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Carlos King to Leave His Producer Position With RHOA

There was a lot of speculation today about Carlos King’s future with the Real Housewives of Atlanta as the producer. Carlos has always had the final say on RHOA production and editing.  He tweeted some things about the finale like, “all good things must come to an end” that lead to rampant speculation that he was leaving the show.

I really didn’t pay it much attention until Nene Leakes mention “the executive producer” as someone who joined in with  all the ladies on the show to try to take her down.

You will recall that I was told by inside sources that Nene was being phased out LAST season. She was incredibly difficult to work with according to production sources and making ridiculous demands about who she would, and would not film with.  She was demanding that production revolve around her schedule. I was told last season that she would be losing her peach. Then I was told she wasn’t. Then I was told she was. All by the same sources.  So for two years there has been a lot of turmoil between production and Nene and a lot of disrespectful remarks from Nene aimed at Andy Cohen who she seems to hold ultimate responsibility for her “bad edits.” Continue reading


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Parks v. Stanton Update : Judge Rules on Stanton’s Motion For Summary Judgment

Lady Justice

I had planned to trek all the way to Lawrenceville this morning, but between the threatening weather, the need to go during morning rush hour and my general distaste for venturing into THE WORLD, I opted not to go. As I reported last month here, this was the day for Angela Stanton’s hearing on her motion for summary judgment on Parks original complaint.  I was very hopeful that this whole mess would be over after two and a half years and the judge would find in Stanton’s favor.

My hope was based on the fact that Parks’ motion for summary judgment against Stanton’s countersuit was denied without a hearing and the judge was making some decisions, like requiring Phaedra to sit for another deposition, that were in Angela’s favor. Continue reading


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WWHL With Kandi Burruss

WWHL with Kandi

I’m going to try to quickly zip through this. I cannot stay up all night to night because if the weather permits I have some things I must do tomorrow. Forgive the sloppy recap. If I do make my appointment you will all be excited. It’s TT related!

First of all, I am all about everyone wearing what makes them happy. If Kandi likes this then, more power to her. I just hope she is not paying a stylist because they need to be shot.  Also, if Todd is there, it must be kind of sad coming home to his mama’s town and not having her there. That sucks.

I do love and want that shirt Kandi is wearing. For me. At the Publix.  Andy is in love with boobs. He immediately starts talking about Kandi’s boobs. They do look bigger and HIGH. He also says he saw every square inch of Nene’s boobs as they kept peeking out during the reunion.   Andy asks Kandi who she thinks was the shadiest this season and she says people will probably say Claudia because she had a lot of confrontations this season. GOOD ANSWER KANDI!  I am worried Claudia is on the bubble and we need lots of Claudia discussions.

If this is just going to be a show about pumping up Kandi and Todd’s spin-off, I’ll be thrilled because I am not going to type all that.  Kandi says Mama Joyce gave Todd a better apology later.  Kandi says that she has kept some great secrets on the show. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Atlanta: Atlanta Twirls On

RHOA Nene Twirl Honey Twirl

The final regular episode is finally here!  That means, what 122 more episodes of reunions and lost footage? At the end of tonight’s episode you will see a teaser for the reunion and all the ladies are in white dresses.  Nene of course has a meltdown at the mention of her mother and has to be practically carried off by the shrink. Clearly, the problem with all of these women is their mamas didn’t hug them enough and they had to get attention elsewhere.


Peter and Cynthia are packing up Bar One. It’s sad to see it closing up. They take down the giant canvas of Cynthia to move to the new location on Auburn Avenue.

Peter takes Cynthia to see another rental property near the new bar. It’s for Peter’s Brew, his Jamaican coffee line. It’s cute, small and not very expensive. Cynthia is a bit pissy because her rented it without consulting her. Cynthia says they don’t need to be dividing their energy away from Bar One.

Then Apollo calls Peter’s cell phone.  Apollo is for some reason calling Apollo to talk about visitation with the boys. Um, Why? Oh yeah. Storyline. Apollo thinks that he may be reassigned closer to Atlanta. That won’t happen.

Peter asks Apollo if he is aware Phaedra filed for divorce. It’s my understanding that she has NOT filed for divorce.


We are treated to a scene with Phaera making cookies with the boys. The exterior shots, at the very least were filmed after production with everyone else was over. I can tell this because the gray trim on the house is up. The family is all decked out in red. Phaedra hasn’t taken the kids to the jail  because she says that there are special rules for kids and infants. I’ve notice a trend lately where children are “infants” for a very long time.  Phaedra is full of excuses for not taking the boys to Kentucky. It’s too far. It’s too complicated.  The kids are too little. What if one of them has to pee? There is no place to change Dylan’s diaper. They may resent having to visit their father in prison. Continue reading


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WWHL With Phaedra and Porsha

WWHL Phaedra and Porsha

Before I even hear the drinking word, I have so much to say. Apologies in advance for how long it is going to take me to get this post up.  First of all why is Porsha even on WWHL with her peachless behind. And her dress is so short I can see up into her damn uterus. I wonder how many times someone will have to tell her to keep her crotch covered on live TV! And her dress is too small for her fake tig ole bitties.  /Breath  Okay, I’m ready.

Phaedra looks amazing. Perhaps the best she has ever looked in a red dress that is not cut like it’s for a six year old. Shun got it right this time.  Porsha does all sorts of weird gestures with Andy introduces her as the Princess of THOTLandia. Is she high? How could you even tell with her?  Porsha also thinks it’s summer.

Today is Claudia’s birthday!

Andy starts right away with the coffee enema discussion. Ugh.  Is it cold in the clubhouse tonight Phaedra? Because your headlights are on bright. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: Chasing Nay Nay

RHOA Kandi


Kandi has called in a stylist for a date with Todd. Normally, I would find this ridiculous, but this is Kandi we are talking about. Did you see what she wore in Manila? But this guy is NOT the stylist. He brings her some leopard crap. She needs to hire Shun Melson.

On the date he says he made the date because it is their therapy “homework.” And we are off to a bad start. Things continue to get worse. Todd asks her if she is ovulating. Kandi says she didn’t know if they would make it to their upcoming one year anniversary.  And she answers his ovulation question by saying her period is about to start. Seriously. Sex toys, enemas and periods all in the first 20 minutes.  Kandi asks if Todd still wants a baby. His show got a second season which is going to mean more time apart and the timing is bad.  Kandi says they have an appointment with the fertility doctor.  Todd wants to go to L.A. for a month and a half. Kandi says she doesn’t think they should go more than 2 weeks without seeing her. Todd wants Kandi to come to L.A. with him for the whole time.


So I was trying to get my work area set up to blog (AKA grabbing a snack, in this case literally popcorn) and I come in the room and I’m trying to figure out who this woman is Cynthia is talking to. It’s Noelle! When did she turn 35? Why is Cynthia asking Noelle who her date to Homecoming is as she is getting dressed to leave? This script makes no sense. Apparently, the script also includes Kenya coming over to help Cynthia parent her child. Why is Cynthia asking Kenya about the pilot when Cynthia is in it ? Shouldn’t she know? This whole scene is weird. Why is Kenya mentoring Cynthia’s kid  how to walk? Oh wait, at least Cynthia pointed that out.

Cynthia and Peter chat about the trip. Cynthia is unhappy her butt is getting so big. It is looking bigger. Cynthia is trying to get Peter to help her  with the Jamaican accent her character has on Life Twirls On.

The :40 mark out take was of Kenya acting in the show as a knife wielding bride. Cute!


Gregg takes Nene to Sardi’s. Nene thinks she is a real New Yorker. Brentt is having a good time playing hooky and hanging out in New York.  Gregg points out that Brentt needs rules.  Nene doesn’t seem to think so.  Nene’s parenting track record leaves much to be desired. Continue reading


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The Real Housewives of Atlanta Weigh In On “The Apology”

RHOA Cynthia and Claudia waiting on Kenya

As you might imagine, my mother was an interesting woman with very strong opinions. #AppleTree  During her time, people did not have allergies, or asthma or lots of other things like broccoli or lawns with grass. It’s amazing the things we think always were isn’t it?  So even when such things arrived she continued to deny the existence of some of them. Like seasonal allergies.  We don’t believe in them in my family. I’m only half kidding. I say this to say that since I am forbidden by maternal doctrine  to have allergies; I do not. But when the pollen count is in the mid four figures,  as it is today, I feel some kind of way.  My face feels dead, my eyes take effort to remain fully open. And I feel as though I’ve taken an “in-flight with high turbulence” level of Xanax when I have in fact had none. I tell you this longass story as an apology, in advance, for today’s lack luster blogging efforts.

Is it just me or does the last episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta seem like it happened three weeks ago? This week Only Phaedra, Kenya, Cynthia and Claudia submitted blogs and all used the question format provided by Bravo for I thought I’d just purple pen them all at once. Continue reading


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Chateau Sheree Update: The Lights Are On But No One’s Home!

Chateau Sheree 040815

Things continue to plod along over at Chateau Sheree and  readers from the area continue to keep me updated.  It seems the electricity is finally working so Sheree can get used to paying for utilities on this monstrosity.

Reports are that the landscape was looking a bit rough and that someone drove off in a U-Haul and locked the gate just before this picture was taken. There was no work being done. It’s Spring Break in the ATL so I’m sure Sheree is off somewhere with her children  discussing the lieberry and skatin’ rink finally coming to fruition. Continue reading


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Kenya Moore Lands Kontrol Magazine Cover

RHOA Kenya Moore Cover of Kontrol

Kenya Moore takes the spring cover of Kontrol Magazine with a brand new look that channels her inner Naomi Campbell.  Kenya wears a dramatic long wig (take notes on how this is done, Nene) and sports bangs that were cut right on the set. She looks amazing. Inside the magazine Kenya gives an extensive interview about life on the real housewives as well as some new information about her private life. Is she still hoping to have a baby? Pick up the spring issue later this month at your nearest Barnes and Noble  to find out!

In the mean time, here are a few juicy excerpts from the featured story… Continue reading


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Phaedra Parks on Steve Harvey

Phaedra on Steve Harvey

So of course Steve introduces Phaedra as a “southern belle.” I tell you what. I like a lot of things about Steve Harvey but I don’t think he far above Phaedra on the food chain. I know he has a lot of skeletons with his ex and his kids. He seems to give good advice, but I’m not sure that the company he keeps and admires makes him much of an example.  I don’t want to believe that, but I am starting to. As he is doing the intro, they are showing the cover of her book. Didn’t that book come out in like 1979?

They show the clip where she tells her mama that she wonders if Apollo is suicidal or psychotic. Steve introduces her as his buddy. Which is really all I need to know about Steve Harvey.  The audience is very loud in their welcome.

Phaedra is in all black dress and looks lovely despite the two extra large caterpillars she is using as eyelashes. Steve asks her what she was thinking in that video. She was thinking, ” I’m going to make this man look like a total nut case and divorce myself from him as much as possible while this show is still filming.”  And on Steve Harvey she is thinking, “Okay, try to seem relatable to women…” So she starts with her,” like many women….. I had an idea of the American dream and I thought I was living it so this was sort of like the death of a dream.”  Okay. I am not going to be able to transcribe this nonsense. I’m going to have to do more of a purple pen interpretation for you.

Has she always had a super big top lip? Because it seems like she is having trouble talking because she is not used to her lips. I am so busy watching them I cannot focus on what she is saying. Continue reading


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Phaedra Parks Will Be on Steve Harvey Today

With her Mama. And she appears to be um, a lot less somber and sedated than other times we have seen her. Wonder if they will talk about the reunion or if she will be there speaking on one of her many topics of expertise? Parenting? Good Christian Values? Bikini line maintenance for strippers? Employment contracts for adult entertainment workers? I can barely contain my curiosity until the show airs.


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Real Housewives of Atlanta: From Zen to Sin

The ladies at The Farm

The ladies at The Farm

The ladies must move on from their Zen resort (The Farm) and move on to their next destination. Everyone is relaxed and getting along! They are heading back to Manila to stay at the Shangri la Makati Hotel in Manila. They are really putting on the dog for the housewives with half the staff greeting them a manager escorting them to penthouse level.


I was just going to ignore this part, and then there it was! Another shocking talking head look. It’s not even the wig that is so damn bad. It might be the eyebrows. It might be the eye makeup. The lipstick is God awful. The teeth are bigger and whiter. She looks like a drag queen but I can’t figure out what exactly makes it so shockingly bad other than…EVERYTHING. Especially the eyebrows.


Here is a Nene link for you Nene lovers that want a TT version of the montage. Continue reading


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