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Watch What Happens Live With Porsha Williams and Ja Rule

WWHL With Porsha Williams and Ja Rule


Porsha Williams is on WWHL with Andy Cohen and I can’t wait to hear what she has to say tonight when Andy shows the clip from Lake Lanier.  I like Porsha’s dress but it does look just like the athletic top she wore on tonight’s show at the track meet. She has a really nice waist cincher on underneath there. You can only see it in the buttock region. Check out the tattoos on her wrists are those new?

Andy asks if it was really water in the Moore Hair Care bottles. Porsha said yes and the other products were cocoa butter. Porsha throws some shade about that, and y’all I can’t even stick up for my girl launching a product with no product.


Is Porsha completely ball headed? Did she run out of weave before she got to the front or is there just nothing left to attach it to?  Sheree has had that issue for years, but it looked like tonight Sheree may have enough to stop just gluing a hair bagel on top.

Andy asked them to guess how many times they showed people fanning at Kenya’s launch party. Ja Rule guessed 22. Porsha with her retard mental strength screams no! 100!  It was 25.  Poor Porsha.

Andy is still trying to milk his viral episode where Vivica Fox suggested 50 cent was a bit light in his loafers. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: Party in a Sweatbox

RHOA at the Bravo version of Kandi's baby shower

RHOA at the Bravo version of Kandi’s baby shower

It’s time for another episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta and I feel like I have sleep 90% of the time since the last one.  I think we will see in this episode that Kenya Moore reevaluates her position with Sheree Whitfield. But the relationship I am most interested in at this point is the one between Phaedra Parks and Kandi Burruss. I am dying to know if the Feds came and picked up Apollo’s toys from Kandi and Todd’s garage. That is a very interesting situation.

Phaedra Parks

Oh lawd I am already tired of seeing Phaedra Parks on my TV screen. It looks like the religious hypocrite is going for some sort of baptism at a place called Clean Start Total Body Cleansing.  It’s going to take more than that, Phaedra. Okay I am not about to watch Phaedra and Porsha get colonics. No mam. Sorry.


We catch up with Kandi and Todd in their PJs in bed talking about Kandi’s conversation with Phaedra. Todd says that Apollo asked him to store his toys. It has nothing to do with Phaedra. Todd is also still waiting on his check. Continue reading


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Here is Some Weekend Tea on RHOA, RHOBH, & RHONY

Is it me or is Gregg looking a bit beleaguered by his Japanese wife routine these days?

Is it me or is Gregg looking a bit beleaguered by his Japanese wife routine these days?


There is lots going on in the real housewives world and I wish I felt like giving it my full attention.  I’ll try to give you as much as I know and I hope this helps.

Let’s start with the RHOA.  Nene Leakes is in NYC doing way too much press for Chicago. Seriously, I think she is doing the most to keep people away from the show.  Porsha Williams is also in NYC doing press somewhere??? for RHOA.

Cynthia is doing some west coast press in LA and spent the day with Sonja Morgan and Kyle Richards who all appeared on ….. remember that show, I think it might just be online… with the Asian guy who used to work for Vogue and another girl? Anyway, Cynthia, Kyle and Sonja were both on it.

Nene posted a photo today of her and Cynthia “in the big apple.” The only problem with that is Cynthia is in LA.  The other problem with that is a bunch of people are asking me why Nene and Cynthia are sitting together in NYC both in black with Nene in a veil? Continue reading


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WWHL With Kenya Moore

WWHL With Kenya Moore


It’s time for Watch What Happens Live With Kenya Moore!   Oh and T-Pain is the other guy. Which is kind of awesome. But I will ignore him like more than others that show up with a housewife.

Andrew starts with TRASHING Phaedra who likes to show up at his place of work with here churren (ALLEGEDLY) tryna keep her spot by showing Kenya throwing shade at her and her felon husband.  Because TELL IT KENYA. Some of us aint going out like that.  We may or may not ever get married but we aint laying up on an air mattress with some fly dude with an ankle bracelet to get knocked up.  ALLEGEDLY.  Because don’t nobody need a man that bad, Phaedra

Kenya blames the producers for catching her in the middle of a makeup touch up for that. Oh Kenya, own that shit, it’s so true.

They show the clip of Kenya and Sheree arguing with autotune. Is that shade at T-Pain? Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: Duking it Out

Gif by T. Kyle

Gif by T. Kyle


It’s time for the latest episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta and I am already irked by Phaedra Parks tagline. I think I am going to cringe every time I hear that.  And Sidenote:  RHOA’s uber Christian was filming post production stuff on a Sunday morning today.  And aint none of her neighbors seen Jesus there as they tried to maneuver out of the cul de sac to get to church. Allegedly.  My pet peeve is people who are offended on behalf of another group, but I feel like my years of faithful attendance at Southern Baptist Churches from Atlanta to Tripoli Libya and my extensive study of both the Bible and the Koran allow me to be justifiably outraged by Phaedra’s mockery of religion. Seriously, this is going to bug me all season. Apologies in advance.  I also hate Kenya’s twirl crap.  Hated it and her in season one and now that I love her I hate it even more. It’s so played out. We got our first Kim Fields’ intro today, and I love it even thought I know she hated mentioning Facts of Life.

We start back with the totally uneven sparring between Kenya and Sheree. Kenya  apologizes for calling Sheree a bitch….ass.  And Kenya steps away so Sheree can apologizeto Cynthia  and so we can get a talking head of Phaedra who is thrilled that Sheree tried it.  Lord knows all Phaedra can do is threaten Kenya  with her pocket book like Thelma on Mama’s FamilyContinue reading


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Chateau Sheree Versus Moore Manor

RHOA Kenya Moore Manor


First of all, why does Sheree, who is a working at the day rate as an FOH, even have a blog?  Apparently, she doesn’t have anyone who has more education than one gets on a Speak N Spell look over her blog before turning it in. Or else they got tired of fixing all the subject verb agreement issues and just gave up. At any rate, you can practically see the spittle spraying as she angrily types her blog this week.

From Sheree

I knew she would be intimidated by my return.

BWAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHA!  Really? Is she intimated by your money? Your apartment?Your education? Your rapidly aging old man face? Your fashion sense? Your class?  You have no merits at all!

However, I did not realize that she would act so desperately! It only makes sense that you would come for me after all — I am the veteran, the OG.

Dear God I am going to love this woman’s delusions this season. I hear that Kenya finds her so pitiable later in the season she tolerates her presence in the way one does any person critically low functioning intellect. Continue reading


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