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Who is Planting All of These Crazy Porsha Rumors?

RHOA Porsha and Duke 3

I don’t know what is going on with TMZ lately. They have been going through a long period where they stories were accurate and out well before other sites picked things up.  At least I was buying it.  Then this week they have had three really shady and/or  inaccurate reports about the RHOA.

First, the totally poached the BET interview of Miss Lawrence without giving any credit at all to the interviewer. So now they show up on Google News as the primary source of that story. #Shady They’ve taken my stories in the past with no credit, but I was shocked they would poach from such a large site.

Then they apparently misread Kim Biermann’s Instagram or just didn’t care and reported that she was dancing in her hospital room.  Clearly, that didn’t happen and it was her dance partner Tony who was dancing around the room and talking about DWTS to try to keep her mind off of a serious medical condition. Continue reading


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Miss Lawrence Discusses Being Cast on Empire and Being Gay on RHOA

Miss Lawrence 1


If you are not an Empire fan, then you probably don’t know that our very own Miss Lawrence was on Empire last night dolled up to the nines and looking fantastic as usual. And she got to SING!  It was my favorite of the 99 cameo appearances on the show and the one with the most face time. Congrats to Miss Lawrence!

Interestingly enough, someone sent me this great interview that BET’s Clay Cane did with Miss Lawrence lately and I wanted to share some of it with you. I really encourage you to click the link above and read the interview in its entirety. I’m going to need to purple pen this just a little bit.

First, here is what she told BET about being cast on Empire.

BET: Tell us about your appearance on Empire, you must be really excited.
I’m super excited! I met Lee Daniels a few years ago; he came up to me at a restaurant and introduced himself. He had recognized me from being on Bravo. (WOW! How cool is that!?) Fast forwarding to Empire, which was gaining tremendous amounts of success, I’m in Bevy Smith’s dressing room goofing around and I go into an impromptu skit of Cookie and Jamal Lyon. Bevy is recording me, she sends it to Lee and says, “Hire this girl!”

Few months later, Bevy gets a phone call from Lee and he’s like, “Somebody told me that Miss Lawrence can sing!” He asked Bevy for me to send him something; I recorded the first verse and hook of Sylvester‘s “Mighty Real.” About two weeks later, Lee Daniels calls, tells me I could sing and puts Lenny Kravitz on the phone. (WOW!!!) Lenny is telling me how much he loves my voice. He gave the phone back and Lee said, “I’m gonna be in touch.” I jokingly said, “You need to put me on Empire!” and he said, “I got you!” Casting called, gave me my dates, I went, did it and there’s nothing that I would change about what I did there. Lee was extremely impressed and very happy.

Continue reading


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WWHL With Kenya Moore, Derek J and Miss Lawrence

WWHL Kenya FQs


Well this should be an action packed show! I could do without Derek and Lawrence on this show since they are both SO over the top. They would be better being on with Kandi or someone boring. I have a feeling this is going to be like three cats fighting in a burlap bag, which is coincidentally what my ass looks like in khakis these days.

In the introductions, Andy says to say that she got a rise out of one of her fellow Atlanta housewives tonight would be putting it midly. Kenya looks great in orange. I love that she has on orange lipstick but not hideous neon lipstick,  just a nice lovely shade to match her dress.

Andy asks Miss Lawrence about Phaedra’s comments about Nene calling to check on her every day. He says everyone needs friends. Andy asked Kenya if it surprised her. She said no, it seems they have a bit of friendship going on, if it is by default or whatever, they seem to have something going on.  Andy says that Porsha threw shade at Kenya and plays the clip of Porsha making fun of flirting with the waiter.  Kenya says that it’s sad. She was being friendly to the waiter. Being friendly to the staff doesn’t mean that you are flirting with them. And shame to the people who think that was flirting. Shame to me I guess then. It was definitely flirting. We’ve been over this a thousand times. Kenya would flirt with a mop bucket it you drew eyes and a moustache on it. And that’s fine! That’s part of her perky personality. Who cares? Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: Melts in Your Mouth, Not in Your Hands


RHOA Phaedra Fence


LOL We start with Apollo’s video he posted from the prison where he says he is about to “go asunder,” which always makes me wonder what he thought that meant during his wedding vows. And it ends with “you will be hearing from me shortly,” as if he thought he was going to do a podcast from prison or something. They really are milking this prison shit.

ROFLMAO. Phaedra is so full of shit. These fake ass security people. Taking the service elevator. She so wants people to believe there are paparazzi tailing her.  Jesus. She has to flag THEM down in LAX. Now she is talking about “the headmaster” (giggles) at the boys school. Wait so she took the boys to school from the hotel with all the security? Jesus. Those boys are in some day care. The rarely go, they are with the baby sitters and the nannies most of the time. All the parents on that cul de sac go to a variety of schools and have tons of get togethers with tons of neighbors in the area. They go to all sorts of private schools. Nary a one has ever seen any spawn of Phaedra at their school. Headmaster. /giggle.  This scene is hilarious. Waiting on the elevator by the high voltage door.

I don’t even know When this “return to the house” thing happened. We had another fake “return to the house scene” last week. How many times is she going to “return to the house?”  I love the giant Phine Body poster in the living room. Phaedra is such a victim in all of this. She just wants to kill Apollo with her bare hands and then embalm him and cremate him and flush him down the commode.  Okay. That’s not sociopathic at all.

Oh look fake scenes of Phaedra pretending she watches her kids.

A hilarious bullshit scene with a ridiculous “apostle”  praising  Jesus and sprinkling some water on the floor throughout the house occurs. Phaedra’s in her infinite biblical scholarship says that he has performed an exorcism. Lord have mercy this show is stupid tonight. Continue reading


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Kenya Moore’s RHOA Friends Join Her To Celebrate!


Kenya Moore has joined by her friends from RHOA at STK Atlanta last night to celebrate Kenya being on two prime time shows at the same time. Kenya is taking center stage on Celebrity Apprentice on NBC on Mondays.  The Real Housewives of Atlanta is also airing on Sunday nights on Bravo.  Joining Kenya are Cynthia, Claudia, Lawrence and one other very surprising friend.  Click through for more pictures and the big reveal. Nene is NOT going to like this. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Atlanta Tea, And Lots of It

Kenya Porsha Cynthia

One of the downsides of having your own website, is that it takes a lot of work and consumes all of your time. It keeps me from reading other blogs that I used to really enjoy, like StraightFromtheA. Michelle is a great source of RHOA tea because she is very active in the ATL social life and runs in the same circles as a few of the housewives. Phaedra in particular. Because of her friendliness with Phaedra, Atlien has been fairly mum on the unfortunate position that Phaedra is currently facing. She did however  post recently about a party to celebrate Cynthia’s spread in Ebony Magazine, that she attended.  She is also the source for the numerous reports you guys a have sent me (thanks!) about Phaedra “taking a leave of absence” from filming RHOA. If you had told me that the story was coming from Atlien I would have investigated sooner. I’ve drilled down all the tea.  Grab a snack and get ready for this because there is a lot to cover. And for me the Phaedra stuff is a mere side order.

I am continuing to research and am not sure where to start. First of all, the party was held on July 17th at Bar One to celebrate Cynthia Bailey’s Ebony Magazine spread. All of the former housewives were there except three.  According to Atlien, Phaedra was en route when she was tipped off that Apollo was there. She opted not to show up. It is interesting that production would not alert Phaedra to the fact that her soon to be ex husband would be at the event.

As you recall, I exclusively reported that the previous day, July 16th, Apollo, Phaedra and the boys were filming in Chastain Park. They arrived in separate cars, even the boys and the nanny had their own car. It sounded like a supervised visitation sort of thing to me.  I speculated that it would be the Phaedra and Apollo breakup scene. Perhaps she presented the divorce papers.  There have been reports of Phaedra filing for divorce this week. I found nothing on the website to substantiate that claim. However, it is obvious that will be happening. My spies in Phaedra’s neighborhood say they haven’t seen Apollo at the house in quite some time. She’s done with him. This is not news. Continue reading


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