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Don’t Be Tardy Recap: Destin-ation Unknown

It's a Wrap for Don't Be Tardy for the Wedding

I’m not quite over seeing little Kane’s split open head earlier this week. Click here if you missed that. But I am excited for tonight’s episode of Don’t Be Tardy because we have cute babies and the beach in Destin!  Let’s see how long this five hour trip takes them this year.  Last year the trip was three times longer than it should have been.

We start with another scene designed to make some of y’all clutch your pearls. KJ is outside the property and he buzzes from the gate to ask to be let in. He says “open the door” several times and Kim says for him to say please. So he says, ” Open the fucking gate, please!” Hilarity ensues.

The gang is planning their annual trip to Destin. Kim tries to explain that she thinks the twins are still too little to go to Mexico.  Tracey, the best damn thing to happen to this show since Sweetie, says to Kim, “True and the child organ trade there is huge!” I don’t believe a word Tracey says.  But then in her talking head she says “truth circle” and well that is like an oral pinky swear so I googled it. And what do you know?  Just another reason to avoid Mexico which have unfortunately doing for a few years now. It’s not a place I feel comfortable traveling to alone and even if I did, you really can’t see the real Mexico as it’s only safe(ish) inside the resorts so you may as well be in Puerto Rico or the Dominican Republic (not particularly safe either…). Continue reading


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Don’t Be Tardy Recap: 18 and Out!


Am I the only one who wonders what Kim and Kroys parent think about when Don’t Be Tardy? Shouldn’t they want to see their grandkids? Especially Kroy’s parents. I can sort of understand Kim’s parents not being allowed to visit, but I would think Kroy’s mama would be dying to squeeze those babies.

This episode is all about Brielle turning 18.  Well, that and the dogs who have erection problems. Kim seems to think that dogs get “circumcised.”  How could such stupid people end up with so much money?  Kroy things human males have two scrotums. I just can’t. At least Kroy says he is kidding. Sort of.

I love the new cook, Tracy. She seems to love fucking with Kim. Kim believes every story she tells her. Continue reading


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Don’t Be Tardy Season Four Premiere Recap: Dumb and Dumber

Lookee at them there trees talking to each other!

Lookee at them there trees talking to each other!

It’s time for me to check out the season premiere of Don’t Be Tardy season four!  Also known as the season that Kim is not pregnant or breastfeeding!  I can’t wait to see how all six of her spawn are doing.

I love this show! OMG look how big Kaia is! I haven’t been keeping up with the kids on her Instagram! KJ is auditioning for Master Chef Junior (sadly I think that was cancelled) or something in the kitchen with the cook. He’s making meatballs! It’s a celebration for Ariana’s straight A report card. She’s never had anything less.

It seems that Brielle’s boyfriend, Slade, is giving up his freshman year at UGA to go to school at KSU with Brielle. Because, he’s an idiot. Brielle is on the top ten list for the student with the most absences. She’s a perfect match for Slade to be sure. Hell, she may not being going to KSU with her grades. The both think that trees talk to each other, and that carrot cake and crab cakes are the same thing. Brielle is about to be old enough to vote. Slade is twenty. Well that is confirmed. She did get into KSU somehow. Continue reading


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Brielle Biermann Graduates From High School!

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Well, we may have all wondered if that was going to happen, but with Kim and Kroy riding her ass, it seems that it has happened!  And to celebrate, there was a huge carnival at the Biermann household, replete with a Step and Repeat!  Because, #photoaddicts.

I await your vitriolic comments where you dissect every detail and point out each flaw.

Because it appears to be all you can do today.


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Kim Biermann Takes Kaia & Kane For Vaccinations…

RHOA kim resting bitch face baby.

And this is what happened… Continue reading


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Don’t Be Tardy For the Boob Job!

dont-be-tardy-season-3Kim and Kroy are in Miami to go see Lisa Hochstein’s husband, the boob god. Is that because there is no comparable surgeon in Atlanta? Probably not. More like another Bravo trade-out for publicity that the Biermann’s benefit from. These people know how to work the free comps.  Jesus Christ, Kroy is Facetiming with the baby while driving in Miami traffic. I’m going to have a heart attack just watching that! Please just drive when you are behind the wheel, people!

Why did they blur out all the pictures in the office? I wanted to see what percentage of them were of Lisa! Kim and Kroy amuse themselves with the assortment of fake boobs on Dr. Hochstein’s desk. Kroy even shoves two under his shirt. These two are like a couple of teenagers. If teenagers had SIX KIDS! Kim is having flashbacks to her childhood spent waiting in the principal’s office. Sweetie is home with the kids and can’t stop calling to check on them.  Kim is getting her implants updated and tummy tuck. I can’t believe she showed her boobs and her belly on national TV! I didn’t know that fake boobs got saggy like that! I thought that was the whole point. She is going to have skin removed from he boob in the lift. And he belly is covered with stretch marks and excess skin. I don’t know why I am surprised about that, she has had six kids. Continue reading


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Don’t Be Tardy Double Recap

Kim spent most of her camping time in this robe!

Kim spent most of her camping time in this robe!

Kim gets a ton of Fed Ex deliveries but is dismayed to discover it is all camping stuff for Kroy. Kroy is forcing the family to go on a camping trip. Kim thinks that taking kids camping is not safe. Does she think a dingo might take her baby?

But before in camping trip, you must take your assistant and your husband to the cosmetic doctor for Botox and a facial peel for Kroy. Fairskinned people should not have those peels, their skin is too sensitive.

Kroy goes over the camping rules which include no cell phones. Brielle is refusing to go, but Kroy says she has no option. Kroy continues on with what to do in case you encounter a bear. Kroy and Kim make fun of Lana’s weight.

Shun arrives with shopping bags from Dick’s Sporting Goods. They try to get Shun to go and she says she  doesn’t want to sleep in a tent with the help. Sweetie is no more the help than she is. Kim decides that the babies are not going so Sweetie is staying behind with them. That sucks. Continue reading


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