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Ratchet Housewives of Atlanta Filming Goes Awry! Cynthia Attacked by Porsha

One is hot, the other is a THOT.

One is hot, the other is a THOT.


Of course in the middle of a technical nightmare some ish goes down during Real Housewives of Atlanta filming. I’ve only heard from a couple of sources on this. Since it happened on a boat there were not as many witnesses as there would normally be. Basically, the story making the rounds is pretty much the whole story.

Over the weekend, the ladies went to Lake Lanier and spent some time sunning on a boat.  At some point, Porsha just lost her mind and went in on Cynthia.  Porsha began insulting Cynthia calling her names and getting in her face. Cynthia walked away and ignored her.  Porsha kept following her around and got more and more hostile. Porsha had Cynthia sort of backed up with to way to retreat at one point and got right in her face screaming at her. Cynthia was forced to kick Porsha to keep her from jumping on her.

Porsha was immediately escorted off the boat. She apparently hit her head in the fall and went to an emergent care place.  The filming picked right back up and everyone moved on. Cynthia was shaken up because she has never been physically attacked like that. Continue reading


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Here Is The RHOA Tea From Kenya Moore’s Launch Party

RHOA Filming Watermarked

L-R Sheree, Cynthia, Mallory, Amiyah, Kenya, Marlo, Porsha,Phaedra, Kim Fields (and her husband)

TMZ keeps running these stories about who production has hired to “replace Nene.” First it was Kim Fields, then it was Sheree Whitfield, now it is Amiyah Scott. Well, one out of three ain’t bad. I told you that Kim Fields recently worked the kinks out of her contract and is now filming here:.

As for the usual game of musical peaches, Kenya, Cynthia, Kandi remain as close to sure things as we ever have at this point in the season. I’m told Kim Fields has officially signed on. All the other potentials have fallen by the wayside. So that leaves Phaedra, Porsha and even Cynthia’s sister Mallory to play hot potato for a peach. Andy seems to love Phaedra so she’s probably going to end up with one. Carlos loves Porsha so things are much improved for her.

At this point, barring any last minute indecision by production, the peaches go to Kenya, Cynthia, Kandi, Phaedra, Porsha and Kim.  I do not think there will be a seventh peach, but you never know.

What TMZ doesn’t seem to understand is that Sheree, Marlo, Mallory and Amiyah showing up to a taping doesn’t put them on the show as paid participants.  If I started a new post for every picture I saw, I would have been on the Kim Fields is out! bus.  Or Sheree is in!  bandwagon.  I actually know what is happening behind the scenes and it’s just not that simple.  Sheree, Marlo and Mallory are making day rate pay of about $1.500 or so depending on a few variables.  Amiyah probably just signed a release.  The only person Amiyah has followed on Twitter is Kenya and that is because she was at her event.

The only thing the photos tell me is that Phaedra and Porsha have seemingly secured their peaches as I predicted above.  With the upheaval in production this season, things are more precarious than ever.

Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Atlanta Filming Tea: Guess Who Is Back?

RHOA Nene Toodles

Every year when the RHOA starts filming, there is always a bunch of drama. There are new people being tested, seemingly at times just to keep the regulars on their dramatic toes, revolving peaches and often times diva behavior with regard to contracts and who the veterans will and won’t film with.  Most seasons, the drama and turmoil can be blamed on the housewives, or more specifically one specific housewife who wants to control her edit and run the show.

This year, despite making way too many concessions to one housewife, the straw that broke the moose’s back occurred. The actual showrunner, Carlos King threw in the towel after the last reunion and whether or not it was entirely idea, he took his expertise and experience and prepared to start a new chapter in his career.

When Bravo finally reached their limits with Nene negotiations and called her bluff, she ended up “doing me” which so far consists of vacationing in Miami while explaining how happy she is with her husband/do-boy whom she doesn’t have to pay to date her. This of course makes one wonder where exactly HIS income comes from and also why she is mean tweeting about the current RHOA if he life is such a dream now. Continue reading


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Guess Who Came to Cynthia Bailey’s Eyewear Launch Party?

RHOA Sheree and Marlo

Last night Cynthia had a big launch party for her eyewear collection. And guess who showed up? Marlo Hampton and Sheree Whitfield.  It seems that we will be getting a glimpse of both of them.  I’ve been sent several pictures and I am not sure who owns them, but I am going to post the one above because it was sent to me on Twitter.

In other photos I’ve seen, Phaedra and Porsha were standing together with matching stank faces. It seems there is a lot of disharmony in this group.  My sources are reporting that Kim Field’s has officially signed on as a full time houswive, and yet, I saw no evidence of her at the party.  That doesn’t mean she was not there, but I didn’t see her in any photos.  You know me, I might not even recognize her.

I don’t think that Sheree and Marlo will be regularly seen on the show, and I would doubt either would be actual “friends of the housewives” (FOH).  Acutally, if Marlo and Kenya still get along she may have a better shot than Sheree.  Sheree has been selling her used shoes on Instagram lately, so I hope they paid her for this appearance since it seems she needs the money. Continue reading


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Porsha and Kandi Participate in Track Meet to Fight Childhood Cancer

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I  just got the following tip in my email with the above photos:

“The RHOA  Porsha and Kandi were at the Fighting Childhood cancer Celebrity track meet today August 1, 2015 at the Emory University here in Atlanta. Porsha actually competed in the events. RHOA production crew was filming Porsha and Kandi throughout the whole event. So looks like Porsha and Kandi are a lock in for season 8. ”

Saw what you want about Kandi, but she will shoot any scene she is asked, usually with a smile on her face.

A huge thank you to the reader who sent me the email!


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Why Is Nene At A Police Station?


I’m changing the Law wit the Po Po #Byewig #Girlbye

Um… I usually just laugh and laugh about the preponderance of Nenetards with her T-shirts on in between her trying to make “wayment” a word and the refusal to put an ‘h’ at the end of the word with.

But is this crossing the line? I’m feeling some kinda way about this. And these police officers… Thoughts? Continue reading


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Nene Leakes Has a New Plan

Will Nene Leakes Be Returning for Season Five?

Y0u guys remember Nene Leakes? Come on, I am sure you do. She was that rich bitch on RHOA!  You know the one who lived in rentals for every season she was on,  rent likely paid by Bravo, with the husband who was ON THE LOCAL NEWS before they started the show as some dude who managed rental properties and did some shit he was not supposed to do?

Well now that Nene has taken out a mortgage on a house she has discovered that not everyone goes to Rent-To Own for furniture. She’s been to High Point, North Carolina where  most middle income people go to buy DISCOUNT furniture.

Nene Leakes who finally has to buy her own furniture, has now of course declared herself an expert on the subject. Continue reading


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