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A Gif So Perfect Words Are Unnecessary


Gif Credit: T.Kyle

Check out T.Kyle’s awesome gifs to brighten your weekend!


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Kandi Burruss Talks About Her Marriage to Todd

WWHL with Kandi and Todd

This week only THREE of the RHOA posted blogs: Kenya, Claudia and Kandi. I’m actually surprised that Kandi posted at all but now that the housewives have the option of answering questions (which is much easier than writing a blog from scratch) since she has said many times she hates it, mostly because they don’t let her say what she wants to say.

I find it very odd that Nene isn’t blogging especially because she wasn’t on last week’s episode at all, the week before that there was not show, and this weekend there is no show. You would think she would not want her fans to forget about her. Or maybe she does want rating to lag now. She has been busy on the talk shows pretending like she is so over the drama. I finally watched most of her interview on Meredith Vieira the other day. It comes on at 2 am here. It was very odd. That show has changed since the last time I watched it and Meredith seems to be doing a more “serious” interview.  Nene was trying to speak the Queen’s English and over enunciating words like she had just come from speech therapy. The interview was about how ratchet all the other women on RHOA and how Nene is pure as the driven snow.  Nene talked about her being a white, black girl because of her blonde wigs. She doesn’t care what anyone says she is going to stay blond. Then she told her story about being the victim of domestic violence and a single mother who worked the polls to raise her po churren.  So perhaps that is why she is not blogging lately.

Phaedra probably knows this is her last season, and Cynthia has been at fashion week. Continue reading


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WWHL With Nene Leakes And Tracee Ellis Ross


Hey, did you notice no Nene on tonight’s RHOA? It was awesome. Sadly there was too much Porsha. Anyway. I’m trying to get this up quickly but I’m already 20 minutes behind somehow. So I’m going to do this as fast as I can with little regard for typos.

First, Nene’s look is bad but it looks great compared to Tracee’s odd fashion choice that is somehow a mixture of a jump suit and hot pants in the dead of winter in NYC.   I love Tracee but this is a fashion fail. Why is Andy’s tie always so crooked? Nene’s hair is hideous again. But at least it sort of looks like hair. The bartender is a Diana Ross drag queen.

Andy asked Nene what she knows about Mr. Chocolate. She says she likes the name but she has no idea if Phaedra is having an affair or not. She moves on to make it all about herself. She says she has been through a “public breakup” before and it’s really hard. Of course hers was all bullshit just to get a Wedding By Bravo. But is was still tough faking it. Or something. Nene says that Phaedra does have a girlfriend named White Chocolate. So is she trying to say she calls her girlfriend Daddy and asks her to spank her? WTF are the talking about?  And Nene’s face looks weird. I can’t figure out what is different. Is it just the wider hair? Nene says that White Chocolate used to be a stripper and she is best friends with Phaedra and she’s married now and just threw her a baby shower. None of this makes any sense. Why is she telling us this?  Andy says it is easy to fake texts from someone. Is it?

Andy claims to love Nene’s hair. She walked in a benefit for Naomi Campbell in NYC and apparently walked out with the wig. That explains the improvement. #BitchStoleMyHair !

Andy acts like he believes the scene is real. I suppose he has to pretend. They play a  clip from next week when Cynthia and Kenya confront Phaedra about Mr. Chocolate. Porsha is right there sticking up for Phaedra. Because, Porsha. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: Goodbye Apollo, Hello Mr. Chocolate

Cynthia, Kenya and Claudia at STK Atlanta

Cynthia, Kenya and Claudia at STK Atlanta

Claudia Jordan

We start this episode of RHOA, refreshingly, with Team Pretty. Cynthia and Kenya go to see Claudia’s apartment now that she is fully moved in with all of her furniture. I read on one of her blogs that Cynthia had some issues with moving her furniture to Atlanta and several things were stolen. It looks to me like this apartment has been carefully staged by someone. *cough* production *cough* At any rate it’s really pretty and I love the building she is in with the views of downtown. Claudia fills the girls in on the Dish Nation party and her altercation with Porsha.  Claudia gets teary-eyed telling the story. She says it reminds her of when she was in high school and she was picked on for being bi-racial.

Claudia is struggling with getting up before dawn to get to the morning show. Porsha’s attitude isn’t helping her morning routine. Claudia meets with Rickey Smiley about her struggles at work and Porsha. Rickey suggests someone be the bigger person and apologize. Rickey goes to get Porsha and brings her in.  Porsha walks in with a jar of gummy bears in one of those fancy bags she is allegedly selling her vagina for. Porsha is acting like a 12-year-old. Rickey has the three of them hold hands and pray. Awkward.

Kandi Burruss

Todd and Kandi talk about Kandi’s part that she says Todd got her in Second Chance Christmas. I saw that movie because I love all Christmas movies. I’m already counting down to November to start all over again. Kandi’s part was small and she seemed just like Kandi to me. But still it was fun to see her acting.  Kandi and Todd are going to filming but Todd is staying for a week. Kandi says he is not really working but staying to party with his friends. Seriously. Why did these to even get married? And why are they “trying” to have a baby?  Kandi’s house is really pretty.

Kandi comes back from her trip without Todd. She had a fight with Todd in LA about her asking people business questions. Todd wants her to ask him because he is in the business.  Kandi says she and Todd aren’t really having sex unless she initiates it. They only have sex once a week. Kandi suspects Todd is cheating.  Kandi tells Carmon that if she was advising herself about Todd, she would say that they either need counseling or plan to divorce!

Kenya Moore

Kenya is working on the script for Life Twirls On. She working on a dildo scene. I’m just not excited about this show if it’s going to be a dildo show. We get enough of that with Kandi.

Kenya working on casting her show. Cynthia comes in to audition wearing some crazy outfit that she thinks makes her look Jamaican like the part is written. It’s not giving me Jamaica. Cynthia’s make-up is hideous and so is her hair. They give her the part.  Did Kenya just say that Leon has a part or that they have cast someone for Leon? Continue reading


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Claudia Discusses the Hypocrisy of Nene and Porsha

RHOA CLaudia and Kordell

Claudia Jordan has a whole lot to say in her Bravo Blog this week! I don’t think the poor girl had any idea of the extent of the crazy land of delusion, make-believe and hypocrisy she  signed up for.  You really should go read her whole blog her.  She talks about not liking wearing wigs. I really liked the wig she wore to the party, but I can see them being hot and heavy and uncomfortable.  She also thought it was the professional thing to do to try to clear the air with Porsha so that they could create a more civil atmosphere in their workplace.  Porsha’s stank attitude is apparently making everyone uncomfortable at work and doesn’t seem to care about creating a professional work environment.

Click through to read an excerpt from Claudia’s Blog: Continue reading


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Nene Leakes Was SO BIZARRE On The Real

The Real Nene 2

I was watching The View this morning trying to figure out the mood of the show and checking my emails when someone was kind enjoy to share that Nene Leakes was Co-hosting The Ratchet Real this morning. So I flipped the channel and hit record a good five minutes in.  I am going to TRY to see if anything interesting was said but I am not making any promises I can get through the whole thing.  Because, ratchet.

The first lie Nene tells is that she doesn’t like going to events like the Grammy parties because she has to get a dress and do her hair buy some hair like product to glue to her head. She says she would rather be home with her fetch and step boy husband. This is the same Nene that has been screaming that “she has arrived” in Hollywood for the past however long. Perhaps this is self-talk to prepare her for her anticipated return to obscurity and shady deals.

They talk about their spouses friends and Nene points out she and Gregg don’t have that problem. They choose their own friends. Nene basically says Gregg isn’t the type to hang out with the guys so she doesn’t have that problem. That short leash is really working.

Nene is wearing a long blond wig with looser noodles curls and a sequinsy tan jumpsuit. Lord, I just saw the whole thing. Let me try to find you a picture.  Okay, I found two. Trust me it’s even worse on TV. She and Tamar seem to have the same mentality.  Nene is not saying much just bobbing her head and fake laughing and clapping.

Next up is a fashion segment where they check out dresses for Valentine’s Day. Nene introduces the first model as “The flirty Valemtimes Day girl!”  Nene is um, very energetic today. Nene says, ” with this look she says she’s got legs for days, just like ME! WhooHoo!”  Then she proceeds to kick her leg up in the air. Maybe manic would have been a better adjective than energetic.  Nene says, “Okay so this next look for da goody Valemtimes Day girl….lessssss check it out!”   Another good adjective might be slurry.  Slurry and manic and clappy. Oh so clappy. Her hands are going to hurt after this show.  When the model comes out Nene is literally screaming at this point. About herself. I would wear that! Some people are afraid of print, but not me honey!  Love that!  Clappity, clap, clap!  The other chick says she likes the model’s short hair and height and that Nene could pull off that dress. Nene starts talking about her love for short hair but she is wearing long today and starts tossing her hair around and playing with it. The model is giggling.

Next up, Tika Sumpter was a guest. She plays Candice on The Haves and The Have Nots on OWN. I LOVE that show. It’s a Tyler Perry production so it is blocked like a play more than a TV show which just makes the whole campy soap opera more fun. Tika is brilliant in her role. It’s odd to see her as herself she’s nothing like Candace and is barely recognizable if you mostly know her as Candace.  I wish T. Kyle would make us a gif of Nene tryna get up off the couch to greet her. I’m just saying. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Atlanta: Write Your Own Damn Recap.

This is how I feel about doing a blog tonight. Gif by TKyle Realtytvgifs  Tumblr

This is how I feel about doing a blog tonight.
Gif by TKyle Realtytvgifs Tumblr

In case you haven’t noticed, I’m not really feeling the blog lately.  So tonight, I’m gonna let y’all write your own damn Real Housewives of Atlanta recaps. I’m not excited about the manufactured drama between Claudia and  THOT over Kordell,  or Kenya’s new show in the works with Roger Bobb, and I know the real story on Phaedra and Apollo.  So knock yourselves out in comments.

I don’t think we get to the part where Apollo actually leaves for Kentucky tonight. Lord knows, they will drag that out forever. But if you missed what really went down in the days just before his self surrender date, of September 10th, click through for the blow by blow.

Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: Road Trip!

Clearly in Puerto RIco Kandi was still friends with Phaedra.

Clearly in Puerto RIco Kandi was still friends with Phaedra.


On tonight’s Real Housewives of Atlanta, the ladies arrive back home from their trip. Nene’s personal valet picks her up at Hartsfield. Nene talks to Gregg about being around all those negative girls. LOL. Nene explains her version of the fight to Gregg. At that was all we saw of Nene. Expect to see less and less of her as the season goes on. This episode was also Porsha and Demetria free.


Phaedra and Derek J continue the fake storyline where Phaedra is representing  Derek who is accused of stealing used weave.  In the office that is not hers. I am so over this show and all it’s fakery. Phaedra’s momma comes in to talk about Apollo leaving for prison.

Meanwhile, Apollo takes the boys out for frozen yogurt and tries to prepare them for his departure. Apollo seems genuinely remorseful. Or at least sad that he has to leave his boys. Continue reading


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Nene Leakes’ Son Spent End of 2014 in Jail and Rehab

Nene Leakes Son Bryson Bryant Arrested Twice in Two Weeks

Yesterday news broke that Nene Leakes eldest son, Bryson Rashard Bryant, spent 90 days in jail and six weeks in rehab at the end of 2014.  I have some sort of alien in my belly punching me from my insides in my belly and just could not be bothered to make sense of all of the varied stories on what happened. Today, I finally read the court documents.

First, let’s review the timeline of KNOWN arrests of Bryson Rashard Bryant

March 2010 booked on a pot charge. Arrest 3 days later for failure to appear. (Age 20)

July 2011  shoplifting razors from Wal*Mart and probation violation. (Age 21)

June 2012 arrested for driving on a suspended license. (Age 22)

July 2012  arrested for probation violation.

Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: Divide and Ki-Ki

RHOA Claudia

On tonight’s RHOA, we begin back at the scene of the read heard ’round the world tonight.

Claudia: You’re worried about my clit and my bankruptcy and my finances, like why are you worried?
Nene: No hunni …
Claudia: You should worry about what you got going on, that great clothing line.
Nene: You wanna do what I do.
Claudia: I don’t want to glue hair to my forehead, I don’t wanna be a former stripper, people that’s carless…
Nene: I can glue hair to my forehead, girl I got all kinda cars right now, I don’t care what was repossessed, you just check my crib bitch, and see the cars in my garage when you lift the goddamn garage up! Don’t tell me what’s has been tell me what’s NOW! You wish you could get this check I get from them clothing lines! Then you could loan you some fashions because that is some cheap shit.
Claudia: And your dress is….
Nene: This off the runway.
Claudia: They don’t make your size for the runway
Nene: You better pull this zipper down and see…the make em when you got the coins.
Claudia: You overpaid. You can get that at Ross.
Nene: I know you don’t know what come down the runway considering what you got on spaghetti straps.
Claudia: Yeah, because I’ve never walked down a runway….you should have a little less spaghetti in your diet.
Nene: Girl, bye!  Hollywood ain’t looking for you.
Claudia: Atlanta is and I think that’s why you’re so bothered.
Nene: Me bothered by you?
Claudia: I didn’t know you were into Google searching me.
Nene: You  wish I would Google you with a bob.
Claudia: What’s wrong with a bob?
Nene: Nothing
Claudia: It’s better than a hair hat…
Nene: Girl? Bye, Girl.
Claudia: Bye. Are you leaving?
Nene: Listen to your boss. You weak hunni. Continue reading


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Nene Leakes Has Not Recovered From Being Read For Filth By Claudia

Graphic by Urethra Franklin

Graphic by Urethra Franklin

Nene Leakes has not posted a Bravo blog since the one trying to explain her little dutch boy wig. She’s been on Twitter though talking about her fabulous skin that she takes great care of. On her blog there is a picture of her and an ad for the salon of course. She claims she just loves to get a microdermabrasion and a chemical peel at the same time.  Um. Clearly she has never had either because those are two things you never get done at the same time. She is posting tweets about Claudia getting booed someone where for talking about Nene. And she is trying to buy better hair. Something good might come of this after all.

She posted a letter from some anonymous acquaintance that basically told her to keep her head up and that she was a good person. It’s like this read is consuming her. Apparently,  Bravo didn’t want to post her blog this week so she posted it on her website. Let’s have a look shall we? Continue reading


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Small Business Owner Claims Nene Leakes Stole Their T-Shirt Line

RHOA Girl Bye t shirt
A small online business called that opened for business in May of 2014 claims that Nene Leakes bought one of their T-Shirts and then stole the idea and began selling them herself.  The Tees In The Trap  brand shirt has punctuation and reads, ” Girl, Bye.” Nene’s knockoff of their T-Shirt has no punctuation.  Nene is pictured above wearing the shirt that Tees In The Trap claim she purchased from them.

Just another rich bitch trying to steal other people’s ideas to make a buck.


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