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Nene Leakes Interview Talks About Her Visit to The View And Much More

Nene in Chicago

Okay, I really want to share the video I am going to put below the cut with you. But first, I need to say that the interviewer appears to be deaf. For real. So you may be a bit distracted at first. I know I was. But I think if I was prepared, I would have been able to focus sooner.

So click through… Continue reading


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Nene Leakes Is Working on Thanksgiving Day!

Nene in Chicago

Photo: Chicago Facebook Photo by Walter McBride

Nene had the day off yesterday but Chicago is back live tonight at 8 p.m.  Then tomorrow and Saturday she has two shows a day.  That’s a lot of work to do five shows in three days, but Nene seems to be having a blast!


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Here is Some Weekend Tea on RHOA, RHOBH, & RHONY

Is it me or is Gregg looking a bit beleaguered by his Japanese wife routine these days?

Is it me or is Gregg looking a bit beleaguered by his Japanese wife routine these days?


There is lots going on in the real housewives world and I wish I felt like giving it my full attention.  I’ll try to give you as much as I know and I hope this helps.

Let’s start with the RHOA.  Nene Leakes is in NYC doing way too much press for Chicago. Seriously, I think she is doing the most to keep people away from the show.  Porsha Williams is also in NYC doing press somewhere??? for RHOA.

Cynthia is doing some west coast press in LA and spent the day with Sonja Morgan and Kyle Richards who all appeared on ….. remember that show, I think it might just be online… with the Asian guy who used to work for Vogue and another girl? Anyway, Cynthia, Kyle and Sonja were both on it.

Nene posted a photo today of her and Cynthia “in the big apple.” The only problem with that is Cynthia is in LA.  The other problem with that is a bunch of people are asking me why Nene and Cynthia are sitting together in NYC both in black with Nene in a veil? Continue reading


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Let’s Have Another Look At What Nene Leakes Wore on The View

Nene on the view


Because I really didn’t pay that much attention to the video of it here.  I mean I saw fugly shorts? Pants? Whatever they are but I didn’t realize all that was going on with her clothing that was covering her top half, which I also have no words for.

Then someone informs that she tweeted,  “Just sat down with a bunch of mean girls turning up their noses, looking u up & down as if u don’t belong,” (note, I think she means to say ‘me’, where she types ‘u’.)  Then she deleted it.

I’m pretty sure people were looking her up and down trying to understand what she was wearing. Are those track pants pulled up to the knee? That would explain why the crotch of the lower garment is…. um.. how it is I suppose. But why is she wearing strappy high heels with work out clothes?  Is that top made out of like trash bags to help you sweat when you’re on the treadmill? Has she cut off one of her manbeaters to expose her belly button on a national morning talk show for a reason? Or does the top garment come like that?  Seriously, I don’t blame any talk show host for looking her up and down in that. It certainly doesn’t belong on a ladies morning show unless you are maybe going to do a pilates lesson. And then, the heels? It’s all mind boggling. Continue reading


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Nene Leakes Was on The View Today

I have the crud and flee asleep waiting for them to get to her segment. I’ve got some sort of sinus drainage that burns like FIRE. Head cold. Sneezing, Coughing. Blechy feeling. And all I want to do is sleep. I see nothing here was worth waking up for. Continue reading


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Has Another Friends Contract Been Reinstated Between Nene and Cynthia?

RHOA Cynthia friend contract

Actually, I’m hearing that Nene was humbled after a season trying to make it on her own. In that time, she ate dinner on a reality show or two, did six episodes of To Tell The Truth  that have yet to air  did two guest appearances on Fashion Police, and turned up here and there on tabloid TV shows. None of those pay well and the latter doesn’t pay at all. In fact all of those appearances are things one does to increase publicity for whatever primary employment one has.

She has also allegedly tried to get a grant from the government to start a shop in Atlantic City that seems to have gone no where,  said she was going to hold empowerment luncheons for women that don’t seem to have happened, claimed she was going on a speaking tour like AC Squared, which never panned out,  design furniture, and plenty of other things I can’t recall, none of which came to fruition. Oh and she diva(ed) her way out of a spin-off with Kim Biermann when she was the one who really needed the gig.

So with a giant empty house and a big mortgage and a dwindling shoe allowance,  she made the first conciliatory move to mend her relationship with Bravo and asked to guest on one of the final episodes. She managed to get a day rate for at least two episodes of this season after two weeks of phone calls with the casting person, and is fully expected to regain her peach next season. Continue reading


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