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Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: Jamaican Me Mad!

RHOA Jamaica 3

I’m not really too excited about this episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta as they head to Jamaica. It seems Kenya gets really out of line with Kim. I thought the same thing last week though and I really didn’t think Kenya did anything wrong at the brunch at Kim’s house. Let’s hope it is just the editing in the previews that  makes  Kenya look bad.

I sure wish someone would loan Nene some money so she could stop wearing men’s undershirts.

Cynthia has decided to give the commercial to Kim. I suppose this is what pisses Kenya off. Kim is bringing her kids with her to Jamaica, even though production said no kids. She is bringing a nanny this time. I really don’t know what Bob Whitfield is doing there. My understanding was they are not back together. But it sure looks like it to me.

Cynthia meets with Kim and Kenya about the eyewear commercial. And just like that Kenya and Cynthia are arguing already about Kenya getting dumped from the production team. Kenya is taking things very personally. Kenya points out that Kim has never done a commercial before. Why on earth are they eating sushi in Jamaica? Kenya is really mean to Kim. Kenya yanks Kim’s chair and Kim walks away. Kenya goes screaming after her clapping and acting like a fool. This is so not a good look. Cynthia is embarrassed.

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Kenya Moore Celebrated Her Birthday In Style With Three Housewives!

RHOA Kenya's Birthday,  Nene Sheree


Check out who celebrated Kenya’s birthday with her! None other than Nene Leakes, Sheree Whitfield and Cynthia Bailey! Kandi Burruss sent congratulations via social media because she is home taking care of baby Ace, who she is breastfeeding. We know this because she posted a photo of herself breastfeeding while feeding herself at the same time. She’s multitasking like the mom of a newborn already.

Photos of the fierce foursome were flying all around social media today. Kenya referred to the group as “sisters” while Sheree called them, “the originals”, Nene tagged them as #theoriginals #theunforgettables #slay ! It looks like these four, (five if you count Kandi understandably tweeting it in) are a unified team ahead of the upcoming pickup letters in a couple of months Let’s hope this group holds and the two Ps are left without a pod. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: Somebody Needs To Get Beat

RHOA All Cast


As I am doing my setup for tonight’s RHOA episode, I noticed Tammy’s name in the tag set.  It reminded me to point out to those of you who said Tammy didn’t lose her peach over Miami that we sure have not seen her since.  In other words,  “Oh! would you lookey there? I was right again.”   Tonight, in honor of Kenya’s birthday, I think we are going to start to see her move in for the final takedown of Kim Fields.  Let’s watch to see how much of Kim’s demise is actually a result of her dear friend Phaedra.


Kandi and Todd are getting excited for the baby to come soon. They haven’t done a nursery or anything done to prepare. Todd has no idea what is about to happen. He seems to think he doesn’t have to do much. Todd wasn’t around when his daughter was born.

Kandi and Todd take a parenting class. Kandi says she doesn’t want the nanny to do everything. Todd is very excited about the nanny. Kandi says maybe they should get a manny. Todd says that will not be happening. The teacher comes to the house. She wanted to see the nursery that doesn’t exist. The teacher says you can breast feed until time for kindergarten. Clearly, they didn’t vet this woman at all. At least Kandi knows better than that. This woman is pretty much a joke. Which is the point of the scene, I suppose.


Porsha goes in to her legal job to get ready to go on the air. Porsha randomly starts talking about her nude photos since she broke her phone. The makeup artist is as skeeved out as I was. Bless her heart. Porsha has no storyline.

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Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: Flight of the Fields

RHOA Phaedra, Porsha, Sheree, Kim


I am not sure I can stomach writing this recap. Not because Nene is back. That should be fun. I’m going to go out on a limb before the show starts and say we don’t see inside her new house tonight. It looks like her “furniture” in her talking heads has been CGIed in so I am assuming she still doesn’t have any furniture considering how she blew up on Joy Behar when she asked about it on The View. Plus she looks ridiculous once again in the talking heads, and that is always good for a laugh.

No my issue is with Phaedra and her stupid political bullshit. It was stupid enough when we just had tweets and photos. I strongly encourage you to click that link. Okay, it’s starting now, I’m about to take this one for the team. God I hate all the taglines this season.


Todd and Kandi are in the car and Todd is setting out his rules for a boy child (no sandals) and a girl child (no perms). I can’t believe they are serious about opening a restaurant. Todd wants the Old Lady Gang to run the restaurant.

Todd and Kandi arrive at Mama Joyce’s house where the whole old lady gang is waiting for them. Mama Joyce squeals at Todd and hugs him screaming, “I love you!”  She is delirious with baby fever. The old lady gang is not thrilled with the restaurant idea. Kandi says she wants to name the restaurant Old Lady Gang. Aunt Bertha is not down with the plan. She is the main one that cooks. Continue reading


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Sheree Whitfield Is Dragging Folks To Court (again) Over Chateau Sheree

Chateau Sheree December 2015 Sheree is also battling ground erosion issues as evidenced by the black plastic fencing

Chateau Sheree December 2015 Sheree is also battling ground erosion issues as evidenced by the black plastic fencing

There has been a lot going on with Chateau Sheree since I took my mental health vacation from blogging over the holidays. Thank goodness AJC reporter Rodney Ho seems to never take a day off and he is on it. As someone who has spent a lot of time in court with Sheree Whitfield, and never lost a case, I am sort of dying to go watch all of these cases play out. The sheer delusions of Sheree Whitfield and the way she says the most ludicrous things on the stand presenting them as fact is a sight to behold.  Sheree  really seems to love taking people to court. She took her divorce from Bob all the way to the supreme court and end doing so, ended up owning a large portion of her settlement to divorce attorneys who eventually had to sue her to get their payment. Sheree really is one of the most fascinating creatures on RHOA, unfortunately what we see on that show is more of her delusions presented as fact. The reality is, Sheree’s lack of intelligence combined with a lack of understanding of the law mixed with a healthy dose of self entitlement causes her a lot of unnecessary problems. Bless her heart.


This Chateau Sheree debacle is going to be her financial undoing. Let’s look at the latest problems. According to AJC’s Rodney Ho,   On December 17, 2015  a company called Stop Loss sued Sheree Whitfield for $15,450 and asked for $23,000 after late fees and other charges.   First of all, you should know that Stop Loss is an emergency response team who arrives on disaster sites to help stop whatever disaster is occurring, outline a restoration plan, and work with your insurance company.  This already sounds bad.

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Sheree Whitfield and Sherri Shepherd on WWHL

WWHL Sherri Shepherd and SHeree Whitfield


So Sheree Whitfield was on WWHL last night with Sherri Shepherd and apparently nothing happened. I was so exhausted from doing normal people things yesterday that I decided to recap today. It was on when I fell asleep and I don’t remember a single interesting thing happening. But since some of you don’t have access to WWHL I will give you a brief rundown.

We start with Andy complimenting Sheree’s “hair” and mentioning Sherri’s wig line. Sherri says she might do a wig like that and call it the “Sheree.” It’s about time Sheree bought some decent hair.  So much better than her usual bagel head.

Sheree spent NYE at Kandi’s house. She says they stayed up all night playing games. I shudder to think about the type of Kandi Koated Knights games that go on in that house on NYE. Andy asks if Kandi’s new boy child, Ace, has a big head. Sheree doesn’t get the joke.

They show a clip of Real Housewives of the Potomac which Ben C will be recapping for you starting next week! Continue reading


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