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Nene Leakes Moves Into Her Big Fancy House

RHOA nene house exterior

Today is movie day, and Nene Leakes posted a vine about it on her website wearing her trademark white T-shirt.  Brentt and her man-servant Gregg are seen hand carrying in some personal stuff as they arrive at the new home.  The outside of the house is a bit deceiving of what lies inside.

I really like the wrought iron railings on the stairway.  And the layout of the house.  I hope that she posts more photos of the finished look.  Who am I kidding, she will probably call People for a five page spread. I’m dying to know what Nene’s interior design choices will be. I’m envisioning a black and white theme but that just may be because of all the bare white walls and black ironwork. Continue reading


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Andy Cohen Discusses Kenya, Nene and More

Ask Andy
So a moderated comment came in from “bagladey” saying that Kenya was referring to Andy as ‘Mandy’ on Twitter and that he was pissed about it. So I had to check into this. Unfortunately it is true that Kenya was doing that. Which I find rather appalling and juvenile and beneath her. On the other hand, Andy is shady with her ALL THE TIME.  Which he admits so I don’t think he was really that pissed about it.  And Kenya is all locked in for season 8 so no worries there.
The discussion about this happened on a recent Ask Andy. It’s kind of interesting so I thought I’d transcribe it here.

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It’s Time To Revisit This Interview With Nene’s Sister Kenya/Kendell

Nene Leakes Insults Her Twitter Fans; Bravo Claims She is Divorced

It’s time to revisit this Courtney Love interview with Nene’s sister Kenya from 2013.  I watched it back then but had forgotten about it until folks started pointing it out last night. Kenya is Nene’s half sister. They have the same mother.  She says the same father too, but she is saying it in a “we don’t say half” sort of way. Check out Courtney on her site

The entire interview is very interesting and packed full of tea. Around the 4:30 mark she talks about Nene asking her mother if she could go to school in Atlanta.  She says her parents were successful business people in New York.

Click through for the video.

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Nene Leakes Is Glad She Could Help Us



Nene has posted three photos of her left tit, and the rest of her, online along with some ridiculous comments.  Fortunately, I have a purple pen.

This first post was accompanied by Nene crying in the arms of the whackadoodle TV shrink.

Honestly (a favorite word of liars who are about to lie) I do not like being vulnerable in front of people who do not like me!  (which is why it took me only a few minutes to pull myself together and get back into cunt mode) My exterior can be tough to some but my heart is gold! ( Much like actual rich people do not run around saying they are rich,  people with hearts of gold don’t run around declaring they have one. If you have to tell people about the goodness in your heart, there is none there.)  I have gotten soooo many text messages about this scene tonight. (I doubt that. Do you have any friends left? Diana probably called. That was it. ) (I didn’t watch)  (Nobody believes that.) my phone has literally caught on fire!  (Please add literally to your vocabulary list.) I’m happy to know that I helped or inspired anyone that watch #RHOA #strongwoman  ( I can’t imagine how pathetic one must be if watching you blubber for five minutes before reverting back to your evil persona could in anyway be beneficial. Also how did you not learn subject verb agreement in elementary school  but claim to have attended college?) Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion Part 3 Recap: Mother’s Day Special

RHOA Reunion all

Okay, it’s finally time for part three of the RHOA. If you missed the other recaps you can catch them here.  Just in time for Mother’s Day, Nene is going to decide she has issues with her mother abandoning her for the first time.

Nene and Peter

Nene begins screaming at top of her lungs that she never flirted with Peter. SCREAMING her lies as if that would make them true. Peter says that he and Nene have similar personalities just like Kenya and Apollo do.  Um what? The Peter says that everyone owes Kenya an apology for calling her a whore for all these seasons.  Peter says that he a Nene did not flirt. Peter says that Porsha has a reckless mouth saying he is cheating on his wife. He says if he is going to cheat on his wife, he is going to go hit something big, like J-Lo not waitresses.  Oh well if I was Cynthia, I’d feel so much better. WTF. Peter?

Kandi and Todd

Time for more about Kandi’s marriage. Andy asks when the last time they had sex was. Two nights ago. Todd says the baby will happen soon.  Andy gives condolences about Todd’s mother, Sharon dying. He tells the story of how he found out. He sent a neighbor in to check on her and she had a stroke. Gregg spoke at Todd’s mother’s funeral. Why? And Peter also came for the funeral.  Nene tried everything she could to get to the funeral but she was in Cinderella at the time. Phaedra made a phone call to a funeral home for Todd.  Todd is teary-eyed.  Todd says that MJ’s TV apology was half-assed but she apologized more genuinely after Sharon died. Todd and Kandi fight about the prenup again.  Apparently, Todd doesn’t wear his wedding ring and he has more than one ring to match each watch. That’s weird. More talk about how Kandi puts too much of the relationship on TV.  Kandi says her boobs are bigger because she has gained weight and is taking steroids. Continue reading


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Exclusive Tamara Tattles Tea on RHOA Season 8, And a New Chay Eday Video !

Carlos King, another "friend" of Nene's that is no longer.

Carlos King, another “friend” of Nene’s that is no longer.

I have some curious news, that I have not been sharing about RHOA.  My sources are saying that the reason pickup letters have not gone out yet is because the show has not yet been picked up for another season.  This is not normal.  I do not think it means that we have seen the last of RHOA,  despite the lower ratings this season, the viewership is high enough to pick up another season.  I mean Vanderpump Rules has been picked up and their ratings were not close to RHOA’s ratings even at RHOA’s lowest point.  I believe the hold up is related to production. With Carlos King leaving, whatever the real circumstances are,  there are going to be a lot of changes to production. They may even be considering another production company all together.  There were a lot of audio problems with the reunion, Bravo may decide to make a fresh start.

So, they can’t send out the pickup letters until all of that is resolved.  However, NBCu Cable Upfronts are this week. The parties start tonight and the days are jam packed until Thursday.  Thursday afternoon at 4 p.m. is when the NBCu Cable Upfronts will happen.  I assume they will announce the RHOA being picked up then.  Three RHOA will be in attendance, Kenya,  Kandi, and Nene.  It seems those are the only three invited to upfronts.  This means  Phaedra, Claudia, and Cynthia are… not secure in their spots. It’s clear Bravo wants to shake the show up much like they did RHONY a few seasons ago (and we all saw how well that turned out.) Continue reading


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Wait, Nene Has a Business Deal With Kim K West?

Nene Leakes was on Meredith Viera this week and she made some interesting claims in the above backstage interview.  Nene is claim to have some sort of two year business deal with Kim Kardashian West.  The last time she make these sorts of claims IN 2012 she was designing a shoe for Shoe Dazzle a company that donates the profits to charity, in 2012.  Despite the fact that Shoe Dazzle had a different celebrity shoe for charity every month, Nene seemed to think she was a shoe designer going into business with Kim K.

I think it would be fun to guess what business those two could collaborate on. The K Klan just pulled their accessory line out of Sears because they thought the clientele was beneath them or the stores were too unlikely to be around much longer  but hooking up in  a business relationship with Nene Leakes would be good for their brand? I can’t wait to see what this really is. Please don’t let it be a sex tape. Continue reading


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The latest News on the Nene Leakes and Wendy Williams Drama At the Expo

RHOA nene fail

So this is what went down at the Atlanta Expo.  I have heard several reports that Nene said something about Wendy’s speech about 10 rules for life or whatever it was.   Nene took the stage after Wendy and insulted her speech and then proceeded not to give one at all.

Read on for what went down and for what Big Kevin allegedly did in response. Utter foolishness on both sides. Continue reading


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Wendy Williams and Nene Leakes At the Atlanta Women’s Expo

The last time Nene was on Wendy William (2012)

The last time Nene was on Wendy William (2012)

It was mention on WWHL tonight that there was an altercation between Nene Leakes  and Wendy Williams and her husband at one of those silly “Women’s Expo” things which are basically giant arenas for people to push their products at people.  They have “Keynote Speakers”  which just goes to show they don’t even know what a keynote speaker is.  Everyone is a Keynote Speaker  and they are all there to push THEIR products. It’s all a bunch of bullshit, but people go and spend lots of money, so they will be around for a while.

There is a history of vitriol between Nene Leakes and Wendy Williams.  When Andy Cohen decided to put all his business decisions behind Bethenny Frankel’s new talk show to the detriment of Wendy Williams, the divide began. Once Bethenny poached Wendy’s talent booker for her show, Wendy was done giving publicity to Bravo shows. She quit discussing housewives shows all together and only mentioned the women who made news for other stupid reasons.  Nene got all butt hurt over Wendy talking about her fingerpainted pocket books.  And these two have had nothing nice to say about each other ever since. Continue reading


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Watch What Happens Live With Nene Leakes and Cecily Strong

WWHL Nene yellow hot pants

After the last few minutes of the reunion with Nene SCREAMING at the top of her fucking lungs, I am really not up for another half an hour of her stupidity. I am going to try to make this as quick and short as possible while still giving my international readers who don’t get this show a taste of it.

While I love a bright color on a dark-skinned woman, that electric yellow is a bit much,  I could live without watching her pick hot pants out of her twat for half an hour and you do not to grease yourself up like a pig in pig catching contest to keep the ashyness  at bay. I like this wig better than most that she wears. She is wearing the same necklace she wore on the reunion.

Moving on.

Andy is talking about how Nene’s entire left boob was out for the entire 18 hours of reunion filming. Cecily points out that Porsha’s left boob was also out.  Nene says, “Didn’t you love it?”  LOL. Oh, Nene never change.  No body wants to see all that,  dear.

Steve Wilkos is the bartender. Woot! Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion Part 2 Recap: I’m Glad You Think You Have A Prize


RHOA nene fail

I didn’t realize until today that I missed the Blood Sweat & Heels episode last week because they stuck Watch What Happens Live on the end of the reunion messing up my DVR schedule. I already have two shows taping at 10. I hate when Andy tacks WWHL on where it doesn’t belong.

We start this episode of the reunion with Andy bringing up the challenge on the last reunion about donating $20,000 to the Detroit Public Schools Foundation. Kenya did as she said she would and Nene did not. Nene says she will do it when she gets ready. Kenya says that really gets under her skin. She talks about being such a rich bitch with all of this extra money but she wants to be petty when it comes to a charitable donation for children. Nene says that she feels like Kenya is trying to “make a mockery out of it.” Nene questions, “Who puts their check on social media?” Um how about someone who was challenged to make the donation on national television. A better question is why would a person claim they were going to write a check for 20K and challenge a colleague to MATCH it, and then never write the check even after the colleague did match it?  Nene goes on the “she is right!” trip she  has been on for the whole reunion.

Next we discuss, “the new Cynthia.”  Someone asks Phaedra about her vicious comments about Cynthia having bills and legal cases all over Atlanta and they ask why she would say such personal and vicious things.  Phaedra says it is because Cynthia was spreading rumors about Mr. Chocolate at a time when she was most vulnerable Girl, please.  It was your husband who was spreading those rumors and Cynthia brought them to you. She is not your BFF, she had no bond to you to prevent her from discussing what Apollo was saying with whomever she pleased. Cynthia says Phaedra could haves squashed it am moved on just like she did with Nene when she called her a “head doctor.”  Phaedra forgave Nene because she apologized. LOL. Naw, Phaedra overlooked Nene’s jabs at her because they both needed some backup this season. Cynthia says she apologized in the Philippines and it was not accepted. Phaedra somehow goes on to say how many jobs she has. Again. Where are these jobs? Has anyone seen them? And how does she do them all when she is flying around to churches trying to sell her etiquette  book and passing the love offering plate? Allegedly.  Hell even her charities are suspect according to those in attendance at the last one. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion Part One Recap: Nene Is A Victim Act One

Kandi  reads Nene

Kandi reads Nene

First of all I LOVE LOVE LOVE that they started with behind the scenes footage of all the women getting spackled and spit shined while Andy Cohen wanders around watching it.  Andy mocks Phaedra’s GIGANTIC eyelashes.  Everyone is in white and Nene is unsuccessfully trying to channel Olivia Pope.  Just moments into the previews, I can see that once again my source was golden.  Should I just wait patiently for all the Nenetards and Porsha Stans to apologize for doubting me?

Everyone goes in on Nene, Phaedra and Porsha and reads them for filth. If I didn’t have to blog this ish I’d be over on CNN watching Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown. There is like some kind of director’s cut at 8pm from last season and the premiere is at 9 for season 5 in Korea.  I’m taping the second run later.

The hotel they always do this at, not only let them back after the police had to be called TWICE last time.  But, they have decked it out in a zen themed set. That is new and I could not for the life of me figure out where they were. But it’s the same room they always use.

Andy starts sucking Nene’s asshole right away talking about her “big ass house.”  I suppose you have to be from Atlanta to know what a poor choice of homes that one was.  Regardless, anilingus  appears to be Andy’s favorite position with Nene.  Andy asks how it compares to Chateau Sheree.  Nene says, well it is built and it is mine. Point Nene. I love when  Andy brings up Chateau Sheree because it draws traffic to my NUMEROUS posts about Sheree Whitfield’s construction site.  And yes, it remains INCOMPLETE.  Just like Ilanya Vanzant’s assessment of Sheree’s Life.  And Patti Stanger’s view of Sheree. Who essentially called her unmatchable.  None of the ladies seemed pleased by Nene’s new home. Even Phaedra joined the collection of stank faces. Continue reading


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