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UPDATED: (New Interview After the Break)Nene Leakes Seems To Really Be Enjoying Broadway

Nene Leakes has been doing a TON of publicity for Cinderella lately. Its pretty amazing actually considering she is doing 8 shows a week most weeks. In this interview with Kelly & Michael, Nene doesn’t seem the least bit tired! How is that even possible? I love the Donna Karan dress, she has finally found a hit with her favorite look, the see through black lace. And I ADORE a dress with pockets. Love the shoes and can’t believe how tiny the stilletos are, her feet have got to be killing her.  It was good to see her truly looking happy for a change. Sure she threw some shade… but it wasn’t nearly has hateful as she often is. Continue reading

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Claudia Jordan Gives Her Take on Nene and Cynthia’s Relationship



"" What were your thoughts about the ladies’ big sit down to hash out their issues?
Claudia Jordan: I was really looking forward to a real resolve, and it seemed like that might happen when we saw (what I thought was) real emotion from both of the ladies. But sadly, once we heard the comments in the confessionals, we saw that only one of the ladies was truly being honest. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: Make-ups and Breakdowns

RHOA Nene Toodles

First of all, my thoughts are with our friends in Sydney tonight as some sort of terrorist situation is going on there. Everyone be safe.

We are right back where we left last week with Nene running her ugly mouth at Cynthia and Cynthia just sitting there watching Nene implode. I just noticed Porsha’s hair. If that is her hair line it looks like some really good hair. She’s a great spokesperson for the hairline too. The whole find someone pretty and dumb as a bag of weave must be making the company giggle. A lot. Anyway,  Nene screams at Cynthia like a banshee and walks off.

Nene comes back, dabbing her eyes and Phaedra says to Kandi, “Maybe we should let them have a moment.” Which we know really means, “Hey, let’s try to go get a drink before this bar shuts all the way down. I need a chicken wang or somethin’.” (Nightmare recount of filming this scene here.) So everyone tries to make a break for it and leave Cynthia to deal with Nene. Continue reading


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Kenya Moore Lands Cover of Sheen Magazine!

RHOA Kenya Sheen

(December 10, 2014) SHEEN MAGAZINE opens the New Year with the Reality Takeover Issue; the gorgeous Kenya Moore radiates on the cover, former Miss USA, actress, director, producer, philanthropist, entrepreneur, and star of Bravo TV’s The Real Housewives of Atlanta. She reveals her truth to SHEEN about what motivates her to keep pushing forward, despite the controversy that comes along with being on a reality show. Kenya is known for her witty saying Gone with the wind fabulous and speaking her mind, but this independent woman has been making a name for herself long before she decided to sign on for a reality television show. The cover story is a must-read for insight on this phenomenal woman. Continue reading


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Nene Leakes Grows More Delusional By The Day!

RHOA Nene the thirst is real

Thanks Urethra Franklin for the graphic!


Just when you think Nene can’t get any more delusional.

Here is her take on Cynthia this week. I have bolded the most delusional parts in my opinion.

Going into dinner with these ladies will never be a fun thing for me, and that probably will never change, but I’ve made a few changes of my own. I have come to a place in my life where I just don’t have the time or energy to entertain people who don’t like me or support me, people who hurt me and that pull energy instead of giving energy. Those that never compliment but always ridicule. Those that manipulate and lie. The people you know who are willing to turn on you for so called opportunities or the almighty dollar with no explanation! The people that want everyone to believe you’re the bad guy when in reality they are. The people that stab you in the back and watch you bleed with no sympathy. The only people I need in my life are those that need me in theirs, even when I have nothing to offer but Nene. Continue reading


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RHOA Filming At Einstein’s Was a Nightmare For The Server!

RHOA Friend or Faux

Photo Credit: Bravo/KandiOnline


As we saw on last weeks show the ladies all met up at Einstien’s for dinner.  I’ve discussed many times that the housewives never actually eat at dinner. Production seems overly concerned about editing a meal because they cut footage together and don’t want to have issues with continuity based on the plates being full, then empty, then half full again. The Atlanta production crew is the most anal about this. We have seen RHONJ and RHOBH actually eat at dinner, but RHOA rarely if ever do. This is also the reason for the red solo cups I like to freak out about. They use them because the cover the amount of wine in the glass so that it doesn’t show more wine, then less, then more, etc.

As an added bonus, it make the RHOA cranky because they are starving in a restaurant full of food they can’t eat. You will see this season that Phaedra and Porsha filmed dinner at The Palm in Atlanta. They ordered a ton of food and took it all to go to eat in peace without having to worry about eating on camera.

This week at Einstein’s Phaedra was showing bitterly complaining about every damn thing. The lack or water. The stale crackers. The slow service. She was a pill. Continue reading


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Kenya Moore Says Phaedra Parks Lies Are Crashing All Around Her


RHOA Kenya stop being so bothered

Gif by T.Kyle RealityTVGifs


Kenya points out in her blog, that all the lies lead back to one person…

The house of lies that Phaedra has built is slowly but surely crumbling down around her. Clearly when a woman who prides herself as a Christian while praying to God as she calls someone a whore and a slut is the real devil to be protected from. Everyone can see through her smokescreen and the blatant, hypocritical lies that will be her ultimate downfall. Keep watching, the best of her lies is yet to come.

Now, her latest conspiracy theory is that I tried to pay Apollo to lie about a lie! But I am the delusional person? All the nasty rumors on this show about me being bipolar, broke, an alcoholic, a whore, and someone who pays for boyfriends and has a rented car all came from Phaedra’s vengeful, hate-filled mind. The real fans of the show know this to be a fact. Just watch Seasons 5 and 6. Let’s watch a flashback to that! Regardless of if anyone believed the unsubstantiated, baseless rumors or not, they were all fabricated from one person — PHAEDRA. Continue reading


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News! WWHL With Kim Biermann and Nene Leakes!

Nene and Kim

Oh my god… It literally took me three hours to make it through tonight’s RHOA. I really am not up for this.  But here we go anyway.

This is already ridiculous. There is no contest between Kim and Nene.

Okay Kim brought her own solo cup to the show. I want to turn this off now. This is not news. I can’t

Andy mocks Nene’s wig on The View and says she was channeling Kim. HA! I LOVE HIM NOW.

They each had to choose plead the fifth questions for the other.That is news!  One will be on the aftershow. Let me know how that goes. I am so wanting my Christmas movies I ONLY HAD AN HOUR AND A HALF OF WORK TONIGHT!  I am missing Christmas movies for this news…not news! Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Atlanta Friend or Faux (Recap)

RHOA Friend or Faux

I’ve had sort of a stressful evening so I am sipping the hell out of some wine and loading all the weapons and taking the collar off the attack dog in case he “gets loose.” So don’t sweat me about this Real Housewives of Atlanta recap. I may or may not have to stop and drag a body or three over the threshold but, but we will get through this.


Is the first HW of the evening and she is visiting Claudia who is the first person mentioned in the official description of this episode. Who is the HBIC now?


Claudia gets the intro on the same scene. MMMMhmmm Claudia has a stunning corner apartment with a view of the whole city. Claudia is so city girllllll *SCHREEEECCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCHHHHHHH*  Holy fuck. Red solo cups. I can’t. Please give me a minute to compose myself as these two Yankees get all Kim Zolciak (born Yankee) and act all white trash. I can’t. I really can’t. OMG! Kenya acknowledges the problem. Kindly and gently and points out that is what winos do. THANK YOU KENYA.  Frankly, I have heard that the girls do it for the same reasons they don’t eat during restaurant scenes. Production makes them do it for continuity. You know, full glass empty glass. full glass again issues. I’m sorry I just would not be able to comply. It’s a travesty. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Atlanta First Look

All the ladies come together to brawl tomorrow. Here is the first look. All I can look at is Cynthia’s nose. Kandi’s and Phaedra’s seem to have lesser versions of the whole weird color thing. I guess the lighting on that side of the table is bad. Couldn’t they have fixed that in post production? Am I the only one distracted?


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Kenya Moore Has a Lot To Get Off Her Chest Once and For All

RHOA Kenya Workout


Kenya Moore has never had it easy on RHOA.  The way she twirled into our lives on her first season was a bit too much for most of us. She was all “Look at Me!” and a bit on too kooky. I posted every week that I could not wait for her to get off my TV. The housewives weren’t taken with her either. It was a very rough entry into the franchise. Then something changed. I don’t even remember what it was about her second season. Maybe it was editing. Maybe the others just reminded us of all the things we don’t like about them. But a lot of us came around and started liking Kenya. Hey, we’re entitled to change our minds. It’s happened before.

This season, Kenya seems to be all in her feelings and we are sort of ready for this to pass and see her return to her place of strength and claim her vindication. I think this blog is Kenya finally laying the truth out there. She sees the motivation of the other women to bring her down. She gets the game. She’s putting it out there and now she is done.

Click through to read all of Kenya’s truth. Continue reading


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Todd Tucker’s Mother, Sharon Has Passed Away

RHOA Todd Tucker Instagram

According to Daily Mail

“Sharon was reportedly unconscious after suffering a stroke when Tucker arrived in New York. She then slipped into a coma overnight before passing away on Tuesday, the same source claims. When Sharon was hospitalized Tucker’s wife Kandi Burruss is reported to have been in Los Angeles while he was in Atlanta.” Continue reading


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