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Apollo Nida’s Restitution Order Is A Bunch of Bullshit

RHOA Apollo Phaedra ReunionWhile Apollo was frolicking in the park with Phaedra today, the court handed down his restitution order. Or perhaps it happened this morning so he could be freed up for his unpaid Bravo job. The court has ordered that Apollo repay $1,948,214.85 to his victims. Restitution is to be paid jointly and severally in accordance with the restitution order to be paid by Gayla St. Julien. Which basically means they are both responsible until the balance is paid off. Payment is due immediately.

Any money he makes in prison (prison wages are as low as 25 cents and hour) will be paid directly to the restitution fund. Upon release, Apollo will be required to get a job and pay back $250 a month plus 25% of any gross income beyond $2,300 a month. Below is the list of his victims, who will never get their money back. Continue reading

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Phaedra and Apollo Filming RHOA Together Today.


It’s a beautiful July day in the ATL!  What a lovely day to take your kids to the park  to visit with the father who will soon be off to the pokey. And of course the Bravo cameras are there to capture it all on film. This afternoon, Phaedra, Apollo and their sons the Mayor of Toronto and the President of Sudan or whatever are at Chastain park having a custody visit. Phaedra came in her car, Apollo came in his car, the nanny came in her car.

There is Bravo crew everywhere. This scene reminds me of the time Sheree and Bob went there to talk and Sheree assaulted him with a drink. Hopefully this scene will go a bit better. Whatever could the storyline be? A divorce discussion?  A scene for Phaedra to deny any knowledge of Apollo’s criminal ways? A scene where Phaedra says she is selling the house and moving to Athens? Continue reading


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Kandi’s Wedding: Mark My Words, Todd Will Regret This

Kandi's Wedding RHOA

Okay, it’s time for two long hours of Kandi’s wedding.  The Bravo Buffoonery continues with Bravo adding two minutes to the DVR in front of the show and two minutes behind. WTF?  We begin at the rehearsal dinner and none of the grooms or groomsmen are there. Kandi calls Todd and they argue on the phone while the dinner guests gossip. Kandi looks like a major fool. I’m not sure I can do two hours of this tomfoolery. Mama Joyce and Kandi speak their family language discussing the pre-nup. We need subtitles. Apollo tells Todd this is partly his fault.  I’ve said it many times Kandi had no business marrying today. She doesn’t understand that marriage is a partnership. If she doesn’t want to go into a business arrangement with Todd, she had no business marrying him. Marriage is a business deal. Many of Todd’s groomsmen tell Todd not to sign it.

Mama Joyce goes to Kandi’s dad to get him to tell Kandi not to get married without the pre-nup. Mama Joyce is gloating in her talking heads. Todd, you need to run! RUN NOW! Save yourself, Todd!  Todd’s mom says they need to due a post-nup and get this stuff straightened out. Todd tells the boys he can’t live without Kandi.  Yes you can, Todd. Yes.You.Can.

Todd goes over to the house to fix things with Kandi. Todd says if she fixes the 30 day thing and the will issue then they can move forward. Kandi agrees. Fun fact: Stephanie Casteel was one of Sheree’s lawyers that she used to set up her shell LLC.  She had to testify in court that Sheree had some sort of ownership of the Chateau. Stephanie is super nice. I hope she eventually got paid. But I doubt it. Allegedly.

Todd has a 17-year-old daughter? Is this news? I don’t recall knowing this info. Is that his only daughter? I thought he had one closer to Riley’s age. Oh! I think we all thought one of Riley’s play dates was his daughter once. That must be the source of my confusion.

The bridesmaids are getting ready. Tasia brought a back up dress because no one has been fitted by Reco and they still don’t have dresses. Kandi had programs for her wedding. This is a new thing, I reckon. I think my nephew had one at his wedding. I seem to recall the whole foot-washing thing being on there.

Kandi is prettier without make-up in my opinion. Continue reading


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Countdown to Apollo Nida’s Trip To the Pokey!

Party like it's your birthday!

Party like it’s your birthday!

In just four days, if the Feds don’t postpone again, as they are want to do, Apollo will be rejoining his friends at the federal penitentiary. Sadly, Apollo and his beloved southern belle wife are not spending his final days as a free man together. Phaedra spent the beginning of last week in Cancun with Kandi and Todd celebrating Fantasia’s birthday on Monday and Shun Melson’s (Kim Biermann’s stylist) birthday on Wednesday. Todd seemed to be having the time of his life even though the did tweet that Kandi failed to mention it was a girl’s party. From the looks of this picture it seems the girls were able to round up some men. Continue reading


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Um, Y’all Where is Apollo Nida?

Phaedra Parks Accused All Sorts of Nonsense by Very Troubled WomanIs it just me, or did Apollo Nida disappear on the day of his financial deposition on June 10th?

For the last few months, Apollo has been on some sort of U.S. Felon Farewell tour while out on a tiny bond, bidding his fan base farewell, and you know, hyping his brand and stuff.  His last tweet. On Monday June 9th, was from Arkansas where he urged the fine citizens, ” ARKANSAS STAND UP YA BOI IS HERE.”  Since that post, there has been no news on whether the folks in Arkansas stood up. However, it would seem that Apollo has finally taken several seats. But where?

The following Tuesday, June 10th, he was scheduled to sit for a financial deposition with the feds with regard to his plea deal. In case you missed it, here is the post that lists all the items he was required to bring in, including a good deal of Phaedra’s financial records.  I’m going to assume he showed up there. Continue reading


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All The Tea on Apollo’s Upcoming Deposition: Phaedra Needs To Bring The Receipts Too!

RHOA Mexi-Loco

I hope my cellie has a purdy mouf!

Apollo Nida returns to federal court on June 10th to sit for a deposition in compliance with his plea agreement. According to the documents obtained by, the deposition will continue “from day-to-day until adjourned.” So I guess they will continue to meet with him for as long as it takes to get all the information that they are requesting. As is typical, they are requesting a lot. What I find interesting is that in his plea deal, the Feds agreed to tell the judge that Apollo had no money to pay any fines with. I assumed from that the Feds had already examined his financial situation in detail. Or maybe it was just their way of saying his assets did not exceed the amount he will owe in restitution.

This examination is crucial for the 2.3 million restitution he will have to pay back to the victims. Despite Apollo not believing he actually as any victims, the government believes that Apollo is indeed a “thief of that essence.”  The government wants to marshal all of his assets (and Phaedra’s to the extent they are the proceeds of or derived from the stolen funds) so they can figure out how to divide what he has to provide restitution to the victims; any balance remaining after they sell and liquidate his assets (and Phaedra’s if they can prove they came from stolen funds) will be included in a restitution order. Continue reading


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Angela Stanton Interview

This interview was done on the day after Angela gave her deposition and was posted to YouTube on March 4,2014.Thanks to Lori for reminding me about it. There is not a whole lot of information we didn’t already know. The most interesting part is that she very clearly states Phaedra is the mastermind even while in the middle of a court case where Phaedra is suing her for making such comments. And that her lawyer allowed the interview (I’m assuming). Oh, and that the Feds have been in contact with her.

Continue reading


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Parks v. Stanton Update


NEW UPDATE: JUNE 24th.  The judge ruled on June 19th that Phaedra MUST sit for a deposition within 45 days. That’s pretty up all I know about it. Please excuse me whilel I continue to cling to life. #CheapChampagneHangover

MINOR UPDATE: Phaedra Parks has now listed herself as Pro Se. Her last remaining attorney is still listed, but it is unclear if he is dropping the case as well or if Phaedra just added herself as an attorney on the case for some reason. As you recall, Apollo lists himself as Pro Se in his criminal trial but also has an attorney of record. I am not sure what the benefit of that is.

Okay, I have a long version and a short version to answer your questions about what is going on in the case of Parks v. Stanton.  The short version is that Phaedra does not want to be deposed. Stanton’s attorney has filed motions to compel her to sit for a deposition. Stanton’s attorney has filed for sanctions. Stanton’s attorney has asked the court for a summary judgment based on this lack of cooperation. Then Phaedra’s last remaining attorney (four previous attorney on her side are no longer on the case) filed to ask for a summary judgment getting Stanton’s counter claims thrown out. Nothing has happened in a month as both sides appear to be waiting on the court to set a hearing date.

Now for the longer version. Below is an excerpt from an email conversation I had with someone about the information contained in the docket. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Atlanta: Unseen Footage

Nene in Mexico

So Far in Mexico, the only shade Nene is throwing is from her sombero!

These shows are always boring so I am not particularly excited by this episode. That said, production sure did seem to enjoy calling out Nene on her lies with unseen footage on the reunion, so they may surprise us with something interesting. Meanwhile, my new DVR refuses to record RHOA. I can’t say that I blame it.

Oh really Andrew, we are going to talk about Nene and her being such a good friend? Andy asks what happened to all the furniture that Kenya gave (loaned?) Nene when she was in LA. Nene immediately starts saying it was just a bunch of crap. Apparently, Kenya sold her a TV and some other items. Who cares? Next they roll tape of Nene and Kenya getting along and Kenya talking about her boyfriend. Kenya’s in love and her man cannot leave Nigeria, so it’s a problem. Apparently, the sex is great. We find out her man is in his 30s.

Kandi has been a good friend and a mentor to Porsha. They show a package about the two girls. OMG, Rickey Smiley let Porsha try to do the news on the air on his radio show. The girl cannot read, y’all. How is she supposed to report the news? Porsha is the Sonja Morgan of RHOA, she has all of these imaginary businesses she is going to get going very soon.  Porsha and Kandi sing a little bit of His Eye is On the Sparrow, and I gotta say, Porsha sounded good especially with no music and no autotune. Continue reading


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Mailbag: Tidbits of Tea…And Random Thoughts

AHS COVEN MYrtle gifOkay. There are a few things that I am being asked a lot this week and another thing I wanted to address with you guys and this is the best way for me to do it. I’ll start with the questions.

The most frequent one I get is, “Why is so and so reporting that Porsha is coming back to RHOA? I thought you said she was fired?”

My source who I trust told me that Porsha was sent home from the reunion and would not be returning to Bravo. I still believe that to be the case. I do have some additional information, but I am holding on to that a bit longer. Here is why you are hearing many rumors now, that are all just that, rumors. If this is your first season of reading blogs about the franchise, this is how it works. Sometimes I assume you have information that it is in my head that you can’t be expected to know. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion: Not One But Two Arrests Occurred!


Kenya Porsha Cynthia

Why is Tuesday always Tea Day on Tamara Tattles? I tend to get so many scoops on Tuesdays when all I really want to do is watch The Blacklist. But y’all need to clear your schedule because I will have two or maybe three new steaming hot posts today!


First, my behind the scene sources are giving a few more clues about what was going on backstage while Andy and the girls were filming. I’m going to try and piece it together for you. I contacted my source because I was pretty skeeved out by Apollo’s behavior and actions. I had not used any of my chits (remember, I try not to pester the sources and get in and out with all the tea I can without interrogating them to death). I wanted to know what the dynamics were backstage with Phaedra and Apollo. I also wanted to know if he actually brought that jacket. LOL. Sorry. I know I ask about weird things. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion Part 3 Recap

Oh My! That Bullhorn is soo scary and threatening! Must use fistisses!

Oh My! That Bullhorn is soo scary and threatening! Must use fistisses!

Andy starts by saying that both Nene and Kenya are six feet tall outspoken women who are used to running the show. It was the battle of the Titans this season and neither wanted to give up the crown. Nene sure does like to talk about what a good friend she WAS to people.  She WAS a good friend to Marlo. She WAS a good friend to Cynthia. She WAS a good friend to Kim. She WAS a good friend to Dwight. She WAS a good friend that broke one tryna build Neverland. She seems to blame Kenya for her blow up with Marlo at the Bailey Bowl. Kenya had the nerve to keep bringing Marlo around when she did not want to speak to Marlo. None of the other girls wanted to be around Marlo except Kenya. Hmmmm, maybe because Marlo has mugshots for assaulting some woman? You know, just like Porsha does now.

Kenya says the real issue is that Nene wants to control everyone around her. She wanted to control Marlo and Cynthia. She is nothing but a dictator. Kenya reads a text from Nene to Marlo that said that once Marlo decided to film with Kenya, then that is your choice and that is where you need to stay. Kenya says she also pulled Cynthia into the situation having Cynthia be on a three way phone conversation with Nene and Marlo where Nene again told Marlo not to film with Kenya. Wow. Nene is terrified Kenya is going to steal her shine. Nene says she should ask Cynthia why Nene and Marlo are not friends anymore. In her version, Kenya wants to be in the middle of it. Now, I agree that Kenya wants to be right in the middle of the pot twirling it up, but Nene you just admitted to two separate times that you told your friend Marlo to stay away from Kenya. Bye Felicia, indeed.

Cynthia says that the relationship with Nene and Marlo was strained before Kenya came along. Cynthia also says that if you are going to shoot with Kenya you can’t shoot with me. I just can’t understand why Nene thinks she gets to decide who people shoot with. Hell, one season they flew Kandi down to Miami to shoot with Nene because no one else wanted to shoot with her at all. Continue reading


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