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WWHL With Porsha Williams

WWHL Porsha

Well, it seems they finally found someone to be on WWHL tonight with Porsha Williams. That unfortunate seat goes to Laverne Cox from Orange is the new black.

First of all,  Porsha’s boobs look so much better. They seem to have finally settled and are no longer up around her neck. I love Porsha’s tan dress. It is slit up to her armpit on one side, but she manages to pull it off. I also take back every nice thing I said about her hair on RHOA because Lord have mercy what is that thing on her head? It looks to me like she has shave her whole head a plonked a wig on it only the wig is set about two inches behind her hairline. You can’t tell it in the picture really but the right side she has hair swooping down over her face but on the left side… I mean what is that?

We begin talking about the fact that Sharon has passed. Porsha says she got to know her when she was in Kandi’s play. Porsha talks about her in the present tense.

They talk about Cynthia. Porsha makes no sense. Laverne says that it seems that Peter influences Cynthia’s opinions on Nene. Imagine that a wife who listens to her husband and values his opinion rather than emasculating him on TV. Continue reading

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RHOA Filming At Einstein’s Was a Nightmare For The Server!

RHOA Friend or Faux

Photo Credit: Bravo/KandiOnline


As we saw on last weeks show the ladies all met up at Einstien’s for dinner.  I’ve discussed many times that the housewives never actually eat at dinner. Production seems overly concerned about editing a meal because they cut footage together and don’t want to have issues with continuity based on the plates being full, then empty, then half full again. The Atlanta production crew is the most anal about this. We have seen RHONJ and RHOBH actually eat at dinner, but RHOA rarely if ever do. This is also the reason for the red solo cups I like to freak out about. They use them because the cover the amount of wine in the glass so that it doesn’t show more wine, then less, then more, etc.

As an added bonus, it make the RHOA cranky because they are starving in a restaurant full of food they can’t eat. You will see this season that Phaedra and Porsha filmed dinner at The Palm in Atlanta. They ordered a ton of food and took it all to go to eat in peace without having to worry about eating on camera.

This week at Einstein’s Phaedra was showing bitterly complaining about every damn thing. The lack or water. The stale crackers. The slow service. She was a pill. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Atlanta Friend or Faux (Recap)

RHOA Friend or Faux

I’ve had sort of a stressful evening so I am sipping the hell out of some wine and loading all the weapons and taking the collar off the attack dog in case he “gets loose.” So don’t sweat me about this Real Housewives of Atlanta recap. I may or may not have to stop and drag a body or three over the threshold but, but we will get through this.


Is the first HW of the evening and she is visiting Claudia who is the first person mentioned in the official description of this episode. Who is the HBIC now?


Claudia gets the intro on the same scene. MMMMhmmm Claudia has a stunning corner apartment with a view of the whole city. Claudia is so city girllllll *SCHREEEECCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCHHHHHHH*  Holy fuck. Red solo cups. I can’t. Please give me a minute to compose myself as these two Yankees get all Kim Zolciak (born Yankee) and act all white trash. I can’t. I really can’t. OMG! Kenya acknowledges the problem. Kindly and gently and points out that is what winos do. THANK YOU KENYA.  Frankly, I have heard that the girls do it for the same reasons they don’t eat during restaurant scenes. Production makes them do it for continuity. You know, full glass empty glass. full glass again issues. I’m sorry I just would not be able to comply. It’s a travesty. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Atlanta First Look

All the ladies come together to brawl tomorrow. Here is the first look. All I can look at is Cynthia’s nose. Kandi’s and Phaedra’s seem to have lesser versions of the whole weird color thing. I guess the lighting on that side of the table is bad. Couldn’t they have fixed that in post production? Am I the only one distracted?


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Real Housewives of Atlanta: Bury the Ratchet (Recap)

Because LALATE ruled the Internets today....#NENE

Because LALATE ruled the Internets today….#NENE

I am slow on the go tonight so this may take forever, but here we go on the Real Housewives of Atlanta.  I’m also trying a new format tonight so let’s get on with the show.


I don’t even need to see this scene before I know it is going to be more evidence that Kandi and Todd’s marriage is never going to last. We are at the Kandi Factory and I am already thinking that they should have talked about WAY more stuff before hooking up. They don’t seem to agree about any of the big issues.  This already seems so staged. I get that it is all staged. But could two people ever be more mismatched? I hope for Kandi’s  sake this is not how she runs a business. She seems to know how to manage money and run a business, so I don’t believe any of this. Sorry, Bravo.

Wait. Why is Todd all up in her business?

Kandi has a team meeting about “her brand” but Todd decides to chime in. Kandi is suddenly on Don Juan over some shit about having Kandi give some classes on songwriting. This may be a good time to point out that in my VERY early days when maybe five people read here that Don Juan took it upon himself to question why I  had the nerve to wonder why Kandi was doing an event at some Asian restaurant in the Midwest.  I spent way too long looking for that post. It was a restaurant like Chin Chin if you are from Atlanta, it’s decent Chinese but not the place you would expect to hire a housewive. I loved Kandi and thought it was beneath her. Don Juan let me know that Kandi is a single mom just trying to support a child. Um WTF? She’s a millionaire. How is going to St Louis or wherever going to make a difference?  She’s actually losing time with her child for a few thousand dollars she will never spend? It made no sense.

Sorry, back to the show.

Todd says that everyone is too comfortable. He chastises the staff. Kandi actually tries to draw out Todd more. Like she is asking him to drop the hammer because she has hired FRIENDS for her entire staff. Dumb move.

Later Don Juan asks Todd to step out so he can talk to Kandi. Basically he is pissed that Todd is reprimanding people. He is NOT an employee.  Don Juan called this months ago. Kandi  doesn’t realize how much Kandi does.

Todd has a conversation with Don Juan. Don Juan is also right. He puts his resume up against Kandi. WTF is TODD fucking up her business  relationship of 12 years? Don Juan knows EVERYTHING Kandi which is why he tried to check me with 37 viewers. I may not be a fan of Don Juan but the boy is on top  of shit. I am starting to side with Mama Joyce here. Todd is a cunt. I love Don Juan for saying, “Let’s put him in a step stair so he can look me in my eye.” Kandi is fucking up.

Continue reading


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Cynthia Bailey Talks About Her Meeting With Porsha, Kandi and Phaedra Weigh In

RHOA Cynthia 102114


Cynthia weighs in on the drama between Porsha and her this week. Then Kandi and Phaedra add their two cents.

Cynthia says:

Drama or no drama, the one thing I respect most about the ladies is their business savvy. I enjoy surrounding myself with strong, smart, business-minded women. Like some of the other ladies, I am a self-made woman. My career history and accolades speak for themselves. This was and continues to be accomplished through hard work and remaining fearless.  With that said, I felt it was in bad taste and another poor judgment call for Porsha to make fun of The Bailey Agency School of Fashion, especially since I have supported her single and hair business when called upon. The Bailey Agency empowers and inspires young talent to believe in themselves and to follow their dreams.   

I have known Porsha for a couple of years now, and we have never had any real issues until this last reunion. To my knowledge our only issue is I did not support her actions at the reunion. I have always made it clear that the reunion is a provocative environment for everyone involved. I adamantly did not support her choice to resort to physical violence, and I never will. Shortly after, she did WWHL, and claimed that I supported her actions and then I didn’t support her actions. I do not support physical violence. Period! I thought this was clear out the gate during the reunion, when I did not jump off the couch to run to her side.  Continue reading


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Kenya Moore Has Some “THOTs” on “A Woman’s Virtue”

Team Pretty

Team Pretty

This week on Kenya’s blog she had a few choice words for Nene and Porsha’s trash talking this week.


I have been respectfully employed since the age of 14, managing to stay off a pole and out of jail. Therefore, for 20 plus years I have been around the block working. NeNe cannot say the same. I will no longer tolerate the thinly veiled insults aimed at my virtue as a woman. Several seasons ago, NeNe blatantly flirted with Peter and was greatly criticized. However, no one took her seriously because of the way she looks. Clearly, she’s not a threat to anyone’s marriage. Lucky for her. Continue reading


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Porsha Williams on The Real

RHOA Porsha

I’m not sure I can tolerate watching The Real long enough to have a report that Porsha said and did stupid things on this episode.  I just can’t. I’ve hit record so I can go watch Keke Palmer hosting The View. I’ll head back over and zip through to the part y’all want to know about.  Tamera Mowry, I love you but what the hell are you doing on this hot mess of a show? Speaking of hot mess, do none of these RHOA have a stylist? Is Porsha using Nene’s?  What the hell is that dress? Those sleeves? I can’t even think of anything funny to say. It’s just sad. And that hair on her head?  Is it a full on wig with weave sewn into the wig? What is it?

Perhaps there is a merciful God after all. Our emperor POTUS has interrupted all programming to usher Republican Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel out the door in a “mutual resignation.” Hagel has been adamant that Obama needs to take a more aggressive look and pay more attention to national threats abroad in general and ISIS in particular. So now he is being pushed out and Obama is interrupting television to say nice things he doesn’t mean about Hagel being his best friend in the world and the nicest guy ever. Most people who follow politics seem to think that it is our National Security Advisor, Susan Rice who is considered combative and divisive as the person who needs a “mutual resignation,” but hey whatevs it’s just national security. How important are these decisions really ? This breaking news didn’t take long, so I may still have to watch Porsha. I’ll check back in a minute.

Please help me! My sleeves are tryna eat my pinhead!

Please help me! My sleeves are tryna eat my pinhead!

Tamar introduces Porsha as a southern Belle and then out comes Porsha doing the Nene Strut. Seriously? Does this chick just try to be someone else ever day?  First they have her “spin the heel” which apparently is a wheel full of embarrassing questions??? Hers is “What is the most ratchet thing you do?”  This is only an hour show and she only gets two segments so we cannot even begin to list them all. I think she should focus on the big things like dating fo dollahs, or preaching about gay folks and prostitutes being redeemable people who are below her despite being beard (allegedly) and an escort(allegedly) herself, and this “ensemble” as Tamar just called it could jump up there on the list as well. But no, Porsha says that the most ratchet thing she does is, “that I’m a twerkaholic.  Dayum girl, you can’t get any answers right can you? She gets up to demonstrate and all the other girls on the panel do it with her. They are all better.

They go straight for her dating life. Here is how Porsha describes getting passed around by her man and ultimately dumped, allegedly, according to reports I’ve read.  Porsha says sometimes she thinks she is in love and she wants to get married again “and then somebody will do something and I think, you know what? I’m just gonna do Porsha!”  Not only is she now talking like Nene she even threw in the finger snap. I’m serious.

Tamera asks if she has made up with Kenya after assaulting her last season. Porsha says, “You know what? I just feel like at that moment I gave a bully power. And  I vowed to never let that happen again, so this season if she say something I’m just like.. (tosses stiff fake hair over he shoulder and is unable to clear the giant sleeve).”

What is season 7 about? “This season I feel it’s about mending relationships or you know just trying to… it’s just a lot of soul-searching I think” Please click here for an example of how Porsha mends relationships.   The show a clip of Porsha talking about Cynthia being “one of those Instagram THOTs.” Porsha seems to have forgotten she spent all summer posting naked photos of herself in Instagram to sell fake hair.

The ask if it is hard to be on Dish Nation talking about gossip when there is so much out there about her. Porsha says they have a new segment called Porsha exposed and they guys pull up rumors about her on the Internet and she addresses them.

In the next segment they play a game called “Are You Smarter Than a Housewife?” Tamera and the Asian girl are hosting, and they further cripple Porsha by putting her with Tamar against the two other panelists. The first question is for Porsha. The category is history. The question, “The famous quote, four score and seven years ago was uttered by which famous president..” Porsha correctly answers Abe Lincoln and immediately I realize that they have coached Porsha on the questions. Tamar could not answer what is 10% of $48.50 ?  Porsha is asked in which US City is it illegal to tie a giraffe to a light pole? Porsha answers, “Florida.” I kid you not. Perhaps someone called out the Abe Lincoln answer. Tamera can’t help but point out Florida is not a city. Porsha’s team lost.










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Real Housewives of Atlanta: All Tea, All Shade (Recap)

RHOA PHillipines2

I can’t wait for us to get to know Claudia Jordan tonight! First, Cynthia and Porsha talk about Cynthia’s party. Porsha throws shade right of the bat toward Cynthia saying she started out as little Nene and now she is baby Kenya. Porsha is so funny in these scenes talking  about Claudia. This is before she knew that Claudia was there to snatch her peach. Phaedra finally shows up to the pow wow with Porsha and Kandi. BTW, they are at some high-end bar in Atlanta and Phaedra and Porsha are dressed to the nines and Phaedra is in yoga pants and a tank top. Phaedra asks how Cynthia’s party was because she missed it. Nope, she was tipped off and kept right on driving after arriving at Bar One. Anyway, Kandi tells the story. Kandi tells Phaedra (and that other one)about Apollo lying about everything related to Kenya.

Phaedra acts SHOCKED! Shocked I tell you! She was 8 months pregnant at the time Apollo was telling her this and it just added to the stress. Now this puts her under more stress. Wow, Phaedra admits that she owes Kenya an apology. She doesn’t think Kenya is Mother Teresa but she is woman enough to have a conversation and apologize and move forward. I’ll believe that when I see it. Kandi says, “Not just you all of us.” The editing is shady and it looks like Porsha is agreeing. In her talking head Kandi says she feels bad for Kenya. Phaedra says, “Oh that’s terrible. Poor Kenya.”

Meanwhile Kenya and her aunt are at Lush Life landscaping. It’s a really pretty setting. Her aunt suggests she consider a cactus since she has a tendency to kill flowers. Her aunt is suggesting Kenya find forgiveness for all of them, especially Porsha. They flash to a montage of Porsha and Nene and Phaedra saying vile things about Kenya at the last reunion. Kenya is struggling to forgive. She says she would be willing if they were willing to reach out to her first. Her Aunt tries to coax Kenya to be the bigger person. Kenya dramatically spouts off some Shakespeare (Iago from Othello if you are interested.)   Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Atlanta: No Moore Apollogies (Recap)

RHOA Apollo and sons

It’s time for RHOA, or more accurately, the Phaedra and Apollo show. Phaedra manages to get free dental care for the boys by filming them going to see the dentist.  There were ten tons of promotional shots. That should keep them in dental care until their adult years. I found it very strange that the street numbers were blurred on the building. Why? They showed name of the practice a dozen times, and had every item they sell displayed behind the reception desk, but for some reason someone went to the trouble to blur the street address?  Also is Phaedra married to that giant bagel on her head? How much does that thing weigh? It makes my head hot just looking at her wearing that all over the place in Atlanta in the summer. Why does Apollo looked shocked to see Phaedra and Ayden? Clearly he knew about the appointment which is why he was there. #BadActing  Ayden was priceless with the whole, “Daddy? Oh boy….” reaction.

Did we really need the entire family in the room for his cleaning? How many times is Phaedra going to point out to us that her focus is on parenting? Pretty much everything she says, you may presume the opposite. Phaedra has TWO fulltime people to watch the boys. One, an overnight nanny lives in the house. The other, a baby sitter is there all day when the boys are awake. Phaedra’s mother is there a lot too and keeps the kids when she goes on “book tours” for months at a time. According to Angela Stanton, who becomes more believable by the day, Phaedra never liked her kids and was very standoffish around her kids. Even in Phaedra’s first bizarre deposition, she commented on Angela “always being pregnant” as if that were a bad thing. But now, suddenly, Phaedra would have us believe she is all about parenting. I’m not buying it.

Cynthia is excited for the release of her Ebony edition. She also wants us to know she um, “has her groove back” so to speak. Cynthia’s spread is beautiful but in one shot it looks like she is missing an arm. I’m just saying. Peter and Cynthia plan the Ebony party.  Nene and Porsha are not invited. Continue reading


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Are Kandi Burruss and Phaedra Parks Still BFF’s?

RHOA On Their Overseas Trip

RHOA On Their Overseas Trip

UPDATE: It seems I was right. My tweeps are reporting that Phaedra is no longer following Kandi.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta went on two trips this season and posted a lot of Instagram pictures. Of course I went over them several times looking for “clues” and googling images of yellow bathtubs trying to locate the hotel (shut up, you know you want to know first!) and looking at body language. It was clear that my sources were correct and the group is deeply divided. Team Pretty, Kenya, Claudia, Cynthia and Demetria are a solid foursome filmed together and Nene is with Porsha and Phaedra. Both Porsha and Phaedra were easy for Nene to pick up as minions. Porsha because she is a good four standard deviations below the mean on the IQ bell curve, and Phaedra because she has been extremely abusive to Kenya. Team Pretty has known all along that Phaedra’s accusations were lies, but this season, on the next episode in fact, we will see Apollo attempt to right his wrongs before heading to the slammer. Apollo will come clean to Kenya and apologize. This sours team Pretty Team on Phaedra for good. So there is someone else Nene can scoop up to follow her now that Cynthia has burnt up the friendship contract and she’s had a falling out with most anyone else. And that leaves Kandi.

If you look at all of the pictures of the trips I can only find one where Kandi was standing next to Phaedra. On the 15 hour flight to Seoul, Kandi sat next to Cynthia. It seemed to me that these two were not nearly as close as they used to be. We saw on the premiere that the guys (Peter and Todd) were supporting Apollo in the relationship situation between Phaedra and Apollo. Todd had Apollo over and Kandi tried to state Phaedra’s case, but I get the feeling she eventually got tired of hearing Phaedra bitch at her because Todd was being nice to Apollo. It looks like based on these blogs that the two are not BFF’s anymore. What do you think? Continue reading


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Former Real Housewife of Atlanta Porsha Williams: Stupid Is As Stupid Does.

RHOA Porsha swimwear

On the last episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta, there was a lot going on. All the contrived drama with Phaedra and Apollo was the big draw which cause the big rating for the premiere.  It took me forever to write my recap of the episode because there was a lot of weird editing going on with that storyline. The big editing lie was that Phaedra was in Augusta. My sources say that Phaedra and the boys had gone to the beach. Porsha Williams said on Dish Nation that Phaedra was not in Augusta (I’m not aware of penthouse hotel rooms in Augusta) and claims she was in a hotel (she named it but I’ve already forgotten) in Atlanta. I believe she took the boys to the beach and then returned to Atlanta to take care of some things and stayed in a hotel until Apollo let for college. Anyway. There was so much to say about all of that I decided not to address Porsha’s half naked scene with Kandi.

Plus, it was a gross scene for many reasons. Kandi’s sexualized conversation about dick sucking and nipple licking (Riley must love going to school after that scene) was a bit much for national television. Especially if you have a daughter with friends old enough to watch the show. And then there was Porsha’s body and her need to show it off. Porsha has a nice enough body, but there seemed to be no reason for her to be in a swimsuit on the show.  I know she said she was shooting promos for her naked hair line, but come on. Let’s just say she seems to be losing her religion. Remember her preaching days? No? Well you NEED to click here.

After  Porsha attacked Kenya on the reunion (charges are allegedly still pending). There was a wave of negative press. Major gossip sites reported all sorts of things. Some said Porsha was dating for dollars. Some said she was steal money from promoters (I defended her on that one here). But all of them had the same theme. Since Kordell dumped her, she is looking to replace that income. Continue reading


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