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#RHOA Filming Update: Was Phaedra’s Phunction a Phlop?

RHOA Charity Event


Well, um everyone was there. And by everyone I mean the housewives plus potential housewives, Lena, Sheree, and Mallorie.  Lena is the one who had been wanting to get married on the show for a few seasons now.  It’s starting to look like this could be her year. Mallorie has been called in to film with Cynthia and support her through the divorce proceedings and her move to the new lake house. 

First, check out the step and repeat. First of all, what the hell is up with the housewives and their obsession with the step and repeat? It’s not a stand alone thing. It is a backdrop for a red carpet event that has sponsors. If there is no red carpet for celebrity arrivals, it’s just a dumb sign that makes for a crappy backdrop.  It makes even less sense in this setting since it’s just a big vinyl sign that says Phaedra multiple times and has a photo of her book.  There is absolutely nothing on the sign that mentions what the charity does.  Much like Phaedra’s Pfoundation Phlyers, it just looks like an advertisement for whatever Phaedra is selling.

Next, see that lady holding up the Phaedra shirt? I received several photos of the event and she was the sole person in each booth buying a product. From what I could tell, turnout was quite low.

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Phaedra Parks Storyline For The Upcoming Season Is As Ridiculous As Usual

RHOA Phaedra fake Charity


Phaedra Parks is serious about her desire to become the next Cynthia McKinney (member her?) or that wacky Florida woman with the cowboy hats, or whatever will put her in front of a camera pretending to care about the latest media worthy cause.  That boys and girls is her storyline this year. I’m already sick of it. First she was at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia (while Drama was trying to bomb her office)  trying to interview people as if she was some sort of news correspondent, only for people to realize when they went to sign the release that they had just been had by a RHOA and refusing to sign.

Now rumor has it that she is going to get involved with the flooding in Louisiana. Don’t get me wrong, that would be a noble act, but this is Phaedra we are talking about. Tomorrow, the RHOA will be filming a garage sale, excuse me, if you are a RHOA, it’s a “Pop Up Shop” to raise money for Phaedra’s newest charity. In June, coincidentally, just as filming was starting Phaedra formed a charity called Phaedra Foundation despite the fact that there is already a foundation by that name in California. Since the domain name for the website was already taken, she threw and extra ‘p’in there to register her domain as Phaedrapfoundation.  I’m not kidding. In April, before the charity was registered she was promising to set up a kids camp in Flint, Michigan because that was the big news story. I don’t believe she was ever able to set up a kids camp there. Perhaps it was because of the water situation?

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Drama Is Released on Bond After Bomb Threat Involving Phaedra Parks

RHOA Phaedra Face
While we had some uplifting news about Kenya Moore today, the latest news about Phaedra Parks is, as usual, about a felon.  As you recall, while Phaedra Parks was in Washington with all the other political idiots at the DNC, her former client and Angela Stanton’s former boyfriend was hunting her down in Atlanta. Drama (aka Terence Cook) was in the building where Phaedra keeps her latest law office last month, but in the wrong office, apparently her name is not on the directory of the building, or the door of the main office where she rents space, or he was just confused or high or all of the above.  While there, he became agitated when he was told she didn’t work in the office he was in. He said something about having a bomb strapped to his leg and had to be arrested by the police while SWAT did a bomb search that showed up nothing.

After that, both Phaedra and Drama’s mama contacted TMZ to let them know it was all a big misunderstanding.  Or that the cops racially profiled him as a gang member based on his long white t-shirt or that he was just dropping off a CD or perhaps it was a mixed tape.  At any rate, Drama is totally innocent and Phaedra was going to hunt down a real live criminal attorney to represent him.

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Why Is Phaedra Parks Defending Drama?

RHOA Phaedra Divorce Atty
I’m completely confused by this TMZ story about Phaedra and Drama. I’m just going to purple pen the parts that make no sense and then y’all can let me know what you think.

“Phaedra Parks is standing up for the rapper who got busted for threatening to blow up her office, and believes he was racially profiled by someone in her office building. Phaedra tells TMZ she considers Drama a good friend, and knew he was going to come by her office last week to drop off his new CD. The ‘Real Housewives‘ star says things started going south though when Drama went to the wrong floor.”

Phaedra was in Philadelphia at the Democratic National Convention for the week. If Drama is a good friend he would know she was out of town instead of demanding to see her. A good friend would also know where her office is located. Why would he show up with a book and an envelope if he were dropping off a CD? Why not mail it to her since she was out of town for the week. Why not drive by the house and stick it in her mailbox?

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Phaedra Parks Goes To Washington, To Embarrass Atlanta Again

The Christian Southern Belle on RHOA Gif by T.Kyle at Reality TVGifs

The Christian Southern Belle on RHOA Gif by T.Kyle at Reality TVGifs

This is more embarrassing than when the Salahis  crashed the dinner party on their episode. Phaedra and Porsha got nosebleed tickets at the DNC,  and Bravo cameras were there. Phaedra thinks that she is the next Al Sharpton. I am not exaggerating. She may very well be. Between Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson there is always some horrible person that shows up to try to lead the community who is only interested in camera time.  It’s sad.

No one seems to care that while Phaedra was trying to thrust herself in front of the cameras, her former client wanted to LITERALLY blow her up with a bomb.   She is surrounded by felons and married one. This country is not going to get better with scammers like fucking Phaedra Parks.

So anyway, Phaedra and Porsha are there. Not because it is American history in the making. But because Phaedra flocks to every camera when it comes to politics because she wants to be front and center.

So my sources say, she was acting like she was a delegate, and interviewing people in front of the Bravo camera. Then, when they were hit with the True Entertainment disclosure agreement,  people were appalled that it was RHOA. They felt like it belittled the DNC to have a moron from reality TV there.

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Rapper Drama Comes Looking For Phaedra Parks

RHOA Phaedra


Just last month, Angela Stanton and Phaedra Parks’ very long legal battle finally came to an end with neither side admitting any wrongdoing.   At the center of that legal battle was a book, a memoir written by Stanton called Lies of a Real Housewife.  In the book, Stanton accused Phaedra Parks of being the mastermind behind multiple crimes that she, Phaedra’s husband Apollo Nida and others had all done time for. Stanton says she was introduced to Phaedra through her boyfriend at the time,  Atlanta rapper, Drama, who was a client of Phaedra’s at that time.

After shutting down my laptop around 10 am this morning, I took some time to focus on other aspects of my day. When I opened my laptop again, I was flooded with emails about Drama, who was released from prison sometime last year after serving a lengthy sentence.  One of Phaedra’s neighbors got off a plane only to have numerous texts from that little neighborhood group that Drama was threatening to blow Phaedra up with a bomb.

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