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Real Housewives of Atlanta Attended Black and White Premiere

RHOA Claudia and Demetria at Black and White

Last Friday, Kevin Costner and Anthony Mackie were in town for the premier of their movie, Black & White. The movie is about a white grandfather, played by Kevin Costner, and a black grandmother, played by Octavia Spencer, who fight for custody of their bi-racial grand-daughter. There was a step and repeat and a whole bunch of paparazzi so that means…. HOUSEWIVES!

Claudia and Jordan were in attendance looking awesome and having a fun night at the movies. And so was one other housewife. Continue reading


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Exclusive: What Caused the Rift Between Kandi and Phaedra?

Phaedra and Kandi LOL

This post is a EXCLUSIVE. Please be sure to credit and link properly if you like to use it on your blog.

I was not going to write this tonight but once I mentioned I had more tea, y’all are forcing me to make the post!  I love that you are all so interested.

What I found out today is that when Todd was still supportive of Apollo, and Kandi sort of rode the fence between being supportive of Phaedra and Apollo, Phaedra was none too thrilled. Todd was very supportive of Apollo and hung out with him sometimes with Kandi present. Phaedra saw this as a betrayal. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: Road Trip!

Clearly in Puerto RIco Kandi was still friends with Phaedra.

Clearly in Puerto RIco Kandi was still friends with Phaedra.


On tonight’s Real Housewives of Atlanta, the ladies arrive back home from their trip. Nene’s personal valet picks her up at Hartsfield. Nene talks to Gregg about being around all those negative girls. LOL. Nene explains her version of the fight to Gregg. At that was all we saw of Nene. Expect to see less and less of her as the season goes on. This episode was also Porsha and Demetria free.


Phaedra and Derek J continue the fake storyline where Phaedra is representing  Derek who is accused of stealing used weave.  In the office that is not hers. I am so over this show and all it’s fakery. Phaedra’s momma comes in to talk about Apollo leaving for prison.

Meanwhile, Apollo takes the boys out for frozen yogurt and tries to prepare them for his departure. Apollo seems genuinely remorseful. Or at least sad that he has to leave his boys. Continue reading


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Phaedra and Demetria Discuss Their Tentative Truce

RHOA Demetria


This week both Phaedra Parks and Demetria McKinney discuss Demetria’s apology. Let’s just say that one of them was sincere in their discussion and the other one knew what the right thing to say was, but seemed to be just going through the motions.

It was kind of Demetria to apologize to Phaedra for the 8 comment; HOWEVER, she was certainly owed an apology from Phaedra for all of her rude behavior. Clearly, that apology was not forth coming.  In order to put their differences aside in a genuine way, I think Phaedra will have to do that with sincerity or there will be no hope of even a cordial truce. I would not advise anyone to hold their breath waiting for that to happen.

Demetria is disappointed in the divide between the ladies. From her perspective, the beauty versus beast description is a false one. Demetria says it has nothing to do with outer beauty. She says it has to do with the personalities of the women. One side is full of double standards and judgments and the other side is more light-hearted and fun. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: Divide and Ki-Ki

RHOA Claudia

On tonight’s RHOA, we begin back at the scene of the read heard ’round the world tonight.

Claudia: You’re worried about my clit and my bankruptcy and my finances, like why are you worried?
Nene: No hunni …
Claudia: You should worry about what you got going on, that great clothing line.
Nene: You wanna do what I do.
Claudia: I don’t want to glue hair to my forehead, I don’t wanna be a former stripper, people that’s carless…
Nene: I can glue hair to my forehead, girl I got all kinda cars right now, I don’t care what was repossessed, you just check my crib bitch, and see the cars in my garage when you lift the goddamn garage up! Don’t tell me what’s has been tell me what’s NOW! You wish you could get this check I get from them clothing lines! Then you could loan you some fashions because that is some cheap shit.
Claudia: And your dress is….
Nene: This off the runway.
Claudia: They don’t make your size for the runway
Nene: You better pull this zipper down and see…the make em when you got the coins.
Claudia: You overpaid. You can get that at Ross.
Nene: I know you don’t know what come down the runway considering what you got on spaghetti straps.
Claudia: Yeah, because I’ve never walked down a runway….you should have a little less spaghetti in your diet.
Nene: Girl, bye!  Hollywood ain’t looking for you.
Claudia: Atlanta is and I think that’s why you’re so bothered.
Nene: Me bothered by you?
Claudia: I didn’t know you were into Google searching me.
Nene: You  wish I would Google you with a bob.
Claudia: What’s wrong with a bob?
Nene: Nothing
Claudia: It’s better than a hair hat…
Nene: Girl? Bye, Girl.
Claudia: Bye. Are you leaving?
Nene: Listen to your boss. You weak hunni. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: Puerto Read-0

Team Pretty in Puerto Rico

Team Pretty in Puerto Rico

I’m not sure if we actually even GET to Puerto Rico tonight based on the episode description. In case you missed my tea during filming, you can read it here.   It’s interesting to note that at this time, Demetria was still holding a peach and Claudia was not. Perhaps the drama on this trip was the catalyst for Bravo changing their mind for the millionth time about who would be on the show.


Claudia goes to the foot doctor with Kenya. She has terrible feet from being an athlete and a model. I don’t need to see her feet. But the doctor was cute.


Kandi meets up with Demetria for lunch to apologize to her about the Roger Bobb thing at the sex party.  Demetria sucks up to Kandi. Ah, and here is why. She wants to work with Kandi. Kandi is not interested.  Kandi gives Demetria some very specific sex advice. #FixItJesus Continue reading


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Exclusive: RHOA Is Filming New Scenes in Post Production!

RHOA Phaedra Fence

EDITED TO ADD, shortly after this post was made, all the RHOA people removed pictures of their filming at STK ATL . Interesting.  I just went back to watermark mine. :)

This article is sourced by an EXCLUSIVE source. Please follow appropriate Internet etiquette when quoting and linking to this story.

We’ve all noticed that the production/editing of Real Housewives of Atlanta is a bit odd this year. Peaches were being passed around like a game of hot potato all through filming. Production doesn’t bother with a real opening montage of the housewives for their highest rated show? It’s a clusterfuck. Then there was the story sent to TMZ saying that Apollo was home going nuts on Phaedra when he had left the house several days before his self-surrender date and going to Nashville or wherever. It seems they are spending all of their time making up storylines rather than just enhancing whatever these fools really have going on.  That scene with Phaedra and the fence?  That was one of the last things filmed. While the main filming wrapped just before the holiday season, it would seem that post-production filming is going to be more than the usual talking heads.

Speaking of the fence, I think that whole thing was storyline. Phaedra and or Bravo would like for us to believe that there was paparazzi stalking Phaedra’s house. She needs a fence so that these imaginary paps won’t take pictures of her children. You remember her children, the two adorable little props she uses for storyline. The ones she posts pictures of and drags to the Bravo offices for videotaping with Andy. Those children.  A couple of days ago, I was informed that the neighborhood meeting about the proposed fence was held, the entire neighborhood voted it down, and Phaedra didn’t even show up. A few weeks ago the trench that was dug (where they busted a waterline) was re-landscaped and seeded back over with grass seed. Case closed? Going with a moat instead? Who knows? Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: 50 Shades of Shade

RHOA Phaedra face

Tonight, Kenya Moore will be on TV for three and a half hours spanning three shows on two networks.  Will this blogger make it through the entire time?  To be honest, I’m not sure I will get to WWHL before tomorrow. But we will see. Tonight on RHOA, Cynthia and Peter shop for a new location for Bar One, and Kandi has a sex party where Claudia and Nene come face to face.


Peter and Cynthia go to look at a new bar space down on Auburn Avenue. There is a lot of trash and debris, but the space has good bones. And the area has historical roots and has been gentrifying over the years. Cynthia wants you to know that her money is Peter’s money and they are business partners and she doesn’t care what we think about that. What I think about it is that these two are stretched out with two bars and Cynthia’s Modeling Agency.  That’s a lot of headaches.


Claudia goes to meet with Kandi. She is looking to her as sort of a mentor and ally for the season. Kandi invites Claudia to be a guest on Kandi Koated Nights. Claudia and Kandi talk about Claudia knowing Porsha from Miami. They have African friends in common. Claudia says she was sitting right next to Porsha when she said she was looking to hook up with an African. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: She Can’t Come Like No Cabbage!

RHOA nene nasty rude


I just read the little synopsis for this episode and I’m telling you right now I am so over the Kandi and Todd storyline. It never ceases to amaze me how Bravo can manipulate our little pea brains to like or hate the same person from season to season. I really liked Kandi at first, then I was neutral, and now I could not be more over her.


Cynthia takes Claudia to Derek J’s for a make-over.


Claudia’s Italian mother, and  her black grandmother on her father’s side are in town for a visit. Claudia’s mom brought snail salad for her. Apparently, that is a thing.  She takes them straight to Lips, a drag queen restaurant.  Claudia’s  mother is pressuring her to have a baby. Claudia’s mother has never said “I love you.” The 90 year old grandmother says it to Claudia all the time. Continue reading


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Christmas Blind Item #2 Revealed….

Phaedra Card 1

I debated for quite a while about putting these photos up and opted to do them as a blind item instead. But since Andy Cohen put the cover photo up on WWHL on Tuesday night (sorry for no recap, it was Yolanda, mostly she said friendship with Brandi was like training  a puppy)  and the kids are on the show all the time I have opted to share.

Is Phaedra in financial distress? Who photos their kid in a pamper for a Christmas card? I can see her sending this crap to Dwight and hearing him mutter, “how dreadful.” Do they no own shoes? Pants? A shirt and Christmas tie?  Perhaps there was a major production for the card prior to the whole “Daddy is going back to prison” thing?

Click through for more pics. Continue reading


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WWHL With Phaedra and Faith Evans

WWHL Phaedra and Faith Evans

Well, Andy loves a good jumpsuit and Phaedra is wearing one. However it is white and looks like a summer outfit. Also her wedding ring she bought herself is on as is some other very large looking rock on her right hand. Hmmmmm Is that where the money went? Allegedly? Just asking. Let’s see if Andy asks about it.

The drinking word is “Roger Bobb” but I think it should be Jesus. Andy goes straight to Nene’s fucked up hair. Phaedra who is currently one of Nene’s only allies says “it was giving me Blondie.” Please. It’s ridiculous. If ever there was a time for Phaedra to say “Fix it Jesus” this was her moment. And she blew it.

Andy asks Phaedra how it has been watching the show back. She says anytime you are going through something very personal in the media and on TV it is very difficult and quite uncomfortable.

They replay the uncomfortable scenes between Apollo and Phaedra and Phaedra can’t watch. She closes her eyes through most all of it. Andy says it seemed a little threatening to him. I agree. She has on a HUGE costume statement necklace. I’m not sure how I feel about it. I think if she were dressed in all black I would really like it. Phaedra talks about Apollo’s aggression. Um, he was never home and that was your issue with him. If he was so aggressive, why would you want him to come home more?  This is all a set up to the complete fabrication of Apollo being at the house on the day he was supposed to self-report. She says he was on an emotional roller coaster. Phaedra thought that his line of conversation was in appropriate for the setting. I agree. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: Nice to Metria

RHOA Kandi

I don’t know if it is the crap weather, or the fact that my days and nights are sort of backwards, or the lack of sunlight, or what but there just seems to be a big cloud of negativity everywhere. I guess it is sort of fitting for tonight’s Real Housewives of Atlanta because tonight we finally get Demetria. Word on the street is she is full of negativity for the first part of filming. Plus Apollo is back. The editing this season is crazy out of order and odd.


Kandi’s family is all getting together at Aunt Nora’s house for a cookout. Mama Joyce is mad at Kandi for talking about her boyfriend tearing up Kandi’s house.  OMG! I want to eat some of all that! Oh dear, homemade red velvet cake!

Aunt Nora makes Kandi sit down and talk with her mother. Mama Joyce says she is taking medicine to try not and get an aneurism. She is trying to be calm. Nothing is resolved but they sort of agree to put things inside.

Phaedra stops over at Kandi’s and Kandi is trying to eat healthy because she wants to get pregnant. Phaedra says things are tense. Kandi has a cousin who just happens to be there to talk to Phaedra about how to tell her boys their daddy is going to prison. He has been to prison or something. This is a ridiculous scene and it’s clear Phaedra is not happy to be filming it.  Oh Melvin’s dad is in prison and he resents not being told.  I love the red leather handbag Phaedra is carrying. Kandi and Phaedra cry. Phaedra looks really  pretty. Continue reading


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