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Let’s Just Get the Elephant Out of the Room With Phaedra and Apollo

RHOA Nene teeth

Sorry this twitter pic is viral and I like it.

And the elephant is that second kid. Look. I didn’t cover Yolanda’s 13 year old getting a DUI, I didn’t cover a lot of things with kids. But it is clear to anyone with eyes that Phaedra’s second son… has some questionable parentage.  Remember how Apollo was trying to keep everything low key on the broadcast version of the birth, but Phaedra wanted a huge dramatic thing? And how Apollo wanted nothing to do with the new kid? And how Apollo said in Mexico he basically wished his wife would use a motherfucking CONDOM if she chose to stray? And how on all his interviews he talks about his son, SINGULAR?

Well in the ATL, the streets are not just talking about this they are screaming. Seriously, I’m a shut in, and I am totally aware. I’ve alluded to it before, but, now, there is some serious news ALLEGEDLY I must discuss with you guys. And they involve children. /SIGH

But before I do, I must give a disclaimer. Just like with Sheree, I am not stalking anyone. I never go any fucking place and if I do I make a HUGE deal about having to GO INTO THE WORLD on twitter. I’m quite content sitting here reporting shit.  The Chateau Sheree pics were all provided by other people until one day I had a doctor’s appointment in that part of town and there were people there working who I stopped to talk to and used my emergency (I’m a prepper what can I say) camera to take five whole pictures with total permission. Continue reading

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Real Housewives of Atlanta Tea, And Lots of It

Kenya Porsha Cynthia

One of the downsides of having your own website, is that it takes a lot of work and consumes all of your time. It keeps me from reading other blogs that I used to really enjoy, like StraightFromtheA. Michelle is a great source of RHOA tea because she is very active in the ATL social life and runs in the same circles as a few of the housewives. Phaedra in particular. Because of her friendliness with Phaedra, Atlien has been fairly mum on the unfortunate position that Phaedra is currently facing. She did however  post recently about a party to celebrate Cynthia’s spread in Ebony Magazine, that she attended.  She is also the source for the numerous reports you guys a have sent me (thanks!) about Phaedra “taking a leave of absence” from filming RHOA. If you had told me that the story was coming from Atlien I would have investigated sooner. I’ve drilled down all the tea.  Grab a snack and get ready for this because there is a lot to cover. And for me the Phaedra stuff is a mere side order.

I am continuing to research and am not sure where to start. First of all, the party was held on July 17th at Bar One to celebrate Cynthia Bailey’s Ebony Magazine spread. All of the former housewives were there except three.  According to Atlien, Phaedra was en route when she was tipped off that Apollo was there. She opted not to show up. It is interesting that production would not alert Phaedra to the fact that her soon to be ex husband would be at the event.

As you recall, I exclusively reported that the previous day, July 16th, Apollo, Phaedra and the boys were filming in Chastain Park. They arrived in separate cars, even the boys and the nanny had their own car. It sounded like a supervised visitation sort of thing to me.  I speculated that it would be the Phaedra and Apollo breakup scene. Perhaps she presented the divorce papers.  There have been reports of Phaedra filing for divorce this week. I found nothing on the website to substantiate that claim. However, it is obvious that will be happening. My spies in Phaedra’s neighborhood say they haven’t seen Apollo at the house in quite some time. She’s done with him. This is not news. Continue reading


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Nene Leakes Has “Improved” the Birkin Bag

kim kardashian birkin bag

Remember that time that Kim Kardashian got this hideous monstrosity for a Christmas gift from Kanye? It was so horrific I actually broke my own no more Kardashian posts on this blog rule? Do you remember? Or have you blocked it from your mind only to have me bring it up again?

Because Nene now has her own monstrosity.  And she made it herself.  Click through to view. If you dare. Continue reading


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Apollo Nida’s Restitution Order Is A Bunch of Bullshit

RHOA Apollo Phaedra ReunionWhile Apollo was frolicking in the park with Phaedra today, the court handed down his restitution order. Or perhaps it happened this morning so he could be freed up for his unpaid Bravo job. The court has ordered that Apollo repay $1,948,214.85 to his victims. Restitution is to be paid jointly and severally in accordance with the restitution order to be paid by Gayla St. Julien. Which basically means they are both responsible until the balance is paid off. Payment is due immediately.

Any money he makes in prison (prison wages are as low as 25 cents and hour) will be paid directly to the restitution fund. Upon release, Apollo will be required to get a job and pay back $250 a month plus 25% of any gross income beyond $2,300 a month. Below is the list of his victims, who will never get their money back. Continue reading


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Phaedra and Apollo Filming RHOA Together Today.


It’s a beautiful July day in the ATL!  What a lovely day to take your kids to the park  to visit with the father who will soon be off to the pokey. And of course the Bravo cameras are there to capture it all on film. This afternoon, Phaedra, Apollo and their sons the Mayor of Toronto and the President of Sudan or whatever are at Chastain park having a custody visit. Phaedra came in her car, Apollo came in his car, the nanny came in her car.

There is Bravo crew everywhere. This scene reminds me of the time Sheree and Bob went there to talk and Sheree assaulted him with a drink. Hopefully this scene will go a bit better. Whatever could the storyline be? A divorce discussion?  A scene for Phaedra to deny any knowledge of Apollo’s criminal ways? A scene where Phaedra says she is selling the house and moving to Athens? Continue reading


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Kenya Moore Displays the Art of Looking Pretty While Saying Nothing At All

Kenya Moore Charity Ball Season Six Episode 15

Kenya Moore will still not admit she is coming back to the Real Housewives of Atlanta. She does say that Bravo has not announced that everyone will be back. She does make it clear that she will continue to be housewife chosen for the ridiculous  “woman of a certain age who wants a baby” storyline, muck like, Tamra, Ramona, Luann, and others before her. She continues to neither confirm or deny her current relationship status.

Click through for the video… Continue reading


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Kandi’s Wedding: Mark My Words, Todd Will Regret This

Kandi's Wedding RHOA

Okay, it’s time for two long hours of Kandi’s wedding.  The Bravo Buffoonery continues with Bravo adding two minutes to the DVR in front of the show and two minutes behind. WTF?  We begin at the rehearsal dinner and none of the grooms or groomsmen are there. Kandi calls Todd and they argue on the phone while the dinner guests gossip. Kandi looks like a major fool. I’m not sure I can do two hours of this tomfoolery. Mama Joyce and Kandi speak their family language discussing the pre-nup. We need subtitles. Apollo tells Todd this is partly his fault.  I’ve said it many times Kandi had no business marrying today. She doesn’t understand that marriage is a partnership. If she doesn’t want to go into a business arrangement with Todd, she had no business marrying him. Marriage is a business deal. Many of Todd’s groomsmen tell Todd not to sign it.

Mama Joyce goes to Kandi’s dad to get him to tell Kandi not to get married without the pre-nup. Mama Joyce is gloating in her talking heads. Todd, you need to run! RUN NOW! Save yourself, Todd!  Todd’s mom says they need to due a post-nup and get this stuff straightened out. Todd tells the boys he can’t live without Kandi.  Yes you can, Todd. Yes.You.Can.

Todd goes over to the house to fix things with Kandi. Todd says if she fixes the 30 day thing and the will issue then they can move forward. Kandi agrees. Fun fact: Stephanie Casteel was one of Sheree’s lawyers that she used to set up her shell LLC.  She had to testify in court that Sheree had some sort of ownership of the Chateau. Stephanie is super nice. I hope she eventually got paid. But I doubt it. Allegedly.

Todd has a 17-year-old daughter? Is this news? I don’t recall knowing this info. Is that his only daughter? I thought he had one closer to Riley’s age. Oh! I think we all thought one of Riley’s play dates was his daughter once. That must be the source of my confusion.

The bridesmaids are getting ready. Tasia brought a back up dress because no one has been fitted by Reco and they still don’t have dresses. Kandi had programs for her wedding. This is a new thing, I reckon. I think my nephew had one at his wedding. I seem to recall the whole foot-washing thing being on there.

Kandi is prettier without make-up in my opinion. Continue reading


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Countdown to Apollo Nida’s Trip To the Pokey!

Party like it's your birthday!

Party like it’s your birthday!

In just four days, if the Feds don’t postpone again, as they are want to do, Apollo will be rejoining his friends at the federal penitentiary. Sadly, Apollo and his beloved southern belle wife are not spending his final days as a free man together. Phaedra spent the beginning of last week in Cancun with Kandi and Todd celebrating Fantasia’s birthday on Monday and Shun Melson’s (Kim Biermann’s stylist) birthday on Wednesday. Todd seemed to be having the time of his life even though the did tweet that Kandi failed to mention it was a girl’s party. From the looks of this picture it seems the girls were able to round up some men. Continue reading


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Nene Has New Hair For Zumanity

NeNe-Leakes-The-Higher-the-Hair-The-Closer-to-Heaven-600x600And it is really, really awful. But apparently she likes it well enough to paste the same picture side by side.


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As I Predicted, RHOA Cameras Roll on Nene Leakes in Vegas

RHOA NeNe-Leakes-With-a-Camera-Guy-Doing-Her-MakeupNene really wants us to know she is going to be on RHOA next season. She posted a picture to Instagram and on her website tweeting, “Oh is that a camera guy behind me! Umhmm <work never stops! ”  I am dying to hear her explanation for her RHOA demotion when the season starts and she is not holding a peach.  I’m mostly posting that because I keep getting questions in email about all the stories about “everyone returning.”  Yes, everyone will return but neither Porsha or Nene are fulltime housewives according to’s  exclusive source.


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Um, Y’all Where is Apollo Nida?

Phaedra Parks Accused All Sorts of Nonsense by Very Troubled WomanIs it just me, or did Apollo Nida disappear on the day of his financial deposition on June 10th?

For the last few months, Apollo has been on some sort of U.S. Felon Farewell tour while out on a tiny bond, bidding his fan base farewell, and you know, hyping his brand and stuff.  His last tweet. On Monday June 9th, was from Arkansas where he urged the fine citizens, ” ARKANSAS STAND UP YA BOI IS HERE.”  Since that post, there has been no news on whether the folks in Arkansas stood up. However, it would seem that Apollo has finally taken several seats. But where?

The following Tuesday, June 10th, he was scheduled to sit for a financial deposition with the feds with regard to his plea deal. In case you missed it, here is the post that lists all the items he was required to bring in, including a good deal of Phaedra’s financial records.  I’m going to assume he showed up there. Continue reading


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Kandi’s Wedding Recap: Mother Tucker

Kandi's Wedding RHOA

I am really sort of over this wedding, but I feel like I must continue to ride it out until the end. How many more episodes do we have?  With 14 days left before the ceremony, Todd and Kandi go for counseling at their church. Todd points out that it is Kandi’s mother that really needs the counseling. I agree. However, this “counseling session” is very on the surface. We learn important things like, Kandi likes a foot rub.  Kandi does not understand that she is supposed to handle the situation between her husband and her mother. That is her responsiblity! No one else can take control of this situation.

Mama Tucker, Miss Sharon is coming to stay with Kandi and Todd for two weeks. Todd can’t make a bed without calling for help from Kandi. Kandi has no interest in bringing the two mothers together. Todd seems to think they need to get them together and try to smooth things over.

Todd and his mama have a conversation about Mama Joyce.  Mama Sharon seems to think that the pimp comment happened because Todd’s daddy “looked like Superfly.”  I am bored. Already.

Kandi and Mama Sharon get along well it seems. Sharon seems very nice. Kandi doesn’t seem to get that her mother is a royal bitch. Don’t put this on Todd’s mama, girl.  Kandi says she is tired of being in the middle of it. Too bad. She is the only one who can step up and put Mama Joyce in check. Continue reading


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