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Kathy Hilton Is Having a Crisis; Someone is Dead

RHOBH Hiltons

Though I am loathe to post another Hilton thread because I am not sure how many more assholes I have room for in the WSL but I continue to fill it. So here goes.  Something is going on with Kathy Hilton. Kathy did not go to the wedding, which was odd. So cleary someone was very ill and did not make it.

Addie2U send me the following information.

Appears either before, during, or after the wedding there was some type of family emergency at home where Kathy Hilton tweeted:

“Please every Twitter friend please tweet call text Nicky , Kim Paris, Kyle all phones r down I can’t text or call! 911 / Please get in touch with all my family”

And a retweet: Call your Mom NOW!!! EMERGENCY AT HOME!” Continue reading


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Kim And Kyle Richards, One Big Happy Family At Brooke & Thayer Wiederhorn Wedding

wedding 1

After over a year of planning, Brooke Brinson finally got her dream wedding to Thayer Wiederhorn yesterday.  Brooke’s father, Monty Brinson stayed home due to his stage four cancer, which was the whole reason for the quickie Bravo wedding in LA which allowed her to be given away by her father.  At the originally planned wedding, her half-brother Chad had the honor of walking her down the aisle.

And yes, Kim Richards was sprung from her lenient as hell Sober Living facility to be present for the facilities.  She gave a short speech about her heart being happy that when Brooke can’t be with her she is glad she is with the heir to Fatburger and his fat wallet.  I paraphrase. Continue reading


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Monty Sends Well Wishes For Brookes Memorial Weekend Wedding In Cabo: Will He Show Up?

RHOBH Monty Brooke

As I have been saying all along, Brooke’s wedding it this weekend in Cabo. It seems that Kim and Kyle will both be in attendance. Monty is supposed to sit this out, but he does have the Hilton private plane at his disposal.  Do you think he will go against doctor’s orders?

On the one hand, I think he should go, it’s his daughter’s wedding. On the other hand, if he drops dead at the wedding, that would suck. Also, he doesn’t really want emergency medical attention while in Mexico. So I am torn.  What do you think?

Click through for Monty’s Instagram post about the wedding. Continue reading


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Kay Razario Wins Default Judgment Against Kim Richards in Dog Bite Case

Kim Richard's Twitter

Kim Richard’s Twitter

A judge awarded a default judgment against Kim Richards from his chambers today. Richards refused to acknowledge the case or hire counsel to defend her. Razario was asking for $1,050, 000 in total damages.

According to the plaintiff’s filing, in March of 2014, while a guest in Richards home, “Kay Rozario was in Defendant Richards’ bedroom talking to Defendant Richards who was lying on the bed next to the dog. All of the sudden and without provocation, the dog jumped up from the bed, moved across it and attacked and bit Kay Rozario, causing severe injuries to her left hand, arm and back. As the dog was attacking and biting Kay Rozario, she fell backwards onto the floor. Bleeding profusely from her wounds, as she was being attacked and bitten, Kay Rozario screamed.” To read all the details of the case click here. Continue reading


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Apparently, I’m Supposed to Talk About Kim Richards Again Today

Blah, blah, blah...

Blah, blah, blah…


Okay, now we have a story, US Weekly has reported that they have seen court documents that show at the time of Kim’s arrest she was on multiple substances. ” Richards, 50, has been charged with public intoxication, resisting arrest, and battery on a cop by the L.A. County District Attorney. According to the official court documents, Richards was “under the influence of intoxicating liquor and a drug, a controlled substance, and toluene.”  So she was drunk, on pills, the controlled substance is likely pot, and toluene.  Toluene is used by addicts as an inhalant. It is found in paint thinner, nail polish and other flammable liquids. Since toluene is rapidly absorbed in the brain,  the preferred mode of delivery is by “huffing” or “sniffing”. Unlike other inhalants, one session of inhaling toluene  can disrupt heart rhythms causing a heart attack and/or oxygen levels can drop low enough to cause death by.

So things were much worse than we even expected. Yet Kim is in sober living and Brandi recently took her boys there and compared it to the Four Seasons.  She also said Kim is on a 30 day stay. This does not bode well for Kim coming out of this alive.

Brooke was at the sober living facility visiting Kim on Mother’s day and captioned her photo with “Happy Mother’s Day to the best mom a girl could ask for 💕! I love you so much @kimrichards11″

Continue reading


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Eileen Davidson’s Husband Vince Van Patten Spills the Tea on RHOBH

I was surprised that Eileen would worry about what people thought about her on the show. Maybe she meant her colleagues and contemporaries more than us peasants. Because everyone with an ounce of sense loves her.


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Apparently, Kim Richards Went to Sober Living, Not Rehab

RHOBH  Kim Vaping

It looks like Kim may not have gone to rehab at all. I posted here that Kim was in rehab on April  25th.  And according to TMZ she was.  Then Kingsley was removed from her house.  But I don’t know any rehab, fancypants or not who would let the patients go to a vape store three or so days in.

But according to the above Instagram, Kim was testing out vaping flavors on April 28th. So it would seem that Kim is not in rehab at all but in a sober living facility in Malibu.  Remember when I pointed out that Dr. Phil Promoted the Sober Living house but not the Dual Diagnosis Rehab facility? Continue reading


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Brandi Responds To Rumors About Her Face

Brandi's Tweet denying facial work.

Brandi’s Tweet denying facial work.

Brandi has been addressing the rumors on Twitter that her face has been well and truly fucked .  (See here) She Blames it on a zit.  She posted the above photo to prove that she has had nothing done.

Nothing to see here folks, move along.

Except for my purple pen. Click through for all the tweets.

Brandi Glanville @BrandiGlanville  ·  May 8

If you look close I haven’t done anything to my face just colored contacts on my brown eyes & da huge zit on my cheek

The zit looks photoshopped. Plus enough with the gansta spelling.
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Can We Talk About Brandi’s Face?

Photo Credit: Twitter

Photo Credit: Twitter

Someone sent me a link to this story about Brandi getting a Women of Achievement Award. After you are done laughing at the idea of Brandi winning an award from some cancer agency for her “achievements”  head over to the Daily Mail story and look at the pictures.  I can’t afford to buy those and the ones Brandi posted on Twitter (example above) hardly show the whole story. Seriously, you MUST click the link and scroll down to see the photos.  It’s worse than ever.

UPDATED:  The mystery of the “award” has been solved. The charity is Carlton Gebbia’s  mother’s charity. Her father is also involved. It’s what wives of rich men do to fill their days. Not to knock the charity or charity work in any way. This charity unlike the ones on RHOA is a real charity that has raised over $14 million dollars for cancer research. The luncheon is an annual fundraiser for the charity.

The “award” is not for charitable contributions it’s for achievements in their area of business. Like that time she was working on RHOBH and made out with Carlton by the pool at a….um… pool party for adults only. The awardees are usually celebrities who will draw in people who will hopefully donate.

SHERI ROSENBLUM First Vice President
LISA GREENBERG Second Vice President
ADA P. SANDS Legal Council
JOHN J GEBBIA Vice Presidents/Corporate Affairs

Continue reading


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Kim Richards Sends Monty Photo From Rehab?


Monty posted this photo on his Instagram last night with the caption:

@kimrichards11 I love you too…. #love #family #blessed #heart #thankful

This appears to be a selfie taken from rehab.  Thoughts? Continue reading


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Claudia Jordan Explains Her Silence on RHOA Reunion Part 2

RHOA Claudia St. Thomas 2 Were you surprised when Porsha said she was not dating an older African man?
Claudia Jordan: No, but I really don’t want to be asked to speak on her anymore. I really and truly do not care. She’s not in my circle. I don’t really know any women outside of the other Housewives that hang with her, and I couldn’t care less. The only reason it was ever brought up was to show the hypocrisy of some of the ladies. I made my point and kept it moving. I hope I’m beyond clear.

You’ve been crystal clear on the subject. Even the two housewives that made false alliances with Porsha called her a whore all season long. So the hypocrisy is not so large. It’s just that Phaedra and Nene needed a lap dog this season, and a THOT was the best they could do. Continue reading


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Shocking Video of Kim Richards Popping Pills In the Airport

This is NOT a new video. I had heard about this video for quite some time.  I just never bothered to go look for it. Thankfully, someone sent it to me today. And even though we are pretty much over Kim Richards until she flees rehab against doctor’s orders, I simply must show it to you guys. Continue reading


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