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Dancing With The Stars Season 21 Announces New Cast



Do you guys still watch Dancing With The Stars?  I watched the first few seasons because it was a new thing and there were far less stereotypical castings than they have now.  Let’s see who fits what role this season.  It turns out the rumors were true about Kim Biermann being on the show.  She is paired with the beleaguered Tony Dovoloni who has partnered with Kate Gosselin, Wendy Williams and Nene Leakes in the past.  Clearly, the casting folks don’t expect Kim to do any better than I do. I think Tony should get paid the most out of any of the pro dancers because he works the hardest.  I love seeing Kim and her tribe being silly on TV, but I don’t think she will last three weeks on this show. She will be dying to be voted out after week one. She doesn’t have the work ethic of Nene Leakes and she will miss her babies. She will probably have to hang in a couple of weeks while Gary Busey and Paula Deen get voted out. I’d love to see some interaction between Kim and Paula though.

The big surprise was the casting of Alek Skarlatos, one of the American heroes who recently thwarted a terrorist attack on a rapid train in France.  He’s 22 and just your average military guy who suddenly found himself famous worldwide for his bravery.

This cast seems to be aiming for a very young demographic with several the addition of  Hayes Grier, Bindi Irwin and Nick Carter.

The ringers seem to be Tamar Braxton who is paired with Val Chmerkovskiy, and American Pharaoh Jockey Victor Espinoza who is paired with Karina Smirnoff.  Nick Carter and his partner Sharna Burgess should also go a long way. Derek Hough might be able to carry Bindi Irwin a long way; however, I read that Bindi was learning how to WALK in heels for the show. That will be a disadvantage.  Married  couple Alexa and Carlos Penevega  both seem to have a dance background and either could be a dark horse winner.

Click through for the complete press release on all the participants… Continue reading


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Don’t Be Tardy Recap: Destin-ation Unknown

It's a Wrap for Don't Be Tardy for the Wedding

I’m not quite over seeing little Kane’s split open head earlier this week. Click here if you missed that. But I am excited for tonight’s episode of Don’t Be Tardy because we have cute babies and the beach in Destin!  Let’s see how long this five hour trip takes them this year.  Last year the trip was three times longer than it should have been.

We start with another scene designed to make some of y’all clutch your pearls. KJ is outside the property and he buzzes from the gate to ask to be let in. He says “open the door” several times and Kim says for him to say please. So he says, ” Open the fucking gate, please!” Hilarity ensues.

The gang is planning their annual trip to Destin. Kim tries to explain that she thinks the twins are still too little to go to Mexico.  Tracey, the best damn thing to happen to this show since Sweetie, says to Kim, “True and the child organ trade there is huge!” I don’t believe a word Tracey says.  But then in her talking head she says “truth circle” and well that is like an oral pinky swear so I googled it. And what do you know?  Just another reason to avoid Mexico which have unfortunately doing for a few years now. It’s not a place I feel comfortable traveling to alone and even if I did, you really can’t see the real Mexico as it’s only safe(ish) inside the resorts so you may as well be in Puerto Rico or the Dominican Republic (not particularly safe either…). Continue reading


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Kim Biermann Had Some Ups and Downs This Week, But Can She Dance?

Kane Biermann

First the bad news, the boy twin, Kane has joined the ranks of his older rough and tumble brothers and gotten his first injury.  It seems he fell and sliced his adorable little face open just above his eye. That’s definitely going to leave a scar! Those green eyes though…

Big Brother KJ has had two broken bones in his short little life.  Kroy blew out his Achilles on the field and is just now fully recovered.  Those Biermann boys play hard! Continue reading


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Don’t Be Tardy Recap: 18 and Out!


Am I the only one who wonders what Kim and Kroys parent think about when Don’t Be Tardy? Shouldn’t they want to see their grandkids? Especially Kroy’s parents. I can sort of understand Kim’s parents not being allowed to visit, but I would think Kroy’s mama would be dying to squeeze those babies.

This episode is all about Brielle turning 18.  Well, that and the dogs who have erection problems. Kim seems to think that dogs get “circumcised.”  How could such stupid people end up with so much money?  Kroy things human males have two scrotums. I just can’t. At least Kroy says he is kidding. Sort of.

I love the new cook, Tracy. She seems to love fucking with Kim. Kim believes every story she tells her. Continue reading


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WWHL With Kim Biermann Recap

WWHL with Kim Biermann

I’m not sure when the WWHL was taped, but I’m pretty sure Andy is already on vacation at the beach somewhere. I’m also not sure why Andy uploaded such a small photo. I had to hunt on Instagram for a normal sized one.

In other news, today was KJ’s first day of school and Kim is not handling it well. He was screaming when she left him.

Back to the show, Brielle is in the audience. Kim is drinking out of a solo cup. She says she does that because she is a germaphobe. I almost get that I don’t particularly like drinking out of bar glasses at restaurants but I think growing up in a third world country gave me all sorts of immunity to things. I am strong. Like camel.

Questions for Kim:

Andy asks if Sweetie is still working for her. DID HE NOT WATCH THE SHOW? She says Sweetie met someone and ran off and got married. Hmmm that is a different story than the one from the show. They are still in touch.

What do you think about Nene leaving RHOA?  It’s probably the best thing she could do for herself.

Has Kroy’s family warmed up to you yet?  Um…no not really. We really don’t communicate with them that much. I don’t think it’s about warming up to me. They just haven’t gotten to know me. Continue reading


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Don’t Be Tardy Season Four Premiere Recap: Dumb and Dumber

Lookee at them there trees talking to each other!

Lookee at them there trees talking to each other!

It’s time for me to check out the season premiere of Don’t Be Tardy season four!  Also known as the season that Kim is not pregnant or breastfeeding!  I can’t wait to see how all six of her spawn are doing.

I love this show! OMG look how big Kaia is! I haven’t been keeping up with the kids on her Instagram! KJ is auditioning for Master Chef Junior (sadly I think that was cancelled) or something in the kitchen with the cook. He’s making meatballs! It’s a celebration for Ariana’s straight A report card. She’s never had anything less.

It seems that Brielle’s boyfriend, Slade, is giving up his freshman year at UGA to go to school at KSU with Brielle. Because, he’s an idiot. Brielle is on the top ten list for the student with the most absences. She’s a perfect match for Slade to be sure. Hell, she may not being going to KSU with her grades. The both think that trees talk to each other, and that carrot cake and crab cakes are the same thing. Brielle is about to be old enough to vote. Slade is twenty. Well that is confirmed. She did get into KSU somehow. Continue reading


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SPOTTED! Kim Biermann Filming Don’t Be Tardy! She’s Unrecognizable!

Bella Luna Café At Scottsdale Farma

Bella Luna Café At Scottsdale Farma

One of Tamara Tattles’ Atlanta spies spotted Kim Bierman filming for Don’t Be Tardy on Friday! Check out all the awesome details!

Hello Tamara,

Long time lurker on your website.  Last Friday @ 4:30pm I wandered into Scottsdale Farms in Milton GA, and caught Bravo filming scenes for upcoming season of Don’t be Tardy.  I had no idea that series was still a thing.
The place was pretty much dead on a Friday afternoon, so i was surprised to come in through the cafe side entrance to see these HUGE cameras and a boom sound tech hovered around the cafe counter.  I took my kids the long way around to the front cashiers as to not interrupt.  I assumed they were filming a promo video for the business, as I could not see the people the cameras were focused on.
As I was checking out, I asked the cashier what was going on and she said Bravo was filming some show called “Don’t be Tardy” like she had no idea.  The cashier was about 18.  I tried to stifle my excitement.  My kids were like, what the Hell is wrong with you?  Then, Kim walked by.  Lordy, Lordy.

Continue reading


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