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Nene Leakes Continues to be Butt Hurt Over Wendy Williams’ Comments

Rockin my latest #neneism clutch bag today. More info coming on where u can get yours.

Rockin my latest #neneism clutch bag today. More info coming on where u can get yours.

Good Grief! Nene continues to be butt hurt over Wendy Williams throwing some minor shade about Nene Leakes and her financial situation. Nene posted the above picture of a freshly finger-painted clutch with a slur towards Wendy today. BTW, my  DVR did not tape the WW show today. Was it a rerun?

If you would like a clutch shaped like a big black cock and coated with red nail polish, Nene assures you she is looking for a way to make that happen. Continue reading

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Wendy Williams Has Upset Nene Leakes

Watch What Happens Live - Season 9

Andy Cohen and Wendy Williams in Happier Times.

This morning on Wendy Williams,  Wendy discussed Nene’s Birkin abuse in a very similar way that I discussed it here.  Very similar. Okay exactly the same way. She showed the Kim K monstrosity of a handbag and made all the same comparisons. It was almost like someone read my blog and wrote the story. Allegedly. It happens. To add her own unique flair, Wendy compared Nene’s finances to Kim K’s finances. There was an unspoken suggestion that perhaps Nene was trying to be Kim Kardashian. Wendy pointed out that Kim had real money and Nene did not. It’s not nearly as scandalous as I am making it sound. It was shady, but not over the top.

But Nene, who is apparently watching Wendy Williams these days, took to her blog and went on the attack. Which I shall rebut in detail on Wendy’s behalf, because let’s face it, it was my story. Continue reading


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A Fat Chick’s Asessment of Nene’s New Fashion Line

RHOA Nene's Fashion LineFirst of all, go here and take a look. Her line is about twelve items. Whatever. Nene is a big girl. I felt like I might betray you all and want to buy something. Sue me. I am shopping. It’s also very late at night. I am very tired and well leave me alone I am dying of cherries .  As soon as I saw that picture above I was in. I want that top. All fat chicks want that top!   Where can I buy that Nene by Sheree top?

Well not on HLN. Of all her 12 items… the banner ad for her site is not featuring any of that top. Why? Well because they all suck.

Her pleather jacket has a cute design, but crappy pleather fabric. It’s K-Mart. Isn’t that her brand? Continue reading


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Nene Leakes Has “Improved” the Birkin Bag

kim kardashian birkin bag

Remember that time that Kim Kardashian got this hideous monstrosity for a Christmas gift from Kanye? It was so horrific I actually broke my own no more Kardashian posts on this blog rule? Do you remember? Or have you blocked it from your mind only to have me bring it up again?

Because Nene now has her own monstrosity.  And she made it herself.  Click through to view. If you dare. Continue reading


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Nene Has New Hair For Zumanity

NeNe-Leakes-The-Higher-the-Hair-The-Closer-to-Heaven-600x600And it is really, really awful. But apparently she likes it well enough to paste the same picture side by side.


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As I Predicted, RHOA Cameras Roll on Nene Leakes in Vegas

RHOA NeNe-Leakes-With-a-Camera-Guy-Doing-Her-MakeupNene really wants us to know she is going to be on RHOA next season. She posted a picture to Instagram and on her website tweeting, “Oh is that a camera guy behind me! Umhmm <work never stops! ”  I am dying to hear her explanation for her RHOA demotion when the season starts and she is not holding a peach.  I’m mostly posting that because I keep getting questions in email about all the stories about “everyone returning.”  Yes, everyone will return but neither Porsha or Nene are fulltime housewives according to’s  exclusive source.


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Who Will Claim Nene and Porsha’s Peaches? Both Have Been Demoted!

Will you accept this peach?

Will you accept this peach?

Someone needs to come and grab Nene and Porsha’s Peaches so we can get to filming RHOA!  Since that hasn’t happened yet, filming will not begin until July. Except for Nene. More signs are pointing to Nene’s limited appearances on the next season of RHOA being filmed very soon in Las Vegas.  My source indicated that production is gearing up for a Vegas trip to the porn circus know as Zumanity!  As I mentioned before, Nene will be taking over for the regular Mistress of Ceremonies, a drag queen named Edie from June 27th to July 1st. There have been two permanent actors playing the Mistress of Sensuality in the ten-year run of the show, both have been drag queens. Nene appears to be guest starring while “Edie” takes a vacation. The show has two performances per night one at 7:30 and one at 10:00 for five days straight. The finale is always an orgy. I doubt they will allow much filming of the actual production, but I expect a lot of backstage and other scripted scenes on the strip. Continue reading


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Nene’s Final Dance on DWTS

So, um…. what did YOU think? Where was her partner?


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Nene Leakes All But Confirms She Will Not Be Holding A Peach


Gee, remember where we heard that before? Oh yes, it was me just about a week ago. Despite Nene’s trying so very hard to give the appearance that everything was just great at Upfronts, turns out my source was right all along.

Well, NaughtyButNice Rob caught up with Nene on the red carpet for the upfronts and look what she had to say.

So are you leaving the show?
-I will still work for Bravo. I’m happy to stay on. We just need to work out some things. I’m happy to do some things. I don’t know if I’m happy to be a full time Housewife. Continue reading


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Here is Nene Leakes’ Take on the NBCU Cable Upfronts

Photo Credit

Photo Credit

Ha! This new post on Nene’s blog is making me feel better about what lies ahead for Nene Leakes.  Someone doth protest to much.  She is smart! She has notified the paps when she will be exiting the hotel! She is rubbing shoulders with other super important people like the Fashion Queens and Kim Kardashian! She can say queen in her post unnecessarily multiple times!  This is getting more humorous by the hour! Click through for the ghost written, literate version of what she was trying to say! Continue reading


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Here is an Interesting Picture From Upfronts (UPDATED WITH MORE PICTURES!)

BRavo Upfronts


It’s very interesting that Nene is there. Perhaps due to her I Dream of Nene show? I had heard that was not going anywhere since she no longer had the Hollywood actress storyline. Is that Marysol Patton I see on the far left? Word on the curb is that Real Housewives of Miami was not picked up … So many things about this picture do not make sense.

What we can always count on is Nene acting like a ass.

Click through for more pictures as I find them.. Continue reading


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Nene Leakes Keynote Speaker at Los Angeles Ultimate Women’s Expo

Oh just when I thought this day could not get any better.  Let’s talk about Nene’s gig as “keynote speaker” at, as she calls it “Women Expo.”  It just keeps getting better and better. First of all there are four keynote speakers for the two day event. Jackie Collins, Nene Leakes, Lisa Vanderpump, and Patti Stanger.  Saturday is Jackie Collins and Nene. Sunday is Lisa and Patti.  Tickets are five dollars online and ten at the door. It’s basically a bunch of booths trying to sell you shit. A mobile shopping mall.


Award Winning Actress, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and Inspiration to Women Delivers the Keynote Address on Saturday at 1:30


NeNe Leakes shot to stardom as a fan favorite on Bravo’s top-rated reality show, “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” and I Dream of Nene: The Wedding” and has parlayed her success into a breakthrough reoccurring role on Fox’s hit show Glee. Leakes continued her acting pursuits starring opposite Ellen Barkin on NBC’s “The New Normal.” With her brassy, no-nonsense demeanor and “tell-it-like-it-is” attitude, the New York native has quickly become reality TV’s breakout star and media darling.

She starred with Ellen Barkin? Continue reading


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