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Kim Biermann Takes Kaia & Kane For Vaccinations…

RHOA kim resting bitch face baby.

And this is what happened… Continue reading


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Kenya Moore Gets Cover of Heart & Soul

Heart and soul Kenya

Kenya Moore’s dedication to fitness has landed her the cover of Heart & Soul magazine’s February edition. The magazine’s editor,  Anita Kopacz Letter says of  Moore, “Our cover model, the beautiful…and sometimes controversial, Kenya Moore, is clad in red to honor American Heart Health Month. She shares with us the softer side of Kenya; the woman who gives back to her community and encourages young women to follow their dreams.”

The article begins in true Kenya Moore fashion,  “You can call me whatever you want, but I know that I’m fabulous!” Thus begins my interview with Kenya Moore. Unsurprised, I resign myself to a bon bon eating session, brimming with “shade” and “tea”. I base this on the persona she has displayed as one of the most infamous figures in today’s pantheon of reality television stars. Imagine my surprise when the former Miss USA and star of The Real Housewives of Atlanta begins to effectively dismantle many of my expectations, problematizing the messages young women of color receive from society.” Continue reading


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Claudia Jordan Talks Kordell Stewart and Her Sportscasting Career

RHOA CLaudia and Kordell

Claudia explains how she met Kordell in her blog this week and in doing so gives us an interesting peek into her broadcasting resume. This week in other RHOA blogs the three road tripping gals did an easy, breezy blog about how much fun it was to be off on their own.  Click through to read. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Atlanta Attended Black and White Premiere

RHOA Claudia and Demetria at Black and White

Last Friday, Kevin Costner and Anthony Mackie were in town for the premier of their movie, Black & White. The movie is about a white grandfather, played by Kevin Costner, and a black grandmother, played by Octavia Spencer, who fight for custody of their bi-racial grand-daughter. There was a step and repeat and a whole bunch of paparazzi so that means…. HOUSEWIVES!

Claudia and Jordan were in attendance looking awesome and having a fun night at the movies. And so was one other housewife. Continue reading


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Kandi Burruss and Ne-Yo on WWHL

WWHL with Kandi

Andy starts by asking how Todd is doing since Sharon passed. Kandi says that he is holding up. Kaela is with them and he has his family to be strong for. Andy says that “Riley is 11″ was trending on Twitter. Kandi seemed a bit defense saying she acts age appropriate and she can’t help that she is tall.  Kandi seems oblivious to the fact that the issue was with an 11 (now 12) year old wearing the hair of three Filipino women on her head. Kandi seemed touchy about the whole thing. In his opening Andy also made a comment that Kandi’s mother will beat you with her shoe and you could hear Kandi groan. Kandi is just sort of disagreeable tonight.

Andy brings up that Todd was not overly excited about the car. Kandi says she was disappointed and though that someone must have tipped him off. Todd is at the clubhouse somewhere. Andy asked if Kandi was made at him. She says no, she just thought that whole scene was messy. I guess she means the car scene.

Andy plays the sperm count scene as a sitcom with a laugh track. Because that was just ridiculous.

Continue reading


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Exclusive: What Caused the Rift Between Kandi and Phaedra?

Phaedra and Kandi LOL

This post is a EXCLUSIVE. Please be sure to credit and link properly if you like to use it on your blog.

I was not going to write this tonight but once I mentioned I had more tea, y’all are forcing me to make the post!  I love that you are all so interested.

What I found out today is that when Todd was still supportive of Apollo, and Kandi sort of rode the fence between being supportive of Phaedra and Apollo, Phaedra was none too thrilled. Todd was very supportive of Apollo and hung out with him sometimes with Kandi present. Phaedra saw this as a betrayal. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: Road Trip!

Clearly in Puerto RIco Kandi was still friends with Phaedra.

Clearly in Puerto RIco Kandi was still friends with Phaedra.


On tonight’s Real Housewives of Atlanta, the ladies arrive back home from their trip. Nene’s personal valet picks her up at Hartsfield. Nene talks to Gregg about being around all those negative girls. LOL. Nene explains her version of the fight to Gregg. At that was all we saw of Nene. Expect to see less and less of her as the season goes on. This episode was also Porsha and Demetria free.


Phaedra and Derek J continue the fake storyline where Phaedra is representing  Derek who is accused of stealing used weave.  In the office that is not hers. I am so over this show and all it’s fakery. Phaedra’s momma comes in to talk about Apollo leaving for prison.

Meanwhile, Apollo takes the boys out for frozen yogurt and tries to prepare them for his departure. Apollo seems genuinely remorseful. Or at least sad that he has to leave his boys. Continue reading


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Kandi Burruss Says, “I’m Not Two-Faced!

Clearly in Puerto RIco Kandi was still friends with Phaedra.

Clearly in Puerto RIco Kandi was still friends with Phaedra.

When it comes to RHOA Kandi and Kyle Richards have a lot in common.  Both of them seem a bit more sensitive to social media criticisms than their housewives counter parts. In her blog this week, Kandi defends herself against Twitter folks who think she is “two-faced .” Basically, her point is she really isn’t close to anyone Nene or Claudia so she really sees the humor in everyone going in on each other.

Kandi shares that Claudia’s read went on much longer that the brief clips we saw and that Claudia read Nene for filth. Kandi just seems to find the whole Real Housewives of Atlanta thing amusing. Perhaps it is that attitude that led to the fallout between Kandi and Phaedra? Kandi and Phaedra have always been pretty much ride or die. I’m trying to find out what happened but I have a feeling that Phaedra sided with her husband and took Apollo’s side in the breakup. Friends are always forced to choose sides when there is a breakup. I’m trying to contact Source to see if they know the tea. It’s been a while since I asked a question so maybe I’ll have some tea soon.:)

I love the picture above. Kandi was still friends with Phaedra in Puerto Rico. Perhaps the revelations to come about “Mr.Chocolate ” was the turning point? Sympathy for Apollo may have been the issue. Continue reading


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Phaedra and Demetria Discuss Their Tentative Truce

RHOA Demetria


This week both Phaedra Parks and Demetria McKinney discuss Demetria’s apology. Let’s just say that one of them was sincere in their discussion and the other one knew what the right thing to say was, but seemed to be just going through the motions.

It was kind of Demetria to apologize to Phaedra for the 8 comment; HOWEVER, she was certainly owed an apology from Phaedra for all of her rude behavior. Clearly, that apology was not forth coming.  In order to put their differences aside in a genuine way, I think Phaedra will have to do that with sincerity or there will be no hope of even a cordial truce. I would not advise anyone to hold their breath waiting for that to happen.

Demetria is disappointed in the divide between the ladies. From her perspective, the beauty versus beast description is a false one. Demetria says it has nothing to do with outer beauty. She says it has to do with the personalities of the women. One side is full of double standards and judgments and the other side is more light-hearted and fun. Continue reading


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Claudia Shares Her Past And Why She Could Not Accept Nene’s Apology




Claudia’s blog this week was very personal. She had a lot to say both about the episode we saw last Sunday, and about Nene’s part in the sudden wave of negative posts about Claudia. Convenient timing? Claudia opens up about past trauma in her life to explain why she needed more from Nene that a weak, insincere apology. Frankly, I’m still shocked Nene apologized at all.

Claudia is also confused by Nene’s double standards. Nene’s past working the pole and attracting Gregg while he was married coupled with her clear support of Porsha and her married sugar daddy seem out of line with her “Close your legs to married men!” philosophy.  In part of her blog I didn’t excerpt due to length, she also takes issue with Nene’s bizarre need to shout her many jobs to the other ladies as if they are all not working themselves. Claudia points out she got he SAG card in 1994 and has been working ever since. That’s what adults do. Working is not something exclusive to Nene, they’ve all been working for years. Nene is just new in the industry.

Click through to read Claudia’s deeply personal thoughts on women calling each other whores and making degrading comments about their private parts. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: Divide and Ki-Ki

RHOA Claudia

On tonight’s RHOA, we begin back at the scene of the read heard ’round the world tonight.

Claudia: You’re worried about my clit and my bankruptcy and my finances, like why are you worried?
Nene: No hunni …
Claudia: You should worry about what you got going on, that great clothing line.
Nene: You wanna do what I do.
Claudia: I don’t want to glue hair to my forehead, I don’t wanna be a former stripper, people that’s carless…
Nene: I can glue hair to my forehead, girl I got all kinda cars right now, I don’t care what was repossessed, you just check my crib bitch, and see the cars in my garage when you lift the goddamn garage up! Don’t tell me what’s has been tell me what’s NOW! You wish you could get this check I get from them clothing lines! Then you could loan you some fashions because that is some cheap shit.
Claudia: And your dress is….
Nene: This off the runway.
Claudia: They don’t make your size for the runway
Nene: You better pull this zipper down and see…the make em when you got the coins.
Claudia: You overpaid. You can get that at Ross.
Nene: I know you don’t know what come down the runway considering what you got on spaghetti straps.
Claudia: Yeah, because I’ve never walked down a runway….you should have a little less spaghetti in your diet.
Nene: Girl, bye!  Hollywood ain’t looking for you.
Claudia: Atlanta is and I think that’s why you’re so bothered.
Nene: Me bothered by you?
Claudia: I didn’t know you were into Google searching me.
Nene: You  wish I would Google you with a bob.
Claudia: What’s wrong with a bob?
Nene: Nothing
Claudia: It’s better than a hair hat…
Nene: Girl? Bye, Girl.
Claudia: Bye. Are you leaving?
Nene: Listen to your boss. You weak hunni. Continue reading


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Nene Leakes Has Not Recovered From Being Read For Filth By Claudia

Graphic by Urethra Franklin

Graphic by Urethra Franklin

Nene Leakes has not posted a Bravo blog since the one trying to explain her little dutch boy wig. She’s been on Twitter though talking about her fabulous skin that she takes great care of. On her blog there is a picture of her and an ad for the salon of course. She claims she just loves to get a microdermabrasion and a chemical peel at the same time.  Um. Clearly she has never had either because those are two things you never get done at the same time. She is posting tweets about Claudia getting booed someone where for talking about Nene. And she is trying to buy better hair. Something good might come of this after all.

She posted a letter from some anonymous acquaintance that basically told her to keep her head up and that she was a good person. It’s like this read is consuming her. Apparently,  Bravo didn’t want to post her blog this week so she posted it on her website. Let’s have a look shall we? Continue reading


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