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Phaedra Parks Goes To Washington, To Embarrass Atlanta Again

The Christian Southern Belle on RHOA Gif by T.Kyle at Reality TVGifs

The Christian Southern Belle on RHOA Gif by T.Kyle at Reality TVGifs

This is more embarrassing than when the Salahis  crashed the dinner party on their episode. Phaedra and Porsha got nosebleed tickets at the DNC,  and Bravo cameras were there. Phaedra thinks that she is the next Al Sharpton. I am not exaggerating. She may very well be. Between Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson there is always some horrible person that shows up to try to lead the community who is only interested in camera time.  It’s sad.

No one seems to care that while Phaedra was trying to thrust herself in front of the cameras, her former client wanted to LITERALLY blow her up with a bomb.   She is surrounded by felons and married one. This country is not going to get better with scammers like fucking Phaedra Parks.

So anyway, Phaedra and Porsha are there. Not because it is American history in the making. But because Phaedra flocks to every camera when it comes to politics because she wants to be front and center.

So my sources say, she was acting like she was a delegate, and interviewing people in front of the Bravo camera. Then, when they were hit with the True Entertainment disclosure agreement,  people were appalled that it was RHOA. They felt like it belittled the DNC to have a moron from reality TV there.

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EXCLUSIVE: I’ve Got Your Piping Hot #RHOA Casting & Filming Tea

RHOA Leilani


I’ve been sitting on so much EXCLUSIVE RHOA tea this week because my exclusive sources are finally coming through with so much information. So let me sort through it all in some sort of cohesive way because different information came from different sources and I need to weave everything together. Let’s start with the three women I know of who are testing. Then we will get into what is going on with each of the housewives so far, and pop some popcorn because it is juicy.

Leilani Collier

Leilani is a friend of Sheree Whitfield’s. She is a realtor and has two kids. She was filmed at Sheree’s son Kairo’s birthday party recently.    She was also at a made for TV birthday party for  Porsha over the weekend. Of the three women, she has done the least amount of testing. I think she will be an FOH or just be around in a few scenes. I don’t see her having a peach when Sheree doesn’t even have one yet. I’m not sure if she was at Kenya’s housewarming. This one probably has more dues to pay.

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Is Porsha Williams Headed to Jail?


Photo: TMZ

I’ve been getting this question a lot today. I have to tell you, if I were in a good place I would have probably explained this to you guys much earlier. It seems like all the headlines are triggering the crazy these days.  I have done the same process that Jami Zeigler has done against Porsha Williams.  So I have a very personal insight into the process.

I believe what has happened at this point is that Jami has made a request to the court for an arrest warrant against Porsha Williams. I’m going to explain this process by another overshare. It seems the easiest way to do it. But basically,  Jami is trying to hold Porsha accountable for an assault that happened under one of two circumstances.  The process she is following occurs under one of two circumstances.  First, if police are not called to the scene when someone is assaulted and they simply try to escape to safety, it is an avenue to attempt to have criminal charges filed. Or in another circumstance if someone is assaulted and the police do not arrest the attacker, the person can file as a citizen asking for an arrest warranted.  In either circumstance you go to the appropriate office within the Fulton County system and file a sworn statement that you were assaulted. Then a hearing happens and the judge decides whether or not to sign an arrest warrant, or if they show up for the hearing, the assailant could be arrested on the spot.

Many sites are saying there is some sort of mediation where Porsha and Jami would sit down for a mediation process. That it utter bullshit. I don’t understand why anyone would think that a criminal charge would hinge on the assailant and the victim sitting down and hugging it out. This is not civil court. THIS IS CRIMINAL COURT. There is no part of the process that involves the victim an the criminal sitting in mediation. It’s disturbing to me that so many sites think this is a thing. It is not

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My Friend Shawn Bradley Has The TEA on Porsha Williams!

#FBF Guys At Brunch!


Oh this is some sweet tea.  First of all I started this blog in November of 2011. In December of 2011 I had fallen in love with some guys who did like the early version of a podcast on Youtube. They were trailblazers and they were hysterical. Here is a link to my first post about them. All the media has been stripped out since I moved my hosting site THREE times since then until I got all settled in up in here in the Amazon cloud where I belong.

So anyway, on of the guys (at Brunch) was Shawn Bradley. And while they all live up north in Baltimore, Shawn is a homeboy who knows some folks down here in the ATL. So he was super interested in my Nene tea which was the hottest on the Internet at that time.

Anyway, Shawn is a comedian and is hysterical and he is about to do some work in Australia ( I assume his comedy act we have not chatted in a few years, sadly) and before he left, He decided to post some SMOKING HOT TEA on Porsha.

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UPDATED! EXCLUSIVE #RHOA Tea What the Heck Are Phaedra and Porsha Up To Now?

RHOA Phaedra Porsha

Doncha just love unphotoshopped pictures? :)

UPDATED AGAIN Sunday 6/19 2:55 pm

As you all know I have spies that live in the neighborhood of Chateau Sheree, Moore Manor and Phaedra’s White House. And yes, Phaedra with her political aspirations did indeed paint her house white last filming season.

Nothing ever really happens at Chateau Sheree anymore, a fact that her neighbors are grateful for, and Kenya’s house is a bit more secluded, but Phaedra neighbors have begun complaining anew about the filming at her house.

As I mentioned earlier, there has been a lot of filming happening at Phaedra’s house lately. I had numerous emails about the “shit show” going on today on the short cul de sac. One person included a video and I could not view it at the time but have since done so. It’s a very short .mov doc I will try to include here but it probably will not work. It’s literally seconds long but I have the still.  There was a man in the street sort of directing this toward the house. Click on through!

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RHOA Casting Tea: The Pass The Peach Game Begins… And a Bit of RHOBH Tea on The Side



I really hate this time of year because everyone keeps asking me about RHOA. I have a good bit of information about WHERE THINGS STAND NOW. However, as I have learned over the season, things change as filming begins. This is a time where there is a lot of turmoil.  You really never know what is going to happen.

So here is what I know so far. First, I want to dispel a rumor. I got the majority of my information last Friday. I decided to hold on to it because I had some followup questions and it was the long weekend and it wasn’t possible to reach the best sources because people were out having their last hurrah.  Sometime later that Friday, someone somewhere apparently started a rumor that someone was fired.  That is not true.  No one was fired last Friday. In fact, I just got a hold of my original contact who basically said, ” Look, I told you what is happening. No one was fired.”

So that means I can go ahead with the information I already had. The short version of that is “Everyone is asked back except Kim who quit. “  Except it’s never that simple. What I was told last week was that everyone was  asked back but Phaedra and Porsha have “limited contracts.”  This is a term that was used before.  In last year’s clusterfuck with things not working out with Nene,  Phaedra and Porsha were also not guaranteed full time status last season. There was even a moment where KENYA didn’t seem to be on solid ground. So here we go again. Continue reading


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