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My Last Court Date With Sheree Whitfield

ChateauSheree21813-5I’ve actually lost count of how many times I’ve gone to court with Sheree Whitfield over the last few months. Yesterday was either the fourth or the fifth time across two counties. And hopefully, that was the last time. I joke with my attorney of turning to a life of crime just because I like her. But if I am being honest, I hope that the only time I see her in the future is from the comfort of my couch watching her on HLN. It’s much less stressful and expensive that way.

Yesterday’s court appearance was bizarre. It did not help that I have forgotten to take my crazy pill the day before so my anxiety was through the roof, and I LEFT MY XANAX AT HOME. In Atlanta people that live inside the perimeter (ITP) perhaps rightly claim some sort of smug superiority to those of us poor degenerates who live beyond I-285. I live OTP because I don’t like driving downtown where every street is named Peachtree something and the streets are a one way maze that I am not city savvy enough to handle. Nervertheless, me in full on wide-eyed panic attack navigate the mean street to arrive at the courthouse on time.

My attorney Ashley Merchant was conferring with Sheree’s attorney du jour. It is always interesting to me see the opposing attorneys smiling and laughing before court and then getting up and going for the jugular once the hearing starts. Then going back to very cordial conversations. There was no sign of Sheree or Tierra and eventually her lawyer called them to see if they were going to show. Sheree did. Tierra did not. Because Tierra has a job, and a life, and has better things to do than spend days on end in court over nonsense. Continue reading


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Sheree Whitfield on Watch What Happens Live

WWHLSorry I AM SO FAR BEHIND I AM NOT EDITING. I am about to watch this over and over.

Shit. Somehow I missed the first few seconds of WWHL because I was behind on Survivor. Don’t you hate when you don’t realize you backed up on a show and then you are tardy for the party, um…so to speak. I already notice Sheree is sitting funny. She is tryna hide her payless shoes now that Bravo doesn’t provide them anymore. Andy and Sheree are both drunk so this is going to be good.

Andy starts by saying that someone from Married to Medicine stopped by Chateau Sheree and she wants to buy it from her. Sheree is all “Oh she did! She just popped up like everybody else! (Did you file for a restraining order on her too? I love that Andy is going right after Chateau Sheree…lol). Apparently TOYA is her stalker! She just said Toya has been driving back and forth watching the construction!  Oh Toya, honey I don’t know who you are, but you better be careful.  She said she was interested in buying it. Andy asks her if she would be interested in selling it to her. Sheree says not right now. (Because she has an IRS LIEN and those lawyers that want another 6 figures from her and so SHE DOESN’T OWN IT!) She wants to see it from start to finish. OMG. This is just like when she is in court.  And says okay we have more about Chateau Sheree in a minute. Oh please mention me! Continue reading


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Sheree Whitfield LOSES AGAIN IN COURT.

THE VIDEO IS FROM SFTA or Funky Dineva I got it off twitter last night.  That is Michelle the StraightFromtheA BLAWGER and Funky Dinvea. They are the other two bloggers Sheree has dragged into court. I can’t believe I didn’t point that out. Sorry to be misleading!!!

I mean really, how fucking stupid do you want to look in public? it says something that ALL of the respondents to this bullshit were talking about how sorry we felt for Tierra and you keep on dragging her into this nonsense. Now Michelle and Q may be willing to just defend themselves successfully against your stupidity without making you admit you are hiding assets from the IRS or Georgia Department of Revenue, but I am going to make you bust that pot open because girl, with the bigass bagel on your head, It completely AMAZES me that with all the dirt we have on you, you didn’t just drop your warrant applications, LIKE YOUR ATTORNEY TOLD YOU TO. We could be done.

Real Housewives of Atlanta Season Four May Be Sheree Whitfield's Final SeasonBut I have all day to play with you. Everyday. I LOVE me some court action. My lawyer is not going to let you go into a case with no standing. My bloggers are not going to let me go bankrupt and my blogging COMPETITORS are throwing big money at this cause. Why? It’s a little thing called our first amendment rights to blog.Let’s see who runs out of money first. I promise you it won’t be me. I watched you drive by my house and take pictures and have your little friend try to blow up my blog about my ghetto house, etc. I’ve paid cash for my house, my car and everything in it. You it would seems, based on the filming RHOA did at your actual residence, still live in an apt with no furniture. Meanwhile, a public record search on you shows you are up to your eye teeth in debt and playing some kinda game with this property and have dragged ALL YOUR CHILDREN’S NAMES into it in court today as well as your Mamma. That’s some great protection there. BTW, that wrap on that house is a temporary thing and it’s warranty is quickly ending. As expensive as it is to build a house, if it ever was your house, and title history seems to be skipping your name, whoever owns it really ought to get a façade on there.

As for my personal opinion on you, I think you are one dumb bitch. And I plan to blog about that for as long as me and my readers have to keep contributing to my legal fund. They deserve to know what is going on in a case they are helping to fund.

I think I was very fair to you in this blog up until Iylana pointed out that Chateau Sheree stood for the emblem of you never finishing a goddamn thing and you lost your shit. And frankly, if you don’t shut the fuck up, and stop whining about people pointing out all of your PUBLIC RECORD issues…it’s only going to harm your children.  If those public records go to court, you may have some ‘splaining to do. You’re a moron Sheree. And you need to have a seat and know when you are out gunned. You are doing a MAJOR disservice to your children.


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Sheree Goes After @Atlien and @FunkyDineva While They Wait for Their Attorneys

So @Atlien and @FunkyDineva are waiting in an alcove off to the side for their attorneys and here come dumbass Sheree trying to take their pictures. I walked away from all this shit because Sheree was PISSED OFF because she lost in court AGAIN.  Did I mention that Sheree took so many pictures that during mediation she stopped the show to ask for a charger for her blackberry and said it was so she could text her poor churren? SMDH. The man trying to make her act right was her attorney who she undermined at every turn in court. Y’all know that poor man ain’t even gonna get paid. Continue reading


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Another Week in Court With Sheree Whitfield…

TEA1First of all, to be fair, I should point out that there is a petition online now to have Sheree Whitfield return to RHOA. It seems she has an entire FOUR HUNDRED people interested in having her back. Surely, you guys who like Sheree can do better than that!  Meanwhile, I am headed off to my THIRD court appearance with Sheree this week. On Thursday, I will once again get to witness Sheree showing up in one of  the world’s worst weaves, sniveling to the court to protect her from all the evil bloggers that point out what a lunatic she is. She’s afraid of us, it seems because we like, Iyanla Vanzant and others point out she is making a fool of herself. In fact, she will make a fool of herself again on WWHL soon.

Each time I do this, I am reminded of how these frivolous lawsuits clog up the courts. The first time she did this, she sat outside the courtroom while people with actual cases came into the court and testified about domestic violence. I watched every case. They were serious issues. It was a pretty horrific thing to sit through. And all I could think while I was sitting there was that this woman had the gall to have a “victim’s advocate” who she lied to wasting tax dollars to make up physical descriptions of both me (who she had never seen before court) and my car(which she had also never seen).  It was appalling. The judge, who found in my favor was a compassionate sort of man, and suggested a mutual stay away, to calm her irrational fears. My attorney had already offered that, and both before and during court, Sheree refused a mutual stay away. I eventually got one anyway. Continue reading


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Guest Blog About The Great Meltdown of Sheree Whitfield

Gif Credit: RealityTVGifs

Gif Credit: RealityTVGifs

Hello fellow Tattlers! Guest writer Kimberly here!

I have tied up our dear friend Tamara in the back room and taken over her keyboard in order to write this story and make a special request on her behalf. The topic, of course, is the Great Meltdown of Sheree Whitfield 2013 (aka GMSW2013). While Tamara has shared with you some of the juicier tidbits of this crazy saga, I’d like to share with you some of the struggles Tamara has been facing.

I suppose I should start at the beginning to catch everyone up to date. One Friday afternoon, Tamara noticed an old, gray BMW parked in front of her house. The occupant was taking pictures of her home and her car. Later on a dark and stormy (no lie!) night in February, she got a knock at the door. After calming her dog and assuring him that ninjas weren’t coming to get them, she peeked out her window. Even this was brave of Tamara, because those of us who’ve read her tales of living in the ghetto know that she won’t even answer the door in the bright light of day, much less in the dark of night. There in the window was a badge-wielding police officer. Of course, Tamara immediately assumed that a member of her family has been hospitalized or struck by a vehicle or kidnapped by terrorists, because the only experience she has with law enforcement comes from what she sees on the Lifetime Channel.

The officer told her he had some “paperwork” for her. He further baffled the poor girl by telling her it seemed she has “caused a ruckus.” Tamara assumed they have the wrong house, because despite her many talents it’s a bit hard for her to cause a ruckus when she only leaves her house for grocery shopping, doctor’s appointments and vacations! But no, it turned out the officer was actually handing her an emergency TPO from Sheree Whitfield! Whitfield has sworn in a courthouse that she is in fear for her life and is being stalked by our own Tattling Tamara.

Fear for her life? From what – excessive use of tea? Please, people. Continue reading


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