Brandi’s Wine Toss on WWHL

WWHL Brandi Glanville Jeff Lewis

Who can forget Brandi’s wine toss on WWHL this week?  Finally we get Andy’s reaction to the whole thing.

Andy says at the time it was happening it seemed very real to him.  He said Jeff appeared to be genuinely shocked. He says that afterward they both said it was a joke. Andy says it didn’t seem very funny to him. He said, usually a joke is followed by a punchline.  Usually a joke is followed by, “Just Kidding!”  Andy says he spent the whole aftershow  trying to get them to make up. Then afterward they said it was a joke. Frankly, if she had just turned around after she was pretending to cry, I guess, and said, ‘Just Kidding’.  It would have been amazing.  Andy said he didn’t think she was actually crying. She did seem genuinely upset and he thinks Jeff was genuinely reacting to her. He doesn’t think Jeff knew, but he really doesn’t know. Continue reading


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