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Andy Cohen Discusses Kenya, Nene and More

Ask Andy
So a moderated comment came in from “bagladey” saying that Kenya was referring to Andy as ‘Mandy’ on Twitter and that he was pissed about it. So I had to check into this. Unfortunately it is true that Kenya was doing that. Which I find rather appalling and juvenile and beneath her. On the other hand, Andy is shady with her ALL THE TIME.  Which he admits so I don’t think he was really that pissed about it.  And Kenya is all locked in for season 8 so no worries there.
The discussion about this happened on a recent Ask Andy. It’s kind of interesting so I thought I’d transcribe it here.

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Kandi’s Ski Trip Thing

Look if you think I was gonna stop watching this Mad Men marathon for this Kandi spin-off you must be crazy. Did you watch? Should I watch? Let me know.


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Kandi Burruss Sets The Record Straight on Nene and Phaedra

RHOA Kandi stank ass attitude

Kandi shares her thoughts on the reunion, Nene, and Phaedra in a interesting video.

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It’s Time To Revisit This Interview With Nene’s Sister Kenya/Kendell

Nene Leakes Insults Her Twitter Fans; Bravo Claims She is Divorced

It’s time to revisit this Courtney Love interview with Nene’s sister Kenya from 2013.  I watched it back then but had forgotten about it until folks started pointing it out last night. Kenya is Nene’s half sister. They have the same mother.  She says the same father too, but she is saying it in a “we don’t say half” sort of way. Check out Courtney on her site

The entire interview is very interesting and packed full of tea. Around the 4:30 mark she talks about Nene asking her mother if she could go to school in Atlanta.  She says her parents were successful business people in New York.

Click through for the video.

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Kenya’s Man Got Married Without Telling Her? WTF?



I was up most of the night last night and slept in late this morning. When I opened my email it was full of messages about James Freeman being married. I start sorting emails as soon as I get up and before I am awake. I am still trying to wrap my head around this.

My heart is breaking for Kenya.  It was just ten days ago  that sites were falsely reporting that Kenya and James had gotten engaged in Las Vegas.  That was hard enough for her to deal with I am sure. Can you imagine everyone texting her asking her if she is engaged, and she was not?

It was just months ago that Kenya started sharing some of their dating life on her Instagram account. I knew it was serious then because Kenya generally doesn’t post her love interests on Instagram.  She captioned one of their date photos with

Sometimes you can spend your whole life looking for Prince Charming when a King arrives. Thank you @pattistanger and @cynthiabailey10 and my fans for your love and support and desire for my happiness. #matchmaker #KingJames #FriendsFirst #MillionaireMatchmaker.

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Kenya Moore Shares Thoughts on the Reunion

RHOA Kenya Check Do you think NeNe will write her check to the charity?

Kenya Moore: Sadly, I do not think it’s clear if NeNe will ever write the check. If she was honest and sincere about putting our differences aside for charity last year, she would have matched the donation as she promised. She made a promise to the kids of the city of Detroit to donate $20,000. She has made every excuse in the world as to why she hadn’t written it. First, she didn’t think the donation was real, which is why I posted it on social media so that no one would have doubts. Conveniently she now claims I somehow am making a mockery of charity. This is the same woman who wears $20,000 outfits and posts photos on her graffitied $12,000 Hermes Birkin bags on social media, but I’m the one making a mockery of charity? She also tried to say I didn’t donate my own money, which is a lie.

The Detroit Public Schools Foundation has acknowledged they received a total of $40,000 on behalf of myself, which includes the additional $20,000 win from my appearance on Celebrity Apprentice. She also just bought a $2 million home. Obviously this is about her lack of character. You are nothing in life if you can’t depend on your word. It takes a real morally debased person to steal from children. Yet, I still pray that the NeNe who is a good person will do the right thing.

Don’t hold your breath Kenya, I don’t believe there is a good person in there anywhere.

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Cynthia Gives Her Final Thoughts on The Reunion


BTW I think y'all were overly harsh on Cynthia's Reunion Look

BTW I think y’all were overly harsh on Cynthia’s Reunion Look What was going through your mind when NeNe walked off?

Cynthia Bailey: My natural reaction when NeNe broke down and walked off was to go to her and hug her. I had no idea how I would be received or what I would say to her, but my heart said go after her, and I did. NeNe and I were friends. Real friends that spent real time together outside of the show. Regardless of what the status of that friendship was during the reunion, I never want to see her hurt.

Clearly this sort of genuine kindness cannot be permitted to remain on the Real Ratchet Housewives of Atlanta. Continue reading


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Nene Leakes Is Glad She Could Help Us



Nene has posted three photos of her left tit, and the rest of her, online along with some ridiculous comments.  Fortunately, I have a purple pen.

This first post was accompanied by Nene crying in the arms of the whackadoodle TV shrink.

Honestly (a favorite word of liars who are about to lie) I do not like being vulnerable in front of people who do not like me!  (which is why it took me only a few minutes to pull myself together and get back into cunt mode) My exterior can be tough to some but my heart is gold! ( Much like actual rich people do not run around saying they are rich,  people with hearts of gold don’t run around declaring they have one. If you have to tell people about the goodness in your heart, there is none there.)  I have gotten soooo many text messages about this scene tonight. (I doubt that. Do you have any friends left? Diana probably called. That was it. ) (I didn’t watch)  (Nobody believes that.) my phone has literally caught on fire!  (Please add literally to your vocabulary list.) I’m happy to know that I helped or inspired anyone that watch #RHOA #strongwoman  ( I can’t imagine how pathetic one must be if watching you blubber for five minutes before reverting back to your evil persona could in anyway be beneficial. Also how did you not learn subject verb agreement in elementary school  but claim to have attended college?) Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion Part 3 Recap: Mother’s Day Special

RHOA Reunion all

Okay, it’s finally time for part three of the RHOA. If you missed the other recaps you can catch them here.  Just in time for Mother’s Day, Nene is going to decide she has issues with her mother abandoning her for the first time.

Nene and Peter

Nene begins screaming at top of her lungs that she never flirted with Peter. SCREAMING her lies as if that would make them true. Peter says that he and Nene have similar personalities just like Kenya and Apollo do.  Um what? The Peter says that everyone owes Kenya an apology for calling her a whore for all these seasons.  Peter says that he a Nene did not flirt. Peter says that Porsha has a reckless mouth saying he is cheating on his wife. He says if he is going to cheat on his wife, he is going to go hit something big, like J-Lo not waitresses.  Oh well if I was Cynthia, I’d feel so much better. WTF. Peter?

Kandi and Todd

Time for more about Kandi’s marriage. Andy asks when the last time they had sex was. Two nights ago. Todd says the baby will happen soon.  Andy gives condolences about Todd’s mother, Sharon dying. He tells the story of how he found out. He sent a neighbor in to check on her and she had a stroke. Gregg spoke at Todd’s mother’s funeral. Why? And Peter also came for the funeral.  Nene tried everything she could to get to the funeral but she was in Cinderella at the time. Phaedra made a phone call to a funeral home for Todd.  Todd is teary-eyed.  Todd says that MJ’s TV apology was half-assed but she apologized more genuinely after Sharon died. Todd and Kandi fight about the prenup again.  Apparently, Todd doesn’t wear his wedding ring and he has more than one ring to match each watch. That’s weird. More talk about how Kandi puts too much of the relationship on TV.  Kandi says her boobs are bigger because she has gained weight and is taking steroids. Continue reading


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Exclusive Tamara Tattles Tea on RHOA Season 8, And a New Chay Eday Video !

Carlos King, another "friend" of Nene's that is no longer.

Carlos King, another “friend” of Nene’s that is no longer.

I have some curious news, that I have not been sharing about RHOA.  My sources are saying that the reason pickup letters have not gone out yet is because the show has not yet been picked up for another season.  This is not normal.  I do not think it means that we have seen the last of RHOA,  despite the lower ratings this season, the viewership is high enough to pick up another season.  I mean Vanderpump Rules has been picked up and their ratings were not close to RHOA’s ratings even at RHOA’s lowest point.  I believe the hold up is related to production. With Carlos King leaving, whatever the real circumstances are,  there are going to be a lot of changes to production. They may even be considering another production company all together.  There were a lot of audio problems with the reunion, Bravo may decide to make a fresh start.

So, they can’t send out the pickup letters until all of that is resolved.  However, NBCu Cable Upfronts are this week. The parties start tonight and the days are jam packed until Thursday.  Thursday afternoon at 4 p.m. is when the NBCu Cable Upfronts will happen.  I assume they will announce the RHOA being picked up then.  Three RHOA will be in attendance, Kenya,  Kandi, and Nene.  It seems those are the only three invited to upfronts.  This means  Phaedra, Claudia, and Cynthia are… not secure in their spots. It’s clear Bravo wants to shake the show up much like they did RHONY a few seasons ago (and we all saw how well that turned out.) Continue reading


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Life Twirls On Pilot Is Out, Watch It Here

RHOA Kenya  Twirls Wedding Gown

Kenya Moore has released the full episode of the Life Twirls On Pilot. I finally took some time to watch it and I think it’s pretty funny.  It is littered with RHOA inside jokes.  When Kenya gets some face work done the first thing I thought of was Brandi’s face.

My thoughts on the show are that Janet Hubert would have needed to be replaced anyway.  I think her character is based on Kenya’s real aunt with some silly folklore thrown in for laughs.  Since we have seen her real aunt, Janet just doesn’t work for me. I wonder if her real aunt can act?

Brandon is cast as the over the top gay. I love him, but I think they went a bit far over the top. The general public is not going to get the tossed salad joke. It is pretty funny to me. But I think the average viewer would just find it weird.

Some things worked better than others. I thought the camera angles were very well done. Shots like the scene that opened on the jerk tofu were interesting. Continue reading


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Phaedra Parks On Her Relationship With Kandi, And Cynthia’s Apology

RHOA Phaedra Divorce Atty

Kandi has a couple of things to say on her Bravo Blog this week.  None of them are factual of course, but that’s what my purple pen is for, right?  Let’s see if I can explain this. Why didn’t you think Cynthia’s apology was genuine?

Phaedra Parks: There’s apologizing and then there is “apologizing.” In one breath Cynthia is telling me she is sorry, and in the next she is lobbing insulting remarks at me. If someone is truly sorry for what they have done or said, it is reflected in their actions. Saying the words “I am sorry” does not mean much if the disrespectful and nasty behavior continues. As a mother, wife, and purported professional, I think Cynthia should have been more responsible and thoughtful from the beginning.

So to review, Cynthia is on a television show where she is supposed to follow the storyline.  The storyline is loosely based on the actual fact that your husband  stole a bunch of money, some for Delta retirees, and is going to prison for a second stint.

As part of this storyline she was told some information via that husband through her husband concerning your alleged lack of faithfulness.  Which she shared with the others on the show.  And she apologized  when you claimed your  nonexistent feelings were hurt. So you talked trash about her husband and his businesses and Cynthia and her businesses and refused to accept her apology.

Are you really going to hold yourself out as an example of a business woman or a thoughtful person who considers the effect her words have on other mothers? Because that is just fucking hysterical.

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