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Don’t Be Tardy Premieres July 17th and It Looks Great!


Don’t Be Tardy premieres on Bravo on Thursday, July 17, at 9 p.m. and it looks FANTASTIC.  The twins are adorable. Kim is wackier than ever. They go on a camping trip!  Finally, we will get to see the new house finished. It seems that Brielle has had FOUR car accidents. Ariana has her eye on the pool boy.  SWEETIE IS BACK!  Kroy is recovering from ankle surgery so he is able to keep a close eye on Kim’s spending.  It just looks like a lot of fun. I hope they don’t edit Brielle too badly, from all accounts she seems to be a pretty solid kid. Continue reading


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Don’t Be Tardy Recap

Kim Zolciak's Mama Bear is Out in Full Force!We pick up on episode 2 with Kim’s Mama Drama. Remember when I was the first to break the story on Karen suing for grandparent visitation and then those buttfaces at TMZ sold my story and I sent them a cease and desist and they just laughed and laughed? Well that is where the story is starting on episode two. Also, they want to put a gag order on Karen because she is shopping a tell all book. They are meeting with a lawyer to discuss all of these rich people problems. The lawyer is not Phaedra, it’s real lawyer with big ole lawyer books and degrees on her wall and stuff. Kim is a bit freaked out having to go to court. She says she has never been. I’m surprised as long as she has known Sheree that she hasn’t dragged her in by the wig to court for something. I’m just saying. Kim decides not to tell the girls about Karen’s lawsuit. Countdown to Brielle reading it on TMZ in five, four, three… Sorry Kim, I guess this one is my fault. But it would have come out sooner or later!

It’s Arianna’s Birthday. She is getting so cute. It takes two vehicles to get the tribe to the birthday party. They all go to Sky Zone, a trampoline park. Brielle asks Arianna if she has heard from her grandparents she says Poppi (? I may have that wrong) called and left her a message while she was in school, nothing from Nana. Yes, it did seem staged. Continue reading


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Review of Premiere of Don’t Be Tardy

RHOAKimDon'tBeTardyTonight is the night you have all been waiting for! Especially you, Not a Kim Z Fan! It’s the premier of Don’t Be Tardy! My screener only has the first episode so I will be tuned in tonight to see the second one and probably write another post with a recap. I promise not to spoil you too much so you can enjoy the show tonight!

Here we go with episode one of Don’t Be Tardy!  This is a very rough cut so I imagine there will be some changes in what you guys see tonight. I am assuming this will be the opening with Kim in the “Falcon’s Jersey” that is nothing more than some red body paint. The theme of the opening seems to be, to borrow a phrase from Phaedra’s show, “Rich People Problems.”  The intro begins with, “My mother ruined my wedding, my friends have turned on me and me dream house turned out to be a nightmare…” The wedding eviction, her walkout from RHOA and the rental house move are shown in the opening during the voiceover. Poor Kimberleigh. Poor, poor Kimberleigh. Bless her heart. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion Part 2: Nene Leakes Confronts Phaedra Parks For Approaching Her Estranged Sisters!

RHOAnenegreggep1I have the worst headache in the world. My left eyeball feels like it’s being stabbed with a RHONJ stiletto. I want to pluck it out and put it in my purse and blog half blind. I say all that for pity of course, but also as an apology in advance that this blog is probably going to be crappy.

I saw the first 15 minutes or so on first look earlier today. I was not impressed. It’s just Nene’s time to talk about how impartial she is and how she tries to keep the other girls from fighting and looking like fools on TV.  She says she wish someone would have shaken her and told her to stop when she first started RHOA. Then there is the usual Nene and Gregg fake storyline. While that is running, I will take the time to explain that when wearing a long gown with a slit up to there, when seated one should cover ones knees with the skirt of the gown and not display shiny, greasy legs or in Kandi’s case your black underpants. Close your legs to married men! Is a good suggestion, but close your legs to the giant TV camera pointed at you is equally useful information. Continue reading


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Kim Zolciak Defends Buying A Foreclosure. Sort of.

Kim Zolciak New HouseAfter a night filled with nasty nightmares, I’m running on empty today. So rather than write blogs I thought I would zone out and read blogs for a change. Obviously, I chose Reality Tea for guilty pleasure and ran across a Kim Zolciak story. First of all, some tabloid is running photo-shopped pics of Kim and her dramatic weight loss. I read that story the other day and just shook my head and laughed because Kim has admitted on camera that she will have cosmetic surgery after every baby and she claims in the story that it is her active life that dropped the weight. We’ve all seen how active Kim is. I think I burn more daily calories than Kim.  Then Reality Tea mentions that she is defending her house... interesting. Continue reading


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Kim Zolciak is NOT Building a New Home.

happy-new-year-13Well Happy Fucking New Year.  Can I just tell y’all how much 2013 is sucking so far? I woke up with a Champagne hangover. It’s raining. I’m typing this in Word because the Internet is acting a fool today. My one note troll is in comments trying once again steer every post to be about racism, and then I get a comment calling me a thief. Some dude name Ed is claiming that I stole his story about Kim Zolciak’s new house. I say we just skip to 2014 and see if that is any better.

First, I’m going to explain to you (and  Ed) the background my story about Kim Zolciak’s  new (or is it) house.  As you all know, because I whine about it every week,  day nights can be a bit grueling. I try my best to do two back to back recaps on Real Housewives of Atlanta and Shahs and it’s usually 3-4 hours of rapid blogging trying to get both up before midnight. Not last Sunday but the Sunday before, with about ten minutes to go until RHOA I get an email from a source that say’s “Kim Z is building on (name of street redacted).”   That’s  it. No house number. Source I’ve never gotten anything from before. Just that.  So I tucked that info away and went to recapping.



Continue reading


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TAMARA TATTLES (Not Exactly) EXCLUSIVE: All The Tea on Kim Zolciak’s New Dream House

Kim Zolciak New House

This is a Tamara Tattles Exclusive. Please do not steal my entire work. Excerpts with proper links are welcome.

Please note: I was unaware that TVFishBowl had uncovered the location of Kim’s home three weeks ago. Had I known, I could have saved myself a lot of time on this post. Please check out their story here.

Remember that tea I told you I received last Sunday night just before the Sunday night blogging push? Well I can tell you today that the tea is about Kim Zolciak’s new house. The Biermanns are moving to The Manor Golf and Country Club in Alpharetta. It’s a really nice gated country club community with an 18 hole Champion golf course, a driving range, a Jr Olympic competition pool, and indoor heated pool, tennis courts, full gym and a lake. It’s really nice. Click through for more details! Continue reading


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Tamara Tattles 2012 Year in Review (June)

blue_bay_village_beach3_willemstad_netherlandsantillesMostly what I remember about June is going to Blue Bay Beach for my Birthday. Curacao was lots of fun. I am so ready to go back!

While I was relaxing on the beach. Kim Zolciak was forced to move back to her condo with her brood and at the same time RHOA was filming scenes for this season. The stress apparently got to her to the point that she walked off the show mid-filming.  Bethenny Frankel was denying marital problems on her new talk show that she was filming for the test market. Nene wanted us all to know that some chick named Pam was not banging Gregg. Or Bryson.  Click through to see what you missed. Continue reading


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Is Kim Zolciak’s New Dream House Finished?


Yesterday. ran a story on Kim Zolciak’s departure from RHOA. The writer apparently interviewed Kim briefly by phone and while it is mostly the same old same old there was something interesting. Talking from her new Atlanta home (yes, she finally completed that move we’ve been hearing about all season) Kim says that even after the promotional campaign and the announcement that her solo show Don’t Be Tardy will be back for a second season, she might not be done with the Real Housewives yet. ‘If RHOA gets picked up for Season 6, I would consider returning. My priorities were different [this season], but we’ll see what happens.'” The writer sort of dropped that bomb like an old shoe.

The problem is, it’s Kim telling the guy she is calling from her new home. She has been out to the house many times lately, but the house is still under construction and the Biermann’s still live in the condo. Her interior design guy, only a couple of weeks ago, had any sort of interior to work with, so either the guy misunderstood Kim or she is once again announcing her dream home before it is finished. She is just now trying to figure out what flooring she wants in the house. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Atlanta Kim Zolciak Quits the Show

RHOAcastseason2Okay so I am ready for RHOA now. I’ve only seen the last 20 minutes because I had to watch TAR. Next week should be the last week I have that problem but let me tell you even a simple recap takes me a couple of hours. You have to edit and get the pictures together afterward because you don’t know what you will need and do all the tagging by category despite the fact y’all never use THE CATEGORY LISTING CONVENIENTLY LOCATED IN THE LEFT SIDEBAR. Anyway. Let’s get this party started.

Short scene with Kim and the girls. The point was to say how much they love living in the condo. They probably do. It’s a nice size place and back in their old school district. My DVR won’t let me pause anymore because I am past an hour so… this will be frantic.

The go-cart scene with Kenya, Walter, Apollo and Phaedra. Kenya wants to “produce” Phaedra’s Donkey Booty video. Kenya is NOT a producer. She does not have a production company. I don’t have time to get started on all that. Kenya refuses to wear her seat belt on her go-cart until the staff makes her. Kenya and Apollo race. Apollo wins. Continue reading


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Reza Farahan and Kim Zolciak on Watch What Happens Live

WWHLThis should be a great episode of Watch What Happens Live with Reza Farahan and Kim Zolciak. Let’s watch…

LOVE LOVE LOVE Reza’s Loubs and the red socks. I am taking those red socks as his secret shout out to me. You know how Carole Burnett pulled her ear to say hi to her grandma or something? Well when Reza wears socks, he picks them out for me! True Story! (In my head). Meanwhile, Andy asked for the Farrah wig and she gives it to him. Not sure I like the geometric dress but… LOVING this excuse meter Bravo is giving Kim for not going to Anguilla. FInal number of excuses? 15.

Question for the night, whose side are you on, Kim’s or everybody elses. Me? I have to go with everybody else this time, Kim. They changed their schedules to accommodate your pregnancy and then you bail? Not a good look. Andy asks, “Did your due date change?” She just claims she had KJ early. I don’t think that is true. Reza is supporting her but Reza is not a Nene fan after his appearance on WWHL last year when she acted like a big diva and treated him badly. TEA! Continue reading


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Kim Zolciak Explains Why She Quit Real Housewives of Atlanta

Kim Zolciak has given an Interview to Bravo’s The Dish about her upcoming departure episode from Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOA). Looks like we had the whole thing figured out pretty much correctly. First, let’s look at the Bravo writer’s intro:

By now, you may have heard that Kim Zolciak will handing in her Real Housewives of Atlanta peach and reprising her spin-off show Don’t Be Tardy… for a second season. There’s plenty of accusations being thrown around regarding Kim’s exit, so The Dish went straight to Kim to find out what really went down when it came to her dramatic Housewives departure, her future show, those nasty rumors and who she plans on staying in touch with on the RHOA cast (her answer might surprise you).

Looks to me like Bravo is confirming that she quit. They did not do this with Sheree. They go on to interview Kim who repeatedly says she quit. From here on out, the purple text is my comments. Continue reading


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