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Kenya Moore Confirms She Will Be Doing IVF Very Soon!

Kenya is not amused by the fake rumor..

Kenya Moore was on Dr. Oz today.  Basically, the big news is that she is going to be doing IVF.  It is still not clear if she will be implanted herself, or if a surrogate will be used. Either way,  we wish the best of luck to Kenya.

I am wondering why Dr. Oz had Kenya on the show. I’ve never seen him treat a guest like this before. Kenya tried complimenting him right up front but he jumps right in basically calling her abrasive and a bully.  I wish Kenya would ask him to give her some examples of the behaviors that he has seen on the show. Clearly, he has someone writing his questions and has no idea what he is saying.

Then he wants to ask her about her relationship with her mother. Perhaps he should not have jumped right in being an ass before he decided to ask her very personal questions. Kenya says that the only time her mother has ever spoken to her was once at her mother’s father’s funeral. Even then she only said, “Hello.”

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Kenya Moore & Matt Jordan Start Moving In Moore Manor!

Gratuitous shirtless shot from Instagram

Gratuitous shirtless shot from Instagram

It’s so nice to see a happy “housewife” who is working hard and doing well.  Right now that is Kenya Moore.  The final touches have been put on Moore Manor, in as much as a house is ever “done.”  The last big thing was  having all the quartz and marble installed in her kitchen and bathrooms and that was done last week.  She is in love with her giant closet room and posted a video of her “racks on racks on racks ” to hold all her clothes on Instagram.  She has been slowly moving in and there is certainly enough room for Matt’s clothes. Although, the photo above reminds me of a guy I dated where I tried to have a “no clothing” rule (for him.)  so maybe he won’t need much closet space. I  mean it is a very secluded lot and it does get very hot in Atlanta I the summertime.

Click through for the latest photo of Moore Manor!


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Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion Part 3: It’s Not About That Phaedra, It’s About Your Ways!

RHOA Reunion left couch
It’s time for the final episode of the reunion, and all I really care about is the footage of Porsha beating down a girl in a dark alley and Andy Cohen’s response to it.  I’m late to the party because I had a late breaking story about Vicki and Tamra rolling a dune buggy and going to the hospital. I’m glad they are both okay and even happier they are back to being besties.

So I am going to not give you a she said, she said of this whole mess in as much as I can stop myself. I am really just ready for this season to be over. Even though it was a bit shorter than usual it did NOT feel that way to me.

I hope someone has a gif of Nene dancing backstage up on the net already.

Porsha already looks nervous about her thug segment.

I LOVE Nene’s jumpsuit. It is very Cher and she rocks it well.  But the left side of her hair looks like it has been eaten by a lawn mower. It is very distracting to me. If I could just trim the left side of her head she would look fantastic.

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Kenya Moore Discusses This Season of RHOA, The Miami Trip, Her Mother, And Dealing With the Drama


Kenya has been out in LA (with her dogs ) doing some press. Here is an episode of Afterbuzz she did. It’s a really good look for her. She’s very articulate and she looked amazing.

About the Miami Trip: Glenn was much worse than we saw.  He had made Kandi uncomfortable in the kitchen when he touched her leg.  Sherri had a male visitor in Miami with expensive running shoes on. He demanded that the guy give them to him in some thuglike fashion. He was arguing with Shamea in the hot tub.  Everyone saw him acting crazy all over the house, so for the other side to pretend like they weren’t intimidated was ridiculous. That is why Kandi called them out on it.

About Going to Her Mother’s Door:  Kenya says that the reason she choose to do that when she was there for the family reunion was she felt at that time she finally had support.  Her father was being supportive (and others were also there like Brandon) who would have he back no matter how it turned out.  It was a time she felt comfortable confronting her as an adult. Kenya said she always had hope that she would have a relationship with her mother. She is ready to have a baby. She wanted her child to know her grandmother. Kenya said it was symbolic that she locked the door in her face. She needed that to know that door will never open.  She is in a good place with Aunt Lori. She has decided she is never going to win that fight with Lori. They just don’t need to go there anymore.

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Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion Part 2 Recap: Andy Cohen is A Misogynistic Douchebag!

Happy RHOBH Reunion Day!


The Booze Cruise

We start right off with Porsha and Shamea acting a fool on the Booze Cruise and Porsha’s first violent episode of the season caught on camera.  Production opted not to show all of the long drawn out Porsha meltdown and how long it took her to calm down in the actual episode. Let’s hope that lost footage gets shown this time.

Oh but no. Shady Andy reads a nasty comment from a viewer asking CYNTHIA when she became such a thug. This explains a lot. I am hearing there is a lot of anger from both the crew that has to be present for all of Porsha’s violence and the cast over Andy and Bravo’s other executives nonchalant attitude regarding Porsha’s violence.  Andy allowed Porsha to make excuses for her behavior and blame Cynthia and then read nasty comments to Cynthia as if they are not dealing with a violent THOT.   Oh wait, we have made it EXACTLY three minutes into this episode without blaming KENYA MOORE. Some dumb cunt writes in that all three times there was violence on the show, Kenya was involved. The cunt satchel is talking about Pillow Talk, where Brandon was attacked by Apollo, Kandi went buck wild and everyone lost their shit, The reunion, when Kenya’s “involvement was getting attacked!” and Lake Lanier, where her involvement was asking an uninvited guest who was being ratchet to leave the event.  What the fuck is wrong with these people and why does Andy delight in making EVERY SINGLE ALTERCATION about Kenya????  I  can’t wait to see how Andy manages to blame KENYA for Porsha beating down some girl in the alley when my sources say it all went down before Kenya even arrived. I’m sure he will come up with something.  Then Andy brings up that SIX YEARS AGO Sheree grabbed Kim Zolicak’s hair.  He is desperate to defend the THOT in any way he possibly can. Now Andy gives Porsha plenty of time blame Cynthia again. This is just ridiculous.  Then they play Porsha attacking Kenya again. Porsha says she takes responsibility for her actions but it is Cynthia’s fault.

Porsha says something about Kenya and a one eyed African trying to deflect from the fact that Kenya said she beat down her assistant at the finale filming. WTF?

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Kenya Moore And Cynthia Bailey Both Land Roles on Sharknado 4


RHOA Kenya Sharknado


The SYFi channel’s blockbuster “mocumentary” Sharknado  will return for a fourth installment this year and not one but two real housewives of Atlanta will have cameo appearances.  We all know what happens when you get a cameo on this show! You get eaten by a shark!  Unless you are Jill Zarin, who had her face eaten off by her dogs!

In a twist this season,  star Tara Reid may also be killed off by a shark. Her fate will be up to viewers who were asked at the end of Sharknado 3 whether her character, April,  should live or die in installment four. If you have a preference you can vote here. However, since filming has been going on for a while, I have a feeling her fate is already sealed.

RELATED: Richards was also previously on Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!  But her red carpet didn’t go so well.

Kenya will play, Monique, a feisty, high-powered PR executive for the Shark World Hotel. Cynthia will play wait for it……………………


a top rocket scientist and astrophysicist. I’m not kidding. I may have to tune in just for that. And to support #TeamPretty of course.  Click through the full press story on both RHOA ‘s appearances.


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