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The Bierrman Bunch Is Adjusting To Kroy’s New Assignment To Buffalo


DBT Kroy Buffalo bills


Last Monday, Kroy Biermann officially accepted his new contract with the Buffalo Bills. This week, the seven members of his adorable family are adjusting to life without him. While Kim already misses her husband, she has a lot of ties to Western New York.

“Buffalo is like everywhere in my life,” Zolciak-Biermann told “My parents grew up in Western New York. My dad (Joe) is from Buffalo and my mom (Karen) is from Springville. Then my aunts live in Rochester. My chiropractor, my chef, they’re all from Western New York. My chef went to St. John Fisher College.”

“My dad was born in Buffalo. My dad is Buffalo Bills obsessed to a whole other level,” she said. “If the Bills lost my dad was in a horrible mood and we were not to talk to him. That was my entire life. He still wears the zebra pants that the people wore like 20 years ago. They’re so horribly worn out. He wears the old sweatshirts. He’s a whole other level.”

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Will Nene and Kim: The Road To Riches Ever Get Made?

Nene and Kim


TMZ has another crazy post up today speculating that Kim and Nene are back in talks with Bravo about resurrecting their remake of Paris and Nicole’s The Simple Life.  Before we get all excited, let’s try to use a bit of common sense here.

First of all, I don’t believe that Nene and Kim ever pitched this show. I believe that it was Bravo’s dumb idea.  The two divas started in with their demands, and scheduling availability and it became a mess. It’s just not doable.  Then, Nene decided she was an A list celebrity and tried to play hardball with Bravo over her RHOA check which resulted in her not being on the latest season.

Once she realized she needed her Bravo check she is ready to come back. She really wants a spinoff and will drive across country or ride a bike across the state or whatever they want her to do for a spinoff.


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Todd Chrisley Talks About His Son Chase Chrisley’s Relationship With Brielle Biermann

Kash Biermann

           Kash Biermann, Age 3, Enjoys some Juice on a private plane to Mexico


In other things I learned by watching E! News tonight,  Todd Chrisley talks about his son Chase Chrisley  relationship with Brielle Biermann.  As you may know, Brielle and her boyfriend Slade Osborne recently, if you read a post of mine that became quite popular with the younger set!   I dashed off to pull the photo of the new couple from Instagram, but for obvious reasons, you will have to wait until after the fold because LOOK AT KASH!  Dear Lord that child is three years old and is already sitting on a private plane sipping organge juice out of a wine glass on an international flight to Mexico looking like a well dressed adult! I die!

Okay sorry.  So Todd stops himself midway from saying the word “relationship” and calls it a friendship. He says he tweets and texts with Brielle all the time about how she should not put up with Chase’s crap and demand the respect she deserves. He says Chase will be more inclined to behave if Brielle puts her foot down, in conjunction with him trying to teach him how to behave like a gentleman.

Clearly, Brielle has a type, and it’s dumb. Chase makes Slade look like a nuclear physicist with a minor in Internet oncology.  I’m just saying. Don’t believe me? Ask Todd. He will tell you. Continue reading


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Kim Zolciak Biermann Has Successful Heart Surgery

Kim Biermann hospital

kimzolciakbiermannMy ❤️ surgery was a success!! I can’t wait to be back on my feet 100%! Glad it’s over! Quite the whirlwind this last month has been…but such a blessing too ? #MyFamilyHasBeenAmazing #TheFalconsHaveBeenSoSupportive #GodIsIncredible #Blessed #Grateful #ThankYouToMyDoctorsAndNurses #AmazingTeam

Kim Biermann as been taking hospital selfie lessons from Yolanda Foster or something because she looks great after doctors successfully closed a hole in her heart this week.  The congenital defect was discovered when she had a TIA last month. Kim was at Kroy’s last home game on Saturday with KJ and the girls to cheer on the Falcons as they pulled out a narrow win to increase their record to 6-1.  She was feeling great. Continue reading


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Kim Biermann Discusses Her Health Issues on GMA



Kim Biermann took her first flight since her TIA (mini-stroke) to fly to NYC to interview with Michael Strahan on Good Morning America about her recent health scare that knocked her out of DWTS. She tells Michael that she was extremely nervous the entire flight but got through it without incident.

Michael asks about her mini-stroke that knocked her out of the DWTS competition. Kim says, “It was a blessing in disguise. The minor TIA revealed that I have a PFO, which is like a hole in your heart. I was born with it and it never closed. That’s what caused it basically.”  PFOs are not that uncommon in about 25% of people the hole in your heart you are born with fails to grow together and close. That condition can lead to TIAs and strokes. There is not much doctor’s do for it. I suspect that Kim will be taking a baby aspirin a day an hoping for the best. Continue reading


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Don’t Be Tardy Recap: The Biermann Carnival

See? This is the gut I was talking about. Not like Instagram, is it?

See? This is the gut I was talking about. Not like Instagram, is it?

This week On Don’t Be Tardy, by some miracle of God Brielle Biermann graduates from high school. Everyone is mystified. Is it possible she got work/study credits for being on the show? Kinda like Sonja’s interns? I don’t believe the price quotes Kim is giving for a party planner. Sorry, Kim. Kroy says he can put in carnival by himself.  They are arguing while Kroy is washing, Kaia. She’s adorable.

Why do they need a monkey at a carnival? KJ’s smart mouth EVERY EPISODE is getting obnoxious. One or two slip ups from a kid that age is cute. A constant torrent of smart mouth toward adults is not cute and an ass whooping is in order. Later in the episode, Kim calls KJ an asshole. I’m sure that will bring out the comments.

Kim is trying to get Brielle an in at E! Like Tracey says, like what?  A tour? Kim is freaking out though because Brielle could be leaving the nest. Don’t worry Kim as long as you have a show taping, she will never move away. Kim cries as Brielle heads out in her cap and gown to get lined up for graduation. Sidenote: She is crying in a black tank top and looks about three months pregnant. I’m not saying she is pregnant, she isn’t but what I am saying is that waist trainer she wears makes for quite the transformation. She is however, really crying, complete with snot bubbles. Gross. Ariana comes in and points out that Kim is an ugly crier. Thanks for agreeing Ariana.

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