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Surveillance Video From Sports One Shows Part of Altercation

RHOA Gregg Peter


As a reported a week ago, Charlotte police are summoning Peter to court to answer to charges by a patron that Peter assaulted him. Peter has provided some video to TMZ to attempt to clear his name. In the video, which appears to be slowed down considerably, the patron seems to be instigating things with Peter who I think is sitting next to him at the beginning of the video. Is that the same person? Y’all know me and my facial recognition problems.

Anyway there is some clear jawboning on both sides and Peter does push the guy. But nothing her shows the guy hitting his head. But that doesn’t mean it is the whole tape either click through to watch…

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Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: Jamaican Me Mad!

RHOA Jamaica 3

I’m not really too excited about this episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta as they head to Jamaica. It seems Kenya gets really out of line with Kim. I thought the same thing last week though and I really didn’t think Kenya did anything wrong at the brunch at Kim’s house. Let’s hope it is just the editing in the previews that  makes  Kenya look bad.

I sure wish someone would loan Nene some money so she could stop wearing men’s undershirts.

Cynthia has decided to give the commercial to Kim. I suppose this is what pisses Kenya off. Kim is bringing her kids with her to Jamaica, even though production said no kids. She is bringing a nanny this time. I really don’t know what Bob Whitfield is doing there. My understanding was they are not back together. But it sure looks like it to me.

Cynthia meets with Kim and Kenya about the eyewear commercial. And just like that Kenya and Cynthia are arguing already about Kenya getting dumped from the production team. Kenya is taking things very personally. Kenya points out that Kim has never done a commercial before. Why on earth are they eating sushi in Jamaica? Kenya is really mean to Kim. Kenya yanks Kim’s chair and Kim walks away. Kenya goes screaming after her clapping and acting like a fool. This is so not a good look. Cynthia is embarrassed.

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Peter Thomas Has a Criminal Summons Issued For Simple Assault

Peter Thomas RHOA


Edited the title to clarify it’s a summons, not a warrant. This means he will not be arrested but summoned to appear in court to answer the assault charges. If he fails to appear or if the judge finds a reason to charge him, then he will/can be arrested.

I was just tweeting the other day that we were past due for someone on a housewives show to get arrested. I came THIS CLOSE to hosting a betting pool here on who would be next. Had I done that, and had you selected Peter Thomas you would have won bragging rights. Though he may not have been arrested yet, so there is still time for someone else to sneak in under the wire.

It looks like Peter got into a dust up with a customer at Sports Bar. Peter  (like me :) ) has always had a ton of rules for his customers and I could see him mixing it up with customers.

See below for an explanation of the charges.

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Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: Trouble on The Family Tree

RHOA at the Bravo version of Kandi’s baby shower

Hey guys, it’s me, TT back recapping RHOA! I admit I have some performance anxiety tonight!  Ben C did such a fabulous job taking over for me while I went on mental health leave I’m nervous! I shall do my best. I am excited for tonight as Kenya Moore goes to see her mother. I am not really expecting her to see her. I think she will go to “the house where she lives” and it will be a big dramatic let down where she doesn’t come to the door, but we shall see.  I also hope I stay awake for WWHL, it’s going to be great tonight with Sheree Whitfield and Sherri Shepherd. I hope Andy goes there with Sherri, but we shall see.  I know he will ask Sheree about Chateau Sheree and She By Sheree though, because he always throws that shade at her.


Kandi says that things are a lot better with Mama Joyce and Todd, and everyone. Kandi is behind on getting ready to bring home a baby. Mama Joyce wants a crib at her house as well. She says she is going to be a granny with a nanny. Kandi thinks that is weird, but I think it is great. Kandi says Mama Joyce is trying to making up for not being that close to Riley when she was born. Kandi wants something over the top for her house. This is not surprising. Mama Joyce wants to mediate the situation between Kandi and Phaedra. Kandi tries to shut that down. But you know Mama Joyce is not going to listen to that. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: With Friends Like These…

RHOA Demetria party with Kandi


I’m going to be honest – this episode of RHOA , titled “There’s No Business Like Friend Business” should have just been called “There’s No Business Watching This Mess.”  I understand not every episode can be filled with Porsha getting cooter-punched, but this certainly was a filler episode if I’ve ever seen one. We open up with a quick montage of Kenya perfecting her online-dating profile, Kim on a Skype call, Porsha hosting at Dish Nation (I gotta give it to her, I’m usually not the biggest Porsha fan – but the girl does a good job over at Dish Nation.) and finally Cynthia receiving YELLOW roses from Peter. Per Google, yellow roses symbolize friendship, joy & good health. Real good look for someone in the midst of a potential cheating scandal. I’m not a flower guy myself, but I’d say red is typically the way to go in this situation. Cynthia is generally unimpressed. Maybe she googled the meaning of yellow roses too.


We cut to Kandi & DonJuan in a meeting with Demetria (!!!) & Roger Bobb about producing new music together. Demetria must really need that day-rate. The two ladies have recorded a single called “Unnecessary Trouble” – they want to start promo for the song, and film & release a music video. DonJuan steps up as mommy (PS where is Mama Joyce this season?!) and announces Kandi’s high-risk pregnancy and that she must not be over worked. OK mommy. Kandi comments in her talking head if J-Lo had a baby over 40 with no time off, so can she. DonJuan continues to come for his Peach. Watch out, Papa Smurf – you’ve got some competition!

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Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: Bitches Who Brunch

RHOA Lanier Cynthia and the hoodrats


I’ve already pretty much covered the fight in this post about the first look they showed us last night.  Basically, Porsha set Cynthia off by trying to touch her face. Cynthia sits up to push Porsha’s hands off her and grabs her wrists. That sets Porsha off and she jump up on the chair like a lunatic. Cynthia goes for the cunt punt with her bare foot. Porsha comes back for round two and this time gets a foot to the belly.  It takes two people to restrain her and she continues to rant and rave as she is pinned. Someone told me to closed captions for that part just said “unintelligible screaming.”  Eventually, they get both Porsha and Shamea into the boat to be shipped back to shore.  Shamea tries to hide her shame at being tossed out of a party by saying, “a tired party for some old tired people.”  Both of these two just don’t fit this show. I don’t know why they are even on it.  Also, I can’t figure out what Shamea’s face reminds me of. A muppet maybe.

Speaking of not fitting in, Kim Fields face is priceless during this whole thing. Same with the bartenders. I am glad I am prewriting this part so I can watch the whole thing without typing. There is so much to see. Continue reading


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