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Kandi’s Wedding: Mark My Words, Todd Will Regret This

Kandi's Wedding RHOA

Okay, it’s time for two long hours of Kandi’s wedding.  The Bravo Buffoonery continues with Bravo adding two minutes to the DVR in front of the show and two minutes behind. WTF?  We begin at the rehearsal dinner and none of the grooms or groomsmen are there. Kandi calls Todd and they argue on the phone while the dinner guests gossip. Kandi looks like a major fool. I’m not sure I can do two hours of this tomfoolery. Mama Joyce and Kandi speak their family language discussing the pre-nup. We need subtitles. Apollo tells Todd this is partly his fault.  I’ve said it many times Kandi had no business marrying today. She doesn’t understand that marriage is a partnership. If she doesn’t want to go into a business arrangement with Todd, she had no business marrying him. Marriage is a business deal. Many of Todd’s groomsmen tell Todd not to sign it.

Mama Joyce goes to Kandi’s dad to get him to tell Kandi not to get married without the pre-nup. Mama Joyce is gloating in her talking heads. Todd, you need to run! RUN NOW! Save yourself, Todd!  Todd’s mom says they need to due a post-nup and get this stuff straightened out. Todd tells the boys he can’t live without Kandi.  Yes you can, Todd. Yes.You.Can.

Todd goes over to the house to fix things with Kandi. Todd says if she fixes the 30 day thing and the will issue then they can move forward. Kandi agrees. Fun fact: Stephanie Casteel was one of Sheree’s lawyers that she used to set up her shell LLC.  She had to testify in court that Sheree had some sort of ownership of the Chateau. Stephanie is super nice. I hope she eventually got paid. But I doubt it. Allegedly.

Todd has a 17-year-old daughter? Is this news? I don’t recall knowing this info. Is that his only daughter? I thought he had one closer to Riley’s age. Oh! I think we all thought one of Riley’s play dates was his daughter once. That must be the source of my confusion.

The bridesmaids are getting ready. Tasia brought a back up dress because no one has been fitted by Reco and they still don’t have dresses. Kandi had programs for her wedding. This is a new thing, I reckon. I think my nephew had one at his wedding. I seem to recall the whole foot-washing thing being on there.

Kandi is prettier without make-up in my opinion. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion Part 2 Chapter One!

Oh My! That Bullhorn is soo scary and threatening! Must use fistisses!

Oh My! That Bullhorn is soo scary and threatening! Must use fistisses!

We arrive back at the reunion with Porsha ejected from the show and a definite line in the sand drawn between the left couch and the wrong couch. Andy is very clear in his defense of Kenya and his disdain for Porsha. Oh my how wrong this little plot of Nene’s and Phaedra’s has gone. They both will be wearing their stank faces for the rest of the reunion shoot. You never win when you play dirty ladies!

After explaining that violence will not be condoned under any circumstance, Andy asks Kenya what happened. Kenya says, ” Well, we were talking back and forth, um, all I know is she got up out of her seat and stood in front of me and I got up and she just lost control.” Continue reading


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Chateau Sheree Update!

ChateauSheree21813-4While I have been offline the people who actually live in the neighborhood  of Chateau Sheree have  been furiously emailing me. If you Google Lake Forrest Drive ( I believe her home is at 5210 Lake  Forrest Drive… I NEVER DISCLOSED IT UNTIL SHE PUT The address of MY SHACK ON THE INTERNET)  but whatever. EVERYONE is mocking her while wishing she would get the fuck out of the neighborhood (which she has. She lives in an apt  WAY WAY WAY out of the school district she was trying to stay in, Gee I hope they don’t find out.)

Anyway, the news is twofold. Not a damn thing has been done. However in her defense it has rained so much this summer that our gardens are literally rotting. IT HAS RAINED A FUCKING LOT.

This has caused  mudslides on her road. So Lake  Forrest is shut down for at least a year while they try to put in a retaining wall. Continue reading


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Sheree Whitfield on Watch What Happens Live

WWHLSorry I AM SO FAR BEHIND I AM NOT EDITING. I am about to watch this over and over.

Shit. Somehow I missed the first few seconds of WWHL because I was behind on Survivor. Don’t you hate when you don’t realize you backed up on a show and then you are tardy for the party, um…so to speak. I already notice Sheree is sitting funny. She is tryna hide her payless shoes now that Bravo doesn’t provide them anymore. Andy and Sheree are both drunk so this is going to be good.

Andy starts by saying that someone from Married to Medicine stopped by Chateau Sheree and she wants to buy it from her. Sheree is all “Oh she did! She just popped up like everybody else! (Did you file for a restraining order on her too? I love that Andy is going right after Chateau Sheree…lol). Apparently TOYA is her stalker! She just said Toya has been driving back and forth watching the construction!  Oh Toya, honey I don’t know who you are, but you better be careful.  She said she was interested in buying it. Andy asks her if she would be interested in selling it to her. Sheree says not right now. (Because she has an IRS LIEN and those lawyers that want another 6 figures from her and so SHE DOESN’T OWN IT!) She wants to see it from start to finish. OMG. This is just like when she is in court.  And says okay we have more about Chateau Sheree in a minute. Oh please mention me! Continue reading


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Nene Leakes One on One Interview With Andy Cohen

WWHLNENEAndy Cohen is trying his hand at primetime tonight with a one-on-one interview with Nene Leakes under the umbrella of his Watch What Happens Live show. This will get great ratings and likely result in more Andy during primetime. Which could be a good thing if he has really good guests and let’s them talk about production.

One of the first things out of Nene’s mouth is, “Is this going to be girl talk?” Let me just stop here to say that there are all types of gay men. Almost every type is wonderful. Almost. But all of those types can be divided into two broad categories. Let’s call the first type the “Miss Lawrence” type. Lawrence refers to himself as Miss Lawrence and dabbles in cross-dressing, at least when it comes to footwear. The other type is the Anderson Cooper type, more masculine than feminine, educated, refined, successful. Andy is in the latter category. He wishes he was Anderson Cooper. He wants to be respected even when he is playing pin the boobies on the housewives with D list celebrities. You don’t refer to him as a girl. He was visibly offended by her remark (although she surely had no intention to do so) and it took him a minute to recover and resume the ass kissing opening dialogue he had prepared. Continue reading


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Sheree Whitfield LOSES AGAIN IN COURT.

THE VIDEO IS FROM SFTA or Funky Dineva I got it off twitter last night.  That is Michelle the StraightFromtheA BLAWGER and Funky Dinvea. They are the other two bloggers Sheree has dragged into court. I can’t believe I didn’t point that out. Sorry to be misleading!!!

I mean really, how fucking stupid do you want to look in public? it says something that ALL of the respondents to this bullshit were talking about how sorry we felt for Tierra and you keep on dragging her into this nonsense. Now Michelle and Q may be willing to just defend themselves successfully against your stupidity without making you admit you are hiding assets from the IRS or Georgia Department of Revenue, but I am going to make you bust that pot open because girl, with the bigass bagel on your head, It completely AMAZES me that with all the dirt we have on you, you didn’t just drop your warrant applications, LIKE YOUR ATTORNEY TOLD YOU TO. We could be done.

Real Housewives of Atlanta Season Four May Be Sheree Whitfield's Final SeasonBut I have all day to play with you. Everyday. I LOVE me some court action. My lawyer is not going to let you go into a case with no standing. My bloggers are not going to let me go bankrupt and my blogging COMPETITORS are throwing big money at this cause. Why? It’s a little thing called our first amendment rights to blog.Let’s see who runs out of money first. I promise you it won’t be me. I watched you drive by my house and take pictures and have your little friend try to blow up my blog about my ghetto house, etc. I’ve paid cash for my house, my car and everything in it. You it would seems, based on the filming RHOA did at your actual residence, still live in an apt with no furniture. Meanwhile, a public record search on you shows you are up to your eye teeth in debt and playing some kinda game with this property and have dragged ALL YOUR CHILDREN’S NAMES into it in court today as well as your Mamma. That’s some great protection there. BTW, that wrap on that house is a temporary thing and it’s warranty is quickly ending. As expensive as it is to build a house, if it ever was your house, and title history seems to be skipping your name, whoever owns it really ought to get a façade on there.

As for my personal opinion on you, I think you are one dumb bitch. And I plan to blog about that for as long as me and my readers have to keep contributing to my legal fund. They deserve to know what is going on in a case they are helping to fund.

I think I was very fair to you in this blog up until Iylana pointed out that Chateau Sheree stood for the emblem of you never finishing a goddamn thing and you lost your shit. And frankly, if you don’t shut the fuck up, and stop whining about people pointing out all of your PUBLIC RECORD issues…it’s only going to harm your children.  If those public records go to court, you may have some ‘splaining to do. You’re a moron Sheree. And you need to have a seat and know when you are out gunned. You are doing a MAJOR disservice to your children.


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Sheree Goes After @Atlien and @FunkyDineva While They Wait for Their Attorneys

So @Atlien and @FunkyDineva are waiting in an alcove off to the side for their attorneys and here come dumbass Sheree trying to take their pictures. I walked away from all this shit because Sheree was PISSED OFF because she lost in court AGAIN.  Did I mention that Sheree took so many pictures that during mediation she stopped the show to ask for a charger for her blackberry and said it was so she could text her poor churren? SMDH. The man trying to make her act right was her attorney who she undermined at every turn in court. Y’all know that poor man ain’t even gonna get paid. Continue reading


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Another Week in Court With Sheree Whitfield…

TEA1First of all, to be fair, I should point out that there is a petition online now to have Sheree Whitfield return to RHOA. It seems she has an entire FOUR HUNDRED people interested in having her back. Surely, you guys who like Sheree can do better than that!  Meanwhile, I am headed off to my THIRD court appearance with Sheree this week. On Thursday, I will once again get to witness Sheree showing up in one of  the world’s worst weaves, sniveling to the court to protect her from all the evil bloggers that point out what a lunatic she is. She’s afraid of us, it seems because we like, Iyanla Vanzant and others point out she is making a fool of herself. In fact, she will make a fool of herself again on WWHL soon.

Each time I do this, I am reminded of how these frivolous lawsuits clog up the courts. The first time she did this, she sat outside the courtroom while people with actual cases came into the court and testified about domestic violence. I watched every case. They were serious issues. It was a pretty horrific thing to sit through. And all I could think while I was sitting there was that this woman had the gall to have a “victim’s advocate” who she lied to wasting tax dollars to make up physical descriptions of both me (who she had never seen before court) and my car(which she had also never seen).  It was appalling. The judge, who found in my favor was a compassionate sort of man, and suggested a mutual stay away, to calm her irrational fears. My attorney had already offered that, and both before and during court, Sheree refused a mutual stay away. I eventually got one anyway. Continue reading


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Why is Sheree Whitfield Going to Be on WWHL?

ShereedragqueenSo everyday sometime in the afternoon I get all the press releases in my inbox from NBCu. There usually nothing particularly earth shattering in there, but today I gave it a quick once over for the WWHL schedule for May and whose name should be on it but Sheree Whitfield. That’s right boys and girls. Andy will be interviewing Sheree her She by Sheree line, wait, that never really happened. Maybe he will ask about Chateau Sheree …I doubt she will let the fact that she doesn’t own the place stop her from lying about it. I mean if you will perjure yourself in a courtroom, making up an interesting story to tell Andy after knocking back a few drinks should be easy. Continue reading


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Sheree Whitfield Was Just on HLN Talking About Bloggers

Bravo Posts Statement about Sheree Whitfield's Departure...Sheree Whitfield is on HLN this morning looking NOTHING like she looked in court yesterday. Is  that a wig or did she go to Derek J this morning? Sheree is saying that her kids were not shown a lot on the show because she wanted to make sure they had a sense of normalcy. She says we all know that well-balanced kids don’t make great TV. (She left out the part about how well-balanced adults don’t either which is why she was on for so many seasons.) She says it was important to keep that balance with her kids of “school, family, friends.”

They ask her about the divorce “where he (Bob) didn’t want to pay.” What were the other kids at school saying about that? Sheree said, ” It was hard, even if they didn’t see it at my house, because I did not talk about what their father was doing, they did get it at school.”  Continue reading


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Nene Leakes and Cynthia Bailey on WWHL

watch-what-happens-live-season-9-935-hero-1_0I really didn’t want to look at Andy Cohen anymore last night after watching the Shahs of Sunset reunion last night. But it’s a new day and I want to see what Nene and Cynthia have to say about last night’s episode. Oh my gosh Theo from Road Rules is the bartender! He has some sort of show now!

The vault was good tonight with a clip from The Cosby Show showing Cynthia Bailey as Shanikqua about a billion years ago! I would not have recognized her. Andy asks Nene about her tweets about the other housewives. She said there is a housewife with a past she doesn’t want anyone to know about and Andy wants to know who it is.(Phaedra) Guess the housewife of Atlanta who is always talking about food and don’t need nothing to eat? (Kandi) Guess the housewife of Atlanta that claims they gave me something for my house in LA? I have the cancelled check, I don’t accept gifts. (Kenya). My answers are in parenthesis but Nene is refusing to spill. Andy says he will bring it up at the reunion. Continue reading


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Sheree Whitfield’s Chateau Sheree Hits Another Roadblock

November 4, 2012 Some insulation was delivered on a rainy Sunday.

November 4, 2012 Some insulation was delivered on a rainy Sunday.

The mysteries of Sheree Whitfield’s finances continue today as TMZ is reporting that, “Uncle Sam filed a tax lien against Sheree in Georgia for unpaid taxes in the  years 2009 and 2010  to the tune of $41,752.83″  The interesting word to me in that quote is ‘lien’. What the heck does Sheree own that the IRS could put a lien on? Last I checked Sheree only owned Chateau Sheree for the first six months of 2012 after buying it from her mother for a dollar in December of 2011, she sold it for a dollar to her daughter Tierra in June of 2012. So I journey once again over to the public records and it shows no transactions since that time. HOWEVER, up at the tippy top of the record, Sheree is listed as the homeowner. Don’t you just love public records? So is she or isn’t she the owner of the glorious château or not? Continue reading


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