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Nene Leakes To Be Guest At The White House Correspondents Dinner for LBGT Advocacy

RHOA Nene gay woo woo

You can’t make this shit up. On the very day Ted Cruz, who has no possible road to getting the necessary number of delegates to be the republican nominee unless a contested convention is held, announced Carly Fiorina as his running mate and she then proceeded to SING A MADE UP SONG ABOUT TED CRUZ’s CHILDREN, Nene Leakes is suddenly an “ally of the LGBT community”?  Hell, why not invite Ted Cruz for the same reason. It would make just as much sense.

The entire world has lost their mind today. I just can’t.  It’s like it is opposite day? Is this a joke?

I am so irritated by this ridiculousness I can feel my blood pressure rising.  Here is the story from Washington Blade along with my purple pen.

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Nene Leakes on Lip Sync Battle


NeNe Leakes  works the runway to RuPaul’s Supermodel (You Better Work) as she lip syncs for her LIFE against fellow Atlantan Todd Chrisley of Chrisley Knows Best this Thursday, April 14th at 10/9c.

I had planned to try an recap Nene on last week’s fashion police this weekend, but it was basically unwatchable. The only takeaway I got from what I did watch was that Melissa and Giuliana were trying really hard to be nice to Nene so she would stop talking about how mean they are. Also, Margaret Cho isn’t the least bit funny.  She’s just crude.

I assume the polyester jumpsuit  that Nene was wearing was from her HSN collection. Are people really buying that stuff? They have to be because it seems like it is still going. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Atlanta Secrets Revealed: “Skate on Outta Here Tootie!”

I am gonna miss you, girl

I am gonna miss you, girl

Okay something tells me that there will be few secrets revealed and I am in a hurry to get to Shahs of Sunset that premieres tonight. So I am going to blow through this with a quickness.

Phaedra and Porsha want to give Kim a makeover. Who in the holy hell would want two THOTs to give you a makeover? I love Kim Fields looks. Except for that crappy silver dress for the opening scenes. Kim is way prettier than the Ps. I know the I am the only one, but I am going to miss Kim Fields. There. It feels good to admit it.

Cynthia and Mallory talk about Cynthia’s crappy marriage.  ICYMI, CDAN posted a crazy blind about Peter hooking up with Porsha so I am looking at any hints by production that it happened because surely they would have caught wind of something like that, right? I think if it did happen it was early on in the SportsOne process and that is why Kordell is gone from that venture.  Anyway, people are blowing me up on Twitter like this is my blind, and it is not. I am torn to pieces about whether to believe it or not so I just had to bring it to my people. It would explain some things. I’m just saying.  Peter and Noelle got for a manipedi? Why? Noelle saw the video of Peter and that girl.  Noelle says he looked sloppy.  It’s clear that Peter lived in Charlotte except for filming. This is actually a good episode. Lots of new footage. Worth a watch.

I forgot about Porsha’s speech to high school kids. So disgusting. That principal got a lot of backlash. Who brings a THOT to a high school? She breaks into her preacher mode. But she is giving a speech about I dunno what. The audience shots are hysterical. She tries to have three steps and she LITERALLY cannot count to three.

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New Report: Peter Slept With Porsha?

One is hot, the other is a THOT.

One is hot, the other is a THOT.

Well this would certainly explain why Cynthia Bailey went HAM on Porsha

February 17, 2016

This Southeast Housewife finally pulled the trigger on her marriage. Apparently it was not just the non-stop cheating by her husband but she also found out how much of her money he spent over the years. Oh, and that he slept with at least one of the other Housewives from the show. I say two, but she thinks just one.

Cynthia Bailey/Porsha Williams

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Nene Leakes Mocks Porsha Williams and Kim Fields

Nene's post captioned "Real friends tell you real shit"

Nene’s post captioned “Real friends tell you real shit”

There is a whole lot of jawboning going on it the ATL these days (and nights).  As usual, Nene Leakes is right smack in the middle of it all. Things have been moving so fast, it’s really hard to explain everything. In fact when some of this was going down last night I said to someone I was discussing it with, “How do I even report this?”  So here is my best attempt.


The main event is between Nene Leakes and Porsha Williams. Already this is an unfair fight, right? It all began on the reunion when Andy specifically asked Nene to counsel Porsha on her need to curb her violent behavior that is way out of hand. Remember that one season where Nene was actually the voice of reason?   Did you notice how sane Nene seemed on the reunion? Was that desperation to return? Or has she finally decided to act like a grown ass woman? I

I digress.

Nene’s ghost writer told Bravo:

I certainly felt it was unnecessary for Porsha to say, “Didn’t you choke somebody?” I was purely trying to give her good advice out of love, as I was asked to do by Andy. I consider myself a real friend as long as you are one, and I don’t condone the B.S. I’m not the friend that’s going to lie to your face and tell you what you want to hear! I’m the friend that’s going to school you, but I’m also the friend that knows when my advice is not welcome. We all have made mistakes along the way, and we are all a work in progress at times, but I believe viewers tune in to our show for the shade and not the wrestling. Violence is wrong! Three physical fights clearly say something is wrong here. No one should laugh at, uplift, support, or encourage violent behavior.


Porsha was feeling some kinda way about Nene’s advice and responded on Dish Nation.  You must see the video of that below.


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Will Nene and Kim: The Road To Riches Ever Get Made?

Nene and Kim


TMZ has another crazy post up today speculating that Kim and Nene are back in talks with Bravo about resurrecting their remake of Paris and Nicole’s The Simple Life.  Before we get all excited, let’s try to use a bit of common sense here.

First of all, I don’t believe that Nene and Kim ever pitched this show. I believe that it was Bravo’s dumb idea.  The two divas started in with their demands, and scheduling availability and it became a mess. It’s just not doable.  Then, Nene decided she was an A list celebrity and tried to play hardball with Bravo over her RHOA check which resulted in her not being on the latest season.

Once she realized she needed her Bravo check she is ready to come back. She really wants a spinoff and will drive across country or ride a bike across the state or whatever they want her to do for a spinoff.


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