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Kim Zolciak Biermann Has Successful Heart Surgery

Kim Biermann hospital

kimzolciakbiermannMy ❤️ surgery was a success!! I can’t wait to be back on my feet 100%! Glad it’s over! Quite the whirlwind this last month has been…but such a blessing too ? #MyFamilyHasBeenAmazing #TheFalconsHaveBeenSoSupportive #GodIsIncredible #Blessed #Grateful #ThankYouToMyDoctorsAndNurses #AmazingTeam

Kim Biermann as been taking hospital selfie lessons from Yolanda Foster or something because she looks great after doctors successfully closed a hole in her heart this week.  The congenital defect was discovered when she had a TIA last month. Kim was at Kroy’s last home game on Saturday with KJ and the girls to cheer on the Falcons as they pulled out a narrow win to increase their record to 6-1.  She was feeling great. Continue reading


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Dancing With The Stars Recap: TV Show Night



BY @Ericzku Click to follow him on Twitter!

It’s time once again to observe the prosaic panoply of people who continue to stretch the definition of “stars” and make up the festival known as Dancing With the Stars!

Before we can begin, we have to shoehorn in some Muppets cross-promotion. Scooter, Kermit the Frog, and Fozzie Bear are running the DWTS control room. Couldn’t do any worse, I s’pose,

Tom Bergeron and Miss Piggy welcome us and introduce tonight’s guest judge, Alfonso Ribiero, DWTS season 19 champion. I’m sorry, but I just can’t with Miss Piggy since Frank Oz passed away. She’s just not the same; something very palpable is missing.

Tom and Miss Piggy introduce the members of our firmament couple by couple, with no mention at all of Kim Zolciak-Biermann and Tony Dovolani. It’s as if they were never on the show. Also, I know from the TV Guide that it’s “TV Night”, but there is no mention or explanation of this from the show’s hosts. I guess they’ll be dancing to TV theme songs? Continue reading


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Dancing With the Stars Mini-Recap: How Did Kim Do? Who Got Eliminated?

DWTS Kim sad Tony

Thanks again to @Ericzku for updating us on what happened on DWTS last night. Please follow him on Twitter by clicking here. Four hours of recapping one show in two days is a bit much. Thankfully, next week I think we are back to one show a week. I love that he keeps us updated.  One thing I read is that Bruno told Kim, ” We all like the new Kim, refitted and all ready to go. …It’s like when you reupholster a sofa,” regarding her moderate improvement this week.

Eric was not nearly as impressed. Read on for his comments on Kim and the elimination portion of the show.

Kim Zolciak-Biermann and Tony Dovolani

Tonight, we continue with the “Hometown Glory” theme, and we get to hear about the dance professional’s hometowns. Tony tells us that he was born in Kosovo and lived there until age 15. He says that dance was his escape while growing up in a war-torn country. Kim tells us that she is starting to feel more comfortable and she wants to do well “for Tony” because he’s such an incredible teacher.

Kim and Tony appear on stage in gray outfits. They’ve lit the atmosphere in intense red, producing a striking, visually pleasing red-and-gray tableau. All the better to distract us from the mediocrity of our featured “star”, I suppose.

Oh, Kim. Gray is NOT your color. They say the camera adds 10 pounds; this dress has added another 15. Kim and Tony begin their Foxtrot. Kim has lost a little of the clunkiness that she had before, but she remains stiff and a bit…hesitant…I guess is how I’d describe it. Like she’s not sure she really wants to do this. Once again, Tony does 90% of the work. Kim’s “dancing” looks more like: walking backward, then walking forward, then turning around in place. Period.

Score: 18 Continue reading


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Dancing With The Stars Recap: Hometown Glory


By @Ericzku (please follow him on Twitter)

Tonight’s theme on Dancing with the Stars is “Hometown Glory”. Okay, then. Glory be. To the highest.

Nick Carter and Sharna Burgess

First up is Nick Carter. Nick is from Tampa, Florida. He tells us that his old neighborhood  was full of dysfunctional families and his old block had plenty of “bad kids”.  Insert Florida joke here. I used to go to Tampa on business 3 or 4 times a year, and I have to say, even for the vast wasteland that is the Prison Peninsula, Tampa has very little “there” there. So I guess I’m saying: what a bland place to be from. Although…there IS (or was) a very good steakhouse near the airport that had a to-die-for Steak Tartare. I’d finish up my day’s meetings, roll over there, get my tartare at the bar, then roll into the airport and on to my flight out. Good times.

Next we meet Sandy Karl, Nick’s favorite teacher from back when, whom he credits with getting him to come out of his shell. So I guess we can all thank (or curse) Mrs. Karl for unleashing Nick Carter onto an unsuspecting public. Nick explains that he has chosen the song “The Boogie-Woogie Bugle Boy of Company B” to dance to this week because it seemed that that was the song all the dance troupes performed to back then. I guess there’s a dance teacher in Tampa with a very limited music library.

Nick and Sharna do a Jive in white costumes that are evocative of costumes that are reminiscent of military uniforms, and to my untrained eye, do pretty well. I mean, yes Nick slipped a tiny bit at one point, but he and his partner look pretty evenly matched and professional; not like some of the other couples who are clearly a pro and an amateur.  I’m a little preoccupied though…Nick has kind of a big ass and it’s not at all unattractive. Hm.

Time for the judging: This Carrie Ann Inaba is harsh. Oh, is she supposed to be the Simon Cowell of the bunch? She lists every tiny mistake critically and at one point says, “Another TMI…”. Quelle bitch. Continue reading


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Dancing WIth The Stars Recap! Who Flopped and Who Rocked It?

Ericzku was kind enough to do a great recap of DWTS for us from last night.

Random thoughts on DWTS by someone who has never watched it before. True. I’ve seen clips and heard about it tons but could never be bothered to actually tune in. Until tonight.

First contestant: Jockey Victor Espinoza with Karina Smirnoff

Victor lets us know that his family all dance, except for him, as he can’t dance. Also, he is significantly shorter than Karina, he comes up to her boob level. How lovely for Victor. We also find out that his short-term memory is nonexistent, as he has been hit in the head a lot being a jockey. Oh, dear.
Victor and Karina do a “Salsa” which looks more like Victor standing in place doing the Hokey-Pokey (left foot in, left foot out…)

Score: 15

Tamar Braxton and Val Chemwhatever
Val introduces himself as the reigning champion, points to his pomade-free hair, and says he no longer cares about hair products or his physical appearance. I must say that’s the path to take, Val, as you look 1,000% more attractive that way. (I’m a sucker for a curly-haired boy. Justin Fichelson, if you’re reading this – CALL ME!) Tamar tells us that after having her baby, she wants to put some “pep in her step”. I guess translated that means “a check is a check”.
Tamar and Val take the stage in black and white costumes, and Val’s gone back to the greasy-haired look. Oh, Val. Sigh. They do a “Quickstep” which looks like it took some agility and effort on Tamar’s part. She just might be a contender.

Score: 23

Chaka Khan and Keo Motsepe

We catch up with The Queen of Funk in Detroit, where she tells us that after selling 70 million records, she’s now ready to get the Mirror-Ball Trophy. Brava Diva!
Chaka and Keo do a Cha-Cha to Chaka’s song “I Feel For You”. Chaka made an effort, but Keo did most of the work. I don’t care though; she’s CHAKA KHAN dammit!

Score: 13 (Oh come on. No way were they worse than Victor/Karina. Ucch.)

Hayes Grier and Emma Slater

We meet Hayes Grier, a 15 year-old “Vine star”, so that he may explain what Vine is. His goal is to “impress a few ladies”. He starts his campaign of seduction by remarking that his partner, 26 year-old Emma, “doesn’t look 26 if that makes her feel any better”. Oh, Hayes…you smooth operator you!
Hayes and Emma do a Cha-Cha with a Jock/Cheerleader theme. Hayes actually seems to be taking this seriously and displays a tinge of athleticism. Looks like he might stay for at least a few weeks. I don’t know if he’ll impress any ladies, but he’ll certainly get the attention of the good folks at Badpuppy!

Score: 21 Continue reading


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Dancing With The Stars Season 21 Announces New Cast



Do you guys still watch Dancing With The Stars?  I watched the first few seasons because it was a new thing and there were far less stereotypical castings than they have now.  Let’s see who fits what role this season.  It turns out the rumors were true about Kim Biermann being on the show.  She is paired with the beleaguered Tony Dovoloni who has partnered with Kate Gosselin, Wendy Williams and Nene Leakes in the past.  Clearly, the casting folks don’t expect Kim to do any better than I do. I think Tony should get paid the most out of any of the pro dancers because he works the hardest.  I love seeing Kim and her tribe being silly on TV, but I don’t think she will last three weeks on this show. She will be dying to be voted out after week one. She doesn’t have the work ethic of Nene Leakes and she will miss her babies. She will probably have to hang in a couple of weeks while Gary Busey and Paula Deen get voted out. I’d love to see some interaction between Kim and Paula though.

The big surprise was the casting of Alek Skarlatos, one of the American heroes who recently thwarted a terrorist attack on a rapid train in France.  He’s 22 and just your average military guy who suddenly found himself famous worldwide for his bravery.

This cast seems to be aiming for a very young demographic with several the addition of  Hayes Grier, Bindi Irwin and Nick Carter.

The ringers seem to be Tamar Braxton who is paired with Val Chmerkovskiy, and American Pharaoh Jockey Victor Espinoza who is paired with Karina Smirnoff.  Nick Carter and his partner Sharna Burgess should also go a long way. Derek Hough might be able to carry Bindi Irwin a long way; however, I read that Bindi was learning how to WALK in heels for the show. That will be a disadvantage.  Married  couple Alexa and Carlos Penevega  both seem to have a dance background and either could be a dark horse winner.

Click through for the complete press release on all the participants… Continue reading


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