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Kandi Burruss Turns 40 With Multiple Celebrations!

RHOA Kandi Burruss turns 40


Kandi Burruss posted the above photo on her Instagram saying,  ” Today is a wonderful start to an amazing year! I’m still partying & I will be partying all week but I just wanted to say thank you to every person that sent happy bday messages thru text, calls, post on social media. Thank you to everyone that sent flowers, cards, & gifts. Thank you to everyone who sent video messages for my bday video. Thanks to everyone who came to my bday dinner at my mom’s house & everyone who came to the surprise dinner after. & everybody who’s coming on our bday trip this weekend. I love y’all & Im embracing 40 to the fullest! I just turned 20 for a second time & im gonna make this next year my best year yet! thanks @carmoncambrice for coordinating the surprise dinner!”

Kandi Burruss just turned forty and has been celebrating all week.  Todd threw a big party at an Atlanta club last night and gave her a diamond Rolex.  There were no Real Housewives of Atlanta in attendance; however,  Sheree Whitfield and Shamea Morton were able to clear their busy schedules to attend.

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WWHL With Kenya Moore and Wendi McLendon-Covey!

WWHL with Kenya Moore RHOA


It’s very odd for Kenya to be on WWHL in the off season, so I am expecting some major announcement!  I hope that she brought pictures of the house or is announcing a bun in the oven or something!

Matt is there with Kenya and is sitting back stage enjoying the bar.  Kenya has moved into Moore Manor. Chateau Sheree remains incomplete. Kenya is thrilled that Kim Fields will not be returning. She has not spoken to her since the reunion.

She has not been to Nene’s stand up show, but she was invited and is very supportive. The Nene and Kenya alliance next season should be AMAZING if they can stay in a good place that long.

All Kenya will say about Peter and Cynthia is, “They are having some issues that may not be resolved.”  I have a strong feeling that Cynthia has already filed for divorce.  I feel like it is more about Apollo’s relationship with Peter and not Peter’s cheating. I think Cynthia really needs to distance herself from Peter and make sure to tease their finances apart as quickly as possible.

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Who Are Your Top Ten Favorite Housewives of All Time?

Photo:  @GoRyanGo on Twitter

Photo: @GoRyanGo on Twitter

This weekend, probably on Saturday, I will post my Top Ten Real Housewives of all time. I just finished writing my part and have a couple of friends you may know from the radiator room contributing theirs.  Now that I have mine hammered out ( I can’t believe how seriously I took this and how I agonized over my choices!) and Xanadude and The Lady Cocotte have their homework turned in, I can now go and read their lists.

While we are waiting until tomorrow (probably afternoon) for me to get all this information organized into a post, why don’t you guys post your top ten lists in comments.  We are giving reasons why we placed our choices where we did, and feel free to do that as well.

For me, I needed to come up with some sort of guidelines to go by. So let me know how you chose. Just housewives you like?  The most interesting?  The most watchable? What drives your ranking?

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Nene Leakes Swimsuit Model?

RHOA Nene bikini



There is so much to say about this photo on Nene’s Instagram. How much is surgery and how much is photoshop?  That belly button sure did move up a few inches.  Is that a new nose?   Are you buying the thigh gap?

Talk amongst yourselves. I’ve got some dragons to slay.


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Exclusive RHOA Tea: Test Shooting Has Begun for RHOA

New girl testing on the right.

New girl testing on the right.

This is exclusive Tamara Tattles tea. Read it here today and watch the thieves steal it tomorrow.

I’ve been holding out on some RHOA tea because there is not really any shocking news involved and I don’t have tons of details yet, but there is some misinformation flying around I thought I would clear up.

First of all, every season, the real housewives franchise works the same way. Once a season ends, the folks at Bravo, with input from the production company for that franchise, sit around and evaluate the previous season. They decide who, if anyone needs to go, and how to jazz up the ratings in the next season. In this off season, the housewives are “officially” off contract.  This is when they go visit their African princes in Nigeria, get their full body lifts,  have their boobs jacked up, finish building their houses, show up at random political events to appear to seem politician worthy, post photoshopped pictures of themselves in hootchie wear on Instagram, or get IVF injections or go to the White House Correspondents Dinner as an LGBT ally.

Also during the off season, a handful of potential housewives do test shooting with one or more current housewives. Sometimes there is an opening for a new housewife, other times this is just back up in case someone gets indicted by the FEDs, or has to do a long rehab stint, or has a husband commit suicide. You know, things that happen to the cast of these shows about “socialites.”

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Nene Leakes To Be Guest At The White House Correspondents Dinner for LBGT Advocacy

RHOA Nene gay woo woo

You can’t make this shit up. On the very day Ted Cruz, who has no possible road to getting the necessary number of delegates to be the republican nominee unless a contested convention is held, announced Carly Fiorina as his running mate and she then proceeded to SING A MADE UP SONG ABOUT TED CRUZ’s CHILDREN, Nene Leakes is suddenly an “ally of the LGBT community”?  Hell, why not invite Ted Cruz for the same reason. It would make just as much sense.

The entire world has lost their mind today. I just can’t.  It’s like it is opposite day? Is this a joke?

I am so irritated by this ridiculousness I can feel my blood pressure rising.  Here is the story from Washington Blade along with my purple pen.

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