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Fire At PUMP! Fire Department Called To Lisa Vanderpump’s Newest Restaurant

Vanderpump Rules Lisa

There was a small kitchen fire at PUMP this morning and you would think it was a four alarm catastrophe with multiple deaths based on the photos.

Ever the one to capitalize on any situation,  Pinky apparently worked her TMZ magic to basically get free advertising for the joint out of the deal.

There are often small kitchen fires in restaurants, and very rarely do they need the assistance of two fire trucks and hot fire fighters dashing into the one story restaurant with a huge …. ladder. What on earth were they going to do with that big ladder in a kitchen? It really looked more like something from a movie set than an actual emergency. I was waiting for the firemen to strip to their undies and do a YMCA dance while grinding their junk at us. Continue reading


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WWHL With Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin

WWHL with Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin

Andy describes Lisa Rinna as being “Just like a delicious hotdog, she’s made of mostly lips and just the right amount of ass!”  Which is funny. Especially if when you were a kid you found out that hotdogs were made of left over pig parts, like the lips. Is that an urban legend? Am I dating myself ? #BuyKosherFranksBlessedByRabbis

I’m late recapping this because I was all in my O.J. Feelings last night and Spectrum hasn’t been giving me actual information about the TV shows for over a week now, just that the show will be on, with you know, some guests. So here we go.

The bartender is “Groundhog Faye” which is some intern in an animal suit with Faye Resnick’s face on top. Andy is excited that next Tuesday Teresa Giudice will stop by on her book tour. She will be on GMA that morning so he did not get first dibs. GMA must be paying a buttload.

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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: Who let the Orangutan out of her cage?

RHOBH 2 Kyle

By Guest Contributor Ben C.

Let me start out by saying, ERIKA JAYNE HAS A CHAPEL IN HER HOUSE. A chapel. Yes, you read that right. Miss Erika Jayne has enough time, space & money to build a chapel inside her own house. I bow down. Literally. Find a pew and anoint your head, because I’m feeling the spirit tonight! Let’s do this!

The episode begins with Lisa Vanderpump having Kyle over for tea. They’re planning a joint anniversary party (20 years for Kyle, 33 years for Lisa) and are going to check out the event space together. I’m always wondering how much security / greenery Lisa has surrounding the outside of her house. Her front doors (and seemingly the rest of the doors in the house) are completely glass from top to bottom, and additionally never seem to be locked. Kyle waltzes right in and finds Lisa in the kitchen. Lisa tells Kyle she’s angry no one gave her a heads up that Faye would be at the “barbecue” (Lisa says Kyle let the orangutan out of the cage!)

Vanderpump compares it to inviting “witchy-poo” (poor Carlton, she tried her hardest) to an event, and not telling Kyle about it. Kyle tells Lisa she would be taken aback at first, but then quickly move on. Which I’m sure Kyle would absolutely do…and afterwards proceed to whine to her other friends about it on camera. Lisa apparently has a really crude nickname for Faye she uses, but Kyle won’t allow her to say it on camera. Where’s Brandi Glanville when you need her? Continue reading


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Yolanda Foster’s Instagram Keeps Getting Weirder …



She also posted a photo of her legs in the bathtub to let us know she puts Epsom salts in her bathwater to remove “heavy metal toxins.”  In this post, she was pointing out to us that her hair is in an “in between” stage and was wondering whether to grow it out or cut it.

It’s just a matter of time before we get full frontal.


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Celebrity Apprentice Filming Starts This Weekend!



With the Arnold being a west coast dude, it seems that Celebrity Apprentice has more than a new HBIC (businessman! ) in Arnold Schwarzenegger, but a new filming locale as well!  Or so I believe. Porsha is already in LA to start filming. This is my only source on for the new LA locale so she might have taken the wrong train on the underground railroad and I could be totally misleading you.

And in other news one of my tamaratattles spies has informed me that Kim  Fields is filling in for Porsha while  she is filming Celebrity Apprentice.  My source caught a bit of it on TV tonight and said, ” It’s horrible… Almost as bad as Porsha. Damn.”  But I must say every time I’ve seen Porsha on Dish Nation, which I admit is not much, I thought she was great! She’s a lot more palatable there than when she is trying to out THOT Phaedra on RHOA. Continue reading


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Kim Richards To Appear On “The Mother/Daughter Experiment: Celebrity Edition”

RHOBH Kim Giant Cork


Not to be outdone by sister Kyle Richards announcing her upcoming appearance on Celebrity Apprentice today, Kim Richards has some news of her own! Interesting timing, no?

You know what is a really good idea for someone to do when clinging to their sobriety? Did you guess go on a reality TV therapy with your daughter? Because that is what Kim  Richards is doing!  Kim filmed for the Lifetime show  The Mother/Daughter Experiment: Celebrity Edition at the end of last year and the series is set to start airing Tuesday, March first at 10 p.m. on Lifetime.

Kim will be filming with daughter, Kimberly who will join other illustrious actresses like Heidi Montag and her mother, Courtney Stodden and her mom,  Natalie Nunn who is apparently from Bad Girls Club, Shar Jackson who is famous for getting impregnated by Kevin Federline, and Josie Canseco (Jose Canseco’s kid) and her mother.

Certainly, with a line-up like that we are looking at some stiff competition for Downton Abbey in the Golden Globes battle for best dramatic series in December. Seriously, who let Kim do this? The Hiltons are mad at Kyle for doing a sitcom about her life growing up in the Richards family, but this is okay?

Watch the trailer below…

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