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Don’t Be Tardy For the Boob Job!

dont-be-tardy-season-3Kim and Kroy are in Miami to go see Lisa Hochstein’s husband, the boob god. Is that because there is no comparable surgeon in Atlanta? Probably not. More like another Bravo trade-out for publicity that the Biermann’s benefit from. These people know how to work the free comps.  Jesus Christ, Kroy is Facetiming with the baby while driving in Miami traffic. I’m going to have a heart attack just watching that! Please just drive when you are behind the wheel, people!

Why did they blur out all the pictures in the office? I wanted to see what percentage of them were of Lisa! Kim and Kroy amuse themselves with the assortment of fake boobs on Dr. Hochstein’s desk. Kroy even shoves two under his shirt. These two are like a couple of teenagers. If teenagers had SIX KIDS! Kim is having flashbacks to her childhood spent waiting in the principal’s office. Sweetie is home with the kids and can’t stop calling to check on them.  Kim is getting her implants updated and tummy tuck. I can’t believe she showed her boobs and her belly on national TV! I didn’t know that fake boobs got saggy like that! I thought that was the whole point. She is going to have skin removed from he boob in the lift. And he belly is covered with stretch marks and excess skin. I don’t know why I am surprised about that, she has had six kids. Continue reading


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Don’t Be Tardy Double Recap

Kim spent most of her camping time in this robe!

Kim spent most of her camping time in this robe!

Kim gets a ton of Fed Ex deliveries but is dismayed to discover it is all camping stuff for Kroy. Kroy is forcing the family to go on a camping trip. Kim thinks that taking kids camping is not safe. Does she think a dingo might take her baby?

But before in camping trip, you must take your assistant and your husband to the cosmetic doctor for Botox and a facial peel for Kroy. Fairskinned people should not have those peels, their skin is too sensitive.

Kroy goes over the camping rules which include no cell phones. Brielle is refusing to go, but Kroy says she has no option. Kroy continues on with what to do in case you encounter a bear. Kroy and Kim make fun of Lana’s weight.

Shun arrives with shopping bags from Dick’s Sporting Goods. They try to get Shun to go and she says she  doesn’t want to sleep in a tent with the help. Sweetie is no more the help than she is. Kim decides that the babies are not going so Sweetie is staying behind with them. That sucks. Continue reading


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Don’t Be Tardy For Spring Break !

It's the twins!

It’s the twins!

Before they are even in the car they are setting the scene for Brielle to get into trouble in the Escalade during spring break. Is it mean or does this scene scream reshoot?  They are taking an RV and the escalade down to Destin, Florida.  All of Brielle’s friends will be there. Kim says they are renting a house with a private beach and then says they need to be worried about paparazzi. Really? In Destin? The only way there will be paps in Destin is if Kim calls them up and invites them.  It’s a  Hollywood holiday spot. It’s actually one of the few remaining semi quiet (except during spring break) beaches that is an easy drive from Atlanta.

Kim wants new Louis Vuitton luggage for the baby boys. Kroy is totally against it. Kim is drinking out of a red solo cup, but at least it is the fancy kind with ridges. Oh look the Christmas tree is back. I thought it was finally gone on the last episode. Why the fuck didn’t production insist that the tree come down before filming a thing? Anyway, the twins needing their own suitcases has now turned into Kim needing five new pieces of luggage before going on a road trip. So scripted.

Sweetie has full hair makeup and accessorized clothing ensembles for her “job” whatever that may be. Of course Kroy just happens to be there when the girls try to sneak the luggage inside.  Kroy says, if she keeps it, he has a retaliation plan in place.

The RV is basically a ginormous tour bus. It looks a lot like the one on the Leann & Eddie show this week. It’s way more chaotic with 8 kids and at least four adults. The two oldest girls each got to bring a friend, there are a couple of nannies and at least one cameraman in there and Sweetie is following in the Escalade. Sweetie has the best ride of the bunch if you ask me.  They stop at a convenience store and Kim of course has to shop. I love convenience stores of road trips because everybody knows that road trip food has no calories or preservatives! And it is the best excuse to buy trashy tabloids to read on the beach. This is making me want to go to Destin. Schools are starting up any day now, it would be a good time… Continue reading


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Don’t Be Tardy Premieres July 17th and It Looks Great!


Don’t Be Tardy premieres on Bravo on Thursday, July 17, at 9 p.m. and it looks FANTASTIC.  The twins are adorable. Kim is wackier than ever. They go on a camping trip!  Finally, we will get to see the new house finished. It seems that Brielle has had FOUR car accidents. Ariana has her eye on the pool boy.  SWEETIE IS BACK!  Kroy is recovering from ankle surgery so he is able to keep a close eye on Kim’s spending.  It just looks like a lot of fun. I hope they don’t edit Brielle too badly, from all accounts she seems to be a pretty solid kid. Continue reading


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WWHL With Kim Zolciak-Biermann and Harvey Fierstein

WWHLkimIt’s time for Watch What Happens Live with Kim Zolciak! Let’s see how Andy interacts with her. Kim’s tweets make it seem like she is not coming back to RHOA. She tweeted that it was hard to leave the stage at the reunion and that she had a lot of good memories. That sounds like a good-bye to me. Either Kroy has told her she can’t do it anymore, or Andy didn’t give her a contract would be my guess. Up until that tweet I fully expected her back and her tweets sounded like she fully intended to return. Let’s see what we can get from WWHL. Continue reading


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TamaraTattles 2012 Year in Review (March)

Shahs of Sunset: Meet Golnesa "GG" GharachedaghiMarch was a month with a couple of lawsuits one brought against someone on Shahs of Sunset, and another brought by a Real Housewife of Atlanta. Kim Zolciak talked about firing Sweetie. The knuckleheads came to terms with Sheree Whitfield getting the boot from RHOA. Both Peter and Derek J faced problems with their Atlanta businesses. I also did an exclusive interview with GG who gave us a peek at what typical day in the life of GG is like. Click on the links below to take a look back. Again, apologies for any weirdness in the editing. These posts were written on Blogger and didn’t always transfer over cleanly. Continue reading


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RHOA Recap: Best Show Ever.

Better late than never on this recap. Sorry. I had to watch The Amazing Race.  Um wait, hold up. Gregg is going to open an L.A. office? In what universe? Does he even have a job because he has been in Nene’s hip pocket for the past year everywhere she goes, he’s right there with her. I’m supposed to believe this man has a job? I love Gregg but that right there is just some straight up bullshit. They sure do have some fancy pedicure chairs up in this place. I love Gregg. Lawrence looks healthier in this episode but that belt? Gurrrrl! Just no.

Speaking of house husbands and their jobs. Apollo apparently doesn’t repo cars anymore. He’s going to be a personal trainer and nutrition specialist. Honey, I may get my fat ass up off this couch and go to the gym myself. Unlike the RHOA though, I want a smaller butt. What the hell is he eating and where did it come from? You know nothing has been cooked in that kitchen. He’s microwaving food from somewhere. Continue reading


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Kandi and Kim Duel in Their Bravo Blogs

Okay, apparently I am taking requests today. Someone asked me to blog about Kandi and Kim’s blogs from the first episode so that she could talk about them with you and get your opinions.  Sounds like a good idea to me!  Click through for the relevant parts of Kandi and Kim’s blog and tell me what you think. Continue reading


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Kim Zolciak Talks About Firing Sweetie

Sweetie and Brielle recently, at Brielle’s Birthday Party

Kim Zolciak’s Bravo Blog is up and well, it’s interesting. I suppose we could believe that when Kim moved to Atlanta at age 21 she immediately befriended a 13 year old.  Sweetie claims she was working for Kim since she was 15.  Perhaps when Sweetie was 16 and Kim was 24 she was her BFF during her divorce, but none of this sounds logical to me.  Here is what Kim said:

Last season I introduced you all to my assistant and longtime friend, Sweetie. I have known Sweetie for over twelve years now, and she is a part of my family. When I was looking for a new assistant, she was the perfect match! She’s loyal, she’s trusting, she’s smart, and she knows me better than most people. She’s been there with me through three moves, a divorce, many relationships, and so much more. We are so close that it sometimes made a business relationship impossible.

Sweetie began to become a bit lazy, she didn’t seem like herself anymore, and it worried me. The last thing I want is for our relationship to be ruined because of my role as her boss. Because of those feelings, I had to let Sweetie go.

That decision was best for the both of us, because now she’s just my girlfriend. No obligations, not stress. I’d much rather let Sweetie go and keep her as a friend, than keep her and jeopardize one of the most important relationships I have! Assistants come and go but you can’t buy loyalty.

Everyone on Twitter knows the two stopped speaking after the firing at the end of last summer and only recently have begun communications again mostly because Brielle wanted Sweetie at her birthday party. But whatever,  Kim.

What do y’all think about this blog of Kim’s?


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The Kandi Factory Premieres; Kim Zolciak Snubs It

Is it just me or is everyone ready for this season of Real Housewives of Atlanta to be over?  I’m not even watching the first airing of the show tonight, I’d rather watch Celebrity Apprentice and catch a rerun later. I’ve had enough of RHOA for now. I’m ready to just do the finale and be done. Tonight’s episode is number 15 out of 18.  I don’t think that includes the reunion, but I hope I am wrong. I’m pretty much over all of the housewives. It’s the same old tired fights and nonsense. 

Tonight, Nene started her manic tweeting we have come to expect on Sunday nights where she retweets anything positive her fans are tweeting, and intersperses those tweets with boastful ones of her own as well as putting down “the smalls”.  When she is filming Glee she tweets like a different person. Like Nene from season one almost. I miss that Nene but it seems she is gone forever.

Tonight, Kandi’s show The Kandi Factory is premiering after the RHOA. I’ve been perplexed about the public relations for this show for awhile.  She was initially signed for six thirty-minute episodes. Those episodes would air as a mini-series and based on ratings, it would be determined if the show would be picked up. Sounds simple enough. It was assumed, at least by me that the shows might be shown  back to back with Kim’s wedding show, Tardy for the Wedding. Instead, Kim’s show is not airing until the end of April and Kandi’s show starts tonight. If you spend way too much time with your TV running Bravo as background noise like I do, you may have noticed that Shahs of Sunset ads are running like crazy but you rarely see any promos for The Kandi Factory. Kandi has been all over the place promoting her show but Bravo seems to give it little attention themselves.  Now, on the only promo I have seen on Bravo they say tune in tonight for a 90 minute special, The Kandi Factory. It seems that the six episodes were boiled down to three and turned into a one shot special. At least Kandi, being the smart business woman she is asked for and received executive producer credits for the show. So she will be getting paid much more than she would if she were just on the show. Smart move.

Meanwhile tonight on RHOA, Kim and Kandi get into a discussion about the whole blown out of proportion comments that Cynthia started about Kim not holding black babies. Sheree has gotten a lot of flack in the blogs for calling Kim to relay the comments, but everybody knows, Sheree didn’t think that up on her own, Bravo purposely inserted the great race debate into the storyline to have a reason to get Kim on camera while the girls were in Africa. Despite most of them not bothering to blog on Bravo anymore, they all went to the blogs to try and distance themselves from the race issue.  Despite the fact that it was a storyline, it has clearly caused ANOTHER rift between Kandi and Kim.  Kandi has been very gracious about the fact that Kim never paid Kandi for Tardy for the Party. Very Gracious. Even agreeing to continue to work with her on The Ring Didn’t Mean a Thing.  Money can very easily come between friend, but Kandi was willing to let it go.

Kim on the other hand is not as forgiving. Let’s look at the whole issue where Kandi says she can’t see Kim in the orphanage and Cynthia says she can’t see Kim holding black babies.  First of all, there was no need for Cynthia to bring race into the whole situation, and I truly believe that was fed to her by Bravo. I think the majority of Cynthia and Sheree’s lines are fed to them by Bravo. It’s possible that Cynthia just blurted the black baby thing out on her own, but not likely.

Much has been said about Kim not holding KJ very much on the show. It’s true we’ve seen him mostly being held by Kroy and others. But Kim tweets pictures and talks about spending time with KJ on twitter all the time. Because of the tweets, I wanted to believe that when the show was edited the shots of Kim taking care of KJ fell to the cutting room floor. After seeing the preview for the show where Kim was despondent because she only had two housekeepers and a full-time live in assistant and no nanny, I was floored. She doesn’t work other than filming, she doesn’t cook or clean, she has a manager to handle all her bookings, she has a stylist that not only buys her clothes but KJ’s as well, she has a hair and makeup team, and she can’t be arsed to care for her son? It boggles the mind. What the hell does she do all day besides tweet? I don’t get it.

So while I don’t believe she is racist, I do believe that she is somewhat lacking in the mothering gene. If we look back a season to the bus tour that Kandi was gracious enough to take Kim on, when Kim told Brielle she was going on tour she was fine. When Kim to Brielle she was taking Sweetie with her, Brielle flipped out. Why? Because Sweetie was the mother figure to Brielle and Ariana. Brielle and Ariana are also very bonded to Kroy. It was difficult on the girls not having a father. It was difficult on the girls when Sweetie was fired. Let’s just hope Kroy sticks the marriage out because they have been through enough.  So clearly, the mothering instinct isn’t as strong in Kim as one would expect. From drinking from a wine glass while driving in earlier seasons to having Brielle steer the car while she pumps breast milk from behind the wheel this season, Kim is not going to win Mother of the Year.

Which brings us back to Africa. Kandi had every reason in the world to say that she could not picture Kim at the orphanage. What has Kim done on screen or around the other women to make them think she would take to an orphanage visit? I was expecting from the previews for Kim to make a huge deal out of the comment, but I also figured it was mostly for the show. Surely Kim couldn’t really be that offended by the comments.

But tonight, in real time, Kim pulls a Nene. Just like last week when Nene was tweeting that Kim’s episode of RHOA was not airing, Kim tweets this “Tonight can’t wait for RHOA at 9 then my girl @KhloeKardashian at 10pm on E!…. #ilovesundays”. Really Kim? After everything that Kandi has done for you, you can’t support her on her show? Is this really about the black baby comment THAT KANDI NEVER EVEN MADE?  An hour and a half later after several people commented about Kandi’s show, she finally posted this, “Watch RHOA at 9pm followed by @Kandi special tonight at 10pm on Bravo!!! #kandifactory”. Too little too late, Kim. After all the things Kandi has done for you, and your mistreatment of her in the process, for you not to support her show and to actively tweet you are watching something else is just plain wrong.


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The Biermanns Get a New Addition!

There’s a new bitch in the Biermann household! And she is adorable! Her name is Dolce!  She’s someone new for Chanel to play with.  Who is going to take care of a damn puppy though? KJ is still a baby and needs a lot of attention. SWEEEEEEEEEEETTTTIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!


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Why Did Kim Fire Sweetie?

One of the most popular blogs on this site that still gets lots of hits every day is this one that I posted in November about what happened between Kim and Sweetie.  Last summer, sometime in August about two months after Kim, Kroy and the gang moved into the big ole house in Roswell. the frequent tweeting between Kim and Sweetie stopped. Lots of their followers noticed and waited to hear what had happened. But nothing was floating around the Internet until Brielle posted the following on her Formspring page.

umm shes firedd.
Thus began all the speculation and rumors that have tended to recycle themselves over the past few months.  I fully expected the fallout to be shown on season four, but it doesn’t look like that is going to happen. It would be a great question for the reunion show.  Or maybe it will be shown on Tardy for the Wedding which was filming about that time.
But FINALLY we have news from Sweetie herself…

Recently, Atlanta blogger extrodinaire, Michelle Brown aka @ATLien of Straight from the A interviewed Sweetie in an attempt to get to the bottom of the situation. I’ve been dying to read the blog about her interview ever since she first mentioned it on twitter. Tonight, it’s finally up! Be sure to click on the youtube for the full audio of the interview
In the interview, Sweetie talks about working for Kim since she was 15, well before the show started. She denies the rumors that she stole from Kim saying that she had access to bank accounts and all manner of expensive things for all those years and would never do anything like that. With some gentle prodding from ATLien, she indicates that she was on the way to work one day and Kim just told her that it wasn’t going to work out for them anymore.  Sweetie claims she doesn’t want to say anything bad about anyone. She talks about Kim recently sticking up for her on twitter saying that she would never steal from her.  But when it comes to Kroy, Sweetie even more elusive about what happened just saying “he’s cool” in a way that seems to say she doesn’t really believe that. When I listened to the interview I immediately thought, “So I was right,  it did have something to do with Kroy.”

My opinion of Kroy’s part in the firing has changed a bit since watching season four. It seems that Kroy and Sweetie did collaborate on things at first like Kim’s surprise birthday party.  They seemed to get along well, at least while the cameras were rolling. Sweetie seemed a bit OVER IT on season four. Kim came off on camera as being a bit irritated that Sweetie was slacking.  Perhaps it just got to the point with Kroy where he said to Kim, “Either deal with Sweetie as she is or replace her” since Kim does tend to bitch about Sweetie ALOT even though it did seem to be in a playful way.  Who knows why Kim fired Sweetie. She was pregnant, hormonal, moving into a new huge place, and planning a wedding.  Maybe Kroy just suggested she eliminate as much stress in her life as possible and get someone to help that didn’t come with all the emotional baggage that hiring a friend brings along with it. Meanwhile, Sweetie is going to school and maintaining a high GPA and focused on her career goals. I think that is a smart choice for anyone young woman in her twenties.  What do you think?


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