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Exclusive RHOA Tea: Test Shooting Has Begun for RHOA

New girl testing on the right.

New girl testing on the right.

This is exclusive Tamara Tattles tea. Read it here today and watch the thieves steal it tomorrow.

I’ve been holding out on some RHOA tea because there is not really any shocking news involved and I don’t have tons of details yet, but there is some misinformation flying around I thought I would clear up.

First of all, every season, the real housewives franchise works the same way. Once a season ends, the folks at Bravo, with input from the production company for that franchise, sit around and evaluate the previous season. They decide who, if anyone needs to go, and how to jazz up the ratings in the next season. In this off season, the housewives are “officially” off contract.  This is when they go visit their African princes in Nigeria, get their full body lifts,  have their boobs jacked up, finish building their houses, show up at random political events to appear to seem politician worthy, post photoshopped pictures of themselves in hootchie wear on Instagram, or get IVF injections or go to the White House Correspondents Dinner as an LGBT ally.

Also during the off season, a handful of potential housewives do test shooting with one or more current housewives. Sometimes there is an opening for a new housewife, other times this is just back up in case someone gets indicted by the FEDs, or has to do a long rehab stint, or has a husband commit suicide. You know, things that happen to the cast of these shows about “socialites.”

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Nene Leakes To Be Guest At The White House Correspondents Dinner for LBGT Advocacy

RHOA Nene gay woo woo

You can’t make this shit up. On the very day Ted Cruz, who has no possible road to getting the necessary number of delegates to be the republican nominee unless a contested convention is held, announced Carly Fiorina as his running mate and she then proceeded to SING A MADE UP SONG ABOUT TED CRUZ’s CHILDREN, Nene Leakes is suddenly an “ally of the LGBT community”?  Hell, why not invite Ted Cruz for the same reason. It would make just as much sense.

The entire world has lost their mind today. I just can’t.  It’s like it is opposite day? Is this a joke?

I am so irritated by this ridiculousness I can feel my blood pressure rising.  Here is the story from Washington Blade along with my purple pen.

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Kenya Moore Confirms She Will Be Doing IVF Very Soon!

Kenya is not amused by the fake rumor..

Kenya Moore was on Dr. Oz today.  Basically, the big news is that she is going to be doing IVF.  It is still not clear if she will be implanted herself, or if a surrogate will be used. Either way,  we wish the best of luck to Kenya.

I am wondering why Dr. Oz had Kenya on the show. I’ve never seen him treat a guest like this before. Kenya tried complimenting him right up front but he jumps right in basically calling her abrasive and a bully.  I wish Kenya would ask him to give her some examples of the behaviors that he has seen on the show. Clearly, he has someone writing his questions and has no idea what he is saying.

Then he wants to ask her about her relationship with her mother. Perhaps he should not have jumped right in being an ass before he decided to ask her very personal questions. Kenya says that the only time her mother has ever spoken to her was once at her mother’s father’s funeral. Even then she only said, “Hello.”

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Parks v Stanton Update: New Trial Date Set, A Familiar Face Returns

RHOA Phaedra face


The amount of inquiries and questions I get about Phaedra’s ongoing legal tactics against Angela Stanton is somewhat surprising to me. This case has been dragged out by Parks for so long that I would think most people have forgotten about it. I assure you that I have not forgotten and have been keeping a close eye on the entire ridiculous situation.

There is just not too much to report. But since nothing seems to go unnoticed with this case, and there is a lot of misinformation out there, I’ll share today’s developments.  A trial date is being set in May about four weeks from today.  I am not holding my breath for that to occur. We have gotten this far before. Until a jury is empanelled and there are butts in the seats, I do expect this to ever go to trial. Phaedra Parks never thought she would actually have to answer in court and will continue to do everything possible to keep that from happening. The judge in the case seems to continue to allow Phaedra’s stalling techniques. Based on the history of this case, I’ve learned not to get excited that “this is it.”  So, I’m going to wait and see and keep my ear to the ground for the next month.

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Kenya Moore & Matt Jordan Start Moving In Moore Manor!

Gratuitous shirtless shot from Instagram

Gratuitous shirtless shot from Instagram

It’s so nice to see a happy “housewife” who is working hard and doing well.  Right now that is Kenya Moore.  The final touches have been put on Moore Manor, in as much as a house is ever “done.”  The last big thing was  having all the quartz and marble installed in her kitchen and bathrooms and that was done last week.  She is in love with her giant closet room and posted a video of her “racks on racks on racks ” to hold all her clothes on Instagram.  She has been slowly moving in and there is certainly enough room for Matt’s clothes. Although, the photo above reminds me of a guy I dated where I tried to have a “no clothing” rule (for him.)  so maybe he won’t need much closet space. I  mean it is a very secluded lot and it does get very hot in Atlanta I the summertime.

Click through for the latest photo of Moore Manor!


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Real Housewives of Atlanta Secrets Revealed: “Skate on Outta Here Tootie!”

I am gonna miss you, girl

I am gonna miss you, girl

Okay something tells me that there will be few secrets revealed and I am in a hurry to get to Shahs of Sunset that premieres tonight. So I am going to blow through this with a quickness.

Phaedra and Porsha want to give Kim a makeover. Who in the holy hell would want two THOTs to give you a makeover? I love Kim Fields looks. Except for that crappy silver dress for the opening scenes. Kim is way prettier than the Ps. I know the I am the only one, but I am going to miss Kim Fields. There. It feels good to admit it.

Cynthia and Mallory talk about Cynthia’s crappy marriage.  ICYMI, CDAN posted a crazy blind about Peter hooking up with Porsha so I am looking at any hints by production that it happened because surely they would have caught wind of something like that, right? I think if it did happen it was early on in the SportsOne process and that is why Kordell is gone from that venture.  Anyway, people are blowing me up on Twitter like this is my blind, and it is not. I am torn to pieces about whether to believe it or not so I just had to bring it to my people. It would explain some things. I’m just saying.  Peter and Noelle got for a manipedi? Why? Noelle saw the video of Peter and that girl.  Noelle says he looked sloppy.  It’s clear that Peter lived in Charlotte except for filming. This is actually a good episode. Lots of new footage. Worth a watch.

I forgot about Porsha’s speech to high school kids. So disgusting. That principal got a lot of backlash. Who brings a THOT to a high school? She breaks into her preacher mode. But she is giving a speech about I dunno what. The audience shots are hysterical. She tries to have three steps and she LITERALLY cannot count to three.

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