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EXCLUSIVE: I’ve Got Your Piping Hot #RHOA Casting & Filming Tea

RHOA Leilani


I’ve been sitting on so much EXCLUSIVE RHOA tea this week because my exclusive sources are finally coming through with so much information. So let me sort through it all in some sort of cohesive way because different information came from different sources and I need to weave everything together. Let’s start with the three women I know of who are testing. Then we will get into what is going on with each of the housewives so far, and pop some popcorn because it is juicy.

Leilani Collier

Leilani is a friend of Sheree Whitfield’s. She is a realtor and has two kids. She was filmed at Sheree’s son Kairo’s birthday party recently.    She was also at a made for TV birthday party for  Porsha over the weekend. Of the three women, she has done the least amount of testing. I think she will be an FOH or just be around in a few scenes. I don’t see her having a peach when Sheree doesn’t even have one yet. I’m not sure if she was at Kenya’s housewarming. This one probably has more dues to pay.

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Did Kenya Moore Have A Huge Tantrum on Set of Worst Cooks of America?

Kenya Moore Cooking Show


The good news is that I was right about what show Kenya Moore was filming in NYC.  It is indeed Worst Cooks in America.  The bad news is that she is getting some really bad press on Daily Mail.

Daily Mail confirmed my suspicions that she was on the show and shared the entire cast list today. Kenya is joined by  actress Nicole Sullivan, reality star Michael ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino, comedienne Loni Love, actress Barbara Eden, comedian Tommy Davidson, TV host John Henson, actress Mindy Cohn and actor Matt Dallas.

I know I am biased in favor of Kenya, but I have to say some of this just does not add up for me. First of all their sources are saying she was voted off first. I just checked her Instagram and her first day of filming was on June 1st. These things generally only film for two weeks.  So I tried to get a feel for how long she was there. On June 1st she was in hair and makeup in a yellow dress.  Then on the fifth she was in L.A.  I suppose it is possible that she was voted off first, but that didn’t happen in the last few days. I think that filming is over for Worst Cooks in America.  Then we have a photo from June 8th in the red dress with the enchiladas above.

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What Is Kenya Moore Cooking Up In NYC?

Kenya Moore Cooking Show


Kenya Moore has been giving us clues on what she is up to in NYC for several days now. First we saw her getting ready for the cameras in one of her many lacey, yellow dresses. And then we see her in an apron holding what looks like a couple of enchiladas.

Now, if you follow Kenya on Instagram, you know she is a foodie.  Especially when it comes to breakfast on her vacations. You will almost always see some pancakes or waffles with fruit and whipped cream and whenever available, Nutella. She is not one of those RHOBH types that doesn’t eat.

What we don’t see a lot of is her cooking.

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New Reports Surface On Kenya Moore’s Breakup With Matt Jordan


RHOA Kenya Reunion

New information has surfaced on the breakup between Kenya Moore and her ex Matt Jordan. But before we get to that, I have to tell you that I was in discussion with a couple of very close sources regarding the situation over a period of around 17 hours.  My immediate reaction to the situation was to insure that Kenya was safe and being emotionally supported by someone.  I did not talk to Kenya. Contrary to popular believe I am not friends with Kenya. We do not go shopping for shoes or work out at the gym together. (As if I would do either of those things)  I am also not paid by Kenya (That would be great though! Oh wait no it wouldn’t because then I would feel bad when I call her out, like I do when it is warranted)  I am  blogger, who lives in Atlanta who, after that horrific first season she had,  became a fan. I view her as a human being, which should seem obvious, but the longer I do this job the more I realize that a large faction of people on the Internet seem to think these people are soulless holograms hired by Andy Cohen to be abused for our enjoyment. It’s kind of like a modern day version of feeding the Christians to the lions for some of you

When I initially spoke to Source, I got the distinct impression that there was some sort of blowup in which Kenya felt unsafe. Source seemed to be upset with Matt a bit more than one would if it was just a situation where they realized they were not right for each other. It was enough for me to ask if she was physically injured. I was told she was not. There was a statement along the lines of “he didn’t get the chance.”  I was personally rather shaken by the whole conversation. I was a bit sad and angry myself, as a woman who has been through many situation in her own life. I tried to listen and not to push,  I wanted to write the story immediately, but I also wanted to be sensitive to whatever Kenya wished to share with the public. Because we really don’t have the right to know every detail of her private life as much as some tabloids feel that we do.  I was given nothing to say on the record and agreed to wait until the next day for some sort of on the record comment. At the time this was all happening on Instagram and both Kenya and Matt had turned their settings to private. So I was being contacted by fans who followed by parties. (Thanks for that, y’all).

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Exclusive Details! Kenya Moore Breaks Off Relationship With Matt Jordan


Moore Manor

Moore Manor

Yesterday I heard some news that I really did not want to believe. Kenya Moore and Matt Jordan have broken up. As you know I wanted to verify the situation and see what the actual facts are, and it has taken me some time to reach out to people who are closest with Kenya.

TamaraTattles can confirm that the relationship is over.

Last night Kenya took down all of the photos of Matt from her Instagram.  Matt set his account to private and I believe that Kenya has now done so as well.

The information I have to share is that the couple returned from their tropical weekend get away and returned to Atlanta so that Kenya could return to her busy work schedule.  Kenya had a short turn around time before she had to fly off to a job in NYC.

They say if you really want to get to know someone you should travel with them. And by all appearances on Instagram things appeared to be going well.  But perhaps Kenya had some time to reflect on the relationship and how she saw her future and felt something was not as she wanted because when they returned, she was ready to break up with him.

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RHOA Casting Tea: The Pass The Peach Game Begins… And a Bit of RHOBH Tea on The Side



I really hate this time of year because everyone keeps asking me about RHOA. I have a good bit of information about WHERE THINGS STAND NOW. However, as I have learned over the season, things change as filming begins. This is a time where there is a lot of turmoil.  You really never know what is going to happen.

So here is what I know so far. First, I want to dispel a rumor. I got the majority of my information last Friday. I decided to hold on to it because I had some followup questions and it was the long weekend and it wasn’t possible to reach the best sources because people were out having their last hurrah.  Sometime later that Friday, someone somewhere apparently started a rumor that someone was fired.  That is not true.  No one was fired last Friday. In fact, I just got a hold of my original contact who basically said, ” Look, I told you what is happening. No one was fired.”

So that means I can go ahead with the information I already had. The short version of that is “Everyone is asked back except Kim who quit. “  Except it’s never that simple. What I was told last week was that everyone was  asked back but Phaedra and Porsha have “limited contracts.”  This is a term that was used before.  In last year’s clusterfuck with things not working out with Nene,  Phaedra and Porsha were also not guaranteed full time status last season. There was even a moment where KENYA didn’t seem to be on solid ground. So here we go again. Continue reading


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