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Nene Leakes Tells People Magazine She Will Not Be Returning To RHOA

Nene Doesn't want to


So who buys a multimillion dollar house and then quits the job that is their primary source of income before the furniture is delivered? Nene Leakes would like for us to believe that it is her. It doesn’t make sense to me, but it is Nene we are talking about.  I have been frantically trying to get in touch with my sources. So it may take me a bit to get the whole story.

But let me explain a few things that have been going on in the background. As I told you on my exclusive on June 9th that other sites are apparently calling their exclusive today, there are a LOT of casting changes possible for RHOA Season 8. I have NOT confirmed Kim Fields or any of the other three women being tested, nor have I confirmed that Claudia Jordan, Phaedra Parks or Porsha Williams are definitely out.  I have confirmed that Nene, Kenya, Kandi and Cynthia were all offered contracts which I expected them to accept. Nene clearly did not sign hers yet. She may not like the terms. Or perhaps things with Gregg are not going as well as she likes to proclaim. Remember this season is supposed to be more focused on personal relationships.  Or perhaps with the new women supposedly testing so well, the new production team decided Nene’s salary was not worth what she brings to the show anymore and they could pick up the new women for less money.

I did not jump on the bandwagon confirming any housewives departure and stated that testing was still ongoing and anything could happen. Claudia, Phaedra and Porsha were certainly on the bubble based on the information leaked to me about the other four women who were being tested. Whatever happened with Nene puts all sorts of possibilities back into play.

UNLESS, this is a ploy by Nene for more money. If it is she is playing a very dangerous game. That house is going to be hard to cool without a Bravo check. And if she has pissed off Bravo and the Road Trip with Kim Biermann thing is off the table, she is well and truly fucked. Time will tell. I am working on it as we speak.

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Chateau Sheree Update!

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A reader stopped by Chateau Sheree today to check out the progress. It doesn’t look like there really is much. I can’t remember if I told you this before or not, but a couple of weeks ago, someone who works at a kitchen cabinet place emailed me to say the Sheree was there and bought thousands and thousands of dollars of cabinetry. The person said that it seems like she must have two kitchens in there. The person also said that she asked about selling some cabinetry that she already had. I assume that is some of the stuff that she put in storage after stripping the Long Island Drive house bare. Well, I just looked at the post with those photos and it looks like she did leave the cabinets there. No idea where she got the ones she wants to sell. Continue reading


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Nene Leakes Has a Ridiculous New Pose… The KNEE KNEE

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It’s pretty hysterical. You can see eleventy billion more of these on her website. Clearly, her pop up shot draws a wealthy crowd. Those “I’m Very Rich boys seem like someone I would like to hook up with for the dollahs!

And is Nene is on the cusp of being transracial. First it was Rachel Dolezal saying she was born a black woman on the inside, and now it’s Nene who clearly wants to be a white woman. Are blue contacts next?  #SorryNotSorry

Maybe the reason Nene is such a cunt satchel is because she wants to transition? What? I’m just saying.


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Nene Leakes and Kim Kardashian Hook Up For Stupid App

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Look y’all this is just scamster meeting scamster in my world. My cell died in like 2014 and I still haven’t gotten around to bothering with replacing it. I will soon  since being unplugged and being out in THE WORLD more, hiking and walking and gardening. If I break a hip in any of that… I’d need a phone. But all this app shit is just beyond me.

At any rate, it has great ratings and Forbes thinks it will make $200million this year. I don’t know how much Nene will get for making a  guest appearance. But… Sigh.  I am sick of retarded fools getting paid for it. I really am. Continue reading


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Team Beast Hits The ATL

THOT Party

THOT Party

Just getting caught up on some emails. According to the neighbors, Phaedra had the full glam squad at her house for about four hours yesterday preparing to go celebrate Porsha’s birthday with Nene.  Jesus Christ. It wouldn’t take me four hours to get ready for a wedding. Five cars to bring her mama, the sitters and the glam squad. And this is what she came up with? I mean she looks pretty, but four hours? I guess they were sewing all that hair into her head.

This is the best Nene has ever looked. I love that outfit. It looks like she has long hair too.  But I kind of wonder why Nene is hanging out with them…. makes me worry they are coming back. Why are they all camera ready?


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Bryson Bryant Arrested Again!

RHOA Nene Bryson


Nene Leakes oldest spawn is in trouble with the law again. Bryson Bryant was arrested last week in Douglas, GA in connection with a check forgery case. Bryson did three months of jail time at the end of last year and was ordered to go to rehab this year. Apparently, none of that is taking.  According to and exclusive story by Rodney Ho of the AJC

Bryant, 25 of Duluth, was not charged with check forgery. He had a fake check written to him, but he hadn’t cashed it yet so he couldn’t be charged for that, according to Coffee County investigator Robert Sprinkle. Bryant was arrested only because he provided the cops with a false name, a misdemeanor. Continue reading


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Bri’Asia Turns 3!

RHOA BriAsia Turns 3!


Nene Leakes’ oldest granddaughter (I think) turns 3 this week. And she posted such and adorable picture I just had to share. She looks very happy and smart! Is that a Bible game?


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Nene Leakes Want To Try Her Hand At Retail

Humble beginnings Circa 2012

Humble beginnings Circa 2012 Before Nene has furniture, she had her T-Shirts!

Today, TMZ is reporting that Nene Leakes is going into the retail business. They say her first store will be in Atlantic City. Um, Atlantic City? I recently watched an episode of Anthony Bourdain’s , Parts Unknown on Atlantic City. Atlantic City is the  new Detroit. Detroit, is actually making a comeback from complete economic devastation after the failure of the car industry in that city as well as government mismanagement. Atlantic City on the other hand is still swirling the toilet after the whole gagillion dollar Casino industry went belly up. Donald Trump could not turn a profit in Atlantic City and took a huge loss on his casinos.  The economy of Atlantic City is SO BAD that it’s a big problem for Chris Christie’s presidential run. It’s a disaster. Why not start out in Atlanta where things are booming and there are a lot of rabid Nene fans? Business mistake number one. This is SUCH a bad idea, I don’t even know that I believe it.

But you know Nene is a hustler and always looking for a way to make a dollar so I am sure she has something up her sleeve.

Let’s looks a the positive side of this.

Click through for more on the story.

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EXCLUSIVE! Piping Hot Season Eight RHOA Casting Tea


This post is exclusively sourced by please do not use this exclusive in its entirety. Excerpts with a clearly visible link to is requested. Failure to quote and link properly will lead to immediate contraction of genital warts. Note to Radar Online  and other nefarious sites, rewriting this post as something that YOU have acquired from an anonymous source will be responded to with every and all possible legal action.

As you know has been bothering RHOA sources for weeks regarding pickup letters. They went out VERY late this season as the new production team tries to figure out how to move forward. Production has been moving toward a more “housewifey” storyline for the upcoming season. Though Nene Leakes appears to come up with these ideas all on her own, what really happens according to my sources is she finds out the new plan and then goes on a talk show and says that is what she wants to happen. It’s quite ingenious actually.

So pickup letters were received yesterday. But this year, I don’t have complete information yet. This is what I know for sure. Kenya, Cynthia, Kandi and Nene are all receiving full contracts.  Phaedra, Claudia and Porsha can be neither confirmed or denied at this point. My sources say that are all three unlikely to return. However, there may still be hope for Claudia fans. Claudia has been spotted with a new man so perhaps a new relationship will attract the interest of production?  Just because she didn’t get a letter in the original batch, it doesn’t mean she is definitely out. Porsha is having her usual meltdown with production at this time. They tried to get rid of her two seasons ago and then the divorce happened. She has a history, according to  sources of pulling stunts to get them to reconsider and they have reconsider in the past two seasons. Will she be able to pull out another miracle? I’m a bit shocked by Phaedra’s departure. Her tactic for staying on the show is appealing to Andy through her children. Andy seems to fall for this every time. But now that Apollo is not part of the package, it seems Phaedra is not as appealing to Andy.  Phaedra’s lack of relationship to film may have done her in. Continue reading


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Nene Leakes Moves Into Her Big Fancy House

RHOA nene house exterior

Today is movie day, and Nene Leakes posted a vine about it on her website wearing her trademark white T-shirt.  Brentt and her man-servant Gregg are seen hand carrying in some personal stuff as they arrive at the new home.  The outside of the house is a bit deceiving of what lies inside.

I really like the wrought iron railings on the stairway.  And the layout of the house.  I hope that she posts more photos of the finished look.  Who am I kidding, she will probably call People for a five page spread. I’m dying to know what Nene’s interior design choices will be. I’m envisioning a black and white theme but that just may be because of all the bare white walls and black ironwork. Continue reading


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Andy Cohen Discusses Kenya, Nene and More

Ask Andy
So a moderated comment came in from “bagladey” saying that Kenya was referring to Andy as ‘Mandy’ on Twitter and that he was pissed about it. So I had to check into this. Unfortunately it is true that Kenya was doing that. Which I find rather appalling and juvenile and beneath her. On the other hand, Andy is shady with her ALL THE TIME.  Which he admits so I don’t think he was really that pissed about it.  And Kenya is all locked in for season 8 so no worries there.
The discussion about this happened on a recent Ask Andy. It’s kind of interesting so I thought I’d transcribe it here.

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It’s Time To Revisit This Interview With Nene’s Sister Kenya/Kendell

Nene Leakes Insults Her Twitter Fans; Bravo Claims She is Divorced

It’s time to revisit this Courtney Love interview with Nene’s sister Kenya from 2013.  I watched it back then but had forgotten about it until folks started pointing it out last night. Kenya is Nene’s half sister. They have the same mother.  She says the same father too, but she is saying it in a “we don’t say half” sort of way. Check out Courtney on her site

The entire interview is very interesting and packed full of tea. Around the 4:30 mark she talks about Nene asking her mother if she could go to school in Atlanta.  She says her parents were successful business people in New York.

Click through for the video.

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